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Running On Empty

If he can do it I can do it

Apparently not every one is dropping dead from the Wuhan flu. Yes, the Chinese take out has killed a whopping three billion people so far /sarc, but there are reports that bring a glimmer of hope. In Italy a man identified only as Mr. P has recovered from the virus. His family took him home Wednesday. Mr. P is reported to be a very young 101. That means he also survived the Spanish Flu epidemic.
The panic surrounding this is far worse than the flu itself. The government is doing a 2.2 Trillion dollar stimulus. Will that really help? bear in mind, we have to repay that money at some point. China is not simply handing it to us. Speaking of which, how much of our national debt is now owed to Communist China? I know that back in 2008 they were buying treasury bonds. Are they still getting us from both ends?
Chick-fil-A has a new mascot, or so I'm told.

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Friday, March 27, 2020

Creepy Uncle Joe getting metoo'd

I hate the convenience of this. A woman named Tara Reade is now claiming that Joe Biden groped her when he was a Senator, almost thirty years ago.
In recent weeks the man whom democrats have been stuck with as their candidate has shown serious signs of dementia. Some people claim this is an act given that he is under investigation for serious abuses of power while Vice President. Others think he has indeed lost the mind he never quite had.
The Lame Stream media is blatantly ignoring this scandal at least for the moment. That of course, is subject to change. I expect that were the "right" candidate to step forward, that they would suddenly be all over Joe to step down.
I'm not much on believing the accuser this long after the fact. Given the number of false accusations happening under title IX on our colleges, I am also less inclined to believe accusers immediately after the fact unless proof of forced contact is present.
That said, Should we give Joe's accuser the same stage and audience that was given to the Blatant lies made against Justice Kavenaugh? What would be the result of a Senate investigation? Could the house, would the house, presently controlled by far left communists,  seek articles of impeachment if Biden were to some how win the Presidency? Rape is after all, a high crime. Yes, worthless Willie got away with it, just ask Kathleen Willey. Would Senate donks vote to remove Joe from office?
What about over his mental condition? His mind is  as sharp as a sponge. There are so many twists and turns to this it is crazy. We have all seen Joe's penchant for violating the private space of many women and young children. It takes a special kind of sick to cast a vote for him even without this charge. The other question is why didn't she come forward in 2008 when he was running, or when Barry  selected him to serve as his life insurance policy?
This doesn't matter one bit to me. If proof came out tomorrow that Tara fabricated the entire thing, I still would not consider voting for him. All this is is popcorn worthy. I hate popcorn. Give me chocolate instead.

I Need You

Thursday, March 26, 2020

Kudos to Hollywood

While some members of the entertainment community have been calling on President Trump to turn his Hotels into Hospitals to help treat the Wuhan Flu pandemic, Many Hollywood elite have gone the extra mile and turned their residences into lunatic asylums.
Thanks should be given to people like Rob Reiner, Cher, and Chelsey Handler for leading the way. Getting crazy people off the streets is half the battle. Now to get them off twitter.

Leader of the Band

Wednesday, March 25, 2020

Wuhan flu saves lives

At least in Chiraq where the death toll has fallen considerably. This last week has only had one murder, and twenty wounded. The month has slid way down with only 22 homicides and 130 wounded. That means the rate has fallen from 55 wounded per week to a mere 20 for the month. Not bad, unless you are one of the twenty.
Here are a few things you can do to stay safe in Chicago.
1. Get a good education and a job. Nearly all the murders happen away from work.
2. Steer clear of drugs. Nearly all the shootings involve people who use or sell illicit drugs.
3. Keep the father of your children involved in their lives especially in the evenings. Children raised in two parent homes are less likely to become involved in drugs and street life ie gangs. that translates to a longer life and the possibility of seeing your grandsons at places not containing bullet proof glass, body searches and bars. It also means a better income than welfare thus more luxury in life.
4. Don't vote democrat. Studies prove that cities with democrat leadership are among the most dangerous and insanely run locations on planet earth.
5. Encourage those you know who like drugs to move to Venezuela. Shorter supply lines, better climate, and bodies decompose much faster in the heat there vs the permafrost found in Illinois.

