Saturday, February 29, 2020

I Can Dream About You

1st death

The Corona Virus, has claimed its first victim in the United States. A person in King County Washington State is dead from this imported contagion. reports also note that there are a number of new cases, as yet, unconfirmed by the CDC. Supposedly the person who died had no known direct link to any of the other known cases.
If you are healthy, your chances of perishing are small. The risk is that you will come into contact with many people who have limited ability to fight this version of SARS, and, as with every flu pandemic, the elderly will be hardest hit.
The up side of this is that many older folks are getting their groceries delivered and sidewalks shoveled by family hoping to not get left out of the will. So, if you are over sixty and have a lot of chores that need attending OUTSIDE and away from you, just call your adult grand kids, tell them you are doing fine, but cough a lot while you visit with them ass you mention all the stuff you'd like to get done this week.....

Gropin Joe is back in it

Voters in South Carolina went to the polls today to select the person who is destined to lose bigly to President Trump in November. The Communist lites of the new communist party have had their pants on fire for several weeks after real communist Bernie scored big hits in Iowa, and won in New Hampshire and Nevada.
Tonight gives them some breathing room as China's man of the hour is pulling in 63% of the votes. Granted, they have many to count, and their track record is sketchy at best this season, but this week's revelations about Bernie's love of Castro and Cuba may not be sitting well with traditional democrats.
It was rumored yesterday that many Republicans were planning to cast votes for the unrepentant socialist. If they indeed voted as planned, they may not have cast for Bernie, or they might have sewn chaos and propped up the as yet, unindicted kick back king of Ukraine.
At any rate, usurper Sanders won't be cruising to an easy victory just yet. There are many more contests to be held, millions of fraudulent ballots to be stuffed in boxes before this suicidal shit show reaches it's conclusion. At risk is the soul of the democrat party. yes, they have slowly been trending toward socialism. there are many things here to attract them, FREE STUFF, but they also know about the pitfalls. Evey one over forty knows about the downfall of the Soviet Union. Most folks over thirty understand what is going wrong in Venezuela. Still, they want their free hand outs not understanding that when every one is getting free stuff, that means every one is paying for that free stuff plus the graft,plus the government fingers in the cookie jar, plus the lions share for the folks too lazy to work to pay for the free stuff. Pay for the free stuff? Nothing in life is free except bad advice.
*** Update*** Barry's life insurance policy dropped almost 13 percentage points as more votes are counted. I'm not going to spend the night poll watching, My lawn is dead, warmer weather may arrive at any moment, I will be watching to see if any grass grows before I get caught up in their numbers.

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One Brave Officer

Dennis Turner is one tough cop. Not once, but twice in a single day, this intrepid officer put his life on the line for Orlando Public Schools students and staff.
In two separate incidents, Officer Turner risked life and limb and arrested unruly six year olds.
You read that right. This man went above and beyond the call of duty to keep America safe.
To be fair, our public schools are a mess. teachers live in fear of saying the wrong pronoun and offending a fragile snow flake. Discipline is lacking, and the teachers risk being hauled into court if they raise a hand to protect themselves.
Remember though, what you see is the result of failed liberal policies. Things are so bad that Anal-Oral-Crossconnected went to great lengths to get her god-daughter into a Charter School, the very type she opposes. Never fear though, this is only the tip of the iceberg. Liberals won't be happy until they've destroyed the planet, and life on earth ceases to exist.
Until then, we will have to settle for six year old children being hauled to jail in zip ties. To his credit, he did NOT taze the poor kids.

