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Smoky Mountain Rain

The 24 hour rule

I almost posted yesterday about this since it happened so close to home. It didn't pass the smell test. How many times have we had false flag reports? Whether it is a waitress of color, an actor with gender confusion, or some other attention seeker, there have been too many of these reports for us to take them at face value.
well, it was a fake. The unnamed officer has resigned, and the Police in Herington and junction City have egg on their faces thanks to the bastard. I can't say I told you so, but I was chicken about calling him out and being wrong.
The only bad thing in this is the chicken shit will move on and no one the wiser to his antics.

Be sober Be vigilant

This weekend saw two horrific attacks on religious people in the United States. The outcomes were markedly different. In Texas, a lawfully armed parishioner halted the attack in under six seconds with a well places shot to the head. That would be mass murderer died at the scene from terminal stupidity.

The gathering at the home of Rabbi Chaim Rottenberg was disrupted by a machete wielding member of the Black Hebrew Israelite cult. The assailant didn't manage to kill anyone, but five members sustained severe injuries. Cujo's New York does not allow people the right to defend themselves. Texas, wisely, allows people to return force with force.

What does that say for each of us when we go to worship the GOD of Heaven? Even with Texas' laws allowing for carry inside houses of worship, there have been several attacks in recent years. These servants of Satan, the real one, not merely HiLlARy, are not deterred by the possibility of encountering armed resistance. They are willing to die and some it seems want to die in their act of violence.
As the end times approach, and they are coming, these things will worsen. Whether we have a year, a century, or a millennium, GOD himself only knows, but we are assured they will come, and with them all manner of evil. Some unimaginable, even by people who have witnessed things like the holocaust and the various genocides of recent times.
When Jesus sent his disciples out the first time, they did not take a bag, a weapon or even a cloak. When he commissioned them at the Last Supper, he told them, and us, take a weapon, and if you don't have one, sell your coat to obtain one. We need to give careful consideration to GOD's instructions. Especially now.
It is not enough to arm yourself. you need to train. The defender in Texas fired one well placed shot. he did it in a room full of people in full panic. His concentration was great, his aim was true. It only took him one shot.
Depending on the size and structure of your church, there may be more than one person carrying. Would you know who else was a parishioner?  Could you react in a shoot don't shoot drill and not engage a good guy who also reacted? Can you react under pressure and hit a moving target? One that may be shooting at you?
The other key is coordinate. Your minister needs to know if you are carrying, and if you plan to act in the event of an intrusion. Coordination also involves prepositioning. The people charged with reacting need to be in key locations including one or more outside the church sanctuary. AND they need to function as a team.
I hope that by now, every church in America has people in the pew armed and ready. We cannot rely on the police. In an emergency, they could be called away to an accident or another situation, and in any event, the old adage applies, when seconds count, the Police are only minutes away. You are your own first line of defense. And with anti-semitism, and anti religious movements happening the way they are, we need to be always on our guard.
The last thing is, when the police arrive, stand down. They are responding to an active shooter, and may engage you since no one is wearing vests identifying them as good guys. When the cavalry gets there, even if you are engaging the shooter, be prepared to set your gun down and assume a position of no threat, hands behind your head, away from your weapon if possible. Remember, they are often less trained than you and me. There is no point in being a dead hero.

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Even ISIS doesn't believe the koran

It is my belief that the koran is nothing more than the ramblings of a pedophile whose brain was damaged by tertiary syphilis. It contradicts itself, and while muslims claim a link to the Abrahamic tests, the first five books of the Bible, they completely deny all that is in them.
It now appears as if the hardline muzzies in ISIS don't put much faith in the teachings either. According to the drivel in the Satanic Verses, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi should now be enjoying his 72 virgins, or more probably the 24 supple young boys. They should b celebrating that he got his worthless ass killed in an American raid to capture or kill him.
What do they do to show appreciation? on Christmas Day, they beheaded ten men in Nigeria and shot an eleventh.
So much for gratitude, you'd think they would still be celebrating his departure. Then again, since he blew himself to smithereens, and only managed to obliterate a few of his own brats in the process, he may not have qualified for the sex cult rewards program.
Heaven now has ten martyrs beheaded for their faith. Are they beneath  the alter crying out "how long oh LORD until you avenge us?"
While Satan's followers are busy slaughtering Christians in Africa, and invading Europe, others of his disciples here are busy doing all in their power to disarm us so we will be impotent to stop them when their numbers hit critical mass here.
History shows that once they get close to 10% of a nation's population, it becomes game on and hell is in session. How many did Barry import? Don't forget, they breed like roaches when they don't have goats to screw. Yup, we're screwed, but you knew that already if you read the Bible. We lose, but GOD wins.

