Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Just one more reason to have more sex

American Pravda reports Study: More sex may help damaged sperm. The simple fact is that if you want healthy kids you need to be sexually active. A lot of studies released in the past few years have detailed the importance of sexual activity in the health of men and women. This is just one more. Fight prostate cancer, get laid daily.

More BS from the Retards at Reuters

You think AP is bad, get a load of these clowns. Synovate, a research firm in Singapore surveyed People in cities the world over and determined that most would select green cars or opt for public transportation or bicycles. Get real. a large portion of their respondents were from China where you aren't even allowed to dream of owning anything. 42% of Americans living in cities who were surveyed said they would opt for a green machine. Sure, why not? If you live in smog hell, you woul want something that produces less smog. but to imply that attitude reflectes the world population at large is crazy.
IN Africa where a car is a status symbol ie, a sign you are making more then just food rations, the attitude is not so prevalent. In the article he makes it sound like Africans who want cars are evil or self centered. Not true. They know that they have limited resources to choose from and in many cases the ability to service an electric car is not there. Furthermore, there is a range factor. An electric car won't get you arround very far.
2% of Americans would opt for public transport. Go figger. Who wants to ride a transport where you are crammed in with smelly drunk asshats? Where you then have to walk a block or more to your apartment assuming it goes into your neighborhood. The last time I lived in an area with public transportation, I had to walk six blocks to the bus stop, and ride for 45 minutes whereas with my car it took me about 12 to reach work.
Sure public transport is more common in Europe. They also tax the living hell out of fuel to force people to stay on it. It is a social norm there like a bicycle is in China.
Overcoming those norms is important to getting a fair survey. The survey was conducted in Australia, Brazil, Canada, China, Egypt, France, Germany, Greece, India, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, South Africa, Thailand, Turkey, the United Arab Emirates, Britain and the United States. Since it was also conducted only in large cities, how can it be a reflection of populations through out the world?

Monday, June 29, 2009

Goodbye to a Hero.

The events of this previous week have overshadowed the sad news that COL Kenneth L. Reusser USMC has passed away aged 89. COL Reusser was a decorated veteran of three wars having flown with VMF314, Bob's Cats, at Guadacanal, VMF214, the Black Sheep from the USS Sicily CVE-118 at Inchon Korea and commanded MAG-16 in Vietnam. COL Reusser began as an F4F pilot and transitioned to the F4U then to Hueys.
COL Reusser was shot down five time in the course of his military carreer, clearly not a man to shirk duty or danger. He was severely wounded on at least two occasions, and was medically retired in 1968.
COL Reusser earned 59 medals including two Navy crosses and four purple hearts.


What is the Badge Of Courage?
What makes men fight, and die?
What is the Badge of Courage?
Over which Brave men Cry?

Its a simple little thing we wear,
But a thing not just anyone can share.
You must study, and learn,
And work, and earn,
The right to the badge of courage.

What is the Badge of Courage?
Its sweat and blood and tears.
What is the Badge of Courage?
Its the work of many years.

Its a thousand purple hearts
For which our blood is shed.
Our story is writ in histories scroll
In bright bright lines of red.

And its the Medal of Honor.

What is the Badge of Courage?
Well, if you don't know now,
I can't tell you.

Original by Barry Sadler, SSG USA Special Forces.

Maybe more appropriate would be "The Soldier has come Home", but this one honors all you brave men who have served our country with dignity and honor.
H/T Bar at LGF2

Judgement Bah!

When Barry the imposer was running in the primaries, Hillary pointed out his lack of leadership credentials. He has never been in the Military although he considered it. For two seconds maybe? Yeah, right, I got a bridge in Missouri I'll sell ya too. He has never been in any business leadership position. Never held any governmental leadership position. Heck he spent most of his time in the senate campaigning for the presidency.
Instead we were told his strong suit was his judgement. Well, it really may be his strong suit. He has yet to show strength in anything else, that's for sure. Presently he is batting near perfect. Let me explain. If this was a sports matter, he would be the first ever to strike out in Tee-Ball in the two year old unlimited swings group.
Its sad to watch. No, its disgusting. The imposers close circle of fiends in the years leading to his attaining national office was appalling. Wm Ayers, terrorist at large, Reverend Wright the America hating clown of the cloth. George Soros, the unrepentant NAZI with his hand up Barry's bung hole. Rhaam Emanuel, Eric Holder, Tim Geither, Kathleen Sebelius, and now Sonya Sotomayor. I guess when people were predicting a Jimmy Carter redux they were discussing a best case scenario.
The Supreme Court today handed down its opinion on The Firefighter Racial Discrimination Suit. It seems the wise ass Latina got it wrong, as if we didn't know as much. Racism cuts both ways. Its time to end policies that further racism such as affirmative action promotions and appointments. The affirmative action leaders who are failures need to be replaced, starting with Mr. Judgement. Unfortunately we will have to wait until after 2010 for a competent congress to take action.

Happy FBSD

Thats Fuck Barry Soetoro Day. For all of you who think his name is Obama, produce proof he changed it back after being adopted by Lolo Soetoro his Indonesian Step father.

Sunday, June 28, 2009

A Savage for us savages

This little giant is a Savage 112. If you were to google it, you would find that the Savage 112 is available in 25-06 and 300 mag. This beauty is neither, it is a standard .308. When I purchased it, it was a 25-06. Not a bad cartridge, in fact a very good one for long range plinking or varmitting. My problem with the round stemmed not from anything I experienced, but rather from anothers bad range day. It seems a fellow went to a nearby range to zero his rifle for deer season and try out a few loads. His plinker was a .270. If you are not familiar with rifle cartridges, there are some families of cartridges. two prominent ones are based on the 30-06, and the 308. cartridges include, for the 30-06, the 25-06, 6mm Remington, and the 270, and for the 308, the 243 and 7mm-08 The 308 family, being somewhat shorter, will chamber in a 30-06 action.

You can also chamber smaller caliber cartridges in the larger calibers, but those are pointless. The round just bounces down the barrel.