Fallin' In Love

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Monday, February 24, 2020

Absolutely Bernie

Many democrats are up in arms about Bernie Sanders' remarks praising Fidel Castro. why is anyone surprised? This is what he has been about for his entire life. Sanders is a Neo Stalinist, a new version of the oldest and worst of communism. Sure, he packages himself as a "Democratic Socialist", but look at the rank and file of his supporters. back in 2016, it was Sanders thugs assaulting attendees at MAGA Trump rallies. This year we have heard comments from his key staffers proclaiming how America should herd conservatives into concentration camps.
To make matters worse, leading democrats have peeked over the horizon and know full well that this is the destination for their party. The only thing stopping them is rebellion. Not every member of the democrat club is in lock step. The poorly educated kids being dumped in the work force by our schools and colleges might be happy and fine with the notion of  free stuff, but reality hits hard when they are confronted by facts. Those who see the light are leaving the party. Soon all that will be left are the hard core leftists.
Bernie adores Castro. That is a simple truth we cannot ignore. Were it otherwise, he'd have disavowed his remarks supporting the man responsible for the dire suffering of millions in the island nation. Castro is for Sanders what Billy Graham is for many Christians. Not GOD, but the man closest to him. Castro was the hold out when the iron curtain fell. Every other Warsaw pact nation took struggling steps to become capitalist countries. Not Cuba though. instead, they turned westward and enlisted Hugo Chavez. Maybe some day we will get Bernie's views on that despot destroyer of civilization.
The Sanders supporters do not understand what they are choosing. our educatrats don't want them to know what has happened in every nation that tried socialism. All they understand is "FREE STUFF" and they want it NOW.
So, Debbie Mucarsel-Powell, quit being upset. Bernie is being Bernie. The same Bernie he was when he honeymooned in the Soviet Union. Just realize  that you and the rest of the democrats are, like Kevin Johnson, just one step behind (him). Where he is now, you will be in a year. maybe less.

Come and Get Your Love

Here Comes That Rainy Day Feeling Again

Sunday, February 23, 2020

The Rubberband Man

On this day in 1945

Marines raised the flag on Iwo Jima. No small feat, the invasion began only four days before on the 19th. Iwo Jima was defended by 21,000 Japanese Army troops. They inflicted 26,000 U.S. casualties including 6,800 dead. Of that force, only 1,083 were taken prisoner, the rest being killed in battle for the most part.
The Japanese had evacuated Iwo Jima's residents in 1944 in preparation for the battle. To this day there are no permanent residents on the Island. In 1985 survivors of the battle reunited and unveiled a plaque commemorating the battle. It reads, "On the 40th anniversary of the battle of Iwo Jima, American and Japanese veterans met again on these same sands, this time in peace and friendship. We commemorate our comrades, living and dead, who fought here with bravery and honor, and we pray together that our sacrifices on Iwo Jima will always be remembered and never be repeated."
Today marks 75 years, and while the brave soldiers are passing, let us do our part to keep the memory alive.

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On this day in 1864

My Eyes Adored You

Mini Mike

Well, it looks like Mini Mike crashed and burned in the Nevada Debate. He was the door knob of the day, every one took a turn.
No, I didn't waste a minute of my time watching the clown car crash, others did, and i thank them for having the fortitude to do so.
reading all the reports brought to mind a song from the late 70's. It should be his theme song, so, without further delay, here it is;

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Sweet City Woman

What does it take to be a farmer?

I grew up on a farm. I am NOT anything close to being an expert on farming. It's been forty five ears since my dad retired and I went to work picking rocks for neighbors to make my summer cash. many things have changed in the last forty years. Some things are still the same.
Farming is not a nine to five job. If you become a farmer, you will put it long hours, get zero over time, zero time and a half, zero double time. Your vacation schedule will be determined by the crops, weather, your animals, and whether neighbors need help for any reason.
As a farmer you will have an expensive office. A good used combine might set you back $240,000. A new one will make that seem like chump change. Your tractor, the other office, will run as high as $300,000 used. Pretty keen for a one man operation?
You won't make it long alone. The weather and your animals wait for no one. make hay while the sun shines is more than a nifty saying, it's a way of life. A hard life at that.
Paying for that office should be easy right? Guess again. crops today bring in roughly the same as they did when I was a kid. Adjust for inflation and the numbers drop like hail stones. farmers today farm larger farms, and produce more per acre to get the return to pay for that equipment. To make it work, they need to be better educated than the farmers of yesteryear. My dad btw had a PHD, just not in agriculture. The old joke was a PHD in agricultural engineering was what the farmer used to make the holes to stand fence posts in., a Post Hole Digger. That isn't the case today. modern methods are making our farmers more productive. To compete in this multimillion dollar challenge, they need to be the best educated they can possibly be. They need a firm understanding of mechanics, botany, weather, biology, both plant and animal and a host of other specialties.
Understanding the ground they work is a key factor to being productive. Some ground is better left unseeded. I could be rocky, sandy, to steep, too acidic, or even too wet to grow a value crop. to understand their land, modern farmers rely on satellite technology. a look for near space can paint a clear  picture of what lies beneath the weeds and grass. Yup, add rocket scientist to the qualifications.
Above all though, it takes love to be a farmer. If the men and women who have dedicated their lives to farming didn't have a strong bond to the land, they would cashier it all and catch a bus to the city.
Sad to say though, many future farmers do. As with any demographic, the best and brightest head off to college. for many farm kids, it will be the end of their bond to the family farm. They will pursue new dreams, explore new opportunities. Some will return, drawn by the love of the land that held their mom and dad on that farm for many years.
I look back with nostalgia fairly often at the family farm. None of us kids took it over when dad retired. Instead, a neighbor absorbed it into his growing kingdom. when he died, it passed to his son. When I go back, I often stop and visit that kid. he's an old man now and getting close to the age when factory workers retire. Like so many farmers, that word is not in his lexicon. retiring on the farm means a new set of Goodyear radials for the tractor. Those cost money. LOTS of money.
My picture is inaccurate, I know, every farm is different, every farmer is different. Their numbers are dwindling yet still they feed America and the world. Got a full belly? Thank a farmer. Don't like the price? Don't blame them, there are only three cents worth of peas in that can you opened for supper. The rest of the price was packaging, shipping, and profits for people who never put a shovel in the ground nor watched a lamb being born late at night in freezing cold while fighting a blizzard to get the ewe back to the barn before the coyotes made a feast of her and the new one.
So what does it take to be a farmer? Rest assured, most folks, and especially mini Mike aint got it.

