Thursday, March 29, 2018

The slinky

Remember the slinky? Not the negligee, the coil of flat wire that you could play with. The thing was pretty much useless, a waste of time. But it would put a smile on your face to watch it going down the stairs.
I think I'm gonna start using that as a nickname for HiLlARy.

Sick? Yes, sick

Nicholas Cruz, the mass murderer is receiving fan mail. hundreds of adoring girls, women, and a few men have sent love letters and suggestive pictures to him. The jail screens all communications, so nearly all the letters are not allowed through.
Every one of the people who sent him love letters should be hospitalized. They should all get mental health screening and inpatient therapy. They are seriously screwed up in the head.

Monday, March 26, 2018

Of course she has a low IQ

Noor Salman is on trial for her part in helping her husband mad Omar slaughter 49 people at the Pulse Night Club in Orlando. After the prosecution rested, her liars began to make their case.
In opening statements, defense attorney Linda Moreno said Salman was a person with a low IQ who did not know “she would wake up a widow, and Omar Mateen a martyr for a cause that she didn’t support.”
No shit Sherlock! She worships the fake moon god  allah. What more proof is needed that her elevator doesn't go clear to the top? No excuse though. If she is smart enough to dress herself, make a meal, and wipe after she shits, she is smart enough to get strapped in a  chair and subjected to a long dose of high voltage, be shot with high powered rifles, or injected with toxic chemicals.
Maybe she knows that islam is pure bullshit. If she really believed it, she would believe that her actions would merit 72 virgins. Then again, she might be worried that those virgins would be as gay as her husband's victims.
Seriously, what do mooslime women get for their obedience? Is there a bevy of horny studs awaiting them? do they get to be the leading lady in some zero hero's stable of doe eyed desperately horny clueless babes? No, they get the same thing every other person who dies with out Christ gets, eternal damnation.
Beyond that, I don't care that her father in law was an informant. He probably steered the FBI the wrong way as much as he could. The media is acting like this is some grand revelation, but as I recall, there was scuttlebutt about it the day after the rampage. Makes me wonder how well the FBI's other informants are.

Sunday, March 25, 2018

An honorable man?

I'm still peeved about President Trump signing the bloated budget.  Chuck the Schmuck and the enimedia will play this as a tactical win, a strategic win, and a complete capitulation till the day President Trump leaves office.
Ever built a house? Lets say you finally achieve financial independence. The time has come to create your dream home. The ideas have been swirling in your head for half a century. Ok, twenty years. Now is the time to put dreams on paper, and make it a reality. You've sat down with a designer who penciled out all your wild fantasies. You've taken those crazy nightmares to an engineer, and you now have a plan. Real drawings that will be turned into your dream house by the builder you choose.
You know how big you want it. You know what you want for walls, what kind of bricks, what type windows, every thing is in the take off right down to the lumber crayons. With one signature, you are now committed to your dream, and that builders job is to make it so.
Lets say you budgeted $25,000 for the foundation. The general contractor may shop suppliers and get a steal on the styrofoam forms, make a deal on the steel, and cement a bargain on the concrete and put that foundation together for $19,459. He just saved you a tidy $5,541 smackers. Standard practice is he gets 1/3 of that savings, so in reality, he saved you $3,694 since he will be rewarded with $1,847.
That is money you can save, or plow back in to better windows, or nicer carpet. His share is a hedge against over runs later in the project. It won't be his bonus until the day you get the keys.
President Trump's house is America. President Trump has built many things. He has grasped the bull by the horns many times in New York's insane world and come out under budget and ahead of schedule, and delivered a better product. If he wasn't good, he'd have become a millionaire, then a thousandaire, then a hundredaire, even starting with a hundred million.
So President Trump has been handed the keys to Ft Knox. He has $1.3 trillion to play with, and a September deadline. Congress allocated the money. It is up to him to write the checks. He can now choose to spend every penny, not one red cent, or some figure in between.
This porkulus ends in September short of the fiscal year's end. September brings redemption or it brings demise. President Trump now holds all the cards, the game is war, and he can deal face up. President Trump can make or break the election. how he spends the money will be the tell. Come 21 September some one will be smiling. Any bets on who?

