Saturday, January 30, 2016

I just realized its

Hurty Hurry, only a few hours left

Until the Iowa Caucuses kick off the official nominating season, and the clowns at the Des Monic register are up to their usual bag of worn out political stunts.

My life is all just political show
Lofo voters buy the crap that we sow
Bloomberg says do what ever we can
Start false rumors
In November its gotta be Bush vs Clinton
Liars crooks and tools
We work at the Register and sell it to fools.
Liars crooks and tools
But every four years all the hopefuls come around
And lay that money down..

Don't answer me

9 and 90 air baloons

Sounds like a stalker to me

Every time I hear this song I think of my exwife. After we separated, she would park near my house and observe. She scared a couple of my neighbors.
After the divorce was final, I thought she would move on. Didn't happen. When I started dating again, she then stalked the woman I was seeing. It frightened her, but the drug dealers in my new flame's neighborhood were even more bothered. One morning about 4A.M. she was parked down the block. A friend of mine lived in the area, and he went to put his dog out and spooked a couple of tweekers who were about to do some serious shit. They knew she wasn't a cop, so in their minds that meant she was fixing to roll them.
Surprisingly the gal I was seeing married me in spite of that. I was stupid, it was a rebound for me, and a life boat for her.
The stalking didn't stop there though, it continued for over six more years.
My youngest graduated in December of 08, but didn't turn 18 until February. A week before his birthday he paid me a visit, and we were sitting and watching TV when his phone rang. He looked at it then muted the ringer, muttering "I don't want to talk to her."
I asked who, he said Mom. I told him he really should take the call. She called back in a few minutes, and he answered. he told her he was at work, and would be off at 1 A.M.
When he got off the phone, I told him he shouldn't lie to her. He had his opinion on that. He left just before 1.
My phone rang at 4:15. It was my son. and he was mad! Turns out that when she called him, she was parked right out front of my place and was looking straight at his truck. Oops big time. She was making all kinds of threats. but with his birthday only a week off, there wasn't much she could really do. He moved out the morning of his birthday. By the time she got home from work, his room was empty.
Some where in there I put up a game cam. I had several pics of her vehicles on the road. Talked to the cops a couple of times. They said it was a public road and nothing they could do. Its also a dead end road. People going by aren't traveling from town to town.
As for this song, ironic that it is done by a group called The Police. I guess big brother is watching us too.

Friday, January 29, 2016

Another oldie


He was supposed to be food

Just another stupid liberal story, the friendship between a goat and a tiger has ended. And the tiger got cheated. The goat was put into the pen to be a meal for the tiger. They had an association for some time because the tiger opted to skip a meal, and the crowds, and the world were all oh and aah about this supposed friendship. PETA pukes just don't understand animals, and when Amur decided it was finally time to eat, they got in a huff and rescued stole his lunch.
Lets hope Amur learned his lesson, and never saves a snack for later.

Redneckophobia, here's why

Don Surber posted about Larry the Cable Guy and  the media. All I can say is this;
Most of us rednecks are not stereotypical rednecks. We are educated and hard working. Those of us who drink rarely drink to excess. We love our country, understand the Constitution, believe in GOD, and want a better nation to pass to our children and grand children.
We have worked hard in good times, persevered in hard times, built what was torn down, helped our neighbors, helped strangers, and asked neither recognition or pay.
If America has a spine, we are the vertebra that form it. We are her conscience and her soul.
While the elite plot ways to destroy her, we toil to rebuilt that fabric, and if no man will say it, we only pray that when we meet him, GOD will say, "Well done thou good and faithful servant."

Wednesday, January 27, 2016


This was popular when I was stationed in Germany. It got a lot of play on the AFN as well as the German stations.

That is the short version, if you want the full one, go here;

I can't believe I used to like this stuff

And I still do.

Yes, I'm weird.