Sunday, February 16, 2020

Year of the Cat

Eugenics? Sure, why not?

Richard Dawkins made a strange statement regarding eugenics, saying that it has a scientific logic. He went on to make the point that it should be opposed on moral grounds.
First it struck me as strange that an anti-theists like Dawkins would make any argument regarding morality. If we are mutant pond scum, there is no moral grounds for anything.
The second thought I had about it was that we are already using it. Sad to say, we are. Every day women walk in to fertility clinics and browse the catalogs of donors looking for the male they think would be the perfect sire.
Recently there was an article about a cluster of children with severe autism. Every one of the kids was conceived in a lab. All of them came from the same male donor who described himself as a super kind of guy, smart athletic, well read. All of them were classic examples of eugenics except that the donor lied and the women were fooled.
Eugenics among humans is also an old practice. Two to three thousand years ago marriages were arranged. A father would look for a suitable mate for his sons and daughters. The marriage was arranged, usually for a price. The Bible and other literature describe many times where this happened. It was done at all levels from the poorest to the kings. The practice among the nobility continued into the early twentieth century. The kings of Europe were interrelated making their wars family feuds.
Whether you support or condemn eugenics, it is a fact of our lives. College guys are not lining up to date the girls from the special education class. Some one should point that out to the snow flakes. The "woke" crowd will be demanding equality in no time. Well, they've destroyed about everything else, why not love? They don't understand it either.

Tuesday, February 11, 2020

Coming to America

What growing leftist violence?

Police in Florida today released a statement regarding the attack in Jacksonville on a group of volunteers registering people in a Walmart parking lot. The perp related his hate for President Trump and said  “someone had to take a stand.”
Donald Trump Jr took to twitter to call attention to this brutal assault and asked, “Where is the outraged media? Why are they so silent on this? This would be the number one story in the world right now if it was a Trump supporter doing it to a group of liberals. It’s a disgrace that they don’t even pretend to pay attention to growing leftist violence.”
For my part, I would have eliminated the word growing.  The behavior f the leftists has been at a boiling point for years. back in 2012 they assaulted elderly people who were showing support for the TEA party movement. In 2016 they attacked and assaulted people who attended Trump rallies in areas where they knew they need not fear the local law. They knew which cities had mayors and Chief's of Police who openly hated Donal Trump and would gladly turn a blind eye.
We also got to see their outrageous behavior when they successfully disrupted the Unite the Right march in Virginia that resulted in the death of Heather Heyer.
We got treated to another dose of their insanity last week when a Campaign manager for Bernie was calling for putting all conservatives in concentration camps. He still has his job. Does anyone wonder why this flake in Florida is acting like he did?

For that matter, we can look to the main leadership of the donks, Nasty P. Lousy who ripped to shreds the copy of President Trump's State of the Union address, or the sham impeachment fiasco where they went after our president for doing exactly what the laws passed by Congress required him to do, ensure the funds were protected from corruption.
To add salt to that, the Schiff for brains had voted against the very aid the President held up.
The leftist violence is already at the boiling point. It  has been for more than eight years. They do not know how to cope with others. They don't know how to react to opposition to their ideas. Their behavior makes some two year olds seem mature. Vastly more mature.
Where does this insanity spawn? What do we need to do to curb it? I don't have an answer. I wish I did. Until we figure out a solution, things like this and the recent church attack in Texas will continue and probably get far worse. These people have Satan in their hearts. There is no room for love when he rules their minds.
All I can ask is that you remain alert and sober. Keep your head on a swivel and you gun close by.

