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Midnight Confessions

Huh? Right eyeroll

London has sustained yet another terror attack by a mainstream muzzy. In this incident, a jihadist armed with a knife attacked people gathered at Fishmongers’ Hall murdering two and wounding several others. The muzzie seeking his mythical virgins was repelled by a man who selected a narwhal tusk, the only weapon available in the land of the disarmed victims.
Dailywire ended by quoting the New York compost which claimed that the murderer  had attempted to deradicalize himself while he was in prison for a previous incident in which he had plotted to bomb a number of London landmarks.
In 2012 he performed taquaia claiming he had been immature when he joined the terror group that was busted. He stated, “I would like to do such a course so I can prove to the authorities, my family and soicity (sic) in general that I don’t carry the views I had before my arrest and also I can prove that at the time I was immature,”
Well, in a way he was truthful. Muzzies,especially Palistidiots, strap bombs to children and send them out into crowds where they can wreak havoc. being more mature, he chose to use a knife and physical strength.... Probably couldn't find a reliable bomb builder.
The only thing that will reliable deradicalize a jihadist is a speeding bullet passing through the heart.
It wasn't all that many years ago that English Bobbies went about unarmed. Thank you GOD the police were equipped with firearms and used them. When it comes to a terrorist, the can never be too dead.
One more thing, the man who wielded that tusk was a chef from Poland. Once again the Poles stand strong in opposition to Satan's fodder.

Friday, November 29, 2019

The Boys Of Summer

I set these up several weeks in advance. Often I work from the youtube play list and get pirated stuff rather than official content.

How stupid are California voters?

Maxine Waters is perhaps the least intelligent member of Congress. The bottom is a crowded lot imho. Now Maximouth is on record stating she doubts the intelligence of Ben Carson.
Seriously? This man is a world renowned surgeon. Yes, he comes across as sleepy and lacking fire, but he is a super smart individual. do not be fooled by his relaxed air.
Ben needs to consider running for Congress. He should buy a house in Torrence and run in the 43rd. The district is so gerrymandered that it is reliably communist, so Ben wold need to run as a dem to unseat her. He would need to flip just over a third of the voters in her district, 22% are registered as republicans, but with their free for all brawl primary, it would not really matter, republicans would pick him if he ran.
Maxi needs to take her Castro loving ass and move to Havana. She could hang with Assata Shakur. Who knows, JoAnne might do the world a favor.

Time to dump Chick-fil-A

I've been supporting Chick-fil-A for quit a few years. When the lefty lonies went after the resturant for holding to faith based principles, and protesting, I and millions of others responded by making them a regular on our list of places to grab lunch. That was back in the days when S. Truett Cathy was still alive. he passed away in 2014 and his son began to move the company in a different direction. He hired an Obamunist, Rodney Bullard, to be VP of corporate responsibility for the Chick-fil-A foundation. In a recent press release, it was announced that Chick-fil-A would cease to support The Salvation Army and other Christian organizations.
That angered me. Thefinal straw though was learning that Chick-fil-A had donated money to the Communist hate mongers at the Southern Poverty Law(less) Center. Yes, the same SPLC that inspired a hate attack on the Family Research Council back in 2012. The same SPLC that designates religious organizations as hate groups if they stick to GOD's message that homosexual behavior is a sin in the eyes of the Almighty.
When I saw the article on Wednesday, I said, Never again will I eat at that establishment. The only other resturant I avoid is McNasty's  over their sponsorship of the NFL and black lies matter, lthough my mouth is watering for a McRib after seeing news of it's return. Maybe one, but they are not going to be on my regular lunch list for a very long time. I'm eating hellthy, not healthy, but the grease burgers won't be regulars ant time soon.
As for Chick-fil-A, it is a monumental shame that an organization built on Christian values is now arm in arm with what I consider the elements of Satan the SPLC.

Thursday, November 28, 2019

Let It Ride

Happy Thanks Giving

Today is a day set aside to give thanks to GOD. Who is your god?

If you live for money, then money is your god, not the creator of money who imparts wealth to the wise.

If you live for sex, then sex is your god, not the GOD who created us male and female and commanded that we love one another.

If you live for food, then food is your god not the GOD who created all the plants and animals and made life abundant on earth.

If you live for alcohol, then alcohol is your god not the GOD whose only son turned water into wine.

Give thanks to GOD. Every stick, every blade of grass, and yes, every cockroach was created by him for a purpose and a time under heaven.

