Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Raddical Amish struck in Houston

The big news Christmas Day was a fire at a mosque in Houston Texas. Now, if you are like me, the moment they said suspicious, you said, "Inside job."
Well, they caught the guy, and his name is NOT Mohamhead ibin Jihadi. He is Gary Nathaniel Moore, and looking at his picture, I'm pretty sure he is Amish. He was caught because he left his horse tied up in a no parking area adjacent to the mall and it got ticketed.
OK, enough sarcasm. He is a not a "regular" at the mosque, praying only five time a day according to his own claim.
Yes boys and girls, another "hate crime" turned out to be a hoax. Who didn't see that coming?

Some days...

I see a story or pic and it brings back a memory from days gone by.
Back in the mid 80's I was looking at a used car. There was evidence of possible problems, a cracked head to be exact, so I was delving deeper to find out if it was steal or a rip off.
While I was working on it, a neighbor to the seller came up and asked if I could give her a ride to Walmart. She needed to get oil for her boy friends car and didn't want to drive it there. The vehicle in question was a pretty sharp Mustang. He was a GI, and was in the field for a week. he had told her to check the oil every time she drove it.
She went on to say that she had looked at it before leaving for work that morning, it was low, so she added what oil he had at the house, but it was still low.
How much did you put in?
Seven quarts was all he had left. (apparently he had bought a dozen, done an oil change, and used five. my guess any way.)
I walked down to her place, popped the hood, and pulled the dipstick. Oil literally flowed out of it when I did. I got my drain pan, crawled under, and pulled the drain plug. After draining out what looked to be seven quarts, I put the plug back in, let everything settle, then rechecked. Using a funnel, I got all seven quarts filled back up and cleaned off.
I guess it could have been worse, she could have filled the washer fluid instead.
Let this be a lesson to you men out there. not every girl, and frankly, a few men, know nothing about vehicles. If you have daughters, teach them how to do an oil change.
My first wife was in college when we married. I was in the Army. She came to Kansas for a visit. we noticed a slight thunk when she shifted her car. on checking it out, we found a bad U-joint No problem, pulled the drive shaft and went to the parts store. Problem! Her beater was old enough they didn't have the right one in stock and had to order one. Bigger Problem, I was on Post Guard the next day, 24hr shift.
She showed up at the barracks around supper time. brought me dinner! After a few minutes sitting on the bench with her, I asked how she had gotten from Manhattan to base.
Drove, duh.
Her car.
When the part arrived, she walked to the parts store and picked it up. She then installed it herself.
Her daddy taught her well.

Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Can we trust him?

Yes, I'm soured on politicians. To a man, the present crop in Washington has told us one thing on the campaign trail, then done the exact opposite once they got elected. I'm sick of it. I'm sick of politicians, I'm sick of the lies, and I'm sick of the garbage.
So far, Donald Trump has been on message, and on point with a large majority of the public at large, the Vulgarians as some call us. We are fed up with the out of control spending, he says he is fed up with out of control spending. We are fed up with illegal aliens and the associated crime, He says he is fed up with it as well. We are frustrated with the influx of potential terrorists coming from Satanic worshiper societies, and he says we need to put a temporary halt to immigration from the mooslime countries.
Is he one of us, or are we being played by yet another master politician?
As it stands right now, I will be supporting Trump in the primary, and hopefully the general election. I will not trust another democrat communist ever. I feel the same about politicians who falsely claim to be conservatives. I would just as soon see our nation go back to appointing senators the way it was originally laid out in the Constitution. Our founding fathers intent was for the less lower house to represent states issues in Washington, and for the lower chamber to represent the People. There were a few mistakes made, but people only needed to vet their choices for Governor to keep their representation in Washington on message. That, and elect representative who represented the People instead of special interest groups who had never set foot in their state.
Back to Trump, he is the only one running who is not a career welfare liar err lawyer. I don't see where he has even held a dog catcher position, let alone been elected by popular vote. To me that means he does not have a track record of lying to people.
The politicians speak out both sides of their mouths. Ask them a question, you will never get a straight answer. Ask Trump, and he will be blunt! He may hurt feeeelings, he may rub folks the wrong way, but at the end of the day he has conveyed what he wanted to tell us.
I'm jaded though. Fifty years of being lied to will do that to a guy. The last time we had a guy in national office who said what he meant and meant what he said was Reagan, and the press crucified him for it, his own aids, political handlers selected by the GOP, tried to twist the message.  Prior to that, You probably have to go back to Washington. George Washington, not the filth on the Potomac.
We need a few honest men to get involved. One in every congressional district, One in each state that has a Senate seat up for vote. We need to kick 468 members of congress to the curb and into the gutter where they would be most at home. They can take a bunch of unjust judges with them including about seven from the Supreme Court.
If you cannot send an honest man to Washington, send one who is so vile and contemptuous that not even the lowest of lobbyists would dare speak to him. That way, no one will own him.

