Sunday, April 29, 2018

Why the tizz about Sarah Huckabee Sanders looks?

Feminazi Michelle Wolf blasted President Trump's Press Secretary in her sick monologue at the White House Whore despondents Dinner.
Who cares what Sarah looks like?? Besides her husband? She was not hired to be a bubble headed bleached blonde, she was hired to provide a conduit for information flowing from President Trump to the American public. Yes, that Conduit is some what blocked, but the problem is down stream from Sarah which is why President Trump uses Twitter like a bayonet.
Sarah is quite competent, both in her role as Press Secretary and as a mother to her three children.
As for Michelle Wolf, she is low life trash. Put her in a pig pen with Kathy Griffin. When people need to resort to vulgarity like she chose to be considered funny, we need to rethink what we consider humor. Let's not joke about weight either. Unless the Press Secretary is named Tubby that is.

Friday, April 27, 2018

Gun free China has problems with school killings

Seven students were killed in China when a knife wielding man went on a rampage at a middle school. An additional twelve were injured. Adolph Hogg needs to immediately get on a plane to Beijing  to protest for stricter controls on AR-15s.
Once again, the fact is clear, if one person at that school had been armed with a gun, the attacker could have been neutralized before seven kids were dead.
Even with no guns available to criminals, gun free zones are a target rich environment. Don't know that I want a billion and a half armed Chinese, but I know for darn sure I don't want disarmed Americans.
We could look at England where the disarmed population are ripe victims for criminals. We could look almost any where that the people have given up their rights and find that Oh-My-Gosh, the criminals didn't give up theirs.
All disarmament does is make subjugation easy peasy for the islamofascists and other forms of evil.

Thursday, April 26, 2018

Shoulda cut ties with Dick's instead

In 2006 Yeti exploded on the outdoor equipment market, offering a cooler that is second to none. Now Yeti is again exploding but not in ways the owners want.
Yeti cut ties with the NRA Foundation five days ago. Four days ago the boycott Yeti craze boomed across twitter as loud as a cooler full of Tanerite. Two days ago Yeti pouted this was all a big misunderstanding.
OK, a big misunderstanding, I can buy that. Now the question is, on whose part? Did some one at the NRA Foundation misread a memo? Yeti just needs to show the world a copy of the memo or E-mail they sent to the NRA Foundation. Complete with time stamps and other corroborating evidence.
Personally, I think it is crazy to spend $500 on a cooler and later blow the dang thing up. That said, anybody got a Yeti cooler for sale real cheap??? As in $20 dollars cheap? I got Tanerite!
Lots of stupid in this world. Yeti should have spent a millisecond thinking this through. Not many tree hugging liberals are gonna buy a Yeti, even now.
Dickless Sporting goods is getting the cold shoulder from sportsmen, how are they faring with their decision to piss off their customer base? Oh well, I guess this provides for libtards to go admire the yeti coolers and dream of the day they can buy one using their SNAP cards.
If Yeti wants to prove their credentials, here are some simple things they can do;
1. Advertise with the embattled Conservatives. Advertise on FOX, specifically Laura Ingraham and Sean Hannity.
2. Advertise on Breitbart and One America News Network.
3. Offer a buyback program for disgruntled former fans.
4. Place ads with the other networks ONLY during Presidential coverage such as speeches. Rather than a commercial, have a logo on screen reading "Yeti stands with the President and our Constitutional Rights."

Pompeo in

Mike Pompeo has been confirmed as the next Secretary of State replacing T-Rex. Pompeo is a hard liner akin to Maddog Mattis and Bolton.
He has the supreme distinction of being one of only two Americans to meet face to face with Kim Jong Un.
Mike is also a TEA partier. Tough to lose him from Congress when he was selected to lead the CIA, but a good choice to deal with the crazy in the world.
To put him in a better light, He is a West Point grad, a Cavalry Officer, who moved to Kansas and with a group of like minded friends formed Thayer Aerospace, named for the founder of West Point. Yeah, the guy is a tad bit of a Patriot.
GOD speed Mike.

Sunday, April 22, 2018

Don't forget, it is earth day

If you are inclined to celebrate it, please do not compost your significant other as Ira Einhorn did, even if you believe CO2 is a pollutant instead of plant food. As for me, the lights are on tonight, even in the chicken coop.