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Wooden Ships

Somebody knew

Back in 1987 Donald john Trump was a playboy. A Rich guy who had not a care in the world. He'd just released "The Art of the Deal and was at a book signing. On one book he signed, Donald Trump, Future President. That book sold for $1,500 this week, surpassing the best books of former presidents including Truman, Kennedy, both Bushes and Roosevelts.
Future President?? In 1987? Supposedly it was at the request of the recipient, but The Donald did indeed sign it as asked. More balls than brains? Well, he IS our President. Was he considering a run even back then? Supposedly when he was photographed with President Reagan, Ronnie prophesied that he would one day ascend to the Leadership of the free world. Amazing that the man who rescued us from Carter and the one who salvaged us after Barry will be remembered as the greatest leaders of our nation.
Some one knew it would happen. We call him GOD. Whom did he tip off?

Let's turn this around for a moment

reliably Sore-Asses' Brian Stelter hosted hack author Steven Hassan on Sunday. The subject was Hassan's new fiction piece, The Cult of Trump. Hassan charged that President Trump is the leader of a massive cult, and we are powerless to leave.
He made a step by step analysis.
First point; “I define a destructive cult as an authoritarian pyramid-structured group with someone at the top who claims to have total power and total wisdom that uses the deception and control of behavior, information, thoughts, and emotions to make people loyal and dependent and obedient followers.” fair enough, Cults are defined by having a leader who is authoritarian and has near total power over those below him. We have seen that destructive pattern carried to its extreme conclusion in Jonestown and with groups such as heaven's gate.
I would contend that those who support President Trump do so because it is in their best interests. Joblessness is on the decline. Manufacturing is returning, wages are increasing, People can look about and see the improvement happening. This is no delusion. If the vast improvement was not happening right before our eyes, we would be deserting him. This is not a prize around the corner.
Contrast that with Barry who told us we'd be able to keep our plan, keep our doctor and more after they rammed peepee caa caa through in the middle of the night, hours before losing their filibuster proof majority to a replacement from Taxachucetts. remember that the media who had ample time to read it all after passage, reported that it was a great gift and gave glowing reviews of that turd. (Okay, I am slightly biased. deal with it.)
Point two; ..where people are being fed propaganda and they’re not being encouraged to think for themselves,” he continued. “They’re not being encouraged to really explore and look at the details and arrive at their own conclusion. Much of what they’re hearing is emotionally driven, loaded words, thought-stopping and thought-terminating-type clichés.... We need not look hard at the garbage spewed by Barry to see that certainly this was the case from 2009 through January of 2017.
Criticism of the dark skinned Arab was immediately racist!!!!
Point three; “We can start with the pathological lying, which is characteristic of destructive cult leaders,” the self-styled”expert” replied. “Saying things in a very confident way that have nothing to do with facts or truthfulness. The blaming others and never taking responsibility for his own failures and faults. Shunning and kicking out anyone who raises questions or concerns about his own behavior. His use of fear mongering immigration is a horrible thing.” ( I chose to cross out immigration rather than delete it to preserve the stupidity therein.) We got plenty of fearmongering from Barry. Again, the charge of being racist for opposing his poor decisions. Thank GOD that President Trump is reversing the tide if only for a few years. Again I point to his many statements about the hell care bill, but his handling of the economy was much worse. Again, the use of racism as a shield from criticism.
As to his steps to deal with those who are caught up, All Ican say is the liberals I have attempted to reason with immediately begin shouting about how Trump is evil case closed, and won't hold a discussion. That to me is the true mark of a cult possessed person. Try talking facts, and get shouted down. Not. Worth. The. Effort.

Oh, by the way, how is President Trump able to pull that all off when he is so lacking in mental acuity? To my knowledge, the last American President with his appetite for reading and ability to retain information was JFK who was said to have eidetic memory. Barry couldn't keep it going straight with two teleprompters.

