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So what are they going to do?

This is a repeat performance of an encore of a repeat performance. President Trump tweets, liberal heads explode, and they madly rush to take a position the polar opposite of what ever it was President Trump insulted. At this point, he could end abortion in America by coming out in favor of it, at least tweeting support for planned infanticide.
Last week's target was the Profit Elijah Cummings' home district in Baltimore. A place that makes Chiraq look like a safe cities success story. The President repeated statements made by many people in recent years noting the high crime, rampant filth, and infestation of rodents.
The elitist donks all took a stance defending the "Charm City". Six weeks from now Baltimore will be largely forgotten and the blight and the plight of the residents will continue unabated.
Does anyone remember the Tide to go commercials? There was one where a drill sergeant, inspecting his troops, spots a stain on a tee shirt. He goes on a tirade, and while he is ranting, the troops pass a Tide to go down the back sides to the hapless recruit who cleans the shirt. Then when the Drill Instructor turns around, it is *gone* and he flips out even worse.
f the donks had a synapse among them, they'd head over en-mass to Baltimore and spend a few hours cleaning up the mess. Pitch a few mattresses in the garbage, toss trash in dumpsters, and give it a one day make over, then drag the camera crews through, see? This aint that bad" sort of ordeal.
But alas, donks working is a pipe dream. The rich donks want their illegals to do the dirty work, and the poor donks dream of the day they win the lottery and can afford to hire an illegal.
Baltimore will stay a disaster. Blacks will continue to kill blacks, drugs will flow and the whole sordid process won't change one bit. Okay, it may get worse. When we consider what has transpired in San Franfreakshow where people now shit in the streets, or Los Angeles where typhus is a major threat, and consider the way they were, Baltimore may be in for even darker days.
Same for St Louis. Same for Detoilet. Ditto Chiraq.
Meanwhile in New York City,  DeBlasshole wants more bike paths. If you look around carefully, bikes are the transportation of choice in third world countries. The cities calling for more bikes are mostly democrat run, and dem run place are becoming shit holes.
Anybody see a pattern here?

Radar Love

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Let's Live For Today

A small victory but a victory none the less

The Supreme Court handed down a ruling reversing a lower court's injunction blocking President Trump from using $2.5 billion in military funding to build the wall.
Technically They are only replacing existing wall, but that "wall" is in many cases little more than an imposition for vehicles and does nothing to slow foot traffic.
I have yet to see the actual ruling, but what should have happened is a multi-pronged approach. The court should have struck it on grounds that the district in which it was filed contains ZERO border wall construction. it's not even in California.
The second part should have addressed that the President has wide discretion to use military funding in the protection of U.S. citizens, and part of that protection is stemming the flow of illegal drugs from Mexico, and the violence which accompanies it.
The third part should have addressed who can file complaints of that nature, and where they can be filed. In my opinion, something like that could be filed by a joint resolution of Congress, but not by any individual person or group, and certainly not by the Sierra Club. As I remember, they joined with the Alien and Criminals Litigation Usurpation in this fiasco.

Carlos Hathcock

Carlos Hathcock is one man I would only want to meet on friendly terms. of course, those whom he was unfriendly to only experienced him from a distance. He was one of the best we've had.

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Was yesterday's hearing Real?

The nation and the media got a rude wake up call yesterday as Bobby Mueller made a joke of himself in front of Congress. The man who once directed the FBI could not understand questions, rambled like a drunk, and appeared not to know what the report his staff authored contained.
For the last two years, Don Surber has been referring to him as bungling Bobby Mueller. Did yesterday make Don's point? Is the man who graduated Princeton, became a Marine Officer, and headed the FBI really that much of a mumbling fool? is it dementia? The man is a mere 74 years young.
To be clear, Mueller had about as much to do with the actual investigation as J. Edgar Hoover. He was a figurehead. The FBI and DOJ had already hand picked a team to do the dirty work, a rabid band of Trump hating far left filth the like of which would be better suited to government in Cuba or Venezuela than in the United States.
I did not watch the performance, but reading all the accounts, it seems to me that his performance was a bit over the top. The first rule of a court hearing is never ask a question you do not know the answer to. Surely even the idiots who now lead the donks in Congress know better than to bring in some one with out preparation.
Nasty P. Lousy comes across as a ditz, but she has become very rich through her manipulation of the power of the speaker-ship.
I see this as a last grasp to keep the Russian collusion delusion alive through the 2020 election cycle. After a brief time allotment to let this all sink in, the donks can now claim the investigation was botched because Mueller was losing his faculties. thus they can drag out HiLlARy's evil deeds and Barry's attempt at a coup beyond 2020 and possibly 2024. keep the dream alive.
The communist candidates are running on anger platforms. They can't mention the economy, it is soaring. With the demise of ObamAA- care, they can fuel a little hate among the marginal income people who are not eligible for food stamps and welfare and thus don't get medicaide, but that won't fire up the masses.
I see this as a move to de-legitimize the exoneration of President Trump and fuel the pipe dream they have clung to for the past three years. With out this hope,their base is demoralized and will likely stay home on election day. This is a political Hail Mary, nothing more.


