Thursday, December 29, 2016

I'm not with you, Sorry

California Assemblyman Jay Obernolte wants to make attacks on Law enforcement officers a hate crime. First, we are talking about Mexifornia, their death row is so backed up because of the beurocraptic nightmare that is liberalism, they won't get any of those hates executed before natural causes takes them any way.
Second, I am totally against "hate crimes" legislation. Instead of creating special classes, we need to hold judges accountable for their arrogance and make them impose the punishments that the legislatures placed on the crimes.  Every person convicted of 1st degree murder should get to do an air dance, not just the ones who have lousy liars err lawyers.
Speaking of special classes, we already give cops extra benefit, punching a cop isn't battery, it's Battery on a Law Enforcement Officer. Enhancing it did nothing to curb the radical behavior. Hanging or electrocuting criminals makes damn sure of one thing, that criminal won't be a problem for any body else.
I am not trying to be anti cop here. I am very much prolaw enforcement. That is not the same as pro cop though. The simple truth is that if we dealt with the criminals in a meaningful way the first time they offended, we would not have nearly as many second time offenders. NO PROBATION!!! You don't need to send them to prison, in fact, prison is a university for bad behavior. Instead, horse whip them after the first felony, or the third misdemeanor. If they end up in front of a judge again, castrate them. The bad boy persona that attracts foolish horny women doesn't do much good when your junk is in a pickle jar on the shelf.
That is what we need to do to get these scum bags to aide by society's rules. Don't get shook up about it though, our courts are too chicken shit to do a damn thing. Job security and all.

Careful there Chuck

Carlos Irwin Estévez has done enough coke in his life to kill two and a half men. He is a tough hombre in the same way mules are tough. You'd need to hit him hard between the eyes with a 4X4  just to get his attention long enough to tell him the time of day let alone any facts of life. He took to twitter to call on GOD to kill President elect Trump. Charlie, you best take a look around. Your entertainer  buddies are dropping like flies, and you aint living the cleanest life style. From your drug fueled days to your AIDS polluted bed, you are on a short list of people who are on borrowed time.
It's easy enough to understand his antics. His daddy, Ramón Antonio Gerardo Estevez, thinks he knows a thing or two about politics since he played a President on a trashy Hollywood shit-com. Like father, like son. Neither has the stuff between their ears to hold a real job, or be passable actors.
So, Chuck, FOAD, and take a few of your brain dead liberal friends with you.

Tuesday, December 27, 2016

I will be happy to comply

Soup NAZI Robert Warner, owner of Cafe 8 1/2 in Honolulu is butt hurt over HiLlARy's loss and doesn't want Trump supporters to dine at his establishment. Some folks are upset about the sign he posted in the door. It reads "If you voted for Trump you cannot eat here! No nazis" WTF? he doesn't want democrats either? OK, OK, nazi stood for nationalist socialist, and if there is one thing democraps are not, it is nationalist. BUT there are no socialists among rank and file republicans. The crap we've sent to Washington? Meh!
I'm not sure how the former hair stylist from California plans to stay afloat, Restaurants can't yet accept SNAP cards as payment. But even of they could, would the welfare class spend that much on low grade dog food?
I fully support his right to proclaim his refusal to serve conservatives. To me, that is a basic right, just like the cake makers in Washington who were sued for not making a cake for a gay wedding.
So, folks, if you decide to travel to liberal hell, the vacation paradise of Hawaii, don't put Cafe 8 1/2 on your list of places to visit.

Love messages? OK

Mark Suckerberg, and the proamnesty crowd want "love messages" for illegal immigrants.
OK, I can do that.
1. I'd love to see you take your ass back to Mexico.
2. We'd love to have you stay..... HOME!
3. Come back when you can do it legally.
4. The neighborhood won't be the same with out you. Less crime, less trash......

I know a lot of them are good people, and the simple fact is that their country needs good people.
As an alternative, we can erect a large fence around Chiraq and let Rham have his sanctuary city.

Monday, December 26, 2016

And another one

You can add one more to the growing list of hate hoaxes perpetuated by liberals in the wake of HiLlARy's defeat.  guess this shows what kind of people support liberalism, communism, or what ever handle you want to stick on it.
"Jenny Williams told police that her husband, David, is currently in a mental hospital, but police said he would be arrested after being released." That right there says it all, liberalism is a mental disorder.
Aproximately 30% of people consistently vote conservative, 30% vote liberal and 40% vasilate.
There is an old joke that one in five people suffer from some form of mental disturbance, now think about your four closest friends, if they are normal, buddy, you're it. Looks like that joke needs updating.

Sunday, December 25, 2016

Christmas Report

This year I decided to give my wife a puppy for Christmas. A friend's dachshund had one pup, and it was supposed to be ready Christmas Eve.
Well, they called on Monday and wanted it picked up early. No problem, I didn't mind giving it to her early, she knew what she was getting. We'd named her Winnie. Not because she makes a lot of Pooh either, Winnie the Weinee Dog.
Our old dog, Cee Cee, is a Papillon  male, eight years old, and a very friendly animal. Whinny is a typical puppy, whiny. Cee Cee likes to sleep up on a couch. Dog bed? Gave up on that about five years ago.
Winnie though has legs that are about two inches long. OK, 2 1/8th. A lot of her time is spent attempting to get on and whining at Cee Cee.
This morning, I hopped in the shower, and the wife decided to take care of the animals, she let both dogs out. We live in the middle of no where, the nearest neighbor is a quarter mile away, so they are allowed to just run.
I get done with my shower, and knowing the wife had put the dogs out, I go to let them back in. No dogs! I go out and walk around the house looking for them. Pretty soon Cee Cee comes running up from the north road. It is a six foot embankment, so I immediately dash over to check if Winnie is out in the road. No winnie!
It was windy btw and while I am calling, I can't hear anything but the wind whistling through the trees. In a lull though I hear what sounds like geese coming from the field between me and the neighbor. Out of options, I hear that direction. As I walk, the occasional sounds of "Geese" gets clearer and louder. When I get to their house, there is Winnie by their door, whining her heart out.
How does a puppy with two inch legs cover that distance in ten minutes?
Here is my theory. Cee Cee is a typical male. tired of her whining, he heads for the sanctuary of the pasture. She follows. He manages to ditch her though, then returns home. Yup, its genetic.

Beyond dumb

A German green party politipuke delayed the release of pictures of the Berlin bomber over concerns of racism. Isn't it already racism? Weren't Caucasian Germans attacked by an African rapefugee?This has happened how many times now? How many of last years mass rapes during New Years celebrations were perpetuated by white guys? The number is closer to zero than to ten.
The problem though isn't race, it's religion, or more correctly, cultism. A certain faux religion rampaged across Europe a thousand years ago spreading terror in it's path. The perps raped and murdered as they went forcing people to convert.
When the Euro- peons finally had enough, they got just as barbaric as the pedophile's followers, and drove them back. I guess Green Party politician Till Steffen would be just peachy with his wife and children being raped by these murderous not hardly human scum? The man wimp should be taken out and shot. Better yet, drop him in the middle of one of the no-go zones which now proliferate European cities.
Europe will not win. It is that simple. They think themselves civilized. They will not fight back in a way that will stop the muslim invasion. The only way to win is to kill them. They do not fear death, they think they will be getting 72 virgins in the after life, so the only thing that will halt them is the death they crave.
The next time there is a murder, Germans need to march in to the nearest refugee camp and kill twenty of these scum. If there is a rape, they need to go to the camp and castrate twenty of them. When a second incident happens, increase the number of reparations to 50. Think of the movie red dawn, the original, where the Cuban and Russian troops lined up fifty locals and shot them after the wolverines ambushed a patrol.
That is not how it is. The rapefugees are the invaders, and the Germans need to become Wolverines. After a few ambush patrols, the invaders will reconsider their motivations. Some will leave. Some will choose to die. Regardless, the rapefugees lack military style leadership and discipline. Some are hard core, they will, wanting "virgins" fight until they find out it was a lie. Others, looking more for pleasure on earth, will opt to live long and prosper elsewhere.
It will not happen in Europe. They are sissified. They will not fight, they don't know how. The United States is another story. We still have the means to fight. Some of us will. Many though will be like Europeans and cower. The question is will there be enough counter barbarians to get the job done?
This is islam's fight. almost every terror attack since the dawn of the millennium has been jihad. For that matter, you can count back an additional eight years and not find very many attacks that were not islamic.
There is no god named allah. We know that. It's time they learn it as well.

Merry CHRISTMAS one and all

Remember, Jesus is the reason for the season.

Frankly, he is the reason we exist.

GOD gave us three great gifts;

The gift of life.
The gift of choice.
The gift of salvation which is attainable only through Jesus.

In this life, may you choose Salvation. Enjoy the day with family and friends and give thanks to the LORD.

Friday, December 23, 2016

Shoulda posted this last year.

You're a mean one, Hillary.
You really are a heel.
You're as cuddly as a cactus,
You're as charming as an eel,

You're a bad banana with a greasy black peel.

You're a monster, Hillary.
Your heart's an empty hole.
Your brain is full of spiders.
You've got garlic in your soul, Hillary.
I wouldn't touch you with a
Thirty-nine and a half foot pole.

