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Spill The Wine

I disagree with President Trump on this

At yesterday's Tulsa rally, President Trump told us it was time to reopen the schools. He correctly pointed out that children have a very low incidence of illness from the Wuhan Flu. He also highlighted the importance of education.
While he is correct on both points, I disagree and say keep the schools closed. Our schools are not educating our children. At best they are indoctrinating them. Shutter the buildings, abandon the concept. Go back to at home schooling.
Make parents responsible for what their children are taught and get the feral government and the statist maroons out of it entirely.
I realize that for many parents staying home and teaching their off spring is not an option. Putting off child bearing is hardly an option when the kids are six.
What is an option is pooling resources and private schooling without any institutional involvement.
Lets create a fictional person, Mary. Mary has a desire to teach, has gone to college and has a degree.
Let Mary advertise for students. Interested parents can contact her, find out what her proposed curriculum would be and decide if they want to entrust Mary with educating their kids.
Give every parent a voucher for their children, Let's say $5,000 per child. If Mary decides to take on twenty kids, that is $100,000 in her pocket for a year's work less costs such as renting a class room which can be any suitable room, utilities, and basic supplies.
If Mary is a great teacher, she would not be bound by the voucher. She could choose to offer at a higher rate. The catch is, the parents would be responsible for paying the higher fees.
If Mary is a poor teacher, or if her course work is deplorable, parents would have the option to selct a different education provider.
Let's make teaching as independent as doctors, liars err lawyers, dentists and every other service provider. Let's eliminate the waste and overhead we now have where we pay communist to indoctrinate our children rather then teach them.
I've said this before, I'll say it again and again and again. Our future is our children. lets not surrender them without a fight.

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Khalid al-Aruri was shocked when he arrived in the afterlife to find that seventy two virgins would be pointless as the weapon used to kill him was a  flying ginsu, anR9X hellfire equipped with multiple knives instead of exposives which had chopped his "manhood" to shreds. Angered by this, the man formerly known as Abu al-Qassam al-Urduni set out to make a bomb to blow up the false prophet, but was instead blown to smitherines when the rudimentary explosives detonated prematurely, ignited by the fires of hell.
He won't be missed. heck, he wasn't missed in Syria where his vehicle was completely gutted with no collateral damage as would have happened had a conventional warhead been used.
While it feels good to say "one less terrorist", the reality is we need to be killing them in packs of a dozen or more. They breed like rats. The other problem is that while we are getting rid of a few in far off lands, we have our own versions of terrorists to deal with at home in the form of antifa and black lies matter.


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Twilight Zone

I know this is a repeat, but with all the crazy happening, I find it most appropriate. We are stepping into the Twilight zone... In more ways than one.

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Crazy Train

I've been thinking about all the events of the last four years. Does it seem to you that when we all got aboard the Trump train that the democrats jumped on the Crazy Train? Yes, they've now gone off the rails. They are burning their own cities then demanding we rebuild them.
I'd like to send them to Venezuela so they can figure out how to make socalism work. dang, I meant to type Socialism, but that works just as well as Los Angeles is gone mad.