Step By Step

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El Condor Pasa

Why aren't we protesting?

The video below pretty well sums it up. Trump supporters have a lot of confidence that the Senate will do it's job and toss the articles after a full hearing on the matter.
Besides, we all have jobs to get to Thursday  morning, family and friends to celebrate Christ's birth with tomorrow, Presents to buy and wrap, and a thousand other things of importance to do today. Since we believe in GOD and trust his guidance, we are not ashamed of our President, nor are we fearful of the future. It is in his control, never was in ours.
Therefore, celebrating the birth of His Son takes priority over waving a futile sign against the evil that has taken root in Nancy P. Lousy's feeble brain.
May GOD bless all of you, today, tomorrow and always. Enjoy the time with family, and if you happen to have a lefty in the bunch, gently needle them about the stellar lack of a criminal violation in their shame-peachment of a sham-peachment.

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September morn

What is Nancy Pelosi afraid of?

From the moment that it became obvious that Donald Trump was a serious candidate, the dems have been talking about impeachment. Even a number of RINOs were joining the chorus. The day he was elected, that talk became a yell, and on Inauguration Day, it became a scream.
During the 2018 campaign season there were few candidates who ran on a platform of impeaching the President. Most of the ones who did were incumbents in safe districts, places such as San Francisco and New York. Most of the dems who defeated incumbent republicans ran as moderates. Some of them even claimed to oppose impeachment.
In 2016 the republicans held the Senate. In 2018 they gained seats securing a conservative base in the upper chamber. With the exception of Mitt Romney, no republican has called for Donald Trump to step down or supported impeachment. We know for a fact that many of them are weak kneed RINOs like Lindsey Graham who will dart left at a moments provocation, but he has firmly stood strong as America has returned to the values which made this country the strongest in the world.
Over in the House, the calls to impeach the president turned from yelling to howling. Like coyotes smelling a hen house, they seemed unable to get their noses away from the idea that President Trump is as criminal as they are.
Every thing he did sparked calls for impeachment. every action had them demanding an investigation. The cable news cabal carried these rantings almost every news cycle. It became like a form of rabies that makes the victim ever more crazy, but lacks the means to end it's suffering.
At last the dems seized on an accusation of corruption, a quid-pro-quo, and ran with it. did it matter that the proof of its invalidity was right in front of them? No, they instead called it Obstruction.
Their fever pitched screams birthed an impeachment, they voted, got their majority to agree, never mind that the oposition was the only thing bipartisan about this, then decided to sit on it rather than send it to the Senate for a trial.
What suddenly changed? Donald John Trump is still our President, has been since January 2017. The Senate is still firmly republican. They've been there since 2014 blocking ObamAA-'s foolishness. republicans in the House are powerless to do anything, Nancy amended the House rules to make the minority party invalid.
Why not send the Articles of Impeachment to the Senate? The trial he will get will be just as fair as the one he wold have received in 2018, 2017, or even in 2016 if they had decide to preempt his inauguration in December. In 2016 they would have had a chance, republicans were not yet united behind him, he was a political unknown, and many  had valid fears that the former democrat and major democrat donor might prove o be a wolf in sheep's clothing. thankfully, he has turned out to be the most honest man to hold the office in a Century.
Again I ask, what changed? the press is telling America that the deeds of our President make Nixon look like a choir boy and Bush a champion of conservatism.
Americans are not buying this. Polls are showing push back. When the president is flush with money from donors small and large, and donks are seeing their candidates failing for lack of support, they have reason to fear.
Is that what Nancy is afraid of? Maybe it is that President Trump has the right to a fair trial, and the Supreme court can stop the Senate from binding him with meaningless rules meant to protect wrong doings by others which would come to light in a lengthy trial.
This trial, if it happens, will not be a simple matter of the house putting their witnesses in front of the people only to have them shown to be partisan hacks and liars, this will be the President calling up dozen, possibly hundreds of witnesses and exposing every bit of corruption that can be linked directly or indirectly to the entire operation.
People who watch only the news will be shown many misdeeds which the media have gleefully cover up. We know the truth. Many people do not. many folks don't bother to dig for the truth and simply accept what CNN peddles. The paradigm shift will be felt like a magnitude 100 earthquake through American politics.
To name a few, we know Nancy and Schiff are dirty. We know Romney and Kerry's kids also fed at the trough called Ukraine. What percentage of Americans are going to shrug their shoulders and say, Okay, back to business as usual after these revelations hit them square in the face? We have an emoluments clause regarding the President, will the People demand it extend also to members of Congress and their families and to the families of ambassadors and department heads?
Nancy is not afraid that President Trump will get off. They have already said they will impeach him again and again. She is not afraid of losing her speakership, she is in a safe district and will be reelected as long as she desires to remain in Washington and might become the oldest person to serve as speaker, provided she makes it to 110.
No, she saw something, and it terrified her like Arkanside. What else might an impeachment trial expose?