Sunday, February 9, 2020

Forever In Blue Jeans

Coming apart at the seams

The democrat party is in trouble this year. The voters in Iowa failed to rally around any particular candidate. Part of it is that they all sound alike. Not one of them has a truly stand out idea. They are rehashing the same planks from decades past and calling for laws that have already been passed.
For the most part, the survivors are all old and white. It's not their fault that the younger ones and those of racial diversity (all hail diversity) have dropped out. Blame instead the people who control the money within the party.
Pete the freak is still hanging in there, but it is noteworthy that at least one supporter wanted to change her mind once she learned he was a pervert. While he is attempting to be the first openly homosexual candidate, he is also not pushing it because he knows it is a turnoff to many people. Christian morals are not completely lost in this country.
Biden and Sanders are both in their late 70's. Warren is only a few years younger. If she were elected, she would surpass President Trump in age at inauguration by a year. As to Biden and Sanders, both are showing the effects of advanced age. Biden especially shows signs of not having his wits together anymore. Not that he was ever especially bright. Voters have been rejecting him as presidential material for over thirty years. He aint wine, he has not gotten better with age.
Back in 2016 the republican party had a similar broad field of indistinguishable lackluster wannabe's. What we got was President Trump. He was a loud, unabashed, unapologetic man who said what people needed to hear and did so in a way that people believed he would do every thing he promised.
I dare to say that if all the candidates in 2016 had echoed him, that no one would have believed them. Donald Trump on the other hand had a way about him that made clear he really believe what he said and that he was not a liar like so many before him. He also showed he had a strong work ethic. People knew him from the tabloids and from his apprentice show. Some liked him, some hated him. When the press chose to attack him, he turned that into free advertising. What would have happened had they ignored him is anyone's guess. I believe he still would have won.
All the donks are running as anti Trumpers. Think about that. We have had great economic growth since he took office. He is building the wall, he is bringing back jobs and he is slashing away at stupid regulations. The democrats are opposing the wall and promise to import more illegals to take away jobs from Americans. Is that insane?
The House move to impeach him for not committing a crime is bizarre. The republicans who are denouncing him really need to stop, and then take the time to read the law. They will find that he was required to ensure that U.S. aid would not be squandered and lost to bribes and pocket lining by the recipients.
Another problem for the democrats is they allowed Bernie to run as a democrat. He is anything but, and while they are sounding more and more like him, the facts are there used to be differences between communists like Bernie and liberals. Bernie ran as a democrat, joining the party in 2016. After he got shafted lost he went back to being an independent. Now, for 2020, he want to run as a dem again. The party leaders, if they had any, should have said sorry, but no. They allowed him in to prevent a third party run draining their already weak support, so now they are stuck with him running away with their voters.
If they kicked him out at this point, he would take their younger impressionable members with him. That would spell disaster.
The dems have built their party as a big tent. It is turning into a circus. They anted to be all inclusive. Now they are all exclusive. If you are not pro-abortion you are not welcome to have any say. If you are not pro-homosexual marriage, if you are not for open borders, free education free...stuff. the list keeps getting bigger. They want you to still vote for them, but you cannot have any say in the direction they are dragging America.
Some people are sheep. They will do what ever they are told even if they know it is not in their best interests. many others will leave. Don't expect them to turn up as republicans, since many of them don't support all the things of the republican party, they will not join out of fear of the same reactivism. I can't say I blame them, once bitten twice shy.
Some will vote in the election out of a sense of loyalty to the party who rejected them. others will simply sit home and allow their opinions to be marginalized.
How will the party survive? The young people joining are all influenced by the radicalism they have been fed in school. As life passes them by, they will become even more radical.
That is why the top of their ticket looks the way it does. No separate ideas, no individuality. The ideas they championed under Barry all failed so thinking Americans don't want to continue them. That is what swept Donald Trump into office. We need to be careful not to turn the boat too hard right at this point. Better we slowly turn this ship away from destruction. capsizing America this close  to failure would ultimately cause us to fail. Lets not hand them that kind of victory just yet.
Some say Mike Pense 2024. I say Donald Jr in 2024. He has had a life time of apprenticeship from his father. I'm betting he has learned it well.