Man of the Year

We have a selection for man of the year. He is 10 and had more cujones than the entire establishment GOP.

Friday, December 25, 2015

Understanding islam Pt 2

The Nasir al-Mulk Mosque affiliated with Shia Islam in Shiraz, Iran. Shia Muslims account for approximately 15% of the total terrorist population in the world.
The mirrored interior of the Ali Ibn Hamza shrine in Shiraz, Iran. Nearly 90% of terrorists coming out of Iran are Shiite.
Celil Hayat Mosque in Arbil City, Kurdistan, Iraq. The majority of suicide bombers in Iraq, Bahrain, and Yemen are also Shiite.
View of the grand Sheikh Zayed mosque at Abu Dhabi, UAE. The majority of terrorists in the world are Sunni. Countries including the United Arab Emirates, Turkey, Afghanistan, Syria, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Libya, Indonesia, and Malaysia are all majority Sunni.
One of the most well-known of Sunni mosques is the Sultan Ahmed Mosque in Istanbul, also known as the Blue Mosque because of the tiles stained blue from repeatd premature detonations of suicide vests, covering the interior. Pope Benedict XVI survived a visit to the Blue Mosque in 2006.
Both Sunni and Shia Muslims perform taqyiia jihad, and the Hajj, a pilgrimage to Mecca and the rites that commemorate key events in their faith prior to death in jihad.
Thiss last picture is the closed up Kaaba Door in Makkah Saudi Arabia.It is a fitting reminder that the doors to Heaven are closed to all muslims. There is only one way in to Heaven, Jesus Christ of Nazareth. Today is a perfect day to remind people every where that the path is wide, but the door is narrow.
Pray for muslims every where. They are lost souls condemned to hell for eternity unless they discover that More Ham Head lied. Jesus is not a prophet. he is the Word of GOD made flesh. He is The Way, The Truth, and The light. The lies of islam claim that Jesus was a Prophet, yet they ignore every word he spoke, and every thing that the witnesses to his life on earth have told us.
Likewise, old Hammy claimed authority as a Prophet from the Pentatuch, the first five books of Scripture. Yet he prophesied NOTHING. Furthermore, hiss followers, the members of the death cult do not read Genesis, Exodus, Levitucus, Numbers, or Deuteronomy. If they did, then compared their instruction to the rantings of their prophet, they would see that he is a phony.
So pray for them as they storm the earth in Jihad. Pray that they will encounter the truth and repent, or that if they do not, that they may perish from the earth with out the blood of innocents on their hands.
Enjoy the day! Its the season of giving. wish every mooslime you see Shalom! and offer them a Christmas ham.

Understanding islam, a short version Pt1

Islam is in the news nearly every day, but do you understand the distinctions between Sunni and Shia? How are they similar? They both want to kill you and each other. Where do they differ? Here's a primer.

Both Sunni and Shiite Muslims acknowledge the false prophet Muhammad as the one who first misled the people about islam.
Both Sunni and Shiite Muslims fail to recognize that the quran is a book of lies about a false god allah.
Shiites and Sunnis share key forms of devotion, such as the five daily head bumps, Ramadan, taqyia, jihad, suicide bombings and the Hajj.
The Shia believe that after Muhammad's death, leadership of the Ummah (the community) should have gone to his cousin and son-in-law, Ali who regularly boinked goats with the madman. Muhammad is said to have given Ali a sword called Zulfiqar as well as syphilis. It can be seen here above the gates of Bab al-Zasr, in Cairo, Egypt.
Sunni Muslims believed that the next leader of the Ummah after Muhammad's death was to be elected from the Prophet's companions, idiots who boinked goats also, just not with the false prophet. Saudi Arabia, where all Muslims try to go once in their life for the Hajj, is a majority Sunni nation. Goats are the main form of sexual companion although child molestation is also quite common.

The Shia revere a succession of liars (called Imams), who are both bomb makers and Jihad leaders. Sunnis also have imams, who are just as wicked.
The Shia commemorate the death of Husayn, Ali's son and Muhammad's grandson, who was gored to death by a goat in Karbala (modern Iraq) in 680. This day of mourning is called Ashura, and Led to the fatwa that only sheep are acceptable sex partners, breaking with the suni who continue to screw goats. In many places Shitheads reenact the battle in which he died.
Many Shiites believe in the Hidden Imam, the Mahdi (a messianic leader) who will appear at the end of time and bring chaos. This is also confirmed in revelation where Satan is cast down to earth. It was rumored that Ayatollah Khomeini, leader of the 1979 Iranian Revolution, was this Madman. He neither confirmed nor denied these rumors, but since the Tribulation has not occurred, we can conclude he was just a mere devil worshiper.