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families are off limits???

Ditzy Debbie Dingle is upset that while she was voting to impeach President Trump for committing no crime, he was in her home state making jokes about her late husband being in hell. It is possible, it is a truth that hurts, to know that a family member who spent their life rejecting GOD, Jesus, and the love they offer is not spending eternity in their presence.
Some say that maybe the President should not have said what he said. I don't know, was it a true off the cuff remark? He has made some brilliant ones. More often it seems to me, he is carefully scripted in what he says. While he appears to have no filter, it is actually highly regulated, carefully crafted, and precisely targeted. He is like a sniper taking a shot through a tornado, in the middle of a hurricane, and hitting a target half the size of the bullet precisely dead center at the maximum possible range of the weapon chosen, and doing so while bother are being tossed about on tsunami like waves in different directions. And he does it time after time.
So Debbie thinks family should be off limits. Does that include Barron Trump and the nasty remarks made during the shampeachment mock hearing? What about Donald Jr, Ivanka, and Jared Kushner? Are they similarly off limits?
What about Hunter Biden and the bribes he received through Barisma Holdings? Kickbacks made by Ukraine as a term of receiving money they desperately needed to fend off Russian advances?
What about the children of Nancy Pelosi, Adam Shiff, John Kerry and Willard Romney who also appear to have received kickback money from Ukraine, China, and other nations who sought to influence American political actions? Does Debbie want to protect them? I'm betting that she wants to protect only liberal families.
When despicable Debbie is the first to denounce an attack on the President's family, or better yet, to denounce attacks against people who attend campaign rallies, then I will consider her demand that families be off limits.
Verbal attacks on children have been around for decades. The first I remember were comments about how Chelsie Clinton was the poster child for abortion on demand. At the time we didn't know her mother's preferred method of birth control was the knife. And today we see what a beautiful woman she has not become. Then again, beauty is only skin deep, her ugliness comes from her very core. Just like her mom.
As for Dingle, if you want to be a thin skinned crybaby, stay out of politics. find a nice hole, crawl in and pull it in after you. And if you think what adults say about kids is bad,what they say about each other aint one bit better.