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Ballad of the also rans

Donald Trump has stated that he won't be wasting his time with the Faux Noise Debacle. The first debate was a farce. Instead of being an impartial reporter of the election process, Roger Ailes has apparently instructed his team to be a hit squad, sappers against the electoral process.
I switched off Faux after Megyno's first psychotic rant. I have long called CNN the Communist Noise Network, but at least there I know their bias and can filter for it. Don't watch them much, but if there are happenings, like the San Bardo shooting, I want to catch a little ground coverage. Day to day? Meh.
I hope this stirs outrage among the advertisers who forked over good money. I hope they demand refunds. here's to them not being able to get the late late crowd to pay for time. Vince with Sham wow might bite, but lets hope not.
Part of me was hoping he would go on, and if he did, that he wold have a bottle of Midol in his pocket, and the first time she went bitchtastic, that he would dig it out and offer her a couple.
Its all good though, these "debates" are crap no matter how you slice it. We need debates, but what we need are serious issue oriented ones. Ask a question, each candidate takes a turn, and each takes a turn at being the first to answer, but every candidate gets a shot. No questions directed at only one person, that kind of crap should be reserved for the bobble head circuit of which Megyno used to be queen.
Will Rupert Murdoch wake up? Don't bank on it. he wants to influence the elections. He should stay out of American politics, and stick with the events in Australia. May this spell the curtain call for Faux. They proclaimed themselves to be fair and balanced. The left called them far right, and by comparison to (P)MSNBC, the are far right. Compared to Americans in general they are still left of center.
So suck it Rupert and Roger. If trump crashes and burns, may he star a true right wing news organization, and consign you to the dust heap of history.

Monday, January 25, 2016

Why I'm supporting Trump

I started this election cycle with Cruz as my pick. The more I learned though, the less I liked. He claims to be against the establishment, an outsider in Washington, but his wife, half of him, is employed by Goldman Sachs. That is the biggest trip wire for me. He is owned by the banks, or the bankers are fools. Bankers aint fools, even small town ones.
I'm not supporting Trump as much as I'm opposing the rest of the rat pack. Trump has a good message, he says what conservatives, real conservatives have been demanding of Washington for years.
When I look at Jeb, John Edwards Bush, I see a lacky who is owned, a recycled version of McInsane. He is as inspiring as old peanut butter on stale bread.
Fiorina couldn't run HP, what would she do to the country?
Christie is another Romney. He might as well be a demonicrat.
Paul supported ObamAA-'s bitch McConnell. He sold out the TEA party, he will sell out the nation as well.
Rubio is a minime of Bush. He should go back to Cuba.
Ben Carson thus far has been any thing but inspiring. He is almost detached and uninthusiastic. I do like the guy, but he hasn't got a prayer.
Trump has history that is open for review. Yes, he was a democrat. So was Reagan, and so once was I. In 1980 I held my nose and voted for the unCarter. by 1984 I had left the party forever.
I'm pro life. Intensely pro life. I'm small government. I want one that fits inside the Constitution. I'm all for closed borders. No, I'm not anti immigrant, My wife is from Honduras, and there are many people who want to come to the U.S.A. who would greatly benefit this nation, and I don't mean the socialist elitists we are getting now.
I want them to come, but I want them to be screened. Bar the criminals. Bar the breeders who don't work. I'll take the poor.
""Keep, ancient lands, your storied pomp!" cries she
With silent lips. "Give me your tired, your poor,
Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free,
The wretched refuse of your teeming shore.
Send these, the homeless, tempest-tost to me,
I lift my lamp beside the golden door!"                Emma Lazarus, 1883
With that in mind, you can keep your stinking sharia spreaders who want to enslave the world as well.

