Friday, November 30, 2018

Good Bye George

Former President George H.W. Bush has passed, joining his wife. Many of us have lost a great deal of respect for him over his conduct during the 2016 election and aftermath. He was still an American hero.
Whether you agree or disagree with his policies, there is no doubt that he put his life on the line when our country needed men like him. He was the youngest Naval Aviator, and was shot down while doing his job. I greatly respect that about him. I won't discuss his politics or his association with  the Clinton crime cabal beyond noting them now.
He had the distinction of being VP to possibly the greatest President ever. President Trump is giving the Gipper a run for his money though. GHW Bush rode that success to the White House. He led the United States in decisively defeating Iraq after they invaded Kuwait, but made the mistake of stopping after a mere 100 hours instead of going to Baghdad and removing the stain. That decision left troops in harm's way and paved the path by which we suffered the attacks on 9-11-01.
I do not blame him for that. He chose a humanitarian option as the Iraqi army was being destroyed in horrific fashion by America and allied troops. He deserves great credit in assembling a multinational coalition which stood up to Saddam and managed to diplomatically exclude Israel while at the same time providing them a shield from muslim aggression. That mastery was needed to pull together the nations to form a united front in the middle east.
His greatest failure was at home where decepticons in both parties convinced him to sign on to new taxes which he had pledged to avoid. Those decepticons then stabbed him in the back and did not keep faith with their side of the bargain. Those same decepticons are still in congress.
George H.W. Bush will not go down as one of our greatest presidents, but he is far from being as bad as Carter or the bungling idiot Barry Soetoro.

heart of gold

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Thursday, November 29, 2018

Memory lane

Foster Brooks, back when Hollywood had funny people with out being crude.


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Saturday, November 24, 2018

He aint heavy

We do not have Obama judges or Trump judges, Bush judges or Clinton judges

So much for an independent judiciary. If you still thought we had one a month ago, you were NOT paying attention. Long gone are the days when choices for federal judges were voted up or down based on their qualifications. For the last several cycles judges have been confirmed along party lines with only a few Senators crossing over to confirm based on qualification. Or bribery, take your pick.
Chuck the Schmuck tweeted his support for supreme injustice of the court Roberts and in so doing confirmed his opinion that a bias exists in the judiciary.
Roberts, in his stupid attack on President Trump stated "What we have is an extraordinary group of dedicated judges doing their level best to do equal right to those appearing before them."
What a bunch of BS! if they were doing their level best, there would be no need for appeals courts. Every decision by a trial judge would be upheld by a unanimous vote and the Supreme Court would have only 364 days a year to spend golfing and fishing. Hey! Gotta have a day for family, faith and friends on Christmas.
Instead we have several circuses that are routinely overturned in landmark decisions. Some people think we should break up the ninth circuit. It makes so many bad decisions and is overturned on appeal more than 3/4ths of the time. Realizing that only counts the cases which the Supreme injustices deign to hear, the actual number is lower, but they, while the target of President Trumps ire, are not the worst.
What we need are penalties attached to poor rulings. If a case is overturned by the SCOTUS, the circuit judges who made the bad ruling should get a six month vacation with out pay. The Constitution says a judges pay "shall not be diminished during their continuance in office" but also says they "shall hold their offices during good behaviour*". Getting overturned is not good behaviour*, so a simple suspension should be no problem, and since a suspension is an interruption of that continuance in office, making it without pay is reasonable and correct.
OK, maybe John Paul Stevens Jr. is right and we do not have Obama judges or Bush judges or Clinton judges but instead have just a bunch of really shitty judges. They all were appointed by uniparty presidents.

* I used the original spelling quoting directly from the Cornell University web page.

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Friday, November 23, 2018

Heart of glass


Personally, I'd have made his special mike look like a dildo complete with nutsack.

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Thursday, November 22, 2018

Thanksgiving laugh#6

The Warrior

Thanksgiving laugh#5

A good laugh

In London a feminazi was on air complaining about pet names. Watch to the end, PeterrLloyd destroys the SJW.

Thanksgiving laugh#4

Thanksgiving laugh#3

Hey John Roberts

You are supposed to be the smartest judge in America. Please do us ALL a yuge favor and SHUT THE FUCK UP so we can continue the delusion.
We know and understand that you were appointed by a "republican" who is about as liberal as bathhouse Barry. That doesn't mean you are supposed to turn in to another traitorous John Paul Stevens.

