Saturday, June 27, 2015

Way to spread the love

A site called Newswatch33 is claiming that a group called Citizens for white rights has raised in excess of $4 million for Charleston killer Dylann Roof. I saw a link to it at the Conservativetreehouse this afternoon. Its pure and absolute bull shit. There is no such group, and if there was, they would not have flown under the radar for this long. The communists at CNN (p)MSNBC, and all the other infested media would have been trumpeting this from the roofs.
I guess the leftards are not content that one of their off shoots went batshit crazy and is being pawned off as a Conservative. Sorry commies, true conservatives would toss scum like him in a ditch, and leave him its the left that champions liars and America Haters. aka Hillary and Barry.

Friday, June 26, 2015

GOOD News!

One of the escaped convicts from the Bill and Hillary Clinton future home in New York has officially completed his sentence. Richard Matt assumed room temperature today after twenty days of freedom.
The best part though is that Al Shittongue and Jesse Jackass won't be protesting this brutal police slaying.
***Update*** Being that Matt killed his boss, and Sweat offed a cop, they are honorary blacks, and afforded all the rights and privileges of a member of the protected race just like Racial Dolezall. Rioters and looters are boarding buses in Baltimore as I type this.

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Campaign 2016

With all the insanity flowing from the left these days, Hillary is about to be lost in the flood. She needs a new identity if she wants to be noticed. She can't come out as black, Rachel Dolezal killed that one.
Maybe she should embrace her true self, and run as the anti Washington candidate. No, not opposed to everything that flows out of D.C. but the polar opposite of George. He never told a lie, she has never told the truth. Hell, she wouldn't know it if it ran her over like a New York jaywalker being splattered by a bus.

Does any one remember the movie Tunnel Vision? The 1976 feature was about a network with out censorship, I think Ted Turns-my-stomach patterned his collection of barf after it. Especially CNN, the Communist Nuts Network. Swimoff Israel and Roth wanted to predict what the boob tube would be like in 1985. Well, they were off by a couple of decades, but I think we have it pinned now. And. No. One. Is. Outraged.

Monday, June 15, 2015

Sunday, June 14, 2015

Its the Communist Nuttyness Network

CNN Shitforbrains and noise maker Fredrica Whit(less)field has called the goof who shot at the Dallas Police Station courageous and brave. What is wrong with Ted Turners crowd? A: Every damn thing. What he did was a crime. I'm waiting for this to be dissected by people better at it than me, but for now I am accepting the narrative presented that this guy was mad at the world because his kids were taken away by family court, and he went off the deep end right into an empty pool.
This wasn't about the shootings in Waco, nor did it have one bit to do with the incident next door in McKinney. Neither would have made it right, acceptable, or in any way tolerable. As far as we know, he wasn't even mooslime, so he won't be getting 72 virgins any time soon. Then again, he might have been. From the article, "According to an arrest warrant affidavit, Boulware was "talking rudely about religions, Jews and Christians" toward his mother, Jeannine Hammond, before suddenly attacking her."
The hate for GOD's people, the disrespect for women, He might just be a muzzie. or in this case, a dead muzzie.
As for fadfreaka, may she languish at the airports only network and continue to beclown herself for Ted's amusement. Its all a cess pool there. Poison for the brain.

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

A little evening humor

Papa shark decided it was time to take junior out and teach him how to hunt. They headed to the sea shore, and were swimming along near the beach when they looked up and saw some one swimming in the water. papa said to junior, "I want you to go up there, make sure your fin is out of the water, and circle him two or three times before you grab his leg and pull him under."
Junior said, "OK, but why waste time doing that?"
Said papa, "They always taste better if you scare the shit out of em first."

Sunday, June 7, 2015

So wrong

When I first heard that the winner of the triple crown was American Pharoah, my first thought was Holy Shit! Barry threw a saddle on Moochelle! Then I saw a pic of the Filly. Cuter and a lot smaller. I mean the horse.
Then again, thats all the bigger Moochelle was when she was three.

Friday, June 5, 2015

Congratulations Paul

Paul W. Tibbets IV has taken charge of the 509th bomber wing at Whiteman AFB Missouri. He is the grandson of the man who piloted the plane that dropped the bomb on Hiroshima. Military service runs deep in some families.
As I read the article though I had a WTF moment. Right there, in the FIRST paragraph, they refer to the B-2s as an aging bomber fleet. Seriously? The B-2 is the newest strategic bomber in the world as far as I can find. The Russian TU160 is two years older, and no other country is in the business any more. By contrast, our B-52 fleet are all 52 or older with the last being rolled out in 1962. The last 14 were delivered in 1963. While its awesome to read about the grandson commanding his grandfather's squadron, with the BUFF, we have grandsons flying their father's plane! That's old!
What is awesome though is that they are still effective.
As for Paul Tibbets IV and the 509th, it is truly good to see the dedication that family has had to this country, and the way our military honored him. May he not have to repeat his grandfather's feat and drop a nuclear weapon in anger.
I'm no softy, the bombing of Hiroshima and Nagisaki saved both American and Japanese lives. The bushido spirit had it been allowed to continue would have placed women and children on the beaches armed with bamboo spears if they felt it would keep the emperor on the throne for one more hour.
Then again, it may be his destiny to turn a thousand square miles of Syrian sand into glass.

And they complain because Christians won't bake them a cake.

ISIS is executing homosexual men in Mosul. The newest incarnation of islamic terror is luring homosexuals with flirt squads, and any time they get one, they are killing them by dropping them head first off buildings among other methods.
No, I am not in any way saying we should be killing the perverts we have here even though they are an affront to Christianity. I am just shaking my head at the strange bedfellows that form the socialist party of America aka the dumbocraps.
Part of me wishes that all these homosexuals would take a vacation to Iraq, but mostly I wish they would shut the hell up, and keep their sex lives to themselves.
Barry seems to be taking the local ISIS threats seriously. Maybe he is afraid they will toss him off the Washington Memorial.

Wednesday, June 3, 2015

What are we?

Yes its old, so is that lyin slimy communist bitch.

Tuesday, June 2, 2015