Tuesday, February 26, 2019

Cats in the cradle

When I hear this song I think of my youngest son who is turning 29. OD, where has the time gone? it seems like only yesterday e was a child playing with friends and pestering e with questions. Today he is a hard working father who has two young children of his own. I'm proud of all my children, but the link between me and my youngest is special.

Rigor mortis

Monday, February 25, 2019

Tell a lie often enough...

Mass murder cheerleader Gloria Steinem wants people to believe that Hitler was prolife. While Nazi Germany had anti abortion laws on the books, they were put there to punish Jewish doctors who performed the killings. Hitler was very much pro-abortion when it came to people of non-German heritage. If the woman was a slav, Jew, or any of the others he deemed undesirable, he was more than happy to see the child slaughtered.
After Germany was defeated in 1945, the Constitution was abolished and Germany was under the rule of the occupation forces. When a new constitution was drawn up, many parts from the old Weimar Constitution were salvaged, but as far as I know, none of what was "legislated" during Hitlers reign was retained.
No matter how much Gloria wants people to believe that republicans embody the nazis's, it is her own leftist friends who are the spiritual descendants of Hitler and his evil brand of socialism. Tell a lie often enough and while some might believe, it is still a lie.

Baby don't get hooked on me

More Cosby

Sunday, February 24, 2019

Stop and smell the roses


What a piece of crap

Nebraska State Senator Ernie Chambers (I Omaha) seems to think the American Flag is a rag comparable to the swastika. Since Nebraska uses a nonpartisan system, he is listed as I. Or maybe it stands for idiot since he certainly come close to that benchmark. 
More amazing is that the fool made his remarks during debate to update the civics standards for the schools in Nebraska, LB-399. Maybe the bill needs further amending to include the idiotic remarks of the sorry SOB Omaha fostered on the rest of the State. Let the kids know that some especially worthless people have been elected to represent them, and make sure they know why having anti American people in American politics is a bad thing.
If a person does not like the direction our nation is taking, that is their right. I certainly did not like the route Barry Soetoro was heading us and I spoke up often and loudly about it. At the same time, I continued to recognize that this nation is the greatest on earth and has provided it's citizens with freedom and opportunity unmatched by any other nation.That freedom allows dissent.
That dissent should be directed against people and policies, not the nation as a whole. If you do not like this country, move elsewhere. I'm sure there are plenty of places that have a brand of communism to suit.

Saturday, February 23, 2019

Thursday, February 21, 2019

Fooling yourself

Styx performing with the Contemporary Youth Orchestra of Cleveland in 2006

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Monday, February 18, 2019

Have you never been mellow

Stop the Presses

Amazing! An American Journalist has admitted the bias we have been noticing for the last umpteen years. Lara Logan has come right out and stated the facts we on the right know and understand. The media is strongly biases in opposition to America's best interests. She didn't say that, but it is the only conclusion we can arrive at.
Lara stated that 85% of journalists are registered democrats. With all I have read, while I believe her, I also wonder if the remaining 15% view the democrats as too conservative for their views. Heck, I'd bet half of the 85% feel that way.
I differ with her regarding FOX news. While she views them as right leaning, I view them as the most right of the left wing news groups. Especially now after President Trump humiliated them in their "debate" where me again Kelly was determined to knock Candidate Trump out of the race.
Lara Logan is one Journalist i can respect. Not just because of her breaking from the pack; she was also the woman who was gang raped while covering the Obama/Clinton inspired Arab Spring in Egypt’s Tahrir Square. She recovered and returned to work. She has Grand Torino caliber steel in her spirit.
The press here has become Pravda, and I call them American Pravda all the time. As Rivet Joint noted over at Don Surber's blog; My old Russian instructor at the Defense Language Institute taught us that "Pravda" translates to "Truth" and that "Izvestiya" translates to "News". The Soviet citizens would thus joke about the two Soviet newspapers by remarking that there was "No Pravda in Izvestiya and no Izvestiya in Pravda'. We have reached that state here.
What is ironic is that when the communists have taken over in other nations, they began by slaughtering the media and the Academia who here are the biggest jeer leaders of the slide.

