Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Trump's travel ban would not have helped

When President Trump announced plans to limit travel from several predominantly muslim nations namely Iran, Yemen, Syria, Libya and Somalia, the communists aka liberals were up in arms. "This is a ban on muslims!" was their cry.
Today, an ObamAA- imported muslim terrorist from Shit-hole-astan rammed a rented truck into a group of people on a bike path near the WTC site Killing at least eight and maiming almost a dozen more. Maybe a complete ban on muslims would be appropriate.
How many Buddhist terrorists have we had in the last twenty five years?
OK, how about Jewish terrorists? Has any one seen a headline about a Jew crashing a truck into a crowd?
What about Catholics? Lutherans? Methodists? Baptists! There has got to be one, Right???
Just because you don't think we are at war doesn't mean we are not at war. The followers of the pedophile want to kill people now just as much as they did when the Crusades were needed to drive them back out of Europe.
Welcome to the slaughter, sheep.

And in liberal Massachusetts....

After Bruce Jenner "came out" he was awarded the woman of the year, and we joked that the feminazi's had a problem, men were now better at being women than women were.
Meet Emily Nash. Though only a junior, this lady is all woman. What makes her special? This gal is beating the boys. Emily is on the boys golf team at Lunenburg High School. In the Division 3 boys’ golf tournament she beat them all with a 3 over par score, four shots better than the runner up.
So, while Bruce is a better woman than the best feminazi, in uber-liberal Massachusetts, a girl is the top boy..... And she's not transgender.

Monday, October 30, 2017

NIce minow ya cauht there

Former FBI director and Uranium One co-conspirator Robert Mueller has led his merry band of miscreants on a wild chase. Tilting at windmills? Any one who has taken a serious look at the allegations knows by now they were false, manufactured garbage spread by the DNC when they couldn't succeed in rigging the election well enough to over come the ground swell of deplorables.
Today after much speculation garnered due to an probably illegal and highly unethical leak to the press, charges were unveiled against Paul Manafort who was dismissed from his position as campaign director for then candidate Trump over allegations that he had ties to Pro Russian groups in the Ukraine. Amazingly, or not, the charges all have to do with the very reason that Manafort was dismissed by President Trump.
Adding icing to the cake is the nugget that Manafort was, at the time the alleged crimes happened, Working with The Podesta's, HiLlARy's campaign manager.
Special councils, like special needs children, have an unlimited budget. I have my doubts Mule-ears will stay under budget. Yes, I have a special kind of dislike for him. Given all his ties to HiLlARy and Barry Soetoro's underhanded mismanagement of America, and his connections to Commie err Comey, The man should not have been let back in Washington, let alone allowed to run a clearly partisan witch hunt. Or rather one designed by a witch. He has stacked his organization full of communist hacks, people with an axe to grind and fewer morals than a drug addicted AIDS infected Washington prostitute. I don't mean the elected kind either, they are decidedly worse.
So all he has netted for our millions of dollars is a minnow that slipped from his own bucket.

When I think of Don Quixote, I think of the Gordon Lightfoot song. Maybe I just insulted Don, but anyway, here is the song so enjoy.

Update: That needs rewrite
Through the swamp of Washington DC
Comes a prosecutor wild and free
Tilting at the Fusion dossier
Who can the dumb old dem hack be
He is owned and we all know it
His case is wrong and it is weak
He's a fool but he is bloated
But CNN still spreads his leak.

Turning to his grand jury
He takes the fusion Dossier into his hand
Standing like a Hillary hack
He leaks little tidbits to the press
Till he unseals his mess.