Thanksgiving laugh#2

Thanksgiving laugh #1

A soldier in a different Army

When a soldier joins the military he or she signs a blank check payable to the government proffering their life. When that soldier dies in battle only the sickest of people deride him for making a poor choice.
Amazingly, when that person is a soldier for Christ things change dramatically. John Chau was a minister and missionary. He saw the people of Sentinel Island as his calling. John journeyed to North Sentinel Island on 15 November He met the people there who shortly attacked him and forced him to flee. John made it back to the boat which was sitting a half mile off shore. After patching his wounds, John rested, then returned to the fight the following day. John was subsequently killed shortly after reaching the beach.
If this seems like a wasted life, it was not. Consider that one of the very first Christian missionaries was martyred in Jerusalem. The martyrdom of Stephen is recorded in Acts. Shortly after Jesus' assent into heaven, Rome outlawed Christianity. Early converts were killed in many horrible ways. One hundred years ago Christians in Armenia were crucified by moderate Turkish muslims. In recent years missionaries have been murdered in New Guinea and also in parts of South America. Still people who actually believe the Bible is GOD's word set out to bring the news of salvation to indiginous people all over the world.
Some people say the Sentinelese  should be allowed to live without interference. Those same folks demand the right to interfere with our lives since we reside in the United States and are Caucasian.
John did not go there intent on killing the Sentinel people. his only goal was to make Satan's habitation a little smaller, his list of controlled people a few names shorter.
John Chau joins a long list of martyrs. John was a soldier in the LORD's Army. Christians today are routinely slaughtered in many parts of Africa workers in Saudi Arabia are often beheaded and sometimes crucified for telling the good news. Even here in "civilized " America, our beliefs are under siege.
Today I give thanks that there are still people like John willing to tell of GOD's love.

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Wednesday, November 21, 2018

Smooth operator

Time to pick the turkey

A Thanksgiving Eve one

Have a safe and Happy Thanksgiving. Remember to whom you owe thanks and the many great things we have to give thanks for.
Especially President Trump and the thinning RINO herd in Washington.

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Monday, November 19, 2018

Cats in the cradle

How hard is it?

No, I am not asking about anyone's cock. This is about fading porn star Stormy Daniels and her complaining that her stupid decision to attack President Trump over their brief fling, has ruined her life and impacted her career writing porn.
She writes porn scripts? No one who watches porn does so looking for serious acting skills or witty conversation. People turn it on to see tits, asses and action. No body would buy a porn version of Hamlet because it is Hamlet, They'd get a copy so they could see the most recent ignorant bimbo willing to strip in front of a camera for money, get screwed.
Let me help ya there Stormy;
Girl walks into room.
Guy walks into room.
Girl undresses with interference from guy, then undresses guy.
Girl gets on her knees and gives guy a blow job.
Guy gets between girls legs and pretends to return the favor.
guy pounds her for several minutes in various positions while camera gets blurry closeups of her bottom but with focus on his nuts.
Guy then stands over girl, whips off condom (if used) then masturbates onto her tits or face then tells her she was the best lay he'd ever had.
Camera cuts to next sequence with different girl, another guy and same script.
Seriously, most girls who get into porn are washed up inside of three years. Stormy is long past her abuse by date, and the only reason people are spending money on her site is to what an also ran looks like tens years on.
Don Surber gave her another line in his Trumpenfreude list. That is about all the sunlight she deserves.