Trump= A real republican politician

Back when Donald Trump threw his hat in the ring, looking to become the republican nominee, many folks, both right and left put forth the claim that The Donald was not a republican by any means. They pointed to him giving money to democrats. They pointed out how he called Worthless Willie shortly before entering the race. Over and over we were told he was there to get HiLlARy elected. Yet he won!
Then, from the minute he took office, he began to do things he told us he would. Regulations were rolled back, executive orders were reversed, and deportations resumed at a furious pace.  He was kicking the media and the uniparty asses like there was no tomorrow, he was acting like a libertarian, and a mean one to boot.
Now that has changed. It is almost like the guy doesn't want to win any more. I thought he was kidding when he said something about getting tired of winning. I see this hurting the republicans going in to November. This poor choice on his part could cost republicans the house. The irony that Connor Lamb campaigned as pro-gun is not lost here.
Remember when "blue dog" democrats took control of the house in 2006? They campaigned and won by pointing out the wasteful spending of the republicans. Republicans did it again with the trillion plus porkulus spending, and President Trump signed it! With stupidity like that, democrats will control everything before the 2020 election.
The stupid party indeed. They just got dumber! Thanks Donald! We are gonna have President Pluggs in 2020 unless they crown HiLlARy after they impeach you.

Thursday, March 22, 2018

The land before time

Go back to Austria

Adolph Schwarzenegger, the former RINO governor of California is showing once again how damaging steroid abuse can be to the mind. The man whose claim to fame include groping many women in his long career as a lousy actor, is demanding that the mega owners refuse to fund the campaigns of their puppets in congress.
I see that as a great thing. If these mega donors don't give a dime, then the politicians will be beholden to no one. Voters with a brain are not going to support liberal republicans. Look how well Kasich did in the 2016 primary. Or low energy Jebito.
Back in 2000 conservative voters had a choice, liberal spender George, or the loonytune Chinese owned Gore. 2004 was no better as liberals found an even more liberal POS in scream queen Dean and Vietnamese war hero Kerry. The NVA's hero, not America's.
By 2006 the republicans were proving they could spend as liberally as the liberals, and Americans revolted. many stayed home, some held their nose and voted for a blue dog.
2008 saw the worst mistake in American history as Barry Soetoro upstaged Jimmy Carter as the worst presisdent in history... thanks to republicans picking a liberal retard in McInsane. Was it the brain cancer? Or is he really that despicable a human? He then got an encore as republicans did what Dergropenfuerer advocated  and picked liberal Mittens. Lets face it, Willard was the white Obamunist.
Republcans have a chance. If the money bags take the path being advocated, we could be rid of Mitch the bitch, Lyin Ryan and a host of other bad and worse RINOs. Lets hope it happens. Republican voters can chose if there is a choice presented. If not, we can suffer two years of crappy representation, then get some one to replace the liberals in 2020.

Monday, March 19, 2018

Death for drug dealers?

As most of you would guess, I'm for it. Several nations do execute dealers, especially smugglers. There is a risk in doing it to the smugglers, right now they some times surrender when cornered, but if they know certain death is the only option, they will fight tooth and nail when caught. That will place law enforcement in greater danger.
Since 9-11-01, we have had an escalation of law enforcement interactions with bad outcomes. By bad, I mean people who were not criminals being shot dead. Some days it looks like a no win spiral for America. It is a tough line, we have cops who have murdered innocent people, prosecutors who have sent innocent people to jail and at the same time they are covering for the cops who murder.
If we approve the death penalty for drug smugglers, we also need to require the same penalty for police who slaughter innocent blood.
As far as federal enforcement of drug laws, we need to abide by the Constitution. Criminals caught bringing drugs over the border are clearly in violation of Constitutional federal laws. What about pot grown in Colorado or California? If states have rights, the feds should not be able to enforce on things that are clearly state matters. By the way, I am not in favor of recreational drug use but I am also not in favor of the laws we have now. A certain amount of letting adults decide how they wish to ruin their lives though is anathema to politicians.
Medical marijuana is another matter. There is plenty of anecdotal evidence to convince me that there is some medical benefit.
Changes to the laws create potential minefields, some best left unnavigated. Protecting the borders is clearly a federal mandate. If executing the smugglers would slow the flow, I see that as a good thing.
Another potential problem is the Supremely unjust Courts. We know that any law would immediately face a challenge in California, and the Ninth Circus' clowns would strike it down faster than a lawful travel ban. The answer to this problem is a congress with enough spine to reign in the corrupt courts and impeach a whole bunch of judges including Ruth badbitch Grinchberg, or what ever skellator's name is. The courts long ago made the mistake of only allowing death for serious murders. They created classes, something they are not allowed under the Constitution to do. Congress sets the standards, the courts are bound to follow the requirements of Congress unless there is clear reason to say the Congress was wrong. Historical evidence is on the side of executing criminals who have not committed murder.  Eliminating the death penalty for juvenile murderers was another serious misstep by these robed fools.
So, even if we had a Congress with the balls to do the right thing and make the death penalty mandatory for international drug smugglers, the courts would never uphold it, and we have just wasted time and lost face. Better to use other options, send the Army into Mexico and have them commit a few war crimes, then pardon them for making Mexico safer for every one.