Saturday, October 28, 2017

One more reason for calexit

Add this to the ten thousand reasons to let Jerry Moonbeam Brown's Disaster leave the union. I have had little to do with movies for a number of years. The extreme left wing bent offends me, so I don't bother with their crapola.
It seems to me that every thing they churn out is hawking some left wing cause. They are always decidedly pro abortion, anti Christian, anti gun, pro lgbt and the list goes on. Patrick Courrielche does a good job of laying it out. They really don't care about their causes, they wholeheartedly backed Clinton when he was pro wall, adored racist rat Byrdshit, and wymen's rights? Ask Harvey all about that. As for their signature lgbt, they embrace mooslimes who are decidedly not pro perversion.
I would say that President Trump needs to come out and support calexit, but then they would be all against it. Rather he should remain mostly silent with a "if they really demand it, we won't fight a second civil war just to keep the redwoods" theme.
The main question is how to proceed. A vote needs to be held in 2018. it needs to be done by paper ballot. A three part ballot with one copy remaining with the voter, one going to the a federal commission on calexit, and a third copy to the state of California. each copy should have a serial number on it so verification is possible, then after cession, those people who did not vote to cede could flee the insanity, but hose who voted for it would lose their United States citizenship, and be made citizens of Sierra Shithola. They would also be persona non grata.
Part of the reason for an identifiable ballot is that portions of the state may want to remain in the Union. If that happens, they should be afforded the chance. It is entirely possible that only a small corridor along the coast would actually leave. It is important that all regions that want to depart be allowed to do so.
The last phase could take a few years, movement toward autonomy.  We would want to ensure that before they openly embrace Dennis Rodman's North Korea, Michael Moron's Cuba, or Sean Penn's Venezuela, that we have suitable barriers to keep then out.
The last item is that they take their fair share of the national debt with them. Then, good "F"ing riddance.

Charge him

As the tsunami of sexual assault accusations rolls across America, one name has now come up several times, a former President and noted family man. George H.W. Bush? This might explain why he and worthless Willie became such great buds.
Three women have made remarkably similar statements about the former Prez who has been confined to a wheel chair for the past five years. All three incidents have occurred since that time.
The former Prez is making no denials, and there are several possible reasons. No 1 of course is that he has no memory of doing them, at 93, he is apt to be a bit forgetful. No 2? Well, if I was 93 and some young lady made that accusation, I'd probably be going to jail... for perjury since I'd plead guilty.
As for George, we might as well make an example of him as well as Whinestein, we'll call it assault with a dead weapon.

Thursday, October 26, 2017

A pathetic joke

Daimler Benz is all in the news after they introduced the E-Fuso Vision One. The medium duty hauler has a capacity of eleven tons and a range of 220 miles. In other words, this coal powered toy is a pathetic joke! A shipper would not be able to send a load from Kansas City to Manhattan and return with out recharging. Most electric vehicles require several hours  to recharge, and oh, by the way, short cycling them reduces battery life as does age. By contrast, a typical straight truck would only need to achieve 5mpg and have a 45 gallon fuel tank to surpass that. Oh, and it takes only about five minutes to pump 45 gallons of diesel. Most trucks carry more than 100 gallons and some contain closer to 200.
So if you gave the electric rig to a delivery driver, and he had a 8 hour day, if he traveled only 30 miles each hour, he would still come up short. This is nothing more than a virtue signaler for trendy lefties like Amazoo. This is not something for serious haulers.
Tesla's joke has been delayed yet again. Maybe by 9595 they will have  realistic offering.

Unaware??? Sure!

HiLlARy Clinton, the democrat's disgrace and failed presidential contender claims she knew nothing about the dossier compiled by (con)Fusion GPS. Never mind that it was her campaign that funded the pack of swill. Never mind that it was her and not President Trump who colluded with the Russians.
Even the DNC aka Communist Party U.S.A. is claiming no knowledge about his and they too funded it. We are fast approaching the one year mark since Donald Trump was elected President in a resounding rebuke of this immoral bank of criminals. Every new stone has a slithering monster lurking beneath. All that said, Mueller is still investigating President Trump. How long until AG Sessions or Congress decides it is past time to appoint a special prosecutor? We need one, and we need him Yesterday. Surely they can find one honest lawyer to........ Never mind.

Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Black LIES Matter

Bruce Maxwell, a MLB player I've never heard of is making a scene claiming he was denied service in a Huntsville Alabama restaurant because he was recognized as a kneeler, so far the only one I've heard of in baseball.
I guess I can add baseball to the list of sports I won't be watching.... Oh, wait, I already don't watch baseball. When I first heard about this, I was going to praise the waiter for making a patriotic statement, but the story is unraveling faster than a knit sweater in a basket full of kittens.
The waiter has come forward and is claiming that the only service refused to Maxwell and his democrat mayor buddy was a refusal to serve alcohol to a member of the party who did NOT have a valid I.D. The manager on duty at the time of the incident is backing her former employee. The mayor? No comment, but earlier referred to this as "an embarrassment".
How many more times will we let them cry wolf? I for one am fed up with all the lies. We elected a black president in 2008. It was a huge mistake, but it pretty well proves that we are past racism, at least as far as the hearts and minds of the average white that is.

Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Maybe this is intentional

A crazy thought crossed my mind during the night. The NFL has been beset with a myriad of problems. The league has shelled out millions to prima donna's who squander the money. Many leave the league with little or nothing. Then they run head first into reality, they wasted four, sometimes five years in college and never got a marketable skill, they are beat up from injuries, and most of them aren't going to become sports casters.
Many of them have suffered traumatic brain injuries, many others didn't have much to begin with. They are coming back, suing the league, and owners are set to be on the hook for billions of dollars owed to people who with out football would never have gotten beyond garbage collectors to begin with. It could be only a matter of time until colleges also are in the spot light. While the NFL contains only a thousand or so players, many thousands more vied for those coveted slots and failed. Some of those kids suffered injuries as serious as the professionals. What happens if they sue the schools? What happens if they sue the league pointing out that they were injured while competing for one of those coveted slots? Even if they lost, it could cost the NFL millions to defend.
This could turn into the next big tobacco, just on a smaller scale.
We used to think the NFL was about the money. The value of the teams has sky rocketed in recent years. Jerry Jones has the most valuable team in the NFL and he issued a proclamation that his players would respect the flag. He capitulated when a nothing player, David Irving was blatantly disrespectful and did not bench him for it.
The NFL is hemorrhaging fans like they have been guillotined. Lost fans means lost advertising revenue. The stadiums are emptying out and viewers are discovering they have other better things to do than watch a bunch of anti-American rabble gladiators. Jerry's team, once valued at $4.8 billion might soon be back to his original purchase price, $150 million, and not adjusted for inflation either.
This may sound crazy, but maybe they intend the consequences we are seeing. Two year from now may see an entirely different NFL, Teams may be paying only a small percentage of what they shell out now, $10 million instead of $196 million.
Will fans forgive them in a few years? I know I won't. I used to love watching football. I have switched off even the college games. I alone will not hurt Pepsi, Budweiser, or McDonalds, but millions of fans putting heir money where their mouth is will cost them much.
Virtue signaling is important these days. It is a trade mark of the leftists. The team owners are globalists, the advertisers are mostly globalists. I am beginning to think they would go broke before they would admit defeat. The notion is nothing new, our founding fathers pledged their lives wealth and sacred honor to the cause of liberty, these ass hats seem to be doing the same to the cause of Satanic globalism. I think Jerry Jones is a committed Marxist cloaked as a capitalist. Their actions speak volumes, and their inaction screams like a banshee.

Monday, October 23, 2017


Old News? Debunked? My ASS

As revelations about the Uranium One "deal" where Worthless Willie went to Moscow, and after the exchange of a "contribution" to the Clinton Criminal Foundation, the sale to Russia was approved by the State Department, The talking heads on the left are wanting to claim this is all old news. HiLlARy himmed in as well stating that this has been debunked. It has not.
Just because the crime has been covered up and ignored for five years does not mean it was not a crime. We have had cases where a person disappeared, but there was no trace, no body for years, so no good evidence as to what happened. Would we let something like that slide?
What the Clintons did was treason. Millions of lives could be at risk from their greed. Right now Russia is allied with Iran. If ever a reason existed to not trust them, this dwarfs it. The Government needs to review the deal and quash it. Putin should have no control of uranium in America. It is time to set globalism back a hundred years.
The stakes for us as a nation are too great to allow this to continue. If the AG won't act, then congress needs to act, and if they won't, then we must. time to kick a whole bunch of criminals into prisons, and HiLlARy and worthless Willie are just the beginning.

