Monday, April 30, 2012

Carter? Seriously?

I'm not calling Mitt a liar, really I'm not. I have seen video today where Romney was asked if he would have ordered the hit on Fishbait, and he replies that even Carter would have ordered it. Some how, I doubt that Mr Incompompetent the First would have authorized the strike. Heck, we know gaffer joe Biden wouldn't have, he said as much.
Carter? Seriously? Nah!
Personally, I believe that if Romney was in the White House, and they called him for permission, He would have replied, You need to ask? What kind of General are you? Thats a given, call me when its over.
Could be wrong.....

Fire damage

Just a quick update, here are two pics of the front of my house showing what the wild fire did. A couple more minutes, and there would have been serious problems. There have been several fires since I bought the property. Kansas pasture is tinder in the spring, especially during February and March when things are dry. the ranchers burn off pasture to rejuvenate it. It clears out the old stubble and also gets rid of junipers and sumac which can choke out grass in a matter of a few years. Grass fires are a common site in spring.

To be clear, I burn every year, that's not what I mean when I say fires. I mean the unplanned variety. Several of them were investigated, and tossed cigarettes were the culprit in two of them including the one that got my siding. I hate to say it, but I see several every year along the roads that were clearly caused by a smoker.

Sunday, April 29, 2012

Clearly not Standard

The year was 1949. most of our soldiers had returned from Europe and Japan. Most were settling back into civilian life. One of them was not William Ruger. Ruger had contributed to the war effort. His designs for guns equipped our soldiers with cutting edge tools of war. now the war was over, and he continued to design guns. his first civilian project was dubbed the Standard. it was anything but. A simple knock off of the famous Japanese Nambu design, it was a unique weapon for its time. Ruger lacked money though, but to the rescue came an enterprising fellow, Alex Sturm. Sturm knew a good thing when he saw it, and he saw great things in the Standard. So great, that he plopped down capital to launch the pistol that launched the most successful firearms compant in America. Am I exagerating? I don't think so. The standard, also known as the Mark I, is the most successful target pistol in the world. It has undergone only a few changes. The Mark I is in fact not the same as the Standard. The Mark I is the first target version of this fantastic plinker.
The Ruger has a distinct look and appeal to it. When it was first intorduced, many people thought Ruger was a spelling error in the ads, and that it was in fact a new Luger. While looks are close, and feel is similar, this is by no means a German engineered weapon. Its America through and through.
I aquired my Standard in 1981. A quick glance will confirm that it is a newer one, not an early copy. I cannot tell you how many rounds I have put through it. I have worn out several magazines in the years of shooting I have enjoyed with it. Its not easy to wear out a magazine, let me assure you of that. The original models lacked a last round bolt stop. A modified follower took care of that, if you wanted it. Since the bolt closes as soon as the mag is withdrawn, I found them to be a waste of time, an extra round was much prefered. The MkII upgrade solved that issue.

One of the few drawbacks to the Standard thru MkII was the mag release. It was situated at the bottom of the grip, and could be a bugger to operate, expecially in cold weather. the new MkIIIs solved that problem.
Ruger offers many lines of guns. From competition rimfires like the Standard to cowboy action  shooting to home defense and Police lines, they touch every niche of firearms, all from a company that started in 1949.
The Standard remained virtually unchanged for 33 years. That, coupled with sales in excess of two million will confirm that Bill Ruger had a winner. It wasn't a standard, it set a NEW Standard.

