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Move over Al

The sacred church of AGW has a new messiah. The Church of Sweden which in years gone by was once a Christian denomination has decided that Wednesday Adams is their new savior. Rest assured, GOD is not mocked. Matthew 24:23-24 is quite clear about false messiah's. Thee will be many and most will be a little more believable than this.
So we have a sixteen year old child suffering from protein deficiency leading the blind? Veganism is child abuse in my opinion. All the supplements in the world won't fix bad nutrition.
Now that they've settled that, Fat Albert can quit overloading a 747 on his globe trotting quest to convince people the seas are rising and go back to wasting more energy than most small towns need to survive on a daily basis.

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Heartches by the number

Whistle blower? More like>>>

Yeah, that bad. Past Presidents have put pressure on foreign leaders. Heck, President put Pressure on Kim Jong Un, or for that matter on Chairman Xi of China. Billions in pressure on Xi, mega pressure on Xi. Make that MAGA pressure.
If we had honest journalism in America, this fiasco would spell the end of every democrat in Congress. Even donks in safe seats like Nancy P. Lousy's district would find themselves unemployed and phone calls going to voice mail with messages never returned.
We don't have honest journalists. We don't have honest politicians. We are in deep trouble, not just with this BS, but with GOD himself. Babylon the great is falling... Falling. Only GOD can help us. We have failed Him. We accept evil and call it good, demean good things and say they are evil.

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Joe Bribery

Back in 2016 the Just-us department started digging through everything TRUMP looking for something, anything to hang on him and prevent him from usurping HiLlARy.
Months of investigations, a fake dossier, tall tails of hookers pissing in beds, but it all fell apart. Sure, the lame stream media is hanging on to it like a gold key. Children will clutch a teddy bear after a traumatic experience, and what happened to the media, self inflicted by the way, was a Katrina sized shitstorm  swamping their row boat asses. They have nothing to cling to but their failed lies.
Creepy Joe Biden has done a number of dastardly deeds. It must be a genetic mutation that makes liberals like that since we also saw it with the Reverend Al Gore and the China syndrome of bribes that culminated in the global warming hoax which his co-conspiritors still harp on.
Joe aint the sharpest spoon in the drawer. After he strong armed the Ukraine government from investigating his son, he went on to brag about how he did it. The uber smart media then pounced and spread it like a Nobel prize, his crowning achievement.
The Ukraine government was not at all happy about the ordeal. After President Trump took office, and amid the whirlwind of lies and BS, they attempted to contact the justice department and get the ball moving.Alas, Justice is Just Us in Washington. they were too busy white washing HiLlARy to bother with a small matter concerning gaffer Joe, and so it sat, ignored and lifeless.
Then, during a phone call between our President and the Ukrainian leader, it got resurrected. Somebody talked about it, some one else listen. Some one panicked and the cat was out of the bag.
At first I thought President Trump was the whistle blower, but now as White House lawyers push to get the whistleblower in front of the senate, it appears there is a genuine person who is leaking the material.
Bidet is cratering. People are beginning to see that Walter the dummy has a controlling hand but it aint controlling his mouth the way it should. people are shifting away from him, and the battle of the lessers is becoming a comedy of errors.
While on the surface the media wants us to believe this is a witch hunt of epic proportions, the simple truth is that we have a crime, we have a criminal bragging about his deeds. that he is a candidate for president is of no consequence. When you have a real crime it needs to be investigated.
No, sorry, it is of great consequence. Biden treated an ally like that and his boss treated a sworn enemy  like a best friend, giving away billions. It matters a lot if we are to remain a nation of laws instead of subjects of the lawless.

Don't be Angry

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Saturday, September 21, 2019

Support Obungler? Good Support Tump? BAD

A North Carolina school has canceled it's last game after the cheer leaders posed with a Trump banner and were disciplined for it. My Oh My, only a decade ago schools were indoctrinating children to sing praises for Barry the failure after he was selected to be the first black President.
It didn't matter that he was a complete socialist because the schools are all in for communism and it's cowardly stunt double socialism. The children were made to praise him.
These cheer leaders were not coerced into doing this, they as a group made the decision. The North Carolina High School Athletic Association placed the cheer squad on probation. So much for independent thought and free speech. Conform or be punished.
Democrats are all in favor of free speech... Unless you say something they disagree with you nazi cretin.