Sunday, March 18, 2018

Info to consider

Brandon at ammunition to go sent me results of gel tests they performed on handgun ammo. In all they tested 93 different loads. Many of us have weapons for self or home defense. When it comes down to the wire, you want to inflict enough damage to stop the threat in the least time possible. The fewer shots you need to fire means more rounds remaining should your threat have help.
380 auto
Of course, all rounds are not created equal. Even if a .45 does not penetrate as deep as a 9mm, it has a lot more energy to transfer given that most are double the weight. Hopefully these tables can help you and me in deciding what rounds within our caliber of choice will best match our purpose.

Time to get rid of the FBI?

The federal Bureau of Investigation is in some serious trouble. Every week has brought new revelations of corruption and political sabotage. AG Sesions fired Andrew McCabe mere days before the criminal could have retired with full benefits. We have yet to find out if the swamp rat will be prosecuted.
If we look back at the history of the FBI, it is marred with many, too many incidents of abuse of power, and of the citizens it was intended to serve. From fiascos like the Branch Davidian massacre to the murder of LaVoy Finicum, they have stood over us like masters over slaves rather then as the servants of the nation they are intended to be.
Can we just get rid of them? I don't believe we can dump them like dirty water, there are too many real crimes which need to be investigated at a federal level, things that go beyond the scope or jurisdiction of state and local police, and some cover crimes they have no authority over.
What then? The status quo is no longer acceptable. Do we fire them all? Do we try to sort through the good and the bad? How to do it with out accusations of political influence, and corruption. The left is strong on painting the present administration with the crimes of the past. Every crime committed in darkness under Barry is now being claimed as happening with President Trump. If he were to rebuild the FBI, even if they were truly the brightest, best, and impeccably honest, the press would forever tarnish them.
Maybe instead, we totally revamp the whole idea of the FBI. Make it the TOP GUN of the Police in the nation. Instead of the FBI recruiting, have local, state, and other forces nominate candidates for the FBI. Once nominated, the candidate would be screened to make sure they are worthy of the appointment. Then, they would go to the FBI academy for training. Once they graduate, they would be assigned to regional offices based solely on a lottery. They would then serve a term of five years, but their term of service would not be in their home state. At the end of that five year period, they would then return to a local police force, entering that force as a patrolman for a period of one year before resuming investigative duties. If, for matters of investigative continuity, it were deemed essential, they could be extended for a period up to one year to complete an ongoing investigation.
Each class would receive evaluations. the top 10% would be eligible to return to the FBI for an additional two years in a supervisory role beginning three years after they were first discharged from the FBI.
The only opportunity for further service would be if nominated by the President to serve as the director, a deputy director, or regional director. Members of Congress and Senators would be able to nominate people for FBI positions just as they can nominate candidates for the Military academies with the express condition that the nominee must be a resident of their district, but cannot serve any of their time in that district.
Thus, every class at the FBI would consist of a group of approximately 3/4 seasoned investigators, and 1/4 new fresh blood. Those men and women would be replaced in their respective departments by outgoing investigators from the Bureau. Figuring on four or five classes per year, that would be a good rotation which would help to weed out bad eggs with in law enforcement.
It's not a perfect system, no system we design can be. It would create a system that would make it harder for a scum bucket like McCabe to rise to the top and remain for long. It would also provide enhanced training for departments through out the nation. The rotation system would keep gangs from forming easily with in departments. I also think we should make it where officer promotions would require a transfer to another department. A patrolman in Wichita who becomes a sergeant would have to transfer to another town in Kansas.