You're a vile one, Hillary.
You have termites in your smile,
You have all the tender sweetness of a seasick crocodile,
Given the choice between the two of you,
I'd take the seasick crocodile.

 You're a foul one, Hillary.
You're a nasty wasty skunk.
Your heart is full of unwashed socks.
Your soul is full of gunk, Hillary.

The three best words that best describe you,
Are as follows, and I quote"

You're a rotter Hillary
You're the queen of sinful sots
Your heart's a dead tomato splotched with moldy purple spots

Your soul is an appalling dump heap
Overflowing with the most disgraceful
Assortment of deplorable rubbish imaginable,
Mangled up in tangled up knots.

You nauseate me, Hillary
With a nauseous super nos
You're a crooked jerky jockey and,
You drive a crooked horse Hillary!

You're a three-decker sauerkraut
And toadstool sandwich,
With arsenic sauce!


Some of the lunatics in Commiefornia want to name a freeway after the SCoaMF.
Fine with me. Given that the region has regular tremors and some really nasty quakes, it would be right since Barry is unstable as well.
The resolution needs correcting though, I noticed a few typo's.
Today Senator Anthony J. Portantino introduced Resolution SCR 8, which will name the segment of the CA-134 freeway between the Glendale CA-2 and the Interstate 210 Freeway the “President Barack H. Obama Freeway"Stuttering Clusterfuck of a Miserable Failure Freeway". President Obama Indonesian student Barry Soetoro attended Occidental College in Eagle Rock from 1979 to 1981 and lived in Pasadena during his sophomore year. His attendance at Occidental College and regular consumption of illegal drugs influenced his political trajectory and led him to become one of our most revered and respected worst and the most openly mocked President in American history. President Obama is leaving office with tremendous faux approval manufactured by the same media which failed to identify Donald J. Trump's win from across our country.

For his contributions failures as a community activist, constitutional scholar, United States Senator and President, it is only fitting to honor our 44th President by naming a spittoon after him, but since we are dyed in the wool communists, we want to name part of a freeway he most certainly used while living locating drugs in the area. Over this past weekend, local activists communists in the 25th Senate District suggested to Sen. Portantino that given the President’s connection to Southern California and Eagle Rock in particular, it would be appropriate to memorialize his time in Southern California with a freeway naming.

Warning, if this passes, the road will become dangerous and slippery due to the number of people spitting and pissing on it.
Obamunism, because something has to be dumber than communism.

Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Not nearly as painful as 2008 was

Sasquatch appeared on Dope-rah and whined about how hate filled America is. She classified the (self)destruction of Illary as painful to watch. Was it as bad as 2008? While Trump clearly has no political experience, much like Barry, he does have business experience. He has made and lost millions, waded through the muck and mire of the business world in the wake of ill-conceived political decisions made by clueless politicians with not one hour of experience in the real world.
Ir was painful for us as well to watch the massive rally's held for HiLlARy.

With crowds like that how could she lose?
With all that hacking, she should see a doctor. It might be contagious.

Barry's Christmas gift to the Arabs

Barry Soetoro, imposter in chief, made several last minute orders placing large tracts of the Atlantic and Arctic off limits to oil exploration.
His anti energy policies have benefited only one group, Arab countries. even his green energy moves have helped them. No, they are not invested in Solyndra, but it's massive failure meant we were getting more fuel from over seas.
I guess the closet gay muslim wants to also be the black Santa. Have fun golfing there Barry. With luck, Trump will appoint a special investigator to look at your many dealings and land you in a Prison some where. Or maybe just deport your ass back to Indonesia. Maybe some of your commuted drug friends can smuggle you a bag or three. Or at least die trying.

Saturday, December 17, 2016


If Russia is to blame for HiLlARy not being elected, how did they do it? They owned her in more ways than one. The Uranium deal was a disaster for the United States and a gift beyond comparison to Putin. The "reset" at the beginning of her catastrophe as Shill of State made her one of the best jokes in Russia of all time. Heck, it made her a joke here as well. Russia, and Russian operatives gave at least $81 million to the Clinton Crime Foundation. That is $81 million that was funneled to her campaign. The Rooskies were banking on a win.
Maybe they should have given $82 million?

As the days of October turned into November, Shrillary was smug, believing that the election was in the bag for her, the thought of a loss was so alien to her that it likely never crossed her mind or that of any of the people who were manufacturing her "win".
This whole election cycle was supposed to be her coronation. It was pure show. The republican party had been packed with a bunch of unelectable riff raff. The plan, in simplest form, was to have the republican wing of the uniparty select a candidate who would not excite the masses. Some one with the charm of a pitbull, and the bite of a bull frog. The intended match up was Jeb Bush vs the Pig in a pantsuit.
That plan got thrown into disarray when Donald Trump entered the race. Piap fully failed to grasp the significance of his campaign. Maybe she thought the republican machine would falter as planned. Maybe she thought that all the illegals voting for her would sweep the table. Maybe she had so much confidence in the voter fraud that democrats typically perpetuate that her numbers would be unbeatable, even by some one with the popularity of Trump.
I believe that Illary saw the election as a mere formality. She did not campaign with any vigor. Part of that was due to her poor health, We all saw her coughing fits and collapse at the 9-11 ceremony. Most of it though was that she was banking on fraud to put her back in the White House. Fraud that stole the party nomination from Bernie Sanders. Who cares about Bernie though? He joined the party only to run, and left it as soon as he lost. He is as much a democrat as Jeff Sessions.
At this point, I am wondering if Trump was essential to the win. What killed her campaign was more hate of her than love of Trump. Trump is well liked, but he is also unproven in terms of politics. He is a well proven business man, a proven true conservative and a proven leader. Was all that what made the deal? How would Ted Crud err Cruz have fared? or for that matter, Jeb? Is HiLlARy so hated that in a national election she would put Pol Pot into office?
The media played a massive numbers hoax on us through the entire cycle. Surprisingly, they began to believe their own bull shit because they were in shock as the numbers came in on election night. What were the real numbers? Is it possible that any republican, even a faux conservative like Jeb could have won against the shrew?
We may never know. I don't see her making another run. Given the state of her health, she may not last out the first Trump term even if he does not prosecute her for her numerous crimes.
We may never see another election like this one. With control of so many state legislatures, Governors, and Attorney's General, reforms to the election process may happen that would make the massive voter fraud seen in many socialist bastions a thing of the past. The only hell holes that will not voluntarily reform are ones like California, Illinois, Maryland and New York. There is hope for them as well though. An economic resurgence may very well see their party machines collapse.
IN worldly terms, the future looks pretty good today. Don't bet the farm though. I read the book, I know how this ends. In four or eight years, Trump will step down. There is not a man like him politically active to replace him.

Thursday, December 15, 2016


The story goes that a fellow was traveling to California. Along the way he passed a billboard touting Granny's whore House, "Get fucked at Granny's place."
Soon there was another, "No one will fuck you like Granny."
Then another, "Granny's, only TWO miles ahead".
At that point, his curiosity got the better of him, and when he saw Granny's Place, he pulled in. He walked to the door, and rang the bell. After what seemed a log time, a voice behind the door asked simply, "Yes?"
"I want to get fucked".
The door opend, and there stood a frail ninty something woman with a cane. "Fifty bucks please."
The gent handed over the money.
"Down the hall, last door on the left. go through it and the second door."
The guy went down the hall and through the doors as ordered, but found himself standing on the back porch. Not sure what to do since the door had locked behind him, he went around to the front and beat on the door.
Again a voice behind the door asked simply, "Yes?"
"I want to get fucked".
"What? Again?"

The point? David Brock wants money. He wants to start a Breitbart of the left. This is the same turd who founded Media Matters for America, Correct the Record, and Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington.
I'm not saying he shouldn't try, in fact, I'm happy to see him finding another way for nazi war criminal George Soros to waste his money. This election saw a major shift in American politics.
Trump didn't win because of Breitbart News, they were backing Crud er Cruz through most of the primaries.
Trump won because he was a viable personality with a known face whom people would listen to. He has a message which is easy to comprehend, and resonates with many people especially ones with conservative Christian values. Trump used the enimedia assets against themselves.
He was also media savvy, using Twitter to reach out to people. He played his cards well, and like a General in battle, hammered at the democrat's weak points with a fury. He exploited their mistakes, and tossed his secrets on the table where no one could use them against him. He owned his weaknesses and mistakes rather then pushing a blame ritual which has marred American politics for way too long.
Above all, he comes across as real!
So let Brock crusade. Where Media Matters for America, Correct the Record, and Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington fail is that they repeat the same tired lies spewed by the lame stream media.
The media of late have been beating the Russian hack banner. People are not buying it. Too many people in positions of authority have refused to sign on. Even the lead puppet called it B.S. What we are seeing is the death throes of corporate media. Enough people are fed up with the lies and 24/7 garbage that they are starving. They aren't gone yet though.
The coming year will bring some fundamental changes. The media that once called Barry's failures success will now have to call Trumps successes. Will they term them failures? The people are mad enough they may not dare.

Tuesday, December 13, 2016


A Kansas farm wife called  the local phone company to report her telephone failed to ring when her friends called - and that, on the few occasions when it did ring, her dog always moaned right before the phone rang.