Back to the story. The guy also owned a 308. he did not have that rifle at the range, but by accident he had some 308 rounds in the bottom of his shooting vest, forgotten from his last outing. After an initial group, he reloaded the rifle. he accidentally slipped a 308 round into the magwell of his rifle and chambered the round. One touch of the trigger did put the round down range, but squeezing a 308 caliber slug through a 270 caliber barrel takes considerable force. The bolt of the rifle jammed. He is lucky, some times an accident like that can split the chamber and might kill some one.

That prompted me to opt for the 308. The new barrel is a stainless matte finish. The wife thinks its purdy, and even though she will never fire it, it is displayed in our living room. besides, burlap camouflages anything. It is uncut, retaining its original 26 inch length. 20-22 is optimal for the 308 caliber. you don't get any additional speed with the longer length as you would going from 16 to 20, but what you do gain is control. The added weight reduces recoil allowing a better chance of remaining on target for a fast follow up shot or a chance to observe bullet placement.

This piece is topped with a Tasco 8-32X44 scope. giving the rifle just under .5 MOA at 200 yds. The trigger is factory original, and since this piece was molded before the accutrigger came to be, will eventually get updated to allow for a 1.25 to 1.5 lb trigger pull. Butler Creek lens covers replace the tasco screw in covers which take minutes to remove.

The rifle tips the scale at a mere 12.75 lbs loaded. You will want to be in shape if you haft this through the back country.

The weenies fear Palin

When Sarah Palin emerged as the republican VP candidate, a few on the right were not suprised, but the left was caught with their pants down and that resulted in them getting their undies in a bunch. The election is over, Communism won, but true to leftist hate models from the past they are not letting go. If you post a comment, keep it civil. He is just the reporter. How about photoshops of the Soetoro kids? I say no. There is no way to do it without being overly racist, and we need to remain beyond that.
Attack the man for what he says, what he does and what he believes. Be honest and commend him when he is right, but lets leave his family out of it.
I know, I joke about his dog. He named it Bo because he is too stoopid to spell Bob. If they'd named the mutt after him, it would have been BS, and we are getting too much of that from the white house already.

The Jackson family has a PROBLEM

What to do with Michael. Since the guy was estimated to be 99% plastic, EPA regulations restrict burial to only approved land fills. Similarly, cremation would have the enviroweenies up in arms and might render southern California uninhabitable for months if not years. The only option left then is recycling, but which route should they take? 1. They can have him made into Walmart bags. He would still be white and a danger to children just as he was in life. 2. They can have him made into Lego toys. That way small children the world over can play with him for a change and be happy. 3. They can have him made into Barbie dolls. That way he will end up sleeping with girls, something he has never done before.

Thought I'd posted this earlier.

Will 2009 be the year of the child?

As childrens enemy #1 and childrens enemy #2 died less then a month apart, America is being led by a man with the mind of a child albeit a very young child, it appears so.
George Tiller, murderer of the unborn shot dead 31 May 2009.
Michael Jackson, pedophile elitist died 25 June 2009
And Barry? Lets face it. he has the ego of a little kid, it is easily bruised, he cannot handle critisism, will not answer hard questions and takes every thing personal. I sincerely hope he lives to adulthood, and I hope he reaches it soon.


For months now, bloggers like Don Surber, Denny Wilson, Drew and friends and almost every conservative blogger with an eye on health care has been predicting that with Mr Soetoro's health care initiative, we would soon be looking at health care rationing. Your first thought is be serious, they could never do that in America, could they?
I ran accross this jem, and my fist thought was here we go! Its the opening shot. Preventive health care has been a cornerstone of American Medical practice for over a century. Its almost easier to prevent something hten to cure it. Not so says American Pravda, Your english language source for all things communist, as they trumpet Disease prevention often costs more than it saves. Come again? We have been told sice child hood that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. That has been the reasoning for brushing teeth, being hygenic, trimming the pounds, eating smart, exercise... The list goes on.
Most people only glance at a headline, they never read completely through the story. Carla Johnson, a Chicago writer, doeas a good job of laying out her story, but her headline is far diffrent then what I would conclude from her article.
Discussing daily aspirin use with people at risk of heart disease does save money. So do vaccinations for children. When doctors talk to smokers and offer medication to help them quit, that, too, saves money.
But those are the exceptions.

She cites three things that work in paragraph six, calles them exceptions, but later makes a good case that prevention is worthwhile as she cites high figures for what Americans would consider a good healthy year. Her number is $50,000 for a year of perfect health. Huh? Most Americans don't make $50k a year, so that is a scary figure, especially how she breaks it down. She then says that Americans would likely spend even more!
This is foolish. only a few of the elite spend any where near that kind of money. Unless you are considering the cumulative costs accross an entire life time, but to say that is spent for one year? I would hope that several generations of healthy living vs those same years spent foolishly owuld add ten or more years to my life.
This piece is pure propaganda. As the Senate prepares to tackle BS health, we will see more and more of this. After it is passed, it will worsen, and the perception created by these articles will be used as evidence that preventive surgeries have less benefit then we once thought. That will be the carrot to cut things like hip and knee replacement, and eventually cancer treatment for older people.
If you think health care is expensive now, wait until Mr Soetoro's health care is in place. As Commie care comes on line, employers will shut down health plans rather then pay double for everyone. As more people enroll, the dollars will be stretched thinner by the crowd of illegals in America. But Jeremy, you say, they are already here sponging off the system.
True, but they are not a burdon on the soon to be extinct private insurance. Soon All of The United States will be experiencing what California has now.
The same is true with many people. They have weighed the costs and chosen not to insure themselves. Now, with public health, they will jump on. Why not, its their tax dollar. The problems will start after about two years as private coverage dwindles and buracracy sets in. One thing you can count on with government, it will never be streamlined and efficient.
As buracracy chokes health care, expect to see more articles like this one. Then don't be shocked when our system drops below Canada England and Russia in terms of efficiency.
Update, more on health care costs can be found here. Thanks to Don Surber for the link.

Friday, June 26, 2009

TWI, more dangerous then DWI?