Friday, October 20, 2017

Playboy becomes the NFL

What else can you call it? Millions of men are about to get the shock of their lives when they open their copy in the near future. The Magazine has slipped another rock down the slope, and is heading for the cliff.
Who am I kidding? They've been crap for a half century, but a decision to go Socialist Just-a Whore will anger many of their subscribers. Maybe opening up and seeing a transgender sicko in all his glory will be their come to Jesus moment.
All I want to know is, was his daughter waiting until he was gone, or did this kill him?

Thursday, October 19, 2017

#MeToo Monica

Worthless Willie's sex toy is now joining the chorus of voices claiming sexual harassment and Juanita Broaddrick, one of his real victims is taking her to task. Juanita Broaddrick along with Kathleen Willey and Paula Jones were real victims, Monica was a suck up who hoped her talents would take her farther than her other abilities. In the end though, her ass meant nothing to slick.

Wednesday, October 18, 2017

A suggestion for the networks

Have Me-Again Kelly be the sports caster for the NFL, that way we cram every thing NO ONE wants to watch into one package that is easier to avoid than a logical democrap. As a bonus, they can have Harvey Weinstein cast her for the part.

Tuesday, October 17, 2017

The dive continues

SeeBS is in trouble due to the Anthem protests. Earnings are down 17% from last year, and Credit Suisse has taken note and adjusted their ratings accordingly. Those ratings have a big impact on advertisers, they determine the cost of advertising space on network affiliated stations. That has a bottom line impact on share holders who will likely see their dividends plummet.
In Jacksonville, some enterprising former fans took to the air and pulled a banner behind a plane at kickoff. Not a lot of people saw it though.

Many empty seats. Comish Goodfornothing and the No Fans Left are suffering from Colin Kancer. By the time the Super Bowl arrives, tickets will be given away in McDonalds Happy Meals. That will piss off even more folks who were hoping for a useless toy for their tot.

Monday, October 16, 2017


HiLlARy was boohoohooing, but the gathered crowds were only booing as the Crooked former worst lady continued her whine and complain tour, this time in Wales. Swansea University confirmed that it is all of academia, and not just American "scholars" who are communist shills as the University renamed it's College of Law after the crook.
The scumbag stooped so low as to blame Nigel Farge for her loss. She also demeaned the Brits for Brexit. Nigel Fage shot back stating that "Clinton rename her book “The Great Big Whinge“," and “I don’t think Hillary Clinton has much relevance. We should no more listen to Hillary Clinton than we listened to Barack Obama during the referendum campaign telling us not to vote for Brexit.”
She did get one thing right confessing "The big lie is a very potent tool" Well, Illary, it was , but more people are catching on to your lies.
It appears though that she will be cutting her failure tour short in the same fashion as her failed campaign, she claims to have hurt her foot this time. Probably tried to swallow with the fang thing in her mouth.

Sunday, October 15, 2017

NFL protest week 417

This weeks game between the San Fransisco 49ers and the Seattle Sea Hawks was standing room only! No, the epic match up didn't see a resurgence, the bleaches along with the rest of the stadium was bulldozed earlier in the year to make way for a new multi use mall which will include over three hundred new shops. The only remaining structure was the press box which doubles as the score board.
None of last year's ESPN staff returned for the season opener, since the leagues demise, most have been unable to find work, and all are recognized, making street corner begging a less than profitable venture, and some times quite dangerous.
The festivities became some what muted when it was announced during pregame warm up that the bankruptcy  judge had ordered Budweiser to cease payments as the company is auctioned off following the loss of nearly 75% of their customer base in the 26 years since they doubled down on supporting what some call treason. That decline started soon after they decided to defend the initial protests by Colon Kapernick. Players salaries will undergo another rightsizing resulting in some of the players falling to below minimum wage. While expressing disappointment, Seahawks receiver La Travon Martin Brown said it was still better than being back on the block unemployed like the other thirty teams which have folded over the last few seasons.
The field was some what rutted by the dozers and heavy equipment. 49ers Wide Receiver Demarshawn Lynch, son of Raiders former receiver Marshawn Lynch tripped in one rut during a wheel route injuring his knee. Since teams can no longer afford a team physician, medical attention was provided by a local pet rescue worker with experience setting the legs of broken dogs.This nearly forced a forfeiture as the San Francisco roster only had ten remaining players. A call to Roger Goodell on a borrowed cell phone confirmed that the rule changes would be allowed even though the vote by owners was a one one split.
No decision has been announced as of this date as to the location for this year's Super Bowl. Miami and Jacksonville Have both refused the NFL's requests to play the final game of the season in their respective parks narrowing the choices to Brett Farve's place in Mississippi, or Jordy Nelsons farm in Kansas. While the Kansas  location is more centrally located, it poses the same risks, playing in a plowed field as what sent Lynch to the ER in today's game.
If either location is selected, the game will NOT be broadcast since neither has adequate streaming services to allow broadcast on Facebook Live.
A go-fund-me account set up last month to benefit the players has already garnered $50.00. An additional $540.00 is needed to bail out at lest one member of hte 49ers roster so they will have a replacement for Lynch who will likely be out the rest of the season.
Presidential Candidate Barron Trump, son of former President Donald J. Trump expressed surprise that the league still existed. He said that with making America Great for the last 26 years that he didn't think any one even remembered what the game was. He then noted that it was Seattle and San Francisco, and that they remained bastions of communism even as Cuba, Venezuela and North Korea had shed the shackles of communism  more than two decades ago, and are now thriving Constitutional Republics. Barron also noted that he had briefly considered purchasing the Chicago Bears when the team folded at the end of last season but did not feel he could justify the $50 opening bid that was requested. He ended by calling on Nancy Pelosi, the oldest member of Congress, and still House minority leader to step aside and let Primala Jayapal, the only other democrat in congress assume her position.

