Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Why students from India suffer discrimination.

Why Indian students abroad suffer discrimination
It was the first day of a school in the USA and a new Indian student named Chandrasekhar Subramanian entered the fourth grade.

The teacher said, “Let’s begin by reviewing some American History. Who said ‘Give me Liberty, or give me Death’?”

She saw a sea of blank faces, except for Chandrasekhar, who had his hand up:? ‘ Patrick Henry, 1775′ he said.

‘Very good! Who said ‘Government of the People, by the People, for the People, shall not perish from the Earth?”

Again, no response except from Chandrasekhar. ‘Abraham Lincoln, 1863′ said Chandrasekhar.

The teacher snapped at the class, ‘Class, you should be ashamed. Chandrasekhar, who is new to our country, knows more about our history than you do.’

She heard a loud whisper: ‘F*** the Indians,’

‘Who said that?’ she demanded. Chandrasekhar put his hand up. ‘General Custer, 1862.’

At that point, a student in the back said, ‘I’m gonna puke.’

The teacher glares around and asks ‘All right! Now, who said that?’ Again, Chandrasekhar says, ‘George Bush to the Japanese Prime Minister, 1991.’

Now furious, another student yells, ‘Oh yeah? Suck this!’

Chandrasekhar jumps out of his chair waving his hand and shouts to the teacher, ‘Bill Clinton, to Monica Lewinsky,1997′

Now with almost mob hysteria someone said ‘You little shit. If you say anything else, I’ll kill you.’ Chandrasekhar frantically yells at the top of his voice, ‘ Michael Jackson to the child witnesses testifying against him, 2004.’

The teacher fainted. And as the class gathered around the teacher on the floor, someone said, ‘Oh shit, we’re screwed!’ And Chandrasekhar said quietly, ‘I think it was the democrats in Congress, March 23rd, 2010′.

printer problems

Caller : Hi, our printer is not working.
Customer Service: What is wrong with it?
Caller : Mouse is jammed.
Customer Service: Mouse? Printers don't have a mouse.
Caller: Oh really? ... I will send a picture.

Grade the Prex for SeeBS

I know this is late, but I just found it in my e-mail. Pass along to friends fiends and every one else. I gave him better marks then most people, ( 1D and 1C) but then, I'm trying to be nice to the useless dickweed.

Stay MAD!


Retribution is less than 9 months away!

Read this and remember the elections in November 2010.

1. U...S. House & Senate have voted themselves $4,700 and $5,300 raises.
2. They voted to NOT give you a S.S. Cost of living raise in 2010 and 2011.
3. Your Medicare premiums will go up $285.60 for the 2-years
4. You will not get the 3% COLA: $660/yr.
5. Your total 2-yr loss and cost is -$1,600 or -$3,200 for husband and wife.
6. Over these same 2-years each Congress person will get an additional $10,000
7. Do you feel SCREWED YET?
8. Will they have your cost of drugs - doctor fees - local taxes - food, etc., decrease? NO WAY!!. Congress and all Federal Employees received a raise and have better health and retirement benefits than you or I will ever have!!! AT NO COST TO THEM!!!!! (YOUR TAXES PAY FOR IT ALL)
•Why should they care about you? •You never did anything about it in the past. •They think you are too stupid or don't care. •Do you really think that Nancy, Harry, Chris, Charlie, •Barnie, et al, care about you?

Send this message to those individuals --- "YOU'RE FIRED!"

In 2010 you will have a chance to get rid of the sitting Congress: up to 1/3 of the Senate and 100% of the House!

Make sure you're still mad in November 2010 and remind their replacements not to screw-up.

It is ok to forward this to your sphere of influence if you are finally tired of the abuse. Maybe it's time for Amendment 28 to the Constitution..

28th Amendment will be as follows:
"Congress shall make no law that applies to the citizens of the United States that does not apply equally to the Senators or Representatives, and Congress shall make no law that applies to the Senators or Representatives that does not apply equally to the citizens of the United States ..."
Let's get this passed around, folks - these people in Washington have brought this upon themselves! It's time for retribution. Let's take back America ..

My take? How about we ammend it that all pay raises must be voted on, and no automatic increase be allowed, and no member of congress shall receive any increase that was proposed, enacted or ammended during his term of service, nor shall any member of congress receive any further compensation for his service once he has been voted out of office, or his term of service is ended.
In other words, their pay is the same in year twenty that it was on the day they were first elected, and no retirement, no golden parachute. The same should apply to all political appointees, and I would even go so far as to set a percentage limit as to what any government employee can make.

Thanks Maria, but....