Peaceful easy feeling

Tuesday, March 24, 2020

What kind of idiot would support the donks after this stunt?

Nasty P. Lousy is back pedaling furiously now after the contents of her pork fiesta were revealed.
yesterday at work, one of the die hard union democrats was tying to tell me this was all about implementing protections for the workers which were supposedly absent in the original bill.
I read parts of it last night. Many of the hard working bloggers had stuff up on it, including good quotes  from the shit sandwich.
Today I pointed out to him what it really contained. His reply? "They are all a bunch of crooks."
I didn't waste any more breath. I am well known as a staunch conservative without having to say much. Effigies of me are regularly drawn on the shitter walls insulting me for not being a brain dead liberal.
The last time one of them got in my face calling me a hypocrite for being in the union and voting conservative, I got right back in his and called him a baby murderer. I continued to greet him as the baby killer for several weeks.
Back to the old Nazi. It is imperative we keep reminding people of the bat shit crazy that flows from her mouth. Prior to the suspension of campaigning, the donks were seeing ultra low turn out at their events. This does not bode well for them come November. In spite of her constant dumb stunts, President Trump is accomplishing a lot. We are getting conservative judges and idiotic regulations are being rolled back.
She is, in a word, ineffective. The fragmentation within the dem party is helping as well. The odd squad, misled by Idiot Omar, and coblundering Rancid Labia and Anal-Oral-Crossconnected, is adding to the carnage. From one end of the spectrum to the other, they look, sound, and act like rejects from a three ring circus.
If the dem party collapses, what will that bring? The Loony Tunes bunch lkely will slide further left and join with Bernie Sanders creating a variation of the communist party, but with a better name. He likes to say democrat socialist. I prefer Nationalist Socialists. The fact is they are sweeping up a lot of disenchanted youth who are getting screwed by the academia.
Some are slithering into the republican party. That is not good for the repubs, they are already too far to the left for America's good.
It would be nice to see both parties fragment. get a situation like Israel has, with it being necessary for parties to form a coalition in congress. Unfortunately with our form  of government, it is likely to remain a two party system with an endless struggle between factions wanting to take both parties ever leftward.
In other words, we are doomed. We know that though. GOD already told us what is coming.
Thinking of the future, how is your prepping coming? Prior to last week, did you even consider toilet paper? I did. No, I don't have a thousand cases stored. when the time comes, I plan on other means to keep my ass clean.
Think outside the box for situations like this. We cannot survive without GOD's intervention. Lucky for us, he provides in ways we only need to be open to see.
As for the donks, back in 1996, when worthless Willie was up for rejection, Focus on the Family said we would get the government we as a nation deserve. That is true still today. We won't be worthy of his grace, we can only be thankful for his intervention. So think about what the last few weeks have shown, and plan wisely like the virgins with the lamp oil.

Rhythm Of The Rain

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Moo Goo Gia Panic day 56

As I was walking in to the grocery store earlier today, I heard a gentleman about my age telling a couple of young kids about how during the darker days of the Carter error, his grandparents had to resort to eating dog food when meat prices skyrocketed.
It was great to see how that played out. As I was leaving the store, I saw those kids' smiles wiped from their faces as they tasted, for the first time a hand full of food scooped from a bag of Old Roy.
Ah for the good old days.

A Fifth of Beethoven

Thanks to the truckers

IN recent days, the hysteria caused by the Wuhan flu has prompted state and loco officials to act. Many of their decisions are based in fear and lack careful study.
One such case is the decision by Pennsylvania to close turnpike service plazas. No big deal?
Let's start with a little song by Merle Haggard shall we?

