Saturday, June 30, 2018


Seems I have a little music bug

More global warming news

Scientists have observed some of the coldest readings ever in Antarctica. The Official low was -129deg Recorded on 23 July 1983, but between 2004 and 2016, that mark was surpassed on several occasions, a hundred or possibly more to be a little more precise.
All this occurred during the global warming hype, which is why we didn't hear about it until now. The only place that might get colder is the other side of the bed occupied by worthless Willie.
Edit* Yes, I know, that was a rotten nasty crack.... Which is why Willie was tapping Monica.

What is she saying?

Kirsten Gillibrand, Communist New York, is having a hissy fit about President Trump getting to appoint another justice to the Supreme Court. Speaking at a ditch the list rally, she stated "This is not a fire drill; this is not a hypothetical case. Please understand this is already happening in states ... women have been arrested, mothers have been arrested when they’re trying to get the health care that their daughters might need ..."
Think about that, mothers getting arrested for seeking health care for their daughters? For real? She is not talking about health care in the same way we would, she is talking about abortion. But why would a mother be arrested for seeking a legal abortion for her daughter? Simple, we are talking about an underage minor, a girl too young to legally consent to having sexual relations who is wanting to abort the evidence that the child was molested. 
Remember Killer Tiller? He was famous for his abortions on children as young as nine. girls were transported in from out of state and an abortion performed. State laws were violated, and the district attorney in Segwick County looked the other way. Girls from Iowa and Nebraska, referred by the abortuary in Omaha.
What kind of mother would do that? What kind of sick person allows some one to get away with molesting a child? Maybe the democrats are ok with that, but I am not. Lets make sure the next supreme court justice is a firm believer in the Constitution. Lets hope he is a man who fears GOD.

Thursday, June 28, 2018

Carolina in the Pines

How about a little Michael Martin Murphey?

Wednesday, June 27, 2018

Can we get a third?

With the announcement that Justice Kennedy is retiring, liberal heads began exploding. I heard the racket, but assumed that it was just kids getting an early start on 4th of July fireworks. Kennedy has been about as reliable as French railroads since being appointed to the court.
Remember the definitions of heaven and hell? Heaven is a place where the Germans run the railroads, the English are the cops, and the French cook. Hell is when the French run the railroads, the Germans are the cops, and the English cook. Just in case you didn't get where I was coming from.
President Trump has a golden opportunity to nominate another true conservative. Several of the names on his list are young, and would have influence for thirty or more years. Several blogs are floating names. The important thing is to not get another Kennedy, or worse, a Stevens or Souter. it is bad enough that Clinton and Soetoro appointed liberal communists, but to get one appointed by a conservative is a crime against humanity.
Of course, liberals would consider it a crime if President Trump were to get to appoint the replacement for either Badbitch Ginsberg or Brayer. People in Nevada might be deafened by the singing of Kumbia in San Franfreakshow.
At any rate, Ruth is 85, much younger than she appears, but a life of pure evil tends to make a person age quickly and with out grace. Breyer look all his 79. Those two departing would leave Keagan and the dumb ass latina as the only liberals on the court. Heck we might get our nation back from the brink. Hey! A GUY CAN HOPE.

Tuesday, June 26, 2018

Celebrating Perversion

Sex and the City Sicko Cynthia Nixon is slithering to be the next Governor of New York. The lesbian walking disaster just showcased her failure as a parent by "celebrating" that her daughter Samantha Mozes is a transgender.
Sorry to tell you Samantha, but calling yourself Samuel and having doctors destroy your body, then fueling the caricature with hormones to make it appear you are male will not make you male. All it will do is obliterate any chance you have of becoming a biological parent. Not that that is a bad thing, the genetic pool you came from is obviously too badly tainted to be extended.
On a slightly more positive note, Cujo maintains a slight edge among voters in all groups as the candidates for the bottom of the barrel trudge toward their September Primary. Given the reliability or trustworthiness of the pollsters though, a 61-26 margin may mean nothing. That either choice is bad for New York goes with out saying.

Monday, June 25, 2018

Some one should be in JAIL

I think almost all reasonable people were put off by the reported conduct of the Communist Red Hen Restaurant and how they treated Sarah Sanders and her family and friends. More has come out about this though.
Not only did the communist freak demand they leave, but after they did, she stalked them and harassed them at another establishment. This is what is becoming of the left. They are losing their minds... Again.
If they act this unhinged eighteen months after losing the Presidency, think how they will act six months from now after they get shellacked in the midterms.
There is much to be concerned about. The leftards do no value human life. They will snuff out the life of an innocent baby and not bat an eye. A hardened unrepentant criminal? Not only do they oppose punishing them, they elect them.