Saturday, April 28, 2012

Busy busy

While I would like to post several articles each day, it is rare for me to make that happen. That is why I admired Don. He had a tough schedule, but always had things for people to read. What I aspire to be, and what I am are two diffrent things though. When I am tired, its hard to get motivated to write something. I have seen several articles this past week that tripped my trigger, but I didn't manage to put a pixel on the screen.
I live in rural Kansas, and we have two realities here, tornados, and praire fires. I purchased the land where my house sits over fifteen years ago. It is a nice rolling property with woods, open pasture, a nice valley, and a hill top with a tremendous view. That is where my first wife wanted to build the house. I wasn't too enthused, but when wife number two picked the same spot, I agreed. Well, while we were building, we had a twister pass through. It leveled my neighbors garage and removed wuite a few shingles from his roof. When I drove up to mine, it seemed every shingle on the west side was standing straight up. We had to redo it. I am reminded of the horror movies where a couple moves into an old house. as they wander about, a voice utters "Get out"! They stay, and mayhem follows.
Suprise suprise. I have replaced the shingles three times. The last time, I opted for a steel roof. its holding.....So far.
Siding is another matter. The Chapman tornado also hit Manhattan. it passed just south of my place. I lost the siding from the west side to that cool breeze. About sixteen months ago we had a grass fire, It was caused by a cigarette thrown into dry grass. The bottom three feet of siding on my south and east sides caught it. Melted and runny. Vinal and country living do not mix. My yard has no large trees. makes for a great view, but a bit windy.
Now that my divorce is final, I am residing the house. This time its with cement board. Thats why I'm so dogone tired and not much to say here. We are striping whats left of the vinal and getting it done.
Maybe I'll put up pictures later, we'll have to see.

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Surber Retired

yesterday was crazy. When I went to check in at Don's place, it was articles from last week. All day, it was crazy, then last night I checked facebook, and he said he was quitting blogging. Its our great loss. Don had one of the most informative small blogs out there. The commenters were a gret bunch, and we had several resident drools err tools of the left.
His message said his health wasn't worth it, and I can agree with that. If you don't enjoy something, you have to weigh the reward and the cost. For Don, it was too great. I guess he had a tough job keeping people in line. He always had a steady stream of articles through the day. He will be missed.
Best wishes to you Don, you were a great blogger. and a wonderful host.

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

The war on terror is over

That's the announcement from the State Department. I say great, Now disband the Teams of Sexual Assailants and all the other crap from the Patriot Act and let us live like Americans.

Seriously, this bumbling fucked up administration couldn't beat a band of babies in bassinets, let alone win. The only other option is they are giving up. Its logical. They ushered in the Islamic Brotherhood in Egypt and Libya, are supporting radicals in Syria, and cowering from Iran. What other possibility is there?

Monday, April 23, 2012

Talk about inflation

A 1792 penny is worth over a million bucks today. Wow! The rare cent is being auctioned, and the bids are enormous. The same coin last sold in 1974 for a measly $105,000, so the take this time will be in excess of ten times its purchase price. In 38 years. Fuel is arround 8 times the price, so The coin has only kept pace with inflation. Any one have one of these silver centered suckers they'd care to trade for a shiny new one?

Friday, April 20, 2012

We're #1. Oh shit.

Stumbled on this little gem yesterday on a link from iowntheworld.
Kansas is 31 in poorest health? I figured it would be either mobile homes, or tornados. Indiana has the real claim to fame. They are least green. Good for them. Wyoming leads with fatal car crashes? Must be all the drunks from Montana. Colorado leads with Cocaine use? its the only thing that will make those mountains go away! Utah and Porn? What? Ten wives isn't enough? Commiefornia and air polution? The smug factor in some areas makes Co seem downright nice. Arizona and alcoholism? What else are you going to do when it 185 degrees outside? In the shade? New Mexico Antisocial? You would be too if you had to live between a drunk and an illiterate. Iowa the oldest state? It only seems like forever when you watch corn grow as the official pastime. Maine the dumbest? Says a lot about Olympia Snowe. Michigan unemployment? I thought ObamAA+ saved the auto industry. Massive clueless has the worst drivers? is some one still covering for Ted kennedy? He's dead, let it go. Hawaii cost of living?Explains why ObamAA+ sees nothing wrong with hundred dollar a gallon gas.
But here in Kansas we are stuck between violent females and female victims. My advice? don't date. They will have issues.
And last but not least, Illiniois leads in robbery. I guess that explains What happened to the stimuless money. Go figger.