Volume ONE

The condensed version.

They needed a win

One big mark on the feminazi movement has been sexual abuse and harassment. Several years ago the target became young college men. Guys would pick up a girl at a party, bed her, and the next morning be accused of rape. Some cases were in fact rape, but the vast majority of the time the facts were so lacking that it was doubtful if even the actors knew for sure. The problem of course was alcohol.
For decades they have beat the drum about sexual harassment. Then one day, as if by magic, a real case of sexual deviancy surfaced, and the feminazis were all over it. Defending the serial rapist, worthless Willie Clinton.
They didn't want to admit it, but their decision to defend him, politics over policy, cost them big time credibility points. Follow that with things like the Duke lacrosse scandal, and it made it all that much harder for real victims of reals sexual deviants to be heard.
HiLlARy beat the drum hard. During the campaigns last year, a tape surfaced of Candidate Trump stating that with money, he could grab a woman by the pussy and not fear any punishment. He was correct, look at all the allegations that existed about Michael Jackson's deviant behavior, and the money he paid the families of his victims.
Still, the dope from Hope poured it on stating that every woman claiming an assault should be believed. All the while though her husbands victims languished, having been castigated by the media and demeaned by the witch hunt cankles commanded to protect her perverted hubby. So too did the victims of one of her biggest bundlers and fans, Harvey Weinstein.
Then the dam developed a tiny crack, part of the mountain of evidence against HW saw the light of day, and like a seedling, sprang up in the light. It only took a short while for the trickle of claims to become a torrent, an epic flood of victims and accusers. Then it began to spread, we now have allegations made against many more members of the Tinseltown elite.
Hollywood Insider could publish a Sears catalog sized issue with the stories of people claiming to be victims. I say claiming because we, at this point in time, do not know. They may all be true, or the vast majority could be false. Every story needs to be judged on it's own merits. Harvey has admitted that he is a serial assailant. I doubt he will remember every victim, and at this point, the feeding frenzy will leave him a skeleton and little else. As for the many others, Time will tell... Actually they will try to bury it the same way they buried the stories about Bill. Why? because most of the perps are democraps.

Friday, October 13, 2017

Making a point

Sheriff Julian Whittington is putting his money where his mouth is, or rather he is not putting our money in the hands of people who support America haters. His department which spent over $747,000 on Ford vehicles (plus loads on wrecker fees) last year is spending exactly zero this year on Ford purchases.
Hardest hit will be Hixson Ford and Shreveport 24 hr Wrecker and Recovery.

