Sunday, April 30, 2017

Update for United adventurers

Fly the (un)Friendly Skies.

What debate?

Utah has opted to use the firing squad for upcoming executions due to an embargo on drugs for lethal executions. There is no shortage. Companies led by Socialist Justice Whores are refusing to sell drugs to states for executions. This has created a myriad of problems and delayed justice for many families of victims.
The enimedia like to claim there is a national debate about capital punishment, yet both California and Nebraska voted to retain it in spite of their spineless state leaders who refuse to use it. Support for the death penalty has had its ebb and flow. According to data published by the death penalty disinformation center, support is at 49% while opposition has climbed to 42%. Considering the source and their venomous opposition to justice for all criminals, that statistic should be questioned by every one. Wikipedia claims there is controversy citing them and their misleading figures.
Execution is not inhumane, we all die eventually. A common death is cancer. It is not pain free by any means. Neither are vehicle accidents which claim thousands by maiming them.

Scamnesty International likes to claim that the death penalty does not work. It does. People who have been executed commit zero crimes, but what is more important, the mere threat of executions saves lives, and the periodic implementation of justice deters with greater consistency the more quickly it is applied.
Above all though is the inescapable fact that one of the scum removed from society in Arkansas this past week was executed for a murder he committed after escaping prison where he was serving a life sentence. Had he been sentenced and executed for his first murder, Cecil Boren and Michael Greenwood would be alive today. Of interest to me in that article is how they give little mention to the family of Boren who wanted him executed and instead focus on the daughter of Greenwood who does not.
The Court needs to revisit and correct its errors in rulings regarding the death penalty. It is up to legislatures, not the courts to make law. It is the duty of the courts to follow that law unless it is unconstitutional. Since the fifth amendment states "No person shall be held to answer for a capital, or otherwise infamous crime.....nor shall any person be subject for the same offense to be twice put in jeopardy of life or limb" that should make clear that Capital punishment is Constitutional. The decisions about what crimes to punish by what methods is the job of the Congress and the legislatures of the states. Following that law is the duty of the judges.
Above all, we need to speed up the execution process, having condemned die of old age on death row is no deterrent.

Wednesday, April 26, 2017

What happens when Congress does not do their job

For the last six years we have had a Congress that is entirely useless. The first two years of Barry Soetoro's dynasty we had a congress who were fully behind his plans to destroy America or at least the portion between Mexico and Canada. We the People said, "NOT HAPPENING!" and showed as many of the communists the door as we could. The folks we sent to replace them are not much better. Instead of dealing with Barry, they aided and abetted him as much as they could with out inciting a rebellion.
One of the worst things to come out of that were Barry's appointments to various courts. One of those was William Orrick III a bundler from California who raised $200,000 for Barry in 2012 and was rewarded with a judgeship.
He has now paid the communist machine back by issuing an injunction against Trump's legal order stripping sanctuary cities of funds for law enforcement. Ask your self, if the federal government pays cities for law enforcement, and they don't enforce the law, why should we give them another dime?

Dr Dao was lucky

The latest scandal to smash Untied Airlines happened at O'Hare where a giant hare, was found dead in the cargo hold. Simon the rabbit was traveling from Heathrow to his new owners, but died in route. The valuable animal had undergone a check up prior to the flight and was fit as a fiddle. Simon was a giant continental rabbit. Sorry for calling him a hare, it was a play on words. Yes, I'm the guy who tells dead people jokes at a funeral.

Tuesday, April 25, 2017

And they didn't even call me

Lyin Ryan's approval ratings are hitting the skids. His numbers are now 22% approve to 40% who see him for the piece of crap he is. I knew I wasn't the only one who had a low opinion of the slime, but I expected at least a few commies to show favor to Barry's gate keeper.
Bottom line is he needs to be replaced. 2018 cannot come fast enough. Clean House in 2018.(and Senate)

Does Trump want to be President?