Sunday, November 24, 2019


Although Allentown was released in 1982, Billy Joel began writing the song during the worst of the Carter years. By 1982 the nation was on the road to recovery, impeded by the democrats in Congress even then.
Today, it is a reminder of what we have and what it could become if the globalists get control back in Washington. Right now we have a nationalist President who truly believes in American exceptionalism.
We are the nation that put men on the moon. we are the nation that invented the airplane, changed the autmobile from a curiosity to a functional art of human life.
Our fathers and grandfathers fought the second world war. hell, they won the dang thing. Hitler wrote us off because all American boys wanted to do was chase girls and play baseball... Which is why the American Hand grenade resembles a baseball rather than the potato masher. As for chasing girls, you betcha, the German girls learned all about that too as American boys picked the daisy's the German boys pushed up.
Lets keep it all in mind as Shiff for brains and blinky bat crazy attempt to bring down the man who stands between us and calamity.
Here's a tidbit to think about. What kind of violence would happen if they succeed in impeaching President Trump? Honestly, I do not see republicans taking to the streets and rioting. I don't expect a march on Washington, at least not a violent one. Neither do the majority of people. when the numbers are broken down, even the democrats acknowledge that their side is the violent one. we have plenty of history to confirm that. Remember all the violence at the TEA party protests? 100% leftists agitators. Who did they attack, the most helpless, women and old people. The same was true through 2015 and 2016 at The many rally's Candidate Trump held. How many riots happened at HiLlARy rallies? Heck, even the leftists didn't bother to attend them. Where President Trump packed a stadium, the donks couldn't pack a porta potty.
Keep an eye on the weather. Storms are brewing.Not the type formed in clouds either. Above all, be sober, be vigilant. Our adversaries are inspired by the devil.

White Bird- It's A Beautiful Day

Mr President, you cannot spare him, he fights

Part of the news today centered on the Navy's refusal to follow the instruction of President Trump and quit the shenanigans surrounding Eddie Gallagher. the first story I read this morning stated that the Sec Nav had assured the President that the board would return a favorable decision regarding Eddie's Trident.
Now Fox News is reporting that the Sec Def, Mark Esper, has fired ie asked for the resignation of Navy Secretary Richard Spencer.
Gallagher, who is retiring at the end of the month is being boarded because a couple of Obamunist admirals are butt hurt that Eddie was acquitted, and that the President has intervened and told them to end the shit show.
I don't know of anything which could make it more clear that our military does not have the Presidents back,nor the best interest of the nation in their actions. I therefore renew my call on the president to appoint Soon to be retired Eddie Gallagher as SecNav.

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Abraham Martin and John

This seemed like a good time to post this piece. Sure, I could have chosen April 4th or 24th, I chose today instead. at one time we looked on JFK as a larger than life hero. He was a WW2 PT Boat Captain, young charming... And a fraud. Many thing about him remain unknown. His assassination ushered in the presidency of the vile LBJ, a horrible racist who managed to swing the black vote from staunch republican to reliable democrat even as the party sought to destroy black families culture and lives.
Had Lee Harvey Oswald not shot him, he would have gone down as a mediocre President. Instead, he is the model for misconduct like we've seen from worthless Willie. His sorry excuse for a brother, the liar err lion of the Senate was a traitor.... and a hero of the left still. Innocence is past.
Today the democrats have elected offal that makes even Ted look polished. So sad. How far they have fallen. how far will they go. To hell and back STAY THERE.

Thursday, November 21, 2019

Hopelessly Devoted to You

Should have stayed then

Late night Not-so-funny-man Stephen Colbert recently traveled to New Zealand where he engaged n a bash America fest with their Prime Minister Jacinda  Arden. At one point the comedic failure rides in a quadricycle and asks the two Kiwi's accompanying him if they are proud of their country?
When they affirm they are, Colbert responds,' I miss that feeling."
Well, Steve, I know exactly how you feel, I felt that way for the entire reign of Soros sock puppet and communist moron Barry.
It has been a rough three years returning America to the jewel it was, but we are making it great again. The policies you love create things like Venezuela and Cuba. have you considered moving to either? With satellite technology, you could still pipe your garbage into tens if not hundreds of homes, and live dirt cheap. Assuming the power grid holds through taping and broadcast. You don't have to stay.
Make America greater  there Colbert, with your departure.
Oh, and take Shiff-for-brains and blinky with you, they could use lessons on implementing marxism.

Wednesday, November 20, 2019

How low he has fallen

There have been a myriad of reports about the drugs Hunter Biden consumes. Confirmation comes tonight with a report that he fathered a child...In ArKansas. Seriously, does the girl not have a brother to defend her honor screw her instead?
Okay, the bad jokes can write themselves. Maybe this is the reason he needed all the money he raked in in the Ukraine?
Or is it her that fell?