Thursday, April 19, 2012


Ok everyone, the official squalking points memo is this: Barry was forced to eat fido when he was a kid by his evil step father. The young lad was so dramatized by the incident that he has been unable to hold a job for his entire adult life and must eat wagu beef because all other foods remind him of that horrible incident.
This is all Bush's fault, because had he not dodged the draft, Lolo Sotoro would not have needed to return to Indonesia to defend it from invading polar bears who were migrating south to escape global warming.

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Easiest job in the world

No, its not musician. Even though Ted Nugent does feature in tonight's rant, he could always get a blister on his little finger, if BTO is to be believed. I'm aiming this one square at the secretion service. Err Secret Service.

Ted was an idiot for ranting the way he did. Sure, we all understand him, and most of us agree with him, but liberals will be liberals, and everything will be misinterpreted. I think Ted was.

He said last week that if Obama is reelected, that he will be dead or in jail in six months. That's not a threat, that's a real possibility. As things stand right now, the only way ObamAA+ will get reelected is either an implosion by Romney, and that's as likely to happen pond scum evolving into college professors. It won't. Period. The second possibility is fraud. Its the Chicago way, its the only way ObamAA+ knows, and if he does rise to that level, he will destroy this country, and freedom. The fraud will not stay long hidden, and like his phony birth certificate, It will cause problems.

I doubt conservatives will rise in revolution, its not our style. Revolt is for liberals and low lifes, but I repeat myself. Instead, just like with regimes on foreign shores in times past, it will begin with patriots carted off to reeducation camps, and people like Ted will either be political prisoners, or executed by evil.

But what of the secret service, the ones set to interrogate poor Ted? Is theirs such a tough job? Well, we see them partying with prostitutes on the advance mission to Columbia. Apparently, they are not concerned about an assassination, and frankly, neither am I. We can take a look at past assassins, they are leftists. Even JFK was gunned down by some one further to the left. Further left then a Kennedy? Is there such a thing? Not anymore. I think ObamAA+ and flatulent floater fought for the title of most liberal in the senate. I rule it a tie.

The haters, the arian nation scum and KKK are left wing groups. Sure, some of them resent ObamAA+ because he is black, and they would scream if they thought he was muslim. They won't kill him though, he is their kind, all he is, is a puppet, and their leaders, men like Trunpka and Soros are pulling his strings.

But above all, the secret service has a great weapon in their suit of defense, three words that are the key to ObamAA+'s survival. "President Joe Biden." that alone will keep the Kenyan from harm. He chose wisely. It may be the only smart thing he ever does.

So Ted, tell it like it is. man up and take your lumps. You always have. We understand you, the commies never will. they think they are too smart for us to figure out, but then, idiots always seems to fancy themselves brilliant.

Well he said he likes mutts

Its been an interesting week for the ASPCA folks. They are perpetually angry about how people treat animals, and I'm sure were ready to attack Romney with both barrels for his treatment of their dog. What a laugh. Ever ridden in a truck with a dog? As soon as the window is down, they are hanging their face in the wind, so to be on top of the car ratehr then in it would be no great pain, unless the carrier was waaay too small.
Now its Obamaa+'s turn. In one of Bill Ayers books, it is claimed that He ate dog. Seriously. Its no big deal really, Many cultures do it, and if people don't, well, insects and rodents do. Still, he is a lefty, the kind of weirdo that wants to give voter rights to worms, so its fair game.
My question of the week though is does he still eat dog? or do he and Sasquach not engage in oral sex?

Monday, April 16, 2012

Barber shop story

Seems this union idiot wanders into a barber shop and wants a hair cut. The union guy has on headphones, and an I-pod. The barber gets him seated in a chair, and tells him, "you're gonna have to take off the headset while I cut your hair".
The union guy says, "oh no, I always wear my headphones, I never take em off, not even to shower or sleep.
The barber figures he is getting his daily Trumka fix, telling him what he is supposed to think, and so goes ahead with the hair cut. The results look terrible, and when he swings the union guy arround to the mirror, even he is unimpressed.
"I can do a much better job if you would just take off the headpphones while I finish", and the union guy grudgingly complies.
Three minutes later, the union guy lapses into unconsiousness, and slides to the floor. The barber and other customers begin CPR, and soon an Ambulance arrives and hauls the guy to the hospital.
After they are gone, the barber sees the I-pod sitting on the counter, still playing.
Out of curiosity, he picks it up to see just what message the union guy was getting.
He hears, "breathe in...breathe out... breathe in...breathe out."

