Monday, June 30, 2014

Not dead yet

It has been hectic the last couple of weeks. I've been too busy with getting ready for court. Nothing special,  just my work comp. We went to the house where I fell. They have not fixed the stairs,  just put the step back, pounded the nails back and added two more. I would have replaced the stairs completely.  Just sayin...

Thursday, June 19, 2014

Bad humor

So this guy is getting into his fifties, and is worried about his libido. He goes to his doctor, and tells him that he is concerned that he might start losing his drive.
The doctor asks him, "how often do you and your wife have sex?"
"Well," he says, "me and the wife get together, three, maybe four times a week."
"Is that every thing?" asks the MD.
"Well." he says, "there's a widow woman from the church, I do repairs for her, and I go visit her three, four times a week."
"Is that every thing?" asks the MD.
"Well." he says, "there's a whore house across town, I visit there three, four times a week."
 "Is that every thing?" asks the MD.
"Well." he says, "I go down to the bars in the seedy part of town and pick up bar flies three, four times a week."
Doc says, " Fella, you need to get a grip on yourself."
"Three four times a week!"
Which brings me to this.

Tuesday, June 17, 2014


Heba Said, a reporter for The Shorthorn at University of Texas at Arlington is claiming she was targeted for her muslim hijab while covering the Texas Republican Party's annual convention. I might be wrong, but this sounds like purest BULLSHIT to me. One, maybe two people there who were uncomfortable? that might happen, especially given how the ROPMA has conducted themselves this millenium. (or the last one for that matter.)
My sniffer smells taquia, and Jason Sicko at yahoo is buying it hook lie and stinker.
But lets assume for a few minutes that the folks there in Texas really did act like that toward her, are they justified? Well, lets start with the actions of mainstream muslims in Israel, There it has been common place for women to carry bombs onto buses, and into malls and shopping centers.
We could also consider the actions of boko Haran in Africa, or ISIS in Iraq. but you might say, those people are not Americans who are doing all that koran sanctioned actions.
That is true, we have had people from all over America who have gone to Africa and the middle east and joined terror groups, and we have kids who have attacked such events as the Boston Marathon.
Lets also not forget that another muslim student from a Big 12 school blew himself to smitherines  a few years back. Not blaming the Big12 mind you, or any other university, just crediting muslims, that's all. Seeing as to how I was NOT at their convention, its likely that there was no one present with that much distrust of the satanists.
A convention like that has plenty of press. If there was anything to her claims, there would be masses of video clips on CNN, (p)msnbc, and NPR showing the world how evil those republicans are. Whats that I hear? Crickets? Heba Lie? My bet is she is being a good little mooslime, and doing her taquia.
Could be wrong, bet I aint.

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

And here is how we do it

Communist party hopeful, and liar extraordinaire Hillary Rodent Clinton today said, in remarks about the ousting of Eric cantor, "The answer is not to throw out of work and deport the 11 million immigrants who are contributing already to our economy," Clinton said. "The answer is to grow our economy and create more jobs."
Well, DUH! we figured that out a dozen decades ago. How we do it though needs to be relearned by each new generation, and that is, Keep democrats and their minions in the minority in both houses of congress, and AWAY from the Oval Office.
Clinton, as most liars do, wants to reshape the picture to fit her desires. The voters are not angry about immigration, only ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION. Only idiots would embrace an outsider and let them take a job meant for established locals. Guess that pretty much describes how she got elected in New York.
We created jobs when the dems were a minority in congress, even with her rat bastard erection with ears husband in the oral office. We created jobs with a RINO named Bush there as well, until the scum in the republican party started acting like democrats, and spending like them, and people were dumb enough to buy the lie that democraps would cut change things.
Lets not lose site of what 2014 is about, a lousy republican is better than a stellar democrat, but a libertarian minded small government type is the best choice.

Just more BS

So I saw a story on Yahoo tonight, "The O.J.Simpson story 20 years Later, where are they now." Well. I'm no expert in these matters, but I'm guessing that Nichole and her waiter friend, Ronald Goldman, are still dead. O.J. is still not on death row either. Johnnie Cockroach has met his maker as well. whether he has explained his miscarriage of justice to the satisfaction of Nichole and Ron is not known.
Last but not least, the race card is dead, and while it is still some times played, it has a stench about it that says LOOSER!

One down

Immigration sell out Eric Cantor has been smashed in the Virginia primary. After the Senate amnesty bill stalled in the House, rumors began to circulate that plans were afoot to slide it through after the primary season had passed for those who might be vulnerable. People who care about this country sat up and took notice. Amnesty is a hot bed issue, one that burns very deep.
I realize that many illegals are good people, and that their goal in coming here is to have a better life. I do not begrudge them that. I want immigration reform. What I want though and what the communists want are two entirely different things. I want our southern border sealed as a start. We have enough natives who hate our country, why add more?
There is a message in here for establishment republicans, listen to the people and not the big money donors. People who donate a million bucks to your campaign are nice, but they only cast one vote. If you want to win as a republican, you need to have more live voters, the rat bastard commies already have all the dead ones.

Sunday, June 8, 2014

Need a lyft?