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The Morning After

This was the theme song from the Poseidon Adventure filmed in 1972. In my mind, this is still one of the best action suspense thrillers ever and it was done with out computer animation.

One for the fucked around and found out file

Mariana Flores was a sophomore at UCSD when she participated in a protest against the results of the 2016 election that attempted to shut down the I-5 freeway. During the course of their attempt to create havoc, Mariana was hit and seriously injured by a driver. Mariana sued the driver and UC San Diego as well as the board of Regents. That suit hit the trash bin this week. The judge ruled that the university was not responsible for her injuries, and now it has been determined that the driver, who was uninsured, has no assets worth going after.
I feel sorry for Mariana. Life is tough. its tougher when you are stupid, and it gets really tough when you don't learn from your mistakes. Had she and her fellow stupids refrained from playing in traffic, she would not have become the target of a driver who just wanted to get somewhere. Being that this happened in Mexifornia, I'd wager that the driver was either an illegal, or a HiLlARy supporter.
Mariana suffered a crushed pelvis, fractured leg and other assorted minor injuries which when added to the paralysis she has from the neck up means she won't be a productive member of society any time soon.
Breitbart reports that this was not the only traffic blocking protest. Some professors from Hahhvahrd were arrested for blocking traffic, and I am told that students in Wyoming blocked a road, but gave up after 93 hours when no traffic appeared.
Seriously, our country is in trouble. These immature idiots do not understand that they don't always get their way. Plenty of people were pissed off when Bary Soetoro was elected. None of us blocked traffic or rioted. We had to be to work the following morning and hoped we still had a job as hs ability to crush commerce and industry became a reality.
I hope Mariana learned something. With a screwed up hip she has even less chance of dodging Dodges, and no one should have to live with the grim reality that the bug brained bozo they killed was supposedly a human being.

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What happened?

All of a sudden the stories about President Trump having had a fling with some porn stars are vanishing like mist in the morning.
It was only a short time ago that the creepy Porn lawyer, soon to be convict, was on all the leftist media proclaiming how his client, whom he robbed, would bring down President Trump!
Then the house of cards began collapsing.
Seriously, President Trump is a known germ-a-phobe. If no one else purchased hand sanitizer for a decade, they would still be pumping the stuff out for him. So, would a man that obsessed with germs be willing to doodle his noodle in a petri pot full of possibly untreatable diseases?
Do we have any proof he did? Do we have proof his dong is average size with a mushroom head? Maybe the real crime is extortion by Avanti and Daniels?
In any case, the SDNY has declined to press any charges. Don's resident persistent troll will need to find a new schtick. Nonny the Ninny is mad he didn't get to go to the White house with all the other special kids.

An amazing story

As a small child I watched the story unfold of the moon landing. It was a great wonder for a kid back then. it is sad to see how people today want to marginalize the event claiming that it was a fake, a studio set and nothing more, or to note how Russia put the first woman, the first black, and the first Asian in space but our moon landing was a non-event.
I just got done reading the article, What NASA kept quit about the moon landing. Expecting some tail of a search for extra terrestrial life, or of a near failure, I was surprised to learn that Buzz Aldrin, a devout Presbyterian Elder had the first food consumed on another planet, and it was Communion, the  Body and blood of Christ.
Maybe that is why we won the race,because one man among many put GOD ahead of all else. That simple act could have cost him greatly. Even then anti-theism was rearing its evil head.

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Go West

Concentration Camps?

