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George Floyd is dead because a couple of bad cops were not fired long ago. George Floyd would be mourned by his family and close friends if he wasn't needed  as a flash point by the demonic-RATs. A large portion of the rioters in many cities across the nation are white antifa fascists mobilized by darth Soros.
Take note of where this all is happening. It is in donk stranglehold locations. The mayor of Mini-ass-police is not afraid of losing control of the city to republicans. Did Baltimore change to republican after the Freddie gray fiasco?
Mark my words, History is not being made with these riots, it is being repeated. The donks are reacting in desperation. President Trump has been a law and order President. He has shown support for law enforcement in every way possible even while being attacked fiercely by elements within the FBI. Contrast that to how Barry treated the badge and you can understand how a backlash against the police is also twisted as a backlash against President Trump.
At Gettysburg General Picket sent his men running across rough terrain into an entrenched and well armed foe across 3/4 of a mile in broad day light. The men were doomed as soon as they entered the field.
Late in WW2, Germany used the cover of a storm to launch the battle of the bulge. Too little too late, it was doomed to failure. A similar scenario took place on Saipan when the Japanese made a final charge rather than surrender and face humiliation at home after.
We have had four years of massive civil war in a cold state as the democrats have attempted to preserve from loss all their actions which have happened under Barry but also under Bush, Clinton and Bush. The erosion of our Constitution has been going on a very long time. With grifter Joe, the Chinese choice faltering As sunlight exposes his evil ways, the donks have known that they are in trouble. No two ways about it, October surprises are one thing, getting hit with it nine months early, and right after every other Can'tidate has fallen, is a prescription for four more years of Trumpinomics.
The first thing they tried was the Chinese virus which accidentally or not escaped from their level four containment mud hut in Wuhan. The Chinese with plenty of help from willing donk fifth columns in our state capitals hoped to sew enough havoc to make people question President Trump's ability to handle a crisis situation. Not only did he handle it, but sunlight is showing that it is the democrats who are most responsible for the carnage as Cuejo's methodical plot to wholesale slaughter the elderly in the nursing homes has seen the light of day.
People like Gruesome Newsome, Gretard Halfwittmer and the rest of the power mad donks are becoming the focus and not President Trump. 100,000 deaths is a lot, but that albatross is hanging on them. Thank GOD it is not the two million they predicted would die from this mess. People are catching on even as Chinese News Nutery  and progressive Nothing But Communism continue to proclaim "pay no attenion to what we have done, it's all Trump's fault."
Locking people up at home with nothing better to do than search the internet for stories has backfired on them. Operation Konserve has been exposed and the people they intended to fool are not impressed.
That is why George Floyd's death is being picketed and protested. Sad to say, people don't get the facts most of the time. It does not matter that Minnesota is a donk state. it does not matter that Minneapolis is a democrat hell hole that sent a muslim fraudster engaged in immigration violations to Washington. It won't matter that the protests and riots are happening in democrat strongholds. This is a desperate act by power mad people determined to destroy the United States and create a one world government.
Our nation is in serious trouble. This is not politics as usual, this is mass murder on a continental scale they have planned.

Ring of Fire

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Just a reminder

The Wuhanflu is a dempanic, not a pandemic.
Nazi Pelosi now wants to allow members of the communist party democrats to cast proxy votes rather then assemble in person as the Constitution mandates.
I guess she wants to have mail in fraud for Congress the same way she wants to defraud us Joe Averages of our vote.
remember in November, the donks want to take us over the cliff in high gear, establishment republicans want to take us over one gear lower. President Trump wants to reverse course and implement socialism somewhere else, like Mars, the eventual destination of the new Space Force. getting all the lib-commie reporters on one rocket is the main hold up at this point.
Maybe hook them up via  a tow cable like they used for the Horsa gliders in WW2. Don't make it too long though, they might freeze during interplanetary flight if they are beyond the plume from the rocket motors....

Gentle on my mind

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I'd put them under it

Prsident Trump indicated today that he might attend the Space-X launch. While speaking, he joked that he'd like to put the press on it.
Seriously? Why not fill it with rocks? They'd be just as useful on a space mission and would not waste precious oxygen.
Under might be beneficial.Just before ignition, tell them that HiLlARy threw the election on purpose. their heads exploding should add fifteen hundred miles to the climb out, or they can shut it down early and save fuel.

Spiders and Snakes

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Tuesday, May 19, 2020

do you not know that a prince & a great man has fallen today?