Mittens not a shoe in

Mittens Romneycare has two signature performances thus far. He is having trouble getting a third. His health care disaster in massiveclueless was often pointed at during the 2012 election in which he assured Barry Soetoro a second term. Two serious strikes for the man, but when he announced his intent to run for Senator from Utah to replace Orin Hatch, President Trump extended the olive branch and gave him an endorsement.
In typical never-Trump style, the rino loser stated matter of factly that he has reservations about reciprocating the endorsement. That may have struck a nerve with the folks in Utah where Mittens fell in the party convention to state Senator Kennedy, 51% to 49%. Had either man secured a 60% rating, the voters would not have been offered an option. Instead, voters have a choice. A doctor with a record of serving the public and working to improve health care, or a carpet bagger who is so liberal he made Barry the incompetent seem, well, competent. Romney is the establishment go-to guy when the communist democrats get too unpalatable and McInsane is unavailable.
Utah went strongly republican in nearly every presidential election prior to 2016. In 2016 President Trump garnered a mere 45.54% of the vote. Part of that may have been due to the fact that Never Trumper Evan McMullin is a naive err native. In any case, that blurp may be why Mittens decided to go West.
President Trump has offered several endorsements to establishment rinos. Most have failed as we saw in Alabama where nobody wanted to cast a strange vote.
With a staggering number of rinos choosing to exit government and join lobby groups, 2018 is an open play book. It is hard for the party of the sitting president to win in the off year. This election is made harder by the bailing of so many long term names. That is not a bad thing since they were for the most part as never Trump as mittens.
Expect to see massive spending by the uniparty to oppose Kennedy both in the primary, and especially if he whips Romney, watch the money in the general. Republicans don't want to win in 2018 because they want all the things the rank and file oppose. From lyin Ryan on down, they are puppets of the uniparty and the chamber of communists.
From my porch it appears this desertion is so they don't have to play ball with President Trump and can let him fight and argue with the establishment's communist wing. These people do not care about the will of the people. They are determined to bring America to it's knees. Lets hope the folks in Utah send another clear message to the establishment and let them keep Romney in the public sector.

Friday, April 20, 2018

They should sue HiLlARy instead

The new communist party aka the democrats are suing President Trump, Russia, and wikileaks aledging that they are victims of a conspiracy to damage Cankles' Presidential run.
What the heck is wrong with them? Just a quick look at the reality shows she doomed herself. How much time did she spend on the campaign trail? How many rallys did she do?  President Trump was on the beat nearly every day. He would fly to a rally, then back to New York to have a business meeting the next morning. Then it was off to another campaign stop. The only organization we saw from the Clinton Crime syndicate was organizing protesters to obstruct and assault attendees at Trump events.
OK, that is a stretch. She did do some events. She was able to fill several grade school gymnasiums, and the foyer of some community building while President Trump was barely able to pack sports stadiums holding a mere 70,000 or more people.
After her collapse at the New York event, and her miraculous recovery, people should have seen that she was the next messiah, a gift from god err George Soros. You have to admit, seeing her thrown in the back of that van like so much garbage was almost as good as watching her nearly fall down the stairs in India.
I can understand the dems being mad as hornets at Russia. After funding her campaign, they failed to run good interference on her behalf like they were supposed to. The Rooskies simply did not hold up their end of the deal.
As for Wikileaks, Was any of the material they released false? Were the e-mails hers or were they fabricated? Julian Assange didn't hack her server. Seth Rich was the one who dropped that Christmas present on the world.
All this is happening to distract from the reality that all Mule ears special investigation was smoke that is blowing away with the winds of truth. The media can focus on it rather than on commie admitting that the Steele dossier was absolute garbage.

Finally admitting that he SUCKS

That they are still talking about Kolonoscopy explains why they have No Fans Left. Trent Dilfer, speaking  about the leader of the Kneegro rebellion said that teams don't want an activist with disastrous play. I say get real. Teams don't want a quarterback with disastrous play even if he could suck off the entire main office. Teams want a quarterback who can #1, win and #2 attract fans.
Or should I state it as not drive fans away? We have seen a fan exodus over the past two years as people got sick and tired of black lies blabber from dull normal hulks who are talented at entertaining in sports but lack the synapses to rationally reason that some criminals get killed because they just push the line a little too far.
For all I care, the NFL can bring him back. It's not like they have many fans left to drive away. he could provide a ratings spike. If they can get good video of him getting massively sacked by  not just the opposing team's players, but his own line as well. It could happen, if ratings and advertising plummet enough to hurt pay checks, they might have enough brain power to reason he is the problem.... NAH!
So why am I writing about the loser? Why am I giving him audience? To mock the sorry POS.