Thursday, October 12, 2017

Red White and Blue

That's Red(necks) White(socks) and Blue(ribbon beer)

Tuesday, October 10, 2017

??? Old News

Harvey Weinstein has been known as a serial assaulter of women for many years. The silence for two decades is the story, not the assaults. I remember hearing about him Shortly after Disney acquired them in 1993. Disney used them to produce crap they didn't want associated with the mouse, and with Harvey in charge, it was a turd making more turds. Several Christian authors wrote articles about the debased activities, but they were largely ignored by the media, the public, but most of all by Disney. They were after all, rumors. Now the mountain of evidence is turning into an avalanche for Harvey.
I don't feel one bit sorry for him. I also have no sympathy for the harlots he turned in to starlets. I am not talking about the women who came forward, or the ones who were ashamed to step forward, I am pointing straight at the women whom he bedded who took the pro-offered fame in exchange for him using their bodies. Prostitutes one and the same, they might as well have been working for Larry Flynn or Bob Guccione or Hugh Hefner. Make that working at the Mustang Ranch in Nevada.
There are a lot of reasons I don't go to movies or waste my time in front of a boob tube. Harvey was only a tiny part, his entourage of whores is a bigger reason.
Seriously, is any one surprised? He was pals with Worthless Willie, that should have been a clue only slightly smaller than Jupiter. Expect to see him entering politics in time for the 2018 midterms. Activity like that is a career enhancer for the commies. He can step into the slot vacated by whom ever replaces Di-Fi when she retires.

Monday, October 9, 2017

A new twist

The narrative on the Las Vegas shooting took a sharp turn today when it was revealed that the security guard was shot first. He was shot at 9:59 PM. Paddock opened fire on the crowd approximately six minutes later. One small fact in this has me puzzled, supposedly 200 rounds were fired at the guard in a narrow hall of minimal length, and the guy was only hit in the leg?
According to the brief, Campos was investigating a door alarm. Most likely that would be for the stairwell. Hotels don't care if people use the stairs, but if the door is blocked open, it is a potential route for fire to spread rapidly. When Campos got there he heard drilling in Paddock's room and seeing the door ajar, entered to investigate.
The claim for now is that he was drilling in the wall next to the door.  Some speculate he was going to install another camera. My guess would be a firing port. That wall would have been solid, either poured concrete, or block, certainly more substantial than a wood door. Typically that is the case since that part of the wall must with stand a lot more abuse from doors opening and closing.
According to the brief, the stairwell door was blocked, That means Paddock installed a plate to stop the SWAT from coming up the stairs,or at least slow them down.
This seems to indicate that Paddock was not intending to start shooting when he did. What was he waiting for, and why? What about the explosives in his vehicle? I have a theory. I expect Paddock was planning to wait until the Festival released to start shooting. He might have planned to call for valet service to bring his vehicle our front, then bust the window as it was driven out, shoot the vehicle detonating it in close proximity to the crowds, then open fire amid the confusion.
That would explain the second window, line of sight to where his vehicle might have been intended to be.
As for the misleading and incorrect information the FBI and police have given, It is all part of the investigation and necessary. Police commonly hold back critical information because then the truth is known to only the perp and the Police. When some one drops info that is correct and secret, it reveals them as a potential player. If law enforcement had their way, the truth wouldn't come out until the trial.

Sunday, October 8, 2017

Why go?

VP Mike Pence walked out of the Dolts-69ers game when players knelt during the national anthem. I am glad he did, but wonder why he bothered to attend. Indiana is his home, I understand that, but not every Indianian is a patriotic American.
It does make a loud and clear statement, The enemedia will try to play it to their favor, but something like this, in front of the cameras lets people know that boycotting a bunch of crybaby jackasses who, were it not for football, would be construction workers, garbage collectors, ditch diggers, or unemployed, is a good thing to do. Me thinks the last group would be the largest.
He should ask for a refund. If the petulant children won't show respect when the VP is present, they shouldn't get a dime from him for it.
As for Eric Reid, You are an entertainer. If you don't give the people what they want they shouldn't have to give you anything. If we had systematic oppression, there would be no blacks in the NFL. That you wasted your time at LSU and didn't finish with a marketable skill beyond football was your choice. In a few more years you will be a washed up broken down has been with nothing to show for your life. Your opinion won't matter then either.


