Monday, November 30, 2015

Uninformed voter joke

Two uninformed voters traveled to San Franfreakshow. They headed to a pub close to the bay and began drinking. They were thoroughly wasted and decide to make their way back to their motel room. When they exited the bar, a fog had descended on Gaytown, and they could see at most three feet. At that point, the mayor of San Fran walked up and was about to enter the bar. The one uninformed voter put out his hand and asked, "Hey fella, can you tell us where we are?"
The Mayor turned to him and said, "Do you know who I am?"
The uninformed voter turned to his friend and said, "we are in some serious trouble. We don't know where we are, and he doesn't know who he is."

Saturday, November 28, 2015

Obie the dark knight

Maybe that should be McConnell and Ryan on the bottom?

Thursday, November 26, 2015

One word off

Found yet another Seuss jem. This one only required one word change to get it current.


You can hear it coming

See it coming,
Feel it every where you go
Its tomorrow morning
The future Dawning
With a bright and shining glow
Its a land where......

Nuddah one

And now you know how Rednecks count to ten. May GOD Bless you this day and every day.

Nuttah won

Nudda one

Nutter wun

Highlights from Macy's Thanks Giving Day parade

Nodder one

Nudder wun





A few thoughts

Today is the day we as a nation have set aside to give thanks to GOD our Creator for his mercy and the blessings we have. Less than a month form now we will celebrate the coming of his Greatest gift, Salvation in the form of his Son Jesus the Christ.
Today, let us consider the many smaller blessings he has given us. In spite of the dictatorial direction our nation is taking, we are still the freest nation on earth. We still have a system of government that allows us to rid ourselves of the bought and paid for hacks who infest our nations capitol. We have the ability to defend our homes and our nation from tyrants, even the ones we mistakenly elected.
We have abundance here as well, fields that feed the world, technology that has made life better for all mankind. Resources, natural, economic, intelectual, that profit us all as well as our fellow man in distant lands. GOD says that to whom much is given, mush will be required. Let us not forget what he has given us. Let us strive to help others. It is not our job to take in the masses. Rather it is for us to create an environment in their home land that encourages them to turn to the true GOD and worship him rather than the Satanic idols such as allah or buddha.
GOD has thus far held his hand in strong protection for this nation. Pray that he does not soon remove it. Pray that we have the strength to remain true to his word and loyal to his son through coming turmoil, The turmoil he has warned us about and which looms on the horizon. How long it will remain is not for us to know. That the great and terrible day is soon upon us is known though, and we, like the wise virgins should prepare. Both our hearts and our hearths for his time.
May each of you have a blessed day in the LORD. Partake of his bounty, honor him and pray for our nation.

Pray today for our troops battling ISIS

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Resign already

The Chairman of the New Hampshire Republican Party, GOPe hack Jennifer Horn showed that she is neither neutral, or in touch with the voters in her state as she attacked Republican front runner Donald Trump calling him divisive and bombastic. That sounds pretty divisive and bombastic to me. Maybe she should shut her mouth, or at least unwrap it from Tom Donohue's ass and take a good long look around.
Trump is leading the pack by a whopping 26 points at the moment. The reason is that We the People are fed up with the establishment GOP. We are demanding a better choice. We don't want fifteen carbon copies of the same failed rhetoric, we want a serious honest conservative. One who will live up to the ideals that conservatives hold, instead of the idiotic notions that wash outs from the communist party aka the democrats hold dear.
If you like infanticide, go join the communist party.
If you like Obozo hell care, go join the communist party. Better yet, go to Cuba AND STAY THERE!
If you like the TPTA, join Barry's communist party. Oh, wait, they hate it as much as rank and file conservatives.
Ms Horn, take the money the GOPe is paying you to be the poster child of stupid and spend it getting a clue.
Conservatives in New Hampshire are just as sick of your shtick as conservatives in Kansas.
The GOPe though is devisive even deeper. Former chair Fergus Cullen launched a challenge to Trump's candidacy claiming that he would hand the election to Hitlery.
HEY DUMBASS! That is what you all did with your nomination of Mitt and before that with McInsane. You are a cluster fuck! You are as worthless as .....

Almost turkey time

Modern Thanks Giving Etiquette


Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Can you spot the terrorist?