Thursday, April 19, 2018

clickbait GARBAGE

Ever wonder why America is in the shape it is? People are not informed. Today in the sidebar of an article was a gem about Eddie Murphy's military service making Chuck Norris look like a Barbie. Huh???
I think most of us know that Norris served in the Air Force. While his career wasn't a highly decorated one, the man was not a misfit or a monster. But Eddie Murphy? Eddie was born in 1961, so if he graduated high school, it would have been in 1979, although his bio on wiki makes no mention of it. He kicked off his career in "comedy" and was soon on SNL. he then advanced to movies in 1982 with 48 hours.
So where I ask is his military service that makes Chuck Norris look like a Barbie?
A few people will click on the bait and it will most likely take them to a script that has nothing to do with Murphy or Norris. Many people though will see the blurb and it will stick in their mind that Oh, Eddie Murphy had some great military service!
And the picture of him in uniform? It is from the movie "Best Defense" which released and flopped in 1984. Another gotcha because since the film was a dud, folks won't recognize it and put them together.
There are millions of bits of information available on the internet. some of it is false. hell, lots of it is false or misleading. People won't pick up a book anymore. not that the print media is sup[er accurate, but publishers don't want to waste paper ink and time printing things that are demonstrably wrong.
So we have a generation that is better informed but also more misinformed. No woncer they eat Tide Pods and stuff condoms up their noses.

Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Smartest one on Campus?

Students at UC Bezerkly voting for their student body representatives elected a squirrel? Furry Boi is actually Stephen Boyle, a sophomore who made no promises and didn't even bother to attend the tabulations ceremony. BUT 538 airheads voted for him.
Possibly they thought they were voting for a real squirrel, one with fur, a tail, and a taste for hiding nuts. If that were the case, what can I say but they bow to their betters.
Maybe it is wrong to make fun of them. Maybe it is wrong to laugh at grown toddlers who eat Tide Pods and snort condoms. Maybe, but I'm gonna do it anyway.
Our education system has failed us. Their parents have failed them. To make matters worse, they are enabling this sort of stupidity if those kids return next year. Not all the kids in the California system are bad. Sadly though, some are worse. MUCH worse.
As for Stephen, the kid has a career in politics. In 2036, he will be on the ticket as a democrap, running for President, and the masses of educational failures who populate the democrap hell holes will vote for him!

Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Goodbye Barbara

Former first lady Barbara Bush has passed at the young age of 92. While her husband and sons have turned out to be less than stellar citizens, She deserves high marks for putting up with them.
She was possibly the most remarkable first lady in my life time. With out a doubt, she had far more class than HiLlARy Criminal or Mooche, and while her daughter in law certainly possessed style, Barbara extolled what the wife of a leader should be.
They say only the good die young. Maybe that is true. If so, a little badness would have seen her to at least 200.
It was announced on Sunday that she was discontinuing medical treatment. That was a clear notice that her passing was imminent.
President Trump extended kind words on her passing to a family that has been anything but kind to him.
Goodbye Barbara, may the example you set influence the next generation to be better people.


Monday, April 16, 2018

Sure to go down as the warmest April on record

By now the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration is a laughingstock. Their actions to confuse data regarding world wide temperature records has contributed to the mess that keeps rearing it's head as global cooling global warming climate change!
Friends in Minnesota tell me this is the coldest April they can remember. Yesterday  saw as much as nineteen inches of snow fall in parts of the state.
Makes me wonder why the heck the Minnesotans for Global Warming site disappeared.
So, in two or three years, when you check the records, are you going to believe your faulty recollections? or the reporting of trusted government?

Sunday, April 15, 2018

More More More

An environazi has chosen to immolate himself in New York City. David Buckel who was also a perversion rights activist doused himself with gasoline, then ignited himself into a pile of ash. among the items left behind were letters in which he apologized to the Police for the mess they would have to clean up.
Buckel was made famous by the rape, hazing, and ultimately, the murder of Teena Brandon which was featured in the movie Boys Don't Cry. Teena's mother sued Richardson County and the sheriff and was represented by Buckel.
Now if only a few (hundred) more envirowacko's would follow suit. Any bets the guy still votes come November?