I had a bit of car trouble today, a flat tire. My son was kind enough to fetch an air bubble and bring it to the rental I was working on, then follow me to the tire store.
About three quarters of the way there, we approached a construction zone. We had to go around a truck waiting to make a left, then pull back into the left lane, and stop. As we sat waiting for traffic to advance, I called my son to see if all looked OK from his vantage point.
As we spoke, he suddenly blurted out, "Oh shit, oh fuck, oh NO!"
I looked in my driver side mirror. He was not readily visible, but the approaching car was. The young lady was coming at us, not slowing, and was looking down and to her right. Texting maybe?
She braked at the last moment, but too late to avoid the crash. He wound up in the ER with possible cervical injuries. Nothing broken, but he has a whopper of a sore neck right now.
When will the cell phone providers start acting responsible since their clients seem unable to? When will lawmakers act?
I am a hyper vigilant driver. Having seen too often what can befall someone in a moments distraction, I keep my eyes peeled. In the past nine months I have narrowly avoided accidents with texters on three occasions. That is too much. Two of the last three railroad disasters have been caused by texters. How many car collisions have been caused by people distracted by this moronic craze? It can take a dozen or more test messages to conduct a one minute conversation, Why not call? Yes its distracting, but its less distracting then reading a two page letter on a 1.5 X2 inch screen.
#1 change, script in the operating system code that shuts the cell off completely and requires an administrator reset if texting is attempted when the phone is moving more then five miles per hour. A minimum tax on said admin reset of $25. Make the same change block all incoming messages when the phone is in motion as well, or allow only a blank screen.
State imposed fines of $100 for a first offense, $250 for a second, and $1000 for a third accompanied by a life time block from having a cell phone after the third.
Am I nuts? Well, I am, but that's not the point.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

The most liberal judges got this one right.

The Supreme court ruled today that the strip search of an Arizona student was illegal. In the ruling, liberal justices determined that the search of the student for ibprophrine was flat out wrong. They determined however that the officials who made this grave decision could not be held liable.
My least two favorites, Stevens and Ginsberg got the right answer though.
A federal magistrate dismissed a suit by Redding and her mother, April. An appeals panel agreed that the search didn't violate her rights. But last July, a full panel of the 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals found the search was "an invasion of constitutional rights" and that Wilson could be found personally liable.
Justices John Paul Stevens and Ruth Bader Ginsburg dissented from the portion of the ruling saying that Wilson could not be held financially liable
Conservative justices mistakenly sided with the school thugs. Thanks guys for giving a score to the liberals. I thought you were the ones defending individual rights and upholding the constitution. You let them off the hook and instead are punishing the tax payers for this assholes behavior. And my favorite justice madethe worst decision of all.
In a dissent, Justice Clarence Thomas said the search had been legal and the court previously had given school officials "considerable leeway" under the Fourth Amendment in school settings.
Dear justice Thomas, you are wrong. Just because you made a screwed up ruling did not make it legal. The previous ruling was wrong, you should know it wrong. Go back to the constitution and forget all the other utter bull shit you have been reading.

Unconfirmed reports tonight

Coming from California that a serial child molester is dead.

In other news, Michael Jackson, the king of pop has passed away today at UCLA medical.
From AP
The circumstances of Jackson's death were not immediately clear. Jackson was not breathing when Los Angeles Fire Department paramedics responded to a call at his Los Angeles home about 12:30 p.m., Capt. Steve Ruda told the Los Angeles Times. The paramedics performed CPR and took him to the hospital, Ruda told the newspaper.

Considering that it was mid day, and his favorite snacks are weenies, its entirely possible he choked on one. Can a guy choke on a weiner that small? We await the coroners inquest.