Already Gone

The left attacks the very core of who we are as a nation

I work wit ha man who is from Canada. One thing he says is how he envies us our Constitution. It is unique in all the world. Our Constitution's roots go back to the early days of Judaism. It's roots are traced through the many civilizations that have risen and fallen. No nation as a foundation quite like ours. No other nation was intended to be government of the People by the people and for the People.
I have noted before the preamble to our Constitution. We the people of the United States, in order to form a more perfect union, establish justice, insure domestic tranquility, provide for the common defense, promote the general welfare, and secure the blessings of liberty to ourselves and our posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America.
Now our Constitution is under attack by the very people who took an oath to uphold it. Mayors from Los Angeles to Minneapolis are  talking about doing away with their police forces.
Seriously? Minneapolis just sustained $55 million in damages because their police were prevented from stopping the rioters and looters.
The left has decided to make George Floyd  hero. We should all decry his death and demand justice, but he is no hero. Autopsy results show he had Meth and fentenal in his system when he perished. He was arrested for attempting to pass a counterfeit $20. Minneapolis is sometimes called little Somalia, and they now want that reputation in spades.
Our police forces have been turned upside down in the last twenty years. in the wake of 9-11 we restructured them from law enforcement to paramilitary units. Gone are the days of community interaction. We need those days back. thousands of people have died at the hands of bad cops since 9-11. none of those people were murdered by the system.  Each of them was inhumanely slaughtered by a cop who made a mistake. Each of those cops should be punished. Instead they want to punish the nation.
Community policing? You mean a lynch mob going out and conducting instant justice? That is what got Ahmaud Arbery shot dead. Is that what we want in our nation? Mob justice? Didn't we try that experiment in Boston? Have the police stand down and let them riot?
I want to see justice for George Floyd. Filing murder 2 charges will not accomplish that. It goes so far beyond the evidence that Race baiting woman beater Keith Ellison is all but guaranteeing failure. Lets say that a racially charged jury decides to convict the four cops. Will an appeals court allow it to stand when the evidence fails to show intent on the part of the officers to murder Floyd? Careless disregard, accidental, plenty of things apply, but not intent.
Ben Crump is fine with that. All he wants is money and the good citizens of Minneapolis are about to pay through the nose. I'm not fine with that. I think the family should get a generous payment, and yes, their lawyer should get a cut, but why should the Joe averages of Minneapolis be the ones to fork out? Make the Police Union pony up the money. Take it out of their many union funds. Make the union that defended that animal from his many accusations of misconduct pay the price for demanding he be allowed to remain a cop when he should have been busted to garbage sweeper,
and made a pauper.
Instead Minneapolis is burning, St Louis is shipping rioters to Topeka to stir the pot because we have an idiot democrap for a Governor and they can get away with it. Washington, New York, and several other places are reaping the rewards and then turning the scum back out on the streets to do even more damage.
While justice is being disestablished, domestic tranquility is on the ropes as well, Riots in every major donk strong hold are placing lives property and prosperity at risk. Food deserts will become the norm, and the rioters will then depart the area they decimated only to repeat when the next opportunity presents itself.
Will anyone be safe in this future democrat utopia? Liberty will soon die at the hands of those swore to uphold the Constitution. It's been a good run. I hate to see the nation perish. We thought we were reversing the course when we elected President Trump. They are determined to destroy. They are the children of Satan who is the destroyer. GOD, help us.

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A BIG what if....

From the beginning the donk race has made little sense. Joe started out acting like his normal creepy self.It was evident from the positioning that he was intended to be their candidate, and as we get  deeper, it is clear he was the money pick from day one.
Sunlight shows that. His drug addicted kid receiving 1.5 billion from China for "consulting" Do they need a better fentenal recipe? Get serious.
Joe is falling apart though. His dementia is advancing like Russia on Berlin, and his future is as bleak as Minneapolis post Floyd.
I cannot see China allowing them to perform a bait and switch at this point, so it is looking like they will instead concentrate on a VP who is in the tank for China as well. The Wuhan fool might be used to prevent any debates, President Trump would eat him like an ice cream cone.
What do they do if Joe wins? They cannot keep him clamped down. Four years of him never showing his face will not sit well with the people, and the republicans could have a field day. There has been much talk of using the 25th to undermine President Trump. Would the donks use it on Biden? I can't see that happening. It carries too much stigma for the party that they did not vet their candidate prior to the convention.
That leaves two options, keeping him under tight wraps. In other words turning the White House into a Supermax. Sure the press would help, they would carry the entire Atlantic for communism. It would not be enough.
That is why I say watch their choice for VP. Joe was the insurance Policy for Barry. They need a new kind of Policy. One like Johnson was with Kennedy, ready to step in and swing the reins in the direction the owners err donors demand.
Yes, I am worried they will assassinate Biden if he wins. What I wonder is, will they do it by some covert means? poison him and pay off a coroner to say it was his heart, or do they go old school and have the CIA pick a shooter?
I'm betting on a shooter. Why? That gives them an excuse to crack down on law abiding gun owners and do a mass confiscation as happened in Australia and is happening now in Canada.
I hope I am wrong. I fear I am right.

Suzie Q