Saturday, April 14, 2018

A prophecy against Damascus

1The burden of Damascus. Behold, Damascus is taken away from being a city, and it shall be a ruinous heap.
2The cities of Aroer are forsaken: they shall be for flocks, which shall lie down, and none shall make them afraid.
3The fortress also shall cease from Ephraim, and the kingdom from Damascus, and the remnant of Syria: they shall be as the glory of the children of Israel, saith the Lord of hosts.
I am not laying this at the feet of President Trump. The few missiles he sent are nothing compared to the ruin taking place at the hands of the followers of the pedophile. Bible scholars long ago determined that Magog was Russia and would be aligned with Persia, present day Iran, so finding them in cahoots on Israel's northern border is to be expected. 
Russia is not our friend. Russia is not Israel's friend. As for Assad, he is gonna be toast whether he wants to acknowledge it now or never.
If President Trump's decision to bomb Syria results in us getting the shit smacked out of us by Russia, well, remember, we are not mentioned in the Bible either.

Friday, April 13, 2018

Trump to pardon Libby

According to Courthousenews, President Trump has given approval after considering the move for months. To read their article, one would think Scooter was the biggest piece of trash, harming the CIA irrevocably and undeserving of even the commutation former President Bush gave him.
Those are not the facts in the case at all though. There was no crime in unmasking Valerie Plame who was the wife of former diplomat Joe Wilson. She was not in a position actually covered by the act, and she was outed by her husband to MG Paul E Vallely more than a year prior to being "outed" by Richard Armitage. Outed isn't the right word though because there was nothing to O-U-T.
Patrick Fitzgerald was appointed to be the special counsel by, You can guess. Why is the name of that commie so familiar? Is it because he has undermined another Presidency? At any rate, Fitzgerald made a bee line for Libby. The whole show appeared to me, to be an effort to undermine the Presidency.
It is very possible that it was done for the express purpose of making sure W and his administration toed the line for the unipartry. A shot across the bow if you will.
The pardon of Scooter is a shot across the bow of the uniparty. Undoing one part at a time in very public fashion the evil perpetuated on America is no small task. We the voting public need to keep this in mind as we roll into the 2018 voting season. We need to ensure we have electable strong conservatives in as many seats as possible.
The departure of Lyin Ryan is tacit acknowledgement that the uniparty knows full well that this is war, and President Trump means to win and win bigly.

Thursday, April 12, 2018

Wednesday, April 11, 2018

More balls than any liberal

This is a babe. Brenna Spencer, a senior in Political Science at The University of Tennessee, Chattanooga, posed for her Senior pictures wearing a Women for Trump shirt, and with a pistol prominently displayed in her waist band. She has taken quite a bit of heat for it, but she is making it clear, she stands by her decision.
This lady hopefully has a future in shaping our national direction. We have lots of good conservatives, we just need to get them running for office.

Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Zuckerberg wants a Facebook Supreme Court? Fine