Denny fisked a commenters suggestions

Here is my take. Denny pretty well covered the stuff, but I wanted to add a little to it and not waste his band width.
1. Minimize drafts in your home, reducing energy costs. A tight home is a sick home. people need air flow bringing fresh air in and stale air out.
2. Reduce wasted electricity.I can agree with that. every wasted watt translates into money given to a corporation who then hands the dough to regulators liars err lawyers or the like. and that is waste.
3. Use more efficient light bulbs.Agree with Denny. Except tht if you want a light to be dimmable, forget it. Flurescents flicker, and the dimable flurescents simply don't dim enough and LEds are so conservative that they don't dim at all.
4. Turn down your water heater. Why? I have a geo thermal system. The heat in my water heater is the BTU's sucked out of my living space. Its free heat, I'll keep it. Had a solar back up one time with a slow recovery electric. You could tell when the eletric drained, especially in the evening and you got the hot built up through the mid day YOW!
5.Use your car less in favor of a bicyle or mass transit. Bike? Time is money. If I have to decide between an hour at $75, or a gallon of gas at $2.79 and 55 minutes saved, saving money wins.
6. Eat fresh, local foods. My determination on food is cost. If the fresh local costs more then the store stuff, then Kroger wins hands down. Being green is about saving the planet, and if we turn it into a third world shit hole we have failed.
7. Use passive solar power in building homes in sunny areas. Yup, love that passive solar. It translates into higher cooling bills in the summer. Works great on cloudy days too. Ha!
8. Cut down on your personal spending. I wish Barry Soetoro would take that advise. He has personally soent 787 billion of our grand kids money. Cut down on personal spending, yup, let the govmint spend the money for you.
9. Drive an energy-efficient car. Drive what works for you. If you need a small car to fit into a tight parking stall at work, then find a new employer.
10. make sure that tires are properly inflated. Good idea, low tires expose the side wall to excess friction resulting in premature failure. If you drive it till all the cord is showing and it never goes flat, you done it right. A poorly inflated tire won't last that long.
11. Also, don’t use hot water if you don’t need to, like when doing laundry. You can sure tell the hippies on this one, they don't use cold water either.
12. try air-drying your clothes instead of using a dryer. Again, time is money. It takes a lot longer to put clothes on the line and recover them from the neighbors yard, or worse yet chase down the local thug to get your boxers back.
13. Run the dishwasher and clothes washer only when you have a full load, and if available, use the energy-saving setting. Right. I'm a small house hold. If I wait until the darn thing is full the food is so crusted it takes five cycles to get it clean.
14. Take care with your appliances. Unplug them when you don’t use them. I tried unplugging the toaster, saved me nothing. My wall oven is hard wired as is my microhood. I unplug what I rarely use and put it away. makes the kitchen look neater. Next week I'll try unplugging the alarm clock.
15. Buy recycled products. I like recycled grains, especially those run through a pig. it filters out the unnecessary stuff and all you get is the best of the grain in the form of pork chops ham and bacon.Love the reuseable grocery bags as well. Some group did a random check at a grocery store and found that 70% or more of hte bags that come through had dangerous levels of bacteria. that translates into sick if you buy fresh vegies which so many of that type people do. So encourage your liberal fiends to use them. We can make America conservative again one case of salmonella at a time.
16. Also try donating or selling instead of throwing away… craigslist.com is a great way to do that! I do, including all the stuff tenants leave. It can make for a nice bonus check once in a while.
17. try buying products with less packaging! The suppliers are getting pretty good at eliminating waste there. if the paper is not needed, why spend money including it. Some have gone so far as to include instructions printed in 8pt font to save on paper.
18. Ceiling fans are a pretty harmless way to cool down a room without using an air conditioner. Ceiling fans have their uses.
19. Plant trees! you can strategize where you place them so they can shade your home. Deciduous trees lose their leaves in the winter so sun can warm your home as well. Trees have many benefits. Plant your evergreens to the north and west of the house and you have a year round wind belt. Also helps cut down on nosey neighbors. Thorned hedge interspersed works if they are the obnoxious types.
20. Install blinds in your windows and keep windows and doors shut during the day to keep it cooler. I think every one has them.
21. Buy organic. I tried inorganic once, the sand which tasted like dirt, and the rocky road was really rocky. Better useage is to buy what is reasonable. The cheapest food often tastes poor and does not get eaten, but good quality can be had at a reasonable price. The Orgasmic label on many products means an increased risk of bacteria or insect larvea, or insect feces.
22. Carry a tote bag. See 15 above, except you liberals who need to ignore it at all costs.
23. Use a reusable water bottle. The best water I've found is the local city water. Why buy water that is bottled from another town and then trucked miles to you?
24. Start a compost in your backyard. With what? I don't bag my lawn clippings, I have no garden since this soil is too heavy for decent gardening.
25. Consider a laptop...they take much less energy than a desktop. I like my desk top thank you. A lap top with a good screen is too heavy for my lap.
26. Consider cloth diapers. Cloth diapers are a good way to potty train a kid. the disposables absorb whereas the cloth, whhen wet is irritating. switch to cloth when its time to potty train. until then your time is better spent on other things. Besides, the arams have the market on diapers. They put them on hte oposite end.
27. Car pool to work...everyone ends up saving. I'm gonna suggest this one to all the long haul truckers I know. by phone of course.
28 Best saving yet.
29. Shop Locally. Find farmers' markets and other sources of sustainable grown food near you. I'll try that. I'm gonna walk over to the neighbors and get some eggs. No, he doesn't have chickens, neither do I. I'd get some milk as well, but his kid drinks straight from the carton...
30.Clean with vinegar, lemon juice and baking soda. Many cleaning products have harmful chemicals in them. Use natural products. Clean with what works best. If it takes you longer, you wasted time, and if its not as clean you may be risking your health. There are reasons why we live longer.
31. Clean or replace your filters monthly. Also use a higher quality filter to eliminate more dust that harbors bacteria.
32. Decrease your air travel. Or use google earth and make it a virtual road trip. saves on motel booking fees.
33. Use a low-flow showerhead, which will lessen the hot water used but not drop your water pressure in the shower. Also take ten times longer to shampoo the hair...
34. Cut down on your garbage—buy fewer packaged materials. Most of my garbage comes via the funny silver box in front of my house and is delivered by the model for govmint health care efficiency.
Algores goal is to green us into bankruptcy. Most green ideas cost more then they save, harm more then they help, and pass the money to greedy suckers like algore the wiseass. Be smart about what you do, its your money.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Another one bites the Dust.

Mark Sanford can kiss presidential aspirations good bye. Missing for four days, the Governor turned up admitting an affair with a woman from Argentina.
Sorry bozo, you neglected your office. That is not a good thing. Also, it would appear that your present wife is not kosher with the arangement, she says you are seperated. hey, on the bright side, she didn't get a restraining order keeping you out of the governors mansion.
The ball is in her court. If she takes you back you owe her, and if she dumps you, move on. You have a job to do right now. Are you capable of handling it in this mix? If not, do the right thing and Spitzer out.

Gun trading

Several years ago I assembled an AR 15 in 7.62X39. It has been somewhat disappointing. Magazines that were available were mostly five and ten rounders. The few thirties on the market were abominations of an AK mag coupled to part of an AR mag. They often jammed. A further down side was ammunition. I'm not condemning the 7.62x39 here, the round itself is a good combat cartridge. The readily available stuff is mostly Russian Chinese or Romanian manufacture. Most of it is steel cased. It does not feed well in the AR platform. In order to get consistent performance, I had to switch to Winchester or Remington ammo, a huge price jump.
Today I got a great deal. I traded my 7.62 upper for a 5.56 flat top with M-4 style barrel. For those of you who do not know, the M-4 is the version with the odd reductions in the barrel diameter. This is done so that an M-203 grenade launcher can be fitted to the heavy barrel configuration.
We had storms roll in this evening, so the trip to the range is postponed until Saturday. Also need to decide on what type of glass to affix. I'm getting older, my vision is getting weaker. I didn't start using a scope for deer until two years ago. I can still maintain minute of angle at 100 yards, but its straining my eyes to make it.
This upper is a Smith & Wesson. I expect I will be playing musical uppers again and will mount it on my S&W lower. right now it is sitting on an LMT lower.
Decisions decisions.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

To all gun dealers

Have you considered joining, or are you a member of The Gideons International? I have a simple suggestion for you. Offer a free Bible with every gun or ammunition purchase over $150.00. The Bibles can be obtained free from the Gideons, and would sure be handy for all us folk still bitterly clinging to our guns and religion. ( those of you in the fertilizer business can offer Korans to your one time buyers.)

Gun sales seem to have tapered off slightly, however ammunition sales are still high. Common calibers such as 5.56, 7.62, 9mm and 45ACP are still booming even if the ranges are not. This is the first time I have seen 22 ammunition on any shelves. Walmart is still sold out, but a few of the gun dealers had limited quantities on hand.
Today was also the first time since the election that I have seen an AR15 upper receiver on a shelf that was not in some odd caliber.