Today, Don Surber made a simple assertion. Here is my take.
Don, I respectfully disagree about him wanting to be President. It is the job that may be his ruin and he knows it.
He is most like the man standing on  a street corner who witnesses a car wreck. When he realizes that some one is caught in the wreck, he springs into action. The vehicle is on fire, and it is a helpless child trapped in a car seat. That man steps up to the burning vehicle and places his life on the line to get that child out. He is determined that he will succeed and save it no matter the cost to him.
That man acts knowing full well that he may get burned, that he may die, and that the child as well may die. To stand and not act is something he does not consider.
That is how I see the Presidency of Donald John Trump. The man had every thing and bet it all one this job. Had America crashed and burned in the manner we were headed toward, Donald Trump would have survived the calamity and though it might have lowered his fortune, he would have been able to live out his years in relative luxury. At 70, he has twenty years left, and with a good doctor, another ten to wring out. His kids would emerge from this just fine as would his grand children. Beyond that, who knows, fortunes are made in a generation and lost in a generation.
I see his Presidency as a selfless act, he gets nothing personal from it except maybe an ego stroke or three. He had that in the bag on December 19th. All he had to do for his ego was sit back and be like Barry for four years. he chose not to. Instead, he is doing what he said he would, making America great again. It is too bad he must drag an unwilling Congress and an unwitting electorate along. Yes, I'm calling us stupid. Not all of us are, but a lot of us are. We have congress dragging their feet, and we are not holding them to the fire. Lyin Ryan has not been tarred and feathered for his inaction. Metaphorically that is. Only a few people have called him out for his wishy washy actions. The media would have you believe Lyin Ryan is a god standing between earth and doom when he is the Chamber of Communists plow horse dragging us to the abyss.
No, I do not see Trump as wanting this job. Thank GOD that he took it. We do not deserve it any more than we deserved our Savior.

Sunday, April 23, 2017

Moochelle sited in Idaho?

A woman in Idaho crashed her car into a deer claiming the animal was being chased by Moochelle Obama. OK, she claimed Sasquatch, but to date, the only confirmed sightings of Sasquatch have all been the former first cow.
Can any one confirm that Mooche was anywhere but Idaho on the night of March 22?

Saturday, April 22, 2017

How dare he keep his word

President Trump said back in February that he would skip the Corps of Despondent's dinner. True to his word, he announced that instead he will hold a rally to mark his 100th day in office with the citizens of Pennsylvania.
Seriously, I think that is a great move on his part. The enimedia has spent the last two years demonizing and mocking him. OK, they mocked him first. They are so out of touch with reality that it is shameful that they still have people believing their garbage. An yes, there are folks so delusional that they actually believe what the legacy media prints about him. Or says about him, Doesn't matter which channel you pick, you are gonna SeeBS.
FOX News, fair and balanced flew the coop in 2015. They are now as deep in the crap as CNN or (P)MSNBC. Trust but verify? Nope, you can't trust them at all.
We have been lied to so much in so many ways that it is amazing to me that a new network, designed and run by TRUE conservatives has not risen from the pile. If that were to happen, could it last? FOX made the decision to become faux. CNN has sunk even lower. Rock bottom? Passed that years ago.
Lies are now truth, and good is evil. We hoped that electing President Trump would change that, but it was clear even two years ago that we need to clean house as well.
GOD, help President Trump. We as a nation may not deserve it. Make that certainly don't deserve it. It is only by His grace we survive today.

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

The best LOL of the day

Denny brought up yesterday's election in Georgia, up until then, I had not been following it. I googled it last night though and saw the "predictions". Most had Ossoff winning by a comfortable margin. That was at 6:30 Georgia time.
I didn't get a chance to check back, and it was not until I got home tonight that I saw real results. 48% sounds like a darn good finish in a primary, especially when the next candidate in the race got only 19%. Problem is the commies threw every thing but he kitchen sink at this and came up short. Ossoff is a commie's commie. He got endorsements from all the Hollywood "A" list scum. Traitor Jane slithered out a spot for him as did Samuel L Jackass and a slew of other bad actors.
Given how many of us feel about establishment congress critters, the $5 million dumped in by republican congressional campaign leadership probably did exactly nothing to help.
The race is now Handel vs Ossoff, and while a dem sin is decidedly bad, a Republican backed by the establishment is not much better. Do you wish to be electrocuted with a thousand volts, or ten thousands volts?
Sigh. What could be... Still, Hollywood dems wasting millions on this is well worth it all. Had the money gone to something other than the communist party propaganda arm, that would have been better still.