Mark Zuckerberg was in the news a short time back. Articles were noting how his Community monitors were more like Commie monitors. He responded by suggesting a Supreme Court for Facebook. Today he testified before Congress. I have yet to watch the Q&A. Some how the thought of buying a new monitor doesn't fit with my budget.
Fine, lets have a Supreme Court to monitor Social media. Her are a few of my ideas.
The Court should be comprised of 51 members. each Governor shall appoint one member, and the President shall appoint one member. Each member shall serve at the pleasure of their respective Governor and shall answer only to the Governor. Neither the President nor the Governors shall be privy to how members of the court voted.
Each member shall be guaranteed anonymity. Only the Governor and other members of the court shall know their true identity. Any attempt to unmask a member shall constitute a felony and be punishable by not less than five years in prison. Persons convicted of unmasking or threatening a member of the Court shall not be eligible for pardon.
Members shall be familiar with internet protocols and procedures.
Members shall not be attorneys nor members or past members of law enforcement, nor shall they be involved in the justice system except through their position in the court. If an appointee is a member of a forbidden class, they shall be unmasked, and the Governor who appointed them shall lose his or her right to appoint.
The Court shall have power to reestablish social media sites and groups, but shall not have power to ban or remove said sites.
If a person, group or organization is banned, they shall have the right to appeal said censure. That request may be directed to any court member, and all sites shall provide a link to the Court E-mails which shall be simply To which a complaint would be directed.
The member receiving the complaint would become the presiding judge for the complaints they receive.
The member appointed by the President would not receive complaints but would be on call to cast a tie breaking vote if such were ever to arise.
The court would then send a notification to the site controller to submit within 72 hours documentation as to why the site was shut down or restore it PERMANENTLY.
If the information is not furnished, the responsible party would be subject to a $1,000 fine, a year in jail, and $50,000 restitution.
Sites existing outside the United States would not be subject to the court nor eligible for review, nor allowed to complain. Thus, a person residing in Pakistan would not be able to submit a complaint against any site in the United States which could be actionable, and if a host were to take action on a complaint originating outside the United States, the host would be subject to fines as above. However, plaintiffs outside the United States complaining about sites outside the United States would not fall under the jurisdiction of the court.
Once documentation is submitted, the Court would examine all materials deemed offensive. The Court members would have fifteen days from the call to order by the presiding Judge to review the material and cast a vote. In the event the case load was to become too great, the time line could be extended as per vote of the court.
If the site reviewed is deemed to violate established norms of decency, such as calling for mass murder of groups based on race, religion, ethnicity political position, or if the site content is deemed to be of a criminal nature, the decision of the web host would be upheld. If the nature of the material was found to be free expression, free speak,  free association, or  free press, no matter how inflammatory or volatile, the host would be ordered to reestablish the site, protect their content from all intrusion, and censure the plaintiff. Speech often called hate speech is still freedom of speech unless it directly threatens the life or well being of individuals or groups.
For example, "I hate Rednecks" is protected speech. "Kill all Rednecks" is threatening and actionable.
The Host would also be ordered to pay the harmed person or group damages of not less than $50,000 nor more than $1,000,000. The amount of the penalty would be scaled based on the vote of the court and not on a separate vote.
In the event any site is shut down, no matter what the reason, the host would be required to post the name address and contact information of the Person who initiated the complaint. Thus, if a person went to my site, and it had been shut down, they would see a message, "This site has been deemed offensive and has been shut down based on a complaint from Joe Blow 2222 Elm slew Swamp, Gulible Kansas and may be reached by calling or texting 785-555-1234.

OK, that is my dumb idea on how to police the socialist nazis who seem to be controlling the social media.

Sunday, April 8, 2018

You sure about where he got that?

A Texas mom is "shocked" after her young son returned home from school and she got a good look at the shirt he wore.
The parody of the golden arches featured, instead, a silouette of a woman prone, legs spread, sporting stripper heels and the classic "I'm lovin it" logo.
The irony is no one at the school took notice. But, chew a poptart to the shape of a gun and you're going to hell.
To top it off, mommy dearest posted pics of her kid wearing the shirt on farcebook, and now the whole world wonders why she took home a tee from work in Jr's size.

The Snow aint the only ones with dreams.

Kinda puts it in perspective. Every generation thinks they will change the world only to learn it is one diaper at a time.

They're coming to take her away Ha Ha

They didn't? Commie Central's unfunny lady bitch is raising another stink. The poster child for the democraps now says she will do her next photo shoot featuring a severed head made to look like VP Mike Pence.
While more than half the nation is appalled, She seems to have the pulse of Hollywood and the unholy leftards who infest the left coast.
The crazy freak says that President Trump doesn't want her to work again. Some how I doubt that. The only gift greater than her is HiLlARy continuing to make her world wide 'blame every body but the skank' tour.
Get the gargoyle back on stage. Give people a double dose of the reality of how unhinged the "mainstream" of the left really is. Maybe she can get artificially inseminated so she can have another abortion just to spite Christian conservatives.
Kathy is the poster child for what living with out GOD results in. This is Satan's bride in waiting. No wonder she is on the douche list. Maybe we should add Maher to that list as well.

Saturday, April 7, 2018


Five Swiss in an Audi Quattro arrive at the Italian border.
A customs agent stops them and says, “I’m sorry, but it’s illegal to put five people in a Quattro. One of you will have to get out.”
“What do you mean, illegal?” asks the driver.
“Quattro means four,” replies the Italian official. “Not five.”
“But Quattro is the name of the car,” the stunned driver replies, “not its seating capacity.
Have a look at the papers. It IS designed to carry five persons.”
“You can’t pull that one on me,” replies the customs agent. “Quattro means four. You have five in your car, and you are therefore breaking the law. Either one person gets out or I’ll have to arrest you.”
The driver begins losing his temper. “You idiot! Call your supervisor;
we want to speak to someone with more intelligence!”
“I’m sorry,” responds the Italian, “he can’t come. He’s busy with two Frenchmen in a Fiat Uno.”