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Sunday, November 18, 2018

This old Guitar

Young and dumb and not much else

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, the democrats newest version of stupid was complaining that she was treated like an intern, implying that people had no idea who she is because of her youth.
Not the case at all. Most interns are smarter, better dressed and also much better behaved. She was dealing with the old guard of the communist party, and you can safely bet your last dollar every one of them knows exactly who she is.
The treatment she was given contained a not so subtle message, "Girl, know your place". Washington is entrenched. The old guard members of the uniparty are in it for themselves, but also for their big money backers. Most of them are owned, traded, and completely controlled by interests who do not give a crap about America. Most of them owe a debt to the likes of George Soros, Tom Steyer, Warren Buffet, or any of the other big money donors who try to hide in the shadows and avoid sunlight. Ocasio-Cortez aint got them... Yet. She was elected from a dem safe district. The big money didn't count on ethnicity being a factor in her unseating Joe Crowley.  They are not happy with the results. Yes, they kept the seat, but Ocasio-Cortez is a loose cannon. Her decision to protest Nancy P. Lousy's office shows her lack of allegiance to the democrat party and their socialist controllers.
There is not much difference between Russian communism and German socialism. Both have their roots in Germany. One big difference is that with Russia, operatives from Germany sent Lenin over in the middle of the first world war as part of their strategy to disrupt Russia and protect Germany's eastern front. The revolution toppled the czar, but more importantly, it also toppled the ruling class. The big money, the bankers and industrialists who controlled the flow of cash in Russian society went down with the Czar.
The big money in Germany did not want to risk that happening. The communist party in Germany was not much different than he ones in Russia. The bankers and industrialists feared them. We have the same thing going on here. The rich socialists like Soros do not want to lose their wealth. They want socialism to protect their place in society. We saw with obama-care how they protected their interests. The costs of health insurance were shifted from corporate pockets to individual ones freeing capital for many of them that otherwise was tied up with health benefits.
After Hitler ascended to power in Germany the street thugs became a liability. They wanted to continue the revolution like what had taken place in Russia. Since the industrialists owned and controlled Hitler, it was important to throw the brown shirts under the bus, or rather in front of a firing squad. The people like Krupp had no intention of converting their vast holdings to state owned and run entities.
Ocasio-Cortez and by extension Bernie Sanders are more like some of Earnest Rohm's brown shirts. We saw that in how they shafted Bernie in the nomination process. His job was to come in a distant second, not claw for the nomination.
Ocasio-Cortez will be marginalized by her party. She is a socialist like Sanders, and they intend to keep her from positions of power. If she gets a committee assignment, it will be done in such a way that they can control her. They might go so far as to give her a chairman slot, but if so, the committee will be stacked with old school dems tasked with keeping her controlled.
Ocasio-Cortez is young and dumb. Her district is not a virulent hole teeming with socialists. her district is a safe haven for democrats, one no republican will likely ever touch. Her voters are not wanting Russian communism, venezuela's version or Castro's either. The folks there want their welfare checks, food stamps and medicare. The want free shit, not revolution.  They voted for her because they are Latino and she is Latino. They don't care that she is a flaming Hitler Bernie youth baby. They just chose Hispanic over white.
The old school socialists in Washington understand what happened. As far as they are concerned, Ocasio-Cortez needs to learn her place and STFU. Just as President Trump has decided to throw his considerable influence behind keeping Nancy P. Lousy as the face of the democrats in the House, he can also use Ocasio-Cortez if he wants. I can see him twisting her like a pretzel to the point where in spite of her socialist convictions, she will be a tool for conservatism during the next two years. Yes, she is that dumb. She won't even know if it happens.

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Friday, November 16, 2018

A paradigm shift in America

I've noted in the past that I am originally from Minnesota. I came to Kansas courtesy of the United States Army. Like many soldiers, when I got out I stuck around. When I started blogging, I was already known as something of a redneck. My first wife used to joke that Jeff Foxworthy stalked my family for material. Minnesota redneck lacked something though, so I chose Kansas Redneck instead.
As I mentioned, Many folks here are from places other than Kansas. I made a lot of friends who are from parts yonder. One good friend was from ArKansas, and he always took the hillbilly ribbing with a bit of humor.
Some years back I gave him a joke book of ArKansas and hillbilly jokes. They were the typical fare, and I've used many of them as redneck jokes. I had lunch with him today and he returned the book, gift wrapped.
When I opened it, I immediately noticed that he'd edited it. ArKansas was crossed out and replaced with Minnesota, and Hillbilly had been replaced with Loon.
His comment was " In Arkansas we may marry a cousin, but we've never sent to Washington some one who was married to their brother.

