Saturday, April 30, 2016

If it bothers them, they should leave.

Folks are whining that the National Park Service uniform resembles that of the Border Patrol, and it might offend Latino's and keep them from using park services. I see that as a good thing. Many of the illegals have exactly zero respect for the property rights of U.S. citizens. What makes any one think they will be more respectful of our parks? The internet is full of pictures of regions of the south trashed by the border jumpers. Every thing from cast away water bottles to trees adorned with the underwear of women raped by the coyotes who escorted them into the country.
This land is your land this land is my land. Its not their land. Contrary to all the teachings that take place in Mexican schools, the United States paid Mexico a fair price for the land we got from them. Texas? They fought for their independence before becoming a state. We paid $10 million for the last chunk added to the continental United States, and in so doing established permanently the southern border. It is ours.
What makes anyone think the illegals want to visit the parks? All they are here for is to earn money to send back to their families. Some are refugees. From the Mexican law that is. They might be interested in the parks..... As a place to grow marijuana.
The ones looking for free shit aren't interested in the parks. They'd rather have more free shit than a ticket to Yellow Stone.
So lets keep the uniforms. Changing them costs a boat load of cash we don't have... because we've been giving free shit to illegals. I'm not against immigration, and I don't have a problem with honest folks from Mexico coming here to do honest work for honest wages. I want them to do it legally.
There are several reasons, first is identification, we need to know who is here so we know who are wanted back in Mexico. We need to know who is here so we can properly tax their income and give refunds if warranted. We need them to be legal so that they are not taken advantage of by dirty corporate interests and so they don't take advantage of us.
Closing our southern border would stop the exploitation, or at least curb it.
And the uniforms? Make them, all the same. That would save money in the long run. do it over time just like they do with Army uniforms. In fact, make all the federal enforcement units part of one federal police force. Whether they are U.S. Marshals, FBI, Park rangers or what ever, if they carry a weapon as part of their duty, have them be part of one federal force.

Thursday, April 14, 2016

A little humor

A Social Justice Warrior working in Mizzu drew the short straw, and was tasked with making a run to Colorado for medicinal herbs. On the trip out, as he crossed Kansas, he couldn't help but notice all the highway patrol sitting and watching for potential drug mules, and it bothered him.
Deeming discretion the better part of valor, he opted for the road less traveled on his return. Now, those of you familiar with Kansas know that some of the roads shown don't actually exist, some are mere dirt tracks and not pavement and the luckless SJW managed to find one such road and ended up stuck. A Kansas rancher, a typical redneck happened by and offered him a bad for the night and he gladly accepted. Upon reaching the rednecks abode, he couldn't help but notice that the redneck had a beautiful teenaged daughter. A Daisy Duke in the making!
The redneck, noticing the stare, only said, "You'd best just stay clear of my child."
Well, one thing about SJWs is their intellect, and this one was close to a box of hammers in that department.
Late that night, after every one had drifted off to bed, the SJW went to the girl's room, and soon they were rolling together like porn stars. When he'd had his way, the SJW went back to his room and slept like a log.
In the morning when he awoke, there was a large cinder block on his chast with a note that said, First redneck torture, block on chest. The SJW grabbed the block and flung it through the window. At that instant he saw a note on the ceiling that read, Second redneck torture, Nuts tied to block.
The SJW lept to his feet and with no time to spare jumped out the window after the block. As he did,he saw a third note on the window sill that read, Third redneck torture, pecker tied to bedpost.

What will they try next?