Ass grass or gas was the motto through much of the seventies. Hitch hiking was common, and many people would think nothing of picking up a total stranger. Times are different. We know a little more about what is going on in the world, less about our neighbors, and live in fear of government, strangers, the UN, and Russia (again!) Thanks to over reaching government, most of the poor have vehicles. Its those who are trying to have a job and make a difference in the world who are often without, or struggling.
Two guys, Logan Green, and John Zimmer came up with a new concept using social media to match people going some where with people needing a lift. Nothing breaks a budget faster than cab fare, especially when the cabbies like to take the ultra scenic route. It doesn't always happen, but the notion has been common for so long that it has been featured in films since Clint Eastwood was a B rate actor in Cougan's Bluff. The idea has its merits. Instead of hanging your thumb and hoping the next car is not piloted by a Ted Bundy type, you interact via modern social means and hook up for a ride, and an exchange, usually of cash.
The idea is not new by any means. When I was undergoing surgery, and unable to drive, I relied on the assistance of many friends who took a little time to get me where I needed to be. In return, I paid for the gas. I also pay it forward and help friends who need rides.
Some cities and states are not up with the idea though. Cease and desist orders have gone out in Miami, and Los Angeles as well as Virginia. I understand having concerns. Dead bodies strewn along stretches of highway aint a  good thing, but I seriously doubt that lyft will generate a serial killer. There is no anonamity. You can be sure the cop who ticketed Juan Arango violated Facebook's terms of service, or he will only do it once.
We are supposed to help our fellow man. That is what so much of the Bible seeks to impart on us, Love GOD with all our heart soul and mind, and love our neighbor as our self. When a  government entity steps in and blocks such neighborly gestures, I see a problem.

Friday, June 6, 2014

Thank You

Only a hand full of the men who stormed ashore in France seventy years ago remain. Most of those heros have passed on. Next year fewer still will grace us with their presence. If you have not told them thank you, now would be a good time.
To all those men and women who served in WW2, thank you, from the bottom of my heart. May GOD bless each of you for your service. May GOD bless that service, and wipe tyranny from the earth forever.

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

My thoughts on open carry

First and fore most, I believe that the right to keep and bear arms means that we have a right to open carry any time, any where. The Constitution clearly reads "shall not be infringed." It does not say "shall not be infringed by the Federal Government", nor does it read "shall not be infringed by the state". To my mind, that means any infringement whether by the fuds, the state, a local group, or even an individual is unconstitutional. But what do I know, Constitutional Scholars have different opinions. What the hell is a Constitutional scholar? All they are is a trained expert in finding loop holes and making mud out of a document written in plain english. Read it for yourself, and make up your own mind.... If you have one.
Back to open carry, it should be legal any where, any time. That does not make it smart. When you open carry, you become a target. If you are an employee in a business, it may deter some of the thug wannabe's, but it may also put you at greater risk of being killed. If the business has a high cash flow,and they want it badly enough, they just might kill you to get it. Remember the Old Dirty Harry Movies? The punk went into the store specifically to steal the gun from the proprietor, a man who had shot several robbers. Yes, it was a movie script, but it happens in real life as well. Some things are better hidden. Remember Don Knotts old line, "He wants to kill me. I know he wants to kill me. He knows I know he wants to kill me, but he doesn't know that I know that he knows I know he wants to kill me, so I have the edge."
Bottom line, intel is your friend. The less the bad guys know, the better it is for you. If you have a reason to carry, you have two reasons to get a CCW, unless you are like me and don't trust the government as far as you can projectile vomit. If you want to open carry, by all means do. I implore you though, be smart about it. Have a friend or three along, and have a video recording going the second something happens. Many cops are your friend, but there are a few scared shitless trigger happy maroons on every force to be dealt with.

Can they prove it?

The NFL is dealing with a lot of law suits. More than 300 in fact, filed by over 5000 former players. Most of it has to do with head injuries and related trauma. My question is, can they prove it?
I enjoy watching football. Hell, if this was Rome, I very likely would be at the games watching the gladiators get eaten by lions. That doesn't mean I have a high regard for the players. Many of the ones I have met around Manhattan got to college ONLY because of football. If it wasn't such a big sport, they would never have gotten on campus except maybe as custodians. I think the standards for he custodial staff are higher though.
I know these guys suffer a lot of injuries. 1/8 ton of brute mass smashing into another 1/8 ton of brute mass is an incredible amount of force, and things are gonna get broke. The select hand full who make it to the NFL may be the best, but that does not make them the brightest.
When they were playing for the NFL, they received compensation far above what the average college grad would make. Were it not for that, college programs would not draw the attention they do. Lets face it, any other program graduating a group of sixty and only having two that get jobs, is a shitty program. With college ball, its a success story.
If these former players win, what will be next, colleges? Will they eventually sue the high school that they started at? Where will it end? They made a choice. the risks were obvious, at least to those of us who chose not to participate. These former players were blinded by their quest for money and fame. They knew the risks even if they ignored them. Football has been dangerous since its beginnings. Improvements have been made over the years, but for every improvement in safety, there has been an off setting factor. Many players abuse steroids to get bigger and faster.
The only change I wold make is to require the NFL to have injured members present at the draft combine and make every wannabe speak with them about the dangers. I bet nothing would change. the kids would still think themselves invincible and we would still have a ring full of gladiators. besides, half the fun of watching is seeing Mike Vic running for his life.
Every job has its dangers. the compensation matches the risk in most cases. These guys got their check. Now they want more. Too bad. The courts need to say no.