Saturday, January 23, 2016

Dear National Review

One of the great lines from the movie Porky's is where Mr Cavanaugh is confronted by his son;
Mr. Cavanaugh: Look's like I'm gonna make a man out of you yet, boy.
Tim: A man? If being a man means being what you are, I'd rather be queer.
This week you went after Donald Trump with every thing you had. Like a little kid on the play ground trying to be the school house bully, you wasted the efforts of 21 writers to tell us your worthless opinion of Trump. You could have saved paper time and head aches by quitting after the first stupid screed, but no, you had to double down again and again.
I am confused as to just what exactly you define conservative as. Almost all the people I know who identify as Conservative do so because the label of the democrat party is as wrong for them as calling chili powder ice cream.
At times it appears the only place we agree is on abortion. At least, I believe you are pro life.
We the people, the ones who vote, the ones who pay taxes, the ones who don't spend millions and billions buying the politicians we sent to Washington to represent our homes and not Wall Street interests, are mad as hell.
In the last three election cycles we have supported candidates who are for smaller government, and the "conservative" establishment has either bought them off, or forced them out with what can only be termed election fraud.
I know full well I don't speak for every one, but we the people want smaller government. not 1% smaller, not 10% smaller, lets try for 50% smaller. We are tired of seeing the national debt sky rocket as our own incomes stagnate or shrink. Yes, shrink. You put mandate after mandate , and some body has to pay, and that winds up being us.
Do your history, if you would research the taxes imposed by King George, you would find they were infinitesimal compared to the outrageous rates we pay today. Have you stopped to consider why We the people kicked you out of power in 2006? Its the spending stupid. We are sick of it.
We have a Constitution. We the people are tired of unconstitutional government over reach. Our fore fathers added an amendment just for you, the tenth. Where in the Constitution is health care? Same goes for the myriad of government pogroms that have been foisted on us.
Our demands are simple;
1. repeal Obama care once and for all.
2. Secure the border. Build the damn wall. Start mass deportations. We acknowledge there are many good hard working people among the illegals, fine, we have no problem with them returning. In fact, we'd rather have the hard working poor than the elitist communist you seem to favor.
3. return control of education to the parents, and leave our kids the hell alone.
4. Shrink the budget. You can start by getting by defunding the department of education, department of energy, EPA, FWS, and just about all the departments that are not provided for under the constitution.
5. Get off our land. The government should not own any thing except the buildings necessary for day to day business, and our military forts, the ones that are actually needed. Every inch of land managed by the BLM should be for sale. When a buyer steps forward for any tract, that tract should go up on auction. It should sell to the highest bidder with the requirement that it be developed in some way in order to receive the deed. That means it either gets built on, mined, or grazed. Pristine wilderness is a waste of our money and efforts. Separate the mineral rights from the land and offer them up. If you buy it, you must develop it though. Keeps the unicorn fart breathers from keeping us dependent on foreign oil.
Since 1988, the choices in every election have been democrat and democrat lite. Do you want to charge head long into disaster, or get there in low gear? We are sick of it. The insane spending that has fueled this, and lined your pockets has bankrupted us.
Trump may not be a conservative, but he is saying what people want to hear from their leaders. You "conservatives have become so cocksure in your arrogance, that you no longer even pretend.
We know what we want, its the same thing we have demanded since Reagan left office.
In ending, Mr Buckley, let me say, if being a conservative means being what you are, I'd rather be a commie.

Friday, January 22, 2016

Back then it was just music

I've been a little less active the past few days. Pulling the well put some serious hurt on my already sore neck, and it take a few day to recover. That means a bit more time at the computer since I avoid tunnel vision like it is mind control.
 Part of what I have been wasting my time with are Eew tube videos. Since all the records I had as a kid got swallowed up in the great black hole known as divorce, I haven't had much opportunity to enjoy my old favorites. Now, just about all the stuff I liked as a kid is there to be found and enjoyed. Heaven huh?
 Maybe not. Many of the video clips have commentary that accompanies them, and as I once again listen to the lyrics, I realize that many of them were anti Vietnam, anti military, and really, anti society as well as anti Christian values. Back then though, they were just songs on a record.
Not all of them are that way. Barry Sadler clearly was not, and many of the country artists were strong supporters of the effort to keep as much of the world free as we could. Rock and Roll? Bah Humbug! And I used to love that junk.
These "artists" are who shaped a generation. You go to a political rally, and you might remember 1/10th of what was said. A concert? With the words being put to a tune and set to a rhythm, it tends to stick in our heads. Music can be a powerful tool.
What happened in the 60's? The children of the greatest generation got turned into vermin. Not all by a long shot mind you. IN WW2, two thirds of the people who served were drafted. By contrast, two thirds of the men and women who served during Vietnam were volunteers. Mark my words on this, our troops, our sons and daughters who served won that war. Politicians and back stabbers gave it all away.
Had we wanted, we could have won in Vietnam clearly, soundly and permanently. We chose not to. Fifth columnists invaded our nation, and they set to work destroying the fabric that made us great.
Back then it was all just music to me. Now I see it for exactly what it is, filth.