Guess that explains why they need unions.

What happened in Columbia?

The intertubes are awash in pictures of the Hildabeast partying down in Columbia. She was dancing like a wild woman and drinking it up. Not much to respect in our present secretary of state. hell, not much to respect in her boss who was only there to scope out a cool vacation spot for Sasquach and the young uns. He even freely admitted it. So that was his agenda? Check out the sites?
As for hillary, what was under her head when she woke up? I'd guess a chewed off arm, but I honestly don't think htere is enough alcohol in South America to get her laid. Bill likes em ugly, but if birth records are any indication, there is a reason he was into chubby interns.
I just hope Mr Romney picks a SoS who will work to restore honor for our nation. It would suck to have to kick every ones ass again. Lets hope the long list is limited to the Iranians, NorKs, and Syria.
For the record, I still aint smit with Mitt. He has many flaws, and is too liberal for my liking. I will grudgingly admit that he is a likely candidate to win. Whether he is conservative enough to right our shipof state remains to be seen, we will need a congress and especially a senate that is conservative.

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Midwest Weather.

Yesterday was another stormy one. The system that moved through killed at least five people in Oklahoma who died in part because lightning knocked out power to the sirens.
Most tornado cells dissipate after sundown. They are fueled by the heat from the sun, so early mornings and night are the times of least activity. That's not always the case, and last night was an example of how bad things can be.
Never rely on the local warning system. As happened in Woodward, they can and do fail. Instead, have a reliable weather radio handy. I check mine regularly, and it sits atop my headboard. Sure, I get less sleep on nights like last night, but my bed is more comfortable than the crawl space.
A friend called me yesterday. They pulled out their weather radio at work to test it, and it was dead. I told him that since I was on my way into town, and would be close to his work that I would pick one up for him. HA! Walmart was out. Menard's, out. Ace Hardware, out. Sears, none. Radio Shack? Sold out. Home Depot, nada. Target, none their either. Kmart? Surprise, they had a couple of em, so I grabbed one, and off to my friends work. Bad news, it would not pick up inside the building, and it was not programmable. Worse yet, it was not a digital tune, just the old dial and it did not have an alert feature. It worked out at the far end of their parking lot, but that doesn't do much good.
Back to the search. I found another at Tractor Supply, but it too was problematic. It was a digital, it was programmable, but it had poor reception inside the building. Plus side is it is made like a walkie talkie, and clips onto the belt.
My own unit is a Midland. I have never had problems with it. When I worked in Manufacturing, we had Midland units there, and they functioned flawlessly inside the building even with all kinds of electrical interference.
Another line of defense is your cell phone. many of the stations in the area have cell phone alerts where they send you a text any time there is a watch or warning in your area. They are great, but if a system should take out a tower, you are in trouble.
The NOAA system has three transmitters in my area, One at Blue Rapids, one in Topeka, and one at Abilene. I doubt any storm could kill all three. cell towers though rely on the local power grid, and if it crashes, they only have a few hours of reserve power before they are down for the duration. I'm not saying don't use them, by all means, do. Multiple alert systems can mean a difference between being a spectator, and being the main feature on the late news. Speaking of which, if possible, always stay tuned to your local station, either TV or radio. They stay up to the minute, furnish constant coverage, and since they often have staff on the ground, have a better picture of what is going on.
Last night five people died. Last year, one hundred sixty plus. Nature can be a mother. You cannot win, and you cannot break even. Better to avoid the fight by being below ground.
I would recommend the Midland weather radio to any one. While the Weather X has several nice features, namely a crank dynamo, and a built in light, its lacking in reception capability, and that's the most important feature. The Acu Rite has nice portability features but again, reception sucked. Either is better then nothing though, and supply isn't meeting demand.  At least not this weekend in Kansas.