We need them there yesterday

President Trump has announced plans to deploy our National Guard to the Mexico border in order to stop the flood of illegals crossing in from Mexico and a multitude of other nations. Of course, the usual suspects are all opposed to this. The Aliens, Criminals, and Losers United aka ACLU is making smoke about this.
Given the levels of violence in Mexico, where an all out war is taking place between the various cartels and the Mexican government, maybe we should reconsider and deploy our troops so as to create a buffer zone. Lets say 100 miles south of the border?
The fighting in northern Mexico is reaching a level comparable to the civil war in Syria. With our own national interests foremost, in addition to securing the border, we should be looking at assisting the Mexican government in collapsing the cartel influence. This should be a national defense priority. Illegals hauling drugs endanger all of us. There have been numerous reports of fentanal seizures, and in Arizona, the number of busts has skyrocketed. Couple that with the meth traffic, and cocaine flowing up from South America, and the very real threat to our nation should be clear.
The ACLU however wants more criminals, more deaths, more destruction. Why? Only a democrat could tell you... And it wouldn't make sense.
We need to get the troops to the border ASAP. They need to be armed, and they need to be authorized to shoot back when attacked, and authorized to use deadly force to stop the invaders. What? do you think pop guns or blank ammo will scare people who would kill you with out so much as a second's hesitation? The cartels are ruthless, purest evil. Maybe even worse than Sanders supporters. I jest Bernie bots are chumps compared to what the cartels bring.
We have been catching these people, and deporting them, only to have them back in less time than it took to get them out of here. It's time to try something different. If Mexico want to be a third world shit hole, that is their choice. Whether it is imported here is ours, and like the President, I say NO!
As I have said many times, I have nothing against immigrants from Mexico and Central America. I want them to come legally so that the crap and criminals are kept out. I want them to come legally so they are not left to die in the deserts in Arizona New Mexico and Texas. I want them to come legally so they are not exploited by unscrupulous people who press them into jobs that are little more than slavery. I want them to come legally so they receive a fair wage. I want them to come legally so they pay their fair share in taxes. I want them to come legally because they are human beings who deserve to be treated with dignity and respect. Legal status convey's that respect.
Bottom tier jobs? If they are willing to work, fine by me. Why are we importing doctors from India when American kids could be doing that? Are our kids too dumb? /sarc. I'll take the lowly Latino workers who hold family values over the socialist indoctrinated ones who want to make us their slaves.

Wednesday, April 4, 2018

People there are starving, BUT

Venezuela's former VP claims the supermarkets would be full if people didn't eat so much.
I guess he is  right. If people ate only 1/3 of what they needed every day, it wouldn't be as big a strain on the supermarkets. Funeral homes otoh would be making bank as people starve to death. Yes, I know, they are starving to death in their socialist utopia as we sit here.
This is the sort of crazy reasoning that fuels the leftist mind. This is what we would have to deal with if people like Bernie Sanders were to get elected, and it is what Mexico will be dealing with shortly as a crazy socialist leads in election polls there by 18 points. Lets hope the same people who did the polls for HiLlARy the slinky are polling the people there. If not, we need to man the border with tanks and artillery. An invasion is coming that will make the dreamer run on the border look like an empty bus. Think the African crisis Italy has experienced, but with the Mediterranean being only a few hundred feet wide.
This is insanity. The people in Mexico don't want to be like Venezuela. They are being manipulated by people who want to see a massive failure on our border that swamps our own government's ability to work in a humanitarian crisis. Since they are relatively disarmed, they have no ability to right  the ship once it capsizes. Thus, we will be invaded by refuse err refugees.

Tuesday, April 3, 2018

Roid rage?