Saturday, March 17, 2018

What if David Hogg wasn't the bitch of George Soros?

Whinny brat David Hogg is sticking to his soap box. The spoiled idiot now is claiming that Connor Lamb, the democrat who it appears won in Pennsylvania, did so because people are sick of President Trump's policies and the NRA "control" of  Republicans. Never mind that Lamb ran a pro gun campaign. Never mind that Lamb claims to support gun owners rights to have high capacity mags. Never mind that there will likely be a recount, and there are still military and over seas ballots to count.
Sure, Lamb may turn out to be a Nancy P. Lousy lackey once he gets sworn in, and the revelations by the Tree House that Lyin Ryan's PAC backed Lamb are unsettling. It may be though that Lamb, a Marine Corps Veteran, might be viewed by the district as more palpable than a carreer politician like Saccone.
They only told us how they voted, not why.
The hands behind the gun conrol movement are about control, not guns. They want to  disarm Americans so they can create the next socialist utopia. They want fascism. We all know that Soros was a henchman of Hitler, and is still quite proud of his part in sending his fellow Jews to slaughter. The hand that controlled Barry Soetoro wants to make us another Venezuela, or Cuba, or North Korea. Why do people like him and the greenies hate success?
America was founded with the cast offs of Europe. It was not the heirs of the king who came here and settled the land. It was the peasants who had been in debter's prisons, the man who could not afford a house. Yes, many were looking for religious freedom, most just were hoping to find a better life, a chance at life. We began with out princes and royalty. We took in the huddled masses and what came out was a transformation like none other. Inventiveness, creativity, call it what you will, it was spawned by living in a land where you could become rich even starting with nothing, if you were willing to work hard for it. American ingenuity came from Irish, French, German and just about every other national group, and it didn't happen with the brightest and best of their lands, it happened with  the poor folks yearning to breathe free. America is often pointed to as a massive consumer of resources. It is true, but we turn those resources into products that have made the world a better place. Now Soros and his ilk want to steal that from us and put on us the chains our forefathers cast off to come here. Soros though is merely a puppet of Satan, and just like his puppet Barry, he has limited use.
As to Hogg, the crisis actor has become the newest poster child for abortion on demand gun control. His use is even more limited than Barry's. One mouth, one message, not much else. Go back to school boy, and this time learn something.

Now we know what they meant by shovel ready

One of Barry Soetoro's signature projects is a pile of ruble and settling dust where the FIU Pedestrian bridge collapsed mere days after being set in place.This was touted as a project that would create many jobs. I guess putting a bunch of PITLA liars err lawyers back to work is a good thing? You know the personal injury trial lawyers in that area are frothing at the mouth. So far six former residents are shovel ready. Good job MCM!
Back in the 30's, when FDR was implementing socialist programs to further the great depression, things like this were created. They over engineered them back then, so many of those structures are still standing. Today, when they want a bridge to hold 10,000 pounds, they build it to hold only 10,000 lbs. Saddam's army lasted longer before it collapsed. OK, it was only 100 hours from the time we invaded, but we blasted them to hell and gone first. Barry's bridge didn't even make it to a hurricane.
The TIGER program has been used to funnel fast tracked money to many projects across the nation. We have had several in our area. None of them were truly necessary, and they were not well thought out. Wasted money, now wasted lives. But hey, this was all about keeping a bunch of liberal college snow flakes from getting their Darwin awards because they are too stupid to navigate a busy road. We have the same problem around the universities in Kansas.
One thing I noticed in the many articles I read about this. The scholars at FIU are mostly Arabic names. That leads me to believe that these guys were foreign arrivals who attended the University, then stayed. If that is the case, do any of them have practical real world experience? Sad to say, even when they have Anglo names, they are usually school fodder. They attend the school, get a job as a teaching assistant, and hag on like a bad case of the flu.
Some years back I worked with a student who had grown up working with his civil engineer father. Jr was attending Kansas State, and working on the side for the same company I worked for. Jr had been accompanying his father to jobs, big and small, from the time he was old enough to hold his head up. We all know what that means. If Jr wants ice cream with his happy meal, he is gonna be "Helping" dad. That might mean holding one end of a tape measure, or standing with the stick. He might be holding the books while dad studies the map, and whether he wanted to or not, some of what dad did rubbed off.
This guy was telling me that many of the methods they taught at KSU were impractical in the field. Some flat out DID NOT WORK! The students would run all over campus surveying, measuring, and making drawings.
My point? This bridge too far was a blue ribbon project of the university. It was not something designed by the Florida DOT. Coupe that with a low bid contractor, and you have no one looking at this going "It won't work!"
Here is another thought, Why didn't they make a tunnel instead? The load limits are much easier since you would be spanning six to twenty feet depending on how wide you made the thing.  It could have been done in small sections, close one lane, build under it. Close the second lane, build half under it, then open lane one, and so on until you reached the other side. The stupids were going to be going up and down steps either way, and you would have had the option to install a ramp, or even connect it to one of the nearest buildings on campus so that there would be elevator access.
Too wet? Might flood? New York has subways below sea level that require constant pumping. Hell, we keep the water out of New Orleans too even if we shouldn't. It can be done, and much cheaper than the millions wasted murdering six plus unsuspecting drivers. Sure, they don't get the nice view like a bridge provides, but give a few Miami Dade school students a can of spray paint, and you have no end to the "art" displays. besides, all you'd have been able to see is more modern buildings. Might as well look at graffiti.
Considering that these PITLA liars are gonna be liberals, this is just funneling money to the democrap coffers, and working folks to coffins.