Tuesday, November 19, 2019

Just appoint him SecNav

Eddie Gallagher is back in the news. The Seal hero who was persecuted for a vast array of crimes but found guilty only of posing with a dead enemy was ordered restored to his former rank by President Trump. Acting in defiance, the Rear Admirer, Green, is now attempting to remove Gallagher's Trident pin and boot him from the Navy.
Who does Green and his boss, Gilday work for? As far as I remember, the Constitution makes the President, Donald Trump, Commander in Chief of the military. So, by my reckoning, that would mean their decisions are insubordination. In the words of a former star of "the Apprentice", You're fired" would be a logical next step for our prez.
Better yet though, take a play from the Bible. Take the stone the builders rejected, Gallagher, and make him chief of the corner, Secretary of the Navy. Then we would have one person at the Pentagon who has our President's back, and the nation's best interests.

My Sweet Lord

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Rock Me Gently

Liberals will never accept that we are different

By we, I mean the sexes. Under Barry the Indonesian, the military was forced to implement policies which allow women into direct combat units. While it might seem to be no big deal, the simple fact is that women are for the most part weaker then men. While most men can clean and press a 115# barbell, most women cannot.
We were designed by our Creator for specific rolls. That is true in family and at work. We do not think alike either. Women tend toward emotional responses whereas men are more calculated responses. Depending on the situation determines the validity of each. Women excel at jobs requiring empathy such as teachers, doctors and nurses. In tasks where emotion can be a hindrance, men fare better.
Some people say this should not be so, but seriously, how many girls go head  over heals for a 98# wet noodle? How many guys drool over a 300# lump of flab?
We are different. So much so that we are truly not interchangeable. you can hack a guys balls off and invert his pecker, but the hard wired parts of the brain will not allow drugs to turn the mutilated flesh into a caring nurturing mother.
I know there are women who want to be the next General Patton. Sad to report, those tank rounds do not load themselves.
I do not know how the Air Force is faring. I would think that female fighter pilots would be performing along their male counterparts with ease since modern planes require more dexterity than physical strength. The mental aspect may be harder since killing people would require a woman to over ride the natural nurture signals. Then again, Lizzy Borden took an Axe...
The other problem is men have a protective attitude toward women who are not their sister. If a woman is wounded in combat, male soldiers are likely to take greater risk to help her to their and the mission's detriment.
The military has many jobs. Many of them are well suited for women. Others, like infantry, not so much. For that matter, there are men who are not physically capable of handling the task.

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You Aint Seen Nothing Yet

I'm sure there were a few that Booed

But the vast majority of the fans at the Alabama LSU game today cheered the President and First Lady when they were announced. Heck, I'd go so far as to bet that even the LSU fans gave a rousing cheer for their Commander in Chief. After all, he was just in their state to help get a good republican elected to the Governor's spot.
If we can get a few more of the kids to start acting like Patriotic Americans, I might just go back to watching a little non-professional ball.
Contrast that to the way National's fans reacted to our President at the World Series. At east the payers, for the most part, showed respect at their meeting with him.
The Black Lies Matter movement has ruined professional sports for me. While it is clear that there have been many incidents where blacks were mistreated, there are also many more incidents where whites have been mistreated. Maybe there is a color component, but in my view, it is a nation wide failure of all law enforcement brought on by the sweeping changes that happened after the 9-11-01 attacks. Police went from being public servants to all powerful masters. Not every cop is bad. Very few in fact. The culture of acceptance is the problem, and a little weeding and some retraining are the best solution. Punish the bad cops and punish the ones who let them get away with murder.
As for Bama and LSU, congratulations on your professional conduct and a great game which sadly,I did not see.

Some things never change

Roman Polanski, the film director PERVERT who was arrested and charged in 1977 with drugging and raping a 13-year-old girl, is facing new allegations. This time the victim is reported to have been eighteen. Okay, I guess that is a change.
The alleged incident happened prior to his assault and conviction.
According to the story, seven additional victims have come forward claiming assault and abuse when they were minors.
Well, this victim is French, and while the statute of limitations has run it's course, The American prison system is beckoning. Maybe the French can see fit to improve their nation by deporting him now. It is high time his 86 year old ass got introduced to the dark side of California's prison system.

Thursday, November 7, 2019

get ready

No fear

Mark Zaid published a number of tweets asserting that the Coup had begun, and that American would survive with out President Trump and his supporters.
Don Surber laid it out this afternoon. Zaid aint that dumb. What he is is cocksure. He is so certain that the treason will succeed that he is not afraid.
The left is not counting on antifa to win this for them. No, antifa are the sacrificial goats who will die first so that the obamunists can run to their friends at the UN and beg for assistance in this foray.
We will not be overthrown by a bunch of latte sipping children on twitter, but by a hard core army of communist soldiers who are intent on our destruction.
This is how the one world order pans to seize control. Some how they believe that red China will willingly hand the reins of control over when the battle is done.
No fear, but they will indeed Know fear.