Saturday, June 23, 2018

Redneck Sham-pede

It's that time of year... AGAIN. A hundred thousand or more posers have descended on Manhattan Kansas for the 22nd Potty on the Prairie. Kansas' largest country music festival is in full swing and all the urban cowboys are trying to figure out how to look spiffy in a cheap Stetson clone.
This attracts the usual riffraff, and the locals mostly bail for the weekend. At least they've quit killing folks... For now. The first one opened with a murder as well.
Since we all know that the majority of the "country " folks know little to nothing about ranching farming, or country life in general, Let me ask this question; How do you tell a real cowboy from an urban cowboy? With a real cowboy, the shit is on the outside of the boot.
Don't get me wrong, I like old time country. Most of this modern crap is exactly that, crap.

A simple solution

We have a manufactured crisis on our southern border. In addition to the thousands already sneaking in, we are besieged with a mass claiming refugee status. Our system to deal with this is being intentionally overwhelmed, and we know the actors behind this.
Currently we are incarcerating these invaders and then a hearing is held to determine whether they should be allowed into the United States. Under Barry Soetoro, the puppet of George Soros, the government operated catch and release. When ever a deportable alien was caught, they were processed, photographed, finger printed, given a date to appear and released into our country. Most never showed up for court. Most, like fleas, move onto the host, us, and like fleas, set up shop and began to burrow and breed.
Thanks to a hodgepodge of insane court rulings, those who invade us accompanied by children, cannot be held loner than twenty days because the children can only be held for twenty days.
What to do? I was at a Carlos O'Kelly's restaurant last week. The place was jam packed. The waiting area was FULL. The benches out front were full. People were sitting in their vehicles waiting their turn. Carlos O'Kelly got the phone number of every person waiting and when it was my turn, I got a text message to come in. Of course, at that point, it was a mix as far as who was who. There was no orderly progression from car to outside seat to inside waiting area to a table. New arrivals were seated in the lounge. We've all seen it, we all know what it is like. What made it work was that Carlos used an orderly notification system. There was no worry that Jim who'd just arrive might claim to be Harry who was sitting in his vehicle. It did not matter if you were inside waiting, or in the car, when it was your turn, you got called, and if some one had given up and gone home, they only held the spot a few minutes.
Why wouldn't something like that work for our border? We catch them, process them, identify them, give them a number and then they can wait in the lot, Mexico, for their number to be called. Caveat, If you try a second time, your original number is scrapped and you go to the back of the line.
You are being persecuted? Are you being persecuted in Mexico? If so, you would be no safer here than in Mexico, let Mexico deal with your dead body.
I believe that the optic of people being returned back into Mexico and told to not return until their court date would serve as a better way to shut this down than holding them anywhere here. Then, if we get a bunch of Holly weirdo's screaming about it, bring the D list actor in and tell them that we will gladly allow them to accommodate as many deportable aliens as their house is capable of holding, to include tents on their lawn, as long as they post a bond against any damages their "guests" might cause, and they be accountable for the deportable aliens accountability. I would even be reasonable on the bond, say $150,000 per individual.

Friday, June 22, 2018

Credibility??? Politik-Ho?

Communist on line rag Politico published an "expose" about Stephen Miller written by a third grade classmate. It is beyond lame. John Muller really laid it on, I could only handle a few sentences, then skipped to the bottom where I fond this jem: 'Another commenter wrote, “You realize publishing asinine stories like this ruins your credibility, right?”' All I can say is, "What credibility???"
If this is all they got, they will soon be demanding that schools get rid of glue for the children.
Yes, they are that desperate.

Still can't tell them apart

I have opined many times that John McCain would have been just as bad a president as the Stuttering clusterfuck. Now, here, from Judicial Watch, is yet one more piece to prove my point.
McInsane's Chief of Staff, Henry Kerner, participated in a meeting with Lois Lerner, the criminal IRS auditor who intentionally targeted conservative 501(C)(4) groups to block them from tax exempt status prior to the 2012 election.
Drain the swamp people, we need to throw them all out. Too bad the North Vietnamese air ace has terminal cancer. A firing squad should be in his future otherwise. Thanks Arizona for foisting this piece of crap on us.