Thursday, January 21, 2016

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Good cops aint popular though

Go Sarah!

Yesterday's endorsement by Sarah Palin is being hailed by some as a coronation, and by others as a death knell. Palin is polarizing, and yes, I like the lady. She is antiestablishment to the core. She had the oportunity to salvage McInsane's campaign, but the powers in Washouttown had no intent of allowing The North Vietnamese ace into power. That coupled with fear of what Sarah brought to the table is why they allowed his campaign to be torpedoed by its inner staff. If the power brokers had wanted it any other way, they'd have done it.
This election cycle the power brokers are in trouble. The 2010 and 2014 elections should have been a clue for them, the American people are fed up with the garbage. Had Trump not taken the stage, People would be falling for the preplanned trappings that were successful in 2008 and 2012. Cruz, the antiestablishment candidate is owned by the establishment. Carson, while an honest man and capable, isn't igniting the fire. The GOPe road map would have worked again. It still may. we have no clue what hi-jinx will happen between now and election day. Diebold machines are being rigged as we speak. What will be Palin's roll in this election? Another VP shot? She would be a great one, but given her polarizing effect, he most likely has another purpose for her.
In any case, it is good to see her standing up at this point. Here is hoping that Rancid Prepus's head explodes, and may the blast take out ObamAA-'s Bitch McConnell.

Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Monday, January 18, 2016

Saw this at the Tree House.

Commentor  Budmc posted this,

Cruz tried to get ElecTED, At first he was TrusTED, Dad says he’s AnnoinTED, The one that God AppoinTED, Each point Trump ArticulaTED, Me-too Ted then DuplicaTED, And When they DebaTED, Trump was AggravaTED, New Yorkers had been ExcoriaTED,
Cruz had not AnticipaTED, Words that Trump Enunciated, Me-too Ted had been DeflaTED, some said he looked ConstipaTED, Cruz had not ContemplaTED, That he would be InvestigaTED,
two loans were not ReporTED, for that he was BusTED, At once the news ErupTED, Ted is CorrupTED, Now he is ToasTED,
On twitter Donald RoasTED, said Cruz was ImporTED, Levin was AgitaTED, on facebook he StaTED, Donald you’ll be HaTED, Levin had EstimaTED, Trump would be NegaTED, But Trump ReiteraTED, Ted Cruz ImmigraTED,
Now his campaign’s TainTED, Can’t be ExoneraTED, as would be ExpecTED, Followers are DejecTED, people that DonaTED, see their money WasTED,
those that SupporTED, want him ResuscitaTED, Opposers have RetorTED, campaign should be AborTED. The surge has now AbaTED, poll numbers DecimaTED,
CruzBots DevastaTED, Treepers are ElaTED, Levin InfuriaTED, Rush ExasperaTED, and Glenn Beck MedicaTED.

Do they bid them up in Washington?

Sunday, January 17, 2016

Another oldie

I don't care if it's Rock and Roll, Gospel, or Country, I love the oldies. Growing up poor, we didn't have much to spend on entertainment. I guess in a lot of ways, we were the entertainment. Small town and all, there wasn't much for lazy folks to do but gossip. Some of my siblings call our father lazy. I just don't see it that way. Sure, I was the johnny come lately, born when they were almost grown and gone, but I saw dad in a different light. My father had a college education. Not merely a bachelors degree, but a doctorate. He graduated in the middle of the depression, work was nonexistent, and so he went home to the family farm. Grandpa was a smart man with money. He had a Jew's way with it. By the end of the depression, he had numerous farms and five strong sons to farm them. He gave each of his boys a hunk of land for their own.
That's not what my father wanted though. He'd gone to college to escape the farm. That parcel of land tied him down. He'd also married my mother and they had two children and another on the way. I guess he felt trapped. he farmed the rest of his life, but I think he hated it.
I was born when he was 52. Most couples are fawning over grand kids at that point, and they had one grandson. I used to be called baby uncle. Lots of folks don't understand it, They can't wrap their heads around the fact that I have neices and nephews my age. Cousins? No, my sisters kids, I'd have to explain.