Ravi Zacharias, one of the greatest Christian Apologists of our time has passed away from cancer at the age of 74. Ravi was born in India and converted to Christianity at the age of 17.
An Apologist is a person who gives reason for an action. We all think of an apology as simply saying "I'm sorry" but that is not what an apology is about. It is also giving an intellectual reason for what you did. Most times, sadly, when we apologize, it is "I thought it was funny at the time'"
Evangelists point us to Christ Crucified. They spread the Gospel, the good news of Christ and forgiveness of sins. Apologists give pointed arguments for faith in Christ as opposed to faith in Buddha or the lunatic pedophile from Medina. Their job is to state clearly why Christians believe what we believe and to show that this is not blind faith. It is not intellectual short straws clinging to guns and religion in the face of strong scientific evidence.
Ravi was one of the best, and I would like to believe that he was welcomed with great flare. If you are not familiar with him and his message, his many broadcasts are available at RZIM and also on youtube.
Mike Pence counted him as a friend.

Lord Mister Ford

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Was this all ObamAA-'s doing?

I'm just throwing this out there. I'm not trying to defend him, not making excuses for him, just wondering about the whole Flynn ordeal.
For most of Barry's presidency, it has appeared as though Val Jar was the hand controlling him. Her ties to him go back to when she was working with the University of Chicago Medical Center, the same outfit that gave Mooche a $276,618 no show job.
Another aspect to consider is that HiLlARy bailed out the DNC after the 2008election. Their faux foundation "loaned" the money to the DNC. It was supposed to have secured her the nomination and the election in 2016. That was one of the main reasons she campaigned in such lackluster fashion. The republicans were to have rolled over and played dead like they always do. Sure George W Bush won in 2000, but that was against the extremely repulsive Rev Gore of the church of global warming. Truth be told, he could just as easily run as a donk given the way he spent money and hoarded power.
Factor #3, foreign influence. China and Iran. Remember the cargo plane full of cash? Barry has a love affair with Iran mainly because of his hatred for Israel. China has been siphoning off trillions from us for decades. They got missile technology from the Clintons, funneled cash to Gore's campaign, and have their claws deep into many of our Universities and colleges, not to mention other nations especially in Africa.
Think about that, The United States has for years, borrowed money from China and given it in the form of foreign aid to every nation except Cuba, North Korea, and Iran. Heck, we even gave aid to China after we borrowed their money. China on the other hand is giving loans to these countries. Now their tin pot leaders, accustomed to mishandling American aid, have mishandled the Chinese money and are now losing property as the notes are called.
Eleven percent of our National Debt is owed to China. $1.26 trillion to be exact as of 2013. Scary?
We also owe 196.6 billion to Taiwan, 1.7% of our debt, and another $142.9 billion to Hong Kong. And while both entities are considered not China, they are part of China.
If that weren't enough, consider this, we Owe $253.4 billion to Brazil. They are the fourth fastest growing economy because of investment  by, can you guess, China.
now, to top it off, we owe $162.9 billion to Putin.
Okay. ignore Brazil and Russia for a moment, and lets focus on China. Mad Dr. Fauci and his Allergy research center invested a quaint $3.7 million in the Wuhan lab to do research  that is not allowed in the United States. Every article I have read about construction in China has focused on how bad they are. Buildings collapse for no apparent reason. It's like they are using thatch hut technology to build steel structures. After Katrina we got sheet Rock from China, and now the place built with it are unlivable. Gee, who would think a high tech lab n China would be unable to contain pathogens?
I could be wrong on this, but I do believe that Russia was a scapegoat. Barry was unable to suck up to Putin even after the State department gifted them a huge chunk of our uranium ore rights. Was that by agreement? China and Russia have been at odds for many years. Kinda like me and the ex wife. Never mind. Theirs is a marriage made in heaven compared to her. It was slight of hand. Russia was used as a distraction while the real problem has been China, just like in 2000. Did they have a hand or even a say in the targeting of General Flynn?
Now, I'm not trying to say Barry is an innocent scapegoat. He is up to his eyeballs in this. The real problem I have though is he is a stuttering fool without his teleprompter. Put more than eight words on the screen and he gets lost in traffic. No one, I repeat, NO ONE is typing "uh uuuh um err" on that screen every third word, for him to spew to the delight of a swooning press and the laughter of everyone else.
Another thing I wonder is why Flynn? We know they were surveying him for months prior to the election. We know the FD302's were pulled from thin air, and we know the judge, a Clintonista was cherry picked to engineer this railroading. Did some one have a special hate for the general, or was he picked because of chance? We know he clashed with the SCoaMF and was fired. Did the hate for him from the Iranian lover run that deep? Or was it some one like ValJar?
If we had a respectable press, there would be a hundred reporters dogging every member of the ObamAA- cabal demanding answers. They would be hounded like Princess Diana was in Paris. Alas what passes for the press is a propaganda arm of the new communist party in the same way Goebbels was a mouthpiece for another world leader who used thug squads to terrorize the people.