Merry Christmas to all

Thursday, December 24, 2015

Merry Christmas

Its a little past midnight in Kansas. It is now Christmas 2015. It is the time we celebrate the Birth of our Savior Jesus the Christ. Is today actually the birthday? Probably not. Early Christians in Europe hijacked the Pagan solstice, the shortest day of the year, and incorporated many of the symbols in to the celebration.
It doesn't matter. We could celebrate his birth on any day. It would not matter. What matters is that he did come to earth. He fulfilled the prophesies, and he paid the debt for our sins. Yesterday marked the final day of Advent. One of the traditional songs goes; Come oh blessed ransom come, only hope for sinful mortals. Come oh Savior of the world, open are to you all portals. Come your beauty let us see, anxiously we wait for thee.
Yes, we do indeed wait. He said he would return. He will return. Until that day though, it will not be all sunshine and roses. We toil, we suffer. In many places Christians endure torment for his names sake. He told us we would.He promised that if we esteem him before men, that he would esteem us before his Father, GOD, in Heaven.
So we wait. We try to do his work. We fail. We seek his forgiveness.
Over the past 2000 years, the story of Christ has spread to almost every nation tribe and tongue. Many have believed, many have rejected His grace. Many have risen up against him. The sword has been used, torture has been used, flawed logic has been used, faulty reason has been used. Every lie in the book has been told and yet his message remains as clear and strong as the morning that his followers gazed into an empty tomb and knew that he had risen.
Its Christmas. Christmas is under attack every where on the planet. Some countries have banned it, other have banned its name. In this once great nation, people, even Christians say Happy Holidays rather than risk offending others by saying Merry Christmas.
Say Merry Christmas. Esteem him before men so he can esteem you before his father in heaven.
Still we wait. He is coming. trust him, he will return. Storm clouds also are gathering. The world today is like a many playered chessboard. Christianity is under assault from the muslims. In every nation with a sizable population of islamists, and they are all islamists, there is strife. Even here in the United States we have been attacked.
islam is not the only enemy though. This new world order that pervades America today is also against the Church. Antitheism is strong in our culture. We are told to embrace homosexuality. We are told to accept the whole sale slaughter of children in the womb. we are told to accept adultery and all manner of sexual perversions. Perversions that GOD condemns. It is beyond disgusting that these perversions happen in the world. It is far worse still that we accept them with out speaking out against them.
We have had seven years of unprecedented attacks on Christianity by the unpresident and his cohort of criminals. What has happened here is nothing compared to what others in other nations have endured for his names sake.
Its Christmas. Celebrate the birth of the Savior. Celebrate it the other 364 days as well. Put it in their faces. Don't be ashamed of his name. He is not ashamed of your or mine, and we are sinners all.  He is the perfect and pure Son of GOD.
Today is not about presents. You won't top his gift. Ever.

They got away with it

Several weeks ago I saw an article about a group of cops from San Franfreakshow who got caught making some pretty sick comments on texts from their official phones. It is now official, they will not be punished. We can write it off and say free speech, and it is just that, speech which is and should be protected. Just keep in mind, these fellows are from the liberal hell hole of Frisco, home to Nancy P. Lousy and a million perverts. You can bet your bottom dollar they are also liberals just like Barry.
Speech is one thing, actions though are another. I don't care if a cop wants to call me a redneck hillbilly. I don't care if he wants to speak ill of me because I'm a Polish Jew. If his actions differ because of that though, I have a problem. If a cop wants to walk around the Bronx wearing a sandwich board proclaiming "I hate Niggers" ala John McClean in Die Hard, more power to him. If he gets his face rearranged by one of them, well, I believe that should be protected speech as well. Graphic communication.
Its like the story of the boy who sold the mule. He siad the animal would pull a plow all day, and he never had to raise his voice.
The man who bought it hook him up, snapped the reins, but the mule just stood there. The man pulled on the reins, begged, pleaded, and finally went back to the lad from whom he bought this seemingly lazy beast and complained. The lad went over, looked at the muile. Searched around for a minute, found a 2x4 and belted the mule a good one between the ears. The lad then quitely said, "pull the plow".
The mule immediately began to pull the plow. The man was aghast. After a minute, he got angry and confronted the lad. "You misrepresented this mule he cried, I demand my money back!"
The boy replied, no sir, I did not. I only spoke once, and I never even raised my voice."
"But you hit him with a board!"
"Well, I had to get his attention some how."
To be clear, I fall into the shrinking demographic of people who believe homosexuality should not be accepted, condoned, or tolerated. If you want to do it behind closed doors, please close the blinds as well.
On issues of race, We are all humans. whether out heritage is Asian, African, European, or American, we are all descended from Noah. I do not hate or dislike any one based on the color of their skin. I do have problems with certain cultures though.  If you think you have the right to blow up a bomb in a crowd because they don't believe the rantings of a syphilitic pedophile from Mecca, I have a problem with you. If you think it is your right to not work, and to leech off those who do, I have a problem with you. If you think you have a right to go "elephant hunting" on the streets of America's cities. Well, this elephant shoots back.
And as for those Christians in the article linked above, GOD condemns it. Don't arouse his anger.

Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Rusty Chevrolet

This was our theme song for several years after I got back from Germany. We needed a second vehicle, and my brother in law found a 67 Chevy Biscayne in a grove that we got for $65. It fit this song so well that he got a copy of it for us. It was a rust bucket, but it was reliable. You could count on its 250 six cylinder to start under the worst of conditions, and with a three on the tree, it could pull a considerable load. We lived across from an Aldi's grocery store, and one night, the delivery truck got stranded. His starter was out, and he had another store to stock. I hooked it up to him, and we had him on his way. That was one tough car!
Over the years we had it, I replaced the clutch, rebuilt the front end, and not much else. I got clocked on radar on I-70 doing over a hundred. I still had pedal. The cop who got me refused to believe the car could do it, and that I would be crazy enough to take a rust bucket like that that fast. After a stern warning, he walked off muttering about needing to turn his radar in for recalibration. It helped that I knew him. I was an MP on the fort at the time and we had crossed paths several times dealing with wayward GI's.

Years later I got an 78 Chevy half ton at auction. My step daughter needed a vehicle, her old boy friend had wrecked her car, and that truck went cheap. I delivered it, and took her new boy friend for a ride. When I started singing Rusty Chevrolet, he almost jumped from the moving truck. Looking back, that would have been a good thing.

PoliceStop my car

Tuesday, December 22, 2015

The Minute Men are turning in their graves

Stone Wall Jackson was one of my favorite artists when I was a wee tot. This is one of the few songs I don't remember. Most of his others, From BJ the DJ to Waterloo, I know by heart. Sad to say, his greatest fear was realized in the Election of Worthless Willie, and redoubled in the election of the SCoaMF.

Monday, December 21, 2015

Don't mess around with Jim

He was one of my favorite singers when I was just a pup. Something got this song in my head, so I decided to put it up.

In other news

Reports have surfaced claiming that Barry ObamAA- starred in porn while working his way through college. You won't find him in the IMDB though, he had a very small part.

The murderer identified

The crazed woman who plowed through crowds of happy tourists in Sin City has been identified as Lakeisha Holloway, 24 formerly of Portland Oregon.
She had been in Las Vegas for about a week living in her car. reports vary, some claim she was there to market her line of clothing, others say she was enroute to Texas to meet the father of her child.
No ties to islamofascism yet although thee are reports swirling on the web that she shouted Aloh Snackbar as she plowed through the crowds.
She does have at least one link on farcebook to the BLM crowd though. As of now the Police are being tight lipped about her motives. Some are claiming she was frustrated about not being able to find a place to sleep, and that she had been run out of several parking lots.
Keep in mind, no where is safe. When liberals don't have ready access to fire arms, they will use what ever is available to assault, maim and kill. Is it in their DNA? I blame the liberal schools for not teaching them right from wrong, or just about any thing else.

Not terrorism? MY ASS!

An incident in Las Vegas has left one dead and many more injured after a black woman crashed her vehicle into the crowds on the side walk repeatedly. No name has been released, and details are limited. It appears they are taking the time to scrub social media ahead of releasing her name. Will she turn out to be a BLM activist, or have mooslime connections? One and the same really since the leading force behind the black lies are their former captors, arab mooslimes.
The proclamation that it is not terrorism rings shallow. They tried the same BS right after the SB massacre and other incidents that clearly were such as Ft Hood, and the recruiter murders. Any act like this is terrorism. Unless she knew the Canadian victims and had a specific grudge against each and every one of them, its terrorism.
Is it islamic terrorism? Wait and see. The scrubbing is getting better as they progress, but is no where near perfect. Barry's DOJ is getting better at it as they try desperately to portray every victim of the satanic verses as being some how responsible for their own fate.
After the recent mass assault by vehicle in Oklahoma, the name was released quite quickly. The perp in that case was white with no ties to islame, so there was no reason to background her before putting her name out there.
America is under attack. Our culture is the target. America has been a success, and a leader for a century because we have resisted socialism. The powers that pull Barry's strings want to destroy and enslave us. The satanic terrorists who believe the pedophiles lies are only a tool for them to exploit. A powerful tool, one that could seize control from them, but a tool none the less.

Sunday, December 20, 2015

Take a quiz.

Do you know your guns? go here and find out.

What could be dumber than bringing a knife to a gun fight?

