Monday, February 29, 2016

Good Bye George

Military veteran and popular actor George Kennedy has passed away at the age of 91. Kennedy is best remembered for his role as Dragline in Cool Hand Luke. He had many top notch films and covered a broad spectrum of characters. It also lasted an amazing 54 years. His last role was as Ed in the Mark Wahlberg film The Gambler.
His first role was actually long before he stepped on a sound stage though. He began at the tender age of two in Bringing up father, and was a a DJ by age seven.
The crop of actors I remember as a kid is getting mighty thin. Many of the shows have been remade, but they can't remake men like George Kennedy.

It would be a best seller

You counted them didn't you?

Sunday, February 28, 2016

What happened in Indiana?

Yahoo has their undies in a bunch. Three mooslime men were found murdered in Ft Wayne and it is not the lead story in the national news. Police say there is no indication that it was antijihad. They do not appear to have been killed for being Satan's servants.
The Governor is under fire because he is not lowering the flags and making speeches. Sure, its think progress, the ones who never think and impede progress, but lots of fools read them.
It does not appear to be gang related. It does not appear to be drug related. It does not appear to be a robbery gone wrong.
Nearly every incident of violence against mooslimes thus far in the United States has been a false flag. It is possible that these guys were jihadis and they or their controllers decided that the best avenue was rather than have them strap on bombs and die, that they instead be killed and become martyrs for the movement.
That for now is my guess. I do not have a crystal ball. I only look at history. remember, Hitler sacrificed a number of his own elite troops to create justification for attacking Poland.
Mudslms are no different. They are cut from the same muck as the nazi's. They would do it in a heart beat if they though it would gain them an ounce of support.

Barry's bitch is at it again

I do not use the term bitch lightly. I am not into degrading women. Barry's Bitch is the spineless scum bag that our over bribed senators chose to be their leader, McConnell. BITCH McConnell.
American Conservatives are fed up with the establishment. when the 2016 election cycle kicked off, the GOPe flooded the field with people who were unelectable, and whose sole purpose was to prop up their weakling choice, Jebbie Bush.
Just like in 2008 and 2012, the establishment wanted some one they control or a demonicRAT. Jeb was just another version, some one who would make The witch of Arkansas look palpable.
Then Trump entered the race. Trump has his faults. he has a lot of faults. He is not the best choice, but he is the best choice running. Wall Street is in panic, they cannot buy him. K Street is in a tizzy, they cannot intimidate him. Now the useless flap of skin that encircles ObamAA-s penis is giving marching orders to the minions, disassociate yourselves from The Donald. What do they care? If their candidates get tossed, a communist shrill is what will replace them, and its business as usual for a few years until they can get to the next election cycle and prop up another Wall Street puppet.
What needs to happen this cycle is for conservatives to toss the GOP elitist crap bags in the primary. Leave the republican senatorial campaign committee sitting and holding millions in funds that they cannot use.
The GOPe want a one world government. they are part of the global elite who want control with out governments to interfere. They cannot be stopped. They can be derailed though. It happened in 1980. Unfortunately they were back on the tracks in 1988 when daddy Bush won.
People need to get out and get active. Complacency is what they count on, people too busy with The Biggest Loser to notice the losers who are running this country.
At some point, it will come to a revolution. They want a revolution. They will call on the UN to bring in troops and put down any attempts to stop their globalist plans.
They are gods to themselves. They do not fear the creator, GOD. They think they rule but do not see that thy are ruled by Satan.
80% of Americans claim to be Christian. of that 80%, a full 75% Do not read the Bible, do not regularly attend Church, Do not pray, do not fast, do not in any way honor their creator. The number is likely much higher. in 1992 Worthless Willie courted the perverts. They claimed to represent 10% of America. He cold shouldered Christians. He won. that should make clear that Bible believing Christians do not have as much electorial power today as the most perverse, most debase, most anti GOD forces can bring to bear. Many Christians do not vote. They clearly see that the system is corrupt. To them I say, all it takes for evil to win is for good men to do nothing.
Pick a candidate you can believe and support him. If he turns out to be a fool, a tool, or a ghoul, send him packing when reelection time rolls around. That is the beauty of our system, we get do overs every two years.
Yes, I know, senators serve for six, but they see the writing on the wall. even a globalist own POS like Pat Roberts can be made to fear.

Saturday, February 27, 2016

Krispy endorsingTrump?

After dropping out of the presidential race, the New Jersey Governor has come out and endorsed Trump! In normal times this would be no big deal, but these are not normal times. Krispy was part of the GOPe cartel designed to put lil Jebbie in as the nominee and ultimately hand the presidency to Hitlery.
After the bloviating blubber bomb gave a speach, Trump had one thing to say, and it was heard by every one, "get in the plane and go home. It's over there. Go home.". Why did that just happen?
Ask your self why Trump would toss a backer. Trump is wise. He has business savvy, and a no nonsense approach. Something pegged his bullshit meter. Never forget that Krispy is a GOPe insider and it is entirely possible that his mission now is to torpedo Trump.
More people are killed by people they thought were friends than are murdered by their worst enemy.
The other possibility is that feeding the galoot would bankrupt his campaign.