Sunday, February 17, 2019

Saturday, February 16, 2019

Lady Marmalade

More trashing AOC

The democrat's Anal-oral-crossconnection is certainly low hanging fruit. Every time she opens her pie hole out pops a string of stupidity. Her mighty mouth has cost New York 25,000 jobs, and it does not matter whether those were going to be residents, or H1-B imports, those 25,000 people were going to be renting apartments, buying food, cloths, and accessories, going to restaurants and shows, and spending at least part of that check in the Road Big Apple. DeBlASSHOLE is smarting that he lost potentially $25 billion in future revenue to be spent wasted on liberal pet projects. Cujo is upset as well, that was a grand feather in his cap after his tax insanity has driven the upper crust to leave New York in droves. Some of her fellow congress cretins have stepped to the mike and blasted her ignorance as well.
So what will the donks do? Hopefully nothing, AOC is a YUGE gift to republicans for 2020. We got rid of a lot of dead wood in the 2018 elections, 2020 should be a golden opportunity to rebuild the conservative side of the isle with real conservatives who have yet to be bribed to the dark side by lobbyists.
Unfortunately, each house is responsible for it's own members. If AOC creates any more stupid,it is entirely possible that Nancy P. Lousy will opt to give her the boot. What risk does she take? AOC's district is reliable donk, and whether they get another Sanders style communist, or bring back Crowley, it will be a dem seat well past 2525... if man is still alive. Then again, it is also possible for the district to flip short term. The voters there, mainly Latino, see her as their choice, and a rebuke would anger them greatly, possibly more than the lost jobs that Am-a-zoo would have provided.
I see her possibly losing committee seating, and the House leaders may communicate to the various press outlets to put a lid on her. That will be hard but not impossible, the press is reliably communist, and she is easier on the eyes than mad maxipad Waters, or Blinky, and being more comedic than offensive, better for viewers than the car bomber mom contingent who thankfully hid at least part of their faces with their rape repellant garb.
One part of me wants people to lighten up for fear of the donks putting the kibosh on her, the other says light her up like late night comedy would do if she was a republican. Awe hell, voters aint gonna forget about her in only eighteen months...... Are they?

Friday, February 15, 2019

Sweet city woman

Does AOC have a peephole in her navel?

Anal-Oral-Crossconnected Ocasio Cortez is happy that New York will be able to spend that $3billion on things like the subway system and school salaries. Hello?? Does she not understand that money was in Amazon's pocket and they are taking it with them?
Apparently not. Socialism is a massive failure, and as AOC shows,only people who fail to understand it's implications support it. I could question how it happened that a person as mindless as her got elected, but Hank Johnson and Maxine Waters got elected and reelected, so the intelligence of the average voter clearly is on the decline. Couple that with the duplicity of today's media, and it is likely that her constituents will never know just what her stupidity cost them.
Maybe we should be impress that she doesn't run into furniture and fall down steps. No, not her mentality, just hard to see when your head is up your ass that far....

OK, Ola and Abel are white

Chicago Police arrested two people in connection with the recent claims by a gay black actor that he was assaulted by a couple of white guys wearing MAGA hats.
As many have pointed out, how many straight whites watch Empire? I didn't even know what the show was about until I looked it up.
It may be possible that these guys "Identify" as white. I mean,if I can be a lesbian trapped in a man's body, these two Nigerians can be Norwegians with seriously dark tans.
From the get go, most people who give more than a moment's thought to things like this knew it was pure BS. How would two white men wearing MAGA hats live long enough in Chicago to see Small'it? Heck, even two blacks wearing MAGA gear had better be able to outrun or dodge bullets if they set foot on the streets of the town that spawned Barry the sockpuppet's political career.
Anything is possible these days, tomorrow I might meet a dyke with a knife bent on helping free me from this entrapment, and Juicy the fruit might meet a real conservative... or a prison guard.