Don't expect Sean Penn to get it. He is a died in the wool marxist. He is an elitist, and will never understand the struggles of the common man. Hopefully though, a few fans will get the picture and maybe quit supporting the likes of him and Danny Glover.
Maria Conchita Alonso is proof that not everyone in Hollywood is a complete idiot, just 99.9% of em.

Monday, March 29, 2010

Bad joke for a Monday

Two young rednecks took positions as missionaries to a South Pacific Island. Not long after setting foot in the jungle, they were taken prisoner by the tribe. The chief, who spoke some english looked them square in the eye, and said "Death or bunga bunga, you choose."
The first redneck thought about it, decided he was too young to die, and said "bunga bunga."
Immediately, they ripped off his trousers, hog tied him over a fallen tree, and began hammering it into his poor ass.
The second redneck missionary turned to the chief and said, " Thats bunga bunga? I'd rather die."
Replied the chief. "Very well, Death! By bunga bunga!"

Sunday, March 28, 2010

What is China doing with all that intrest?

Apparently they are buying everything in site. Ford announced the sale of its Volvo holdings to Chinese car maker, Geely. They sold it for $1.8 billion, or less then 30% of what they paid for it eleven years ago. Folks, we are in serious trouble. Our national debt is approaching the 90% of GDP mark, and actions happening here, this week will forfeit many more jobs and the resultant GDP to foreign soil. This cannot be allowed to continue. We must throw the communists out of office in November, and ammend the constitution to close the door on what they have done.

Friday, March 26, 2010

Mildcats still in it!

K-state beat Xavier in double oh shit last night. Great game! congratulations to coach Frank Martin and his players and all the Wildcat fans out there.
Fear the Beard!

Russia was a science and technology powerhouse?

Who knew? The Christian Science Monitor seems to think so, but if memory serves me well, Russia was all about stealing free workld tech from us, Germany and the Brits. The technology that got them into space was stolen from Germany at the end of WW2. Granted, we stole a bunch as well, but our advances got us to the moon, a reusable space vehicle, as well as scores of inventions that litter the world and make life easier for all. Russia couldn't get a grain harvest to market let alone develop technology.
Sorry, but Fred Weir failed on that article.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

You got a lot more for your money in 1935.

Back then the USPS would store your mail for a mere 3 cents. Today they charge 40 cents more. Best of all, back then you got years of storage for that three cents. Too bad the recipient is dead.

They got their dream bill, and are desperately trying to change it.

Go figure. The dems had a super majority in the senate, firm control in ht house and could not pass hell care. Aafter losing their fillabuster proof majority, they did a quick slap job on us and passed a bill that is total junk, now they are scrambling to fix every thing that is wrong with it. Well, not every thing, they are not dumping the whole damn thing in the Potomac. Come November, it appears we will be stuck with a bastardized bill from hell. Please everyone, talk to your friends, your neighbors, any one, and get them to vote out all dimicraps. We cannot afford this monstrosity, and neither can China.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Red Neck Electric

What kind of a person would turn down hte opportunity to showcase his work accross the web? Certainly not the fellows at Red Neck Electric.

What elese would you use those holes in the end of the plug for? beside, this way you never need to worry about it becoming unplugged.

Its amazing how many wires a skilled electrician can fit into one of those boxes. Besides, why do you think they have all them holes in em?

Care to guess how many wires Billy Ray got into this one?

Just your modern home with a light in the shower.

Had to hide the disconnect for the sewer pump some place close.

Ah modern innovation, no pesky switch to fumble for with wet hands.

Whe nthe breakers are tripping all the time, WE have a solution!

And the reason those breakers was always trippin.

Hell Care about to become law?