Somebody Done Somebody Wrong Song

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We must have full exoneration

They say that history is written by he winners. That is rarely the case. Many accounts of wars paint the eventual winners as corrupt overlords. Our own history is a pack of lies. The Noble Warrior? The just cause of the South?
History will record the events unfolding now in a way to paint what ever side the writer is on in the best possible light. Given that most history is written by college professorss, and given that most of them are far left liberals, you can rest assured that history will not be kind to President Trump regarding this impeachment, and frankly, his entire administration. record lows in unemployment a safer border, falling welfare and food stamp benefits will be ignored when it comes time for them to defend the unconstitutional actions of Nancy P. Lousy, New York's nadless and Pencil neck Shif-for-brains.
No matter what the articles of impeachment say, the Senate must take them up with all the seriousness of genocide. Every speck of evidence no matter how crazy and far flung must be heard.
It is a near certainty that the Senate will move to acquit. The only republican likely to vote to remove is the white perversion of ObamAA-, Mittens the carpet bagger from Massive-clue-less.
The press will not be on Mitch's side. Just as when the republicans had their witness in front of Nadler's judiciary committee, the press will cut away to sound bits, mute the testimony while their squawking heads give their interpretation of previous lies, or even discuss the weather.
It will be tough, but the president's team will need to make an air tight case that this is a fraud. It will be necessary to expose how the children of many of the elite are involved in schemes to rake in millions or billions of dollars from foreign governments, and how President Trump's   search for the truth about Biden lets sunlight in on their dealings.
If only 1% of the truth slips past the guardians of lies, the modern press, People will begin to see the truth. That exposure will put enormous pressure on democrats in the Senate. The 33 class 2 seats plus two special elections are composed of 23 republicans and 12 communists.
Doug Jones in Alabama is especially vulnerable. It was only the toxic environment created around Judge Moore that got him elected. he may not care. Or he may see a glimmer of hope and decide to vote to acquit.
Tina Smith in Minnesota is another possible. Minnesota tends blue, but many republicans have come from the land-o-lakes.
Warner in Virginia is another possible. He barely squeaked out a win in 2014, and the state is up in arms about recent communist actions by their new legislature. He needs something to woo voters back to the dark side.
A voter revolt could also endanger Cory Booker and several of the other job killer.
They also need to be thinking about 2022. Yes, it is three years away, but voter anger could carry over, and you can bet your bottom dollar that President Trump will work to get out the vote against the twelve class 3 liberal Senators up then.
What we want to see in the coming battle is a full exposure of the facts. Then hopefully, when the vote is taken, instead of a party line acquittal, we can get several donks to pull their heads out of their asses and respect the Constitution and the rule of law.
If that happens, nothing the future misleaders of our grand children write will matter. The facts will slay the slander they put to paper. and the briefest examination will lead people to the unvarnished truth, This was a witch hunt worthy of Stalin or Mao.

Kiss an Angel Good Morning

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Obstruction of Justice? obstruction of US