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Check this out

By now we have all heard about the poor girl who got her bell rung at the Bezerkly protest/riot. SeeBS had her on and made out about how the poor girl was just standing there when this big bad former Marine walked up and for no apparent reason knocked her in the chops.
Not so fast.

Lets get our facts straight. Little miss Innocent is a porn star for one. That does not automatically forfeit her rights to not get her mouth smashed. Even ladies of the night deserve to be treated like ladies unless you are paying them for other things. In which case they deserve to be treated like any other prisoner in Police custody and hopefully you are in the van with them.
The videos show clearly that she was playing smash mouth as well and the Marine dude simply counter punched her uppercut.
They call themselves antifa. They are not antifascist though, in fact they are fascists who are anti-Trump.
Wait a minute redneck, fascists and anarchists together? They are supposed to be diametrically opposed. Take a look at Nazi Germany and Hitler's rise to power. Oh snap, Goodwins law. Hitler won by wearing down the population. his supporters , the SA, or brown shirts were in the streets rioting and demonstrating, and the people simple threw up their hands and let his supporters win. These people are cut from the same fabric, same game plan, nothing new under the sun.
It is time for action. First and most important, Congress needs to slash funding to all schools that tollerate these kinds of activity. Next, and in the same bill, they need to strip them of all accreditation. Four years at Berkley? You are now qualified to empty the trash at Burger King.
After that we need to penalize the people at those schools who encouraged that sort of behavior. Use the retirement accounts to pay for any and all damages caused by this misbehavior criminal activity.
Wont happen, and we know why. CLAMs. Congressional Left, Academia, Media. All these bought and paid for RINOs in Washington are part of that congressional left. They have sold us out.
2018 Clean House. (and Senate)

Sunday, April 16, 2017

United aint alone

American Airlines decided now is the perfect time to show that they too can be stupid as far as how they treat passengers. To their credit, John Kaboff was not beaten to a pulp before deplaning. My bet is he didn't feel as lucky as Dr Dao.

Saturday, April 15, 2017

A few thoughts on Easter

Skeptics abound. The biggest obstacle to anti-theism is the Crucifixion of Jesus. Outside the Bible there is ample evidence of Jesus existence. It is well documented in Lee Strobel's "The Case for Christ".
Jesus is either liar, legend, lunatic, or LORD. It is quite clear though that he did exist, that he walked the roads of Israel, that he had followers and that he was crucified.
My sincere belief is that he is indeed, LORD. An article on Faux does a fair to good job of addressing some of the questions that people have regarding the crucifixion and challenges to the story as reported in the Gospels.
In a few hours I will join with Christian faithful in celebrating the resurrection of the Son of GOD. I wish each of you a blessed and joyous Easter. May you find peace in a world that Satan is seeking to turn to destruction. That Peace will not be of this world, Satan's children, the muslims are marching to fulfill their destiny in Revelation oblivious to their roll in fulfilling Scripture. Instead, that peace can only come to your heart through GOD. Even now the souls of people slaughtered in places like Egypt are beneath the alter of GOD crying "How long oh LORD until you avenge us?" We stand near the cusp of the tribulation. Whether it is a day away or a century away is known but to GOD. Of one thing we can be sure, we are 1984 years closer to that day than when Jesus was laid in a tomb sealed and guarded.
May the LORD bless and keep you.