Didja listen? "The white line is the life line to the nation." We depend on the truckers. Nearly everything you buy gets transported by a trucker. Yes, many things get hauled in from the coast by freight train, but it still takes two thumbs up to get it from the rail yard to the market.
Claude Akins and Frank Converse weren't real truckers. The excitement portrayed in their show back in the 70's is not the life of our teamsters. For the teamsters, it is long hours of boredom interspersed with moments of stupidity in the form of a motorist who thinks 50,000 pounds of cargo can stop on a dime or fit through a six foot gap. Then of course, there are other factors to consider, weather, construction delays, rush hour traffic in urban areas, mechanical problems, the list is long.
Years back some one came up with the notion of just in time delivery. On the front side, it seems like a great idea. Less warehouse space, fresher product. That demands that the trucks run on time. Right now, as mass panic is replacing reality, things are getting to be in short supply.
The men and women getting windshield time don't get to go home at 5:30. That truck is their home most of the time. They depend on the truck stops for their living. Good food, hot showers, a place to rest relax and not be bothered by jibber jabber. Close them, and what do they do?
Now, to top it off, folks are acting like the truckers are vectors for the China syndrome. In a way that is good. the odds are more likely that the guy in the warehouse has it than the trucker who has been isolated in his rig all week getting the goods to market. That will help keep the trucker safe. The facts are though that many of those truckers would like a little social interaction. Maybe not too much, Trucking isn't the life for social butterflies. No one wants to be an outcast either though.
I just want to say thank you to all the folks driving the rigs and keeping us supplied. You are kinda like lug nuts, nobody thinks about you, but we aren't going anywhere without you.

Friday, March 20, 2020

Stark contrasts

China, with a population of 1,427,647,786 has reported 80,967 cases of Wuhan flu since the virus was identified just over 3 1/2 months ago. Italy, with a population of only 60,317,546 has experienced 47,021 cases in only 1 3/4 months. That is 1 per 17632 vs 1 per 1282.77 or 13.74 times the density of infections. Now, it would not surprise me to learn that China is lying through their teeth, but Italy also has more deaths than China due to this bug, 3241 to 4032, and again, can we trust the data from China.
Another case to study is Iran. Iran has 1,433 deaths not attributable to Jihad since the first case was reported on 19 February. This with a population of 83,183,741*.
Both nations maintained air travel with China long after President Trump suspended  it between America and the repressive state. Those decisions fostered the spread of the epidemic into Europe and the Middle East.
Spain has also reported a high number of deaths, 1,093 and their first case came on the same day as Italy's, 31 January.
We are being told that for most people, this will be a very mild illness. So why the huge number of deaths in places like Italy, Iran and Spain while South Korea, South Africa, and the UK have had a fairly mellow run in their countries?
Are the deaths mostly among the elderly? What about numbers for the yearly flu outbreaks? Is it possible that the flu had already wiped out most of the vulnerable in those countries? Or is there something else in play here?
Part of the concern with this virus is mutate-ability. Are these countries being hit by variants of the bug? Is England plagued by a lack of desire to be sociable? Their food is quite boring as is their humor.
Are other factors in play such as genetics? Since viruses attack the cells by inserting DNA matter, is it possible that our heritage plays a bigger factor in our ability to fight this virus?
I do NOT have an answer.
This plague started with bats. It is ravaging humanity because markets in China offer wild game alongside other food and it is out in the open air. This food is not packaged. It is likely not refrigerated. It has not had a Chinese Department of Agriculture inspection conducted on it. Yet we put our families at risk to get cheaper sneakers and electronics. Oh well, it's not like they sold us children's toys adorned with lead paint.

* number subject to change at a drone strike's notice.

Alone Again

Bad news for Washington

It is being reported that at least one member of Congress has tested positive for COVID-19. For most of America, the Wuhan flu will be no big deal. those at risk are the elderly and people with health issues.
We  have an aging Congress. Currently, 55 Senators are over 65. The house fares a little better. 147 representatives are over 65. Blinky von Botox is 79. The broom pilot will turn 80 next week. Many of her minions, are also past their use by date. Waters is 81, Nadler is 72, Steny Hoyer is 80, Jim Clyburn is 79, and the list goes on.
On the republican side, Don Young is 85, Hal Rogers is 82, and John Carter is 78.
COVID-19 could easily retire more congress critters than the voters have in a decade. Doesn't sound bad? Anal Oral Crossconnected is most likely to survive given that she is barely out of diapers