Leader of the band

Yes, three in a row from Dan Folgerberg. He is one of my favorite artists. This song has always touched me. My father was no musician, but he touched me in ways that this song portrays. My father was 52 when I was born. I was the last of nine children, coming in ten years behind most of the pack, and four after my next sibling. I know that I see my father in an entirely different light than my siblings. Maybe it is because he was older, perhaps because he was wiser. Maybe he learned a thing or three about being a parent through the rough times he gave them and they gave to him. In any case, I too wish I'd said Father I love you a lot more times.
I was living at home yet, working construction, when this song came out. Every time it came on the radio, I would turn it up. Maybe dad noticed.
My youngest son is named after my dad,  he the youngest son of the youngest son of the youngest son. Crazy, maybe. When we told dad we were naming the last grand child after him, he scolded and said not to. We didn't listen. After Ben was born, and we sent pictures, mom said dad was proud as a peacock, and would go in and talk to the picture on the wall. The only one he ever did that to. Also the only grand kid he held with out acting like it was a fragile container of nuclear waste.
So enjoy the music, and while you do, consider your own father and how he shaped your life. Then imagine where you might be had he never been there.

Jimmy the Accoster is back

A judge ruled that President Trump cannot bar fake news media's shill from White House briefings.
Considering how the pos acts, I see this as becoming a win for the President. The White House is drawing up rules for the media, something that should have been done decades ago.
So let the fun begin. If it was me running the show I would require the press to submit all questions an hour ahead of the briefing. Follow up questions would only be taken from the walking deadbeat who submitted the question regardless of whether two or more submitted the same question.
After the howling woke the dead at Arlington, I would change the rules a bit and allow others to ask follow up questions. I would then completely ignore Acosta.
Let him sit and sulk. Let him jump up and down like a second grader trying to please the teacher. Put a Secret Service agent on either side of him or behind him so he knows he will be manhandled if he gets out of line.
Change the rules and allow only one or two camera crews in the briefing room. Rotate which network gets to have their crew in, but do not include fake news in the rotation.
Give access to the briefings to alternative media and put them in front of Acosta. Have designated seating and cut an inch off the front legs of Acosta's assigned chair. Have an alternate chair for him as well. Cut the left side legs shorter on it. That should be a natural position for Jimmy.
Finally, there is a sound system they use at protests. It echo's back the person's voice with a 1/4 to 1/2 delay programmed in. Give Jimmy a mic hooked to that kind of system. Should be a hoot to watch him try asking a question.

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Wednesday, November 14, 2018

They should have some fun

Back when I was a child I did a lot of reading. One book I remember was about a revolution in an islamic shithole led by hard line mooslimes. Think Iran. The book was long before the Iranian Revultion, so the parallels are eerie.
The climax of the book was when the mullah led his band out to confront the British forces that occupied the land and took the oil. They came out to do battle riding camels. The Brits responded by sending aircraft to play chicken with them.
The twist was that the pilots broke mach 1 at elevations of about 100 feet right over the band of pedophile worshipers.
I was thinking today about the caravans of invaders trekking through Latin shithole Mexico, and that part of the long forgotten book came to mind. What if our Air Force were to patrol the border with F-15s and every time they saw a group crossing into the United States, they buzzed them and did that? A jet going supersonic right over your head is pure hell. I can remember as a kid having Air Force jets do that near our farm. They were up a lot higher, and not nearly that close, but the sonic boom was heard and felt
Can you imagine the effect? Not just one jet performing, a whole series of them timing their maneuver so that one breaks the sound barrier right on top of these fine people every thirty seconds or so for several minutes. Hell, they could do it for an hour for all I care.
I would advocate doing it over the caravans deep in Mexico, but that is sovereign territory and even though Mexico is facilitating this attack, we are not at war with them... Yet.

Hard to say

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Tuesday, November 13, 2018

They have arrived

Approximately 400 advance troops of the central American invasion force arrived in Tijuana today, escorted by Mexican Policia. The group was reportedly intentionally delayed for a week out of concern that they would vote for left wing candidate DeLeon instead of center right veteran Dianne Feinstein.
The group reportedly immediately began scaling the border fence into Mexifornia.
In related news, the NFL game between the Kansas City Chiefs and Los Angles Rams scheduled to be played in Mexico City has been changed to LA after it was determined that all the ticket holders were in route to California. The stated purpose for the change was field conditions in Mexico City, but if it's good enough to play soccer, what more do they need?