Abraham Lincoln, at the height of the Civil war said, "Four score and seven years ago our fathers brought forth on this continent, a new nation, conceived in Liberty, and dedicated to the proposition that all men are created equal. Now we are engaged in a great civil war, testing whether that nation, or any nation so conceived and so dedicated, can long endure....
We are again at the brink of Civil War. This time, instead of North vs South, we have bureaucrats who think it is their job to decide how the country is run opposing the will of the American people. For twenty eight years we have had insider government. George H.W. Bush was a career Washington insider. While he ran as a republican, he governed like a democrat. His failure to stand by his word made him one of only a few single term Presidents. Carter, Ford, Hoover and Taft round out the ones from the 20th Century.
He was followed of course, by Worthless Willie who was more a criminal than an insider. Still, he used manipulated and expanded the deep state for his own gain. His wife on the other hand was a deep stater. Her roots run back to Watergate where it was determined she was too sleazy even for the scum bags who went after Nixon.
Next up, 2000 where the choice between Gore and George W. Bush was not a question of whether either would run us over the cliff, but merely what gear. In choosing Bush Americans hoped they were selecting granny low. The events of 9-11-01 and the flurry of legislation stripping our rights proved the choice was actually between going over in a jet powered vs rocket powered ride of death.
He was followed by Barry the puppet. Barry had many strings, and it often appeared his master pulling the strings was ValJar the Iranian asset. One has to wonder if the cash gift to the mullah's was her idea or if it came from Barry which I doubt. I just cannot see an Arab like Barry being that friendly to the Persians of his own accord.
While Barry was keeping us distracted with his bone headed stupidity which set race relations in America back over a hundred years, his 2nd in command was busy hauling in loads of cash via his son's accounts. Avoids the inheritance taxes that way. But the drug addled Hunter was not alone in his endeavors, we know that the fine upstanding Secretary of State was soliciting millions into her slush fund faux charity in exchange for access to the government
Then of course she was replaced by the stolen valor champ whose son partnered with Hunter Biden to sweep in the largess from Ukraine China and who knows what other nations. It looked like we would give a billion in "aid" and they would skim a cool percentage off the top.
Years back when I was in a small town government, we had organizations which specialized in preparing grant applications. they would get a 2-5% cut of what ever federal block grant the city managed to win. This has a similar look, but here we did not have a body of assistance getting a cut, we had the people writing the checks getting a cut.
Something puzzled me about the Ukraine fiasco. At the start of the light in the shorts bringer's term, he axed a number of deal which were intended to beef up Ukrainian defenses as they faced a growing threat from Putin's Russia.
Putin as we all know, got a cherry deal, a percentage of U.S. uranium assets via the uranium one deal. talk about collusion, After that, Putin should have been on the campaign bus at every stop with the Piap.
At any rate, Ukraine was left high and dry. Putin stole the Crimea from them, and they were in a serious world of hurt since we'd unfriended them on world book. Suddenly its "oh hey, you need loans, you need foreign aid? Basically the old "nice store you have here, be a shame if it burned to the ground tonight."
I don't think many people were angry about that back in 2016. Most of us were unaware of the kind of shady deals happening in far off places. What had many of us irate was the bleeding of American jobs and American know how to China. Technology that gave us an edge was being handed over to the Chi-Coms and they were exploiting it in ways that threatened our nation's existence. we were on the road to third world shit hole status.
What these people wanted to do to America makes Bain Capital look like  child's play.
Destroying our nation is a priority to the deep state. They want power. They want control, and they don't get it when we are making money and don't need the nanny staters. My personal belief is they want to create exactly the sort of world government that John wrote about in Revelation. One which will quickly become the ultimate in evil, over powering, controlling.
A lot of people saw the problem. A lot of people knew what it would take to fix the problem. Back in 2000 we got saddled with Bush redux. Well, when the choice came down to him or Gore... In 2004 our options were more Bush or Stolen Valor Ketchup boy. The lesser of two evils. 2008 conservatives got saddled with the anything BUT conservative John McStain. Let's see, pick the democratic socialist running as a democrat, or the democratic socialist running as a republican. At least Barry was honest about being a communist. We made it through four years of Barry and when it is time for another election, what did the party elite decide? let's run the older white version of Barry.
2016 was shaping up to be another disaster. Republican leadershit filled the debate stage with a bunch of ragtag losers. The socialists of course were offering HiLlARy her time to shine. it was almost like the repubs wanted her to be the first openly female President. (I say that because I've never seen Barry in a dress.. Although when his "wife" wore one, it sure looked like there was a package.)
At that point a lot of people were ready to just give up on elected government. No, not surrender the Constitution, just give up, stay home, and accept a fate unimaginable even fifty years ago.
Through the dust and the smoke of that man made hell 
Walked an orange haired man that America knows well.
Put on a MAGA hat, picked up a microphone, 
Cleared the debate stage and sent em all home. 
Big Don.
While many people knew what to do, it took a special kind of person to do it. One who could take down the establishment and offer to the people the kind of government our forefathers envisioned.
America got on the MAGA train and the rest should have been history.
Instead, we have the District of Columbia dead set on preventing our President from doing the job We elected him to do.
The second problem is that Washington is not in the business of fixing the problems they create. They would be putting themselves out of work. Amazing that people who really don't want to work are determined to keep the jobs they don't do.
Donald Trump has carried through on nearly all the campaign promises he made. He has done it while having to fend off constant attacks from the Washington establishment, the media, the former administration, and the supposed republicans in Congress. And he has been successful. And they hate him for it.
Presently the scum in Congress are preparing articles of impeachment. They want to charge him with Obstructing Congress when they are the ones being obstructionist.
In 2018 we cleaned the House of a lot of republican trash. In 2020 we will have to get rid of the garbage we replaced them with and elect true conservatives to Congress. If we got real Conservatives, the 2022 midterm would be an anomaly. The House might actually gain seats for  the party in power. President Trump can do it if he holds true to his plans. The only thing preventing him from doing so is the Congress who are obstructing him, and by obstructing him, they are obstructing US.
Our media is laughable. the covered every second of Pencil neck's witness testimony. then, when it was time for republicans to rebut, they switched away and the every day person got to hear nothing about what a house of cards this whole affair is. Queen of Hearts step aside, you were an amateur, a piker.

