Sunday, December 31, 2017

Media heads exploding

I don't particularly care for snakes, and a rattler would get an enormous birth from me. I am no snake handler, nor do I want to be.
Snake handlers understand snakes. They know how to control them, manipulate them, and understand how they think. When a snake handler wants to put on a show, he can get the snakes to do what he wants because he knows how to stimulate them to actions. The snakes aren't doing the show because they are suddenly his friends.
President Trump is a snake wrangler of the media snakes. He knows how they think, what makes them react.
What President Trump is doing with the media is essentially no different than the snake wrangler, except maybe the rattle snakes are smarter than the media ones.
For the last year President Trump has played the media like Jack Benny playing a violin. Yes, at times it has sounded terrible, but then, President Trump wants it to sound terrible. He is exposing them for the mockery they are.
It is his ability to control them that makes him not fear them. That is why he willingly sat with a reporter for the hated New York Slimes and gave an unscripted interview. You can be sure that Our President was fully in control, and unless the reporter was going to publish a pack of lies, like Commie did, the outcome was determined before the guy even got in the door.

Saturday, December 30, 2017

This should be a hate crime

Picture this, an openly gay couple go on vacation. When they arrive, they find a banner on a post next to the driveway critical of homosexuality. If something like that were to happen, you know the press coverage would last for days. The LGBT community would be up in arms, protest marches would happen and a call for whom ever employed the person that hung the banner, to be fired.
When VP Pence, a traditional Christian, arrived at his winter vacation home in Aspen Colorado, he was greeted with a glaad flag and the slogan, Make America Gay Again. Sorry Charlie, but unless by gay you mean light hearted and happy, America has never been gay.
The only good thing about the perversion is that it is self destructive. Homosexual relationships are incapable of producing natural offspring, so they adopt, and foist their twisted sexual deviancy on helpless children's minds.


Shooting with the kids is a rite of passage for many of us.When my boys were about ten and eleven, going shooting was a regular event.
A friend of mine, Brian, asked about going along. He wanted to get his rifle sited in before deer season. He had a 7mm magnum as I recall. He was a student, so money was tight, and supplementing ramen noodles with venison was on his list of thing to get done.
Well, the next time I had my boys, it was off to my acreage for some shooting. I'd just gotten my M1A, and this would be our second time out with it. Brian was itching at a chance to try out a few of my toys as well as the M1A.
On the way out, Brian opened the box of ammo for his gas pipe, selected a round, turned and handed it to my older son saying, "This is for you if you are brave." After a moment's pause, he pulled out another round, and offered it saying, "And this is for you if stupid.
After we got there and set up, Brian tried out several of my weapons. Finally, he decided it was time to get business taken care of and reached for his box of magnums. It was empty!
Brian bellowed loudly, "Who the F--- shot all my ammo?
My son popped up, "I did!"
Brian, "I never said you could shoot them all."
Son, "You never said I couldn't. Have you got any more?"
Brian grabbed my son's jacked and pulled it off his shoulder. The kid was black and blue from his collar bone to his elbow.
Several month later we went to Minnesota for Thanks Giving. We took shotguns a thrower, and several hundred rounds of shells. About mid morning we went out in my brother's field and began tossing clays. The box of blue rocks went pretty fast, and after warming up for a few minutes, we decided to get more ammo and clays. When I got back from Wallyworld, my son was sitting in just a tee shirt. He was, again, black and blue from elbow to collar bone.
He still shot more rounds after lunch than the rest of us combined. I have never seen him flinch. Miss? yes, he misses, but he is unafraid of guns.

Thursday, December 28, 2017

Its not just Chiraq

Other liberal shit holes are suffering as well from the left overs of Obamunism. Blacks disenchanted with the failure of their messiah to create a utopia for them have created the black lives matter movement and are rampaging against society. Chicago and other major cities have seen an uptick in recent years.
Now St Louis is joining in. The senseless slayings of Reeba Moore, Dominique Lewis and Chanice White, bring the total for 2017 to 203, a 21 year high. The women were slaughtered as they tried to escape a home invasion three days before Christmas.
St Louis has the highest per capita murder rate. In 2016, St. Louis was the most dangerous city in the United States with populations of 100,000 or more, ranking 1st in violent crime and 2nd in property crime.
St Louis as you might expect is a democrat/communist infestation. The last republican mayor was in 1949 and the last republican in a city wide position was in the 1970's. All the current aldermaen are democrats.... Go figger.

Interesting tax facts

Since the moment President Trump proposed tax relief, we have had the liberal media screaming that it was tax cuts for the rich!
After it passed, members of the communist delegation were trumpeting how the rich got tax breaks and every one else got the shaft.
It is true that the rate for the top tier dropped from 32.5% to 30.2%, but the percentage of taxes, their share of revenue, increased from 19.3% to 19.8%. The largest share of taxes are paid by those folks in the middle, people who make between 100,000 and 500,000. Those two brackets pay over half of the total collected taxes. They are also a huge chunk of the population.
Taxes are a tough horse to manage. Too much taxation stalls business growth, but too little and the government and infrastructure suffer. When the wealthy keep more money, it does not sit in some secret vault collection dust. It sits in the control of a bank who then lends it to other people or other banks. Banks have a limit on how much they can lend which is based on how much is in accounts held by the bank. When Banks have a lot to lend, rates drop so they can get the money out the door. When we experience growth, rates rise as cash on hand becomes limited. If they rise too much, then the demand falls and we get stagnation. It is really quite simple.... Which is why we never seem to master it.

Thought for the day

Wednesday, December 27, 2017

Monday, December 25, 2017

Merry Christmas Lefty style

Some people like to play secret Santa. Well, one guy in California took it the wrong direction, leaving a box of horse manure addressed to Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin in his neighbor's driveway. The bomb squad was called, and the area shut down for several hours.
The source has been identified as Robert Strong, a clinical psychologist Who is apparently more in need of help than his patients.
So looking forward to the next liberal president when we conservatives get to treat him or her like liberals now are acting toward President Trump. Hopefully it won't be in my lifetime, but republicans are the party of stupid, and soon will screw themselves royally.

In any case, I wish all of you a Joyous and Merry Christmas.

Sunday, December 24, 2017

One more reason NOT to fly united

Jean-Marie Simon, a school teacher in Washington D.C. was on her way home from Guatemala. She was about to board the final leg of her flight in Houston when she was told her ticket had been canceled. Upon investigation, she discovered that her seat in first class had been given to Sheila Jackass Lee.
United, made famous for beating a doctor and throwing him off one of their aircraft, then capping that by killing a world class hare being shipped to a new owner, claims they did nothing, and blame Simon saying she canceled the reservation using her mobile app. Simon has screen caps showing no such thing happened.
I'll just say this, If I had been on the flight, and they bumped the person next to me to seat Lee, I'd give up my chair rather than deal with that racist waste of subhuman flesh.
Bottom line, if you must fly, don't fly United.

Saturday, December 23, 2017

Old Jake

At the time I was born, my family had an old collie named Jake. I have a couple of memories of Jake. I remember him sitting one time, and I tried to climb on his back. Got bit for my effort. In my face.
The second memory I have was when the rabid coons showed up. Jake was the dog who got between those coons and my sister who was carrying me to the house. Both those memories are locked solid for me. The scar from his bite is still visible on my forehead.
My eldest brother swears I should not remember Jake though. Jake died when I was small. Christmas time had rolled around. The eldest siblings were grown and had moved, but in the tradition exemplified in the Waltons, came home for Christmas. Jake had been Phil's dog, and as with all animals, they had  special bond.
Well, My sisters had both made it home Christmas eve, but Phil was a bit slower. Don't remember details, could have been work, weather, or wandering, but Jake was wandering the yard, going from vehicle to vehicle, sniffing pawing, searching for his beloved boy master but not finding him. I faintly remember him wandering the yard when we got home that evening. Phil got home a bit later. I was asleep by then. when he got there though, he immediately went looking for Jake. When He found him the Dog had died.
Jake was old. The folks had gotten him when Phil was little and they had grown up together. Pets are loyal, most pets anyway. You or I might go through ten pets in a life time, but most pets go through only one owner. I hate seeing people treat animals like throw away toys. Get tired of Fido? Just take him to the pound. People get on me about my pets some times. Sorry folks, unless an animal is dangerously unruly, I won't part with them for convenience. I guess that is something I learned from my father. He had dairy cows. Most dairy operations have a cow for only a few years, then as soon as their production drops a little, it's off to the slaughter house, and they become kibbles. Dad never did that. Several of the cows he had when he retired were older than me. It broke his heart to send then to the stock yard, but his health had failed, and he could no longer milk.
Jake is something I think about every Christmas. faint memories yes, but he reminds me to not be materialistic. Keep and value what you have whether it be your pets of your possessions. Remember in this season, that the baby in the manger came here because our creator, GOD, doesn't want to throw you away either.
May he bless you, and have  a Merry Christmas.