Thursday, April 13, 2017


A new book is out about the goings on of the Army hierarchy. Liars err lawyers in the DoD are hamstringing out troops in combat. What the heck is wrong with these people? We should always, ALWAYS fight to win. If we have soldiers committing war crimes, we prosecute only if the enemy is prosecuting their war criminals. Since we are fighting against war criminals, scum who do not abide by the Geneva Conventions, exactly zero of our people should be charged with any thing unless they are going out among the civilian population and raping women and killing families while they sleep. Guys like that should not be allowed back in civilization. Instead of prosecuting them though, I'd give them an AK-47, 500 rounds and send them out to fend for themselves. That's just me though.The ones who capture a guy setting an IED and chop him to bits? Meh.
This is not a new problem for America's war fighters. When I was in, a number of guys got burned during Grenada and Panama for violating rules of combat. Vietnam had it's own set of problems. Only a few guys got court martialed, and lets face it, My Lai was serious shit even if the NVA and VC were doing things ten times worse.
The fact that the enimedia highlighted our misdeeds and whitewashed those of the Communists should tell you something, the media is part of the enemy.
The higher one gets with the military the greater is the CYA attitude which creates this sort of thing. The leadership becomes leader shit. Commanders don't want to be part of the next news story especially when embedded reporters are usually rooting for the other guys. Ernie Pyle is no more. We live in the days when scum like Walter Cronkite and Dan Rather look at the camera and lie their asses off. Yes, Blather is retarded err retired and Cronkite is dead, but their legacy of lies lives on.
That alone hurts our men in combat even when the commanders don't create impossible loopholes for them to jump through. We have seen the fiasco caused by Geraldo Rivera in Iraq, and bad as that was, he is one of the better ones. If we dare call it that.
I do not want to scrap the Geneva Convention. It says that combatants who are not wearing a uniform can be executed with a summary trial. That is how I want our people doing it. Then feed the carcasses to pigs. "You stupid redneck, that will make the mooslimes angry and they will fight us even more." Bull shit. We do it, they get upset. We do it to the ones who acted on their anger, and the next few will think long and hard about a sure ticket to hell. They are all going to hell, the choice is express, or snail delivery. They just think there are 72 raisins waiting just for them.
We need to get back to our troops being able to do what is necessary to protect America and Americans. Instead we now have Same Shit Different Decad.

Tuesday, April 11, 2017

I don't care who he was

Yesterday I posted a short bit about the person taken off a flight from Chiraq to Louisville. The press has tracked him down identified him, and revealed a pile of dirt about the guy. I don't care if the guy was BTK. He purchased as ticket and paid for it, was allowed to board, then the ass holes decided to make room for others.
Yup, assaulting a person with mental issues is great for PR.  The guy was still a Doctor, a lung specialist to be exact. Given that this will impact how he relates with his patients makes it double bad in my book.
Air lines over book flights all the time. I don't have a problem with that. People have changes, some beyond their control, and overbooking ensures that the aircraft has all seats filled when ever possible.
Chicago to Louisville is a five hour drive. United could have rented a limo and put the displaced passengers in it, taken them to a five star restaurant en-route and a few other minor perks and been money ahead. And I'm not referring to what they hopefully will pay in litigation and I in no way mean the tanking of their stock because they were just plain stupid. Five or six people, one limo, seven meals, one for the driver, and the still spent less than putting them up in a hotel and giving them that kind of five star treatment would have cost. The Doctor and his doctor wife would have been able to get home in time, assuming that there were not other people who would have jumped at the proposition.
That is only one simple solution. The air lines are allowed to pay up to $1350 (might be a different amount now) to each person they bump. The thing is, once people are in ther seats they should not be treated like this. A couple of staff could have started making the rounds, target older folks or people who appear to not be rushed, and make quiet offers. Start at $500. No takers? Next round six, and so on. A guy making $1000 a day, offered $1000 and a free stay in a five star hotel plus meals might jump. He is out nothing, and in most cases, he is not in too much trouble with his bosses.
A Doctor is another matter. They have people depending on them. If I had a Monday appointment, and some air line did this to my doctor, I would give them all the bad publicity I could, and a black eye if I could manage it. (not really).
The cop or cops who did this should be booted off the force, no pension, and lose every perk they had. They should be prosecuted for battery and get to spend a year or two in jail with a bunch of people who know they are bad cops.
And United? They should now be made to pay double because the press in their glee has trashed the man who wanted only to get home to his patients. The CEO, COO, and CFO should all get canned and put on the no fly list along with that pilot and his precious fight crew. Same for the union bosses of the thugs who perpetrated this, the air line pilots association, police union, and the union for the air line workers. Clean up the top and watch how the next butt heads to fill those shoes takes action to make sure it does not happen to them.