I'm a nut

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Establish Justice

Our Constitution is an amazing document. During the Constitutional convention to amend the Articles of Confederation, much fighting took place. not the knock down drag out kind, but arguments that threatened the fabric of our new nation.
It was not until Benjamin Franklin called them to prayer that the document we now know as our Constitution took shape.
It begins quite simply; We the People of the United States, in order to form a more perfect Union, Establish Justice, provide for the common defense, promote the general welfare and secure the blessings of liberty to ourselves and our posterity do Ordain and Establish This Constitution for the United States of America.
Our government has become populated with people, paid for by other people whose concept is not justice, but Just Us. They do not give a rip about you me, or anyone outside their circle of significant friends.
Obama told us that his would be the most transparent administration ever. Transparently evil in my humble opinion.
He provided massive firepower to the Mexican cartels responsible for shipping his supply of illegal drugs. The carnage at our border continues unabated nearly four years after his reign of evil.
On the home front, we now know for certain that he weaponized the entire government to his purposes. Our FBI and DOJ are infested with criminals who sought to bring down the presidency of Donald John Trump. They spied on his campaign,and when those deeds came to light and the watchdog attempted to shut it down, they lied to the courts and obtained warrants to continue the surveillance. Then when his anointed successor lost, they planted false evidence and cooked up an investigation to obstruct every action the President took.
Now the DOJ continues to hide evidence and attack the administration. Are you hoping for an indictment? If one were handed down it would be handled by the Just Us department and most likely tried before a judge like Sullivan, the unjust hack who refuses to accept that the DOJ has admitted to framing General Flynn.
It is time to scrap the just us department and start over. Some say do away with it and be done. We cannot do that. In order for our nation to survive, we must have law enforcement and courts we can trust.
Let's begin by remaking the FBI. Fire every last one of them. give them a retirement package based on their years of service and set it to begin at age 67 just like most folks are stuck with. They will land with police departments through out the nation. For some departments they will be a boon, for others a bust.
Next set up a program where investigators from police departments across the nation serve as special investigators for a period of five years. divide the initial class into subsets who would serve three, four or five years. Recruit a new class every year. To assure continuity, allow for extensions when they are in the middle of an investigation where the depth of work would make passing it to a new detective problematic. Limit the extensions to a year.
After they have been absent for five years, allow for a return session for the top twenty percent. Put those individuals into supervisory rolls, but recruit the top tier from outside law enforcement, and bar attorneys from the positions.
Now, about the DOJ, fire them all. Replace the U.S. attorneys with Attorney's Generals who are NOT liars err lawyers.They would be empowered to assign cases to any lawyer admitted to the bar in any court in their district. Lawyers would not have the option to decline except in instances of a conflict of interest. Pay them based on performance, but not a win lose kind of evaluation. at the conclusion of each case, have it reviewed by a second grand jury that would assess whether the prosecution was done in a fair and equitable manner.
If a case is overturned on appeal, no dollars. If evidence was withheld, no dollars. If you botch the case, no dollars. If you presented all the evidence, but failed to sway the jury, that is not botching the case. America is full of fools. Look at the Jury foreman from the Stone trial. If you obtained a confession or conviction when the person was not guilty, no dollars and no license to practice ever again. Don't like the rules? Don't be a liar err lawyer.
We have the potential to make  America great again. The problem is that we have a lot of people in positions of power who are determined to sell us out to red China for a song.
I know this won't happen. I know we are destined to decline and fall. That is the fate of the world, but we don't have to go willingly.