The telephone repairman proceeded to the scene, curious to see this psychic dog or senile lady.
He climbed a telephone pole, hooked in his test set, and dialed the subscriber's house.
The phone didn't ring right away, but then the dog moaned and the telephone began to ring.
Climbing down from the pole, the telephone repairman found:
1 . The dog was tied to the telephone system's ground wire with a steel chain and collar.
2. The wire connection to the ground rod was loose.
3. The dog was receiving 90 volts of signaling current when the number was called.
4. After a couple of jolts, the   dog would start moaning, and then urinate.
5. The wet ground would complete the circuit, thus causing the phone to ring.

Which demonstrates that some problems CAN be fixed by pissing and moaning.

Saturday, December 10, 2016

I'm thinking this is bullshit

Nikita Whitlock, fullback for the New York Giants, reported that his home was broken in to and vandalized. Some one scribbled "Trump" "Go back to Africa" and "KKK" on the walls.
Thus far, every incident of supposed racist hate that has happened since the election and been solved has been a false flag. Every thing from fake attacks on Hijab wearing islamists to black co-eds claiming they were beat up and harassed, all fake!
These are the games that leftists play, Conservatives don't go for this B.S. This is the sort of behavior we expect from three year old children, not men making a million dollars a year to play sports.
Did I say play? Children play. Maybe that is the key to the problem. Maybe it's time for Nikita to grow up and start acting like a man.
Not. Gonna. Happen.
Nikita, I call Bull Shit on your claim of victimhood. When the truth comes out the NFL needs to suspend you for a few years. Go to Canada and play for the Rough Riders. I hear they have an opening.

Olga Cox is right about one thing

If you have not heard about this or seen the video, you are not paying attention.

Olga is right however about one thing, the nation is as divided now as when we fought our (un)Civil War. Then as now, the democrat party is intolerant. Like a small child, they demand "their way" and are completely unreceptive to other people having feelings, opinions, view points.
Our campuses have become indoctrination centers for the socialists. It does not matter to them that socialism has failed every where it has been tried. They want to make it a world wide system. They love to point to Cuba as their shining city on a hill. Havana has some nice areas, the Castro brothers have made a beautiful facade to lure tourists in with their dollars and euros. Much of the nation though sits in abject decay. If one looks at the buildings, now fallen into disrepair, you see elements which show Cuba was once a rich and prosperous nation. It is a nation frozen in time. The people who roam the streets are aliens to the wealth that once was. It is like sea creatures swimming through the wreck of the Titanic. The clearest mark to Cuba's success is that none of the rafts or boats loaded with refugees was bound for Cuba.
Yes, Olga, we are a nation divided. Will it come to a "hot" civil war? If it does, just as in 1861, democrats will fire the first shots. But conservatives must stand their ground. If it is worth making an issue of, we cannot back down, we cannot pack up and leave. There is no where we can run to, socialism is failing nearly every where, and those places not beset by it are even worse, suffering under the oppression of dictatorial regimes like Iran or North Korea.

Thursday, December 8, 2016


Adm. Harry B. Harris dished one out on the NFL's spoiled brat. Speaking at a ceremony at Pearl Harbor, the Admiral stated "You can bet that the men and women that we honor today – and those who died that fateful morning 75 years ago – never took a knee and never failed to stand when they heard our national anthem being played.”
The crowd erupted in applause.
As far as I'm concerned, the chickenshit chia pet should do two things, make a public apology, and move to Cuba. Keep reminding yourself, these "players" are just entertainers. Were it not for football, they would be janitors or garbage collectors.
Yet for all their vileness, our universities dole out scholarships to them like candy at a 4th of July parade. Do they do that for physicists? What about doctors? If a medical program at any school had the placement rate that their football program has, it would be cut.
Thanks Adm Harris, for your service and your compliment to Chia boy. I'd have said a lot worse.

Sunday, December 4, 2016

Makes me wonder

While all around professional football they are mourning the shooting death of Joe McKnight, in New Orleans, what was a suspect in custody with charges likely has morphed into that subject being released. A star witness who claimed that the shooter shot McKnight, then stood over him and fired again has been proven false. What other parts of her story fell apart? Will we ever have the truth? I believe we will, but whether it gets lost in the false narrative or rises to the surface is the unknown.
Was the incident road rage or roid rage? Drug abuse is not limited to the boys of summer. One has to wonder why an athlete drafted as high as McKnight was ended up playing in the Canadian league. I know, closer to the North Pole, so Santa could get him his gifts sooner.
I'm no expert in that field, I have no skin in the game. Still, I see another chance for American Pravda to advance the false narrative about black lies. So, the simple question is, was McKnight a victim of white on black violence, or was it black on white violence gone awry?

Friday, December 2, 2016

Canadian Police Chase

Whoda thunk it

The perpetrator of some anti Trump graffiti in Philly has been identified. Mayor Kenney  announced to the press that after video footage of the incident was released, one of the vandals was identified. It was a City Attorney. Duncan Lloyd is a city solicitor. He was identified as one of the two who sprayed anti Trump. As of Friday, the POS still had his job. He should be out a job and stripped of his law license.
In other east coast news, a man who sprayed pro Trump graffiti was also caught. The perp in this case was William Tucker. Tucker, who is black, sprayed Trump rules and black bitch on a White SUV owned by a elderly black woman.
I've said it before, and I'll say it again,  the people doing these are not conservatives. Liberalism is a mental disease. Keep that in mind. It is not mere ideology that separates left from right, it is a total mind set. People on the left can not understand how conservatives actually think. It is beyond their ability to comprehend it. They want to ascribe liberal feelings as if it were a mirror, and that is not the case.
Conservatives were just as upset with the election of Barry Soetoro as liberals are with the selection of Donald Trump. We did not riot, we accepted it, that to us is how republican government is supposed to work, some times you lose, especially when the asshole selected to be the conservative candidate is as big a waste of flesh as the liberal one.
Conservatives did not dislike Barry because of the color of his skin. It was the content of his character, or really, the lack there of, which spurred our disdane. When I looked at Barry, I saw a person with no real world experience, a man who had never run a business. never led troops, never accomplished a darn thing in his life. His sole claim to fame was being black. He had no practical experience in government. He'd been a state legislator for two years and a senator for two more. He had no signature legislation, and had never worked across the isle with dissenting people. I also did not like his policies. I am prolife, small government and oppose welfare. I am just a typical conservative. Metaphorically, a Ford man stuck in a Yugo.
I do however understand how liberals think. I've dealt with two year olds.

Thursday, December 1, 2016

He will never be the salesman Barry was

The gun boon is not over! October was a record month as many people, fearing a communist win in the November election got in last minute purchases. Communism lost big time as Shrillary and all the baggage handlers in local and state offices were handed their walking papers.
It's not a victory round though, many first time buyers are now flocking to gun stores out of fear that conservatives will start acting like liberals. It's a legitimate fear, once elected, conservative legislators go to Washington and spend like democrats, so why wouldn't conservative voters, now empowered, start acting like liberals?
Actually, It's not a legitimate fear. If conservatives started acting like liberals, they would have to give up their jobs, start using drugs, and when eventually they began to kill, it would be other conservatives, not liberals.
I'm watching this, and I'm laughing my ass off. The possibilities are endless, It could go so far as Chicago relaxing gun laws so citizens can protect themselves from any conservatives who venture in from South Dakota. Be afraid Chiraq, if your own teen thug gangs don't get you, those Thune voters will! After they decimate Minnesota that is. Best get blankets for the couch, and pillows for the floor, you will have a flood of refugees from St Paul first.
Members of the LGBTQ community are also packing heat now. Warning conservatives, don't get prissy with a sissy or you will get regret it. A fruit will shoot your fruit.
A note to those who like perverted sex, its not conservatives wandering into night clubs, shouting aloha snackbar and killing every one in the place, its the darlings of liberalism, the muzzies.
Can you picture it? some guy walks in to a gay night club and opens fire. from behind a table, some pansy shouts, "are you a Trump supporter? "
The gunman shouts back, "allah be praised, I would kill him too."
The pansy then tells his friends," put your guns away, he's one of us."
We can scoff and joke all we want, irrational fear is still fear. I'm not about to reach across the isle to the liberal community and try to convince them I'm not a threat. I couldn't convince them Cankles was a crook, and the evidence for that is massive. Let them be scared. Heck, our cops are scared, and they have body armor and massive fire power on their side.
We have put up with eight years of lofo rule. Barry, prior to being sworn in and at as present-dunce err president never ran anything except his mouth. We were just as pissed off in 08 as the libtards are now. The difference? we had to get up the next morning and go back to work. Failure is not an option, it's work or starve. Whereas with the liberals, they have their hands out. Remember Denny's video of the cluster fuck O'bozo supporter who thought Barry was gonna pay for her car and home?

Yes, they really are that bad.
We can scoff at them, we can get mad at them, it doesn't matter, they will never learn. And now, we have more guns heading to the hood. They need to fear their own neighbors and not conservatives.
The fire arms industry made a mint during the last eight years. While the fears of the left will drive sales for a little while, the harsh sad fact is it will fizzle on the left side of the fence. Those who buy will not learn to appreciate shooting sports any more than conservatives will ever learn to appreciate crack cocaine.
Sorry, Donald, the salesman award will remain with Barry. You will have to settle for being the best builder to ever lead the nation.