Monday, April 10, 2017

Boycott United

Just a sample of the ire on the internet after a man was beaten and hauled off an overbooked flight from Chiraq to Louisville. Aint no way I'm getting on a United Fight, even if it is the only way out of Chicago.

My professor was wrong

Some years back I attended a course titled Parenting for Professionals. The gist of the course was to teach parenting skills to modern folks who have shed the family ties and have no support structure to assist them in learning how to be good parents. He began by stating, "Parenting is the last bastion of the amateur.' No one gives lessons on becoming a good parent. He also contended that no parent ever looked down at that new born baby in the bassinet and said, kid I am going to screw up your life.
This weekend I learned, he was wrong. This kid should be taken away from her parents.
The article is sparse on details, but Mary Grace is a nine year old biological girl. Her parents have petitioned the state of Texas for a new birth certificate for her, and she is now called Max.
No one can say for sure how Mary/Max will develop as puberty hits. Yes, some kids opt for weird things. She may be one of them. Hormones though cause strange things to happen. I have seen many girls who were ultimate tom boys turn into ultra tough ladies. By that I mean the sort of girl who wears the heels, feminine dresses, and will see you fit for dentures the moment you pinch them or behave inappropriately. The sneakers and blue jeans are gone, just flat gone. They are a lady, and you WILL remember that.
Max now faces a problem. Texas may very well pass SB6, and if that happens, she will be required by law to use the men's room. Even if she does not decide as nature calls, to be a woman, she is still required to utilize the male facilities if single user bathrooms are not available. In some situations, that is a recipe for rape. No, I am not condoning sexual assault.
Texas needs to thwart this sort of action and amend SB6 to require people to use bathrooms based on their DNA and get it in to law.
It is bad enough when people as adults make the conscious choice to defile themselves, but for a parent to force this on their child? For this cause God gave them up unto vile affections: for even their women did change the natural use into that which is against nature Romans 1:26

All hail diversity

Sunday, April 9, 2017

Never pass up a chance for a cheap shot

The Supreme Court recently ruled on the abuse of power involving Barry Soetoro's "recess appointment" to the NLRB. You wouldn't know it from the opening line on Faux. "The Supreme Court’s decision to limit presidential power to fill agency posts will do little to deter President Trump as he continues to appoint members of his team, experts say."
The way it is written makes it sound like The Donald will defy a Court ruling in the way some people say he should defy the illegal one regarding his limitation of rapefugees being imported from various hell holes.
Later in the article they grudgingly admit that  President Trump is following the Federal Vacancies Reform Act of 1998 at least as far as his appointment of Noel Francisco who is principal deputy solicitor general.
Just another why we can say Murdoch's network is not fair and balanced. 

Saturday, April 8, 2017

We are all a bunch of sexists

We must be, Illary LOST! Her whole campaign was based on her being a woman.

Instead, Donald Trump won. It can't be because he has ideas, every one has ideas, no, we must have voted for Trump because he was not a woman.
It can't be because of all the scandals surrounding the Clintons. The media created a hundred or more scandals about Trump.
It can't be because of the Clinton Foundation ties to Russia. According to the media, Trump is in bed with the Rooskies.
It can't be about her health. It was just the flu, and look how quickly she recovered from that!
Hillary spent millions more than The Donald. She had backers willing to cough up mega bucks on her behalf. Mr Trump had to finance his own campaign because he didn't have any rich owners err donors.
Then to top it off, who is Glamour's woman of the year? Bruce Jenner.
We are sexist.