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Addition to the blog roll

I added to the blog roll. I came across his site thanks to comments over at Don Surbers blog, and found him to be an interesting read on economics issues. Greg is a  professor of economics at Harvard. Apparently, not all Harvard grads are as dumb as the one in the White House. Assuming of course that ObamAA+'s degree from Harvard is not like his birth certificates, at least the ones released thus far.

Thursday, April 12, 2012

I support Zimmerman

I don't know what information Angela Corey has that makes her think a Murder 2 charge is warranted. The media has been lynching Mr Zimmerman for a month now, and nothing rhey have published convinces me it was anything but self defense. I sympathize with Martins parents. Its not easy to lose a child. It does not matter if it was violence, cance or a car wreck, It hurts. Like wise, its not easy to admit you failed as a parent. Tracy and Sybrina have that to deal with as well. Their son was a thug in my book. He was suspended for drugs, truancy, and other misbehavior. He was a twit on twitter, calling himself the No limit Nigga. he was destined for trouble, and that he found it when he did has probably saved lives and prevented violence. had he not crossed the wrong man, he would be on a path to murder. I would speculate he would have been in jail by twenty, and a multi termer. He had too many strikes, and no desire to be a good person.

Enough on him. I was discussing this with a lady from the Orlando area today, and she made the point that too many great Americans die every day and we don't mourn them the way we do this delinquent. She was refering to our soldiers in Uniform, heros or our time. This focus on one drug thug turned carcass needs to end. I will talk at times as this unfolds about Mr Zimmerman. Please join me in praying for his protection in jail. Let us also pray that the voters of Florida vote Mistake Corey out the door.


Representative Allen West of Florida stated that there are 80 communists in the US congress. Seriously, he said that in a speach to cheering supporters. As I look at what the dems have done over the last four years, I see loads of crap that would make Stalin happy. Obamascare is a communist dream, all the bail outs and borrowing from China? More evil garbage.
What I want to know from Mr West, is how he determined that the remaining 110 lowlifes were not commies. Sheesh, I lump them all in there, from Debbie Whatshername Schultz and Nancy P. Lousy to the greenest of their pack of immorals.
Socialists, comunists, the only real diffrence is that commies have a spine, socialists have jello. determining the diffrence is like a Marine attempting to determine if the guy shooting at him is taliban or al quaida, Bad is bad, and this pack of demoncrap are the worst our nation has endured.
Remember in November and send em all on permanent vacations.

Monday, April 9, 2012

Paging JE$$E JACK$ON

You have a real race issue in fly over country. Keep in mind though, the white perp is a Cherokee Indian.
To be honest, I expected the shooter to be another black. Why? because the vast majority of killings of blacks are carried out by other blacks.
I don't celebrate when something like this happens. Three men are dead, and did not deserve to be executed. If Jake England wanted revenge for his father, he should have stalked the prison where he is incarcerated, and shot the man who did it. He would still be facing a long prison sentence, but five families would not have been disrupted by his stupidity.

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Then why is it a shit hole?

Education is supposed to be the key to a better life, more income, better family relations. Americans in 1940 were less educated, but more stable. Only 4.6% of those over 25 had college educations. Today, thatt average is 28.2%. here's that shocker for me, 50.1%, over half of the people in our nations capital have college degrees. So why is it a shit pit? Washington has the highest crime rate in the nation, and No, I am not talking about what the government does. I'm talking about every day crime, drug usage, rapes robberies and murder. Washington, for all its educrats, is a sorry shit hole.
Here is the problem in my opinion, in 1940 23.4% of people worked in Manufacturing. America was growing. Today, the largest group is employed in education, health care and social services. These are leech groups. I'm not saying that teachers, doctors and mental health workers are not needed, I'm saying they contribute nothing to our gross domestic product. Manufacturing has shrunk to fourth place, a mere 10% of our work force. keep in mind, the work force accounts for less than half of our total population, so less then one in twenty Americans is in manufacturing. Ag has fallen from second with 18.5% out of the top five. So where once nearly one quarter of Americans were producing wealth, today, today it is less then one in ten. We may be netter educated, but we as a nation gained nothing from it. We are dependent on foreign nations for our cloths, tools, even much of hte food we consume is being imported. Think what that means if we go to war. Lack of industry is what doomed the south in our civil war. It could doom our nation in the next big war. Lets keep that in mind. teachers don't build tanks, and while some would say a well educated population is less likely to fight, remember, China aint well educated, and they will fight. If we won't, we lose.
One other thing to scare you, Americas senior citizens owe $36 billion in student loan debt. Thats crazy!