Monday, June 22, 2009

Some one needs detox and quick

AP, thats American Pravda, the propaganda wing of the the democrat party, today reports on glorious misleaders latest victory.(spit)
Gimme a f'in break! "The bill marks the latest legislative victory for Obama's first five months. Among his other successes: a $787 billion economic stimulus bill....." $787 billion porkulus a victory? I guess if your goal is to bankrupt and destroy America we are on track.
The bill will ban advertising that targets children, and also some flavored tobacco. I'm all in favor of cracking down on smoking with in reason. I like that many areas are designated as smoke free. I'd like to see reasonable legislation though. Smoking is adictive. I know. I quit twenty seven years ago, going from between two and three packs a day to zero in one night.
Some communities have banned smoking in public. That is over the limit in my opinion. Certain types of facilities should be allowed to make their own decisions. Bars for instance should have the option of choosing whether to be smoke free. Even the ones that serve food. face facts, no body goes to the bar for a nutricious meal. the food is an add on item, and in Kansas is a loop hole for serving strong drinks.
The legislative bodies have further targeted smokers with huge taxes. In some locations the taxes have doubled. They are using smokers as an easy target. Few people feel sorry for the smokers, so they are not winning any support. If the tax dollars from tobacco were alloted solely for prevention programs and programs to assist smokers with health care.
The states won a huge settlement from the tobacco industry. They went hog wild in some cases with the money. How much of that money went to programs to assist smokers? Are we still at zero?
This latest bill is more BS. The ticket to smoking prevention is education, something kids are not getting in schools anymore.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

What is the most popular rifle of all time?

Without a doubt, it is the AK-47 rifle. Whether in military or civilian garb, this rifle is a solidly build reliable shooter. Its ease of manufacture, operation, and maintenance have made it popular in every third world shit hole as well as some more civilized environs.

My experience with the AK, aside from my military training involved finding an Egyptian Maadi at a pawn shop. Some one had attempted to modify the thumb hole stock. The Maadi, already ugly was now far uglier. The dealer parted with it for a small pittance. I cleaned up some of the mess the first owner had made of the stock, then took it to the range. Shoot, misfire. shoot, misfire. I discovered that it would not load from the left side of the magazine. I tried different mags, but no luck.

After some time, I located a Romanian model, the one I have now, and traded the Maati for it. At last, a basic old reliable AK-47.
I'm not all that impressed with the rifle for several reasons. first, the length of pull is too short. I realize that the rifle was designed for eastern bloc soldiers who by virtue of their superior diet are smaller then the average American, so I'll live with it. Second, the sights. As you can see, this one has been modified just a teeny bit. I added a aftermarket top cover from NcStar purchased at KJERGAARD SPORTS near Ivanhoe Minnesota. Steve is one of the Midwest's best dealers for anything guns.
The AK is a fun all around gun to shoot. It is tough, reliable, and battle tested. Given the choice between it and an AR though, I pick the AR. Spike had a comparison on recently, Taliban vs IRA. The IRA have adopted the AR, replacing their AKs. IN Spikes testing, the AR was far superior, and I'd agree.
The 7.62X39 is a good cartridge. It looses power out past the 200 meter mark though. Most combat occures in close though, so that is not as important in combat as it would be for hunting.
If you are looking for a gun that is cheap to shoot, fun and durable, you have a few choices. you can go with any .22 rifle out there, or you can pick up an AK.

Friday, June 19, 2009

Like quiting smoking after the cancer is declared inoperable

Unjust judge Sotomeier has resigned from Belizean Grove in an effort to undermine arguments by republicans concerning her views.
I personally say too late. This is no diffrent then Barry Soetoror and his bogus claims concerning sermons at the Reverend Wrongs church. The sorry part is that 53% of Americans are stupid enough to buy it.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

May I call you bitch?

Today Babs Boxer dressed down General Michael Walsh for using a military term of respect, Ma'am and demanded that he use a title she has "earned", Senator. I prefer another title she has earned, that of bitch. I hope I did not offend any members of the canine persuasion.
Babs is up for reelection next year. saddly, she will most likely get another six. California is over run with twits who vote for scum like her.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

A few home remedies that really work



The grill for blownstar?

Just imagine the burgers coming off that one. You would draw a crowd, even in Texas. No, its not mine, but I can dream, right?

growing OLD?

A Beautiful message about growing oldWell crap, Now I forgot what it was.
h/t Brian
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Ah Kansas Weather

If you don't like it, give it a few minutes, it will change (for the worse), and if you do like it, guess what, it will change for the worse. We have had several days of high winds, gully washers, and a few tornados. I spent yesterday and today cleaning up messes from Monday's storm.
The winds monday night were hard enough that rain was coming in my front windows up between the sashes. When the storm first hit, it was raining shingles in my yard before the first drop of rain.
Manhattan is still recovering from last years tornado that destroyed a large portion of Chapman Kansas. This weeks storms are just a reminder that weather can be a powerful force. Mondays storm also left thousands of folks with out power. Some folks have no clue what to do when the power is out. They go into panic mode. What will they do if a successful attack is ever made on our infastructure? Homeland security has spent billions improving protection, but the threat is also adaptive. Its time for classes on how to cook hobo stew in a tin can over a garbage fire. Don't laugh, I took just such a course when I was a kid.
So, are you ready when disaster strikes? When bad things happen are you a rescuer or one of the rescued?

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

We fall down, we get up.