Time for a permanent injunction

The ninth circus is up to their usual three ring fiasco as they once again cross over the line between Presidential powers and Judicial over reach. Once again, the communist infestation is ruling that President Trump can't protect America from foreign terrorism.
What needs to happen is that the Supreme Court place a permanent injunction on the Ninth where they cannot hear or rule on any more cases pertaining to President Trump until all present members have been replaced. That would apply to the jackass in Hawaii and every other judge in the most overturned district in America.
Too bad we don't have a Congress with brains, or balls. There is a reason that impeachment is so important, and it has nothing to do with the fake Steele, or is that stolen Dossier?

Farmer Santa

From Rollie in NE PA.

Time to rethink our foreign aid policy

To be clear, I am not in favor of foreign aid. If we need to pay them to be our friend, we are better off having them for an enemy.
That is not my point today  though. President Trump decided to go forward with plans passed by congress years ago to move our embassy in Israel to Jerusalem. The palistidiots immediately got their diapers in a bunch and the unified nenderthals then voted 128-9 expressing their dissatisfaction with us. There were a few more nations who declined to vote, for a total of 65 who did not support the resolution. So, we have nine nations who are our friends, 56 who don't want us to kick their asses, and 128 that should never receive another red cent from America, and who should have travel restrictions placed on them. Why give them the business? If they have air lines, let them fly to Canada, then ride Trailways to Manhattan.
President Trump is reawakening the sleeping giant. Not like Japan did when FDR played dumb to get us into WW2, this is about putting American might back in gear and showing the world we don't need them for anything. Lets see how China does when we quit importing rubber dog shit. They can learn what real deep regret is.
As for Honduras, Guatemala, Israel, the Marshall Islands, Micronesia, Nauru, Palau, and Togo, What can we do to help you all be great?

Thursday, December 21, 2017

Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Broken windows in 4...3...2...

Blacks in (face)Palm Springs are crying racism about trees planted some fifty years ago. Those trees serve as the border between a predominantly black neighborhood and a municipal golf course.
Housing prices have boomed in Palm Springs. Not so much in the neighborhood behind that row of trees. But are the trees the problem? The neighborhood was predominantly black fifty years ago. Now it is beginning to diversify. Home prices lag by as much as $150,000 which means the taxes also lag.
The movement is spearheaded by Trae Daniel, a white real estate agent who moved into the neighborhood fourteen years ago, bought cheap, and will profit from any increase in value. His commissions are tied to the sale price. As the "Savior" of the neighborhood, you can bet the owners will flock to him to sell, and sell they will. Increased value means higher taxes. How many of the original resident will be able to afford the increase? Those who could sold and moved.
No, it won't be golf balls breaking windows. Actions have consequences, and when liberals face consequences, they tend to vent in traditional manners. Think Ferguson.


Last week I and a friend, yes, I Do have friends, ate at Yumi's, a local Japanese Hibachi grill. They do pile it on, and it is excellent fare. Well, neither of us managed to finish our lunch, and we had to-go boxes. We drove back to my place to get some things, and while we were getting them, a neighbor came by. He'd gotten his loader stuck while clearing a pond and needed extra help.
Mike hopped in with him, and I jumped on the tractor. He didn't bother to shut the door on his side of the van. My dog was in the yard, but she is a dachsund.
We returned in fifteen minutes, and both to-go boxes were ripped up, one outside the vehicle, the ther on the seat. Both had been on the dash.
Even with out legs, dogs can jump.
Found at

Just like dealing with liberals

The language of love

Sarah Idan, Miss Iraq, and Adar Gandelsman, Miss Israel posed together for a picture titled, “Peace and love from Miss Iraq and Miss Israel.” Something like that is great, two representatives of their rival nations coming together to share a message that we can overcome what divides us if we are willing to try.
Sarah though has come under fire for her bravery. The first Miss Iraq to attend Miss Universe in 45 years has been threatened with loss of her title, loss of her life, and her family as well. Dang Jews, can't let a muslim live in peace.... Oh, Wait, it is the religion of piss that is threatening her.
After her family was forced to flee Iraq, Sarah apologized to her mom saying she felt it was her fault. Her mom though, the wiser for her years, correctly pointed out, we live in a f****d up society.
Great job of nation building. George mismanaged it, but Barry royally screwed it up.

Tuesday, December 19, 2017

no holding MY breath

Back in the heat of the Roy Moore false accusations, as communist operatives paid by glorious AllRED were slithering out of the swamps and holes to accuse Rog Moore of sexually assaulting them, Al Franken was also accused of groping Leeann Tweeden. That was quickly followed by more accusers, eight in all, and demands by fellow democrats who suddenly had an attack of conscience that All step down. Shortly after, the failed comic claimed he would be resigning in the coming weeks.
I said that Al wasn't slithering anywhere, and so far, he remains. Now his fellow comedic failures, side kicks if snakes had legs, are reversing course. I'm SHOCKED! Shocked I tell you... Or not.

Monday, December 18, 2017

porn factory must defend itself against hiv claims

A porn mill in San Franfreakshow must defend itself after claims that performers were exposed to AIDS. Kink dot com operates out of the old San Fran Armory. The historic building is located in the mission district.
One of the plaintiffs claims he was blindfolded and forced to perform oral sex on numerous members of the general public, a virtual death sentence if ever there were one.
The insurance company for kink was released because the nature of the claims should be covered either by workman's comp, or excluded due to an intentional harm provision.
Guess we know why August Ames had concerns.

Vegan butchers

Sunday, December 17, 2017

Saturday, December 16, 2017

Blaming the owner

A Virginia woman, Bethany Stephens, was mauled to death by her pitbulls and already the law is blaming her. Sheriff James L. Agnew said Stephens’ body was found guarded by “two very large, brindle-colored pitbull dogs.” He suspected that the dogs had been bred for fighting.
One of the immediate responses in every pitbull mauling is blaming the owner. they abused it, they bred it to fight, on and on. Why do we never have people mauled by golden retrievers? What about Labradors? Pure and simple, it is genetics. Yes, they are beautiful dogs. Yes, they can be quite nice, loving affectionate, every trait found in a poodle or papillon. If you were to google those breeds, you would find information specific to them.
Pitbulls are a breed that was developed for fighting. It is genetic. Nothing we do can change genetics. just because some guy want to be a girl does not mean it is possible. Sure, he can get his nuts hacked off, have his pecker hollowed out then shoved inside, receive hormones to enhance his breasts, but he can never breed. He will never produce egg cells.
The DNA is a blunt and inescapable fact. Not al pits will ever hurt some one. Not all alligators will hurt some one either, but if you decide you want to keep one in your living room, I won't be visiting very long.
When a pit kills, the apologists circle the wagons and blame the owner. Cruel? Not likely. trained them to fight? Even less likely. Stupid? Yup. Got her killed. My condolences to her family, she had a lot of potential. Her mistake was in loving an unpredictable animal. Happens a lot. In this case, the animals wasn't her boy friend.

Friday, December 15, 2017

A tale of two cripples

Found this story linked at another site and thought it worth sharing.
The Pacific War is full of epic stories both of combat between vessels, and the even older battle of men & ships against the perils of the sea. One of the lesser known encounters and epic damage control fights came fifty-five years ago in December 1944, when U.S.S. BERGALL engaged IJN MYOKO. A fascinating twist of fate would bring these two together, and see them both fighting to stay afloat against the odds.
The encounter had its beginnings at 1630 on 5 December, 1944, when USS BERGALL (SS-320) under command of Commander J.M. Hyde departed Exmouth Gulf, Australia bound for her assigned war patrol off the Malayan and Indo-China coasts. Tagging along with Hyde on Commander's training this journey was PCO Ben Jarvis, whose previous service included USS Nautilus and Sailfish. It would prove to be an curriculum. On this journey BERGALL (and the Dace on the same general mission) carried a load of anchored mines in her aft torpedo tubes. The plan was to lay these off the Indochina coast, along the long reef called Royalist Bank. BERGALL’s course was plotted to take her around the eastern end of Java, via Lombok Strait, then westward through the Flores Sea and finally through Karimata Strait. This was the plan, and was followed.
MORE. Heroism happened on both sides of the war.

