Sunday, April 26, 2015

What is the right punishment?

Indonesia is set to execute ten people by firing squad next week. The nine foreigners and one national were given their 72 hour notice in preparation for their executions. The governments of the people set to be executed are all protesting, and France is threatening diplomatic and economic sanctions. What? No cheese and whine for Indonesia? Oh the humanity.
Is the death penalty the right punishment for drug smuggling? Drug addiction destroys lives, and some times ends them. I don't lump pot in with coke, meth or heroin. How many people have died from use of pot? That depends on how you count. Most of the murders in Mexico and our border states are from pot smugglers. I have no problem with legalizing it, I would still block importation though.
What would happen if we started executing the drug smugglers and king pins we catch? I don't think it would stop the importation, but it would raise the stakes for law enforcement. It would also thin the herd and permanently remove a lot of thieves and ner-do-wells from society. Most people who abuse hard drugs do not lead productive lives. They are leeches who steal, or are prostitutes. I would estimate that 70% of crime is conducted by the sphere of people who abuse drugs other than pot.
If we executed more criminals, we would need less policing, and might see fewer police abuses. I support Indonesia's decision to execute the drug smugglers. As for France, Well, I don't need an accordion either.

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

A crazy thought

Has it occurred to any one that the mission of the U.S.S. Roosevelt might not be to stop the Iranians, but rather to ensure that Israel does not? Administration officials have walked back the initial claim that they were going to prevent the arms from reaching the houthi terrorists. Now it is to keep shipping lanes open. Hello! its an aircraft carrier, not an ice breaker, and this is The Arabian, not the North Sea.
I know, I'm nuts. The problem is we all know who and what occupies the White House.

Monday, April 20, 2015

Bad cop no donut

Cops violating the Constitutional rights of people is a bad thing. Every time it happens, it costs our society, both monetarily, and productively. If we were to calculate the costs, we would be horrified. The Deb Milke case which Crime Guns and Videotape has highlighted has cost Deb 21 years of productivity while she languished behind bars. Now it will cost the taxpayers as they fork out possibly millions to her for her suffering.
But who pays when a bad guy goes free because a cop violated his rights? Wei Seng Phua was caught in an illegal betting operation in Vegas. There is no doubt the guy is guilty, but the FBI went about catching him in an unconstitutional manner.
A good gal goes to jail, and a bad guy goes free. All because of bad police and unethical behavior. We need to demand better. We need legislation that strips bad cops of their job and retirement the moment they are caught. When a cop is caught violating the constitutional rights of any person, or violating the law, he should be suspended. If caught in the act, it should be unpaid,otherwise paid. BUT as soon as he is found guilty, he should be made to pay back every cent he received in pay from the moment he committed the violation. He should also be made to forfeit any retirement he might have accrued.
I'm not anti cop, I'm anti BAD cop. We need law enforcement, but we need them to be honest and upright,not the slithering scum we read about all too often in the news.
Oh, and if its proven that other cops knew but did not report the crime, they too forfeit their pay and retirement.

Sunday, April 19, 2015

Colusion or correct?

Police and prosecutors work hand in hand. There is a special kind of bond, a special kind of stupid that exists between them. The Jackson County prosecutor is dropping charges bought by a grand jury against a cop who shot an unarmed man in Kansas City.
Its time to revamp our system and get rid of the corruption. Any time there is criminal action to be brought against a cop, it should be done by an office that does not work with the cops. Officer involved shootings should NEVER be investigated by the department they were on no matter how big.
One thought that crossed my mind is to do away with the prosecutors office and replace it with an Attorney General. All liars err lawyers admitted to practice law in a district would be at the beck and call of that office. The Attorney general would not necessarily be a lawyer either since their job would not be to prosecute but rather to administrate. Each case presented by the police would be reviewed by the office and then assigned to an attorney who had no connection to the parties to prosecute, and if the defendant was indigent, a defense council would also be assigned. A liar could not refuse an assignment unless they had a direct conflict with one of the parties.
2. Every liar would be required to prosecute 50% of the time. They cannot turn down a prosecution assignment unless there is a conflict, and if they try to weasel out they would be suspended for three months the first time, six months the second, and their license to practice law would be revoked permanently on the third attempt.
3. If there is evidence that a liar threw a case intentionally, they would forfeit their license.
A lot of cases are won in court when the prosecutors know the cop is full of shit. it happens because of that bond. The facts in Jackson County are simple. The perp was not armed. He was running, and the officers surprised him, but he was not close enough to be a physical threat at the point at which he was shot.
Police need to be above reproach, not above the law.

The old cow is running

How morally bankrupt is this nation that some one like Cankles can be considered a viable candidate for any office? I was shocked when she was elected as Senator from New York. Given what they have for a governor now, I can see the level of depravity that would enable a carpet bagger from Chicago to ride the coat tails of her philanderer to power.
Secretary of State? The pattern with Obambi has been to select people who are dumber than he is. When George W Bush held a cabinet meeting, he was the dumbest one in the room. With Barry, he is the smartest. Don't get me wrong, if you sent Obambi into a Bush cabinet meeting, even the carpet would be smarter, and if Bush attended one of Mr Failure's sessions, he would be Head, shoulders, chest and belt above them all. Bush was not a great leader, but compared to this knucklehead he is pure genius.
So what does that say about Hitlery? We thought the democraps had reached rock bottom with Barry. It now appears they are continuing to dig.
During the 1996 election campaign, when all Worthless Willie's foibles were known, it became clear that we as a nation were charging over the cliff. I guess its full speed ahead and damn gravity.
We as a nation deserve her. We have turned our backs on GOD. We allow the slaughter of our children and call it choice. We accept perverse marriage and call it diversity. Our leaders are preparing to throw Israel under the bus. Little do they realize that it is us who will be run over. Our day of reckoning is not far off. The day when the Angels cry "Babalon the great has fallen" will be the day of our reckoning indeed. We are the only super power of men on earth. Will we, like Rome be our own undoing? or is there a horde just over the horizon? That a person a fickle and irrelevant as her could rise to national prominence speaks volumes about us, and what it says is not good.