Shortly after Hitler ascended to power, the Nazis began rounding up people they considered undesirable. Those people were citizens of Germany, and later, citizens of the occupied nations.

For many years prior to President Donald Trump and continuing through his administration, Immigration has been rounding up People illegally entering the United States. None of the people rounded up by the Border Patrol has been a United States Citizen.

Persons detained by the SS and Gestapo were placed into camps, stripped of all possessions, forced to work, fed little to no food, and subjected to experimentation. Most were eventually executed either by gassing, firing squads, Hanging, beheading, or simply starved to death.

Persons detained by the Border Patrol are placed into camps. Most of the possessions they bring with them are inventoried and stored, then returned to them when they are released. While in the camps, they are not forced to work, but only asked to keep their areas neat and presentable. They are provided with sufficient quantities of food and drinks, adequate dental care, premier medical care and evaluated for communicable diseases. Most are released within a matter of weeks and given a date to appear for a hearing to determine whether they can remain in the United States. Most do not show up for that hearing.

Many of the people who were eventually captured and interred by the Germans attempted to flee to safer locations, but because of the rapid advances of the German blitz,were over run.

All of the people entering the United States are choosing to come to The United States. None of them are fleeing an advancing juggernaut. None of them have seen neighbors hauled out into the streets and butchered.

When prisoners of the Nazis left the camps, they were transported to death camps where they were executed en-mass. They could not opt to leave the camp and return to their home lands.

Any person in an ICE detention facility can ask to be returned to their homeland and will be immediately sent back.


I do not promote violence. I do not want some one to slap the stupid out of Anal-Oral-Cross-connected.. Mainly out of fear that it would make her invisible.

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Fake conservative Stevens gone

One of the biggest screw ups in Supreme Court history has to be the appointment of John Paul Stevens to the bench. Stevens was known for his work on anti-trust cases and was a registered republican much like the insufferable fool John Roberts.
Once he was on the Supreme Court, his true colors began to show, again, like Roberts. Stevens helped explode infant murder in the United States, and his hate for orthodox Christianity led him to actively support perverse marriage.
After his overdue departure from the bench, the dottering fool made many attacks on the Constitutional right to keep and bear arms and other things conservatives and Christians hold dear.
GOD gave Stevens many opportunities to repent before ending his life on earth with a stroke. Steven's destination for eternity is unknown to me, GOD has judged him. I believe our country would have been better off without him, but given the sentiments of our nation as a whole, we deserved him and the resulting degradation of our society as a whole.
America is in it's waning days. We are fools if we believe America will rise from the rubble liberalism has created. While President Trump has done much, we the people have done very little. We should be marching on Washington demanding that the four fools be booted from the House. We should ring the building and peacefully protest and make our voices heard. not a hundred, not a thousand, not a million or ten million. Every person who has benefited From President Trump's handling of the nation should join arms and let Nancy P. Lousy and her band of excrement know what we believe.
Won't happen though, I have to work Saturday and be back on Monday. Instead, the world will be treated to a continuation of the 24/7 mind numbing Bull Crap that comes from CNNBCBS and their perky pretty faces full of lies and deception.
GOD, help us for we refuse to help our selves.

To Sir with love

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Why would legal Hispanics want the illegal ones?

Has it occurred to anyone that LEGAL Hispanics don't like the illegal ones?
Most legal Hispanics are just like you and me, they live in their community and want to be left alone to raise their kids, have a good job, not worry about crime, drugs, and crazy neighbors who attract the police. In every respect other than skin tone, they are just like you and me who incidentally are also not alike in skin tone.
Then along come the illegals. They light in the Hispanic communities because they can blend in. Be a chameleon if you will, but they don't blend in. They have a decidedly different culture, and so, they attract the Police to the community.
People want to see the cops the moment there is a problem. No problem? Please go AWAY!
The illegals bring a culture of crime. they are not Mexico's best, not even El Salvador's best. That culture of crime brings the police.
There is also the problem that for many years the illegal groups were mostly young adult males, and that means unwanted attention for the young pretty females and no father wants his daughter dating a guy who could be deported back to Costa Rica leaving her with out support and a kid or three.
So why would America's Hispanics want the invaders?
For that matter, even among the illegals who have been here for years there is a dislike of the recent arrivals. Those who have been here ten or more years have adapted. They have learned to fit in and while they are still illegal, they are not doing the stuff which draws attention. When new arrivals plop down in their area, they attract the attention of the cops, and the long term illegals really don't want to see the Police.
Am I being racist? I don't think so. I have nothing against legal immigrants. As President Trump grows the economy, we will need workers to fill many jobs slots. I want to see American kids, especially our black community thrive as our Obama years vanish in the rear view mirror. I want to see our professional class filled with our young of every ethnic persuasion. There will be plenty of jobs for unskilled people, and Those immigrants can fill that need. Then, as they learn our language and culture and become better educated, they can also ascend the ladder The Trump economy is creating, but I want them to start at the bottom, not the top, and I do not want them to be exploited by liberals who only want cheap labor.