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Monday, November 12, 2018

Had to happen

Wilton Manors Florida is the Sodom of the South. A prime destination for the LGBT people, it just elected an all LGBT city commission. It is the second city in the nation to have an entirely perverted city commission after Palm Springs California.
Wilton Manors is located in the entirely corrupt Coward County, home to the self replicating ballot and election fraudster Brenda Snipes.
It blows my mind that people can continue to elect and support the communists who are seeking to destroy America.
The sad part is this is in perfect alignment with the Bible and descriptions of the end times. Evil is good, good is bad. This aint hell, but you can see it from here.

You're so vain

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Saturday, November 10, 2018

Edmund Fitzgerald

I remember well when the Edmund Fitzgerald sank. The Great Lakes are a dangerous body of waters. They have claimed more ships than the Bermuda Triangle. Growing up in Minnesota, it was big news. The Edmund Fitzgerald was a record holding ship. She and her crew were a work horse on the Lakes for the seventeen years of her existence, setting seasonal haul record six times. At her launching, she was the largest ship to sail the great lakes, and she is the largest to have been lost. When she went down, she joined at least 240 other vessels in the Whitefish point vicinity.

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Minnesota? Winter? Yup, you're shit outa luck.

Friday, November 9, 2018

Got a check

I've gotten rid of most of my rentals, but still have a couple. Some times it is easier to rent larger places by the room. There are always construction workers looking to get out of hotels or service members wanting away from the barracks who can't afford and don't need a large place. Couple that with a glut of three and four bedroom homes.
So I advertised a place for room mates on Craigslist. Within minutes I had a reply. Amazing! The inquiry was via text. Yes, I know, most kids these days use text because they can't hold a conversation, and I'm fine with that. This person asked me to reply to their email account. I don't mind exchanges via email or text, but I usually try calling the person back. With this call, I got google, go figger.
That tells me the person is not in the United States and not a GI. They would have furnished a dot mil address. There are plenty of scammers out there looking to rip off unsuspecting folks. Usually I pick up on the scam and tell them to fuck off. This time though I decided to play along. I'm feeling bored, winter is set in, it's cold out and there is only so much porn on the internet. Just kidding.
I replied and got this story that the person is a student doing research work in Alaska. Yup, I believe that like I believe mohammed was not a pedophile. Any way, this person is a Chinese American, pardon the poor engrish and is coming to my area to finish her masters degree.
I gotta tell you, it is hard to play a dupe with these morons. I played along any way. She is coming here. Her daddy is gonna send a cashiers check to cover the rent and deposit and is it all right if he includes the money to pay for having her car shipped to Kansas? The shipper will need paid in order to drop it off. Why can't daddy pay him direct you might ask?
This is a scam. I know it, you should too. They send the check via FedEx and sent me a tracking number. I contacted FedEx and they intercepted the check and sent it to their fraud division. I then contacted the scammer and told them the check never arrived. This morning as I'm leaving, here comes the FedEx truck. Looking in my rear view mirror, I see him turning into my driveway. Whoa! That check was supposed to have been caught. I reverse direction, and the FedEx guy hands me the envelope. This one is different from the first one. The first one was sent from South Carolina with a Minnesota return address.  This one came from Oregon. Obviously they have more than one person in the United States dropping these things in the FedEx boxes.
The check was from a business in Wisconsin and drawn on a Wisconsin bank. It looked like a regular check except it had cashiers check in the top center. I'll go in to that later. I googled the business and tried calling them. No answer. It was a roofing company, and likely they were closed for the season? I then googled and called the bank. They notified the company and called me back later.
Right about then I got a text from the scammer. Did you get the check? Told them I wasn't home and would have the wife check at lunch. Keep em waiting, they need something to do.
Just for laughs I stopped by my bank. I handed the check to the teller, informed her it was a fraud and asked her to tell me why.
Here is the shocker, none of the tellers spotted the reason it was obviously a fraud.
A real cashier's check will be drawn on the bank's own escrow account. When you get a cashier's check, the bank withdraws the funds from your account. They then issue the instrument. It has their information on it. This fake had the business name, address etc, not the banks'. It was obvious that it was printed on a regular ink jet printer, something you might do at home if you have the blank checks and the program from quicken.
I have to wonder how many of these things they actually manage to float? Given that my bank people could not spot that it was a fraud in under ten seconds worries me, and it should you as well. You may never get one of these, but maybe, just maybe, they will get your account information and draw the next one from your account. Be worried, be very worried.
Why isn't our government doing anything about this? I contacted the sheriff, and I also asked the bank. It should be relatively simple to go to where this check was sent from, examine their video footage and figure out who sent this thing. No one wants to bother.
Why not? Simply put, this is one thing they are allowing to happen for a specific reason. This, coupled with drug money, and other soft money crimes are allowed to happen because the governments want to do away with real cash. They want us to switch to using deadbeat cards, credit cards and online bank payments. No more real money. Soon you will be offered the chance to have a chip embedded in your hand. Just swipe it. No loose change, no getting pick pocketed, no drug money terrorist money and fraud like this.
This is all about control. Once you are weened from real money, they can shut you off in an instant. they can seize a bank account in a flash. You cannot trade with out their mark. Now you are owned my them and they will be as fickle as mark sucklerberg and his farcebook banning of thinking Americans.
Do you know how to catch wild hogs? You start with a feed pile. You stock it regularly and once the hogs know where to come for tasty grub, you build a single fence. Not a long one, just one side of a pen. As soon as the hogs are used to that piece of fence, you build another one. Same way, wait a day, maybe a week, then the third piece of fence is built. Now the hogs are dealing with a very large U shaped pen they can easily escape. Next you build the last side with an opening for a gate. Then you install a gate that allows them to go in and out by pushing on it, then you make that gate a one way affair where they can enter but never leave. Welcome to the Hotel California.