Wednesday, November 30, 2016

A re-re-redoubled effort

Over the last two decades, the demonicRAT party has devolved into a patchwork of single issue polarized groups advocating a policy of anti-Americanism. Most of the hogs at the communist trough are there only to feed, its about what they can steal and nothing else. They contribute their vote though, and that is the trade off.
Women's rights! Gay rights! and both of them are harnessed into a team that is hauling muslim values to America. Never mind that the muslims want to oppress women and kill gays, it is all about team.
Lemmings! Your cliff awaits.
Thanks to republicans who spent like democrats and were tone deaf to the voters, the communist party got handed near total control in 2006, and unstoppable control in 2008. They went hog wild with it, and we haven't had a budget since. It didn't take the voters long to say enough is enough!
the elections of 2010,2012, 2014 and now saw the turning of the tide in terms of voter support. After 2008, republicans saw the light, sort of, and started to pretend to be conservative even thought they attacked the conservative tea party movement like they were rattlers.
Democrats? BWAHAHAHAHA! When Debbie does Dallas err whats-her-name-sluts got caught rigging the primary, whom did they select to head the party interim? Donna Brazzle, a co-conspirator.
Who are they having for their next party chair? Keith muslim brotherhood Ellison. Who is their choice for minority leader in the House? Nancy P. Lousy? Did they learn one thing from 2010 to now? Apparently not.
I'm not complaining though, I am laughing my ass off.

Fan issues

I heard on the news this morning that Police had still not determined a motive for Abdul Razak Ali Artan's attack. Since they won't admit that it is islamic terrorism, or even just terrorism, Let me offer a suggestion.
This was about sports. We see every year how strongly some fans take their teams play. We have seen players assaulted, other fans assaulted, property damage and more.
What has that got to do with a Somali mooslime slashing people at Ohio state? Simple, Our smart government has been settling these Somali folks in places like St Paul Minnesota and Detroit. Lots of em in Detroit. Ohio State just thwacked Michigan, knocking them down two places in the polls and out of a play-off slot. What fan wouldn't want to beat up a few Ohio students? This is just a case of a guy showing too much support for the team he grew up watching instead of the one where he was attending school. With that kind of redneck attitude, I'm surprised he could even spell O-S-U.

In all seriousness, I am glad no one was killed. Lets hope they don't need a safe space over this, because of diversity rules, the Mooslime would be entitled to it first.

Sunday, November 27, 2016

The cure for the common liberal

Nothing upsets the best laid plans like a solid dose of reality. Whether we are talking about military operations or football plays, the fact is they usually work just fine until you actually try them. The same is true for liberalism. Kids who get stuffed full of dogma hit the real world full of utopian dreams and get hit hard with reality. Most recover rather quickly, adapt and move on. Some learn from the experience and become conservatives or even libertarians. others suffer shell shock and retreat mentally into a surreal world where the ideas of socialism taught by their marxist professors still dominate their world view.
Communism has a utopia, Cuba, and thanks to Barry Soetoro, it now has semi normalized relations with the Unites States. That means people desiring to vacation in Cuba can now do so with out costly round about travel through Venezuela or Europe.
Spring break will arrive less than sixty days after Donald Trump takes office, and at that point, the little dears will need an escape from the nasty nasty world of conservatism he is about to unleash, jobs, production......
What better place for them to recuperate than a socialist enclave only ninety miles from America's shores? What a more fitting punishment for those nasty conservatives in Florida who voted for gasp, Donald?
The time to act, kids, is now! Travel to Cuba still requires a passport, unless you don't plan to return. There may also be visas, travel papers, currency as well as hotel and restaurant accommodations to reserve. Most kids learned some Spanish in high school, but it is imperative that if you want to go there and have a good time you learn a little of the dialect. Best start  now and don't be an ugly American.
Cuba has lots for you kids to do, but the tax on your presence is 13%. You can find things on the black market in Cuba free from the government interventionism and if you slip away quietly, you can experience first hand a socialist utopia unlike any place in the world except Detroit, and it can all be yours. Folks in Cuba make only $20 a month. That seems harsh, but health care is free as is housing and education.
If you combine your socialist aspirations with a life of medicine, you can make a whopping $30 a month. That is almost as much as shirt makers earn in Vietnam.
OK, you won't be staying, so don't worry about the job prospects. But go, see for your self what socialism brings. You will find reality only if you get off the beaten path.

Black Friday shopping

I avoided it as much as possible, but working made it necessary for me to visit Home Depot.
An employee I did not recognize approached me and asked if I was finding every thing I needed. The ones who know me leave me alone except to visit. I know the store as well as them. I turned to the guy and exclaimed, "The store is full of stuff I can't live with out."
Sensing a Yuge sale, he replied, "Really, is there any thing in particular you have in mind?"

Saturday, November 26, 2016

Good bye Fidel

Former dictator of Cuba Fidel Castro is finally dead. He is now roasting in hell with other liberal icons like Che.
Back during the Cuban missile crisis a friend of mine was stationed at GITMO. Castro was making ll kinds of noise about how the U.S. Was out to get him and they were thwarting assassination plots right and left. JFK gave orders, and my friend and his team departed for Havana. They went to Castro's office, he slept in an adjacent room, took all his cigars and left a note which read, If we wanted you dead, you'd be dead.
Too bad they didn't kill him then. It would have spared the world untold misery. Then again. Mikey Moron wouldn't have anyplace to go for good medical.

Friday, November 25, 2016

Reach across the aisle? Fine

Every time republicans win we hear the mantra trotted out about how they need to reach across the aisle and work with the communists. However, when the commies get back in the majority do they reach across?  Look at Obozocare for the answer to that.
Reaching across the aisle is fine with me though if they do it my way. Here's how. First, position your hand thumb down. If you are holding it in front of you it will be palm out.  (use the arm closest to the aisle btw) Next, extend your arm fully to the side. clamp your hand firmly over the liberal's mouth taking care that they don't bite you unless of course you've had your rabies shot. Hold in place until the dumbass quits struggling, then remove.
Don't be surprised if the whining resumes as soon as they catch their breath, or regain consciousness. When that happens, do not repeat step one. Instead, close your fingers into a tight fist and hold it to your chest. Now rapidly extend your arm again with enough force  make mike Tyson stagger. Return the hand to the chest, and re-extend it. Do this several times. You will know it is time to stop when the cry baby has as many teeth as a new born baby.
Don't hold your breath though, what we have in congress are members of tt uniparty. Even though they call themselves republicans, they are owned in whole by the sort of people who want bad health care for us poor snots. They are property of the elitists, and whether they are funded by Soros, Koch, or any of the banks, they are all marching the same direction.
2018 is on it's way, we need to primary more of these globalist bastards, or hope that Trump finds an obscure posting for them in his administration. Ambassador to ISIS? Good job for Johnny McInsane.

Wednesday, November 23, 2016

What would happen

What would happen if the media outlets were run like major league sports?

Picture this, Rupert Murdock and Jeff Zucker on the phone,
Zucker; "I'm willing to trade Cooper for Kelly, but you gotta throw in a make up allowance. Hair color don't come cheap"
Murdock; "Fine, fine, I have just the spot for Anderson. We got an ace cub up in Fargo we are itching to bring up from the farm team, and Anderson will make a great replacement for him. How many years did you say he has left on his contract? Two?"
In the end the media is all one big team though. It does not matter if you watch CNN, MSNBC or CNN, they were all team Hillary right down to the wire. The media is no longer trusted. They were never trust worthy. This election was over the top, but in elections past, since I started paying attention to the news media, they have always seemed to me to be in the tank for the communists.
People hunger for the truth. Instead we get fed crap sandwich after crap sandwich. Until now it has been mostly small bites.
Don Surber noted this morning how none of the media were fired for getting it wrong on this election, but why should they be? It is not their fault we quit believing their garbage, and a younger bobble head with bigger tits aint gonna get people believing faux any more tomorrow than they do right now. Its not that they were wrong, its that we caught them lying.

Just a thought

Liberals are like slinkys. Totally worthless, but if you saw some one push one down the stairs, you'd probably smile.

Charge them

Yet another fake hate crime reported. This time at Bowling Green. We have had too many. Hell, one is too many. It is time to charge people who file fake hate crime reports with hate crimes. Colleges bar men who are accused of rape on the flimsiest of evidence, why are they allowed to let people who make false charges remain enrolled?
It is time for some action. Congress needs to step up and require that any person who files a false report, no matter the reasoning or the substance be charge with it, and if that person is a student, that they be dismissed from campus and barred from further enrollment.

Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Officer down

Yet another police officer shot! This time it's detoilet. The subject has been apprehended. The BOLO description says it all though. Police are searching for a 5-feet, 11-inch black male in his 40s with a slight build beard wearing a white T-shirt with white and black lettering, a skull cap and a brown jacket.
Another of Barry's sons.

More moving to Canada

you said????