Former GF arrested

Cedric Ford's former girl friend has been arrested for providing the weapons used in the spree killing. It is truly ironic that she left him, had the police help in recovering the guns, then gave them back after he threatened her.
That she is alive is a miracle. I am surprised he didn't go after her first.

I am still half expecting to learn he was a mooslime convert. He fits the mentality.

This guy gets it

Friday, February 26, 2016

Black lies matter coming to Kansas

A black convicted felon went on a shooting rampage in Hesston Kansas shortly after being served with a Protection From Abuse Order. Cedric Ford, Formerly of the Florida prison system moved to Kansas recently and was living in Newton.
Since Ford was the nicest guy evah, and was bullied and teased by coworkers, then shot dead by police after murdering three coworkers and wounding at least fourteen, he will become another Son of Barry.
And speaking of Barry, expect to see him on National television decrying Kansas lax gun laws that allowed a convicted felon to obtain an AK-47 which should be outlawed because ll they are good for is killing people./sarc

Thursday, February 25, 2016

Sorry Jim

Washington’s got it’s hustlers
Two parties that are all just bums
Florida’s got li’l Jeb Bush
He’s a slick talkin’ son of a gun
Yeah, he’s about as dumb as a man can come
But he slicker than an old bar stool
And when Wall Street boys get together at night
They know that Jebbie is their tool
just because And they say

You don’t defund Obama care
You don’t indict our Hillary
You don’t stop illegals at the border
And you don’t mess our Jebbie

Well outta Upper Manhattan come a rich boy
He say I’m lookin’ for a man named Jeb
I am a real estate builder
By name ‘a Donald Trump
But down home they call me The Don
Yeah I’m lookin’ for the king of back street deals
He got a bunch of billionaire PACs
Last election they gave away the country
And it may sound funny
But I come to get my Country back
And everybody say Jack don’t you know

You don’t defund Obama care
You don’t indict our Hillary
You don’t stop illegals at the border
And you don’t mess with our Jebbie

Well a hush fell over the Faux Debate
Jebbie come in like he owned the place
And when Meh gyn was done
The only part that wasn’t bloody
Was the soles of the little fool’s feet, ooh
His pedigree was torn to ribbons
And his backers didn’t own the place
And you better believe Faux had another kind of story
When Lil Jebbie left the race

You don’t defund Obama care
You don’t indict our Hillary
You don’t stop illegals at the border
And you don’t mess with our Jebbie

Yeah, lil Jebbie got handed his ass
Find out where it’s at And it’s not stealin elections from me and you
Even if you do got a billionaire backer or two

Yeah we’re gonna defund Obama care
We’re gonna send Hillary to jail
We’re gonna build that fence on our own South border
Cause the wall street plan’s a fail.

The Bitch really lost it

Do we all remember Melissa Click? The assistant professor has been terminated by The University of Missouri!Click was the one caught on tape trying to stop a reporter from taping the wild antics of the black lies matter crowd who raised havoc and ended the tenure of Tim Wolfe. Her severance package includes plenty of free time for reflection or to job hunt. Maybe Al or Jesse are looking for a little help?
If any body knows how to reach her, let her know, Burger King is hiring.

Monday, February 22, 2016

Which is worse?

That the SCoaMF made this sick joke?

Or that there were people who laughed at it?

OK, I'll admit, I would crack jokes about his death. Might even go piss on his grave. By the same token, I'm not an elected official, and I don't represent the population of These United States to the world.

Sunday, February 21, 2016

Is the Pope a Christian?

I have serious doubts. I am sure that you are aware of what Pope Francis had to say about Donald Trump's proposal to finish the wall between the United States and Liberal medical supplies err Mexico. That is not what has prompted my skepticism.
The latest tidbit is his opposition to justice. While it is true that the Ten Commandments tell us Thou Shalt not Kill, the Bible also has explicit times and conditions where the ultimate punishment is to be applied.
Rape? Check.
Murder? Check.
Adultery? Check.
Bestiality? OK, no cheap shots at Barry, but still, check.
The dope has called for a world wide moratorium on executions. What? The Peace and Justice crowd that infests a large part of the Church is holding a conference in Rome beginning Monday.
His statement in Mexico last week, "All Christians and men of good will are called on to work not only for the abolition of the death penalty, but also to improve prison conditions so that they respect the human dignity of people who have been deprived of their freedom," is insane!
Deprived of their freedom? That's a twist. They are there because, if free, they are likely to harm others.  Many of them have killed, and will kill again. Our prisons fail to adequately punish perps. There is little deterrent. It is a proven fact that when the death penalty is used swiftly, that it saves lives. By the time many condemned reach the end of the line, the only people who remember why they are there are the liars err lawyers, and the families of the victims.
No Francis, what we need to do is get these scum to room temperature as fast as possible. That will save lives and souls. You can bet that the guys who get life rarely accept Christ. A lot of them swing to Mohamhead and the hell bound express. Death row on the other hand has a certain finality that causes them to seek a Savior. While they may proclaim their innocence to the grave, they know in their hearts what awaits them. The guys getting life have no reason to turn it around. Life don't mean LIFE! and they just might get out while still able to raise some more hell and be as evil as they please.
There are many faux Catholics in congress. Nancy P. Lousy and John Forgery Kerry our sucker at State are both prominent Catholics who support infanticide, and could do with a dose of the Gospel. GOD's word is in short supply though with this pontificating pontiff. he is about as much a Biblical scholar as Barry is a Constitutional one.
Thou shalt not Kill? Correctly translated, it means murder. For those of you who think it is state sanctioned murder, go live with them for a week or three. You will walk away wanting to kill them your self.