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Trains but no planes??? Sure

Airhead Oral Kotex is proposing in her "new" green deal of get rid of all transportation that uses fossil fuels. Kiss airplanes good bye, electric flights are not going to happen. If you think that rail is going to become the salvation, you are wrong. First, while electric trains are common in Europe, even there they have regions where the trains must switch to a diesel generator to get them through. Our expanses are much larger, our cities more spread out.
Now the kicker, even an electric train needs fossil petroleum in the form of lubrication to get from point A to point B. So we make a concession and allow drilling for oil to continue for lubrication? OK, what about the byproducts of refining that crude into 80-90 gear lube?
Back in the1800's when oil exploration was starting, the intent was to replace whale blubber as the source for the greases to lubricate wagon and rail car axles. At first they were dumping the waste into streams and rivers. That waste was gasoline. Then a use was found for the gasoline. it was too volatile to serve as a replacement for kerosene, but the early internal combustion engine became a gift from GOD as it quickly replaced other forms of stationary power. Farmers could have a stationary engine and power a thrashing machine. That engine soon evolved and became practical as a means to power cars trucks trains and every thing we take for granted in our daily lives.
If we get rid of ALL lubricants, we will be back to riding horses or walking. Even a lowly cart needs lubrication on the axles to save wear on the poor animals. Speaking of which, think about all the disposal needs that the internal combustion engine eliminated. A horse makes quite a pile of manure and they make that manure whether you are riding them or not!
If we switch to trains and alternative energy vehicles, we soon have an excess accumulation of  byproducts in the form of incomplete gasoline that we would have to dispose of.
I am all for finding reasonable methods of cutting our demand for foreign oil as long as they also save Americans money. Increased drilling here at home and in regions we control such as off the coast of California, the Alaskan Wilderness and in the gulf of Mexico are three good ones. Lighter materials for vehicles such as aluminum cargo trailers and relaxing some of the NTSB requirements for vehicle safety that add pounds to cars without a noticeable improvement in collision safety is another. Every thing should be available as an option, but requiring them should not. Advances in fuel efficiency have been negated by the additional garbage.
Airhead Oral Kotex wants to return us to third world status. On the plus side, we wouldn't need a fence to keep people OUT.

Friday, February 8, 2019

Mona Lisa

Don't resign

The media and usual suspects on the left are calling for the resignation of Justin Fairfax, Lieutenant Governor of South Washington D.C. The state has been rocked by the recent accusations that he is a serial rapist. No police reports, no charges, just two women who have stepped out of the shadows and say he assaulted them ALA Brett Kavanaugh. While it is nice to see a democrat worm squirm, I'm not going to join the long list of people demanding he step down. Had either of these women made a police report back in 2000 or 2004 when these supposed assaults happened, I would be all in, but of course, Justin would either still be in prison,or on parole rather than in the position to be the next Governor of the Washington elitists.
I'm not dismissing these women either though. They have a right to be heard. Since there is little possibility of the law doing anything at this late date, it will be up to the voters on Virginia to decide what to do with him. They can petition for a recall and then let the courts decide, or they can wait for the next election to send him packing, or ignore this like democraps did worthless Willies accusers.
Until that happens, Justin should stay put.
As for their Governor and his black face, it did not happen while he was a public figure. It did not have any thing to do with his performance in office. No one is attempting to control him by blackmailing him, and if they were, apparently they failed. His stance on the brutal murder of babies is another matter, and I hope he faces GOD about that soon.

I had to laugh

Today as every day, Sundance has posted numerous articles over at Conservativetreehouse. As I scrolled down through his postings, two in succession caught my eye. The top one was about Jeff Bezos the soon to be divorced billionaire and his posting of dick pics to his mistress. The next, earlier article was about Airhead oral Kotex and her green raw deal. His choice of picture to include is what made it priceless.

That mug shot makes it almost like she got the pic instead. She should find her one of them, might keep her from spewing seriously stupid garbage all the time if she had one to suck on occasionally constantly.