And now we have Barry strutting arround talking about how he will have to teach Trump about being president.
Lets consider this shall we?
Prior to be elected, Barry's only occupations were, two years doing nothing in the senate, two years in the Illinois chamber, and his time as a "community organizer".
Prior to being elected, the Donald has created a multi-billion dollar business. He has built hotels golf courses and other business ventures and has also taken projects which were stalled, and completed them usually ahead of schedule, and under budget.
Politically, Trump is going to take a lot of getting used to. He is not hung up on million dollar words and catch phrases. his speech is very plain and to the point. Some times he comes across as though he is talking to children.... OK, Congress critters need that approach.
GOD, Bless him.

Monday, November 21, 2016

Too kind

Trump began by filleting Jeff Sucker err Zucker, head of the Communist News Network, and thing continued from there. With no kind words, he let the enimedia know how people like me feel about them. He let them off easy. These socialists marched in lock step like so many brownshirts to the tune called by the people who pull the strings in corporate America.
We have an independent media in this country, none of them work for the networks or dead tree media players. True journalism is dead in that respect, has been for a very long time. The fact was confirmed when the journolist affair was made public. This election cycle outed FOX, and we see now how conservatives were hoodwinked by them.
Back in 2000, I got all my information from sites like Yahoo or the CNN website. That does not mean I trusted them, they simply were the easiest source for news. I understood that they were leftist, I grew up understanding what CLAMs are and knowing how to filter the jnk so as not to become polluted by it.
Lots of folks use Drudge, but it is important to remember it is still articles written by liberal journalism majors. Breitbart is better, but still must contend with the liberal slant of reporters today.
We have had eight years of the most transparent administration in history. Don't believe me? ask Barry, he'll tell you it is so. According to the enimedia, we will now have eight years of administration where every thing will be done in secret. Trump won't even take them to dinner. Yes means no, up is down, good is evil, need I say more?
Trump dressed them down. He should have punched their teeth out. Will power, he has it. We will have eight more years of the media lying to us. Russia had Pravda and TASS. I have no respect for the media. Lets hope the American people say enough is enough and give these communist bastards both barrels.

Beyond sick

I just saw a link to a graphic and detailed account of Cankles and Worthless Willie's sexcapades.
CAUTION This is not for people with weak stomachs, those who are easily over come will not want to follow the link to this article, and especially not to the links in this article.
Quickly put, this details events and people surrounding the communist party candidate for President, Hillary Rodham Clinton and things that came to light as a result of the wikileaks trash dump from the John Podesta email hack. Also provided is a network map showing the entanglement of the various characters.  Many of the names are familliar, Huma Abadine, Anthony Weiner and Jeffery Epstein to name a few.
When a couple of women came forward and accused Donald Trump of being involved in Epstein's Pedo Island, the media was on it like stink on a skunk. This was 2004 all over in terms of credibility and less substance than a popcorn fart. At least with Bush they took the time to type up the fake memo.
One thing that has become standard in the dem play book, if they accuse a republican of it, you can bet dollars to donuts their candidate is the one who is really guilty. And their love affair with the mooslimes? It is one of the few religions to make child molestation part of their practice.
Now, having been warned, make your choice. If you have weak stomach, don't blame me.

Thursday, November 17, 2016

It's all in how you raise em

Millennials are getting a ton of crap right now as they run to their safe spaces to hide out from the tsunami of empowered conservatives raging around the nation in the wake of Trump's overpowering victory. One problem with that notion, The folks who supported President Trump have to get up for work in the morning. They don't have time to run around campus and mock the snowflakes.
Not all millennials are like that though. As with every generation, they graduate school with out a clue about politics. True that modern grads are in a worse predicament since Civics is no longer taught in school, but even when it was, it was spooned out by leftist waste products of the bovine family of critters. I was indoctrinated to be a good little commie right up to the day I enlisted in the military. I was a product of Minnesota which is the most liberal state bar none.
The calendar has changed, not much else has. eighteen years olds with no clue in life march off from the door step. Those that go to college get four years of liberal brain destruction before being turned loose and receiving a mega dose of reality in the form of jobs, expectations, having to make ends meet, rigors of family, well, you get the picture. As a refresher, watch the opening scenes of Head office. Cue it to 6:40 and you get the idea.

Oh, and Permalax? We need that for congress. We send them things which are raw and fresh which get turned to shit and just seem to stick there forever.
As for the kids, my generation produced plenty of liberals, earlier ones produced ILLary and worthless Willie, and the greatest generation hatched LBJ who gifted us perpetual welfare. Yes, they are kinda irritating, but that is more to do with modern media which beams their arrogant stupidity into our homes where as past generations did not have that option.
Plenty of the millennials are already stalwart conservatives. Others will get their great awakening when that gender studies degree doesn't qualify them for anything but Burger King. Eventually chickens will dome home  to roost. Many of the ones that were raised right will get back on track, get jobs and become productive people. The ones raised by liberals never stood a chance. Still, a few will by the grace of GOD emerge from the zombie trance.
Don't write em all off, its too late to kill em all and start over.


If I could give President elect Trump one piece of advise, it would be this, don't listen to fools like me.
Hey, he got there with out me. He got there in spite of all the bad advice offered by all the establishment crooks and liars. That means he must know something. Idiots don't become billionaires, and frankly, very few smart folks do either.

Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Who's to blame?

There are exactly three people most responsible for the defeat of HiLlARy Clinton. Many small players also contributed, but it was really three main ones.
1. Donald J. Trump. In 2013 the republican party did an autopsy to determine why they failed so miserably. Instead of looking for the real reasons, they decided on a cause and searched for evidence to confirm their diagnosis. As a result of that faulty research, the field for 2016 was full of dismal failures. The plan was to coronate Jeb Bush to be the loser to cankles. The field was over full of players designed to split the vote. Every one of them though was backed by the same set of money players whose plan was to splinter the vote so dramatically that no candidate would have a clear lead, then shut off funds to each player as they became unnecessary to the over all plan to force liberal Jeb down the throats of American conservatives.
Into that disarray stepped one Donald Trump who was no politician, told it like it was, counter punched every attacker, but always gave them the honor of throwing the first punch. Donald literally trumped their every effort. His rally's drew crowds of people like nothing seen in the primaries during elections past. So vast were the crowds that some were predicting a 75 million conservative turn out. Even in democrat strong holds, his attendance numbers were staggering. Attacks and protests by organized rabble failed to slow the flow. Lack luster support from party conservatives did nothing to lessen the enthusiasm that Trump generated.
No other candidate on the republican ticket could have done what Trump did. Not Jeb, not Ted, not Dr Ben.
2. Barry Soetoro the Indonesian poser. For eight miserable years The cirizens of the United States have endured the same policies that failed in Venezuela, that failed in Russia, that failed in Greece. Workers have seen the good jobs leave for cheap labor markets while at the same time our own neighborhoods have been flooded with the filth of civilization. They have endured funemployment and obamanomics and been helpless to stop it. When the election of 2012 rolled around, the big money makers, determined to maintain the misery that had been heaped on middle class Americans force fed conservatives the same shit in a different package, Mittens Romney. The republicans in congress meanwhile, padded their campaign chests and made excuses, all the while spending and re-spending the massive waste of money that was funded in the last budget and accompanying bills.
And all the while, Barry crowed, I won. Who lost? the American people.
Rubbing salt in to the wounds, the communist party chose for their next pick the slithering scum bag from Barry's failed policy band wagon, HiLlARy Rodent Clinton.
3. So, last but certainly not least in the cast of Characters responsible for the failure of George Soros march to madness, Illary herself.
Had she not been a mean spirited individual, more people would have turned out for her. Had she played fair in the primary debates and town halls instead of gouging Bernie Sanders, more people would have voted for her.
Is Comey to blame? Certainly not, he carried water for her like never before. Is Anthony Weiner to blame? If Mad Dumb suckerterairy had done her job and followed the law, there would have been nothing on his lap top except National Enquirer material. Is Julian Asange to blame? Certainly not. If there had been nothing to leak, he could not have touched her. In fact, he looked for things to throw at Trump, but every thing he found, Trump had already owned and moved on from. The problem is Hillary and her alone.
All the hand wringing, all the crying will not change the fact that the powers who really control the communist party called the democrats, chose the worst possible candidate once again. They hit rock bottom long ago, how do they manage to one up err down err up err what ever themselves? I dread to think what they will find for 2020.

What have they done?

Barry Soetoro, the Indonesia sock puppet of Hungarian nazi war criminal George Soros will be awarding the Presidential Freedom Medal to 21 crap artists err pop artists. Robert DeNiro, Tom Hanks, Ellen DeGeneres, Robert Redford, Bruce Springsteen, Cicely Tyson, Diana Ross, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar and Michael Jordan, are among the 21 medal recipients, as are Bill and Melinda Gates, sports broadcaster Vin Scully, and "Saturday Night Live" creator and producer Lorne Michaels. What do you not see on that list? Two things, people who have made meaningful accomplishment for America, and conservatives.
This was solely payback for their efforts to secure ObamAA-s legacy by fueling support for Illary. Just change the name to Free Dumb Medal, it is now as meaningless as a Noballs prize.