Hang on sloopy

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No Can Do

Some how saying thank you for your service does not sound right.

Lawrence Brooks who just turned 110 is believed to be the oldest living American WW2 veteran *. Mr Brooks, who was in the U.S.Army, was stationed in New Guinea and the Philippines. He was assigned to the 91st Engineer Bn.
While not honored much by the Army, he has been honored by GOD who has blessed him with his three score and ten plus another two score and counting. Lawrence had the pleasure of celebrating his 110th at the National World War II Museum in New Orleans where the crew is looking forward to his 111th, 112th,113th... Some one must make great cake, it seems Mr Brooks is looking forward to the next one.
Thank you Lawrence. You are a true hero and blessed.
* the oldest WW2 vet is German Gustav Gerneth who is 113.

What kind of idiot does this?

Police in Lawrenceville Ga have arrested Edawn Coughman for an apparent fake hate crime. Coughman who is the owner of several Create and bake Pizza Shops was apprehended after Police received a call about an apparent break in. There are plenty of details in the article.
Let's think about this. We have had a LOT of fake hate crimes since Donald Trump was elected as our President. Some made the news as hate crimes and were later exposed, some were exposed very early in the cycle. Some defy reason.
Does Edawn not watch the news? Did he think he cold pull off the perfect hate crime fake when so many have failed? Does he have ties to Moose that will get a visit by an ObamAA- lackey resulting in charges being cropped?
Is it possible that there are many more fake hate crimes than we hear about and the posers are getting by with it?
These people are just plain stupid. Liberal and conservative are not mere political ideologies, they are completely different ways of thinking. How many real hate crimes have been perpetrated by conservatives who did not have serious mental issues? The leftards have no qualms about destroying stuff. Their regard for property is so low that sacrificing their own is no great leap.
They get mad and they go out and destroy. Look at the riots in far left Seattle where fascist anti's are damaging things in a leftard bastion. Contrast that to all the right wing destruction happening in conservative Nebraska. (They determined that the person who sprayed "Go Huskers" on the side of the feed wagon was the owner of the feed wagon, but he didn't claim some one else did it either.)
No, the differences go deep into the brain. We have the best economy in fifty years but the donks swear it is terrible. They pine for the days of Barry when Chinese junk was readily available andcheap, and no worries about getting up for that nonexistent job.
The good news in this is the criminals are not getting smarter which makes police work so much easier, but the donuts still taste the same.

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Eighteen years ago today some people did something

In case you might have forgotten, followers of the pedophile worshiped by Idiot Omar the Minnesota miscreant hijacked four planes, three of which were crashed into American landmarks, namely the Pentagon, and World Trade Center while the other crashed after passengers revolted and attempted to retake the plane.
Does it really seem like eighteen years? While Osama bin Fishfood is long dead, his organization of terrorists continues to spread death in the name of the moon god to all parts of the globe.
Eighteen years. All but a handful of the kids in our schools today were not yet born or even thought of when this despicable act happened. And at the same time, men who were babies and toddlers on that day now fight the war this all started.
Eighteen years, and the nation that perpetrated this dreadful act, Saudi Arabia, remains unpunished. At the same time, their agents of terror in the form of CAIR continue to spread lies about who and what.
Eighteen years. My blood still boils at the thought. I didn't reduce a koran to pulp, but I still keep in mind that the members of this vast delusion that Mohamad was a prophet are still sweeping across the globe positioning themselves for the next  terror attak. Will it be another night club full of homosexuals? Will it be tourists on a bridge similar to London? Will another plane be crashed into another building?
Lets not forget Benghazi either. Seven years ago Barry the Indonesian Cocaine Addict  spread the lie that an attack on the State Department's complex in Benghazi which was the result of a little known video about muslims.
Add them to the long list of some people who were done by someone.......

Broken Wings

Tuesday, September 10, 2019

Expulsion coming in three.... two.... One.