My folks had a lot of records though. That is one thing we always had, music. Don't assume though that I am any great shakes as a singer. Growing up I was often told I was a terrible singer. Since leaving home though, no one has ever said that to me. To a man they say I can't sing at all!
I'd have never made it as a cowboy, my vocalizations would have stampeded the herd for sure. I'm not shy though. I will belt out a song when the mood strikes. Usually cold cock em, they don't stand a chance.
So, instead of posting something of me singing, I'll post stuff like this when I find it, and when the mood strikes me. I hope you can enjoy the oldies as much as I do.

Saturday, January 16, 2016

A fun week

I live out in the boonies.  I know, I know, Kansas IS the boonies. I mean out of town, off the beaten path, and away from the distractions. It has its draw backs, but I like it most of the time.
Last week was one of those times I don't particularly like it. I got home Monday night and no water.
When I built, I had the option to get rural water. It was gonna be expensive though as they would have to run the line over a half mile. Since the last segment was gonna be through rough rock, it would have been expensive. I opted for a well instead.
Its not a shallow well by my standards. I grew up in Minnesota, and there, post holes fill with water while you take a coffee break. There we dig em twenty to thirty feet and call it good rather than drown. My well here is 220 feet, 210 of it through limestone and shale.
A quick check of the pump controller confirmed my worst fears, the pump had died. I've pulled this well before, it aint fun and definitely not a one man job anymore. Age is turning me into a wimp.
After rounding up tools Tuesday morning, I set about getting it up and out.
Most modern wells are put in using a pitless adapter, a coupling about three feet down that  slides together and supports the pump which is on flexible pipe. The adapter in my well is slightly cocked. The normal method to pull it is to screw a piece of one inch pipe into the top of the adapter, then lift it on out. Since mine is turned, I instead screwed a half inch pipe with a threaded bushing in to it instead. Three things come up the well shaft, the well pipe, wires to power the pump, and a rope for pulling the dang thing. As I began to unfasten the wires, the rope which had been attached to the well head dropped down the well and out of sight. Something had gnawed the knot off!
Having turned into a wimp, rather than pulling it by hand, I chained it to the forks of an all terrain forklift instead. Should be a cinch.
Dead wrong! after sliding up a total of ten feet, the 1/2 inch pipe snapped off at the threads! Bye!
Since I'd hung the pump high off the bottom, it dropped about twenty feet. At that point I called a well driller. I think he is still laughing at me, but Hey, That' life! He offered a few solutions, but they also failed.
Wednesday morning I started fresh with new resolve after having pondered the problem all night. I went to the nearest construction supply yard to purchase a length of 1/2 inch rebar. They suggested I opt for 3/8 instead. After a few minutes consideration, I decided to stick with half inch.
I bent a very tight loop in one end, just large enough to slip around the pipe below the pitless adapter and canted it, then bent a shepherd's crook in the other end.  Turns out it was even deeper than I thought, the hook wouldn't reach. No problem, I attached a length of unistrut and in minutes had it snagged. Then back to the fork lift, and up she comes!
Dream on. I was keeping a close eye on my shepherd's crook, and before I had the adapter out of the well, it began to straighten! Had I gone with the 3/8 rod, it would have failed. Clearly there were issues. As soon as the adapter was clear of the well, I roped and chained the pipe so it was secure, then began pulling again.
Bad news! At roughly the same height, it again bound up. This time the pipe ripped. This is one inch PVC. This stuff can pull a truck! and it ripped apart like laffy taffy. Now I'm seriously screwed. Instead of having a head hanging twenty five feet down, I have nothing in sight, and my well is effectively rendered useless. This is gonna take some figgerin.
After a bit I came up with what I hoped would be the final solution. No, I wasn't going to Germany. I rebent my rebar, the end had stretched to where it no longer fit the well. I then got several hundred feet of good strong rope. I figured that I'd have to drop that rebar to the bottom and snag the pump itself.