Tuesday, June 19, 2018

So wrong

Communist D list "actor" Ron Perlman was looking at a photo in his twitter feed and thought he saw a German Iron Cross. It was a tattoo on the arm of a wounded Marine who now serves his country by assisting ICE in stopping child exploitation. Maybe it would be better to say Ron imagined he was thinking. Ron proceeded to attack and insult Justin Gaertner whom he accused of being a nazi first for the tattoo, then for working in defense of our nation and children every where.
His apology, when it came was just another lame insult. Ron, it isn't your "D": list twitter feed that is deceiving you, it is your leftist leaning and the fact that you support a real nazi, George Soros.
I kinda wonder what the little commie would say if he ever met a soldier who just barely qualified, a marksman?

Thursday, June 14, 2018


Somebody PLEASE explain to me how, with a shred of honesty, the IG for the FBI can claim there was no political bias? I had hopes that we would get the clear unvarnished truth from the FBI. We already knew most of what has transpired over the last three years, make no mistake, we are not in a vacuum even with the alphabet media playing cover and gaslight. The buffoons who call themselves reporters have spilled so much in their rush to convince the public that President Trump is unfit to lead, and that HiLlARy was the only person who could. They told us early on that President Trump's campaign and transition were spied on, then called us conspiracy theorists for pointing out what they said.
The fix, the only fix, is in a top to bottom cleaning of the FBI and DOJ. FIRE EVERY LAST ONE! Then, start out with a new blue print and build a Federal Investigative section within the U.S. Marshall's office to assist and coordinate with local law enforcement, but give them no authority to make arrests. And no SWAT assassins murdering mothers holding their babies.

Monday, June 11, 2018

People people people

You all have it wrong about Just-in the Tushy hole, the eyebrows are real.

It's the head that's fake.

An old favorite

Finding a version of this with the lyrics is a herculean task, let me tell you.

Sunday, June 10, 2018

Thought it was already at zero

A new study suggests that the birth rate is collapsing in the San Francisco Bay Area. San Francisco has the lowest percentage of children of any major city in America. Considering that it is a Mecca for perverts and child molesters, that would be a good thing. The modern day Sodom is not a fitting place to have children, and given the demographics, probably not the best place for adults either.
Perverted sex is not conducive to producing children, and you will not convince me that children raised in the care of any same sex couple are emotionally stable whether they are the biological offspring of one participant, or adopted. Studies show they fare slightly worse than children raised in a broken home which is unfortunately the now standard. Children raised in a nuclear family are not considered when they do these tests anymore because they would be like having Einstein in an inner city math class.
That concludes our special retort. Now back to the regular insanity.

A little humor

After five years of marriage, the husband comes home one evening, obviously upset. He is slaming doors, banging around, acting very hostile.
Finally the wife goes to him and asks, "Honey, whats the matter?"
"Look, something is obviously got you upset, and after five years of marriage, I think I have a right to know."
"Really, nothing."
"We made a deal when we got married. My successes are your successes and yours mine. Likewise, my problems are your problems and vice versa. Remember?"
"Fine. We've been named in a paternity suite."


Justify becomes only the 13th horse to win the triple crown.

As my son put it, it's not like Bob Baffert or Mike Smith ran a mile and a half with a hundred twenty six pounds of idiot on their back.

Saturday, June 9, 2018

Lili Marlene

The original was a German song. We had a slightly adapted version we sang as cadence when I was in basic. Same words, faster beat, and a final verse that went;
Please Mr. Truman, let the boys go home,
We have conquered Berlin and liberated Rome;
We have subdued the Master Race,
There are no Krauts for us to face;
Oh please let us go home.

Friday, June 8, 2018

Bring back the cats

The U.S. Military has a long and checkered history when it comes to aircraft development. Without a doubt, we made stead strides of improvement during WW2 and the years following, but during and after Vietnam, the tendency became to replace aircraft with less capable ones.
One of the best examples is the switch from the F-4 Phantom to the F-16 Falcon. While the F-16 is a capable fighter, when first deployed, it lacked the all weather capability of the F-4. Yes, we had and still have the F-15 Eagle which does surpass  the F-4 in most areas, but we only built about 1,200 of them vs the nearly 5,200 Phantoms. The Phantoms were so versatile that we kept them around until 1996, a whopping 36 years of service. They continued service for an additional nineteen years as target drones.
Just under 4,600 F-16 aircraft were produced, and while the end of the cold war gave us relief from our need for a great fighter. the tensions remain, and now China is becoming a player in the global war market with their claims in the South China Sea.
Looking at specs;
Max Speed; 1473 mph
Ferry Range: 1677 mi
Service ceiling: 60,000 ft
Rate of climb, 41,300 FPM
Wing loading 78 lbs/sqft

Max Speed; 1544 mph
Ferry Range: 1840 mi
Service ceiling: 50,000+ ft
Rate of climb, >45,000 FPM
Wing loading 96 lbs/sqft