 Democrat Tulsi Gabbard has apparently fallen and hit her head. The Fifteenth tier Presidential also ran hopeful came out today in support of restrictions on third trimester abortions. Did she miss read her teleprompter? Did it get sabotaged? What gives?
Will tomorrow bring an apology as she creeps, head bent, back to the plantation? Or is she serious? I am nearly in shock that a member of the donk federation would consider throwing Planned Childlessness-hood under  the bus like that. Even far right folks regularly get scorched by the leftist crowd. What will the future hold for Tulsi? She can cross a VP nod off her list of prospects. On the other hand, it is something that will resonate with the moderates. Abortion is surprisingly unpopular. People don't like having the any time any reason argument shoved down their throats.
Will this step mark a change in donk policies? I seriously doubt it, but for the sake of future generations, let us hope.

What is that aweful smell?

A nice southwesterly breeze today, but what a stench! My nose is terrible, but the skunk to the southwest is making it hurt!
Checks internet.......
Valerie Plame, the fake spy who was outed initially by her husband is slithering for a congressional seat in New Mexico. Val, whose husband lied to Congress and the media about the content of a report on Iraqi efforts to purchase yellow cake in Africa is on the war path. Like Warren? She is upset that President Trump pardoned the man who was railroaded by a corrupt special investigation.
This waste of oxygen will be a shoe in for the NM-3rd district. It covers the northern section of the state, is predominantly Indian reservations, and has been a lock for the donks since it's creation with a brief republican holding when Bill Richardson resigned to become Ambassador to the United Nations. Richardson, as you may recall, has ties to Epstein's pedo express.
The district is so secure that the current holder works mostly on electing other communists under the dem hat to Congress. That turd, Ben Lujan will be running for the Senate seat being vacated by Tom Udall.
Back to Blame err Plame. The stink today was about this crass turd ripping off tweets that are anti Semitic. Hey! She will fit in nicely with AOC and Idiot Omar.
Yup, the donks are still the party of hate and intolerance.

I Can't Tell You Why

Monday, September 9, 2019

Behind closed doors

Got a little dizzy

When you were a kid, did you ever sit on a floor and spin yourself until you were dizzy? That isn't what I did, but it is how I've felt. I start reading the BS flowing from our mediocre media and the lame political candidates, and I start shaking my head. The more I read, the more I shake my head in wonder at the over flow of stupid now coming across the many media platforms.
Have any of them got a brain? The obvious answer is yes. The next question is, when was the last time they used it?
Mental illness ? That is a lame excuse, or it just might be the correct one. The people who populate the left have been going out of their minds since Donald John Trump became a candidate for President. A generation of participation trophies has not prepared them for reality where there is one winner and many losers. Even the parents have fallen into that rut, or maybe that rut exists because they cannot handle losing and never could.
Their current crop of mental midgets are imploding and cratering. Creepy uncle doesn't know when to shut up. On a positive note for his cam-pain, it distracts from his tendencies toward young females.
Horizontal Harris is failing like a California dam. The BS is that over the top.
Booker never was, his claim to fame is he is as dark as Barry but can hold up for ten seconds with out the teleprompter.
Bernie remains as evil as ever. The old socialist has never held a REAL job, never will, and knows nothing regarding what it takes to make things run. His upside is that he is backed by the academia who have never held real jobs  and have no clue what it takes to make things run, BUT they are indoctrinating another generation of deep-in-debt kids who will struggle for years to get ahead. Years spent wondering what happened to the perfect world they were told socialism and democrats would bring. At least while the Trump effect is in place they will have jobs.
Every one of their four hundred candidates has proposed some outlandish thing, and right away, there are 399 #metoos clamoring for a mike. Not a one of them will say " that is a hair brained daffy idea" about anything. Rats in a cage are one up on this crew.
Not 400 of them running? Are we sure? Yeah, if this crowd is "running" the special Olympics kids are about ten up on em.
I need to quit reading about these doofus's. My neck hurts from shaking my head, my head hurts from banging it on the door frame, and my sides hurt from laughing at their stupidity. They will be the death of me. And our nation.

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