Orange Blossom Special

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Sunday, May 10, 2020

England Swings

This does not apply to the Flynn case

Late last night Don Surber posted about Barry pardoning convicted liar and leaker General James Cartwright.
Barry is all butt hurt this weekend because the DOJ dropped all charges, fake and imaginary, against General Flynn. He said it was unprecedented.
After the CIA targeted Iran's nuclear weapons program, information was leaked by General Cartwright. He was subsequently questioned about the leaks, lied, was caught, and eventually pled guilty.
On the eve of his sentencing, Barry handed down a pardon. This was his eleventh hour flurry of pardons including Bradley Manning. I believed at the time it was because Barry wanted the info leaked. We know that he loves Iran more than America in spite of them routinely slaughtering homosexuals. I also believe the targeting of their nuclear program was done without his consent. remember, he sent them a plane stuffed with pallets of cold hard cash.
So as we can see, this is decidedly NOT an apples to apples comparison. Cartwright was possibly the only general Barry loved whereas Flynn was the one he hated the most.
Okay, that really does not matter. Cartwright committed a crime and lied. Flynn committed no crime.
Cartwright was convicted, Flynn was exonerated.
Cartwright was pardoned by the president. Flynn needed no pardon because justice was somewhat served.
Sorry, Don, you are comparing apples to Oranges, and as a college classmate of mine showed, they really are not that different.

Thursday, May 7, 2020

FLYNNDICATED is not enough

Today the (in)justice department announced it was dropping all bogus charges against LTG Flynn. The General, who served as an advisor to Barry Soetoro before joining the Trump campaign was framed by members of the United States Government, and pressured into a false confession over threats to target his family.
Dropping the charges is only a baby step in the right direction. Some have suggested he get his job back. That might be good, let's go for better. how about making him director of the FBI? Then give him a special directive; clean house in the FBI, CIA, and main justice. Appoint a team of lawyers who have never worked at the Just Us department to sift everything. Appoint a special judge to hold court and punish every lawyer, cop and judge that was part of this fraud on America. This was treason. Make it a tribunal with a sitting jury of judges to hear the cases and administer hemp justice.
There is no justice unless Peter Stroker. Lisa Page, Comey the commie, and every on up to and including Barry Soetoro, if he was in on it are executed. I am certain he was and I'd bet Comey would flip in a heart beat to save his neck. I wouldn't spare him unless I absolutely had to. I'd give the deal to the lowest possible toad and make sure Commie got a short drop hanging.
After they are done with the executions, I would sever the heads, impale them on a spike, then put them on display in the Headquarters of the FBI and Justice departments.Away from the public,but where every member of Just US had to walk past them as they entered and left work.

Walkin in the sunshine

Wednesday, May 6, 2020

More balls than an elephant

Texas Lt Governor Dan Patrick has stepped up and will pay the $7,000 fine imposed on salon owner Shelly Luther. He also has offered to serve her jail sentence. While that is nice, and I commend him, the one who should serve the sentence is none other than unjust judge Eric Moyé.
Texas Governor Abbott made a mistake in shutting down his state.  #1, It violates the United States Constitution. There may be enough bought and paid for liars err lawyers in Washington to determine that, no that is not the case, but reality is the simple words our Fore Fathers wrote.
#2. The shut downs accomplish nothing and may very well cause worse harm. While it is very likely this is a man made pathogen and it's potential for harm not entirely known, we have dealt with worse. Washington fought the Revolution during a small pox epidemic. The Civil war led to outbreaks of several diseases, and WW1 ran hand in hand with the Spanish flu epidemic.
The Governor should end his shut down and work strenuously to get his state and his people back working.
It's time to do a reality check. EVERY job in America is essential. Every person who works feeds themself and probably one or more others. But let's be realistic, People have to eat. That means the food production plants must remain running. To keep them going requires that their workers have access to many important things to get to work and sustain their lives.
Instead of looking at jobs, consider a car instead. pick a part that is essential. If you eliminate every thing else, you are left with one part and it is useless now. The same holds true of our economy. We are artificially plugged into the world wide network of businesses when we don't need to be.We can and should be independent.
democrats have shot themselves big time on this whole thing. now with funemployment zooming, do we need even one foreign worker? I have faith in President Trump. If anyone can get this country back running, it is him. What WE need to do to help is get rid of all the donks in Congress and as many communist governors as possible as quickly as possible. recall em all.

Slow Dancing Swayin To The Music

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Run For The Roses

My mother loved sports. Growing up in Minnesota, if there was a Minnesota team playing, mom had the radio tuned to WCCO and was listening. Vikings, Twins, Gophers, and the Lakers before they deserted. Mom also listened to the horse races, and I cannot remember a time when she missed a Kentucky Derby. The run for the Roses.
I love sports. I hate what our athletes have turned it into. Today marked the 146th running.

Friday, May 1, 2020