One major problem with the garb that splodydope females are forced to wear is that you can't tell what is underneath. For all we know this could be a group of guys hiding from the law, terrorists on a watch list, or militants on their way to commit horrific acts of terror.

The JV team

A Thanksgiving Guide

Dr Seuss will be rolling in his grave soon

Monday, November 23, 2015

Sunday, November 22, 2015

Dr Seuss wouldn't aprove of this either

Its that time of year, wht are you thankful for?

Why do they hate us?

Thanks to Mazziflol, a commenter at CTH for linking to the video and Armslist media for creating it.

Dr Seuss would not approve

“B H O will you please go now!
The time has come.
The time has come.
The time is now.
Just go.
I don’t care how.
You can go by foot.
You can go by cow.
B H O will you please go now!
You can go on skates.
You can go on skis.
You can go in a hat.
Please go.
I don’t care.
You can go
By bike.
You can go
On a Zike-Bike
If you like.
If you like
You can go
In an old blue shoe.
Just go, go, GO!
Please do, do, do, DO!
I don’t care how.
Will you please
You can go on stilts.
You can go by fish.
You can go in a Crunk-Car
If you wish.
If you wish
You may go
By lion’s tale.
Or stamp yourself
And go by mail.
Don’t you know
The time has come
To go, go, GO!
Get on your way!
Please Barry O.!
You might like going in a Zumble-Zay.
You can go by balloon . . .
Or broomstick.
You can go by camel
In a bureau drawer.
You can go by bumble-boat
. . . or jet.
I don’t care how you go.
Just get!
B H O!
I don’t care how.
Will you please
I said
I meant . . .
The time had come
But . . .
Barry’s here yet!”

IN case there was any doubt

The communists are fully in support of the BLM movement. Are you shocked? I'm not. Communism is all about class warfare, and when there is a bunch as classless as BLM, they are sure to be there right along with their bastard children the demonicRATS.

Saw this today. it was in its original form, I removed the V to correct it.

Saturday, November 21, 2015

Does this help?

For those of you who refuse to get why the importation of refugees is bad I offer this simple cartoon to illustrate the point.


Thursday, November 19, 2015

They REFUSE to learn

It was bad enough that the frogs got their undies in a bunch when Zara store denied entry to a splodydope. It is clear now that they are unteachable. The article title, written by a leftard proclaims "France's President Just Showed the World There's Another Way to Respond to Terrorism" but fails to add that this is the wrong way. Does Tom McKay not understand that Islam is wanting to wipe us from the face of the planet? Moe important does Hollande not understand that?
Bigfurhat at IOTW posted that the attack in Paris was not big enough to make a difference in how these brain cell deficient liberals view islam, and he is spot on. The tragedy in this is that innocent people will perish while fools like Hollande refuse to learn. They are not totally innocent though. They are part of the problem in that they ignore the problem and whistle merrily past the grave yard. islame has a 1400 year track record of killing Christians, Jews, buddhists, hindus and even other variations of their death cult. Don't believe like the suni? Then the suni want to kill you! Same for the wahabists, shiite, or what ever flavor of goat molester they are.
Some people like to claim that the mooslimes will be exterminated at the beginning of the Tribulation period. Don't bank on it. Many thousands will be executed by beheading. Guess what merry bunch of terrorists prefer beheading. You got it!
Our leaders are just as bad. It does not seem to matter whether you are talking about the communist demonicrats, or the oh-so-stupid GOPe, all of them in Washington want to embrace these radicals. Know this, it is not eeeeevil republicans like George W. Bush who are controlled by Arab oil money, its all of them.
It is time for We the People to send a loud and clear message to Washington, Wall Street, and the interests that subvert our elected representatives that we won't take it any more. in 2016we need to clean house and kick every last one of them, to the curb.

Slow learners

One would think the French have learned something after last weeks attacks in Paris. Hell, you would think we learned something after 9-11-01. That is not the case though.
A French store is under fire from the general public after they denied entry to a splodydopette in a hijab. I say good for Zara's. They don't need to be the site of the next victimization of the French people. Unfortunately, France has a lot of low information voters, and The store has now issued an apology for protecting its customers.
Stupid. Stupid. Stupid. STUPID. Will we ever learn?

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Are we under siege?