...and the saints are just the sinners who fall down and get up.
Sen John Ensign today admitted to an affair that happened nearly two years ago. I haven't peruised the lefty blogs to read the calls for his resignation, if any. lets take a look at recent history shall we?
We'll begin with Bill Clinton. I'm no fan of worthless Willie, but I will try to be as fair as possible. The man had numerous affairs over years of public service. He chased skirts from Little Rock to Washington and beyond. His wife knew, I believe from the gitgo. Certainly she knew before he became president. It seems to me that she was OK with it. If she doesn't care, I don't care, but he got caught. When that happened, the initial response of any man is denial, and Bill did just that. Problem is, he kept on with the denials. Thats where the problem is.
The Soviets used to entrap Foreign Diplomats in Moscow with hookers. They would use the affair as a lever to extract information and spy. That is the threat on the international level. The one who lost my respect there was Hillary. She played the victim card. That was wrong. She should have stepped up to the mike, litterally, not figuratively since Monica was doing that, and said "Hey, I'm ok with it, you all just MYOB. Its between Bill and me, and we are on good terms." That would have had me applauding her.
Next lets look at John Edwards. same story, diffrent actors. the twist here is that he knocked up the mistress. We know his wife knew. They decided to keep it between them. She was a cancer victim, he a testosterone overdose on legs. I know several couples where such things have happened and they are happily married, and the affair as it were is not an issue.
Next up, Larry Craig, caught in an airport bathroom playing footsie with an undercover cop. Lets get real here. This was entrapment from the gitgo. How many of us old codgers know what the gay crowd uses as signals for butt sex? Craig is no flaming queen, and the Pig's Eye Landing Police are known as scumbuckets. his mistake was in trying to keep it hush hush, knowing that he could not.
Spitzer is a hypocrite, but not much diffrent from Worthless Willie, except he resigned. I admire him for that. He misused his former office to coerce sex. For that he deserves the worst.
A lot of people fall into sexual traps. Many of them are otherwise good people. How they act when they are caught is as important as what they did. There are many other traps that can befall people. Greed, alcohol, sex, they are all adictive. We all have trappings, we all are weak in some area. If there is no GOD, it does not matter, its just a question of who has the power, survival of the fittest. Since there is a GOD, its another matter. Each of these men will answer to him.
David was called a man of GOD. He was one whom the Bible tells us, that GOD blessed, yet he sinned. He took the wife of another man. when she became pregnant, he first tried to cover it up, then had him killed. Add murderer to his resume, yet through it all GOD loved him. he disciplined him. For John Ensign There are voters to answer to, and some day a GOD. That his affair was with a married woman is not good. He should have taken a lesson from Bill and stuck to the single ones. Oh, and the ugly ones, they need lovin too.

Monday, June 15, 2009

Lets support Palin

Go here. Support Palin in her fight against slanders and lies.

Monday Humor

Mr. Smith goes to the doctor's office to collect his wife's test results.
The lab tech says to him, "I'm sorry, sir, but there has been a bit of a mix-up and we have a problem. When we sent the samples from your wife to the lab, the samples from another Mrs. Smith were sent as well and we are now uncertain which one is your wife's. Frankly, that's either bad or terrible."
"What do you mean?"
"Well, one Mrs. Smith has tested positive for Alzheimer's disease and the other for AIDS. We can't tell which is your wife."
"That's terrible! Can we do the test over?" asked Mr. Smith.
"Normally, yes. But you have BHO Medical, and they won't pay for these expensive tests more than once."
"Well, what am I supposed to do now?"
"BHO recommends that you drop your wife off in the middle of town. If she finds her way home, don't sleep with her."

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Bumperstickers pt3

Just when you thought it was over....

Teen arrested in cat mutilations

A Florida teen has been arrested for a string of cat mutilations.

I'm no animal rights whacko, what I believe in are property rights. Many of the animals belonged to other people. He destroyed their property. I hope each of them files a law suit against him for damages, make him poor for a few decades while he pays them all off.

In the cities arround here, it is unlawful to let any animal roam. If your cat is picked up it will cost you. Responsible pet owners need to keep their critters protected if they care about them.

I have out door cats, I live in the country. The purpose of the out door kitties is to catch and kill rodents. This area has a problem with pack rats. In towns and cities though, animals at large are a diffrent story. I used to clean out two or more litters of feral cats every year. Its not a fun task. You need to catch them arround the fourth or fifth week. Younger, and they may not live due to nutrition issues. Older, and they will often be too wild to make into safe pets.
Pictured is Miss Fortune. She was a wild thing, roughly eight weeks old when we found her. She bit several of the tenants who tried capturing her. I got bit and clawed as well. She is not my kitty. Yes, she lives in my house, allows attention on rare occasions, and eats like royalty, but her loyalty is to the Kansas Redneckette. My wife is no cat lover. she has endured my cats as I have tollerated her dog. Miss Fortune does not care about that. She loves to spend time with my wife. When the wife is feeling tired or ill, Miss Fortune will climb onto her lap, or cuddle up by her legs.
Miss Fortune is not a good animal arround kids. I would not trust her, even now, arround a small child. A few more weeks and she might never have been caught. Had that been the case she would have lived in the alleys and probably would be road kill by now.

Kim Yuck Foo threatens war

Expect Barry Soetoro to begin backing down in 5.....4.....3.....2.....
Who do we blame for this mess? Clinton made a deal with Kim that the Norks were violating even before the ink dried. This was revealed during the Bush administration which led to the attempts at talks in China. The Chinese and Ruskies have nothing to lose from Kim having nukes unless a war actually starts. Then they are on a narrpw border with a very small ground zero. If the USA were to launch an attack, that would be provocation for them to return fire. With lil Kim threatening an attack though, it puts a diffrent spread on things.
In all honesty, it is a problem the Chinese should deal with. He is their puppet, so its time for them to rein him in or kill him. I'd prefer the latter.

Saturday, June 13, 2009


I posted Thursday about the tweekers who got raided. When the Police took the place down, they sledgehammered through the door destroying it. I snapped pictures this morning, then went to Home Depot to find out about a new door. The original was roughly 130 years old. It was a six panel design with windows set in the top section forming a half moon. I knew it would be expensive. A cheap metal six panel with basic windows would run $135, but that brings down the value of the house. A true wood, done like the original will run well over $1100 dollars plus hardware and installation. I expect the total would exceed $1600. The tweekers also had put a lock on their bedroom door, and the police knocked it in as well. That one will cost about $350.
The tweeker told me that the charges were all being dropped. seems, according to her, that she had gone to visit her boyfriends brother in Kansas City, and when she returned, was followed by KBI. Since the brother is a know meth maker, they, according to her, assumed she was picking up a shipment thus triggering the raid.
I expect she is full of BS, especially since the detective who called me specifically warned me to be extremely careful since some of what they seized appeared to have been spilled. They vacuumed, but said trace amounts might remain.
The stuff is bad news. People who do that to themselves are fools. Drinking in moderation is one thing, there are benefits to that. A drink before meals stimulates digestion. Occasionally drinks help with headaches, anxiety, and other things. A shot of good whiskey sure helps with a sore throat. Meth on the other hand is a mix of dangerous or deadly chemicals that produce a buzz as they destroy brain cells. There is no safe level when it comes to meth.