Bringing a toy gun. Edel Moreland attempted to rob an off duty Baltimore cop with a realistic looking toy gun. Edel won't be making that mistake again, the cop shifted him to the Darwin awards nominee list in a flash!
Expect Baltimore residents to do their last minute Christmas shopping in his honor in 3....2....1....

Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Something to consider

Since the attacks in Paris, France has searched and closed at least three mosques and confiscated hundreds of weapons that were stashed in them. Why do we think they are any different here? We know they did the exactly same thing in Iraq when we were draining the cess pool there.

Should believers of the satanic verses be afforded religious rights here, or should we treat them like a cult? Members of a religion are free to leave if they decide to. Cults imprison and some times kill those who attempt to depart. mooslimes kill apostates.

The United States has banned certain groups as cults over practices of child marriage and polygamy. The Moron Church was forced to renounce polygamy in order for Utah to gain statehood. The FLDS are hunted , and their leader is serving life in prison.

Certain shit holes like Saudi A rapia ban Christianity. They are also short on human rights especially for women. While the United States' treatment of Christianity is headed in the same direction, it is still legal to own a Bible here.

We are under attack from the 57 nations that are defacto state sponsors of terrorism. I for one am all for closing the mosques, deporting 100% of the sleeper terrorists err refusegees and banning them from recruiting in prisons.

We should not go the route of telling them to convert or die, they would just practice taqyya, lie to our faces and go back to building bombs. Islam is at war with us. ObamAA- is an enabler if not an active participant, and Congress has their heads up their asses.

Its time for god people to man up and kick this congress to the curb. Nearly every stinking one of them. 435 in the Louse err house, and 33 in the Senate. If in doubt, throw them OUT.

Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Just a spoon full of sugar

in the 1960's hijackings to Cuba were almost standard fare. Members of America's left wanted to get to the Utopian society that Castro had heralded on the Ed Sullivan show and elsewhere. One of those dreamers, Anthony Bryant, eventually returned to the United states and proclaimed that "Communism is humanity’s vomit!" Yes, he went from being a determined communist, the left of the left, to becoming a conservative. All it took was a few years in Cuba to wake him up.
It has now been a year since ObamAA- announced normalization of relations with teh communist strong hold.  It could turn out to be a good thing if more people like Anthony make the trip and get educated. If not, there is still North Korea. Lil Kim gives a one shot quiz from what I understand.
Aint it amazing to know that only ninety miles separates the average leftard from sanity?
Lets hope they all go. Start with the ones in Congress like Nancy P. Lousy, and Babs Box-o-rocks. They can all go to their utopia and pick sugar cane with their hero.

Wednesday, December 9, 2015

How and Why

What do we do to vet people from Terrorist countries? ie, mooslime nations?
There is no good way to vet them. If some one is bent on attacking us, they will lie, forge an identity, or sneak in.
What we need to decide is how we will respond to an attack by jihadists.
Maybe we could start by bombing what ever country a terrorist attacker comes from, the country where they trained, and any country that provided material assistance to them.
If, for instance, the money flowed through the first bank of carjackistan, we surgically remove that bank from the face of the planet along with the home of its president. You can bet that the next bank will think long and hard about laundering funds to any one who might be a terrorist.
By the time the last echo of the last bullet fades, our intel folks know the who what and where. Maybe not the why. If Barry Soetoro wanted to stop Sharia, he could.
The fact of the matter is he does not, and his handlers do not want to stop terrorism or the drug trade. The why is found in the Bible. Control. Control of money, control of wealth means control of people, and liberals are not into live and let live.
In Revelation it tells about the mark of the beast. We are told that with out the mark we will not be able to buy or sell. Currency will have progressed from paper currency past credit and debit cards to an embedded chip.
To sell that loss of freedom, they will use fear to market it. "We must stop the flow of money to the drug cartels" or ISIS, or what ever cause they find that sparks fear. To do that they will propose switching from a cash society to a cashless one. Speaking of which, those bills in your pocket are NOT cash, they are IOUs from the federal reserve bank.
Several factor are in play to pitch that idea. The cost of coining money, printing the notes, and distribution. Counterfeiting is another as well as the fear mongering about funding terror and drug cartels. Convenience is another factor. Its easy to carry one stupid card vs a stack of bills an inch thick.
But wait! there's more! Cards can be lost, stolen, forged, and you can still be put through hell in a far away place like Paris, all because some guy accessed your data at the wrong moment.
That may be part of the pitch for the mark. On the hand or on the forehead. It won't be a tattoo as was the case a hundred years ago when they were demonized. no, it will be a computer chip. It will hold your life on it. Your medical records, your financial records, your driving records, and people will be all too happy to let it happen all because two jihadists in crazy California shot fourteen people. (There will be more attacks.)
The muzzies think they are doing it for a-lie. In truth, they are doing it because the power brokers want it to happen. Don't believe me? That's fine. Believe in Jesus and the GOD who created us all. I'm not a prophet. Heck, I didn't make a profit this year. I'm taking a best guess based on what I see and what I know. The only truth that is sure is contained in GOD's word.