The first thought I had upon reading about the slaughter of nine Americans in Mexico was WHY? Northern Mexico has been a war zone for some time now. The deaths in some of their cities rival Chiraq and Detoilet.
As with those cities, the citizens have been disarmed by a government bent on dominating rather than serving. The people lack the means to resist. Keep that in mind when communists posers mention common sense gun control.
There are many more why's.
Why did the cartel choose to kill these people? This is about sending a message, telling common peasants, people like you and me, that we are powerless to resist them. There is no Paul Kersey wandering the streets of Sonora tonight.
So why would anyone choose to live in a war zone like that? The Mormon community there is an FLDS hold out group. They believe in polygamy, something all our states have outlawed. You can shack up any way you care, but the moment you introduce marriage to the equation,it becomes a crime.
My view on the Mormon church as a whole is that it is a sex cult. There is no Moroni, and the book of Mormon is a fabrication of Joseph Smith. In my view it is counter to islam. whereas the muslims are hyper violent, most Mormons are peaceful and decent folks. Both warp the Biblical description of GOD.
If these people lived in the United States, they would be constantly harassed by the government. While I completely disagree with their religion, I believe they should have the right to practice it with out fear to a point. That point being where they subjugate others or threaten others.
So what should we be thinking about doing? The violence is increasing. It is spreading into American cities. The wall isn't going to stop this although it will certainly help.
Harry Coyle's book Trial by fire lays down the scenario. At some point we will need to consider invading Mexico and putting a stop to this.
If we do, we need to protect the government of Mexico. no matter how corrupt, they were elected, and we need to assure the people that they will be able to elect their own leaders with out interference.
At the same time, we need to execute every drug smuggler, every cartel hitman, and every boss we can find. The day is coming when the United States Military becomes the world's Paul Kersey.

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Just Dropped In

We'd be grateful too

Wednesday Adams is wanting to escape from LA. The protein deficient teen came to the United States on her way to a climate conference in Chile. Due to unrest in South America, the conference got moved. Surprise! She is in a pickle.
The poor little girl needs help. just like an action figure in a children's playstation game, she needs some ones assistance. She'd be grateful. Hell, I'd be grateful. get the little ignoranimus off the continent.
My suggestion? Have immigration apprehend her and deport her. Since she is stirring up trouble, they would be fully with in the law to do so. Just for fun, I'd fenegle a way into getting Shinto Abe to accept her, then fly her ass to Hiroshima about three days before the climate conference. Maybe a Chinese jet can detour over and give her a ride. They are all about climate change.... As long as they get the industry. She is their marionette even if she is clueless to the fact.

Saturday, November 2, 2019

How they think part #567948657463

I cannot tell you all the in's and out's of the liberal mind. Suffice it to say vast amounts of intelligent information go in, nothing intelligent comes out.
Today's glimpse comes from Liarwatha the fake Indian candidate for also ran -2020. In a desperate attempt to reinvigorate her never vigorous campaign, the Rachel Dolezal of Harvard revealed her plan for medicare for all.
Before we get too deep, let us remember that Oblame me care delivered EXACTLY the opposite of what they claimed we were going to get. No patient protection, records more open to snooping, fewer rights, and premiums through the roof all the while the medical establishment raked in billions more in charges as prices sky rocketed. Affordable care? All an Act.
The Wanna-be-an princess wants medicare for all. Nice, huh? But wait! That includes all the illegals jumping our border. Bad enough to offer free drinks at the bar, she wants every one to have some.
the price tag? $52 trillion smackers. Isn't that like $160,000 per individual? And she will do it without raising the taxes on middle class Americans. Right! So how will she pay for it?
The foreigners are gonna pay? You read that right, she plans to make the illegals pay for our and their health care. Can you believe that? in a word, NO!
How much fire water did she drink in the teepee? She is taking her impersonation a little too far, most native Americans hold their whiskey better than that.
So, it is not enough that liberals want illegals to do the gardening, laundry, and cooking, they now want them to fund medicaid.
I don't get it. Seriously, they are messed up in the head. The sad part is that the koolaid drinkers will buy it like a cheap watch. If this is the best the donks can field, we are either, a, a lock for republican rule for decades,or b, screwed. I'm betting on B. I've seen what he typical republican does in Washington.

Going up The Country

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