Max Speed; 1650+ mph
Ferry Range: 1677 mi
Service ceiling: 65,000 ft
Rate of climb, >50,000 FPM
Wing loading 73.1 lbs/sqft

Max Speed; 915 mph
Ferry Range: 2620 mi
Service ceiling: 50,000+ ft
Rate of climb, >50,000 FPM
Wing loading 88.3 lbs/sqft

Max Speed; 1190 mph
Ferry Range: 1840 mi
Service ceiling: 50,000 ft
Rate of climb, 50,000 FPM
Wing loading 93 lbs/sqft

The F-4 was a great fighter in it's day, but soon, they began heaping multiple rolls onto it. The same is true for the F-15, F-16, and make no mistake, the F/A-18 is mostly about A. Maybe they should call it the f/A-18? Really, it should have been just the A-18 but even then, it does not equal the A-6 Intruder, or even the A-7 Corsair II. Instead, it offered multi roll capability aka, the ability to do many things POORLY! Maybe they should have kept the F-4 around, it could carry 18,650 lbs of ordnance, or relied on the F-4 which could haul 14,500 lbs.
So, where am I going with this?With the shifting dynamic in China, we may very soon be regretting giving up the F-4 Tomcat, and it appears I am not the only person who thinks so.

What we have now lacks the capabilities of the F-14, and our enemies are building better stuff every day.

Wednesday, June 6, 2018

One down

Unjust Judge Aaron Persky was recalled by voters in California. The first since 1932. Persky made national news by sentencing Stanford rapist and swimmer Brock Turner to a short six months for sexually assaulting an intoxicated student.
Now what needs to happen is the panel of jerks who "cleared him" be recalled as well. They enabled him. The legal community opposed the recall. No surprise, They want to lord over us instead of being responsible to us. What do you expect from a bunch of communists?
For that matter, Judge Rise Pichon, who acts as the presiding judge, should also be recalled. She defended his enabling behavior.

Saturday, June 2, 2018

Job growth Wut?

Last year I stated that if President Trump's policies were even remotely successful, that we would be needing foreign workers. It appears I was correct. Job growth for foreign workers has outpaced employment numbers for American born job seekers, in some cases by nearly double. Of course we are talking legal immigrants, I seriously doubt the illegals are being tracked by any one besides ICE.
I still want to know why American kids are not filling the jobs? Maybe it has to do with the fact that the foreign folks don't waste their college days in gender studies or racial studies, but instead concentrate on the nuts and bolts of their respective career choice.
I could be wrong. There could be a multitude of reasons. Still, I would rather see America's sons and daughters getting the top tier jobs, becoming the doctors, accountants, engineers and such. Instead, we are getting the doctors from India who speak a version of English that is as foreign as Pashtun.
Now, as President Trump moves to do away with the idiotic trade deals that stabbed us in the back, we may see even better performance. The sound of winning is the sound of our enemies whining.

Old time country

I can remember this song from my earliest years. Dad had it on a record that he protected like it was gold.

More from Jackson

Many people assume that Stonewall is a nickname. Taint so, it is the real name of this life long icon of the Grand Ole Opry. Jackson has been a member for longer than he has had recording contracts. While any relation to the Civil War General is unlikely, his parents saw fit to honor the man.

Friday, June 1, 2018

California Republicans are DEMOCRATS

At least according to EVIL google who lists nazism as the ideology of the California Republican Party. Well, it just might be the case, the last republican Governor was Der Gropen Fuehrer Schwarzenegger, who is almost as liberal as Moonbeam Brown.
Seriously, there are a lot of good folks in California. It is not easy to simply flee from the menace that is liberalism. Many of those people have a life time of investment in California, debts they cannot walk away from, jobs, property, every thing we as conservatives value, every thing we would fight for. That the few havens of massive liberal insanity control the state is a serious problem. Many are in fact fleeing the state. The problem is, many of those leaving are the rat bastard liberals who made the mess they cannot stand to live in.
For the last two years we have endured leftists calling us every name consigned to hell, yet it is the democrats who live the life, walk the walk and epitomize the evils of communism, socialism, nazism, racial hate, etc.
Some people say we are already in a civil war, but that the shooting has yet to start. Seriously???? The first Civil War started in 1854 in Bloody Kansas. There was plenty of shooting, assaults, lynchings, you name it for six years prior to the attack on Ft Sumner by democrat agent provocateurs.
The shootings, assaults and such started in 2015. What has not happened, yet, is conservatives fighting back.