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Wednesday, March 18, 2020

I would have expected him to defend bats

Richard Engel of NBC is upset that people are calling this new contagion the wuhan Flu or the China Flu. Dick says we are scapegoating the Chinese, and he wants us to blame bats instead.
Yes, Bats anywhere could easily carry serious infectious diseases. That is not in question. Any animal can be a vector for disease. Ebola and several other devastating diseases originate with rats.  We don't blame it on the rats, they don't choose to be eaten.
So, while this new contagion may have come from a bat, it is not because the bat flew down and blew kisses to some poor schmuck. It is because the bat was killed. It was then prepared in an unsafe manner and sold to people looking for meat to supplement their diet. That sick bat's carcass quite possibly was in contact with other cuts of wild game and the virus settled on them as well. In the end, poor sanitation is what started this whole mess.
No one is wanting to bomb China flat just because we got an extra flu bug this year. No one is calling for boycotts of Chinese resturants. Protesters are not blocking Chinese markets any place in the United States, and Americans of Chinese decent are not living in fear of being assaulted in their homes because of this. Dick should get his priorities in order and defend the bats.
After all, he is batshit crazy.

One Of These Nights

Tuesday, March 17, 2020

Wuhan Flu is turning into Moo Goo Gia Panic

As flu cases go, this outbreak is an oddity. It is spreading far faster than most previous strains. Most of the flu outbreaks originate in China. They typically take eighteen months to two years to reach our shores.
This little bugger got here in under four months.
Compared to other strains, this is a fairly mild one. Most people who get it report minor symptoms and recovery is moderately fast.
The down side is, this is one virus that mutates easily. All viruses do, this one is magnitudes more fragile.
People are acting like this is Ebola on steroids. Toilet paper, bread, hamburger, you name it, the store shelves look like Bernie Sanders is in the Oval Office.
I stopped at Academy tonight. They are rationing ammo. Their gun display was the closest to bare I have ever seen it. There were three first time gun buyers filling out paperwork, and a half dozen more making their selections.
This is craziness. Most of us are reasonably healthy. If we get sick, it should be no big deal, just stay home, drink fluids, get plenty of rest, and get outside as much as possible. Sunshine and fresh air will do more for you than you could ever imagine.
For the few who are at risk, sheltering in place is a good idea. Those are the folks who need to stock up. The rest of us need to respect their rights and avoid contact with them. Phone calls are the best way to keep them safe.

Old Man

Monday, March 16, 2020

Doctor My Eyes

One they could remake

Hollywood seems to have run out of good ideas. For quite some time they have been giving us either junk, or remakes of old ideas.
This is one picture I think would be a great candidate for a remake. Te plot is still mostly valid, all that is needed is to bring it into the modern age.

Saturday, March 14, 2020

Wada maroon

The news today is everything Corona. I'm sorry, it's the Wuhan Flu, and I'm tired of hearing how bad it is followed by how it is no big deal followed by stories about how stores are experiencing what life will be like if breadline Bernie is elected, with empty shelves and lines of broke customers.
So I had to dig back a few days to find something I'd wanted to bitch about but didn't have the chance. It seems some invader unfurled a Nazi flag at a Breadline Bernie event in Phoenix Arizona. The millionaire democrat socialist did not witness the event, but police escorted the heckler away swiftly. While Sanders' supporters may act like Nationalist Socialists, the man who has never had a job is no nationalist. His love centers around Russia, Cuba and Venezuela.
That means the correct banner to fly is the hammer and sickle.