Rape or not?

A ten year old child in Columbia gave birth to a five pound baby girl. No report on the father. My first thought when I saw this was rape or incest, but there is a chance, a slim one, that it was consensual. But some will argue that a ten year old cannot consent. What if the father is also a child? Whom do we blame? When I was a teen, I can remember several instances of girls eleven or twelve having sex, and it was not forced either. I have met women who chose to become sexually active as young as nine which is what this girl would have been.
While its possible for a girl that young to safely have sex, its not safe for them to have children, and since children are a consequence of sex, let us say it aint safe for girls that young to be having sex. What causes this? Do we blame a break down in the family for this? The girls I know who were active at a young age are a mixed bag. Some came from broken homes, but not all of them. Its a sad fact that girls who come from broken homes are more likely to engage in risky activity, but thats not a guarantee.
Can a boy be harmed by early sex? I don't see how, but a girl could suffer irreparable damage. There is a diffrence between a child that is coerced, and one whose hormones are running wild. Sex should be anything but casual. The consequences can have a lasting impact, and some times be fatal. I don't believe in casual sex, bed hopping, or any of that type of behavior. Given the variety of VD out there, its a dangerous game, and one a child of ten doesn't understand. Still, they play it. Its the job of parents to keep the kids safe, and in todays society where often kids are raised in single parent homes, there is no one to ensure they are being safe because that parent is at work.
Sure, this happened in a tribe in Columbia, but it could just as easily happen in main street USA.

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Liberal government at its finest

Todays example of liberal failure comes from Denver where an imigrant from Sudan, Jimma Reat, was attacked on the freeway by some typical Denver scum who threw bottles breaking windows in the vehicle Jimma was in. Jimma's cousin phoned 911, and was told by the dispatch to return to the scene of the crime. When they did, the fine Denver residents also returned, this time with a gun, and Jimma was shot dead. For those of you who have never looked at a map, Colorado is a liberal state, or more correctly, Denver and much of the east slope is a liberal bastion in an otherwise conservative state.
I have no idea what started the confrontation, Nothing in the report is clear on it. We don't kow if Jimma almost ran some one off the road, knocked up the shooters sister, gave his brother AIDs, or just had the misfortune of attracting attention from the wrong crowd. My guess is the last. The vehicle used by the attackers was found, and later reported stolen by its owner. That gives rise to two possibilities, the owner was involved, or it was drug or gang involvment. Denver has its share of both.
How seriously fucked up is it though that a 911 dispatcher would tell some one to go back to where they were attacked at? Would you send some one back into a building when they call reporting a gas odor? Do they tell victims of abuse to go home and wiat for their spouse to return?
Citizens of Denver, you earned this, and it may very well cost you a bundle. It, along with bad, expansive government is what you get when you vote dumb as crap err dumbass crap, shit, I mean democrat.
Jimma's family is no stranger to tragedy. His uncle was the victim of another unsolved homicide in December. Whther the murders have connections is an unknown. What is known, is that Denver 911 fucked up.
Incidentally, Denver is also not friendly to the constitutional right to keep and bear arms. Its illegal to have an AR-15 in Denver with a 30 round mag. merely driving through on I-70 could land you in trouble. The criminal establishment will confiscate your gun, extort money, and smear your good name. I guess their goal is to be the Washington DC hellhole of the midwest.