Thursday, December 14, 2017

Shut up and listen to us

The CLAMs in ArKANSAS are suppressing the free speech rights of students. The ArKANSAS Statist University has free speech zones. BUT in order to use them you must have permission which includes letting them know what you want to say.
Anybody see a problem with this? The Turning Point USA chapter was turned down, reason was, they were not an authorized chapter. So the Campus Republicans applied for them instead. Yup, turned down as well.
The Congressional Left, Academia, and the Media are all about free speech... THEIR free speech, screw you and your republican conservative ideals. They are winning because we are not fighting. Our children are being indoctrinated because as parents we have not taught them what they need to know, instead trusting that the marxists who control the public education "system" will be honest, fair and objective. In our defense, young and wise don't go together. The older we get, the wiser we get, but by the time we wise up bout the marxism, our children have been stolen, their minds corrupted, and we are one small step closer to being Venezuela, Cuba, o North Korea.

UPDATE: Add Wyoming to this mess. There, the campus conservatives were defunded for allowing Dennis Prager to speak.

Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Why is twitter news?

Tonight, one of the articles was about An DIRT son Cooper sending a lame tweet mocking President Trump. Cooper being a douche is somewhat news worthy, but the article was packed with the twitter replies of people who then mocked the Fake News Network starlet.
The article also lamely claimed that Cooper is bipartisan, and the face of FNN. WRONG on both counts, he aint even bisexual, and he is their posterior. he might seem bipartisan when comparing Swamp RINOs and Swamp commies, but they are both far left. Conservatives today have one voice in Washington, President Donald John Trump.
And Cooper, be a man for just once, and own up to your lame tweet. I know it's a mighty struggle, but you supposedly have testicles yet???? Nah.

Tuesday, December 12, 2017

What will the RINOs do next?

As results are tumbling in, it looks like Judge Moore will win handily the Senate seat in Alabama. Reports claim the Repugnant ones are holding a meeting tomorrow to decide what to do. Given that by all appearance, McConman was the one behind the failed Moore smear attack, would they dare stage a senate investigation? That would put Glorious AlwaysRED's smear goat front and center. The woman would be under oath, the yearbook would be examined by professionals, or conveniently come up missing. Can Mitch risk that? Can the establishment crooks pull something that would prevent Judge Moore from being seated?
Print media wants to make this a referendum on President rump. It very well could be a referendum on the establishment class aka the swamp people. A sound win by Moore could spell the death knell for the RINO's owned by K Street lobbyists and Wall Street Bankers. Tonight could see The American people putting the brakes on the globalists and serious butt hurt on the media.
Right now, 8:23 pm, Moore has  comfortable 51.4% to 47.3% lead over Jones. That after Jones jumped out to an early 66% to 32% lead which quickly evaporated.
Tomorrow is a new day. the SSDD stuff may be coming to an end. GOD, help us.
Two hours seems like forever. The tide has changed, and it isn't crimson. McConman managed to flip Alabama blue as communist hack Jones is being named the winner. The losers are Alabama and the American people.

Dumbest man on television?

President Trump is taking a beating because he stated that he once referred to FNN's worst presenter as the dumbest man on television. The President did not make clear when he assigned that moniker to Lemon, but it certainly must be since 2008 when fricken Franken moved from laughingstock to Minnesota being the laughing stock for sending him to the Senate.
Lemon has spent the last two years bashing the Billionaire for his stance on just about every thing, so if the President were to waste his time watching the failure of a network, would he bother to tune in a loser to whom every thing is about race?
Deep down though, Lemon is probably over joyed, thinking, I'm not a total loser, the President knows who I am.
I guess the sad part in all this is that Fake News got triggered, and some body was still watching their lies.

Sanctuary City Mayor now explaining to victims why he failed to protect them

Communist and invader enabler Ed Lee, the mayor of San Franfreakshow has passed away. He was 65. The life long liar err lawyer and politician was responsible for leading law enforcement efforts and failed to do so resulting in the death of Kate Steinle.
Our national laws require states to extradite criminals, but California, and in particular, San Franfreakshow, refuse to enforce laws regarding invaders, thus placing their legal voters in grave danger. Lee became mayor of the city when Gavin Nuisance was elected lieutenant governor. Lee was selected because he promised the other members of the board, some of whom had aspirations to advance, that he would not run for reelection if appointed. Lee broke that promise though and was elected largely on name recognition.
In 2015 he won reelection because no one whose name was known opposed him, He garnered 56% of the vote and his next closest challenger in a field of five, Francisco Herrera, a mere 14%.
Initial reports are saying it was a heart attack that claimed the antiAmerican backstabber. Fools will miss him. Criminals mourn his passing. The rest of us, not so much.

Monday, December 11, 2017


Melissa Etheridge has announced that she is dropping from SirusXM over Steve Bannon being named Host of its Breitbart Daily News Program. She joins Scream Queen Dean and Seth Rogan in being triggered.
As with Rogan, I had no clue who she was, but then, I don't hang out in gay cuntry bars either. Making America Great Again, one sick twisted pervert at a time.

What to do?

Another terror attack. It is the new normal in Europe. I don't want the religion of pieces blowing every thing here up. A feral judge in Hawaii blocked President Trump's travel ban, and you can bet that he or another Obamunist appointee would block any attempt to send these vermin home.
We need to do something though, or soon we will have the same problems the Swedes have.
As if Detoilet and Minicrap-hole-is aren't enough. Why don't we gather them into a collective? House the whole lot in Hawaii so Barry's bestus buddy can look after them. No travel to the mainland, no travel to Alaska. If they want to go anywhere, it is back to shitholistan where they came from.
These people cannot coexist with Christians. They cannot coexist with hindu's. They cannot coexist with Jews. They cannot coexist with atheists. They cannot even coexist with each other.
If relocating them to Hawaii is not an option, we can always repopulate Bikini atoll. Or Johnston Island.

Sunday, December 10, 2017

Handler wants to trash Sanders?

Prior to this election, I had never heard of Chelsea Handler. When I did, I thought they had hired a "walker" for the former worst daughter. Then I find out it is a woman who got started in comedy, if you want to call it that, by making fun of her DUI arrest in front of a bunch of other drunks who thought it was funny.
Well, Handler has made mocking President Trump and his staff her mission in life. This week she went after Sarah Huckabee Sanders' appearance. Sarah wasn't hired to look pretty. She got the press minder position because she is competent, hard working, honest and loyal. She is a a mother to three kids, and she very much reminds me of my daughter.  She isn't there to look like a twenty year old pageant model, and if she was a twenty year old pageant model but wasn't competent, she dang sure wouldn't be there very long.
Sarah is still much better on the eyes then Handler. Add to her credit that she hasn't written about "her Horizontal Life" or is that Whore-a-zontal Life? Nor has she bragged about having two of her children murdered.
With Sarah, the beauty shines from within. True Beauty.
I guess I'm not the only one who says, "piss on handler."

Gotta have that safe space

A group of conservative students at Fordham was recently given the boot from an on campus coffee shop because they had MAGA hats on. Can we equate this with the wedding cake assault on religion? I don't see how. No one asked the barista's to wear MAGA caps. They did not ask for special treatment because they want America to succeed rather than become obamunist, a dismal failure. They were told they were invading a "safe space". Poor babies.
Liberals need their safe spaces. If you expose mold to sunlight it dies. Same for many infections, if they don't have a safe cozy environment, they perish. An oak tree? Not so much, they seem to weather the storms and assaults of nature just fine.
Liberalism is like the AIDS virus. expose it to any thing before it takes root, and it dies, but once it gets in and takes root, it is impossible to get rid of. That is the problem we face in dealing with this cancer in our national body. These students at Fordham and almost all universities are exposed for four or more years to seriously detrimental liberalism. they develop the entitlement mentality of their professors, graduate, and do not understand that to be successful you have to work. Have any of these liberal profs ever held a real job? I seriously doubt it.

Who is Seth Rogaine?

We have another piece of Canadian trash polluting American soil. This spoiled schmuck thinks his being an actor makes him something. He moved to America to be in freaks and geeks, and managed to kill it in one season. Then he was allowed to stay. Big mistake. We should send him back along with Justin Beiber, then build a wall. A Yuge Wall.