Sadiq Khan's con men err London Police are reporting that the vehicle that rammed in to a crowd outside the Natural History Museum was not terror related. The driver who was laughing about the incident when bystanders pinned him to the ground has been detained, but Police are not saying it was terror related.
Witness Katie Craine said she was coming out of the museum when she saw a man in handcuffs being pinned down on the ground by police near a damaged car.
"He looked really proud of himself," she said. "He was laughing."
Not terrorism??? Seriously? The government leaders in Europe are bending themselves into pretzels to avoid admitting they are at war, have been invaded, and are on the brink of losing.
Time for President Trump to impose a travel ban on Europe as well.

Saturday, October 7, 2017

Your shop, your rules

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Thursday, October 5, 2017

Lone wolf or wolf pack

Information has surfaced that the Las Vegas shooter may have had some one in the room prior to the mass murder. Info wars has a pic of a reciept for a meal for two in the room on the day prior to when he supposedly checked in. That tells us two things, some of the information released is bad, and other people knew.
He supposedly rented the main suite on the 23rd, and the adjacent one on the 28th. That would explain the miscue on his check in. Now couple that with the window being broken in the second suite, and things have an all new look.
The latest information indicates he began shooting at 10:05 and fired the last shots at 10:15. Police arrived on the floor two minutes later and the security guard was shot one minute after that supposedly by Paddock.
Given that Paddock was older, 64, is it possible that a younger more athletic assistant had already fled the room? Might it be that person then entered another room on the floor? Police locked down the floor and evacuated every one else. That is part of the reason there was an hour long delay between their arrival and the entry. Had Paddock been shooting still, they likely would have breached immediately, but concern for the safety of other guests was a prime consideration.
How did police access the floor? The elevators were shut down, but they would have had control and been able to use them. What about the stair well? was it guarded? If a second perp was present, did they go there?
If Paddock acted alone, and was planning to escape, he bungled it by only  minute. if he had ceased firing two minutes sooner, he would have been at least down the hall by the time security arrived. Now add in that he had explosives in his vehicle. Was his plan to exit to it, detonate it with a time delay to create a smoke screen for his escape? depending on where it was parked and the amount of Ammonium nitrate, it could have caused considerable damage or even brought down the structure.
Let us hope the crime scene contains enough clues to point out the truth. Ever bullet in there was loaded and touched. If he used stripper clips, it would be every tenth bullet, but still there might be a thumb print partial, a dirty glass, some evidence of who was there if any one besides Paddock.
At this moment both scenarios are possible but the pack is more plausible.
Identifying that person will take time if there was one. Assuming there was, that person is now in a mental hell. every time they hear a siren, every time they see a cop, every thing that goes bump in the night could spell the end.
Let us hope they come forward and confess. If they swallow a bullet, we don't get answers.

Tuesday, October 3, 2017

What happens to college football if the NFL implodes?

Colleges have become the minor leagues for the NFL. Where the MLB has farm teams and calls players up, the NFL uses a daft system instead, but the results are nearly the same. College ball has enough of a following that if the Pros were taking players out of school in hte midleof the year, folksvwould get UPSET!
A fair percentage of the men who play college ball are there only for the opportunity to make it to the NFL. They walk out of the University with a meaningless degree having never taking a class that challenged their intellect. No NFL, no point in playing. Many of them come from poor neighborhoods where the schools offer little in terms of hope education or opportunity. The chances of a successful transition from college to the NFL has always been dismal. less than 5% of college players make the cut, and many of them get their pink slip with their first check. If the KSU college of Veterinary medicine had a placement rate comparable to Bill Snyder's, they would close the doors.
The NFL implosion is happening whether the owners, sponsors or players want to admit it. Fans are turning their backs, long time die hard fans.
People claim that the demographic is dying, that the NFL fans are becoming old and withering away. Seriously??? Ever go to a college game? The stands are packed with kids! When Joe football graduates, his class mates continue to follow him into the NFL. Jordy Nelson had enough of a following at KSU that Green Bay games are nearly always broadcast her in Kansas. Before that it was Darin Sprolles. Football would have continued to be a draw.
Maybe the owners were looking at the changing climate on campus and looking to tap in to the snowflake crowd, but the simple fact is those snowflakes are not a majority,  and they view football players as the rapists they want to see eliminated.
If the NFL dies, they would claim victory, and the sport might very well perish on campus.
I don't see that scenario happening, but losing the NFL will mean a major drop in college football viewers.  The change in the total demographic would make the game less appealing, people want to see some violence. Hockey maybe?
For me, what I see is that if the NFL completely implodes, college ball will suffer. There will be less incentive for guys who would have no other chance to venture on to campus. They would stay in their neighborhood and either find jobs or find out what jail is like. Instead the players will be students who are actually working on degrees. They would have less time for practice, and would be less apt to risk injury. That wold make for a less exciting game.
There is also the chance the USFL comes back to life. Was this a business decision by the President? Be a fat cat team owner again after he leaves the oval office? NAH.