Friday, March 16, 2018

Friday night funny

A farmer drove to a neighbor's farmhouse and knocked at the door.
A boy, about 9, opened the door. "Is your dad or mom home?" said the farmer.
"No, they went to town."
"How about your brother, Howard? Is he here?"
"No, he went with Mom and Dad."
The farmer stood there for a few minutes, shifting from one foot to the other, mumbling to himself, when the young boy says, "I know where all the tools are, if you want to borrow one, or I can give Dad a message."
"Well," said the farmer uncomfortably. "No, I really want to talk to your Dad, about your brother Howard getting my daughter Suzy pregnant".
The boy thought for a moment, then says, "You'll have to talk to my Dad about that. I know he charges $500 for the bulls and $150 for the pigs, but I have no idea how much he charges for Howard.

Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Live to ride finale

Most guys who have motorcycles would probably love to take their final ride in true biker style. Can't say as I blame them, it is a life style and brotherhood most people who don't ride would never understand.

Sunday, March 11, 2018

Looking forward

It's February 2021. Former President Trump, defeated and broke, walks into the bar at Mar-a-Lago, takes a seat at the bar. Other customers quietly shift away from the former titan of realestate. The bartender silently walks over and places DJT's favorite drink in front of him, then returns to tending other customers.
The former President silently sips his drink. Soon a tear appears at the corner of his eye. Silently he sips, and the tears come faster.
Finally a lull occurs and the bartender walks over to the Donald, tears now streaming down his cheeks. "What's wrong old friend?" he quietly asks.
Donald sighs and exclaims, "I ended obama care, and reversed the horrible toxic health care environment. Does anybody remember? NO!"
After a couple more sips, The Donald again speaks, "I reversed the policies of previous administrations and brought real job recovery to America. Does anybody remember? NO!"
A few more sips, and "I built the wall, deported millions of illegals, criminals, leaches, and reformed our immigration process to ensure America would always be first. Does anyone care? NO!"
Another sip, and "I brought North Korea to the bargaining table and we have peace and prosperity with out fear in eastern Asia for the first  time since 1948. Did any one notice? NO!"
One last gulp, and the destitute man exclaims, "I screwed with the Second Amendment just one time, did any of the voters forget? Not a one!"