Saturday, February 8, 2020

More, More, More

Colonel Vindman

Lie, lie, lie, lie, lie
Lie, lie, lie, lie, lie
Lie, lie, lie, lie, lie
Lie, lie, lie, lie, lie
Lie, lie, lie, lie, lie

Colonel Vindman, bring me a scheme
Make it the best impeachment I've ever seen
Fill it with lies I can tell over and over
On every network the whole town over

Colonel Vindman, I feel so forelorn
Don't have a platform not worthy of scorn
Our candidates you can't tell apart
Just a bunch of white old retards

Lie, lie, lie, lie, lie
Lie, lie, lie, lie, lie
Bring me a scheme
Lie, lie, lie, lie, lie
Lie, lie, lie, lie, lie

Colonel Vindman help with our star
He's creepy, corrupt and  worthless so far
Give him a chance, fool the court
His son needs bribes to pay child support.

Colonel Vindman lies need to be told
Lie, lie, lie, lie, lie
We want him elected before he's too old
So please create a whistle blower (create a whistle blower)
Colonel Vindman bring me a scheme

Lie, lie, lie, lie, lie
Lie, lie, lie, lie, lie
Bring us a scheme
Lie, lie, lie, lie, lie
Lie, lie, lie, lie, lie

Hey Vindman, bring me a scheme
Make it the biggest lie the worlds ever seen
hey Vindman spread that lie the whole world over
tell CNN, NBC and all the others

Vindman Vindman I'm so forlorn
Our field's the weakest one since I have been born
So, please please please create a scheme
Colonel Vindman bring us,
Oh please please please
Colonel Vindman bring us a scheme.
Lie, lie, lie, lie, lie
Lie, lie, lie, lie, lie
Bring us a scheme
Lie, lie, lie, lie, lie
Lie, lie, lie, lie, lie
Bring us a scheme
Lie, lie, lie, lie, lie
Lie, lie, lie, lie, lie
Bring us a scheme
Lie, lie, lie, lie, lie
Lie, lie, lie, lie, lie

Friday, February 7, 2020

Prayer for Rush

I'm not going to pray for Rush to recover. GOD has determined his fate. While lung cancer seems like a bad way to go, There are many ways just as painful, and many far worse. Rush may or may not recover.
What I do pray for is that GOD will give Rush the strength to stand firm in his convictions for as long as he remains with us. That he will serve us as a model servant. That he will stand strong with our President, and that at the last, GOD will grant him peace, and a joyous reception in heaven.
Whether that happens next week, next month, or in ten years is the choice of GOD and GOD alone.
I confess, I rarely listened to Rush. I was not opposed to him, he was right far more often than he was wrong. In some ways, that was why I didn't listen. His clarity has a way of making my blood boil, and since the only time I have to listen is when driving, I was always in fear I would become enraged and destroy a Prius and it's pervert driver.
Rush has been the conscience of the nation for many years. It would be good to have him around for another twenty or so. It would be better if there were more young men like him ready to take his place. he is, after all, 69. A good number, not necessarily a good age. Ok, I'm a pervert.
It was good that Rush got awarded the Freedom Medal by the President. it was even better that President Trump got all the donks to attend the ceremony. Now if he could find a way to get them to visit Wuhan China to prove the Corona virus isn't dangerous, or maybe tour Mexico's drug war ravaged states to show how disarming the people has made the regions safe.

Sweet Caroline

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Come and Get It

Super Bowl MVP

The winner of the MVP for Super Bowl LIV was announced as Patrick Mahomes. While Mahomes certainly quarterbacked the Chiefs to victory, he is far from being the man most responsible for their victory. His many missteps, four sacks, two interceptions and three fumbles put the Chiefs down by ten and facing an uphill fight late in the game.
NO, the MVP should have gone to Richard Sherman of the San Itary Sewer sixtyniners., and Andy Reid should make a special point of inviting him to the White House for the celebration with Our President, Donald John Trump.