Monday, December 7, 2015

Marquez the muzzie

The most recent updates on the San Berdoo terror attack are that the FBI has questioned Marquez, but are not discussing his status. The same article says he converted to stupidism three or four years ago.
Color me shocked. Or NOT!
Lets hope the FBI is able to get to the bottom of this with out substantial interference from the SCoaMF.

Remembering Pearl Harbor

OK, I don't remember It, only one of my siblings was alive at the time and she was in diapers yet.
It is time though for a rededication of our resolve.
We cannot be complacient.
We cannot be absorbed in our life style.
We must, every minute, look around and evaluate our surroundings. in 1941 the trio of enemies we had to deal with was Germany Italy and Japan. Today it is shiites, sunnis, and wahabists. You can probably toss a few of the other sicko sects on as well. I'm not sure about the distinctions, I think it goes like this, shiites boink sheep, sunnis molest goats, and the wahabists stick it to camels. They all hate Jews, Christians, normal people, women and each other. When it comes to sex, their preferred animal is at the top of the list, other animals second, prepubescent boys third, their wives last if at all.
That said, it is wrong for us to give up what those men died for at Pearl Harbor and in WW2. Our nation will remain strong only as long as we remain vigilant, and as long as we submit to GOD. Not a-lie, or what ever you want to call the moon god of the arabs.
The numbers of our veterans are diminishing rapidly The few who remain have earned our respect. Lets show it by stopping islam at the beaches. THEIR beaches.

My take on this latest development

Enrique Marquez has been identified as the owner of the long guns used in the San Bardoo terror attack. It is reported that he turned himself in to a mental health facility shortly after the shooting happened.
People are commenting that he was maybe sand and mortar short of a brick, and that is possible. My bet is that Burka and Clyde may have gone shooting with him regularly, and it was not uncommon for them to borrow his weapons.
I am vacillating back and forth between two possibilities, One that he was the third person involved, and cracked up over it which is not likely given that he was not known to be a convert to islamofascism.
More likely is that he had loaned them the guns so Clyde could take burka shooting, its reported they had been to a range the week before. Maybe he went along, maybe not, but that Syed used the pretext of teaching burkabitch how to shoot.
Enrique realized immediately what happened. He may have been told, he may have seen the news and put two and two together, he may have seen the news and thought his fiend was one of the victims and that sent him over the edge.
California has draconian gun laws, and maybe that is a good thing. Guns in the hands of liberals are dangerous to all humans. Chicago has the toughest gun laws and the highest crimes. Combine that with the percentage of liberals and the picture emerges, liberals and guns do not mix!
Texas and other conservative leaning states need to start a screening process to protect themselves. When a new arrival is from a liberal eewtopia, take them first to a gun range and offer them a chance to show what they know. If they recoil at the sight of a gun, load them back on the Greyhound, and send them straight back to La lA land.
It will be interesting how this plays out in the days to come. There are a thousand more like Syed waiting for their chance to execute an evil plan.
Be sober, be vigilant. The satanic verses are not the only problem.

Sunday, December 6, 2015

If you see something say something.

The most important thing we can take away from last weeks attack in San Bardoo is the importance of individual vigilance. Don't be focused on one thing as you go about your day. Put down the smart phone and look around.
Really LOOK! Nothing happening on twitter will hurt you. Nothing on face book is going to kill you. The guy across the street might though. Look at him. But not just him, what about the woman in the bulky coat? Could she be hiding a gun? Just because she is does not make her a terrorist though. Tight now we all should be packing. I don't care if it's a .22, have something handy and ready.
Clock boy and many of the other recent events involving islamofascists were meant to throw us off our game, to get people to be less likely to call and report suspicious activity. Incidents like that also tended to make the Police a little slower to react, and a little less thorough in their investigations.
This attack has shifted the game momentarily. expect to see a multitude of false flaggers. The islamists are not going to go quietly about their lives. They will be out to provoke reports on things that will turn out to be harmless BS in an effort to get us to hit the snooze like we have been doing since 9-11-01.
Learn some important numbers. Lets not overwhelm the 911 system with calls. Instead, get the admin number for the local departments. When you call in, don't be afraid to give your name. They take it a lot more seriously when people give them call back information so they can follow up if they find nothing.
We would like to imagine the police are there to protect us, they are not. Their job is to pick up the pieces and report to the court. We are not living in Minority Report, there is no precrimes unit.
Remember, only you can prevent forest fires terror attacks, and if the police limit you to six calls a day, you might be a redneck.