Double down

Republicans in the House doubled down on stupid. Instead of getting a clue from the election of Donald Trump who won in spite of their vicious attacks, they, like the communists who are taking Ellison as the next DNC chair are completely out of tune with rank and file America.
In an effort to show just how idiotic they are, they in their infinite lack of wisdom ae following a leader who wants to renegotiate TPP instead of scrapping it. While often over looked in the larger message by Trump, he railed against TPP which wold be the death of industry in America.
Lyin Ryan wants to renegotiate it though. For now, Trump needs to signal his openness to considering such a deal in order to stop the Senate from ratifying it in the lame duck session. After Jan 20, it needs to go to the back burner and be left there to burn to ashes.
Thanks Wisconsin, you fucked up in not primarying that worthless POS when you had the chance, and a good challenger, Nehlen.

Monday, November 14, 2016

A little historyand a lot of future

Set the way back machine to February of 2016. The primaries were just getting started. Iowa, New Hampshire, South Carolina and Nevada had cast their votes. Jeb the turtle had taken his ball and slithered home, and released this map predicting the 2016 results.

That map predicted Trump the clear winner. With the exceptions of Colorado and Wisconsin, they hit it pretty much perfect, even calling New Hampshire's divided vote.
From the time I down loaded this pic on 28 Feb, we have been bombarded with enough drivel to fuel a cat 6 hurricane sweeping across the nation, all fifty states.
If this outfit could call it that exact, why were we so swamped with misinformation? The media was not working to inform us, but attempting to steer us. The whole thing was a massive effort to install HiLlARy as the successor to Barry.
You would think that after a smack down this massive, that they would get a clue and go home. Instead, we are still being bombarded with lies and distortions.
Keep the acronym CLAM in your head. Congressional Left, Academia and the Media.
Our kids are being bombarded by their professors at school. Mid term exams are being canceled in several schools so that the kids have time to cope with this unexpected outcome. Huh? Who wasn't expecting this? Did the media actually swallow their own shit? For the last eight years our institutions of "higher" learning have been blasting our kids with this dope about the SCoaMF.
The media is still doubling down on their narrative, feeding the uninformed masses this pure crap unfiltered. Why? So that the rest of the trifecta, the Congressional Left can work their wonders in undermining the Constitution and dismantling America.
But republicans held on to the majority in Congress! Not so fast. Republicans retained 90% of the same crew who did exactly nothing to fix the problems they were sent to Washington to fix in 2014.
The battle is far from over. 2018 is just around the corner, and congressional races will be kicking off with in the next three months.
Here in Kansas,we primaried away Huelskamp. That appears to have shaken him awake. While he was working fast and hard in 2015 for the GOPe leadership, the loss of his seat has brought forth the old Tim. Note to Roger Marshall, if you turn out to be a RINO or some other form of lower class shit, we will primary your ass out just as fast and search for another non liberal member of society who is not too busy to lend a hand in saving America. Every state needs to take this idea and run with it. Find the one candidate who is a strong conservative and get them in shape. Vet them, vet their kids, vet their dog, then vet their neighbors. This isn't about draining the swamp, it time to pump the septic tank.

It has a Name

We have been seeing all these hired mobs rioting in the streets ever since Donald J. Trump became President elect. In 2000 we called it Bush Derangement Syndrome or BDS. This new version is even worse, contrast it to BDS being a common cold, and this is now like influenza. A very bad strain of the flu.
This morning I saw read about Trump Administration Resistance Disorder, so these poor kids are Trump Administration Resistance Disorder Sufferers. Call them tards for short. In the event Trump is president after 2020, we will change the name to reflect accordingly, and they will be Re-Elected Trump Administration Resistance Disorder Sufferers, or simply put, RETARDS.

Help them Leave

The flood of American liberals sneaking across the border into Canada has intensified in the past week, sparking calls for increased patrols to stop the illegal immigration.
The election of Donald Trump is prompting the exodus among left-leaning citizens who fear they’ll soon be required to hunt, pray, and agree with Bill O’Reilly.
Canadian border farmers say it’s not uncommon to see dozens of sociology professors, animal-rights activists, and Unitarians crossing their fields at night.
“I went out to milk the cows the other day, and there was a Hollywood producer huddled in the barn,” said Manitoba farmer Red Greenfield, whose acreage borders North Dakota.
The producer was cold, exhausted, and hungry.
“He asked me if I could spare a latte and some free-range chicken. When I said I didn’t have any, he left. Didn’t even get a chance to show him my screenplay, eh?”
In an effort to stop the illegal aliens, Greenfield erected higher fences, but the liberals scaled them. So he tried installing speakers that blare Rush Limbaugh across the fields.
“Not real effective,” he said. “The liberals still got through, and Rush annoyed the cows so much they wouldn’t give milk.”
Officials are particularly concerned about smugglers who meet liberals near the Canadian border, pack them into Volvo station wagons, drive them across the border, and leave them to fend for themselves.
“A lot of these people are not prepared for rugged conditions,” an Ontario border patrolman said. “I found one carload without a drop of drinking water. They did have a nice little Napa Valley cabernet, though.”
When liberals are caught, they’re sent back across the border, often wailing loudly that they fear retribution from conservatives. Rumors have been circulating about the Trump administration’s establishing re-education camps in which liberals will be forced to drink domestic beer and watch NASCAR.
In the days since the election, liberals have turned to sometimes-ingenious ways of crossing the border. Some have taken to posing as senior citizens on bus trips to buy cheap Canadian prescription drugs. After catching a half-dozen young vegans disguised in powdered wigs, Canadian immigration authorities began stopping buses and quizzing the supposed senior-citizen passengers.
“If they can’t identify the accordion player on The Lawrence Welk Show, we get suspicious about their age,” an official said.
Canadian citizens have complained that the illegal immigrants are creating an organic-broccoli shortage and renting all the good Susan Sarandon movies.
“I feel sorry for American liberals, but the Canadian economy just can’t support them,” an Ottawa resident said. “How many art-history majors does one country need?”
In an effort to ease tensions between the United States and Canada, Vice President Pence met with the Canadian ambassador and pledged that the administration would take steps to reassure liberals, a source close to the White House said.
“We’re going to have some Peter, Paul, & Mary concerts. And we might put some endangered species on postage stamps. The president is determined to reach out.”
 For those of you who don't recognize it, this was published in 2004 by Denny, the Grouchy Old Cripple. Back the of course, it was Bush and Cheney. It was the blog post that got me to his wonderful site.

Sunday, November 13, 2016

This is great

Another reason to boycott pro football

POS Mike Evans of the Bucks is refusing to stand for the national anthem because Trump won. The only thing these children understand is starvation. If we the working folks quit supporting their antics, then the companies who no longer have customers will eventually get a clue. Macy's is on a tremendous slide since they trashed Trump.
Pepsico needs to be added to the list of insufferable corporations who have not earned our business. George Soros better have deep pockets if he want to keep this up. We are tired of his clown show. He can move back to Hungary and leave America alone. Or better yet, go to Russia and face the music for all the chaos he stirred there.
I watch a lot of football. Lets examine it rationally though. Many of those star players would not get on campus except as janitors were it not for athletics. Many of them get full ride scholarships fro the universities on top of that. How many doctors or engineers get full free rides? How many lawyers? Ok, scratch lawyers.
What is the placement rate? Seriously, if the Kansas State University veterinarian program had the same placement success rate as Bill Snyders team, they would shutter the programs and allocate the buildings to gender studies. Still, it is fun to watch guys with single digit IQ's make and waste paychecks that most fans can only dream of.
As for Evans, here is hoping he screws up on a post route, collides with the goal post and it wins. Might knock a little sense in to the asshole. Which is where his nearly empty head is.

Saturday, November 12, 2016

I'm tired of the blather

People are chattering about President elect Trump having a mandate. We can debate that for days. As I see it, in a national sense, he does not. He won the electoral battle, but did not carry the popular vote. While he is the clear winner as defined by the Constitution, he is not as popular as the liberal policies which are destroying freedom and our nation. As far as the Republican party goes, he has a clear mandate. He is the first true conservative to win since Ronald W Reagan won in 1980. While we have had two Bush dynasty Presidents in the 28 years since Reagan left office, neither is a true conservative. Don't believe me? Both announced they were voting for grifter criminal and traitor Hillary Clinton, a woman who has sold access to Various world despots for contributions to her global initiatives. We call that bribery.
Further more, look at their fiscal policies, both Bush Sr and Jr  were more liberal spenders than Worthless Willie. Bush senior increased the nation debt by almost as much in four years as the cheater in chief did in eight. And Jr? over three times that! Reagan had a significant increase, but he also brought the cold war to a close which should have drastically slowed spending since we down sized the military.
Republicans have been pressured by the donor class to be more like the communists. The globalists have been wanting that for decades. They are not patriots, but instead citizens of the world. When George Jr won reelection in 2004 after three years of liberal spending, they got the wrong message from the voters. They thought that increasing debt was immaterial to us. People were willing to accept more debt for a clear cause, stopping islamic terrorism.
On that subject, the communists may very well select muslim brotherhood congressmaniac Ellis from Minnesota to take the reins of the democrap party. And you thought Dumbass Brassile was scraping the bottom of the barrel.
Republicans made a shift to the left with McInsane in 2008. Voters were so unimpressed that many conservatives couldn't bite their tongue and pull the lever, so they sat home instead. For 2012 they attempted to get further left than even the demoncraps with the selection of mittens the moron who was the choice of the donor class and not rank and file conservatives. After that they performed an autopsy. Surprise! Conservatism is not dead. The pack of rats who signed on for the coronation of Jebito Bush to be runner up to HiLlARy were about as inspiring as stale beer. That all went out the window when Donald Trump tossed his hat in the ring.
The message from rank and file working Americans is we are tired of the liberal bull shit flowing from both parties. People who for decades have sat home in despair got out and voted even while the blathering class sat home.
Trump is the most vilified, most attacked President since Lincoln. Lincoln won because the democrats split their vote between a northern and a southern candidate. Trump won because people said enough!
Trump had a clear message for the American people, and the American people sent a clear message to the republican leadership. Will they listen? Don't bank on it.