Saturday, December 9, 2017

A local smear job

Ron Wells, a member of the Riley County Kansas Commission, was recently tarnished in the media for what is now dubbed sewergate. Ron lives just out side the city of Madtaxes, but his property is connected to the city sewer. The public one, not city hall. Ron has never paid for that service, and neither did his parents when they owned the property. This all came to light after the health director was terminated. The health director learned about it when Ron applied for a permit to convert a building on the property to a rental.
The crap journal is calling it a secret deal and implying Ron is full of BS. Now the County has found documentation confirming what Ron claimed. Back in the early 60's, Riley County installed a sewer main through the Wells farm but didn't get a proper easement. faced with the cost of moving the line, or cutting  deal, they cut a deal and granted the Wells family, Ron's parents, access to the sewer system. This was all done when control of the system was in the hands of the county. Years later, the county passed the system over to the city, but no one mentioned the easement issue, it had long been forgotten. The issue resurfaced when the county commission fired Steve DeHart. Steve decided to stick a knife in the people who had fired him, the commissioners. Wells was an easy target. What were the chances he had a copy of the record?

Friday, December 8, 2017

Why they wear burkas

This freak has been dubbed the Corpse Bride. Her pictures on Instagram claim she has had multiple surgeries to look like Angelina Jolie.
Burka my ass, she needs at least three.

Thursday, December 7, 2017

On this day

Today marks 76 years since Japan launched a surprise attack on Pearl Harbor. 76 Years ago, the USS Ward fired the opening shots sinking a Japanese Midget submarine about one hour before the attacks began. Three Years later, to the day, the USS Ward was sunk by a kamikaze off Leyte in the Philippines.  While a tragic loss, the Ward went down with only one crew member injured, an heroic feat given the devastation that occurred.
The Ward was originally commissioned in 1918, but decommissioned in 1921. in January 1941, she was recommissioned as the United States prepared for the inevitability of War. The Ward was later reclassified as a high speed transport. By then, our industry was cranking out more modern ships, and during the war years over 300 ships of newer designs were built. When the Ward was reclassified, it's number 3 gun was removed. It is, today, part of a memorial in  St. Paul Minnesota. It was crewed on December 7th 1941 by men from the Minnesota Naval Reserve.
The heroes of 1941 have nearly all passed into history. We as individuals, and as a nation need to remember their bravery and sacrifice. We are the last bastion of freedom. If you think socialism is great, please go some where it is practiced and live. Then tell me how great it is. Despotism of all kinds has existed as long as men have kept records. Freedom isn't free.

The sick side of disgusting.

August Ames was the screen name of a 23 yo porn star. She was married and had a daughter. Her life is full of poor choices. She was scheduled to perform with an actor who also did homosexual porn. I won't call it gay, there is nothing light hearted and happy about that perverse life style. Mercedes Grabowski, her real name, took to twitter to announce she would not perform with men who do men and warn whom ever was going to be replacing her. She came under attack by the Socialist Just Ass Whores of twitter. The cyber-bullying eventually led to her hanging herself.
What leads people to such a dark side? Fifty years ago, porn was confined to the back rooms and hidden beneath the counters. The men and women who were involved were social outcast if any one discovered. In the decades since Playboy began, our society has sunk to unimaginable lows.
The disintegration of the nuclear family has played a big part. As more and more kids grow up in single parent households, they lose the stability of having a nurturer and a disciplinarian. None of us are programmed to fulfill both rolls. Both rolls are necessary to a healthy functioning adult.
Some years ago I was visiting with a guy who was a regular at the strip clubs. He said one big factor with the strippers was lack of a strong father figure in their lives. They were usually raised by their biological mother, but "dad"was a revolving door of men who came home with mom for sex, but never remained.
Was Mercedes Grabowski just another victim of America's passion for throw away relationships and destructed families? So many things wrong, she was a porn star, but married, had a child who is now motherless. Her mother was cool with her becoming a porn actress, her brothers were angry, but changed their minds after their friends thought she was hot. WHAT ABOUT DAD???
A life wasted, a child motherless all because of this. All these wrongs do not make a right.

Wednesday, December 6, 2017


Many years back, a fellow I know was working as a mechanic. one of his coworkers was a bully, a towering fellow who delighted in hurting people.
After many hours spent dealing with the bully's antics, James decided he had had enough. Even though the bully weighed nearly double what James did, he reasoned that he cold take him if he made it a battle of wits.
At lunch that day, James began bragging about how he had been a great arm wrestler in  high school. Bruno bit, and James laughed at him and told him that he could whup him in arm wrestling, and he'd go so far as to put one arm against both of Bruno's.
They sat down at a table and Bruno clasped his hands. James explained that the idea was to pull until one or the other touched his chin. James then reached between Bruno's hands and gripped his thumbs.
On the signal to begin, James relaxed his grip, and Bruno slammed his own face with his fists. James gasped, and reached for a towel, apologizing and saying there must have been a little grease on his palm. After wiping it down, they assumed the start position again, and again, on the signal, James slipped and WHOP, Bruno split his fat lip open.
James got Bruno to hit himself six or seven times, and it took much insistence to get Bruno to give up with out them ever actually pulling against each other.

People say, about President Trump, that he beats bloody those who attack him personally. I don't think our President expends half the effort for twice the return that James did with Bruno. People like Rosey and MeAgain!!! continue to beat themselves and Trump has moved on to more important issues.
Mule ears has been chosen to assault President Trump and undermine his election. From the word go, there were pointed out huge problems with the people chosen to forage for evidence. They were a pack of HiLlARy scum. Bob knew it, we knew it, but the press kept going, "Look! A squirrel!"
President Trump is carefully but clearly pointing out what kind of double standards they are using.
Tired of winning yet?

Just bull shit

Rumors are flying in the swamp that Frickin Franken may resign tomorrow after the 7,695,483rd accuser came forward claiming he inappropriately touched them. It seems no woman wants to admit to consensual contact, even if just a hand shake. I. Understand. Completely.
These accusations are bullshit. Yes, I want the turdball gone. His being a communist is enough in my book. The piles of accusations though are getting to be too much. Tina Dupuy is upset that sick Al placed his hand on her waist during a photo op during a party to celebrate the crowning of queen Barry and the day the waters stopped rising.
These accusations need to stop. it is time for them to stop. My sides hurt so much from laughing at the dems I cannot sleep. Never mind the incessant howling because of President Trump's tweets.

Tuesday, December 5, 2017

If you want them to say anything smart

Some of the liberals smarties in Hollywood decided that America needs an animated series featuring Walter and Sweet Daddy Dee err Barry and gaffer Joe..
In the planned series, the creepy former VP and deer reader will be able to string together complete sentences, not rely on a teleprompter, and you won't see George Soros knuckles in Barry's eyes. Talk about a guaranteed winner! Since it will be completely cartoons, the worst president in history can accomplish something besides scratch, he claimed, golf.
The idea is that the bumbling idiots will travel in time. I guess going back to 2008 and fixing the economy would be a good start, or 2010 and killing ObamAA-care. Those would be great options for a plot. Then President Trump won't need to waste time and resources doing what, for them, was impossible. Or they could travel to Mexico and find the doctor that does Nancy P. Lousy's face lifts and have him inject a brain cell. Then its off to San Franfreakshow and teach Colon Kancer how to stand for the anthem.
With Conan O'Brien it is sure to be as funny as a wake for dead children. The disconnect from reality continues unabated. At least no real actors need sully their tarnished reputations further.

Monday, December 4, 2017

Nice try Chump

Generally a chump is some one who is easily fooled. Mittens Romneycare is either easily fooled, or easily bought. The only idiot the republicans could find in 2012 to lose to Barry Soetoro is shooting his miserable mouth off about Judge Roy Moore. In the past three weeks all the allegations against Judge Moore have fallen apart.
While the origins of this deception are unknown, indicators point toward the RINO side of the swamp. Yes, Gloria AllRed is a communist shaker, but in the swamp, all the critters are infected. If you have any doubts about whether a congress critter is clean and worthy, check who is financing their reelection campaign. If you see money coming from Washington, or other out of state sources, you can bet they are not going to be representing you after the election if they represent you now.
Mittens has been a critter of the swamp for some time. The only thing he has done in the last ten years is prove there are people worse than Barry Soetoro.