Turns out I was wrong. After dropping almost 100 feet, the end speared in to the well wires which had bunched up as the fell. They were originally taped to the well pipe, but when it stretched, the tape broke for part of the length of the pipe.
I managed to get my rebar hooked into them though and then prepared again to pull the darn thing. This time though, I got some help. my neighbor was kind enough to come over. I guess he needed some cheap entertainment, but in any case, he came and helped.
We hooked the rope to my skid loader, then I had him slowly back it across the lawn and out into the field.
Finally! It's out! This project isn't over though, I still need to get a new pump into the well and get it working. Well pipe, wire and a pump are all needed. Pump? no problem, Home Depot has them. Wire and pipe are another issue though. We have a plumbing supply house about five miles from me as the crow flies, twenty miles if you drive, and he is the source for well pipe and wire. He is the only source locally.... and... he is out of stock.
Option two, Use pex pipe instead. It's smaller diameter, one inch OD vs one inch ID, but at this point, I don't really care. I just need it in a length long enough to reach water in my well. I finally locate Pex in long lengths at another whole sale supply house. They have done business with me in the past, so no problem. They don't carry wire though. I locate it at Meynards, but it is only in 150 ft rolls, and my well is 220. That means I have to splice it. No problem, that is the least of the problems.
Wednesday is now shot. Its long past dark, and I don't want to attempt this at night. We've had enough issues, I want a win!
One more night with out water.
Thursday morning bright and early, I am ready to put this baby to rest. I call the neighbor again, but he can't help, he has an eye appointment and will be gone all day.
I get the pex end screwed into the pump and go to crimp it. One of the things I picked up was a brand spankin new crimper for 1 inch pipe. I have them for 1/2 and 3/4, and use them a fair amount when making repairs on my rentals. As soon as I go to crimp the first ring, the handle breaks on the crimpers. What! Can things get any worse? I jerry rig the damned thing though and make it work. Hey, I've been Jerry all my life. Every thing I rig is Jerry rigged. Next up is solder the wires, water proof the connections, tape them to the pipe, and get it lowered back in place. By now, I desperately need a shower.
Nope, aint gonna happen easy. The third splice from the kit failed, the shrink tube formed an air bubble, and it popped just like bubble gum. I've never had that happen before, and I've done a hundred of these things over the years. You start with your heat gun at the center to prevent that,but happen it did.
Connection #4 is a clusterfuck as well, it splits!
At long last though, I finally have it all together  and drop it slowly down the well, Once its on the bottom, I mark the pipe, carefully raise it and remark the pipe so the pump will hang ten feet off the bottom. Cut it, crimp on the fitting, attach the pitless adapter, then lower it into place.... except, the other part of the adapter is twisted about 20 degrees out of position. It was crooked before, but now its really bad. Seems something hit it one one of the failed attempts at lifting the old pump. A few deft blows with a length of pipe and a mallet though, and its back in almost its original position. I get it hooked on, fasten the wires, secure the rope, and now its time to turn the power back on.
Water at last! Muddy water! Its been nine years since I first hung the dang thing, I couldn't remember why I put it so high. Now it dawns on me, the sediment at the bottom of the well was the reason. Drilling through limestone and shale produces fine dust. Not all of it will flush out of a well, and the first time I'd done it, I pumped many a gallon before giving up and raising the pipe.
Back to the drawing board. Anybody got a spare pencil?

I think he influenced Congress

Get your ted Cruz shirts now!

They won't last long, I'm tellin ya!

As soon as mine gets here, I'm scrubbing the truck... frame. Happy campaigning there Ted, Looks like you can cross veep off your goals for 2016, along with another term in the Senate in 18. A lot of voters in a lot of states got duped by candidates who abused the trust of the TEA Party and got into Congress only to have their elitist face show through in this election cycle.
We found out about Rand Paul when he endorsed ObamAA-'s Bitch McConnell in 14. So much for family values, or was Ron an elitist masquerading as an outsider?