Friday, November 11, 2016

Hey Juan, we put up with Barry

Juan Williams, the sniveling uber liberal retard from faux was whining on the five that Cuban Americans weren't ready for a woman president. Sorry Juan, that's not the case. We aint ready for that woman. Yet? try ever.
To be honest with every one, I'm still trying to figure out what happened myself. Not about the election of Donald Trump, I pegged that in September of 2015. I'm talking about how the media and DemonicRATs were caught flat footed on Tuesday. Did they really believe their own Bullshit? Or did they think we would? The point is now moot, Trump is president elect, and barring some serious skullduggery will begin the very tough job of cleaning up after ObamAA- in January. He has his work cut out for him, after 24 years of Democrats in the White House there is a lot to do. Yes, I called W a democrat. Since he voted for the bitch of Benghazi, he has justly earned the title.
Make that 28 years, his father is also a deserter.

Protests? Nothing new

Riots have broken out in several liberal bastions, spoiled children upset that a republican has been elected President. Trump has yet to take office, make one executive decision, sign one bill in to law or veto it, and the liberals are acting like there is no tomorrow.
If that doesn't sound familiar, it means one of two things, you are too young, or you don't know history. The same kind of utter bullshit coming from the left happened with the very first Republican President, Abraham Lincoln. Does anything ever change? After the elections of 1860 the democrats would have still maintained enough control to have thwarted any of the dooms day predictions they were making which eventually led to session and war.
People today like to claim that the Civil war was about state's rights and rant about how the election of Lincoln marked the end of state's rights. How wrong you are! State's rights did not end with the election of Lincoln. The democrats pulled a majority of the votes in the 1860 election, but they divided their party between two candidates, Douglas and Breckinridge. The waters were further weakened by the rise of the Constitutional Union party which was a very weak conservative party that reached out to the proslavery south and won Tennessee Virginia and Kentucky.
No, the end of state's rights happened in 1913 when the 17th amendment to the Constitution made the election of Senators by common vote rather than appointment by the State.  If you do not understand, Prior to 1913, Senators were appointed by the state and answered to the legislatures there. If  Senator got owned, and began to cast votes which were not in the interest of his home state, he got axed real quick. What changed? Lets be honest, most voters pay little or no attention to what their individual congress critter is doing in the swamp. When election time rolls around, many people vote name recognition. Primary elections are legion for low turn out. People just do not pay enough attention, and they actually believe when an incumbent says he is not part of the problem he helped create. That end of accountability is what ended state's rights.
So, what is to prevent another civil war from happening? Well, even if HiLlARy had won, conservatives weren't going to start one, they all have jobs they need to be at in the morning. As for the left, the few who own guns are too busy killing other lefties. Just look at Chiraq where 31 people have perished at the hands of fellow liberals this month.
I could very well be wrong though. The snap of violence that has erupted is being funded by the usual suspects. You can be sure that these are not spontaneous any more than a hockey game is. Cankles and Obozo know full well that they are in serious trouble, and by extension the hand that manipulates them both. Boys throw rocks at frogs in sport. These folks are fighting for their freedom and lives. who they hurt and how they hurt them does not matter. Truth does not matter. Illary was in this for money, how much she could reap in bribes mattered, but as the dam of information about her misconduct and how she had used the office of Secretary of State for personal gain and sold out the people of America has flooded the information super highway, it has become clear to the world that Comey's remarks not withstanding, she is a dirty rotten crook with out honor. Hillary for Prison needs to become reality, but she and Barry will fight to prevent that.
An epic civil war may be in our near future. Maybe it has been happening for a few years and we just didn't realize it. For the time being, keep a weather eye on your surroundings. Even in Red State Kansas, we have liberals who would not hesitate to do others harm. If you live some place more liberal, that Trump sticker may now be a bulls eye target for some radical who is too stupid to understand that Obamunism is communism's retarded brother, and thinks utopia is government controlled and he can live with out working if he just kills some one who has a job that provides the means to his laziness. Parasites often kill their host to their own demise. They just don't understand it.
Prepare for the worst, hope for the best, but don't expect sunshine and roses until the fog clears.

Thursday, November 10, 2016

Time to dig out the work boots

Funemployment is almost over. If you have not needed your work cloths for the past eight years, a word of caution. Your feet change over time, and walking around in flip flops has possibly allowed them to widen in critical areas. start off by taking a short hike down to the mail box If after that your feet feel fine, pick it up a notch. You don't want to start your second day off with blisters. Also, there is a good chance you've put on weight so before you head down to the employment office, head over to good will and swap your old stuff for ones that fit.
Now is the time to get cracking. January 20 is just around the corner, and you will want to be back in shape when you show up for the job interviews. You have the know how, you speak English, so that is two big steps up on the new kids who have never had an opportunity to work.
Yes, there is a touch of sarcasm in all that, but the hard truth is working class Americans have suffered through eight years of liberal hell and while Barry has proven to be an uber liberal duffus, the up side of that is had he been competent, the Nation would be ruined. Critical on life support aint much better, but to quote Miracle Max, "all you can do when they're dead is go through the pocket for loose change.
Speaking of change, will it get changed back? Trump promised the moon, but to deliver we need some rino's to step up and be stars. Wall Street and the Chamber of Communists will have a cow and you can bet George Soros and Tom Donohue will be fit to be tied.
People need to set up and take notes. Do NOT trust the media in the coming months. for that matter don't trust them ever, but the following months will be critical, and they will be working over time to distract and deflect.
Remember 2014? We the electorate handed the republicans the largest turn around in modern history with which they were supposed to repeal Barry Care as well as undo a laundry list of other liberal wet dreams AKA human nightmares. The cheated us! 2016 should have been pay back in spades, but too many voters are lofo and scum like Lyin Ryan and North Vietnamese Air Ace Mcinsane for back in.
In Kansas we at least managed to get rid of foolskamp before the voters hit snooze.
Keep track of every thing critical. Demand a budget, and not one based on the obamanation we have endured for eight years. Demand repeal of Barry care and demand conservative judges especially in the Supreme Court. Ruth badbitch Grinchberg decide not to flee to New Zealand much to the relief of the kiwi's. We are stuck with her until she vapor locks which could happen at any time. The media is going to be feeding their base. If you haven't noticed, we don't have an independent press any longer. They are corporate owned and do the bidding of their masters. The globalists want a certain narrative, and they will have it and nothing else. The riots last night were bout as spontaneous as a rusted bolt. How much money do you think it cost nazi war criminal George to fund those lazy ass holes? My earnest hope is that President Trump extradites his ass to Russia where they want to have a long discussion with him. A massive stroke would be a nice alternative, I am sure GOD will treat him more justly than the Rooskies any way.
Mark my words though, the march to globalism is not over. They are taking a break and chomping at the bit, but they are not going home. Neither should we. This battle is far from over.