Friday, April 7, 2017

Boycotts work

The leftards are having a hard time grasping why though. In 2012 social justice whores called for a nation wide boycott of Chik-fil-A over their stance on the Biblical definition of marriage. Dan Cathy pled guilty as charged when the Baptist press asked about their backing "the biblical definition of the family unit." Word spread fast, and people like me started going to Chik-fil-A.
Fast forward to 2016. A blog post on Targets official site publicized a policy that said transgender customers were welcome to use the bathroom or fitting room that matched their gender identity.This was done with out the knowledge or consent of Target CEO Brian Cornell who later told colleagues that he wouldn't have approved the decision to "flaunt" the policy. Say again??
Cornell wasn't saying that it wasn't Target's policy, only that he didn't want it made public. Oh well, the Chik-fil-A boycott flopped, what's there to worry about? Instead of suffering the 14% increase that Chik-fil-A endured, Target saw a drop of 6% with their boycott. I must say, I did not join the boycott. Don't be mad though, I haven't shopped Target since they said "no" to the Marine toys for tots drive. (They also were banning Salvation Army Bell Ringers.) Target also shelled out $20 million to install single occupancy bathrooms.
Do they not get it? We don't want this crap forced down our throats. In spite of Barry Soetoro's proclamation, we are still a Christian Nation. If we were a mooslime one, Brian Cornell would get tossed from the top of his Ivory tower along with all the gays he supports. Maybe they should be happy with the status Quo instead of demanding we change. I'm hoping that target continues to see plummeting sales. I don't hold out hope, other sales giants are hell bent on joining the lemming march to death. We may soon be forced to shop at stores which cater to perverts rather than uphold family values, places like Starbucks and Barnes & Noble support the perversity, and Walmart is keeping quiet which might be an indication of covert acceptance on the level that Cornell wanted from Target. I don't know though. Maybe they fear the backlash Chik-fil-A suffered.

Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Maybe he should have offered her a Pepsi

New Jersey resident Angela Jones, claiming she is sick of fancy white people, is accused of beating a Massachusetts man and damaging his SUV and boat. The victim, identified only as Bob, was on his way home from Florida when he stopped for fuel in Virginia. While filling his vehicle, he was verbally, then physically assaulted by Jones.
Police are attempting to determine if this is a hate crime. Nah, she was just gonna love him to death.
You can guess the race, even if the name does not give it away.

Drip drip drip

You could almost take a shower in this garbage. Of course, you'd need a good shower after, but that is not the point.
Today it was revealed that much of the information contained in the "unmasked" documents was mundane things about their every day ordinary lives. Clearly, we are not talking about unmasked incidental phone calls, this clearly is targeting. Susan may take the fall, but it was operatives with in the White House, and the manipulators of Barry who were requesting and receiving detailed information to sift looking for dirt on President Trump and his campaign staff. While we were awaiting the next batch of Podesta E-mails from wikileaks, they were desperately searching for some dirt ass well. My thoughts on Podesta? He should never have had access to most of the information that was dumped, and he never ever should have had it on an unsecure server.
As to today's revelations, they go a long way in confirming my gut feeling that Susan Rice's interview was a desperate attempt at damage control. By the time this is all done, the depth and breadth of it may astound us all. Watergate will be a nostalgic memory, and people will pine for the days of Nixon.
OK, maybe not that far.
NSA Rogers claimed that only twenty people at the NSA were allowed to approve requests.  OK, I can believe that, now name those twenty people, and lets see if any of them were beyond the control of the Obama White House and could deny a request with out serious fall out, and if any of them were outside of partisan politics and not players in the muck. Most likely they were hacks in the same vein as Lois Lehrner. BTW, when does she get frog marched to a federal prison?