Tuesday, February 4, 2020

Adumb Shitt is worried

With the probable acquittal looming like a winter storm, the dumbocraps are showing concern. Their house of cards fell apart like it was in a wind tunnel. To cap off matters, the folks who told us, learn to code, are now showing they don't know how to code. Maybe they can learn to mine.
Now Shitty Schiff is claiming , without evidence, that President Trump is going to steal the 2020 election. Of course, what he really means is that their bungling attempts to steal it are going to fail miserably. Judging from the debacle in Iowa, they are in bigger trouble than they could ever imagine.
They can't manage to steal a caucus from a commie. My speculation is they were expecting a higher turn out and so the algorithm they put in to shaft Sanders was creating projections that looked like Mount Everest assembled in a corn field. It could not accomplish it's intent without revealing the lack of planning so to speak.
Let's face it, when you have a large turn out and an energized crowd, it is possible to sneak in a fake ballot box or two in terms of numbers, but when your stuffed box contains more ballots than there were people at your Ca-Ca, you've screwed up.
Regardless, Buttplug is now their flavor of the month. Does it strike anyone as weird how he never polled above 13% but somehow managed to get nearly 27% yesterday? Then again, with Iowa's caucus rules, those supporting nonviable candidates had to pick another candidate or go home. I guess when your options are an elderly criminal, an elderly liar, and an elderly communist, someone not likely to die at the inaugural ball seems like a smart choice even if his choices in life are all bad.
Maybe I shouldn't be so hard on them for picking an openly homosexual candidate this time. In the 2008 election they chose the closeted won.
Creepy Joe has served his purpose which had nothing to do with the primaries. His dementia is showing, and that is of greater concern than what they had to deal with in HiLlARy and her mess. He is bragging about all the wrong things and people have noticed.
Liarwatha came in third in the political version of the special olympics. She has been spewing garbage for so long without being challenged on it that she has no idea how to tell the truth. This isn't massive-clueless. Some of the folks in Iowa know what bull shit is. Sadly, the folks on the college campuses appear to be clueless still.
As for the communist, the donks are in a pickle. How to shaft him and manage to keep his idiot supporters. They need the young impressionable fools to maintain the ranks. They may not have a viable candidate for 2024, but eventually the republicans will revert to form and try to elect another Bush or  Romney.
So does Shiff for brains have reason to be worried? If there is low enthusiasm, that will translate to lower turn out in their favorite places for box stuffing. 2016 showed that they can't steal he election when voters show up to vote. Real voters, not the dead.

Cracklin' Rosie

Monday, February 3, 2020


Bernie must be winning Iowa

As of 8:40, a full hour and a half since the caucus sites closed, none of the links posted at CTH has shown any sign of reporting the results.
The donks have been freaking out for the last week about Sanders taking the lead. they are changing the rules and doing every thing possible to undermine the aging communist they mistakenly embraced.
The Demons of Des Moines at the register refused to publish the final poll which showed him overtaking Creepy Joe.
Is it insane that their favored candidate is such a buffoon? The man is scary. Joe, not commie. He is some one you would not want in a room with your kids. You would not want to find out any of his family were board members of your bank or investment firm, and given his statements in the last few months, you have to wonder if his brain is still all there, or at least the parts we know once were.
Now that the impeachment ruse is over, they can safely toss him off the bridge. Their flavor of the weeks appears to be mini-Mike, so hang onto your guns and big-gulps. They can't make America Hate again until they have disarmed all the law abiding citizens.
GOD, Help us.

Explains the halftime show

I went to a friend's house yesterday for the game. This is the first game I have watched since Colon Krapperprick began disrespecting the American Flag. Getting to watch his former team ge demolished was a great way to spend an evening. That we watched it via a converter box so the networks don't get a ratings bump made it even better.
We tuned in well into the second quarter on Kansas City's last drive of the half. According to my friend's wife, this was the first game he'd watched in the entire time they'd been married. They have a sixteen year old son and seven others. About three minutes into half time, he asked me who the guys with Bradshaw were. I honestly couldn't remember and was on my phone looking them up when the entertainment failure began. I looked up when one of my friend's daughters said something about hoping the performer had underpants on. At first glance, it seemed she did not.
The outfits looked like something you would expect in a Vegas show or a seedy men's only joint. turns out, that was the theme. Yup, support single mothers. Head down to the strip club to find out what they didn't show on FOX. To their credit, there were no wardrobe failures unless you count the design as a failure.
Instead of celebrating single mothers, we should be lamenting them.  No child should be raised in a home without a father. We only need to look to Chiraq to see what a monumental failure a matriarchal society would become. If the courts had been wise, they wold have made the default position that the kids stay with the father. We would have about 1/100th the number of broken families we have today. While many men would shoulder the burden of raising their kids single handed, very few mothers would agree to not being there with their kids every day. It would have ended the cash cow for barbitches. we would have almost zero half sibling families and no confusion in mid-June.
J-Lousy is what she should call herself. Then again, her sub standard is only marginally lower than many recent such events. Which is truly sad.

Sunday, February 2, 2020

Saturday, February 1, 2020


I was browsing the internet today and got a popup ad for caskets and I thought "That's the last thing I'm gonna ever need".

When Smokey Sings