News from Washington

Rumor has it that AOC recently went to see a doctor. her complaint was, that since coming to D.C. she had not had a bowel movement.
After a thorough examination, the doctors informed her that her large colon had shut down because all the shit was coming out her mouth, or accumulating in her head. He further stated that in all his years as a physician he had only seen four cases and coincidentally, all four were this year.

Don't you forget about me

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HiLlARy Booed..... In NEW YORK CITY!

Queen Cankles and her favorite philanderer attended a Billy Joel show at Madison Square Garden. When the former grifters were acknowledged by the music icon, the crowd erupted in a long series of boos.
This is New York City. This is the place the carpet bagging bitch went to get elected to the Senate. She. Got. Booed.
Frankly, I'm amazed. I wonder what reaction the crowd wold have given in a left coast bastion like Hollywood, or Seattle.
Are the leftards really finished with the hillbilly mafia? Is this a sign of returning sanity? My bet is  the leftists see them as being not far enough left for their liking. Could be wrong...


Toy Soldiers

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Saturday night

I had a fun and crazy fourth

Didn't sit and watch any fireworks displays. The closest thing to a picnic lunch was at a Subway in Pipestone Minnesota. I departed Kansas Thursday morning for East central Minnesota. I had a truck to go fetch.
Wednesday night into Thursday morning were storm backed up on storms, anywhere from five to eight inches and flash flooding. That complicated the drive only slightly. By the time I got to central Nebraska the skies had cleared and they'd had no moisture other than the lingering stuff clogging the missery river basin.
My brother had agreed to go with me. he was going to help a friend , and was to have been done by noon. I got to his location at noon, and they had not even started. Mechanical issues. Oh well,he's a mechanic.
What the job was, was aerial spreading fertilizer on several hundred acres of Hutterite farms fields along the South Dakota Minnesota border. My brother's job was filling the hopper and fuel tanks on the planes. A kid from the colony was driving the truck.
Two planes, and they were staggered just enough that we never got an actual break between loads.
Somewhere around the third trip, a sheriff's deputy showed up. They'd had a complaint that one of the planes had flown over some folks and sprayed them with liquid. Not a good thing... Except we were handling pellets just like you'd get in a bag of lawn fertilizer. Yup, scammers looking to rake a buck or three from insurance.
At one point I got to have a conversation with the head pilot, a regular conservative. He opined that the Hutterites were a socialist group and, using them, explained what is wrong with socialism. Part of it that he noted was how the entire colony has only six passenger vehicles. If you want to use a vehicle, you have to request it from the leadership and they approve or disapprove.
If I would have given the kid helping us ten dollars, he would have had to turn the money over to the elders They would have allowed him to keep one dollar, and the rest would have gone to the community fund.
I told him, nope, that might be the model, but they would never get even a small group to that kind of cooperation. Venezuela might be a faint hope.
After getting the truck load of fertilizer empty, we hit the road to find my truck. three hours north and east.
From Pipestone up north past Marshall, the countryside is littered with wind turbines. Thousands of them. Once we got to Granite Falls, it became fields of solar panels.
When I see them, all I think about are the stories of massive quantities of sludge from the silica processing being dumped in fields and rice paddies. I guess when you have a population numbering in the billions, you don't give two shits if you poison a few million.
When we finally got to our destination to retrieve the truck, it was getting close to sun down. The truck had no tail lights. I'd packed a set in, but we couldn't get them to work. They'd gotten water in the sockets and were shorted. Hello, aren't these intended to be part of vehicles that run in the rain? Not happy, we headed back for Sioux Falls with me trailing the lightless truck.
Well, it did have head lamps, and the side markers worked so turn signals were visible. Plenty of rockets red glare and bombs bursting in air. I thought fireworks were still illegal in Minnesota.
Saw a lot of cops on the trip back. they were busy watching all the fireworks displays so we didn't get bothered.
About half way back, my brother stopped and asked if I could take over the big rig. Gladly. It is a rough rider and he is 75 years young. East south bound and down... When we got to Pipestone,my brother noted that the rig, a 1985 Volvo, out accelerated my pickup with ease. Top end is only 66 mph, but it gets there like a pro.
On Friday I got to experience what it would be like with a lowered speed limit for trucks. This was mentioned by Kenny at knuckledraggin and a commenter said to look forward to having a truck doing 66 passing a truck doing 65. I actually encountered quite a few vehicles traveling only a mile or so slower than I was, and I also got passed by several doing a mile or so faster than me. In that case, I helped out and slowed down so they could get by.
At a rest stop in Iowa I encountered a family picnic like nothing I've seen along the highway. A full blown family reunion style cook out, kids running around and all that. approximately 25 cars and minivans with Washington and Oregon plates plus another twenty or so with Iowa and South Dakota tags.
I did not ask where they were from, none of them spoke English and they looked to be Mexicans. Every parking slot in the rest area was taken except in the truck area. When I arrived there were only two trucks and a few cars that were people wanting to make use of the facilities.
All in all, a good trip.