Angel of the morning

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Thursday, November 8, 2018

You are NOT hijacking this plane

In a bit of logic that only the government can defend, the Sexual assailants of TSA arrested Sun Country Airlines pilot Brian Andrew Machtemes of Minnetonka Minnesota for having a loaded firearm in his carry on.
Lets think about this for a moment. The purpose of the TSA is to prevent hijackings like splody dopes who failed bomb building are prone to attempt. The TSA is also a massive failure. While there have not been any more planes turned into projectiles, they have failed many tests to determine their ability to find various weapons.
That being said, a pilot armed and ready to protect his charges is probably the best thing in the air. Crazy with a gun? If a pilot decide to go postal, all he'd need to do is point his high speed craft at a chosen target and let velocity do the rest. With the application of autopilot, he could elect some form of distraction while the inevitable was happening.
Brian should be reinstated, and the idiots who arrested him escorted to a point a suitable distance, say 500 miles east, dropped off, and then told to walk home and consider the stupidity of their actions.
IN the mean time, I will continue traveling by car. I don't need a colonoscopy, nor do I want to receive the dental care offered by United even if I need some dentistry soon.

Tiny Dancer

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Wednesday, November 7, 2018

So what?

A lot of people are making a big deal out of the Donks retaking the house. Considering how the repugs had been acting since President Trump took office, this doesn't mean much of a change.
Blue Wave? While I hate to see the communists back in "charge", the simple truth is this blue wave is more like gargling with tidy bowl. Leaves a bad taste, but not much else. Having Nancy P. Lousy as screecher is the gift that keeps on giving. She puts the fun in dysfunctional. Two years of her will have many of the newly minted democrats, kids who have been brainwashed by their college professors, realizing that socialism is a bad idea. It has failed every where it's been tried, "because the right people were not in charge", and San Fran Nan will make it clear that she is definitely NOT the right person to have in charge.
All in all, it was a good election. Republicans expanded their strength in the Senate meaning that president Trump's judicial pick will slide through even easier. We'll have grid lock, not a bad thing. We won't get much funding for the wall unless they do a major spending bill in the lame duck. Lets see Ryan do something. ... Crickets. Clair McAsshole is out in Misouri. Heitkamp bit the dust in North Dakota. Manchin, the lone democrat up for reelection survived in West Virginia. The rest are socialist, pure and stupid err simple.
Over in the House we lost ground. Ryan retired. Yoder got pummeled. Glad to see him gone even if it was a socialist who replaced him. Again, two years of grid lock might help people realize the importance of backing a President with good policies who is making headway.
The fact is people were fed up with the Uniparty BS that has opposed the President. Some times it is easier to dump a piece of crap in the primary, some times you have to wait until the general, then rinse and repeat in two years.
Adding to the comedy, Blinky will have Hank "Guam is gonna tip over" Johnson and Mad Maxipad in leadershit positions. If the repubs ever fielded a team as insane as this bunch, the late night comedians would make a mint! Being that it is their Soul mates in stupidity, billions in add revenue will be squandered like an Obama Stimu-less.
The 2020 election season kicked off this morning.
On another note, there is no surprise in Jeff Sessions resigning. We've known this was coming since McConnell signaled for it after the midterms. My hope is Kobach, but there are many other possibilities. What we need is some one who will go after swamp creatures with the tenacity Kobach has shown in helping with immigration law.
Some say Time will tell, but it is a leftist rag and not really trustworthy.