The dems seem set to shove hell care down our throats. As has happened in other nations, our health care system will fast become second or third rate (or worse). Don't expect any good to come of this, if you do, you are a moron. many doctors have announced that they will leave the health care profession if this becomes law. It only stands to reason, one way they will "Pay" for this is by slashing benefits. Doctors and pharmacutical companies are already getting stiffed by medicare and medicaid. Its one thing to take on a little probono work, charity is a very common thing among conservatives. We are happy to share with those less fortunate. Liberals on the other hand are also willing to share our hard earned money. Too bad the liberals won't share their own wealth. When a doctor is tokd though that he must service an ever increasing number of patients at a loss, it becomes a fools game to stay in health care. Those doctors have plenty of college, they are not fools, most of them can, with little or no additional training begin a new carreer in an entiely diffrent field. Don't believe it? Surveys show that a huge percentage plan to leave. What effect will this have on the medical field and health care? The free market system says that demand drives cost, but when cost is regulated, demand becomes higher but supply decreases. Young people will be disuaded from entering hte health care field, the number of patients demanding service will increase because its "free", and people with genuine needs will fall through the cracks like water through a screen.
What else will happen? I seriously doubt conservatives will be able to muster votes to shit can this in 2012, but I have hope. I expect that in November of this year, a lot of liberals will get handed their walking papers by the voters.
If conservatives gain a strong majority, this is what I want to happen, I want retirement stripped from all elected officials. I want senior status removed from Judicial appointees. I want it done by constitutional ammendment.
Another thing I would like to see is an ammendment setting an absolute ceiling on taxation. Set the mark at 50%, lower would be preferable, and word it so that all monies collected by bodies authorized to levy taxes be included regardless of what term is assigned to them, whether it be fees, duties etc. Include income tax, excise taxes, property taxes, sales taxes, and even include the fees cities collect for water sewer and trash. If a municipality wants to operate as a cash for service only, allow them to opt away from this, but if they collect even one cent in road or fuel tax or accept any state or federal grant money, they must be included. Include in that ammendment a prohibition from borrowing money by any government except in time of declared war for the sole purpose of national defense, and require that all monies so levied be kept seperate and distinct, and also require the voters to vote on continuation of the tax every two years.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Kansas Pols as dumb as the national ones.

Kansas politicians are debating on whether to slap a tax on sugary drinks. When will politicians get it through there heads that the answer to their budget woes is fiscal responsibility not massive tax increases. Additional taxes only cut into the bottom line for already depressed businesses. This is not something easily passed on to consumers, they simply spend less or opt for water.
Taxes hurt businesses, get it through your heads. All politicians are is blood sucking leeches, and the host is dead.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Fighting? What Fighting?

AP can get it so wrong. "The dead included seven women, four children and one man, Lipdo said. Attackers removed the tongues of most of the victims, witnesses said." When the dead are almost all women and children, it is not fighting but a massacre. This is the religion of Peace at its finest. If you know a muslim, chances are you know a terrorist in waiting.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Red Neck Builders

Bubba, Billy Ray and Cletus, our loco red neck builders are proud of their work. Feast yer eyes on these marvels of building construction.

Every one knows the importance of attic ventalation, it helps to get the odor of unwashed dishes bodies and dead animals out of hte house when company is over.

What better way to keep nosey neighbors from leanig on hte fence? this way you don't need to set the posts so deep leaving more time for important stuff like drinkin.

A handy premade holder for the dish! Lifes improvements made simple thanks to Red neck engineering.

This just makes lowering the roof for moving so much easier, so when one trailer park gets tired of ya you can move with ease.

That big old beam is plenty strong enough, why is the support thingy needed any way?

Every one knows there is cripples by the door, and if we wants to keep em standing they is gonna need crutches.

Although Cletus claims this mosification was to ease over loading of the down spout, I don't think this was done by a real redneck. the holes are not bullet holes.

Monday, March 15, 2010

Red neck Plumbing

As a service to my readers and in an effort to boost the economy, I am pleased to feature some red neck businesses that could use a little support. First up is Red Neck Plumbing. The guys at RNP were kind enough to send pics of their finest accomplishments for your viewing.

Friday, March 12, 2010

Heated seats

Heated Seats
I have always loved "Gas Guzzling Cars" for their comfort & safety. I took out a Cadillac Escalade for a test drive the other day just to drive that sucker before they become extinct.
The salesman sat in the front seat describing the car and all its wonderful options. The seats were of particular interest. He explained that the seats directed warm air to your butt in the winter and directed cool air to your butt in the summer heat.
I stated the car must be a Republican car. He asked why I thought it was a Republican car.
I explained that if it were a Democratic car, the seats would blow smoke up your ass year-round.

Japan arrests high seas terrorist.

Japanese authorities have arrested Peter Bethune, a terroist who has attacked Japanese whaling ships. They should have set him afloat in a leaky rubber dinghy in shark infested waters, but htat would be cruel to the sharks.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Pic of the day!

So as I was driving into Manhattan today, a billboard caught my eye, very accurate I'd say.

My thought for the day is why do we call liberals Socialists? What they in fact are is anticapitalists. Every thing they do undermines free enterprise, froom the taxes they levy to the laws they enact, liberal attack free enterprise and hard work.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Why does the Easter Bunny hide the Eggs?

If you were fucking a chicken, You'd get rid of the evidence too.