Hint hint

The Supreme Court today voted 7-2 to allow President Trump's immigration ban to go into effect even though lower courts are still attempting to pick it to pieces. In doing so, they send a large print message to the Ninth Sewer. Count on the liberal extremists who belong in Venezuela or North Korea to not get a hint.
In the near future President Trump needs to consider expanding the ban. We don't need refuse from any of the islamocentric countries.  We should strongly consider sending them all back. If we cannot do that, pack them up and resettle them in Hawaii. Let Barry's butt sucker live with them.

Why deport him?

Jose Ines Garcia Zarate got away with murder. After shooting Kate Steinle he was arrested, tried and found not guilty by what has to be the most incompetent jury in the world.
By law, if you are comitting a felony, and a death happens, that is felony murder. It does not matter if you wanted to kill them. It does not matter if they were killed by a cop who was attempting to stop you. In some instances, people  who died of a heart attack after being frightened by a criminal were the basis for the conviction. Zarate should have been found guilty of felony murder.
Now immigration plans to take him into custody and deport him. Seriously, WTF? That will be a waste of time. The plane that takes him back to Mexico won't be back in the air and he will be back across the border. Bureaucratic snafu's happen though. Maybe by accident, his paper work gets lost, mishandled, or just slow walked, and he sits in a holding cell for a few hundred months. Make it Sheriff Joe's tent city in Frynix AZ.

Sunday, December 3, 2017

Getting tired of Trumps tweets

The man seems to go non stop. All hours, day and night, every subject imaginable. I don't mind the content, in fact, I'm not on twitter so I never see them personally.
 I'm just sick and tired of the endless screams from the liberals. I think I got woke four times last night. Does he never sleep?

Saturday, December 2, 2017


Some time around 20 B.C. before cell phones, my wife and I were both working night shift. Sleep was important, but so was catching calls. She was a nurse, and often times they would change her schedule. We were in a dilemma, If we shut off the phone, we might miss a schedule change, but if we left it on, we would get our sleep interrupted. A LOT.
Well, it so happened a new devise on the market was becoming affordable,  and practical, the answering machine.
There were two types available, single tape systems, and double tape systems. The singe tape would play your greeting, then fast forward to the end of messages, and then beep. If you got  lot of calls, that could be a long span. We opted for the double tape one instead. It came with the standard "No one is at home. Please leave a message" and instructions on how to personalize your greeting.
That got the wheels spinning, and I chose immediately my greeting. simple and to the point, one word, WHAT? not much at all. For nearly a week my wife was amazed that no one bothered to leave messages. She had her day off though, and I awoke to her gone shopping. I noticed that some one had finally left a message, the light was blinking! Well, I played it. It was from the wife. Four words, "Change the greeting. NOW!"
I had been thinking about what to make it. Back then, you could dial your own number and get a busy signal. I did that, then recorded about ten seconds of it, then, "OK, you didn't buy it, leave a message." I also set the thing to answer on the first ring. The other option was four rings.
That lasted until the mother in law complained that she always got a busy signal. She called about a hundred times..... a day...... before we got the answering machine.
Good times. My father's generation went from walking under the moon to walking on the moon. I've gone from smart ass to smart phones. I'm still a smart ass, but you can walk under the moon all night.

Friday, December 1, 2017


An undercover cop who was shot and wounded in an off duty incident while taking his son to school got the last laugh in court. After Kevin Rojas was convicted of multiple charges, the unnamed officer had his opportunity to speak at the sentencing.
“I will take those bullets instead of a fellow officer and an innocent bystander,” the officer said, according to the Times-Union. “When I brought the fight back to you, you ran like a coward.”

The officer then produced a tube of K-Y Jelly and told Rojas he would “need a lot” of it in prison, according to local reports.

Apparently the judge was none too pleased though and the officer's supervisors will address it. OK, he needs to be punished for his conduct in court. Make him buy Rojas  tube of K-Y every month for the next year and hand deliver it to him in his cell.

Thursday, November 30, 2017

Double WHAT???

Speaker Lucian Wintrich was giving his "it's OK to be white" speech at U-Conn when one of their shitbag staffers, Catherine Gregory, walked up and stole his prepared notes from the lectern. After Wintrich retrieved his property, he was arrested for breach of peace.
OK, we knew Connecticut was a liberal hell hole. Freedom of speech only applies if you are spouting the liberal communist dogma.


The illegal immigrant who killed Kate Steinle has been found NOT GUILTY. So let us be clear, in California, if you own  gun and shoot some one you will most likely go to jail, but if you are here illegally and shoot some one with a stolen gun you will be acquitted.
Bizarre is the only thing I can say at the moment. I guess we should have expected this. Remember the border patrol agents who got in to an altercation with an illegal, shot him, and are now in convicted felons? Our courts, liars err lawyers and politicians are determined o destroy America. Lil Kimmy better hurry if he wants to nuke us, at this rate he will be too late to the party.

Wednesday, November 29, 2017

The year of the long knives

At the end of June in 1934 Hitler implemented a purge known as Operation Hummingbird and rid his party, now in power, of the voices who wanted to continue his rebellion. He got rid of all the people, once close allies, who were no longer of use. His black shirts spent two night killing the majority of the brown shirts who had brought Hitler to power.
Much the same thing appears to be sweeping through the democrat party. In recent weeks, many long time male stalwarts of the party have been accused of sexual misconduct. What began with Harvey Weinstein has spread like a fire in a dry forest. From Actors and producers to news casters and politicians, the trickle has become a flood and now a raging torrent.
Shortly after this began, Diane Feinstein, the senile communist matriarch from California announced matter of factly that 2018 would be the year of the woman. Some viewed the initial onslaught as the purging of Clinton supporters. Weinstein was a big bundler for the Hildabeast, so it was a shock to see him attacked even of all the allegations were true. The communists have a long history of circling the wagons. They are like musk ox forming a heady circle of horns to protect a fallen or weak member of their herd.
The only trait that links the targets of this purge are genetics. One X, one Y, even gay icon George Takei landed in the cross hairs.
What at first appeared to be a rabid dog consuming it's own flesh now has the appearance of being just another purge. The history here is long and sad. OK,not sad in that they slaughter members who might be beneficial later. When and how does it end? Will it be over when every man has been accused?
2018 might well be the year of the democrat woman. By New Years Day all the liberal men with a synapse will be scurrying for the hills.
I aint gonna say it.......

Dang it, I gotta say it.....


Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Is this for real?

One America News source.

Just 2 weeks ahead of the Alabama Senate race, One America News uncovers shocking ties between Roy Moore accusers and a major news organization.
One America’s Pearson Sharp has the exclusive report and reveals how one woman’s ties to drug dealers throws her whole story into question.

The score card on Moore

A few weeks ago two women came forward and claimed that Judge Moore had dated them when they were seventeen and eighteen. Moore responded that he did not remember them, but that he always got permission from the mother before dating any lady.
Next up, and right on their heels was a claim that he messed around with a fourteen year old. She claimed that she met Roy Moore at the Court House when he was an assistant DA. She also claimed that Judge Moore made serious advances, called her several times, meeting him at an intersection just round the corner from her home and that he undressed her and made her touch him through his underwear. Finally, she claimed that his advances caused her problems emotionally involving drugs and alcohol, and suicidal tendencies.
The facts regarding her show that the only time Moore could have met her was a hearing where her mother gave up custody of her because her behavior was so problematic. She move in with her father only a few days later and that was not in Gadsden. The street corner that she named was more than a mile from her mothers home, hardly around the corner, and was across a heavily traveled street.
Next player up is Gloria AllRed and her crazy yearbook caper. No one who was a regular at the diner remembered Judge Moore. It was rather a redneck establishment, and Moore aint much of a red neck even if he is from Alabama. Her descriptions of the establishment don't jibe with established facts, and her claims about the hours of the business don't either. No other waitress has come forward to say she worked there and several have said they do not remember her working there. Her then boyfriend has also surfaced and says the story is unbelievable as well. Her step son is calling her a liar as well. lastly, the signature on the supposed yearbook matches the rubber stamp signature used by his assistant right down to the DA, her initials, at the end.
Now for my question, when are we going to start prosecuting false accusers who make allegations against political candidates, for election fraud?

Monday, November 27, 2017

Some things unite us

 Adm. Gabriel Gonzalez, chief of the Mar del Plata Naval Base, said personnel there were coordinating "with units from the United Kingdom and the United States." Britain and Argentina fought a war in 1982 over the Falklands Islands, which are called the Malvinas in Argentina.

There aint much hope for humanity, but there is some.