River Lady

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Tuesday, November 6, 2018

Who will it be now?

Seems appropriate. Will Sanity prevail over communist election fraud?

Wonder what the donks are thinking tonight?

Meme for today

If you've ever wondered

If you've ever wondered what Nancy P. Lousy's mission in life is, she is there to make Biden appear reasonable and Obama look competent. She may not do it very well, but it is what she does best. I'd say shame on San Fran Freakshow, but they have no shame.

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Monday, November 5, 2018

The Palin Anthem!

After the way these cretins acted in 2008, why am I posting one of their songs?  To remind everyone that tomorrow mastters and voting is the most important thing you can do in the next 24 hours if you haven't early voted. Sarah Palin energized the base. A little more energy won't hurt when it comes to defeating communism as being spread by the demonicRATS.

Down to the wire

With less than twenty four hours to go to the results, no one can be sure what the outcome of this midterm will be. The communists have thrown every thing they have against conservative candidates and President Trump. The only thing they have left is their old standby, fraud. As I scanned the news tonight I saw several articles where fraud is mentioned. In Pennsylvania it is known that there are thousands of illegal voters on the rosters. They've been there for decades. The Keystone state has been blue for a lot of those years.
Many of you early voted. We all have busy schedules, so that is to be expected, get in when you can and save on the rush tomorrow. I do not early vote. My concern is fraud. If the donks know how many early voters were republican, they have a better idea of how many fraudulent votes they need to conjure up in strong hold in the Kansas City and Wichita areas. Why make it easy for them if I don't have to?
I will make the time to vote. I work for the biggest jerk in Kansas. I will still go down and vote at my convenience. Probably early when the turn out is still light. BTW I'm self employed.
If you have a choice tomorrow night, catch the results on OANN. Better to give them the ratings than hand them to fake news central. I know many people still consider Fox to be a right leaning news outlet. I see them as the furthest right of the leftist organizations. My opinion.
Have a great night and pray for our leaders. If the wrong people gain power we will be prey. I shudder to think of Nancy P Lousy having the screechers gavel again.

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Sunday, November 4, 2018

Sky High

How big a POS is he?

Fake News Central interviewed a woman after Barry Soetoro stumped for Gillum in Florida. The woman said that Barry's talk convinced her to vote for Gilum. Kudo's to the SCoaMF, he changed one mind. Then other folks did a little digging and discovered that the woman was in fact Gillum's very own mother!
Seriously, what gives? Do you mean to tell me that prior to dear reader stumbling through his teleprompter message she had no intention for casting her vote for her own off spring? If that is the case, if it takes a former president, even the worst one thus far begging and pleading to convince this woman, maybe the voters in Florida better rethink their socialist candidate.
I'd thought about voting for him, but he isn't on the ballot here in Kansas. Besides, the asshole they make swamp the sewage pits isn't elected to the job...... And he has to have some sort of work ethic.