How far down the rabbit hole will we go?

A month ago the press was on fire because President Trump tweeted about Obama spying on him during the campaign. Instead of going crazy to cover the story, what we got was the press going crazy to cover up the story. It was like watching a cat in a litter box full of turds. Gotta hand it to MSNBC and CNN, they are in the front lines on this story... Covering for Barry and Hillary.
Back when President Trump put this out, they wanted us to forget all the evidence that was before our eyes for months during the campaign and immediately after the skank got skunked. It was like yelling at a four year old for  being in the cookie jar. He denies it even though his hands are full of cookies and his face covered in crumbs.
Now we have them saying that the story only came up because some guy who worked for Trump talked to some guy who worked for Putin and there might have been illegal activity even though there was never any evidence of illegal activity. Oh, those cookies. We just happened to find them laying around.
As has been stated elsewhere, the White House does not perform investigations. That is not what they are set up to do. They are however, the hand that controls the investigating authorities. What dirt does Obama, or his controllers have on James Comey? How are they influencing John Brennan and James Clapper? Or are these men in trusted positions in this willingly? We thought it was terrible when we learned that J. Edgar Hoover had dirt on everyone in Washington and used it to keep his job secure and his secrets quiet. Hoover was a saint by comparison.
We the People now know too much. We can not forget these acts of treason. No matter how much CNN and MSNBC want this to go away, no matter how much they refuse to report the story, the story will come out. Painfully and slowly, like a ten pound breech baby, it will be birthed. This is gonna hurt. The mother of this monster may die, and well she should. and every person who had a hand in creating this. We can guess the players, Susan Rice is in this up to her neck. You can bet ValJar is in up to hers, Barry as well. Does it go beyond them? We have seen that Barry was just a puppet in many ways. Mark Cuban stated that President Trump was too stupid to colude with the Russians. Barry is stupid. He is manipulated by Soros and others. Those ties may extend to Russia, and they may extend to Riyadh or Tehran. Round and round it goes, where it stops, some one knows. And that some one wants it to go away, and that some one will do almost any thing to make it go away. That some one is not Don Lemon but he answers their dog whistle like a Labrador.
How far down the rabbit hole will we go, and what will we find when we get there? Will we get to the bottom of this? You can bet your bottom dollar President Trump want to take us there, he has nothing to hide. The question then is can the rabbit at the bottom stop him?
As Thurston Howell III said, I'm not mad, I'm furious.

Tuesday, April 4, 2017

I don't buy any of it

With Susan Rice's revelations many folks are filling in blanks about Obamagate,  the spying on Trump and attempts to influence the election in favor of the Hildabeast. My gut is that we are only getting admissions to information we already know, given in a way meant to misdirect us as to the true depth and intent of the Obama White House.
Unmasking is a common thing. A wire tap served under a warrant reveals information leading to a possible witness, coactor, or even a victim. Say, for instance, the FBI is monitoring a known drug kingpin in Mexico. He gets a call from some one in the United States who is a citizen and thus masked, but the conversation revolves around a problem being taken care of, and we'll have answers in a few days. Not sure who the caller is, the FBI requests that the name be unmasked, and determine it is a guy in Kansas with no previous ties. They stake out his house, and observe that there is quite a bit of activity in a back building. A directional mike picks up muffled sounds of possible torture, and soon several vehicles depart the area. They stop them and bring in a dog which alerts on one of the vehicles, search it, and find the body of a former snitch who disappeared just prior to the recorded call.
What does that mean? If the NSA was monitoring the Russian embassy and recorded a phone call from an unknown and it contained no violations of law or indications of violations, there would be no cause to unmask. We know that Barry's actors sought and received a warrant to monitor the Trump campaign and transition team. This was no unmasking of an unknown American official, this was deliberate. This was not about national security, this was pure political partisan action. If you think the alphabet agencies are nonpartisan, think again. Every one of these people knew what was at stake as far as their personal asses were concerned. Hillary equals expanding rolls and more power, Trump means cut backs to Constitutional levels and no playing games. This is not the same as a prosecuting attorney in Florida deciding not to prosecute his Alma maters star Quarterback for rape because he might win the Heisman and lead the team to a national championship. We all know that story, don't we? This is a thousand times more serious.
Right now they are spinning tall tales and the media is helping them with the story. Again, look at the actors involved. Accessories after the fact, and the crime here is treason. The media lie??? They have been liars all my life. Cronkite told us Vietnam was not winnable when victory was in our hands. We were foolish enough to believe it, and millions of people in South East Asia suffered horribly as a result.
We are the last bastion of freedom in the world. Trump is out best hope. When we fall, there is no place left to run. And yes, eventually we will fall. Barry tried to take us over the edge. With Hillary's help, he almost succeeded. The 2010 election slowed the charge, and they switched strategies. They did not give up when Trump won. Remember, you haven't lost until you quit trying, and they have not quit trying. One world government is their goal. They want the apocalypse of the Bible, and they think they will win. After that, GOD,help us.