*UPDATE* Eight Syrians caught crossing into U.S. in Texas. How many have we missed?
Today we have reports of three Syrians caught at St Maarten attempting to sneak into the United States via Haiti. Another five were reported nabbed in Honduras. While it looks like we are under attack, is that the case? Barry has imported thousands of Syrian refuse err refugees. Any of them could be terrorists. Hell, all of them probably are. The ones caught today had altered Greek passports, and they weren't even good attempts. Is ISIS that dumb, or are we?
Is it possible these clowns were intended to be caught? a high visibility scoop would enhance ObamAA-s standing and would help his falling numbers. People are concerned, and they are concerned enough that the uniparty trash we sent to Washington is getting concerned. Not about American safety, but about their reelection safety.
My feeling on this is that ISIS would do a better job of preparation IF these guys were real terrorists. They would have provided a few females. The raid in Paris last night had one who blew herself up. They understand the importance of making their folks blend in. Another important item is that Iran is helping ISIS, and Iran is buddy buddy with Venezuela. It would be easier to just fly them in to Caracas and have them overland to the U.S. on the drug smuggling route. Indications from our southern border are that they are doing it that way now.
So why this three stooges act? Smoke and mirrors? Murphys laws of combat, the diversion you are ignoring turns out to be the main attack. If this is the main attack, ISIS is screwed, and what happened in Paris was some one else.

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

I get it! I got it Finally

I'm a joker, but some times I'm a little slow getting the punch line, especially when its subtle.
Here is what I am talking about. Barry, in the Audacious Hype stated "I will stand with [the Muslims] should the political winds shift in an ugly direction.” Politicrap tries to spin it and claims he was refering to Americans of Arab descent. Tell ya what, find me one, just one Christian in Saudi Arabia who is an Arab.... That still has his head attached.
Remember the old Lone Ranger Joke? he is riding along with Tonto through a valley with steep almost cliff like sides. They look up and see that both sides are lined with Apache warriors. The lone ranger takes in the situation, then turns to Tonto and states, "It looks like we are in a heap of trouble."
Tonto looks at the Lone Ranger and replies, "What you mean WE, pale face?"
Well, Barry, its about high time you go stand with the mooslimes. France and Russia are fixing to put the serious smack down on your friends at ISIS. You should be there. The political winds are fixin to get real.