Leaving On A Jet Plane

Thursday, March 12, 2020

Just A Song Before I Go

They're your hands stupid

The permanently enraged crowd is mad at KFC over their finger lickin good advertisement. No, seriously, people got upset about it calling it irresponsible in light of the Wuhan Corona Flu spreading across the world.
Yes, licking your own fingers, after using them to stuff finger food in your face, food that was cooked, ie heated hot enough to kill the virus, might put you at risk.
Yes, I called it the Wuhan Corona Flu for a reason. The leftards now claim it is xinophobic to associate it with it's place of origin. Are they really that dumb? Unfortunately, they are. Well, the really smart ones are, the rest? Meh. I don't hate China. I hate communism in all it's forms whether it is the kind pushed by Xi, the version desired by breadline Bernie, or the disaster mumbled about by the senile groper.
I'm not taking the  Wuhan Corona Flu as seriously as some say I should. Why? None of our politicians are taking it seriously. If it was as bad as they claim, no one would be complaining about it being xenophobic. None of them would be hoping to score political points on a hand full of deaths. Our borders would be closed, and they would be demanding that companies return manufacturing o America's shores, especially things like medicines and medical supplies. They also would have passed an emergency spending bill ready for the President to sign instead of a porkulous dream hand out with little chance of accomplishing anything.
The upside of this is a lot of entertainers won't be making the mega bucks entertaining us with their faux athleticism. Maybe they can do March madness with a variant of NBA2K20 crossed with Dungeons and Dragons style odds casting.

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Now it matters or should

Two men enter an alley. One man is intent on taking what belongs to the other. That is defined as robbery. Two men enter an alley. Both are intent on taking what belongs to the other. That is gambling.
California's voter registration is a mess. For years the state has allowed anyone to register without showing any proof of citizenship. The donks didn't care, they were stuffing the ballot box with the help of those illegals. The number is believed to be in the millions. California is lost to Republicans for the foreseeable future, and the democrats were gleeful.
That may have changed. The crazy state went for Bernie on Tuesday. Sanders was supposed to be the mark, yet somehow he is stealing the elections they had so carefully plotted to steal.
What happened out west? Was this a case of academia and Hollywood ditching Biden, or did the illegals on the registry decide to throw in with the socialism they know?
in 2018 several areas of California magically flipped from being deep red to  suddenly blue. Amazingly, it coincided with the elimination of in person voting. "Volunteers worked neighborhoods harvesting votes. You can bet your bottom dollar they made damn sure that the preferred candidate's ballots made it safely to the collection points. Fraud??? What Fraud?
What would happen if we forced California to clean up their elections? Won't happen, but we can dream. Until they do, it is imperative we keep elections in the rest of the country clean and fair.


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Wednesday, March 4, 2020

Morning Train

A random thought

Bernie Sanders claims to be a democratic Socialist, but all his followers act like Nationalist Socialists. Does his attempted coup of the democrat party remind anyone of a nearly lost lesson from History, or am I just being paranoid?

Tuesday, March 3, 2020


it's stupid Tuesday

The democrats are reaping the reward of the mess they've sewn. Back in 2016 they let Fidel Sanders run on their ticket so as to keep him from an independent run. They knew he'd siphon off votes as his message appeals to the uneducated masses we now call college students.
Our campuses are full of kids with wild ideas. So many of them are taking classes in "studies" that have no relationship to reality, and who graduate with no marketable skills. Sander and his socialist message appeals to people with nothing to offer.
As a co-worker today said, the top .5% are the ones who reap the rewards, and the bottom 5% also benefit. Yes, if you have nothing to offer society, you still get fed in the bread line.They don't have to beg, they get free stuff. The donks understand how this message resonates with that crowd. After all, while they have no marketable skills, they attended university just as long, and paid borrowed just as money as  an engineer, and in some cases, a liar err lawyer or a doctor. Why shouldn't they get the six figure salaries? Fine with me, as long as the fourth from the left is a period.
Back in 2016, they harvested his base. essentially they let him run, then shafted him thanks to the Clinton machine. They were counting on the communists to give them the edge they needed to get the unlikeable hag over the threshold.
They are learning the hard way. eight years of bad policy has made communism more appealing to the fools who vote donkey. Now they've discovered they have a problem.
They let the camel get his nose under the tent flap. Like Germany during the Weimar years, conceding to the violent fringe has consequences. bad consequences. Yes, I know comparisons to NAZI Germany are verboten, screw it. It is History, and those who forget history are bound to repeat it. We are in danger of repeating it.
So far the donks have manage to blunt the message. Sanders helped by sticking his tongue in a light socket and using it to praise his real life hero, Fidel Castro. I'm surprised he didn't sing the praises of Zi, China might help him with opo research or voter suppression, or stopping the donks from defrauding him of his support.
In any case, the fools who vote leftard are going today to pick the next also ran.

Monday, March 2, 2020