Wednesday, November 9, 2016

The first step

Yesterdays election was not the end of the campaign. The political campaign, yes, the real one, NO! Make that HELL NO! Yesterday was not VEA day nor was it even Normandy. comparing i to various military campaigns, it was at best, Torch, when American forces first faced the might of the Axis Army in Africa.
When we landed in Africa, we were an ill equipped, under trained outfit of misfits with more guts than smarts, courage out weighed experience, and the only thing that was certain was tomorrow. whether our troops would live to see it was a question that most were afraid to think about let alone ask.
Yesterday, conservatism made a beachhead. This is not republican vs democrat, most elected republicans are rino's and as bad as their communist counterparts in the democrat party. Yesterdays win was nationalism against globalism, and don't believe for a second that globalism is dead. It did not die when the Axis was subdued, nor when the Berlin wall came down. The players change, but that is about it.
Yesterday was a first step, a baby step in terms of what needs to be done, a monumental step in terms of what has been happening, but a first step none the less. Don't expect running any time soon, we are not talking about a new born child, but instead a 240 year old cratchety republic where things have been going down hill for 239 of them.
Nothing made lasts forever. the Pyramids in Egypt have held on longer than most any other thing, and the effects of weather sun and time show on their faces. Every government created by man has eventually failed and perished. The last few decades have been a series of strokes for us. We can recover though. Whether we will remains to be seen. We have had many years of bad decisions. If this were a body, a living organism, it would be akin to a person who smoked, drank too much, did all manner of drugs, engaged in illicit sex, and had suicidal tendencies on top of that.
Our founding fathers gave us a republic if we can keep it. Well, 50% of our population want anything but. Globalism won't be anything resembling what we have here. It may be "democracy", but when you consider that the vast majority of the world has no clue as to how that operates, you begin to see what we would be facing. We are 350 million people plus a few. That is out of a world population of 6 billion. We are 5% of the world population, and the other 95% are mostly totalitarian regimes where voting against dear leader is signing your own death certificate, and predating it. Human rights in most of the world are a joke, and that is especially true among the nations who sit on the UN human rights council. If globalism become the rule, we will swiftly descend to the levels enjoyed by women in Saudi Arabia, gays in Iran, and Christians in Syria. That is a best case scenario.
Trump promised the moon while he was campaigning, don't hold your breath. Congress won't willingly deliver. Beginning now we must ramp up the pressure on the elected representatives in Washington to act. Believe me, the opposition is already doing that. This election could have put them on notice, it didn't. Some pundits were predicting a 75 million voter turn out for Trump. The numbers fell far short, and as far as popular vote, the piap actually won that. Down ticket numbers are good, the rino's retained majorities in both houses. What this all portends is that while many Americans are disgusted with the politicians, they don't want to change their share of the pond scum.
We have a lot of steps ahead. If Trump leads like he says, he is going to be butting his head against a firm wall. Members of congress on both sides are funded by the same money pool, and they want globalism. That we the people do not is of no concern to them. Congressional campaigning for 2018 began this morning. We need to keep pressure on the people we sent to Washington to be bribed so that they fear for their jobs enough to listen to us.
Whats gonna happen, Same thing as this morning, people went to work and bitched about the do nothing congress and the pieces of shit that float in it. Trump said drain the swamp, but he is wrong. We need to drain the septic tank. That is what our congress has become.

Tuesday, November 8, 2016

They just don't get it

Watching the Clinton News Network to get election results, I am shaking my head as I listen to them banter about how voters who went for Barry are now voting Trump. They seem to think it is about the change message.
I think they are wrong!
The sort of people who voted for the Indonesian are not voting for Trump. They are people looking for a free hand out, and they got it with the SCoaMF. What they are tonight is disgusted with HiLlARy. They are sitting home and watching the Weather Channel. They are the communist party equivalent of conservatives who were so sickened by the notion of Johnny RINO McInsane being the republican nominee that they stayed home in 2008.
Instead, today is being carried by folks who sat home in 2008 and 2012. Many in fact, never voted. I have met several people who out of disenchantment with the fake two party system and how republicans who ran as conservatives got to the swamp and become liberals, never bothered to vote until now. As one of those geezers put it to me, it's not about draining the swamp, its about cleaning the septic system.
Drudge has several reports about voter fraud, Philly is rife with it, who-da-thunk-it? It was thick with it in 2008, and Barry's refusal to do his sworn duty has led to a double down. I guess the only enthusiastic support she has is among the dead.

Monday, November 7, 2016

The END is here

On the east coast it is now officially election day. The clock is ticking down the hours until the successor to One Big Assed Mistake America is finally known. Given the level of enthusiasm at Illary's rallys, Trump should win in a land slide that makes Reagan's reelection look close. Given the level of voter fraud for which the communist party err democrats are known, HiLlARy should win in nail biter that makes Truman's win over Dewey look like a land slide.
Will it be over 24 hours from now? By this time tomorrow the polls will be closed in all states but Hawaii and Alaska. They don't matter. One is predictably republican, the other is predictably stupid. I would say the same about California, but there are signs it may not be as demonic as it has been since 1984. People are fed up with Barry's foolishness. It's one thing to fawn over having the first female president, another to have to endure four years of her bitter antics, and even the folks who are perpetually communist have to draw the line some where. Vote for Trump? No, they would stay home and bitch like valley girls. The reality of Barry care is hitting home at just the right time. Rates which were supposed to be dropping are soaring like eagles on speed. Why his popularity remains high is any one's guess. My bet is fraud in the polling. They have spent over a year propping up Illary, what is to stop them from doing the same for the worst legislation in world history?
I spoke on Sunday with a man who predicted that neither candidate would be sworn in as president. I hope he is wrong, I fear he is right.
If the pig in a pantsuit wins it will only be by fraud. You know it, I know it. Whether the rank and file put up with it is any one's guess, They tolerated the intolerable for eight long painful years. Where do they draw the line?
If The Donald wins, will Barry allow him to be sworn in? Wikileaks has painted a horrifying picture of what his administration has done and allowed. He cannot pardon himself, and it is doubtful whether his pardon would cover the actions of cankles since he was a coconspirator in her pay for play scams. To what extent will they go? No one knows. Nothing is off the table, these people are globalists and evil on a scale that is unimaginable.

Tuesday, November 1, 2016


The DOJ is intervening in the HiLlARy e-mail investigation that Commie reopened after the discovery of 650,000 e-mails on the computer Huma shared with her husband, pervert Anthony Weiner. Lynch has stepped aside in this since the publicity of her meeting with worthless Willie has drawn a ton of criticism. Instead the investigation will be led by none other than Peter J. Kadzik. Who is Kadzik? Well, he was involved in the pardon of Marc Rich. He also defended Podesta during the Lewinski whitewash.
To make matters worse, he has connections to the  campaign.
How many ways can you say conflict of interest? This is not having the coyotes investigate the chicken's demise, that would be merely criminal.
We are being force fed a crap sandwich... With out bread.  This administration is desperate. They have comitted a laundry list of criminal acts which make Richard Milhouse Nixon look like a choir boy, James Earl Carter look competent, and John Forbes Kerry look like a Patriot and I don't mean the New England kind. At what point will this criminal enterprise stop? I fear that they, like Hitler, would sooner destroy the nation completely than give up. Its not just the Obama's and Clinton's either. This spans across party lines and involves the Bush dynasty. Why else would a favored son stoop so low as to hamstring a presidential candidate from his own party? We have seven days. 172 hours until the vote results in places that could make a difference are counted. Alaska will swing republican and Hawaii communist, we all know that. Or so we? Be on high alert for voter fraud. Don't count on the poll watchers, some of them may be reliable establishment ie crooked as Hellary.
Ask not how your country can screw you, ask what you must do to take back our country.

Sunday, October 30, 2016

More BS than usual

Since Illary can't muster the strength to go to Cincinnati and campaign, the Democrat office in Warren County had a few ton of her rhetoric delivered. Local shrew Bethe Goldenfield is blaming the republicans, but the county is solidly Republican, and they would see no need to pull a stunt like that. Add in the fact that it has happened before, and the smell becomes under whelming. The democrats have a small play book, and when the tricks repeat cycle after cycle, it tends to be false flags and desperation. Just look at how HiLlARy is constantly blaming the Russians and a vast right wing conspiracy. Heck, she is even trying to hang her attacks on Barry known as the birther movement on Trump.
In this day and age, the chances of a person pulling something like this and not having it recorded on a camera some where are smaller than Jill Steins chances of getting elected. Will we hear the last of this? or will it be swept under the rug?
Besides, I can't see a republican wasting fertilized like that.

Saturday, October 29, 2016

Check out the wikileaks stuff

As of today, over 36,000 e-mails have been released from HiLlARy's campaign advisor John Podesta. Only a small percentage, maybe between 1 and 2% contain potentially damning evidence. The rest are pure treason. They were cagey though, although many of her co-conspirators are named up front, the biggest fish are only referred to by their initials. If any one can help in identifying who CNN, ABC, NBC and CBS are, the FBI, also coincidentally the initials of a co-conspirator, can get started on arrests.
There is a list of the top 100, keep an eye on them as with each revelation, the ranking changes. Kinda like college football once conference play begins.
I was intrigued by one revelation, that HiLlARy tampered with the primary campaign of John McInsane, the NVAF flying ace. I guess I wasn't the only one who thought he was a democrat.
Our nation is in serious trouble. We do not have a congress that represents the people. We do not have a press that fairly reports and accurately describes the events of the day. We have people both inside government and outside our nation colluding to destroy The United States and reduce us to third world status. We are the last bastion of freedom, and we are being attacked from within. GOD, help us.

First one

I finally saw a Clinton Kaine bumper sticker today. A friend of mine wanted to pilot his boat to the North end of Tuttle Creek for duck hunting. When the lake levels are low, it is hard to launch a boat up there, so putting in at the southern end and running it north seemed to him the easiest way to get it done. He offered to buy lunch if I would meet him up there and bring him back. Its a beautiful day, so I took him up on the offer.
We'd calculated his arrival time, and to be safe I got there a touch early. Well, nature called, lunch wanted out, so I headed to the public toilets they have there. Modern versions of the old farmer's out house, bring your own paper usually.
As I pulled up, there was a Prius with a Hillary sticker prominently displayed in front and a guy frantically rumaging under the seat. Looking for a napkin, I thought. As I exited my truck, he dashed back in with a hand full of change, screaming, give me a few minutes. I watched in wonder as he then tossed all those coins down the hole.
Staring in wonder, I asked, why did you do that?
I dropped a nickel while I was going potty he said.
Well, why are you throwing more money down there?
Seriously, would you climb down in that for just a nickel?

Monday, October 24, 2016

Sunday, October 23, 2016

Something to behold