Friday, June 12, 2009

Amalamadingdong Wins!

Voters in Iran went to the polls today to cast their votes. Whether that matters or not is cause for speculation since th real power in the Persian state is the mad mullahs. What they say is the final word. According to news stories, text messaging was shut down as were many internet sites during the vote. Actions like this would favor the mad midget. When the smoke clears, it may very well mean that Iran is on its way to joining Japan in the nuclear club. That may be the end result of Amalamadingdongs drive toward nukes, provided of course that Barry Soetoro does not interfere in the needed course of actions.
But the stories of irregularities begs the question, where was Jimmah Carturd? He should have gone over there to ensure that Amalamadingdong *cough* won *cough* fair *cough hack spit* and square *hooark*. we'd have let em keep him for 444 days. Heck they can keep him for 444 years. Nuff said.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Restrictive government puts another small business out of business

Police today raided a local pharacuticals manufacturing and distributing operation. At the heart of the complaint was that they were located accross from an education facility, and were not recording propper prescriptions. Seriously though, how many doctors are going to write a prescrpltion for substances based on drain cleaner and bleach?
The meth operation was located accross from a grade school. The people involved had three small children living in the house, all hers, none his. The father of one of the kids is now protecting all three, and mom is barred from contact with them.
I know many libertarians want a hands off approach regarding drugs. In part I agree with them.the bigger part of me does not. Many heavy drug users do not have jobs, they cannot hold them. Their I don't give a shit attitude gets them fired and FAST. Therefore they resort to theft to fund their addictions. Who do they steal from? People who work and earn their money. Last year tweekers broke into one house I own and removed all of the copper pipe they could get ahold of. Where lines went up through the floor, they cut it off as high as they could reach. In some spots they busted walls to get access. $30,000 later, It is almost ready to rent.

Remington, #6

This little jem was a recent addition to the collection. Back in the mid 70's, we moved from the farm to grandma's old house. As we started cleaning up the place, mom took me through and gave me a list of stuff to be thrown out and hauled away. Grandpa had been a tinkerer of sorts, and there was a lot of accumulated stuff in the basement. One of thsoe items was a rolled up rug stuck up into the joists. When I removed it, it was heavy and rigid, so I unrolled it. Inside were a Remington rolling block rifle, and a Remington double barrel shotgun. When I showed them to the folks, mom exclaimed "Why thats Sis' rifle, and brother's shotgun!" much to my dismay. A few months later they were both duely handed over to their rightful owners. Both guns had long stories, but the rifle is the story today. No, the one in the picture is not aunties rifle. Saddly, she parted with it only a short time after we returned it to her. She had found it in the attic of the first house she purchased after she got married. It was stuck up there and apparently no one remember it existed.

One day while brousing an online web site, I came accross this one. At first glance it was almost identical to my aunts rifle. Both were rolling block outside hammer remington singles, but this one lacked the tang peep site, and also had a take down lever on the side. When I inspected the rifle, the bore was reasonable clean, no pitting, and everything worked smoothly. But when I fired it, it was an entirely diffrent story. I couldn't hit the broad side of a barn with the thing let alone a tin can at twenty paces. I researched the rifle and discovered that although it appeared to be a rifled bore, it was in fact a smooth bore intended for the 22 dust rounds that people like for shooting rats and mice.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Tiller clinic closed but his assistant plans to open another.

Dr Carhart has stated he plans to open another abortion clinic in Kansas to perform late term abortions. With the decision to not reopen, the Tiller survivors have left only two clinics in the entire nation to perform late term killings. Carhart, who owns an Omaha area abortuary does not perform late term proceedures there. Rather he used to direct his patients to Wichita, most likely because of the favorable political climate. Now, with that clinic closed, he is stating his intention to open another at an as yet undisclosed location. Will he do so in Wichita? or will he relocate?
The bottom line is that if he performed the proceedures in nebraska, he would be in jail in no time. Kansas has stricter laws then Nebraska. Why is he not in jail here? Paul Morrison knows the answer. It was Tillers money that got him the AG job over Phil Kline. It was also Tiller money that was pumped into the Sebelius campaign.

Tiller was gunned down in his church. In another high profile shooting, two young men who had just complete basic training were gunned down as well, one fatally. Today we have yet another senseless killing, the shooting at the holocaust museum by a hate filled thug. And to cap it off, Terrorists from GITMO are now being brought to American soil for trials.
Is there justice in America? Wait and see, but I'll bet only one of the above mentioned gets more then a slap on the wrist.

Bumperstickers pt2

I'd loveto see this on some renters car. The problem is almost all of em are liberals. I have an apartment building on a key intersection in town. On election day several years back, all the signs I had put up were removed, and ones for Governor Sebelius and some other goofy liberals erected instead. Not by any of the tenants there either. The one moderate dem in the bunch came out while I was removing the signs and told me that she had decided to vote against the dems because of that stunt.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

One county in California.

From the L. A. Times
1. 40% of all workers in L. A. County (L. A. County has 10.2 million people)are working for cash and not paying taxes. This is because they are predominantly illegal immigrants working without a green card.
2. 95% of warrants for murder in Los Angeles are for illegal aliens.
3. 75% of people on the most wanted list in Los Angeles are illegal aliens.
4. Over 2/3 of all births in Los Angeles County are to illegal alien Mexicans on Medi-Cal, whose births were paid for by taxpayers.
5. Nearly 35% of all inmates in California detention centers are Mexican nationals here illegally.
6. Over 300,000 illegal aliens in Los Angeles County are living in garages.
7. The FBI reports half of all gang members in Los Angeles are most likely illegal aliens from south of the border.
8 Nearly 60% of all occupants of HUD properties are illegal.
9. 21 radio stations in L. A. are Spanish speaking.
10.. In L. A. County 5.1 million people speak English, 3.9 million speak Spanish.
(There are 10.2 million people in L. A. County . )

(All 10 of the above are from the Los Angeles Times)

Less than 2% of illegal aliens are picking our crops, but 29% are on welfare. Over 70% of the United States' annual population growth(and over 90% of California, Florida, and New York) results from immigration. 29% of inmates in federal prisons are illegal aliens .