Just playin in the mud

We have had a power line expansion project going on through my area for the last six months. The old line was installed back in the late 70's or early 80's. It was pairs of 80 ft wood poles. I had two of those towers in my back yard. The New line is ~160ft tall. They are single poles roughly 6 ft in diameter at the base. Steel, unpainted, rusty. Not beautiful to look at, but certainly beautiful when you consider that the alternative is either a decaying infrastructure, or cooking and heating with wood, and light from candles.
They are nearing completion of the project, and the team responsible for restoring the easement has been hard at work grading and seeding. Until last week that is. We've had a little rain. The crew left some of their equipment on my property when they went home for the weekend prior to the storms, a semi with a low boy, a dozer and a tracked skid steer.
The soil on my place is clay. It does not get soft, this is virgin land, too rocky to plow, fit for graze. Where their truck was parked is down slope from the gate. They came by last week and tried to get the ruck out, no luck. OK, luck, all bad. Just spun ruts and that was about it.
They came by again this morning. They were attempting to get it again. They'd tried pushing the rig with their skid steer, but no luck with that, They have a John Deere and it is a fairly big machine. Not sure if it is JD's largest, but it is a good one.
They were contemplating giving up when I got down there. I suggested we try pushing the truck with both machines. The dozer wasn't an option, it had mechanical issues. The driver hopped in the truck and the other guy headed for their machine. I was already in mine so I just rolled around behind the low boy, put my bucket against the one tamp and gave it hell. Truck started rolling! The Deere never got in position to shove, in fact by the time we got to a point where the truck could get traction, he was still behind me, but closing.
My machine is a Caterpillar 247B. I got it used from a rental store where it had literally had the tracks run off it. It is the smallest tracked skid loader Cat makes. Think about that. Deere equipment is not junk by any means, they have the second strongest hydraulics in the industry. Cat is number one. JD's are typically heavier. That solid foundation is what some guys really like. That JD weighs at least half again what my machine does.
I wouldn't fault the operator either, I run mine less in a year than what he runs those machines in a month.
What's my point? If you are thinking about getting a skid loader, consider carefully what you want in the machine. If price is your main consideration, you will probably be in for years of disappointment when it comes to work ability. If you are looking for a machine for load and carry, you will have different needs than if you are digging in hard soil. Operator control are another factor to think about. I have run Deere, Case, New Holland, Gehl, Bobcat, Caterpillar and a few others. It is not easy to hop from one to another, controls are spectacularly different across the industry, there is no standard. You might be happy with foot controls, you might hate the joy sticks of Cat. The indusrty has standardized on the quick-tach, but little else.
If you are in the market, check out a few machines. The dealers would rather give you a few free hours to play than have a few years of bad publicity from a sales mismatch. Who knows, you might get the chance to show up the newest toy in some body's box with an old dog from the back lot.