Sunday, November 26, 2017

Thune needs to go

John Thune, Uniparty Communist South Dakota, threw his pin sized hat in the ring on faux news Sunday saying that if Judge Toy Moore is elected, that he will side with the liars and crooks demanding an ethics investigation. Given that the accusers stories are crap, maybe he should start by investigation who paid who and for what and follow the money back to the source, and if it leads to Mitch McCommunist, oust him from office.
Thune may be the fastest man in Congress, but it appears it is only because he is chasing a runaway mouth.

NOT gang related?????

Cleveland cops are investigating a stray bullet shooting that left a 12-year-old boy dead, accoreding to a report Saturday
The boy died after being shot in the chest outside his father’s liquor store Friday evening, Fox 8 Cleveland reported.
The boy and his father stepped outside to investigate when they heard shots. MORE
Two things that bother me about this; 1. A gathering of juveniles involving at least one gun and they don't think it is a gang issue? 2. When you hear gun fire, don't become a rubber necker. Most bullets are addressed To whom it may concern. They have the right of way, and they don't care who or what they tear through.
Running toward gun shots is always a bad idea. Killers and gangs don't like interruptions, and the police may think you are another bad guy and opt to sort bodies rather than risk their lives.

Saturday, November 25, 2017

Most of us go blind before......

A man in England has gone partly blind after vigorous sex. According to the British Medical Journal, he got too tense causing a blood vessel in his eye to rupture.
No word on whether it helped.....

Unsportsmanship starts long before they reach the No Fans Leftist League

Four players, one from Oklahoma and three from Kansas were stripped of team captaincy. Baker Mayfield grabbed his crotch after a score against the Jayhawks, but the bad manners started with the coin toss as Jayhawk Captains Dorance Armstrong Jr., Daniel Wise and Joe Dineen Jr. refused to shake Mayfield's hand.
Poor conduct on the part of players is becoming an epidemic. Many of us have boycotted the NFL for their pro thug stance, and I have switched off the college games as well. I have long made fun of college athletics. If KSU's vet med program had the same placement ratio as the football squad, they would shutter the damn thing. Too many of the players would never make it to a college campus except to be janitors if it wasn't for college football. When they leave all they take with them are the injuries.
Maybe I should revise that, I think even the janitorial staff is a few grades higher. Athletics have a place. teaching all young men and women self confidence and control as well as sportsmanship and teamwork are worthy endeavors. The days are long past when participation was a part of the curriculum. I would have no problem with bringing it back and ending the athletic scholarship programs.
In fact, I think they should make the game a real challenge. Two hours prior to kick off, pair each player with his opposing teams player, set them down at a table and have them compete in a battle of the minds. Take an academic test. Have each school prepare tests, twenty questions, general subjects. submit those tests to the NCAA, then the NCAA distribute those tests for the game in sealed envelops containing two sets for the paired athletes. every pair of players has a different test. on completion they are scored, and ankle weights given to every player based on how they scored. 100%? No weights, 50% five pounds each leg, below 30% Benched! How come I expect some teams would forfeit games? Even if the tests were written by the coaches?

Friday, November 24, 2017

Character counts

Allegations made by Gloria AllRed, communist hack and HiLlARy sleaze have caused a bit of a shake up in Alabama politics. Now, Bill Staehle, a former Army officer who served with CPT Roy Moore in Vietnam has come forward with his story of events from decades past.
Do Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde really exist? Can a man who displayed high moral character in a far off country where no one would be apt to remember him return home and morph into a pervert, then morph bck to a moral person only a few years later? Leopards don't change their spots. HiLlARy and worthless Willie were scum back then and remain scum today. I do not for a moment believe that Judge Roy Moore was ever the fink that scumbag Gloria wants people to believe he was.
The uniparty hacks will stop at nothing to achieve their goals. My own gut feeling is that McCommie is as much behind the attacks on Moore as the communist party democrats. He, Songbird, and Grahamnasty jumped al over Judge Moore too fast. They didn't even have time to read the story and they were demanding his resignation.
Character counts, and so far, all the ones attacking Judge Moore have exactly none.

Thursday, November 23, 2017

Happy Thanksgiving to every one

We have a lot to be thankful for this year as President Trump works to reverse the detestable policies of the inexperienced light weight and his merry band of miscreants. Our court vacancies are being filled with reliable conservatives. The Dow is climbing, jobs are returning, and HiLlARy is off the wall crazier than ever.
GOD is patient, and he has allowed us one more trip around the sun.

Pray that we do not waste his grace.

Wednesday, November 22, 2017

When everything is sexism

Since the 2016 rejection of the Washington establishment, we have had a nearly continuous flood of sexual misconduct allegations. Anthony Weiner's last minute fiasco seemed to many to be the end for HiLlARy's campaign.
From there, it has been game on. Many stalwarts, and not a few sleazes have been accused, and some demonics have waxed nostalgically about getting a do over on worthless Willie. The uniparty went all in on Judge Roy Moore, and no matter how the press plays it, the thing is falling apart like an abandoned house in Detroit.
Voters though do not seem to be in the least bit swayed. The press and congress critters are the only ones really reacting to the tall tales. It is almost as if the voters are ignoring the stories, like they knew it  was fiction from the word go.
IS the primo sex card finally worn out? Votes are getting smarter, but every year adds a fresh crop of gullible new kids to the base. The uniparty folks starting this fire are like the schmucks on Naked and Afraid starting a fire in the middle of a deluge. Not. Gonna.. Happen. Even with all th gasoline they have used from Fricken Franken to pulling the chair out from under worthless Willie, nothing seems to bolster their contention that Moore is the wrong candidate.
Every person running needs to think long and hard about this. 2018 is just around the corner, and if you are a grass roots conservative, they will throw every allegation they can dream up at you until you blink. Then they will blind side you.
For now it looks like they have cried wolf once too often. Look out though, we have a hard your of BS to trudge through.

Tuesday, November 21, 2017

WTF??? In Kansas?

The American Communist Liberties Union is demanding that Garden City Community College explain why Rasool Samir is no longer on their basketball team. AssHole Scammer is off the team after he was confronted by a booster member who took offense at his shooting hoops while the National Anthem was being played.
The Booster, 74 year old Jim Howard has been a member of the boosters for 32 years. because of his patriotism though he is no longer allowed to support them. Maybe it's Garden City Communist College, their allowing scum like Samir on the team don't cut it in redneck country.
Sad to say, but for as conservative as Kansas is, we are stuck with the most liberal worthless Court system outside California. The reason is that our judges are chosen by a board composed of Liars err lawyers. Kansans deserve better.
As for Jim, he can save his money and give it to people who love America.

Guess the race

A woman passenger on a New York subway was berated,then punched after complaining to the assailant that he was crowding her space. Derek Smith was taken into custody two days after he punched the victim splitting her lip and causing her head to hit the wall behind her.
Amazingly, there were several people on the train who jumped to her aid. The victim, Sam Saia attempted to report the incident when she exited the train, but cops in Manhattan refused to take the report and directed her to make a report back in Brooklyn. Ms Saia is not upset with the Transit Police who eventually got the report taken and placed Mr Smith under arrest. She is just happy to have one more piece of scum housed in a better place.

Monday, November 20, 2017

Moore fiction

In an effort to correctly analyze the accusations levied against Judge Roy Moore, we now turn to the master liar. Not HiLlARy, Joseph Goebbels; "If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it." Does that correctly sum up the situation in Alabama where Judge Moore is under attack from uniparty forces?
Think it is true? One of the big accusations was that he was banned from the mall in Gadsden for harassing underage girls. Nearly every comment section concerning Judge Moore has comments about that.
Well, first off, if he had been banned from the Gadsden mall, or any location for preying on young women, he would have been blocked form becoming a judge.
Here is the icing though, some one tracked down the former manager of the mall and got his statement.

Yes, the lie has gone around the world three times. Truth is just now putting on it's shoes.