We now know the identity of the WOMAN who shot several people at eew-tube. Nasim Aghdam is reported to be an Iranian vegan body builder. Talk about a time bomb with a faulty fuse! Sure, lots of women struggle with anger issues. very few of them turn out to be murderers. We know that vegans have serious issues. How do you know there is a vegan within a quarter mile? They tell you. See you eating meat? they get angry. Lack of protein often results in a lack of self control. Muzzie? Why it isn't the religion of pieces? Surprised she didn't take a bomb vest. Body builder? Steroids abuse? So many things that could set this woman off. I guess we should be amazed it took this long.
One the plus side, she is the only one dead. No seventy two virgins for you baby.
The claims are that the man she shot was her boy friend or ex-boyfriend. Lets see, being close to San Franfreakshow, did she find out he was a closet gay? is this another Pulse shooting? Not likely. Did he cheat on her? He worked at you-tube. Metro sexuals that low ask permission to get an erection.
Maybe she spied on him eating a chicken nugget.
Some commenters are reporting that she was upset that You-tube was editing her videos. It could very well be that the guy who got blasted didn't know her from Eve. We all know we can trust the media for honest evaluation and reporting of facts.
The irony is that while many conservative folks have dreams about going to San Bruno and shooting the asshats at you-tube, it was a left wing protected class member who actually did it.
To sum it up, as Hugh Jardon posted; MSLSD NEWSFLASH: An almost white light skinned Persian feMALE nearly Christian muslim had a problem at YouTube today.
Now Shaniquah, with the weather......

Monday, April 2, 2018


A Navy Friend told me this one;
As their ship was getting ready to make port, most of the crew who were not needed were gathered on deck preparing for liberty. The Officer of the Deck (correct term?) was responsible for ensuring that sailors departing the ship were in regulation dress.
One sailor was decidedly not. This chap was an older guy, his dress whites weren't. His shoes had a Hershey bar shine, and he was missing his head gear. The lowly young ensign tasked with the job spotted this dirt bag and ripped into him, telling him to go below, and report back in zero five mikes with his shoes shined, and proper head gear.
As the sailor departed, the men standing around were all snickering. That ensign had sure showed who was boss.
Well, that dirt bag was back up in about zero two. No head gear, no shine, but he'd added one thing to his wardrobe. Poking the ensign on his shoulder, he bellowed, "Hey, you, have I got your attention? Do you see this?" Pointing at the addition to his uniform, a Congressional Medal of Honor. "do you know what you are supposed to be doing right now? That's right shit bird, you are supposed to be locked at attention saluting."
He continued, " when I'm wearing this I am entitled to an NCO and an Officer to escort me where ever I go what ever I do. Guess what shit bird, you are going to be MY escort today. Forget going home to your wife. Forget hugging your baby brat, you will be accompanying me to the strip clubs, bars and dives of this town. All Fucking Night."
That sailor was what many of would term a misfit. He didn't shine his shoes. he didn't shave properly. He didn't stand pretty at attention. What he did, and did well, was fight. He earned that Medal of Honor on a river boat in Vietnam. His river boat was hit by an RPG and sank. The entire crew, including him, was wounded. Some gravely. A rescue helio was shot down and crashed into the river near the foundered boat. This misfit did his job and more though and managed to rescue the copter's crew. He then managed to maintain suppressing fire from the boats machine guns and direct strikes enabling another helicopter to hover. He loaded the chopper crew, and his own crew into the sling and made sure they were safe. Lastly, he was extracted.
Misfit? Yup. He sure aint no garret trooper.

Miked Allen, calling us misfits aint an insult.

Sunday, April 1, 2018

Happy Easter

Ever wonder why the Easter Bunny hides the eggs?
If you'd been fucking a chicken, you'd hide the evidence too.