Saturday, December 5, 2015


 On Thursday December 3, the Manhattan Mistake printed an anti gun screed by loco activist Chrissy Renner titled Don't ignore Christian extremists. You need a subscription to read it all. Don't waste your money. The mercury, like all liberal screeds isn't worth giving one cent of hard earned money to.
Below is my reply. I also sent it to the mercury. Will they print it?

When Christopher Renner writes an editorial you can always count on him and the Democratic Party to be guilty of what they accuse others of and complain about.

Don't lecture me about a potential republican oligarchy Mr. Renner, when organizations such as George Soros' Open Society Foundation, or The Clinton Foundation, whom I'm sure you approve of and who you no doubt will vote for, dwarfs the dollar amount of the Republican coffers at this time, with much of it coming from foreign donors, essentially buying influence. Liberals have had the majority of control over most areas of influence in America. The press, television, Hollywood, Education on all levels, politics, judges and attorneys, most forms of publishing, Libraries, the arts, music, theater, psychiatry and social media. Conservatives dominate only one source of media, talk radio, and Liberals want to shut that down. If an Oligarchy exists, it exists in the Democratic Party.

Then Mr. Renner has the nerve to compare the small number Christian extremists to the terrorist threat of ISIS. The number of mass murder and genocide that have happened worldwide at the hands of atheists over the centuries dwarfs those of Christian extremists by the hundreds of millions. Do your homework Chris, and I haven't even mentioned the genocide that happens on the abortion table every year. Over 55 million innocent babies, emphasis on innocent, have been slaughtered since Roe v Wade. Are you proud of that Chris? I know you are, you can admit it.

Mr Renner also makes the jump to atributing these Christian extremists to Conservatism. A short study of the 46 murders shows that many were comitted by White Supremists like the KKK. Any person who knows their history is fully aware that the KKK was an arm of the democratic party. So much so that One of the stalwarts of the democrats in Washington was former kleagle, Robert Byrd.

Then Chris goes on to complain about gun control, failing to realize that the top 10 cities in states with the highest crime rates and strictest gun control laws are all democratically controlled. After that he brings up the issue of poverty and income inequality but again the ten poorest major cities in the U.S. have been under Democratic Mayoral control for years some like Milwaukee since 1908, Newark since 1907 and Miami never. Now you don't have to be a PHD to connect the dots here, you just need to deal with reality. You see, knowledge without wisdom is very dangerous.

Further irony is contained in the fact that on the day prior to publication, San Bernadino Experienced an Islamic terror attack. The victims were not only victims of islam, but of the liberal policies that stripped them of their ability to defend themselves. Policies that Chris supports. And what of his numbers?

If we agree on his assertion that 46 were killed by white Christians, we must apply the same standard to the 26, now 40 killed by muslim extremists. One web page I found atributed 48 to Christian white male terrorists, and 45 to islamic terrorists. Their standard, like Mr Renners though was twisted. One glaring omission was the beltway sniper attacks perpetuated by a muslim man, John Mohammed, which killed 10 in Washingon and another 7 in earlier attacks spread across the nation.

Mr Renner traces the problem back to the Reagan era, but in fact, it goes back much further. People seeing in black and white may paint the democrats one way and republicans another. Few nationally elected republicans though are true conservatives. We see that in recent history, where the acts of George W. Bush contained as much crazy liberal spending as any democrat before him, and are only eclipsed by the out of control spending by President Obama and the variations of congress we have endured since his inaguratation. Neither party has attempted to stem the massive hemorage of money which will eventually cripple our economy.

The tide of public outrage that swept the democrats from office in 2010 and 2014 brought no change though in the actions of congress. Do the democrat oligarcy and republicans have the same goal? Antonio Gramsci laid out eight levels of control that must be obtained before you are able to create a communist state. We are almost there, five of them are done.

You know, it's not that we have corrupt and inept politician that amazes me; it's that nearly half the country is foolish enough to re-elect these inept leaders to positions of governance. How bad does it have to get before people come to their senses? Since Chris likes quoting famous people here's one from Einstein "The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results".

The poor keep electing Democrats yet continue to get poorer. Why? Because instead of an informed electorate, we have a misinformed one. Democratic states with anti business policies are losing taxpayers. Only 1/3 or Democratic states gained taxpayers while 3/5 of of Republican states gained taxpayers. I don't know Chris, maybe it's time for a little Republican oligarchy. It can't be any worse than what your party has done for the last 60 years.