If you haven't figured out what is going on in American politics right now, you are not paying attention. 2016 was planned by the uniparty to be a redux of 2008 and 2012. The GOP does not want to be in power. Why? Because it does not fit their agenda, and that agenda is not in tune with that of the base. By base I mean the republican conservative voters.
Conservatives want smaller government not the crazy expansion we have seen in the last two decades. After 9-11-01 Congress and Bush Jr ramrodded through the Patraitor err patriot act, a piece of legislation that has nothing to do with patriotism, or does any thing to protect America from attack. It set up the department of homeland security. Well, we already had a department of homeland security, it was called the department of defense. That is what our military is all about, not supporting NATO, the UN, or any other thing, it is for homeland security.
They want fair trade, not the TPP which allows the corporate interests to gut American jobs. Americans have watched as manufacturing jobs have vanished to off shore locations which have cheap labor, but mostly places that lack reasonable environmental controls. They have also seen the EPA used as a ship to drive that mass migration as tighter controls, unnecessary controls hatched by the faux climate change, have forced many plants to close, or driven prices through the roof.
They want the border controlled. Most conservatives are not anti immigration, they merely want controls that keep criminals out, stem the flow of illegal drugs, monitor the influx of migrants to ensure they are registered, free of infectious diseases, immunized, able to get jobs, fairly treated in those jobs, not taken advantage of by being treated as sex slaves, or cheap labor and not radicalized terrorists.
They want climate change investigated, and the hoax brought to a stop along with punishing the people who perpetuated the fraud.
They want education for their children that is quality, teaches skills as well as important things like American History, World History, not the garbage our kids are now being fed by the shovel full.
That is where the voters are, it is not where the GOP is. The establishment, and especially the Chamber of Communists want to drive jobs over seas. They do not want to share success with the people who worked to make America great. They want to maximize profits and line their own pockets. Well, guess what, people in China aren't buying flat screens, not on meager wages, and the American buyers soon won't be buying them either as loss of jobs means loss of income and people are left at subsistence levels hence the demand for a living wage, because the jobs and wages needed to support a family are vanishing like hope and change.
For the uniparty, it is best to have the GOP in the minority position. They campaign on making change happen, but don't deliver. Look at the last election cycle,republicans gained a majority in both houses. Did oblowme care get defunded? Did the abortuaries get defunded? Did the EPA or any other unconstitutional entity of control get reined in?
No, we are getting hearings on Benghazi that by now we see are going no where. There will be no conviction, there will be no indictment. There will be no great revelations of what went on behind the scenes as arms from Libya were boxed up and smuggled to Syria by our government. We will never know if the kidnapping and subsequent murder of ambassador Stevens was planned as an October Surprise  that went wrong.
The GOP benefits more from being out of power than from being in. With control of both houses and the White House, it would be impossible to defend not doing what the voters are demanding, so it is better to not control all of them.
That is why they ran McInsane in 08, Mittens the only candidate who could not take Barry to task for Obozo care in 12, and why they fielded the vast numbers in 2015 for this election cycle. the plan was to nominate Jeb Bush, and have him lose to Hillary.
Two things happened to those plans, Col Sanders, and Trump. I don't like Sanders, I make no bones about it. He is a worthless communist, his ideas were tried in Russia and failed miserably.
The GOP has stacked the deck against Trump. The propaganda arm of the uniparty has been after him from day one. At the first debate Megyn the witch went after him like a rabid pitbull going after a kitten. Trump crushed her, and has paried every media assault since including the BS perpetuated by Michelle Fields.
Trump is on schedule to end the primaries with more than the 1237 delegates needed for a nomination, something that has those delegates gnashing their teeth. Remember, the Trump delegates are not Trump supporters. They are all GOPe regulars who MUST cast their first round vote as demanded by the voters. If by chance Trump does not secure the 1237 needed, His delegate body will vanish as soon as the first round is done, and they will drop their masks and vote in lock step with the party dictates, and not the will of the voters. Hint, it won't be Cruz either.
That is not where I am looking though, I am looking past this as I'm sure are the GOPe scum like Rancid Prepuce. If Trump wins the nomination, the establishment will throw every thing including the kitchen sink against Trump and to support Hillary. Yes, she will be the nominee, Sanders won't get enough super delegates to  stop her even if he wins the majority of regular delegates.
Will that be enough to stop Trump? If by chance they succeed, they will spend the next four years blaming Trump for her win. Its a slim possibility. I think Trump will trounce her, sowhat's next?
Well, the electoral college. Ever consider that? The voters don't pick the president, it is done by the electors, and they are all party loyalists. Twenty four states have laws about faithless electors, only one, Michigan has a law that makes faithless votes null. What would that punishment be? A fine, maybe a little jail time, but the deed cannot be undone, and thanks to the 17th Amendment, the States are powerless to stop the fraud. Lets say Trump wins 290 of the 538 electors, The establishment has 26 states whose electors are free from punishment who can pitch their votes to Hillary, or whom ever the GOPe demand. The odds that all 26 fall to her anyway is remote, but possible. If that did happen, the GOPe would still issue the marching orders, and several electors, those from states with the least harsh statutes would fall on their swords like a Japanese General.
Think long and had on this. What will you do if these millionaire and billionaire plotters steal this election? They stole the last two, but it was not obvious and not over the top. They do not want a true conservative, and Trump appears to be a true conservative. They don't want an American Patriot, and Trump appears to be an American patriot, but most of all, they don't want some one they cannot control, and Trump is beyond their control.
What will you do? Are you prepared for an event like this? Have you drawn your line in the sand? Will you die to defend it?

Saturday, April 9, 2016

Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Just learned this

We all know about mooslimes aversion to pigs. We have also heard about them not liking dogs. The reason they consider dogs unclean is because they lick their balls. When mooHAMhead first saw this, he was intrigued and decided to try it himself. The dog bit him.

And now you know.

Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Why the left loves Killery

It has been revealed that the bitch of Benghazi is a baby killer. According to Sally Miller, Cankles had multiple abortions. Is it any wonder that the human lives lost under her watch matter so little to her?
Now, if you are on the left, that is a career enhancement. Couple that with several of Miller's other revelations, and Hitlery is a leftard's dream come true, and a nightmare for humanity.
To me as a Bible believing Christian, human life begins at conception. From the moment that egg is fertilized, it is a unique human being. Genetics prove this, Genetics clearly show that that egg is not part of the mother, but a unique new being.
To the hardest core of the left, since it cannot survive apart from the mother, it is not life. Modern medicine has advanced to the point where a baby as young as 23 weeks can survive. The chances are low, 15%, but it increases rapidly, 55% at 24 weeks and 80% at 26 weeks. Still, even after being born, a child cannot survive on its own. If a new mother neglects that child,and it dies immediately after being naturally born, we prosecute her for murder.. With out an adult guardians, even teens would stand little chance of survival were it not for the many advantages society offers.
I have suspected for twenty years plus that Hillary was a lesbian. Her willingness to stand by Worthless Willie through multiple affairs, her public coldness, her lack of any affection toward him. They are all indicators and Miller claims to confirm that. 
That is where we are at as a nation. A hard core feminazi is a serious contender for the White House. Half of America does not care. The other half are split, some are aghast that she is, other are aghast that anyone gives a shit.

Sunday, April 3, 2016

Support Paul Nehlen. Lyin Ryan needs to go

Paul Nehlen
Paul Ryan’s Betrayal
Ryan’s Betrayal
This isn’t your normal campaign website. Conventional wisdom says that you should never mention your opponent’s name. But then, this isn’t a conventional campaign.
So, why would I buck all standard advice and include a page on my campaign website to talk so directly about Paul Ryan’s betrayal of us? For the same reason I’ve chosen to buck the establishment by running for this congressional seat in the first place. The status quo—convention—isn’t working for us in Washington, D.C. And it’s not going to work in this campaign.
My opponent needs to be called out—by name.
Paul Ryan Betrayed Me
I was arguably Paul Ryan’s biggest supporter in Wisconsin’s 1st Congressional District. I pounded signs for him, made phone calls, and worked to get people out to vote for what Ryan said was his priority—getting Americans, and specifically people from our district, working again.
In a district that has deep roots in manufacturing and industry, what could be more important?
But what Paul Ryan claimed he wanted to accomplish and what he’s actually doing? The fact is, they simply don’t match up.
Paul Ryan Has Betrayed Wisconsin’s 1st District
Like many people in this district, I’ve had the opportunity to meet Paul Ryan personally. He’s shaken my hand. He’s looked me in the eye. He’s made promises to me and many others about policies he would and would not support on behalf of this district. We’ve all watched as he’s broken every single one of those promises.
I’m a manufacturing guy and an inventor. I started my working life right on the factory floor and worked my way up to run manufacturing companies. That’s part of what I love about Wisconsin’s 1st District and one of the chief reasons why—of all the places I could have chosen to settle—I chose to be here. The southeast corner of Wisconsin has deep roots in manufacturing and industry.
So, when Paul Ryan began pushing a massive, job-killing international “trade” deal known as the Trade Promotion Authority and Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPA/TPP), it was the final straw for me. I know what TPA/TPP will do to this district. It sells out American workers. It sells out American business and industry. It will kill the economy in this district, never mind the rest of the nation.
Why would Paul Ryan do such a thing?
I asked myself that question again and again, trying to understand. I couldn’t believe he would be so reckless. I couldn’t believe he would sell out his own district in that way.
And then I started looking at public records…and it all began to make sense.
Approximately 83 percent of Paul Ryan’s campaign funding comes from outside of Wisconsin’s 1st District. And of that 83 percent, 65 percent of his funding comes straight from Washington, D.C. and Alexandria, Virginia.
Paul Ryan isn’t representing our district. He’s representing the big businesses and big banks that pour money into his campaign coffers. It’s their agendas he’s carrying forward with his votes in Congress…not ours.
Paul Ryan Has Betrayed This Country and Its Citizens
TPA/TPP is just the beginning of Paul Ryan’s betrayal. He’s supported numerous policies and measures that are already doing profound damage to this nation’s economy, to our security as citizens, and to our personal freedoms.
Like so many other establishment politicians before him, He’s embraced out-of-control spending via Omnibus spending bills. He’s used budgets to fund dangerous immigration policies that put American lives at risk. He’s voted for bills that compromise our constitutional and civil liberties.
And the list goes on.
How much should we take?
How long should we take it?
I’ve had it.
I hope you have, too.
And I hope you’ll join me in what I believe can be a very powerful movement to push back against the Washington machine by challenging and removing the guy who now pulls many of its levers.
Paul Ryan has betrayed us all.
Together, let’s put a stop to it.

Friday, April 1, 2016