The secret to a good nights sleep

Who needs Sominex? I probably shouldn't drink that much caffene before bed time should I?

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Campaign Bumper Sticker #2

Whadda ya expect from the party of hypocrisy?

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Another wheel gun

I own a number of revolvers. I know a lot of people consider them a relic of the past, but for me, they have their place. The biggest advantage of an automatic, in fact, the only one, is capacity. Six vs fifteen is a no brainer, so if you are taking on a horde of angry looters, grab the Glock, Sig, or Beretta. Otherwise, a wheel gun will serve your needs just fine.

This grinning monster is a S&W model 66-1 chambered in the capable .357 caliber. It is the only revolver I have with a left hand holster. I'm ambidextrious, left handed by birth, struggling in a right hand world. Honestly, I have always shot right handed. 90% of guns are designed for right handers. The few exceptions are the popular ambi autos, and top break revolvers such as the H&R 999 Sportsman. I have no dominant eye, and with a rifle, I have an advantage in that my strong hand is controling my aim.

Back when the Colt 1911 burst on the scene, it offered only a single round advantage, but the shooter didn't need to eject the empties, only an empty mag. Other autos soon increased capacity, and a few were even offered with 100 round drums. Not bad when the demon hoards of starving lazy democrats come to plunder your life savings.

So, why do I like revolvers? For most folks, a hand gun is their late night defense. Too many of them never take the gun out and clean it, let alone to the range. Month and months of no activity and a full load of cartridges can weaken the spring in that Glock. I have seen two mag failures. One held back three, the other was five or more. I've also seen dented mags that would not function. Saw a big Lt when I was in the service, who after diving for cover during our march to the range, had three mags that suffered for it. Yup, the big guy bent em. Keep that in mind if you leave mags in your vehicle. They are another part that can fail at the most inappropriate time.

The last thing I wanted to point out is another revolver from my collection. This is a close up of a Colt trooper MkV. Note the cylinder release. On a Smith, you push forward with your thumb. With the Colt, you pull back. I know it seems trivial, but late at night, when the chips are down, and you went through your first six, that little distinction may cost you your life. practice with what you carry, carry what you are familiar with. Neither is a bad gun, either will stop the bad guy in his tracks. familiarity is a good thing, it does not always breed contempt.
Spring has arrived, and we are doing range night every Wednesday right before Sons of Guns. Last week we burned through about 250 rounds of ammo. Should be a great time.

Pot raid in Oakland

After all the bruhaw of California legalizing medical marijuana, stores have sprung up it seems, on every street corner. Folks in Jokeland err Oakland established a school to train people in how to become distributers, something every middle school kid there used to know, and now the feds have raided it.
I have a live and let live attitude towards pot. I think its bad for a person, and would never use it myself. here in Kansas though, it grows wild in many rural ditches. I don't like meth, crack, or almost any other drugs. I see a distinction. I have yet to see a pot smoker so obsessed wiht his next high that he has to rob steal or plunder to get it. most of em are mellow fools. The crack and coke crowd, will kill for thier next high, five minutes after their last one. Its all they live for, and many of em would benefit society by dropping dead.
There is a movement afoot to legalize pot. Let it be argued in the legislatures. California decided to decriminalize it, and thats fine with me. Its a states rights issue to me, and above all, some htig ofr the voters to decide. From my perspective, the only thing the feds should have a right to control is importation of it. Let the DEA do their job and police the border. Let local and state decide what to do in their bailwicks.

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Watching the games was punishment enough

What more can I say? Two crooked cops will get off scott free in spite of their part in a  ticket fixing sceme in Lawrence. The DA decided not to pursue the case. My guess is it has to do with hte fact these two scumbags wee witnesses in eighteen reported cases that went to trial. A case against them would open a whole can of worms ecause they are not honest. If the DA, Charles Branson, were honest, he would open the can anyway. he seems to forget, his job is the pursuit of truth, not racking up a long list of convictions.
Lawrence, just another liberal hell hole in Kansas. remember folks, there are two teams to cheer for in Kansas, KSU, and whom ever is playing the jayhacks.