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Eve of destruction

Some how a song from 1965 seems to fit really well with our date and times. People thought we were on the brink of disaster then, and we are on that brink again. We are in the early stages of another civil war and whether it goes hot is dependent on how we deal with the extreme violence flowing from the left. If we cave, America is doomed. If we don't, we likely doom ourselves as the fighting will makes us vulnerable to the forces which surround our last bastion of freedom. It will only be able statesmanship by a capable leader which can prevent utter destruction. The wolves of the world wait, mouths dripping with anticipation.
Maybe they could make that their anthem.

One more step toward REAL Constitutional Carry

Kansans like to boast that this state has Constitutional carry. The only caveat is our young adults. Men and women between 18 and 21 cannot legally carry in Kansas. That may soon change. A bill passed in the House would allow them the possibility of carrying if they pass a concealed carry course.  Still not Constitutional for all, but clearly a step in the right direction.
Maybe we don't want kids taking guns to school, even if that school is Washburn, or Kansas State, or that weird facility between Topeka and Kansas City. But kids today, as in years past, tend to get the shitty jobs in life. A recent graduate from high school may spend her nights working at a fast food joint in a not so nice part of town in order to make the money to be independent. Getting off at midnight in some places is a risk. The thug who harassed them at 11:30 might be in the alley waiting. He will have a gun because he has no respect for the law. The question about his respect for a 9mm will decide whether he lives to see another day.
Giving our young adults back their right to self defense will not spark turf wars and Hatfield McCoy style feuds. The people who do that don't give a rip about gun laws to begin with. Preventing the next Mollie Tibbetts is what this is about.

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Bridge over troubled water

Eating their own and being eaten

Nike, proud sponsor of anti-America louse Colon Kapernick, was allegedly being shaken down by creepy porn liar err lawyer Michael Avenatti for millions.
The liar who supposedly demanded between $15 and $25 million, was arrested today on charges of extortion, transmission of interstate communications with intent to extort, conspiracy to transmit interstate communications with intent to extort, and conspiracy to commit extortion. Nothing to see here, just a typical democrap acting like a typical democrap. I guess he learned this from HiLlARy. The Trumpenfreude is strong in this idiot.

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A special dedication for the donks

Yup, they're crying.

Let the good times roll

Nope, not about Kawasaki. AG Barr released his synopsis of the Mueller report and the dems are in full meltdown. Over at Don's blog, he has been calling him bungling Bobby for quite some time. he has mishandled evidence, his star witness was impeached for perjury making him useless, and now, after two years, millions of dollars, thousands of pages of evidence, countless hours of testimony, we are handed a nothingburger  and it aint even on Rye.
So, what happened? To those of us on the right, it appears that this was a complete waste, a coverup that allowed HiLlARy, the one who actually committed crimes during the election to evade justice, but to those on the left it would appear that Bobby bungled another one.
Well, he was picked by their man injustice err in justice, Rotten Rod Rosenstein, a real life evil Jew. One of two known the other being Judas. while Rod is registered republican, he is uniparty to the core.
So tonight we have Hollywood in meltdown, CNN in meltdown, (P)MSNBC in meltdown, and the democrap delegation in the house refusing to accept that they couldn't at least find a parking ticket to convict him of.
So, is President Trump that good? Could he really steal an election and leave not one shred of evidence? This is a man whose life has been under a microscope for the last three years. His life prior to that was also monitored. You can be sure that any where he went, everything he did was scrutinized. If there had been dirt, even if Bobby was the ultimate bungler, some one would have led his blind squirrel ass to the nut and held it there until he found it.
A word of advice,if you have a MAGA hat, don't wear it, and if you have a Trump bumper sticker, remove it. Prius' are hard to hear coming, and the sneaky little shits are gonna be madder now than they were when the Slinky got shellacked, so look out for commie-kazis, the crazed liberal version of the Japanese suicide pilots.

The bird should have gotten a walk

Eighteen years ago today, Diamondbacks Pitcher Randy Johnson killed a bird mid-flight... Make that end of flight with a fastball. The unfortunate bird chanced to fly across right at the moment Johnson unleashed his pitch to Calvin Murray.

If a pitch hits a batter, the batter gets a walk. I'm sure a pinch runner could have been found.

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Jeremiah was a bullfrog

(And you thought Jeremiah was the America hating asshole who mentored Barry the sock puppet.)

Has Madcow been in a coma for ten years?