Barb wire is beautiful BUT electric wire is the cowboy's best friend

President Trump stated at the Montana rally that Barb Wire is beautiful when used properly, making reference to the ongoing efforts to better secure the border. The President recently deployed troops to the border and has them working at installing concertina wire to slow the advance of the invasion force coming from Central hell.
Having grown up on a farm, I can attest to the beauty of a well built fence. Good fences make for good neighbors. They let both parties know where the line is and establish a barrier to keep the animals under control. Cattle, horse, sheep, pigs, all the farm creatures know to honor the fence and stay on their side. Most of the time. Some times a cow things the grass is greener over yonder. They have no respect for lines or the fences that mark them, so if she can get her head through she is gonna grab a bite. That is where the beauty of the electric fence come in. she sticks her head through and gets the shock of her life. She quickly learns to respect the line even though she may not want to, or even understand it.
The electric fence though is no match for wild animals. Coyotes, wolves, pick a beast, they do not respect the fence. Illegals don't respect the electric fence either. Once this wall is up, they will begin figuring other ways to breach it.
Some will fly over, but a plane is easy to spot and can only land in limited areas. They may decide to use boats to bring people in. They can hit any coast in the same way Cubans come to Florida, or the can chug up a river and pick an inlet somewhere to complete their business. The coyotes who shuttle people here make between $5,000 and $10,000 per person depending on where they start from. When you see video of a hundred person mob trudging through the Texas night, that is a million dollar prize when they deliver it. And if the caravan is transporting drugs, an even bigger payday. The cartels like the invaders because they can cart cargo for them.
Right now we have an invasion force numbering between 7,000 and 12,000 depending on the reporter. it is hard to hid a group that large. If they try mobbing the border, then the forces deployed will have no choice but to shoot and kill many of them. It doesn't matter if one is armed or they all are armed. The upside of it is a large group is easy to track. One of the tricks the cartels use is to send multiple groups, one large band of a hundred or more, and several small sets numbering five to ten. The hundred almost always get caught.
This fight is happening at the border. It won't be won there. To win it, we need to make the rest of the nation inhospitable for the invaders. We won't end sanctuary cities, they are communist strong holds, and will vote democrat as long as the sun rises in  the east. When the jobs vanish, when companies who hire illegals feel the heat is too high, then we will begin to see change. When businesses that hire illegals feel the pinch because we will no longer support their choice, that will bring change.
There are many jobs millennials feel are beneath them. Some of those jobs are important to the welfare of this nation. McDonalds aint one of them. Picking watermelon is. I am all for allowing workers from other countries in to do jobs like that. I'd rather have my lettuce picked by a happy Mexican than by a disgruntled twenty something who is angry he didn't get hired in a million dollar a year job with his masters in black studies degree.
The Apostle Paul said if they won't work don't feed them. time to apply that to the bottom feeders and welfare breeders.

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Thursday, November 1, 2018

Mountain Dew by Grandpa Jones

Fakebook being it's normal evil self

Adds appeared on fakebook claiming that North Dakota Hunters who vote risk losing their hunting licenses in other states. This is an obvious attempt to suppress hunters who tend to be conservative.
Would such a campaign benefit communist hack Heitkamp?
I seriously doubt many hunters would be foolish enough to believe such drivel. Then again, there are some democrats socialists who do hunt.
Suckerboy said they would work to eradicate fake voting BS. The Caller makes no mention of the adds getting jerked. I'd bet that if a similar add was made to target dumbassed liberals, it would be gone in minutes.

Trump dominates CNN?

Mark Sucker admitted that his band of loonies must cover President Trump! When their focus shifts off President Trump, viewers go elsewhere.
I guess this is like junkies needing meth. They keep coming back to the source that supplies them, and as soon as that source is out, BANG! They go elsewhere fast. For clarity, the junkies don't mosy over to McDonalds for food either. I've talked to a number of liberals who feast on fake news. They spout the mantra as well as Liar Lemon. It must be short and easy to memorize. Too bad the libtards have such fault memories and can't remember what it was like when Obamunism, socialism's idiot cousin, was ruining the show. Err running. Then again, most of them don't have real jobs that are impacted by poor economic policies. They are either welfarians or academiacs, both equally worthless 90% of the time.
FNN has fallen far. They now have less pull than Nickelodian which apparently is where millennials get their news. Or is that Lacking Comedy Central?
Fake Noise spent eight years telling us Barry's shit didn't stink as they spent eight years gobbling it like vultures on a skunk's carcass. Now they are trying to tell us the recovery isn't real, the jobs are fake, and it is all because of Barry.
Well, yea, it is. Just as Peanut brained Jimmuh gave us Reagan, The Indonesian marxist made the field perfect for President Trump. I wonder what would have happened if Republicans had had a majority in both houses under Reagan.


My wife wanted one of those big-screen TVs for her birthday.

I just moved her chair closer to the one we already have.

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