Hey Palin, you endorsed him, did you get duped as well?

Thursday, January 14, 2016

Tuesday, January 12, 2016

A little more Roger

What's the real story with Cruz?

Ted was my first pick as the campaign kicked off. Now I am having second thoughts. We all know he was born in Canada. We all know his father was a Cuban exile. Now information is surfacing that his mother renounced her citizenship and became a Canadian before Ted was born. If that is the case, where are his naturalization papers? Is he even qualified to be a senator?

We the People have a  right to know.

Sunday, January 10, 2016

My take

White House pharmacist, and the principal beneficiary of Fast and Furious, El Chapo Guzman has been temporarily detained by Mexican authorities in large part thanks to the efforts of Sean Penn.
I'm no fan of Penn. His movies suck, and his politics are so disgusting that if it were my choice, he would be deported to Cuba or North Korea.
That said, had it not been for him, Guzman would still be free offering rewards for the murder of Donald Trump and other good people.
It won't last long though, he will again bribe his way out of jail and be roaming the back streets of Mexico and Central America spreading terror and selling death. The Mexican Marines should have shot first and not asked questions. The down side of that is his organization would have bounced back with another thug in the drives seat with hardly a bump.
I would not care if people did drugs if there was not a large amount of property crime associated with it. Pot in my book is a natural weed. I don't use it, never will, but I could care less if you want to toke as long as you don't turn into a public nuisance. The hard drugs like Heroin coke and meth are anoher issue. Once hooked, most users become little more than leeches on humanity.
I have no use for druggies including Worthless Willie, and Barry Soetoro.
As for Sean, until now his life aint been worth two cents. Now with El Chapo pissed, he will be worth millions... Dead. Maybe he will shit himself inside out. he'd look better.

A bad one

What is Bill Cosby's favorite pickup line?

Excuse me miss, does this rag smell like chloroform to you?

Thursday, January 7, 2016

No, I don't believe in If.

Growing up, Roger was one of my favorite artists. If you like whistling, check out some of his whistling presentations on youtube

2A in Texas

Texas just began open carry.
I have said in the past that I support open carry, I just don't advocate it. You make your self the first target unless there are plenty of folks in the place who are also armed.
Some Texas folks are having trouble coping with the new law while many accept it and gladly. If you get down to Houston, check out Brook's Place located at 18020 FM 529 in Cypress. It is a Houston top 100 and they support 2A. Open or concealed does not matter. Trent says pull up a chair, and if you have your heat you get a discount on some great food.
Some jerk wad has made threats to shoot up the place this Saturday, so if you go, you might get a little target practice on the side.

Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Whose the Veep?

At this point in the campaign, Trump knows who he will pick for the Vice slot. That person has been contacted, vetted, and sworn to silence.
I personally have no clue. Just throwing one out, how about Clint Eastwood? Can you just picture him calling the Senate to order with "Go ahead punks, make my day."
Who ever that pick will be will imho not be a Washington insider. He will chose some one that can motivate people and make things happen. Some one who can lead at the board table, and make decisions and stand by them, but also some one who is a true patriot, not beholden to others who broker power.

I've done a fair amount of research on Cruz. He isn't viable, and the more I look, the less I like. He is part of the uniparty even though he tries to look like an outsider.
Too bad. Right now he is polling second, only three laps down from the leader, but light years ahead of the PAC.

Friday, January 1, 2016

Hillary A refresher

What more is there to say? LOTS! In nineteen minutes, this video barely scratches the surface of the muck surrounding this scum of the earth. It has been 23 years since this country was damned with this scourge on humanity and her crooked husband.
In their first four years, much came to light about just how crooked, corrupt and criminal this couple were. In 1996 as the reelection battle took shape, one radio personality, I don't remember which, said that in that election we would get the leader we deserved. Knowing just how bad they were, voters still decided to keep them. Part of that was due to the involvement of Ross Perot. In fact, both elections saw him pulling enough votes to have swung the pendulum the other way.
Have we sunk that low? Do we as a nation deserve Hitlery in high office? May GOD have mercy on us.