Monday, March 8, 2010

Hurt Locker

Sad to say, but I mostly ignore Hollyweird anymore, but when I saw an article about hurt locker, I decided to check it out (the article, I will not waste money on bad actors with poor credentials).
The article gave notice that Hollyweird films do not do a good job of portraying real life! Talk about breaking news, next up, weathermen are rarely right!
Mostly I was looking at the comments. A lot of soldiers weighed in on the movie. hey guys, its entertainment, if Hollywood ever did real documentary on the life of a soldier, half of the general public would be bored to tears, and the other half would shit themselves inside out. I've know more then a few EOD folks. They are not all there. you can't be and play with HE, thats a fact of life. They have a strange sense of humor, its necessary as well. What they are, is dedicated soldiers of the first class. If they were one bit normal, they would run like hell. the same though is true of Fire fighters, many police, and the entire population of Israel. It takes a special breed. I know it, you know it, and so do the generals who trust their lives to these fine men 24/7/365.
SondraK made comments about jarHead when it was released that prompted me to go see it, the last movie I have paid money to see.
Modern media has turned out mostly junk, especially when it comes to anything about our American heros. Lets just keep hoping that the next time the Jihaadis attack that they pick the left coast. That is where the worst of the sorst by their book is, San Franfreakshow, Hollywood and its crapola.
I can hope, can't I?

The Religion of Peace is at it again

And resident Obambi, the clown in chief is calling for restraint.
Me? I'm sick of it all. Islam is a religion of peace about as much as a whore house is an advocacy for virginity and abstainance.
Islam has not changed over the last thousand years. Folks oft forget that the first crusades were typical islam raging accross Europe spreading their sickness by the sword. The response of sane society was to mount attacks to drive them back out of France Italy and Spain.
Its time for a new round of counter crusades. islam has been in this latest binge of hate since the mid 70's when President Useless the worst first failed to stop the take over of Iran by this sick cult of death enslaving a once free people. The muslims of the world took note and began to rise up. The problem continues to spread. They will not get the message until we take the scum we capture, feed them only pork products, then execute them by taking a piglet and abusing it as we drop them into a pen with the sow. No, I am not advocating harming an innocent pig, a little scare will have it squealing enough that mom will be murderous.
Another thing we could do is drop a MOAB on Mecca. Add an extra ten thousand pound though, surround the bomb with pork.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Education is a right?

Well, maybe in some fairy tale world, but in the real one, education costs money. Denny at grouchyoldcripple has often pointed out the price of stupidity, and how it compares to the price of education, but that does not make it a right.
Some body has to pay the teachers, some one has to pay the researchers. That some one should be the ones who benefit directly from that education. I hate seeing my tax dollars go to paying a free ride for a jock who will once drafted into the NFL or NBA be making more in a week then I make in a year. Can some one explain why I should foot the bill for that?
I'd also like an explanation as to why I should foot the bill for the countless teachers engineers etc who pass through our colleges. They will make a handsome wage once they get through. A lot of them wil turn into deadbeats and not repay their loans.
This past week I had a tenant, behind on rent, and having said he would get caught up when his income tax refund arrived inform me he lost it all because he failed to pay his college loans. Reality check! You can't get a cup of coffee with it, but it sure leaves a lasting impression, as will his eviction notice.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Fail of the day

A Pittsburg man is dead because EMTs could not get to him through the storms last month. Curtis Mitchell died at his home during the blizzard that shut the town down. He had pancreatitis, and duringthe storm his condition became so bad they called 911. Ten or more times. Ambulances were dispatched on three occasions, but were stopped short of his residence by the snow. In each case he and his girl friend were told they would have to walk, and in each case they canceled the call. This is harsh. I feel strongly for them, but why didn't they tell the 911 operators they could not walk him out. It is abundently clear now that that he could not have made it out.
That to me is the only thing I can fault the couple for, not insisting that help walk to them. As far as the ambulance staff, I don't want to see them fired, disciplined, yes. They screwed up, as did the 911 dispatch folks for not telling the EMTs to get out to the couple.
IMHO, if the 911 folks could tell a sick man to walk out, they could have made two able bodied EMTs walk in. had the ambulance not been able to get close, that might have been another matter, but we also must remember that we live in modern times with equipment that could deal with this situation. snow blowers and plows are on inventory in nearly every US northern city.
If Whyoming can get a man to a Denver hospital for a transplant in a blizzard, then Pittsburg can get plows to respond as well. Unions will object to that idea, bet your bottom dollar, but unions should be barred from government sector jobs entirely. JFK is still screwing us like Marilyn, but thats the Kennedy way.

Acorn Cleared!!

if ever there was a sign that democrat politicians are corrupt, this is it. We have all seen the vids. If we compared them to tapes made by groups performing online predator stings, then a lot of perps should be let out of prison. After all, the guy accused of child enticement was really talking to an adult, no children were harmed.
Its getting to the point wher honest citizens need to march on places like that and remove the crooks. Tar, feathers, rail, dirty politician, assembly required.