Time Line

By now we have all seen the end and the results. Fifty nine people are dead, 527 wounded, but where and when did it all begin?
In the military we had a thing called backward planning. Yes, I know, much of what the military does is ass backward, but that was not what was meant. Say I wanted to be in Sioux Falls S.D. at 10P.M. I would know that since the trip takes me seven hours I would need to leave prior to three. I would know I needed to make two fuel stops, and allow time for that. Since this is construction season, I would need to allow for detours and delays etc. We then continue with what to take etc, you get the picture.
Stephen Paddock did not on the spur of the moment decide he was going to slaughter a bunch of rednecks at a Country music festival, This took planning and much preparation.  Quite the task for a 64 year old man to accomplish alone. Or did he have help? We might never know.
To acquire the weapons, munitions, do the conversions, calculate angles and do the prep work would have taken weeks. My guess for a start date? Sept 12 2017 when he got his copy of What Happened?

Monday, October 2, 2017

I cannot help but wonder

We don't have many facts yet, the shooter is dead, his girl friend is out of the country, and his social media platform is scant. What little we know about him is this; He was 64, had no military service, liked to gamble, and family did not know he had any weapons.
What of his victims? As near as we can tell, none of them were known to him, so no intentional targets. These people were country music fans, so to a liberal, that means red necks, folks who vote republican, are all racist, drive cars with confederate front plates.... You get the picture.
Was this guy a disgruntled Bernie Sander supporter? That is my gut feeling.

Shooting in LV

Tons of reports out this morning about the shooting last night in Las Vegas. The shooter, identified as Stephen Paddock is reported to have taken his own life before police busted into his room at the Mandalay Bay Resort.
A bobble head on Faux this morning was ranting about how this guy must have had extensive training, but a quick view of the incident indicates this guy was shooting a fully automatic weapon and blasting off high capacity mags, 50 - 100 rounds at a time. That is spray and pray.

Sunday, October 1, 2017


Cafe & Wingery in St. Bernard Parish, LA, has decided to take a stand against the NFL’s kneel.

Owner Brook Songy Anastasiadis posted on WOW’s Facebook page that the restaurant would not be airing Sunday’s Saints vs. Panthers game. In her post, she cited the team’s decision to kneel as the reasoning.

They are taking some flack for their position, but there are also plenty of folks who support this decision. I wish the place was closer to Kansas, I'd be going there for lunch.

Music to fit the mood

 (to the tune of Mike Curb Congregation Burning Bridges)
Fans all tried to warn me but I listened to a lie
All the time to warn me but I only passed them by
Kaepernick is unemployed but I don't understand
I took a knee and angered all my fans

All the empty bleachers and no one's watching me
All the angry feelings and the burning Jerseys
All my fans I shit upon each time I took a knee
My career is lost to History

Sponsors stood behind me when I tried this fiasco
Customers boycotts told them that they all could blow
ESPN's has less viewers because of me today
Now there's no one left to watch me play

All the empty bleachers and no one's watching me
All the angry feelings and the burning Jerseys
All my fans I shit upon each time I took a knee
My career is lost to History

Years have passed and I keep thinking, what a fool I've been
I look back into the past and think of way back then
I know that I lost everything I thought that I could win
I guess I should have listened to my fans

All the empty bleachers and no one's watching me
All the angry feelings and the burning Jerseys
All my fans I shit upon each time I took a knee
My career is lost to History

And in case you don't remember it;