First let me state I have never watched Rachel Maddow, and when I had cable I rarely listened to any of the squawking heads pretending to report the news. Had Don Suber not mentioned her in one of his posts, I would not even know what she looks like. But, he did, and I checked the link.
Then I saw an article at Epoch Times, and it had this money shot; “For everything that we’ve been through as a country,” she said, “For every kind of trial and challenge and intrigue and embarrassment and scandal that we have been through as a nation, we haven’t ever had to reckon with the possibility that somebody has ascended to the presidency of the United States to serve the interests of another country rather than our own.” Whose interests was Barry serving? The man and his poor governance almost destroyed this country. The man bowed to the king of Saudi Arabia, gave billions in cash to Iran, and destabilized the entire region surrounding Israel and the Mediterranean. The man enabled Hugo Chavez in Venezuela and Raul in Cuba. He encouraged the invasion of this nation by foreign actors posing as refugees whose sole purpose in coming here is to undermine our national sovereignty and authority.
Rachel, is your head that far up your ass? Did you take drugs to escape reality and not return? Yes, I understand you are a globalist. Yes, I know you love communism and it's diaper, socialism. How stupid must you be to believe we are stupid enough to buy your BS? Okay, I know Nony the ninny believes it hook lie and sinker, as does Ellen Perry. Most of America does not.
Go ahead and cry Rachel.

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Do you know the way to San Jose

Thanks Utah

Mittens McRomney-Care, the ultra liberal RINO who was so left wing that voters could not discern a difference between him and Obama, has again shown his hate for the American People who soundly rejected him, by voting with the communists to end President Trump's border emergency declaration.
Never mind that we have seen massive numbers of illegals storming our borders in wave after wave. Never mind that the flow of drugs across our border is resulting in the over dose deaths of thousand of people every year. never mind that those same cartels are slaughtering innocent people through out Mexico and Central America in their quest for wealth. Never mind that women who are crossing the border illegally are being raped and sexuality exploited, girls as young as twelve and possibly younger are molested and put at risk of contracting serious STDs such as AIDS from the rabble who engage in human smuggling. Never mind that every person who crosses risks significant dangers and death from the natural elements. never mind the huge economic burden this has causes. never mind the huge ecological damage done by the smugglers.
By extension the folks in Utah who voted based solely on religion just as surely as Ilhan Omar's voters did when sending her racist ass to Washington did, are also guilty of this travesty. Oh well, mormonism and islam are both cults founded on sexual exploitation of women and not on GOD's word.
That rant over, I hang my head in shame as well as jackass Jerry moron err Moran also voted to support the Koch brothers and their desire for open borders to supply workers to be exploited and abused.
The senate would be a better chamber with twelve less filthy Communist loving RINOs. Time to Make America Great Again and flush these turds back to the funemployment line.

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The new job

Job is an acronym, it stands for Just Over Broke. Back in January I got a call from the local union. They were desperate for qualified electricians for a major project. The job is running behind for the sparkies, and it is holding up the project.
Since this is something with national as well as regional ramifications, they were begging.Ordinarily I would not have been interested. Being my own boss meant I set my own hours picked what I wanted to do, ran the show. It also meant long hours, lots of head aches and dealing with lots of spectacular idiocy when home improvement projects went massively awry and some one had to clean up the mess.
Couple that with my wife not driving, and I had no reason to want to shift over to the union. But, the wife is spending time with her family in Honduras, so......
My field of expertise for the last twenty years has been residential remodeling and renovation with a lot of time spent on trouble shooting problems associated with older structures which have been neglected and mistreated. Not a skill set that blends easily into the union mindset or industrial assembly of a massive commercial structure.
The last month has been a shift of gears in about twenty different ways. I am back to using skills I have not utilized in over fifteen years. Sure, I've bent conduit for some projects, but nothing like the miles of it we are running for this one.
And the people factor. for the last twenty years, it has been mostly a small crew. usually I have had only one or two helpers Now I am one kid working in a crew of ten for a company that employs fifty people on a site where three other electrical contractors divide the work according to the dictates of the contracts and interweave with workers from other trades in an effort to make America better and safer.
Since I'm past my mid fifties, I was expecting that I would be one of the older guys. Turns out that most of the journeymen on this project are older than me. Sure, the Apprentices are all kids, but almost no one is in their thirties here. Also, a lot of the journeymen are travelers. we have guys here from places as far flung as Florida, Texas, Arizona and even Canada.
Today one of the Texans was getting into it with the Canuk. I had to open my mouth. Told Tex to not push it too far, didn't think I could handle having a guy whistling Dixie with a Canadian accent.
The crew I'm working with are a great bunch. While I have no respect for the SIEU and some of the other unions, The tradesmen are a much needed group. They provide a pool of capable workers available for large projects which otherwise wold not be possible. Were it not for the unions, this project would be impossible here in the heartland., and difficult in a place like New York City.