And so here we are. When Donald John Trump threw his hat in the ring, I was at first skeptical. He wasn't my first second or third choice.
The man campaigned a whirlwind. He won supporters, and vanquished the establishment controlled members of the republican platform, and knocked them all out. He then went on to trash HiLlARy Criminal. Thank GOD for that.
Now the man has caved. I personally am not worried that much about what the government might do in the next few months, or even years. We have a tide that is sweeping the nation.
BUT, that ugly word, but. Oh, how I hate it... BUt President Trump isn't president for life. The next election might bring in another batch of satan's spawn. Kamala Harris is about to beat Dianne Feinstein to be the communist senator from California. We thought DIFi was bad, Harris is a quantum leap worse. Dems are not learning. They are not listening, and they don't give two shits about the Constitution. When, not if, they get back in power, it will be hell to pay. That a republican President disarmed us will be the bitter icing on the cake of America's demise.
We. Are. Screwed. AGAIN!
UP_DATE: Correction, Kamala Harris will be replacing DiFI as the SENIOR communist from California, not beating her. That honor looks to be going to DeLeon as Brian was kind enough to point out. Some times my brain and fingers don't communicate well. My bad.

Saturday, March 10, 2018

One less gun in the hands of a criminal

Democrap Karen Mallard has made the news by chopping up an AR-15 sporting rifle and posting video of it. Good Job! One less weapon in the hands of a potential mass murderer. If a conservative had done it, it would be a foolish senseless waste of a perfectly good rifle. Lets hope a bunch more liberals go full retard and do the same thing.
The left is opposed to people having a right to own the tools necessary to protect their life and family. Is this a surprise? The left hates all innocent life, especially unborn babies. They do love their violent criminals though and will go to great lengths to keep them from being deported. They want the borders open so those violent criminals can bring their mayhem to all corners of the nation.
Oops, I forgot, they already are full retard.

why the left loathes western civilization

It is an old article, but well worth the read. Dennis Prager wrote this in 2016.
He noted that students at Stanford voted on having a required course on Western civilization which they, the students, rejected by a vote of 1,992 to 347. Western civilization is demeaned and blamed for all the evil in the world. That is why a course on Western civilization needs to be taught. Today, it is not understood at all. My fear is that it would be a typical marxist scumbag teaching it or rather twisting it.
Western civilization brought standards to the world. If one looks back in time, when Western civilization was making great discoveries, most other people were living in mud or grass huts, living as nomads or hunter gatherers, and had progress little in terms of inventions. The bow was universal, but advances in it were hit and miss. For all practical purposes, it was the same instrument that existed when Noah and his sons walked off the ark.
European culture made advances, Chinese culture made advances. Trade between them spread that knowledge from one end of Europe to the furthest end of Asia, but the flow did not progress into Africa even though trade between Africa and Europe existed.
European culture gave us the wheel, it gave us the plow. Maritime advances in western civilization created ships that circumnavigated the globe. All through that time the America's and Africa were engaged in tribal conflict. So, why is that considered evil?
As Dennis points out though, mostly they fear our religions. Judaism and Christianity have set standards of right and wrong. The same might be said about islam, but they allow the buggering of sheep and goats, the stoning of women, and while homosexuality is banned, buggering little boys is just fine. I guess that the evil mongers of the left can sense that islam, is evil just like they are.

Tuesday, March 6, 2018


Kansasredneck: Hollywood can't sink much lower.
Hollywood: Hold my artisan crafted beer and watch this.

Seriously? A white "dad" widowed when his black husband is killed by a white cop? In Chiraq no less?
Reality check, it would be a mooslime man in the Pulse Nightclub, but if SeeBS wants to make CNN look more palpable, they can have at it.
We have lots of problems in this country. Yes, cops are killing a lot of people who don't need it, and some cases are beyond what we as a society should tolerate. The politicians have purposely created this mess. They have ramped up the militarization of the police since the attacks of 9-11-01, and have targeted law abiding citizens with new laws which the criminals brazenly ignore. Crime is a catch and release extravaganza. In some cases the criminal is back on the street before the officer is done with the report, and probably committing another crime. Those who make it to trial get a slap on the wrist and are back on the street. Crime and nonpunishment. So far this year, Chiraq has experienced two officer involved shootings. Neither recipient died. Last year they killed eleven, wounded twelve whereas the general populace managed to eliminate 625 and wound another 2,936. This year the count is 71 and 307. (Gun victims only) There is no count on the nonfirearm injuries, so I only took the firearm related deaths. Besides, I don't imagine the police shank any of their "victims". Looking back at 2017, were any of those who received lead injections good fellas?
This is just more fuel for fools as black lies matter needs a new means to reach people since the NFL got switched off by so many.
No skin off my back, I don't watch BS nor SeeBS, so I can't help by boycotting this stupidity.