Saturday, April 18, 2015

Getting creative in OK

Oklahoma has become the first state to adopt nitrogen gas as their backup method of execution should the chemicals needed for lethal injection be deemed cruel and unusual,or become unavailable. As most of you are aware, the national; association of pharmacists has decided that they do not want to provide the chemicals for lethal injections. Fine and dandy, house the scum in need of death right next door to their homes and families. Bet they get their heads out of their asses and fast.
Frankly, any company that refuses to provide drugs for executions should be denied license to sell that drug,or any drug in the United States. The drugs used for lethal injections are the best use possible for them. It makes society safer for all of us. Then again, maybe if the executions were made in some terrible or horrific manner, criminals might think twice before doing the crime.
Nitrogen gas is easily obtained. If the airgas companies refuse to provide it, the states can get their own compressors and refine it in house.
I 100% support capital punishment. I am torn as to whether it should be a sanitized method. Yes, its easier for the general public to accept, but it lacks the deterrent effect that feeding a child rapist to a pack of pitbulls would have on the prison population.
Maybe the answer would be to let the family of the victim decide what method is used.

Sunday, April 12, 2015

Home grown stupid

Several reports say that there are now ISIS supporters in every state. Kansas, this week got our first dose of it when a man was arrested here for plotting a splodydope attack on Ft Riley. John T. Booker, aka Mohammed Abdullah Hassan tried to join the Army to carry out a Ft Hood style attack. When the Army figured out he was a mainstream mooslime, they discharged him.
Undeterred, he decided that he would build and detonate a bomb on Ft Riley. Not being the sharpest knife in the drawer, he broadcast his intentions on Facebook, and the government was on him like stink on shit, or a circle fly on Obambi.
This idiot failed because he was bragging about it. what worries me is that there may be an idiot or two who are smart enough to keep their traps shut and figure out how to build a bomb. Thank GOD that most people who believe the rantings of the arabian pedophile are for the most part dumber than a brick.
The lame stream media was labeling the Boston Bombers as home grown terrorists. They were not, they were imports. This idiot is a home grown one. This story has a happy ending. It could have been better though, he cold have blown himself up in the process of making his bomb.
Sorry John Boy, no 72 virgins in your future. Instead, you get to be the virgin for some S.O.B's named Bubba or Cletus who are gonna make you their pashtun boy. Just remember, the first symptom of AIDS is a hard pounding sensation in your ass.

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

A little morning humor

Q: Did you hear about the look-a-like competition in China?
A: Everybody won.

Q: What do you call a Chinese rapist?
A: Rai Ping Yu

Q: What do you call a Chinese woman with an opinion?
A: Wong

Q: What do you call a Chinese dwarf?
A: Tai Nee.

Q: What do you call a Chinese woman on fire?
A: Mel Ting.

Q: What do you call a Chinese man with a camera?
A: Phil Ming.

Q: What do you call a bunch of Chinamen in a pool?
A: Rice Krispies

Q: Did you hear about the winner of the Chinese beauty contest?
A: Me neither.

Q: What is the most common crime in China?
A: Identity Fraud.

Q: What do you call a dumb Chinese prostitute?
A: Wun Dum Ho

how high is a chinese man
Im not asking u something im telling you how high is a name of a Chinese man.

Q: How do you know if a Chinese gang robbed your house?
A: All the rice is gone and 3 hours later they're still trying to backup out of the driveway.

Q: Why are there so many girls in a Chinese strip club?
A: Because of all the wangs

Q: How do Chinese people name their kids?
A: They drop a broom out the window and see what Sound it makes. Thats why your name is Ching Chang Chong.

Q: What do you call an Asian receptionist?
A: Tai Ping.

Q: How many Chinamen does it take to screw in a light bulb?
A: It doesn't matter because they're all to short.

Q: What do you call a Chinese paralympian?
A: Lim Ping

Q: What did the Chinese father tell his daughter?
A: You allergic to bees.....Good! Get A's or C your way out of my house.

Sunday, April 5, 2015

Kansas Good and bad

Sam Brownback signed legislation adding Kansas to the list of states allowing Constitutional Carry. The law is set to go into effect July 1. I am a firm believer in the right to keep and bear arms. I support open carry, and believe that if any organization wants to disallow the carry of fire arms that they must provide limited access, screening, and adequate security to ensure that people in attendance, whether it be a stadium or a court house, are not at risk.
That said, while I am not opposed to Constitutional carry, I see many aspects of licenses carry that weigh in its favor. Right now every one with a concealed fire arm is either well trained, or a thug. Most cops are not very well trained. That concealed carry permit is an assurance to me that the individual holding it has been screened and is most likely of good moral character, and knows what to do and when.
If I operated an airline, and had the choice, I would offer a discount to all licensed carriers If they carry on my flight. Its better then the air marshals, they tend to stick out like a klansman in a black church. I would also offer that same discount to police who carry. I'm not anti cop, I just don't like the bad ones.
So, there you have it, on one hand we have a step forward for the Constitution and its rightful place and observation, but we also have a step back in that concealed carriers will no longer be just the cream of our society.