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To those about to rock

The Devil's Brigade - The Canadians Arrive

If you've never seen this movie, it is a tribute to  the men of the First Special Service Force. It was composed of American and canadian soldiers and is the forerunner of our modern Special Forces.
Contrary to the movie, the U.S. Soldiers were some of the best, brightest and boldest we had, not a rag tag bunch of crooks and criminals.

GOD, Bless America

Courtesy of the Red, White and Blue

Just remember, we stand alone most of the time fighting for liberty for all.

God Bless the U.S.A

Ragged old Flag

This land is your land

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GOD, bless Pat Sajak

Pat Sajak harpooned the liberals and the parade of tears. Last week, in the midst of the anger fest, Pat tweeted, "It could be worse, it could be a dinner party and I could be there."
Pat, I completely understand your sentiments, but if you'd been there, at least one person with a firm grip on sanity would have been present.
Oh, and thank you for your words of wit.

He got his three score and ten plus

Lee Iacocca passed away today, 94 years young. I remember him best for being the savior of Chrysler, but he had many accomplishments in the auto industry. To some, he is the father of the Mustang, but he also saw the future back in the 60's and commanded the development of the Ford Pinto, a car weighing under 2,000 pounds and sold for under $2,000 in 1970.
Lee's stint at Ford was long and marked by many successes. Following his clash with Henry Ford II in 1978, Lee moved over to Chrysler and led the revival of that car company.
As for the Pinto, it's reputation as a rolling ,and mine was well earned, but undeservedly so. Several Pinto's exploded during tests conducted at UCLA. They were rigged with incendiary devices by the testers, but that was omitted by the Press. And you thought it was only the modern press corps who are unworthy of respect?

Let this be a lesson

Anal-Oral-Crossconnected went and toured a CBP facility. After she left, she went to twitter and posted wild claims stating that she was threatened with rape, and that people who were detained were forced to drink out of toilets.
According to Anna Giaritelli, AOC screamed at CBP officers and acted in a threatening manner.
Why was no one filming? At this point, given the outrageous conduct that has been exhibited by so many of the new communist members of congress, any interaction should be recorded. If any employee of the federal government is invited to her offices, they should begin filming with their smart phone the moment they walk in the building. Have a Go-Pro, have a digital tape recorder, but have something to document the truth with this deranged moonbat.
The same standard now should apply to every member of the rat-bastard commie caucus, if more than one is present, begin filming and keep the camera rolling until they are out of sight because they are out of their minds.
frankly, it might be wise to do the same with republicans. No, I don't expect Rand Paul or any of them would act as crazy as AOC, but, thee are plenty of folks on the street who are just as deranged.
A dozen people filming might be enough to deter any evil doers, or it might not. In any case, there would be video available to help in identifying the perps and prevent your neighborhood from becoming a No Ngo zone*.

* Ngo Zone: A war zone where only one side is fighting.

The Best Of Times