16th Avenue

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Funny Face

I don't agree with strip searching an 8 year old... BUT

An unnamed child was going to visit her dad in Buckingham Correctional Center, Virginia accompanied by dad's new girlfriend. While entering the prison, a drug dog alerted on the GF triggering a mandatory strip search. Since the child was accompanying her, it was decided that the child also be searched for drugs. Virginia has protocols which were not followed. It is traumatic to strip search a child, and therefore a legal guardian is supposed to be present and give consent.
Instead, we have this disaster. What else should we do? If we automatically exempt kids, we will get the same problems that were created when the Supreme injustices of the court decided that we cannot execute minors for murder. We would have children becoming mules for the smugglers. get detected? turn around and leave, no harm no foul and the drugs don't get found. Try again with another kido.
Virginia should have turned them away, then barred the child from visitation unless accompanied by a legal guardian.
For that matter, no child under sixteen should be visiting at prison unless accompanied by a legal guardian.

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Playing With The Boys

Does this shock you?

Nina Singleton of Chicago is being held without bail after supposedly body slamming her infant daughter. Why? Because the precious child reminded her of her now ex boyfriend.
Are you shocked?  Sad to say, I am not. New York just made it legal for a mother to kill her just born child. Virginia contemplated similar legislation. Is there much difference between a baby two months before birth vs a baby two months old? Size is the main consideration, a preemie can easily survive with proper care much younger children have.  The issue is care. A two year old would likely not survive without constant care and assistance, and frankly, most ten year olds would be in a world of hurt if they were lost and alone any place but a Burger King.
This is a shame on our nation. we were told in 1973 that only wanted babies would be born after Roe v Wade. We were lied to. We knew it then, we have the proof now.
End times prophesy, every human tie will perish. Even marriage is mostly dead here, now. Friend to friend unfaithful prove. get stabbed in the back much? me too. Mothers cease their own to cherish. GOD, help us. And please dear LORD, help that precious child Nina Singleton so hated.

Took long enough

Florence Teeters bagged a buck. It wasn't an especially large buck, and from the pictures, it does not have a spectacular rack, but it is indeed a buck. her first buck. Her first deer. The 104 year old lady decided that she wanted to accompany her son on a trip to the deer stand. She got her tag, and away they went. At 104, Florence is not as spry as she probably was at 74, and My hat is off to her for her record setting hunt. She is the oldest reported person to successfully bag a deer, legally in Wisconsin and probably the United States. So sad she waited all these years. So glad she got to do it.
It would be interesting to know what rifle she used. probably a .300 WINMAG.

Retarded Rob must know a lot about pacts with the devil

One of Hollywood's hate point pricks, the meathead, tweeted that "Evangelicals & White Supremacists have made a pact with Putin. But unlike a pact with the Devil, this one can be unsigned"
I did not know pacts with the devil had to be signed. Apparently they do as Rob makes clear in his drivel.
Well, what is really clear is that Hollywood and it's lowlifes, do not want the business of conservatives. I don't need to watch their crap movies. I don't watch their TV garbage. I don't buy their DVDs nor in any way help feed them.
Of Retarded Rob's movies, the only two I recognize are "the Princess Bride" and "A few Good Men" which in my humble opinion maligned the Marine Corps by portraying them as oaf's who would murder a comrade because he had reported misconduct. Tom Cruise wants the truth? he can't handle the truth. the truth is Hollywood is overflowing with festering garbage who hate America. In short, it SUCKS.
The Princess Bride? Meh, it's a fairy-tale land. Kinda like the one where Conservatives and Evangelicals help the Russia Rob's heroine HiLlARy sold us out to.