For the last several years the government has thwarted, loudly I might ad, a number of terror attacks. Most notable for me is the job Corps drop out who wanted to bomb Ft Riley.
The news has contained many others. In most cases it was a blowhard who shot his mouth off way too loud and attracted attention, and was then aided by the alphabet agencies of the gov far enough to constitute a felony. I quit paying attention to them, life is short, and idiots are many.
We know thanks to Snowden that the government is spying on us like crazy under the guise of protecting us. Th long list of thwarted attempts seems to confirm that. We are in the information age though, and the mountains of data each of us generates every day, coupled with the mountains produced by our real enemies makes sifting that date a monumental task no matter how big the agency.
In the wake of governments failure to stop the deadly attacks in Paris we have this;
"In the past several years because of a number of unauthorized disclosures and a lot of hand wringing over the government's role in the effort to try to uncover these terrorists there have been some policy and legal and other actions taken that make our ability collectively, internationally, to find these terrorists much more challenging. I do hope that this is going to be a wake up call, particularly in areas of Europe where I think there has been a misrepresentation of what the intelligence and security service is doing..."
My question is, could the government stop a determined aggressor?  Lets face reality. Any potential terrorists know what technology they are facing. If they wanted to remain cloaked, they would stay away from cell phones and the internet. any communication would be face to face, or using hand written coded messages. Weapons can be procured. I'm not talking about a hand full of AR-5s either. Jihad Joe would know how to create basic explosives. Blackpowder and ANFO are simple to construct, and as Timothy McVey showed, quite effective. adding shrapnel to the mix is also pretty simple, even Walmart carries items that can become devastating projectiles.
If they were so inclined, transportation too is easy here. Just find a trucker in a rest area, and take his rig. an empty one preferably. A little advance scouting would establish a path that avoids ICC checks. Its all a matter of time and energy to make it happen, and as the case of the lost refugee from Lousiana shows, they can wander the country pretty much unimpeded.
I'm sorry, but the answer is no. The European governments are better equipped to control a situation like this, and they cannot do it.
That means it is up to us, you and me, to deal with any situations. Don't count on ObamAA-. he thought ISIS was contained the very morning that they  rampaged in Paris. talk about a sucker punch to the chin! If he is fighting them, he is losing. If he is their cheerleader and spox, he is a failure. We no longer believe any thing he says. I guess that has been the case for six years now.
I know what is ahead, and I am under no illusions. We have a weak leader, one who is ineffectual, indecisive, and uninterested. If his goal is destroying America, he will likely be successful, Congress refuses to stop him. His only opposition is a hand full of determined Governors and a few honest judges. There is a video circulating the internet predicting that Barry will be the last president. While I disagree with much of the content, the premise s plausible. Russia won't cripple us with an EMP, a heartless bastard like Putin will wipe us off the face of the earth wit ha full blown nuclear engangement, and he will do it in a way that Obambi won't be able to counter.
make no mistake, Putin is not our friend, not our ally, and does not have our interests in mind. he is a committed ardent communist who views capitalism as an adversarial construct. He is not part of the new brand in Russia, he is old guard and he believes in communism and himself. If he sees a chance to remove us from the equation, he will. He believes he can deal with islam with out our assistance, and probably views us as an impediment. This is not 1942 when Soviet Industry wanted the help of American industrial might. This is 2015 and all the secrets have been stolen or given away. We know worthless Willie gave a wealth of tech to the Chinese, and when you consider that they assemble a huge percentage of our computer modules, you can bet your bottom dollar they have what it takes, and that means Russia has what it takes.
So, if Barry's band of bothers can't defend us from ISIS, likely they can't defend us from Russia either. That means it you and me, and if "you" are the sort who believes the police are here to protect us, "you" aint the person I'm talking to. Cops are there to clean up the mess and sort out the facts. In this case, there aint gonna be much for them to work with if there are any of them left to work.
Sorry, but facts are facts, and this game has no rules except those written by GOD, and I think his rules say we lose. (unless we are on HIS side.)

Sunday, November 15, 2015

The Frogs strike back

France is putting the hurt on the Syrian rebels. Its nice to see some one besides the Kremlin wanting to get rid of the parasites.
This does not mean an end to French bashing. I will continue to ly it on thick and hard. I do it to my own ancestry, why would I spare the Frogs?
This is not, repeat NOT part of Barry Soetoro's lead from behind strategy. In his case, lead from behind means his mouth is manipulated by whom ever has their hand up his ass on the robotic controls.
Initial plans were to bomb ISIS back to the stone age. Those were changed however when it was determined they had not yet advanced to the stone age.
Seriously, bombing them won't deter them. They believe the foolish lies of the pedophile morehamhead. The think they will get 72 virgins when they die. More likely they are hoping for the 24 supple young boys. They don't fear death, they have nothing to live for. It is an insane death cult that straps bombs onto the bodies of children and sends them wandering in a market. Maybe it is a selective form of retroactive birth control. Fewer males means more women to be enslaved by their sick cult.
I hope the resolve of the French is strong. I hope they pound ISIS hard for a decade. As for the refuse being imported by ObamAA-, if we must take them, my options for settlement communities are this;
1) Bikini Atoll. The name evokes images of scantily clad  girls with little left to  the imagination. The few mooslimes who prefer women would jump at the chance to go there.
2) Johnson Island. Lots of carcinogenic chemicals left there. Some might render them sterile which is a moot point given that there are no women in their midst.
3) Midway Island. We need to tell them the birds are Haraam so they don't disturb them. As a bonus, we could tell them that the U.S. mainland is just over the horizon to the south west. Las Vegas could make book on how far each of them swims, and use the proceeds to pat for the costs incurred.
4) build a fence around Chiraq, drop them in and see if they are as tough as the street gangs of Obozo's adopted city.

Sign the Petition

There is a petition at We the People asking that a moratorium be placed on importing any more jihadists.
go here and sign it.