Ventura Highway

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Billy don't be a hero


Fox news won't be hosting any of the communist party debates. I for one don't understand what their problem is. Fox, the furthest right of the far left news organizations is only a sliver better than (P)MSNBC or CNN.
We all got treated to their botched attempt to skewer Candidate Trump as a woman hating male chauvinist pig. That failure earned them the moniker Faux news. and revealed them as just another propaganda arm of the deep state.
Me-again Kelly launched herself from FOX after that fiasco. Not sure if she is still doing stand up comedy anywhere...
Maybe they are afraid the FOX team will treat their anointed ones like President Trump was treated.
Maybe they are afraid FOX won't share debate questions so they can advance prep their Maduro wannabes.
It really doesn't matter though, if FOX hosted a debate, no self respecting liberals  would watch it. Who am I kidding? Liberals and self respect? Geeze, been to long a week.

Call them LGCQ

There are a lot of people who are supporting gender diversity. I'm not one of them. If you want to be a pervert, fine, do it on your own time and keep out of my face with it. While sex serves several purposes, it's primary function is reproduction. As far as I know, humans are the only animal that can mate while facing each other. Birds and other mammals have sex with the participants facing the same direction. Humans can, and most do, have sex while facing each other. That is the other part of sex, strengthening the bond between a husband and wife.
Homo sex does not produce offspring. whether two men or two women, they are not capable of creating new life. Men and women impersonating the opposite sex must render themselves permanently incapable of reproduction,possibly the only good thing to come from their insanity.
Now to add to the hilarity, we have people wanting to be addressed as Ze or Xi or some other weird combination because they don't think, and imagine they are some sort of genetic anomaly. Sorry, but as the cartoon above notes, Bi means two, and too bad if you are upset.
So why LGCT? to acknowledge that your problem is that you are confused. Or would you like it to be LGIM for Lesbian, Gay, Insane, and Mutilated?

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Burning bridges

We had a different class of actors back when this was made. Telly Savalas was a WW2 Army Veteran. Don Rickles was aWW2 Navy Veteran as was Harry Dean Stanton. Carroll O'Connor served in the Merchant Marine. Those were the guys who really risked their necks. Clint Eastwood was too young to serve in WW2 as was Donald Sutherland. Sutherland I have no use for. He teamed up with Hanoi Jane and harassed members of the military during the Vietnam war. Oh well, every movie needs a villain, too bad he was supposed to be on our side.

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Morning has broken

Cat Steven had some pretty good music. Too bad he decided to become a follower of Satan. Ironically it was a brother, who had converted to Judaism that gave him a copy of the satanic verses and set him on his path to hell.

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If you could read my mind


How can she defend it?

Kamala Harris is out defending the socialists blocking a bill which would have prevented killing children who survive an abortion. I personally could not defend abortions in the first week of pregnancy, but this is not about me.
Kamala, as far as I know, has never been pregnant. Born Kamala Devi, the "L" is implied but ever present, Harris, she got her political start by being the kept bitch of Willie Brown which earned her an appointment to the California Medical Assistance Commission. Screwing your way to the top sure beats screwing your way to the bottom, but the democrat party is the bottom, and well stocked with bottom feeders like Kamala.
The slide of morals in our nation is becoming a free fall if not a power dive. When Roe v Wade was authored, part of it centered on whether a fetus was indeed a human. That question has long been answered in the affirmative, but since 1973, abortion has become more common and progressed from early stage abortions when the child had no chance of survival to the horror of today where a child born  alive and healthy can be eventually slaughtered like a laboratory rat. PETA will protest for the rat, but not a child.
Kamala says this should be a decision of the mother. Well, in most cases, it was. Who decided to engage in sex? Unless it was rape, the "mother" made the decision, or was certainly involved in it. Actions have consequences. Sex for pleasure brings certain risks, pregnancy is one of those risks. GOD said sex was to be between a husband and a wife. In most cases of abortion, the couple are not married, so what began as simple fornication has now progressed to murder. We see this with many crimes where a perp caught stealing in a house opts to slaughter the witnesses rather than face the consequences of a minor crime. Same with drugs smuggling and a whole laundry list of offenses.
What have we become when the answer to a sin or crime is a far worse sin? How low have we gone when our elected officials defend murder? How long can a nation last when it is willing to destroy it's future? How long will GOD tolerate the intolerable? In Kamala we see the result of raising a child in a home with out discipline. Her mother and father divorced when she was  seven. Liberals see this failure of a person as successful because she got a law degree and is not living in welfare housing. Too bad we can't send her back to Canada. Justin could use a good lawyer right now, maybe he can use Harris too.