Monday, March 5, 2018

Rethink the 2A?

Alec Bawlbaby, the loony communist who plays President Trump on SNL wants to rethink the Second Amendment, the one thing that keeps anarchists like his precious Barry at bay, and coincidentally protects his right to be a total ASS.
OK, Fine, lets rethink the 2nd. #1. Require all citizens over sixteen and under seventy to be members of a militia, to be proficient with firearms, and to drill at least 24 days per year wit ha militia organization approved by their state of residence, or loose their right to vote and own property.
#2. Mandatory minimum sentence of death by hanging for any legislator who introduces legislation which infringes on the right to keep and bear arms or which limits access to sufficient ammunition for training and regional or national preparedness.
#3. Require every municipality over 1,000 residents to maintain a range for marksmanship training.
#4. Require every municipality over 5,000 residents to maintain a cavalry troop in addition to Infantry.
#5. Require every municipality over 10,000 residents to maintain a battery of artillery in addition to cavalry and infantry.
#6. Require every municipality over 500,000 residents to maintain a squadron of aircraft as designated by the President, either fighters, transport, attack, or such other capabilities as may be necessary to meet nation defense requirements.
#7. All Officers below Colonel to be elected by the rank and file, and trained at a national training facility.
#8. All Non-Comissioned Officers to attend basic training and a suitable primary leader's course.
#9. All members of the militia to receive 100 rounds per year for marksmanship training. Additional ammunition shall be the responsibility of the individual.
#10. Every resident, at age 16, to attend a state run basic training facility. upon graduation, each resident shall receive their permanent assigned weapon.
#11. The top marksmen from each region shall be established into a designated marksman unit. The top 20% from each local unit shall compete with their contemporaries at the regional level, and the top 10%, 50% of those participating shall be advanced to a state competition. At said state competition, the top 5%, 50% of those attending shall be qualified for a period of two years to serve as the state's corps of designated marksmen and shall also be the SWAT for local regional and state police, on call when needed.
#12. If a resident is unable or unwilling to serve in an armed capacity, to include those convicted of violent crimes, they shall forfeit their citizenship, but shall still be required to serve in a capacity as either a cook, quartermaster, or such other support position as may be deemed necessary for the needs of the militia. Desertion shall be punished as in bygone era's by firing squad.
In times of national need, the President shall task the governors of each state with raising companies, battalions, regiments and divisions to protect the nation from attack or invasion.
Those are my ideas, just a few I thought of off the top of my head.
Alec, being a worthless liberal commie hack would probably not be happy with any of them. My bet is he'd be a deserter if not a traitor.

Sunday, March 4, 2018

About those soon-to-be-extinct penguins

A small colony of approximately 1.5 million Adélie penguins has been discovered in a region that is best described as the northernmost part of Antartica aka the area that has been most hit by the fabled climate change.
You can bet that if HiLlARy was president, she would do something... most likely have the colony exterminated.
That should be enough meat to feed the starving polar bears who are suffering due to climate change aka loss of easy prey.
Wrong pole? The bears can swim. consider it a night on the town.
Last thing, do they taste like chicken?