Saturday, November 14, 2015

The latest from France

An uneasy calm has settled with the night over the streets and suburbs of Paris. Tonight, parents who were brought up learning the Horst Wessel in case Germany ever returned are hurriedly teaching their children to sing the Adhan, the mooslime call to prayer. What at first appeared to be an easy uneventful surrender quickly turned into a fiasco when ISIS rejected their unconditional surrender and instead issued a list of demands.
Full details have not been released, but some of them quickly became public. President Hollande confirmed that it was no big deal for all of France to convert to islam saying since most French are atheists, it would not matter what god they were not worshiping.
Likewise, the demand that all french women wear burkas was also agreeable since most of them are not all that good looking, and the full garment would help to contain the putrid odor of so many unwashed bodies.
The demand that all women be acompanied by a male relative when in public met with much resistance. It seems that the men are more feminine, and it would only sew more confusion.
he big sticker though was the demand that the French all give up wine. This may spark another mass migraton as thousands of French began the journey to the coast.
French troops remain on high alert tonight. Commanders expressed worry stating that their men had been standing at attention with their hands raised for over thirty hours, and men were beginning to drop as exhaustion overcame fear. Most were unsure whom they needed to surrender to, and children had scurried off with many dropped weapons.
Reports coming in from Great Brittan state that people on the cliffs of Dover could see swarms of people on the beaches, and that many were entering the water.
An unconfirmed report states that one hapless Frenchman in an overloaded row boat capsized a mere hundred yards from the English shore. The man was reportedly drug to safety, but had to be restrained from returning to the water. As he was loaded into an ambulance, he was heard to scream
 "My Chardonnay, my Champaigne. Save them! Save them!
Other reports confirm that the house of Lords met briefly on how to handle any human wave that crosses the channel. London has less than two weeks supply of Champaigne, and perhaps a months worth of Chardonnay on hand. They are unsure how the Frogs would handle drinking warm English beer, and whether enough supplies of Mogen David could be imported to deal with the demand.

Sorry, this shit writes itself, and while I feel for the French, I don't feel that much.

My thoughts about yesterday

Paris erupted this morning as thousands took to the streets. French President Hollande increased the national security lever from Collaborate to Surrender, its highest level.
Parasites, in large mobs, swarmed around anyone who had even the slightest appearance of being middle eastern demanding they accept the unconditional surrender, and offering them sheep and goats since they apparently are uninterested in having sex with french women.
German Chancelor Merkel reacted by stating she was outrages that the French would surrender to anyone other than Germany and promised swift and stern reaction.

OK, sarcasm and French bashing aside, its time for Europe to get their collective shit together and begin mass deportations. Revisit operation wetback, and dump these scum on the south eastern tip of the Arabian peninsula. Every. Last. One. Let Mecca take care of them, and if they won't, let them all starve in MoreHamHeads domain. Let them bring jihad to the tent of Saud.
If Hitler could round up and slaughter six million Jews in six years, all of Europe, acting in concert, can accomplish it in two. In 1940 mot of the occupied nations resisted. Its time for them, every one, to git-r-done.
They won't. You know it, I know it, and the mooslime scum know it. Europe has bought into the leftist lies hook line and sinker. This is part of the new world order agenda.
No, I'm not a crazy conspiracy theorist. I happen to believe the Bible, and in this Isee the hand of GOD. Europe, and particularly France has turned their back on him and thumbed their noses at Jesus. We too, in America have angered him, and while he is slow to anger, his justice is sure and his commands certain.
We are in the quickening stage. the tribulation period could start at any time. It could be years or even decades away, but GOD assured us it would come quickly for the sake of his children.
Speaking for myself, I hve not done all I could to esteem him. I have not evangelised enough. I have allowed too many people on the path of foolishness to continue wandering.
We have scorned GOD. We accept abortion, we do not punish criminals. We accept sexual immorality, we tollerate fornication, adultery, homosexuality, and elevate them as if they were good things. We do not teach modesty.
Many of the teachings of islam are tenants of Christianity, but while they adhere to them, we have stepped away from what is right. While we should not cloak our daughters in burkas, we should teach them modesty. We should not waste time with reforming criminals, we should punish them. Swiftly and harshly. Many defense liars err lawyers argue that their client should not be executed because he has benefit to society. Brother, I tell you, the greater benefit IS in killing him. For every execution done swiftly, seven or more murders are prevented. What better contribution can a killer make than saving seven victims? What better gift to his community than keeping seven of his brethren from the confines of prison or the gallows?
We spare the rod and spoil the child though.
When we look at the crime centers of our nation what do we see? These are black communities that have bee devastated by the "acts of kindness" of the great society. It is not the color of their skin! It is the home they have which we created for them. Homes with out fathers. No bread winner to teach a work ethic. No disciplinarian. Mothers are great at handing out the love, lousy at handling the board of education and applying it to the seat of learning.  These kids are like the wild juvenile elephants in Africa where the herd has been decimated by ivory hunters. No role models, just bands of roving miscreants.
Thank. You. Liberals.
We are importing thousands of these same thugs who yesterday assaulted Paris. They are coming here in droves, young men, few women, fewer children, very few older men either. Military age islamists ripe for radicalization whether at home or in the mosques here. The typical young man thinks about sex more often than food. These men have no females to woo. They are outsiders to our culture, and we already have plenty of men competing for the girls here. That leaves them with three choices, homosexuality, goats, or the fantasy of 72 virgins. Many will opt for the virgins. they are impressionable, they actually believe the pedophiles lies.
What fate awaits us? Will we as a nation be destroyed by Putin? Will we be over run by jihad? will we implode as the anger whipped up by the marxist in chief fans the embers of civil unrest into civil war? At any rate, Babylon the great will fall. GOD has ordained it.