We are a bunch of fools for letting this continue

HOW CAN YOU HELP ? Inform your friends. Copy and paste this into an e-mail and send it to every one you know, especially your liberal buddies.
Upate: After a night of reflection, it occured to me that the problem in California is further highlighted by the fact that in order for a republican to get elected Governor, he needed to be foreign born.

Bumper sticks I can live with Pt1

Answer to a question

Some one asked me once if I talk to my wife during sex. I told him that she usually didn't answer the phone at that hour....

Monday, June 8, 2009

One down Many to go

A Junction City developer has been charged in federal court with corruption. This is only the tip of the ice berg. Indications I have seen tell me that several dirty organizations were at work over there. One sub I know arived for work and found the development blocked off. He got nothing for his work as the developer filed for protection after bilking wads of money.
The same housing boom that created this mess created one in Manhattan as well. The area is flush with over priced houses and develpoments with nothing on them It drove the housing market to artificial highs that are reflected in property taxes being through the roof.
Manhattan has very near the highest cost of housing in Kansas, and I am told the region from St Louis to Denver. Kansas is a red state, but the area surrounding Ft. Riley is a blue bubble of scum and corruption.
It was noted over at SondraK some time back that Riley county has a very low unemployment rate but is flush with federal cash for stimulus graft. sure the unemployment rate is low. 40 hr workers commute from low COL counties such as cloud, Dickinson, Morris and Pottawatomie. The rich snots live in Madtaxes. When jobs get cut the affected groups are the college kids who are part time and cannot file, and the commuters whose claim is reflected against their home area.

Spies like ours.

Two developments on the spy vs spy front:
First of course are the two spies recently found in the State department, Moles who had spent years feeding information to Castro, helping him to maintain his evil empire just off our coast. Although they have been caught, it is doubtful they will be punished. Holder won't even claim victories handed to him on a platter if they are against something he supports like black panther thugs at polling places and voter intimidation, why would he act on spies for a regime he is helping to copy on our soil?
Second are Al Gores two spies caught in N Korea. What exactly were they doing? Attempting to glean the secrets of just how the masses can be forced to live with nothing while the elite live high on the hog? I think Al was jealous that lil Kim gets away with it and is adored by his subjects and wanted state secrets as to HOW.
The two women were convicted and will now be guests of the Norks for the next twelve years. Laura Ling and Euna Lee need our prayers as they face a future as worse then America's.
If Gwendolyn and Walter Kendall Myers get just half of that I will be shocked.

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Bigger is better, Right?

Last week, I got an invitation to go shooting with a few Marines. At a quarry near Manhattan, I got my first opportunity to fire a rifle in 50 BMG.

Now, as a trooper in the Army, I fired the age old work horse, the M2HB on many occasions, but those were mounted, this would be a shoulder fired weapon. Having fired a few other shoulder cannons, I was expecting a shoulder smasher. (well, something as strong as a 7mm mag anyway.) The weapon as presented weighed a hefty 50.5 pounds, having been stripped of roughly twenty pounds of night and poor weather gear right down to just the scope and bipod.

Other weapons at the range included an M1903A3 that had been sporterized. A Savage 112 converted to .308, A bushmaster M17 in 5.56, and an Olympic AR15 in 6.8SPC.

The target of the day were a collection of limestone boulders that we set against the quarry slag pile. As the host of the event, I got first chance on the fifty. Never one to pass on such a chance, I of course took the first shot. One rock down. yes it was a luck shot. We discovered soon enough that the scope was far from on, over eleven inches off to be exact.

The second shot went to my future daughter in law, a petite five foot ninty pound package of TNT. dynamite, eat your heart out. As she got into position we were joking that this would be a shot worth of a roadrunner cartoon. The projectile would stay in place while Morgan and the rifle launched backward leavingthe bullet to fall onto the ground. No such image. While she missed, she did not flinch. This was her first shot ever on a gun bigger then a 22 long rifle.

The third shot was fired by a Marine sniper, a man with many kills to his credit, and one seen on several episodes on the History channel and military channel. When that one was a clear miss, we knew something was wrong, thats when the rifles owner got in and checked zero. after several shots, we were dead on.

After creating several buckets of gravel, it was time to move on to other fun stuff. The 30-06 was next on the list. This work horse of WW1 proved to be the shoulder crusher of the bunch. Sporterizing had removed several pounds from the piece, but it stil retained its steel butt plate. That thing will wear on a shoulder in a fire fight.

The 308 proved comperable to the fifty. A heavy rifle designed for sniping praire dogs, the 112 is no featherweight, and with a 24 inch bull barrel, a 32X scope and bipod, it is geared up for the long range contest. It grouped under an inch in the hands of our Marines.

As daylight waned, the Marines got their first chance on the 6.8SPC. Developed during the fighting in Afghanistan, the 6.8 is a heavier cartridge then the age old standard 5.56. The 115 grain slug gives stability out beyond what the M-4 in 5.56 is capable of. When the military switched to the M-4, they shortened the barrel. this brought a drop in velocity and thus a drop in energy and range.

At the conclusion of our afternoons event, everyone agreed that the 50 was a truly great long range weapon. The 6.8 got high marks for performance as well.
Rifles in the picture include the M-17 at center with a barska scope, and the Savage 112 at Right with 4x32x40 Tasco scope. Sorry, no pics of the 50.

Time for a serious blog

After years of commenting at Grouch Old Cripple, Barking Moonbat, Junkyardblog, and many others, I've decided to give it a try.
A lot has happened in fly over country in recent months. Our failure of a governess has departed to destroy Health and Human Services for Barry Soetoro. George Tillers personal puppet at AG got ousted by a sex scandal. The deadly doctor himself was killed by what appears to have been a lone wolf. The reddest state in the nation is beset with the problems brought by uberliberalism.
Who am I? Well, I'm the Topeka Troll, a title bestowed on me by a left wing loser from Washington State.
A transplant to Kansas thanks to the Military, I have adopted this red state rather then return to the liberal lala land I grew up in.
I collect guns, and plan to regularly feature firearms here. I'm no Kim du Toit, I just love to shoot.
I also like cats. Hey, what red blooded guy doesn't like pussy? Right?