Saturday, November 18, 2017

Understanding communism 101 lesson 2,017,315

We can spend our entire lives contrasting the stark differences between communism and capitalism, and some folks still won't get it. We call them democrats.
Today's focus is once again on the hermit kingdom where an elite troop assigned to the border patrol suffered an attack of Diarrhea so bad that in a desperate attempt to find an unoccupied shitter, sprinted to the Imperialist side. his fellow soldiers, mistaking his urgent need for a treasonous escape, shot the poor guy.
Yes, that is over the top hyperbole. The poor man was sick, riddled with parasites from consuming substandard and poorly prepared food. In a world where common things like electricity, running water and modern medicine are not given a though, the shining bastions of communism's successes lack those simple necessities. We get rare glimpses in side the bubbles of lil Kim's Korea, Mugabe's Zimbabwe, Castro's Cuba or Maduro's Venezuela. When we do, we should recoil in horror at the depravity of leaders who would deny their citizens such basic tools that would make life better and their nations prosperous.
We should also think long and hard about how those conditions came about, and realize that we too could be living like that or worse if we allowed our congressional leaders to socialize important aspects of our national economy.
Government should be in charge of roads and defense. and little else. Our present crop of congress critters though see themselves, not as our representative, but as our betters. They are unconcerned with the impact socializing every thing has. The don't care abut what happened to Rhodesia when it became Zimbabwe or Cuba when Castro seized power. All they care about is the people greasing their palms, and you can rest assured, it is not us.

Thursday, November 16, 2017

Frickin Franken

I would love to see him resign or be booted from the Senate, but clearly, the photo of him groping Leeann Tweeden is a joke. Looking at the shadows, his hand is not touching her. Yes, it lacks taste, something Franken has never possessed.
She is wearing a military equipment vest. Even if he had touched her, he'd have felt only the fabric. He is turned to the camera as well. This is something staged. Was Tweeden even asleep? She says she was. I won't call this sexual assault, but it very well might be a sick prank. Almost as bad as Minnesota electing the SNL shithead. As to him kissing her. Ship her a barrel of Lavoris. Just not Sin-of-men flavor.
For those of you not familiar with bad conduct among military, ask some one about the atomic sit-up.

UPDATE: I looked through her twitter feed. Her husband is a Military Pilot, her father was an Air Force Chief Master. She has quite a number of tweets about hubby and his unit. She has absolutely nothing political up. Does that mean purged? In her case, I am going to say no. She works as a sports reporter, and if she is conservative, announcing it would put her on the shadow blacklist. She is proud of her husband, proud of his service, and proud of this country.
I still cannot help questioning the timing, coming in the middle of the Judge Moore fiction. This could be read either way, a warning shot across the bow, or a subtle move to bolster the claims against Judge Moore even as they  fall apart like a sand castle as the tide rolls in.
One thing is certain that has nothing to do with Leeann, what commies accuse republicans of, you can be assured they are actually guilty of.
Maybe her husband can fly Franken some where... Just as long s it isn't back to America.

Wednesday, November 15, 2017

A signature that nearly matches

A signature surfaced today, this one from 1999 that nearly matches the signature in the year book. Right down to the DA at the end. This is damning!

If you look closely, they are nearly identical. Case closed? Not hardly. Why would Moore, then a Circuit Judge, sign with the notation /DA when the signatue block clearly shows he is a Judge???
The answer is simple, the DA is for the judicial assistant who had signatory authority. Judges do not often fill out their own paperwork. When an assistant does it, they initial at the end.
In an odd twist, Beverly Young Nelson had contact with Judge Moore after 1977 when he supposedly signed her Yearbook. That was in 1999 when her divorce was handled in Judge Moore's court. She would have had copies of that paperwork, and with a little practice, some one could have forged a copy of the signature into the yearbook. This is AllRed's style. Oops.

Birds gotta sing

One thing is certain about John McInsane, ever since the North Vietnamese twisted his arm to make him talk, the boy has not shut up.
Johnny boy opened his mouth to switch feet and began ranting like the lunatic he is about Roy Moore.
Roy Moore's wife is fourteen years his junior, so that makes him an easy target for unfounded accusations of pedophilia. He may have dated younger women, that is not a crime. Johnny boy's wife is eighteen years his junior, and the distinguished senator was cheating on his first wife with her. If Judge Moore engaged in sex with a minor, that is a major problem, and that would be cause for giving him the heave ho. The allegations that he dated younger women would appear to stand up given that his wife of forty two years falls into that subset of society.
Here is a reality check for every one, Moore served in the military during which time family life would have been chaotic. he then attended college, and nothing screws up a good education like dating and such. He would have been around girls ten years his junior at that time as well, so he was likely dating younger women then as well. Many people tend to marry during their twenties. When women get to thirty , most of them fall in to one of these categories; 1)Married, so only available to people like Worthless Willie and the Kennedys . 2) Divorced...for a reason. 3. Career minded, so not looking for a family. 4) Issues. We'll leave it at that.
I was stationed in the area for a little while at that time. Lots of young girls hanging out at places the GI's went  looking for a guy to hook or hook up with. As an NCO, I constantly warned my troops about the dangers lurking.  We had more than one GI pick up a girl and sleep with her only to learn her ID was fake and she was well under age. Many, it appeared, were encouraged by their family. We called it bare trapping, the gal wanted to get pregnant, not so she could land a husband, but so she could land child support. Others looked for the GIs because the local boys didn't have money to lavish on them.
We don't know all the details of his dating history. Was he screwing gals back then, or was he already a pillar of virtue as he claims. Those are unknown, and unimportant until some one comes forward with real proof.
Another factor, leopards do not change their spots. If he was assaulting girls back then, the pattern would have continued. Compare him to songbird who says one thing and does another and has been for his entire public service career.
Another thing you can say about McInsane is he has never disgraced the democrat party. While he follows their platforms almost perfectly, his status as a RINO means they don't have to take the shame.

Monday, November 13, 2017

Not a peep

Moore's latest accuser, represented by no slimier a scumbag than Gloria AllRed is being portrayed as a Trump supporting republican. I went to farcebook and looked up Beverly Young Nelson and found her. Same woman as is seen in the press photo on Breitbart. I scanned her time line. Essentially there is nothing there but cat memes and a few other assorted reposts. Her time line for 2016 and 2015 is essentially blank, only  few posts. 2017 is over flowing with memes. That prompts the question, Why??? It looks to me like her page has been scrubbed. I mean really scrubbed. I clicked one off her friend list that appeared to be a sister. Just a short ways down the page, I suddenly got blocked, shut off cold. Her page is again active, but all that is left are profile pic updates. When I clicked on the About link, I again get the blocked message.
If she was a Trump supporter as they claim, there would be some political baggage there. Granted, my page is mostly blank, but I visit it once in a blue moon. Several years ago I was reposting a ton of political memes. Easy to tell where I stood.
They knew people would be looking as soon as her name hit the wires. I know  I am not the only person to google her today. If she was on the up and up, they would not have purged two entire years from her timeline. By this time tomorrow sleuths from around the nation will have picked apart her story. Every one has a history. The media has a vested interest in ignoring it, so don't expect to see anything unless Hannity covers it.

Couldn't pass this one up.

Here we are, it has been over a year since Cruella Deville did not get elected.
This election mattered. In 2008 when Barry beat McInsane, it was of little consequence. Songbird would have been as bad as the Indonesian gay mooslime. 2012? Mittens? Might as well have given the Vietnamese ace another shot.
Last year saw the first true conservative since 1989 when Regan handed the reins to RINO George HW Bush.
Poor HiLlARy.... Actually, Poor Bill. She's home now. Hope they drive each other mad(er).


The accusations against HiLlARy bundler Harvey Weinstein continue to pile up. One though stands out as totally absurd. Paris Hilton. Why? He struck out. If this story is correct, that means Harvey and me are the only two men in America who have not been in her disease ridden crotch. OK, that is an exaggeration, she hasn't had time to screw every one.

There is a story that Phyllis Diller went to work at Miramax after a couple of weeks she stormed in to Bob Weinstein's office and told him, "before I took this lousy job, I'd heard rumors about all the sexual harassment going on here."
Bob interrupted, " What ever happened, we will make it right."
Phyllis replied, "Look, I've been here two weeks, and your brother hasn't so much as pinched my ass yet. Did he turn gay or suddenly get religion?"

 As for Paris, who knew she had taste?

Sunday, November 12, 2017

Nice little business you got here. Sound familliar?

Sounds like Commish Good-for-nothing wants a better parachute. Does the candy assed spineless worm have something on the owners? Takes a lot of balls to make the demand when you are in the midst of running the NFL into the ground. When he and the kneeling scum are unemployed, I might start watching the games again. Most likely won't though.

Guess the race

Four individuals in Winchester Kentucky have been charged in the deaths of two teenage women who were gunned down Tuesday. Mikaela Buford, Denzel Hill, Ronnie Ellis, and Darian Skinner have been charged with complicity to murder. Perp photos at this link.
Two sixteen year old ladies. Why??? Why?