The landlord game

After over thirty years of being a landlord, I've decided to hang it up and sell. Part of it is my health, I can no longer do the heavy lifting necessary to remodel apartments. handling sheetrock, building walls, replacing floors is stuff my body can no longer handle. Spinal surgery will do that to a kid.
I could hire people to do the work. The problem I have run into is dishonest workers. Creative swindlers who create more work, then charge out the ying yang to fix what they probably messed up.
The big thing though has been the quality of tenants. I remodeled an apartment, then rented it to two women. Pretty soon they had boy fiends. One slapped his lady around and got arrested. The other gal moved to get away from the drama and take her mega drama with her. Then the first gal took her abuser back, got abused again, fled, and left him in the place. In three months it was worse than when I decided to remodel the place. Doors smashed, floors ruined and holes punched in the walls. The repair bill had not been recouped, and I was having to start all over.
At that point I decided it was time to hang it up and stick with the work I could handle, contracting out to others.
I kept two places. They are not near the college. One is in a small town, and the other is rural. It is a duplex and just across from a development.
Well, I rented the basement apartment to a couple of fellows. One bedroom. One guy had the bedroom, the other slept n the living room. Then the one guy's brothers moved in, and vola, I had four people in a one bedroom. I should have booted em then and there. I didn't. My mega mistake.
Not long after, his mom and dad also moved in. Since I don't haunt the place, I wasn't aware they were living there, and frankly I couldn't fathom six adults in that tiny apartment. But wait, it gets better err worse. The boys had girl friends! So, what kind of woman would shack up in a place with a BUNCH of other crowded in folks? Low end of the scale. Welfare queens who got kicked off welfare for what ever reason. Never actually met any of the GF's, but heard about them through the grape vine. I'm tod that at one point, there were nine people living in the place. They were getting along pretty good with  the upstairs renter, so I wasn't getting complaints.
Now, the house is in the country. Not a farm, just the house and one building of what used to be a farm. Not the barn either, a small tractor shed. They asked if it would be all right to get some chickens. I said yes, a few would be tolerable. Chickens only! No roosters, no ducks, no other animals.
Bam Zing! they had chickens, roosters, ducks, turkeys, quail, pheasant. And Dogs! Did I mention dogs? I'd rented the place NO PETS because it had new carpet in it, and they had five dogs. I guess every redneck has to have his dogs. Mine is a Papillion.
By the time I realized all this was going on, the damage was done. I should have booted them on the spot, but I tried to be Mr. Nice Guy.
Well, the guy who was not a family member packed up and moved. Kinda funny in a way, looking back, since he was the one who had a vehicle that ran. Even after he left, they would be around in his car. Then the brother who was the original leaser moved out. He had a job, he paid the bills, but he got sick and tired of having to support his brothers and their poor choices of sex objects, and their rug rats. Things went south in a hurry. I got no rent in December. I have never booted some one in December. Tried, Court wouldn't do it, delayed the trial. January they gave my son a little, about half a month's rent and told him they'd have more the following Friday... Then avoided him like the plague.
I gave them their eviction notice on 1 Feb. Handed it to mom who told me she'd just gotten a new job and would have money on Friday. I said" make sure and call me. Phone never rang. Go figger. My lawyer is hard to get ahold of. She isn't always in the office, and if she is in court, which is a LOT, she has to turn it off, so they got a few extra days from that. Once I got the paper work to her, it was the express lane, and the trial was in eleven days. They never showed up. No surprise.
When the Sheriff showed up for the final eviction, they claimed they'd never received any notice. He was Mr nice guy though and gave them a couple extra days. We did the final removal last Sunday. Their first words, "we need a couple extra days." Not. Happening.
He told them it was time to go, and to strap every thing they had out onto their trailer and get off the property. An hour later, they had not put one rope on. At that point he told them they had five minutes, or he was arresting them for trespass, and I would keep their truck, trailer, and every thing they had on it. Oops! One of the deadbeat boys grabbed his cage of quail and sprinted across the road where he sat until a friend showed up, loaded the cage, and they left. They did get off the property in the five minutes though.
When they left, all the chickens were still in their coop. If you want to call it that. Well, almost all, several were roaming the yard having either managed to escape, or been let out for some reason. There were more than fifty birds there. That coop was a clap trap arrangement. It was pallets stood on edge, and intermingled. The whole affair was less than six feet across, and about sixteen feet long, then cased with rejected scraps of norboard. Part of it was an old tarp. No windows, no floor, a sheet of tin for a door. Only half was readily accessible, the roost, what served for one, was two pallets standing in the middle and that blocked access to the far side unless you crawled in the straw and muck in the bottom.
The occupants consisted of two turkeys. Huge Turkeys! Eleven ducks and a mix of various breeds of chickens. They had a ratio of roughly two hens per rooster. I counted twelve roosters in there. there were also two roosters running loose outside. They disappeared. Don't know if a dog got them, coyotes or coons. They may well have opted to find better digs. At any rate, on Monday morning they were no place to be seen.
Variety in a coop can be a nice thing, and they had plenty of variety. Several white leghorns, a Plymouth rock rooster, about five Americana roosters, one white bantee hen, six Polish Crested, five  Silkies, New Hampshire reds, and some that were clearly mixed breeds.
For a while they had the chickens in the old shed. Then they built several different coops. They made them from mostly discarded lumber, but also incorporated storm fencing, tarps and old tin.
Since they left them, and I don't really need more chickens, I guess I have a stack of fresh dinners. The roosters at least. I will probably sell the Polish and silkies.