Build Wakanda

The fairy-tale land of the new movie black panther is supposed to be an African nation set apart, not by industrious builders nor ingenious inventors, but by the happenstance of a meteor containing Vibranium.  The movie twists parts of African culture into a web of modern western life. It ignores the reality that most of Africa is a series of shit holes and that Africa exports nothing except hungry mouths for Europeans to feed.
America has a multitude of problems with our own African descendants. High crime, low education, fatherless families. They have been the victims of many years of democrat abuse starting shortly after being freed. Jim Crow, the ku klux klan, all leading to the eventual new enslavement of the welfare state where blacks live in homes paid for by the government, eat food supplied by government, and vote reliably  democrat , the party who has been responsible for their enslavement. Daughters go on to resume the cycle having babies they cannot feed and cloth thus perpetuating the system. Sons go out and commit crimes that result in them being absentee fathers because they are locked in prisons.
Changes to the system to keep those men out of prison have failed as they continue their life of crime unless they, like Trayvon, meet their personal George Zimmerman.
It is time to try something else.
We spend roughly $50,000 per inmate to house feed and control criminals. Money well spent in that many of those criminals would be committing more crimes, more serious crimes, and ultimately killing or seriously harming some one in their belligerent quest for nothing.
Some places have tried work skills alternatives with mixed results. Convicts given a skill have a better chance, but often the combination of their past lives, old friends, and the stigma of being a felon impair their chances of moving forward. The track record is just not there, people who commit crimes have  low threshold for slipping back to the old ways because prison is not sufficient deterrence.
What would happen if we took criminals and instead of sending them to crime spree university, we taught them to operate a skid loader, then shipped them and the machine to Africa? Put them to work building Wakanda. There is plenty of work that could be done in Africa, roads to build, homes to create, natural resources to mine and develop.
And not just Africa, India and Pakistan could benefit as well as other nations.
Configure these men into teams, ten operators, two mechanics, one transporter, one fueler and other support personnel as needed. Their time would be the same as the max of their sentence, but if the commit any crimes while in Africa, they remain in Africa and are punished by the host nation as they see fit.
Some of these men might choose to stay, others would be incentivized to not want to repeat. Some won't care. The benefit is that we are spending one half the cost of one years incarceration over a span of on average five years and the world would benefit. They might return with plans to continue their life of crime, but they won't have the education provided by the hard core inmates who would otherwise be teaching them how better to avoid the cops, evade capture, and perfect their skills of anti social behavior.
It may never be a win, it is more socially acceptable than  hanging third time offenders which I strongly advocate.

Saturday, March 3, 2018

We make fun of valley girls

And for good reason. The boys there aint real sharp neither. A house in Sunnyvale just sold for a whopping $2358 per square foot! $2,000,000 million cash. The house, all 648 square feet of it is nothing spectacular. To make matters worse, it is located smack in the middle of liberal hell, California. The smart folks are leaving. the idiot savants  with more money than brains are the ones buying places like that. On a thirty year note the payment is over $8,000. The buyer though paid cash. If I had $2 million I'd be buying some place that is NOT California. Then again, it might be some drug mule looking to improve his location from Tijuana.

National Felons League

What we have come to expect from these animals.
Brandon Albert was a tackle first for the Kansas City Cheap seats, then was traded to Miami Dullards. He "retired " in 2016, so while not an active member, he is a fraternal thug of the lowest order.
For reasons unknown, he attempted to access a restricted area in a Jewelry store. When asked to leave, he punched a display case. This prompted an off duty cop who was in the vicinity to respond and he was tazed. Albert managed to pull the prongs out and then tackled the officer.
And this is the garbage we have on tunnel vision that our children look up to as hero's?

Friday, March 2, 2018

Rethinking that arming teachers

After the most recent target rich environment shooting, I opined that we should arm teachers. President Trump and a slew of other conservatives are also of that opinion. Right on cue, Jesse Randal Davidson of Dalton  Georgia made it clear that some teachers are not fit to be armed. Him being exhibit one.
Administration stated that he was fit to be in a class room. Me thinks the admin needs replacing ASAP. Davidson as well.
If a person is not fit to own guns, and Davidsons were confiscated after he torched his car, they should not be teaching. Heck, they probably shouldn't be allowed on school property.
Our schools are failing us and our kids. From the continuous stream of child teacher affairs, to the New York teachers who  can't be fired, the unions have created a disaster and we are reaping the results. Lets not even talk about the vile crap they pound into our children's heads.
Maybe the best way to handle this would be to do away with public schools entirely. Give parents a voucher and let them decide who teaches their kids and what. Then let the teachers hang out a shingle. They can congregate at the old school building, or conduct classes in their own living room. Give every parent $6,000 per child and let them decide who and where. If they opt to home school, they don't get the money unless the kid passes standardized tests appropriate for their age.
So think about it, if a teacher has 20 kids, that is $120,000 per year. If they are good, they can command a premium and charge more. Well to do parents can get preferred service if they want. Mediocre teachers would still be able to rake in big bucks. If they can handle and educate ten kids, they pocket $60,000. If they have a room full of failures, they would get less. Make the vouchers performance based as well, Straight A students pay the full Monte, but failures net less, maybe some where in the 25% ball park. Of course, incorporate some serious testing. That way a parent has the option to shop around and get the best for their child if they care about them.
I am still in favor of arming good teachers. The bad ones can go pick cabbage.