Revisiting the past

Dr Seuss went to war against Germany. He wrote, illustrated, and made films to advance our war efforts. Its time to revisit some of his efforts and update them accordingly.

Friday, November 13, 2015

Coming to a city near you

If you think the attacks in Paris can't happen here, you are dead wrong. We have already had our wake up call, hit snooze, and got caught napping. Think 9-11-01, Bush's claim we are not at war with islam even though they are clearly at war with us, and the Boston bombings.
The Boston bombers were islamic terrorists that we imported. You can be certain that the terrorists who attacked France were imports, not home grown.
Need more convincing? ObamAA- just imported another 10,000, moving them to New Orleans. My first thought on that was  "How fitting." New Orleans is one of the most violent cities in the nation. its murder numbers do not match Chiraq because it is much smaller. Its rate though is on par. Prior to Katrina it was much worse. I half way expect to see the fine folks in the 9th wart go straight to it with these imported terrorists. Who wins is any body's guess. What is worse is that both groups are obamunists.
Do you need any more proof that his goal is the complete destruction of America?
France is fucked. The flood has only a short boat ride to their shore from Africa, and the horde swarming from Syria through Turkey is swamping all of Europe. France closed their borders, but it is too late. They have a million plus invaders in their country now. All they need is arms, bombs, and instructions. Clearly that have ready access to all three. If the terrorists were limited, they would have strung these attacks out. A mass of attacks like this might well be followed by another wave. Whether that happens in France or over the border in Germany, or across the channel in England remains to be seen. They could sit tight, gauge the reaction, then tweak their plans for the next wave.
We are not safe, but we could be safer. Instead, our government is importing them by the plane full, giving them money, food, a place to stay, and you can bet your bottom dollar they are making no effort to assimilate.
Just a note to the BLM activists, if you were half as good as you think, Barry would not have imported the junior varsity squad from Syria.
I expect we will have a SERIOUS terror incident within six months. It will be sufficient to disrupt activities in at least one city, and I would not be surprised if it did not include attacks against at least three cities.
Hang on to your hats, this rodeo ride is gonna end in disaster.

Thursday, November 12, 2015

I answer

My status as a redneck has been called into question. A commenter at the conservative tree house told me I wasn't a real redneck unless I had a friend who had been arrested for DUI while driving a lawn mower.
Well, I have one even better. A guy I worked with switched to evening shift. It proved to be his undoing because when he got off work, he would head to the store and buy a twelve pack, then drink them on his way home. He was a fellow who loved a good fight, and the local RCPD had him in their sights to begin with.
In short order he had amassed a string of DUIs that wiped out his driving privileges fore life. Drive for work? he shot that dead by week three. His habits remained the same, get off work and buy beer.
Kip was a rednecks redneck though and he didn't let that stop himeven after they impounded all his vehicles. That ran. Kip had a horse, and he began riding her to work. The plant had a big lawn, hey watered it regularly, and she was in Equine heaven!
Kip kept up his routine though, get off work, head to the store, get beer and drink it on his way home.
One night as he was chugging on his merry way, a cop stopped him. He was drinking on the horse, and that was open container. The cop cut him a break though and just made him dump the beer. Only the opne one it seems, because as soon as the cop was out of sight, he popped a fresh one. The cop though was watching, and he came back. This time he arrested Kip for DUI. On a horse.
Wait a minute! the horse wasn't drunk. If he had been it would have been giving alcohol to a minor.
I guess he got off lucky.
I was laughing so hard when I typed the reply that I put GUI, and it is, galloping under the influence.

Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Like a pitbull.

When I first read this, I was reminded of the old movie "They only kill their masters" a screed that demonized the Doberman Pincer breed.
These are not dobies though. If I were to equate them with a breed, it would be the pitbull. While most pits will live out their lives with out so much as nipping a hand, the ones that do act with out warning, are destructive, attack with out real purpose, attack indiscriminately, they can go after their master as in this case, or a complete stranger as in the case of the Gentle /sarc Giant. There is no goal save the thrill of the kill from all I see. They could achieve more by conforming to society and the norms of hard work dedication, and perseverance.
Instead, we get fifteen minutes of fame followed by shame. Except, they have no shame. They are not cowed by the exposure of their actions. When their acts are exposed by the light of day, they blame the light for the problem.
The only thing they accomplished at Mizzu, pronounced My-zoo, was to get attention in the press. Now that the fifteen minutes are past, no one cares that it is all a lie. This all fits a pattern that is becoming too familiar in America. The first real case I can name was the gay killed in Wyoming and hung on a fence. It was turned into a hate crime and was the spark that started the perverts rights movement fire that led to the Supreme Injustices of the Court proclaiming a right to the perversion of marriage. We now know Matt Shepard was killed over a drug debt. That he was a pervert had nothing to do with it. Had he been straight, they probably would have lied to us if they thought it would help their cause.
The problems at Mizzu are not that racists abound on campus. It has nothing to do with a college president not defending blacks or perverts or black perverts. The problem is that students at Mizzu think it is just fine to select an openly perverted black man as their student body president. That is the core of the problem. Some things are wrong and should be shunned. It has nothing to do with the color of their skin either. These people have a chip on their shoulder. In knocking it off, we need to knock out their teeth as well. Figuratively, not literally.
Is there racism in America? Yup, and its legal to hate some one just for the color of their skin. Stupid, but legal.  I do not hate any one because of the color of their skin. The content of their character is another matter, and a lot of this scum have no character.
in the 1960's, when I was a kid, racism was alive and well. It thrived! Racially motivated attacks happened. America moved forward though. In spite of LBJ's grate society, we put it aside and stepped into a new era. It seems though the black community did not! Check out and note how many hate crimes are actually perpetuated by the supposed victims. In the last seven years it has spiraled out of control. Many of the agitators have ties to the White House and ObamAA-.
Read your history. these are the same tactics Hitler used. learn and be prepared. The goal is to destroy this country. The goal is a one world government. The destination is Armageddon.

Thank you Veterans

Some of you feel that the thanks is undeserved. It is not. If you served honorably, even if it was during a time of peace, you were still standing at the gate, ready to defend this nation. If all you did was cook, you cooked for your brothers in arms so they were nourished and ready to fight,and had the need arose, we all know you would have manned a machine gun, fended off sappers, given your full measure for America, family, and above all, GOD.
We salute our veterans today. We should salute them every day, because had they not stood the watch, the forces of evil, both here and abroad would have brought us down, fast, firm and hard. But the forces of evil abroad saw you and they withered at the thought that you were there. They knew you were not indoctrinated as their own troops, and they backed down.
The forces of evil here also saw you and knew that you would not be fooled by crazy dogma. They knew you understood freedom, and that you would not stand for a tyrant, and thanks to you tyranny was held in check.
 You are older now. For some of you the years behind are long, hard, and many. Still, the tyrants see you and fear you. They hope the next generation will not be as well versed, not as determined, not as patriotic as the fathers, grand fathers, and great grand fathers whom we honor today.
They have worked long and hard to tear down the family, to destroy the conduit that binds father to son, and injects that patriotic spirit. They have seen the fruit of their endeavors in the hell holes of America, places like Chiraq where the sons know not the tenants of discipline that fathers instill.
Veterans, you have stood on the wall, guarded the gate, and yet today, you would run back to them in an instant if our homes families or nation were under threat.
America salutes you, I salute you. I know what blood runs in your veins because it runs in mine as well. I am a veteran as well, and I salute you because with out you, I would have to fight the fight alone, and if I had to, I would fight that fight alone. So would you. Together we are brothers, the keepers of freedom.
Let freedom ring! Let liberties lamp shine through the darkness that engulfs the modern world. There have been stories these last few years of punks assaulting elderly veterans and getting their asses handed to them on a platter. They have reason to fear us. Let them fear us.