AM Joy host, Joy Reid says that when ever she thinks of President Trump she thinks of George Wallace. Say what? Lets see, where is the similarity?
Wallace was a racist. President Trump? Clearly not racist.
Wallace was a dimocrat. President Trump? While certainly not an establishment republican, he is clearly not a dimmicrap.
So what could she mean? George Wallace got shot while campaigning for the presidency. Is her comment an underhanded way of encouraging some antiFA thug to take a try at killing our President? We know by now that the left would applaud it. Quite honestly, that was my biggest fear during all the riots encouraged by the Dimmicrap mega donor George Soros.
Of course it may all be a lie, can any one prove that Joy Reid thinks?

UCLA players lead the NCAA in steals

LiAngelo Ball, Jalen Hill and Cody Riley are going to be guests of China for some time. The trio were caught stealing in Hangzhou while there to play a game against Georgia Tech.
It appears to me that this is common behavior for members of the tem. While California businesses and police might turn a blind eye, some foreign countries take a dim view of such antics. China could imprison them for up to ten years. My expectation is they will get the boot in a few weeks. My hope is they do the full ten. We have plenty of criminals, and prisons over flowing with blacks who feel they are entitled to other people's property. Note I didn't say think. Besides, his brother Lonzo, a rookie with the Lakers, can afford to fly mama and the family over to see him.

Saturday, November 11, 2017


Some times truth is stranger than fiction. Seriously, a mother marries her daughter. The daughter was removed from the home when she was little, placed for adoption, and had no contact with her weirdo mom.
To make it even stranger, mom previously married her biological son.

Guess the race

A couple of women in Indiana  got irate after a McDonalds gave them the correct number of chicken McNasties. Most of it was caught on camera by a person behind them at the drive through.

Will we ever stop bullies?

Eleven year old Toni Rivers went home after school and ended her life. She had been bullied repeatedly, and reached her breaking point. Her death is more tragic in that it might have been prevented. People are demanding a stop to bullying.
I am taking the opposite approach. I do not think it is possible to prevent bullying. It is prevalent in the animal world. Spend a few hours around a flock of chickens and see how tolerant that species is. If Toni had been a chicken, she might well have been pecked to death. Some animals are territorial. They stake their claim, mark it, and fight, some times to the death defending it against intrusion by their own species. Other species gather into flocks or herds. There is always a leader, a boss, whether you want to look at elephants or cattle, it is the way of animals, and we, humans, are animals.
Toni was bullied. Some of us do not fit in. Many kids feel like they don't fit in. That does not mean we don't have a place or a purpose in life. Feelings of inferiority are something we all deal with. When a kid feels bullied, some times the answer is to separate them from the group, but often that only increases the problem.
Toni didn't die because of a bully, she died because no one showed her that she was a valuable person. She did not grasp her self worth. Christians believe that they have value in the eyes of GOD.
The tone of the conversation in recent years has shifted. The liberal activists talk about micro aggressions. Every word becomes an insult when you have guilt in your heart. Every thing becomes bullying if the recipient finds offense. It does not matter if offense was intended.
When that is the mindset, we cannot stop people from becoming offended. Instead, whet needs to happen is for people to teach their kids to value themselves, but also to be tough. Remember the old saying, Stick and stones may break my bones but whips and chains excite me. Oops, wrong one, words can never harm me.
Humanity has a pecking order. Most of us are pretty low on the chain. Right now the top dog is not a limp wristed dark skinned half white arab. Life isn't fair. Most of us were not born with a silver spoon. That does not mean we don't have worth. Teaching kids that they have worth won't end bullying, but it might end meaningless suicides.

Maher is so wrong

HBO's stand up shit bag Bill Maher went on about sexual harassment during a recent monologue. In "defending his tribe", he said, "We arrest our alleged rapists. They elect them"
Two words, Bill Clinton. To this day liberals defend the serial rapist. His accusers are still under attack, demeaned, put down. The big thing with worthless Willie is there is ample proof.
Now, let us talk about President Trump shall we? He made a statement. Words. True words. At the time he stated that he could grab a woman by the pussy, it was happening among the elitists and no one was doing a damn thing. When he made the observation, Weinstein was groping women with impunity and when one complained, they paid her off.
President Trump never said he groped any women, and no credible accusers have come forward. Scratch him off your list Maher.
But what about Judge Moore? One accuser claimed to have been served alcohol when she was under age... In a dry county. Did. Not. Happen. Another accuser is a know dem hack who shilled for HiLlARy. The last one is so beyond the scope of believe-ability. Put together, these women show the desperation of the uniparty machine.
Too bad I don't get HBO, I'd cancel it to send Maher a message. He wouldn't understand, he's a liberal.

Friday, November 10, 2017

Now throw it out completely

After the battle of the Little Big Horn, The Indians celebrated their victory by desecrating the corpses of the fallen cavalry. The shot them full of arrows, scalped them, disemboweled them and more. It was not an abnormality, it was part of how they did battle. History is full of examples of similar conduct and an oft used insult is to threaten to piss on some ones grave.
Staff Sgt. Joseph Chamblin was convicted of urinating on a corpse in Shit-holeistan. His conviction was overturned after evidence surfaced that Gen. James F. Amos influenced the court.
Considering that the Taliban are war criminals, I have no problem with it. We have seen the muslims behead journalists, disembowel contract workers, and use tactic that are against the Geneva conventions.
Staff Sgt. Joseph Chamblin should be nominated for a decoration. Let the scum know we do not give a rat's ass about their stupid religion. We should be in-your-face with them. Have units patrol accompanied by pigs. Hogs have keen noses, they would make great bomb sniffers, and if one were killed by an ied, a good supper. Bet the muzzies would think long and hard about their roll in the war.
OK, that last was a stretch. If they could think long and hard, they would not be muzzies.

Moore attack is a dem hack

Debbie Wesson Gibson is probably the most believable of the accusers who have crawled out to attack Judge Roy Moore. Nothing in her story other than her age is out of character with what is known about Judge Moore. One of the others accused him of providing her alcohol, and the other of getting her down to her underwear. Both stories are outlandish enough that if they were told about Worthless Willie, they would still lack credibility.
Turns out though that Gibson worked on the HiLlARy campaign in Alabama. Gee, where have we seen this MO before? Last year we had a dem hack attacking President Trump.
Speaking of Deja-vu, then, like now, the RINO's that infest Washington immediately jumped ship. At least for songbird, he landed safe in friendly territory. He won't have to suck up to the press like he did the North Vietnamese. He will anyway. Appearances and all.
These last minute surprises are part and parcel of the dem playbook. Kinda makes me wonder how many women the had accuse Abe Lincoln of inappropriate conduct.

Not rigged

Fauxahontis, high priestass of the Whahnobbian Indian Tribe(1), says the communist party primaries were not rigged. If rigging was going on, she would know, she would have been right in the middle helping. But since she says it wasn't rigged, it must not have been rigged.
 There is a certain connotation to the term rigged. The DNC(2) was deep in debt. HiLlARy and worthless Willie bought and paid for the democrap party, thus they own it, lock stock and barrel. I guess that means the primaries were just a carnival show. It wasn't rigged, only staged.
 1. Pronounced: wanna be an indian
2. DNC= dumb n criminal

Thursday, November 9, 2017

Some folks never learn

If "The Princess Bride" were made today, and not directed by communist shill Rotten Rob Reiner, Vizzini's classic line in the battle of wits would not contain "... never get involved in a land war in Asia" but instead "... never get involved in a pissing contest with Donald Trump"

So who are the latest candidates for the NFL play of the week?
The CMA. Do these people NOT realize that their main base is a bunch of rednecks? Folks who support President Trump? Is their goal to not sell songs? Piss off enough Americans and all your platinum records and a dollar won't get you a cup of McDonald's Coffee.
Liberalism is a mental disorder. Until the day Donald John Trump announced his candidacy, they had spent almost sixteen years blaming Dubya for all the problems in the world... And he turned out to be a liberal! Check out the pic SeeBS put up of the two, They misspell Assholes on their jackets.
Maybe this is a case of Stockholm syndrome. While they are not physical captives of the loony left, every day they risk the possibility that some crazy leftard will do a repeat of the Route 91 Harvest Festival massacre.
I like country music. More exactly, I like OLD country music. The crap these retarded modern day liberals are churning out does not appeal to me like the old stuff. The good old stuff. Give me Johnny Cash or Ray Stevens any time. Men and women who loved America.
I guess the race to obscurity has multiple competitors now.