Thursday, December 3, 2015

Simply AMAZING or GOD works in mysterious ways

Just prior to the attacks in Paris, the SCoaMF went on national television and proclaimed that ISIS was contained. That same day, Paris was attacked, and civilization reeled under the weight of the blow.
Just prior to yesterday's attack in California, deer reader again stuck his foot in his mouth proclaiming that America was safe from Jihad.
Are these guys tuned in to pResident short bus's teleprompter? Are they feeding him this bullshit. or are they just waiting for him to say something stupid? OK, every thing he says is stupid, but are they listening and waiting for him to make a statement they can hurl back in his face?
A lot of republicans, the conservative ones, are looking to Trump as some kind of savior. Guess again. He is just as human as the next guy, and will have to fight a communist infested congress for every penny to defend this once great nation.
I believe the establishment GOP will stop at NOTHING to keep him out of the oval office. They are globalists, and every person we send to Washington gets attacked, caught, and turned by them into a slithering snake.
The answer there is, when in doubt, throw them OUT. Unless you are absolutely certain they are squeaky clean, they don't need a second term at undermining the Constitution.
As for Barry, if he makes another statement about us being safe, DUCK and RUN. Avoid crowds, avoid target rich environments. Their women can be just as bad as their men and children. Remember, mooslime kids blow up faster than anything.

Wednesday, December 2, 2015

If it wasn't terrorism it must have been....

We know very little at this point. Much of the information out there is contradictory. Some facts though do emerge.
This was a mental health facility. As such, it would have been a gun free zone target rich environment. The subjects were described as middle eastern, and initial reports claim they were equipped with body armor and carried AK-47 style assault rifles. Fully Automatic? Possible. Looney Land is not an easy place to obtain weapons of any kind. The AKs and ARs available would have been neutered, fixed magazines, limited capacity. I doubt they would have driven to Nevada to obtain guns when they could get arms from the Mexican drug cartels or Venezula.
Don't look for the guns to have come from a dealer in Modesto. This has the appearance of being sponsored terrorism and Iran is a likely culprit. They are not the only ones on the list though. All the mooslime countries right down to Saudi Arabia are suspect.
In any case, this is the start of what Europe has been getting since the start of the arab winter in 2012 when the SCoaMF overthrew Kadaffy in Libya. It will be interesting to see when and how these scum came in to the country. Refuse? err refugees? We will see. Expect there to be a lot of cover and obfuscation in the mean time.
Barry is practicing Taqyia and lying his ass off calling for more gun control when what we need are better armed citizens and more of them.
Got ammo?

Tuesday, December 1, 2015

The Ghosts of Christmas Past

When my kids were young, we used to go to Minnesota for the Holidays. Often we went at Thanks Giving, and held the family Christmas celebration on the Saturday following. As a special treat for the kids, and to make cleanup easier for the adults, we would often rent a couple of motel rooms and move the party there. Since the closest and most convenient cities were Brookings or Sioux Falls, we had a pretty good selection of motels to choose from, and we always went for one with a pool.
One year, the selected motel had a pool that was indoor/ outdoor. Everything was split by a huge garage door that dropped down a couple of inches into the water.
For a little back ground, the cousins on my side were older by ten or more years. On my wife's side though, they were grouped pretty close. The oldest was six months older than my oldest, and the youngest were grouped a few years below my youngest. It was the perfect environment for mischief.
We were all gathered around the pool. We'd ordered pizza, and when they arived, I realized we were missing a bunch of the kids. A quick assessment revealed that they had slippedunder the garage door and were all frolicking in the courtyard. It was snowing, nearly a blizzard, and they were out there having a snow ball fight. No big deal? They were in swim suits. No coats, no shoes, running around in the snow and having one heck of a good time.
No real choice for me, I too ducked the door and joined them, pizza be damned. I'm a cold weather sort of guy, and a snow ball fight is just the game for this crowd.
The missus was busy gabbing with her sister and mom, but it wasn't long before she realized the pizza was just not disappearing like it should have been. The next thing I knew, she was beating on the glass of the walk out door. It was clear that she was mad as a wet hen. madder than usual. She has a temper. I can say that, we're divorced.
Well, we delinquents all jumped back in the pool and ducked back under. I was accused of being the ring leader even though I was the Johnny come lately. No big deal, I was used to it after fifteen year of marriage to her.
She resumed her throne beside her sister, and they went back to gabbing in a New York minute.
Bodies though were not the only thing to come under that door. As I crawled out of teh pool, I was in the perfet position tio witness what happened next.
One of her nephews brought a huge pile of snow with him. Enough survived the heat of the water for him to make an olympic sized snowball, and the final shot of the fight landed right square in her chest.
Lets just say she was calm earlier. There are no words to describe the fury that erupted.
Now, I was off to the side at her far left. That king of all snow balls came from almost dead center at her front. Didn't matter, I was guilty and she was going to be my executioner. No, Not a snowball of retaliation, she was mad for a month and took every opportunity to yell her head off at me.
I was used to it. The only difference was the duration. She could carry a grudge, and if grudges weigh an ounce, she had ten ton of them with my name carved in em.
About two years later her brother in law told her the truth about who threw it. She called him a liar. As far as I know, I'm still the guilty party in her book.
Might be up to twenty ton by now, Who knows. Any way, that's my story, and I'm sticking to it.