Thursday, November 5, 2015

Get real Kareem

Mooslime blowhard Kareem Abdul Jabbar is denouncing Ben Carson, saying he would be an unmitigated disaster for black Americans.  Really? The unmitigated disaster for blacks is Kareem's fellow mooslime Barry Soetoro. I guess when you are doing Taquaia, it does not matter the depth of the lie as long as you lie lie lie.
Lets compare Ferdinand Lewis Alcindor, Jr. to Ben Carson. Both attended College. Ben went to the University of Michigan and became a world famous pediatric Physician. Lew attended UCLA where he majored in entertainment, specifically bucket ball. Since he was tall, he excelled. No word on his academic achievements, and given that he fell for the bullshit lie of the pedophile Morehamhead, he likely aint all that smart. He did turn his one asset, height into money though. His contributions to society number Zero.
Carson is proving to be a viable candidate and polls show he could thrash Hitlery Clinton as could Trump and Cruz. Given that she could win against Rubish o or Krispy Kreme calls into question the sanity of a large percentage of Americans.
Republicans need a strong CONSERVATIVE choice, not the milk toast Jeb Bush. The chamber of Communinsts want this to be a race between Hitlery and Jeb. Both should be kicked to the curb. The Republican field has three viable conservatives, Trump, Carson, and Cruz. The rest are gutter garbage who are in the race to splinter the factions of voters to clear a path for the coronation of Jeb. Trump upsets that plan, and he may end up being the nomination. Right now the establishment GOP wants to derail him so they can get their evil plan back on track. They would rather have a committed communist crook like Clinton instead of a true conservative. Keep that in mind as you see attacks like the brainless chatter of the mooslime Kareem.

Sunday, November 1, 2015

What IS the right answer?

Presidential primary debates have been a disaster for as long as I can remember. On the communist side, its a fluff show. No hard questions, no going after them for their lies, flip flops and exaggerations. On the stupid side, its gotcha gimmicks, twisted exaggerations, basically a head hunt wherein the propaganda arm of the communist party seeks to destroy the opposition and paint them as extremists.
After the latest crap shoot, Rancid Prepuce decided to cancel future debates on Nothing But Crap networks.
Some say a debate hosted by Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity. Would the republican candidates fare better with committed conservatives asking the questions? Would they dare to show up?
The republican party is fractured. Not as bad as the communists, but fractured just the same. Maybe the answer is having each faction moderate a debate, or even having each candidate choose a moderator for a debate. Sixteen candidates, do five debates, and schedule the moderators according to placement in the polls. Top gun gets no selection since he is the guy to beat.
No gotcha questions, every candidate is informed of the questions to be asked one hour prior to the debate.
Make it about substance. Even Grahamnasty would look good if his team were asking the questions.
As for the networks, offer the chance to cover it to the highest bidder. Advertisers know where their money is made. Frankly, it could be carried on all the networks for all I care. Then we cold get a true pulse for where people go, and whom they trust.
Me? I don't trust any of them.

Oh Shit! It vegan day

The political leftards want us to give up meat. They are trying to kill us all off, one way or another. There is nothing like a fresh salad, trucked in from Mexico to give you E-coli . Couple that with  the sad fact that a diet devoid of meat will deprive you of necessary protein which makes you stupid, and you understand the why. If you are a demonicRAT, stick with your vegan diet. PLEASE! Other benefits for liberals include lowered sperm count, higher estrogen, Which explains ObamA-.
Are you a liberal? Stick to your dietary guns. Do you know a liberal? Encourage them. Fewer liberals means fewer abortions, fewer welfare recipients, fewer criminals.
As for me, I'm having steak with every meal today. Yum!