Thursday, February 18, 2016

Thinking of Barry

When ever I see the poser on the news, I am reminded that he is a ly'in African. Thus African Lion which makes me think of the Lion King since Obie seems to think he is king. Ok, queen.
And that brings me to this.

Thinking about summer

Stupid Delegates is more like it

I have very little respect for some one who would vote for an openly practicing communist. I have even less for some one who would support a murderous crook. Those though are the choices for demonicRATs this election psycho err cycle.
Low information voters in Iowa were about evenly split on whether a criminal was better than a communist, but in New Hampshire Sanders supporters made a strong showing. Hitlery still has a commanding lead thanks to the abuse of super delegates.
The donks fielded three choices. After the votes started being counted Martin O'Malley tossed in his cards. Not that he was any better, he is still a dumb-as-crap.
As i see it, the fix is in for cankles. With the death of Scalia, the plan I expect is this, Barry gives her a blanket pardon. In exchange, she nominates him to the supreme court.
Irony, an illegal alien deciding whether or not illegal aliens get to stay in the United States.
We. Are. So. Screwed.

Wednesday, February 17, 2016

What made me an Asshole?

As I mentioned, I wore the label of asshole when I was an MP. No, it had nothing to do with my performance on the road or in the field. The story is long.
Past is prologue. I came from a huge family. being the youngest, I was sort of a generational mismatch. I had a nephew who was older, and mzny of my cousins had kids my age or close. As such, I experienced death early on, and I remember it well. In kindergarten I lost a class mate. He and his mom were killed by a poor driver. When I was seven, an Uncle and cousin were killed in a collision with a semi. They deemed me too young to go to the funeral, but I graphically remember the pictures in the news paper of the crash. As a child drawing pictures, I often drew ones of car crashes and drew them as I remembered my uncle's sedan. One of them showed my uncle still in the car. Some one had covered his face with a hat.
A couple of years later, my mothers older sister perished from cancer. I visited her only a few days before she died. She was followed in short order by a cousin. He was one of the few close to me in age. he was hit by a car while riding a bicycle.
As I grew, it seemed that funerals and deaths were an every day occurrence. I can remember asking mom at bed time if I was gonna die that night. I was tall, lanky and strong. in my early teens I was a pall bearer on several occasions. By the time I turned eighteen, I'd carried eighteen caskets to their graves. Kids in Chicago know what I'm talking about.
I also read a great deal of history. Many of the books were on WW2, the Civil war, or Korea. They all featured death, up close, graphic, and with absolutely no glossing. One character that stood out was Daniel Inouye I remember the story of how he lost his arm in WW2, and recall the line attributed to him as he lay wounded. Another grunt ran up to him to render aid, but he directed the man back to the fight saying, "No body called off the war."
Just before graduation, one of my classmates was killed in a car crash. Her boyfriend was speeding on a curve, lost control and flipped. The Monday after the crash, I drove by the scene, stopped, and was looking around. another vehicle pulled up. It was the state investigator, and he asked me to stay and help him. I did, and in the process learned a lot about what happened. I saw where the car came to rest on its side, wheels still spinning scorching the grass. It then fell over. The girl was crushed when it landed on her, and you could see clearly in the grass where her hands convulsed as she died.

After becoming an MP, I was assigned to the 977th on Ft Riley. A few months after I arrived, Two members of my platoon, and another GI were in a car accident. It involved alcohol, speed, and massive stupid. They had gone out on one of the range roads. It had a hill with fairly steep slopes, and they were going back and forth over it and getting some air ala Dukes of hapHazzard. The guy driving lost control and they rolled. The soldier in back was partially ejected through the back hatch. As the car rolled, the hatch closed on her head killing her. As with the class mate, I went to the scene and observed the investigation. I then went to work.
We were supposed to be on the road that day. People were supposed to be getting ready for guard mount, but the totality of what had happened had them and it was a zombie house. I wasn't rude, I wasn't mean, but I was trying to get them moving in the right direction. We still had a job to do, and lives might depend on them having their head in the game.
The Platoon Sergeant asked me to step into the Platoon Leaders office. I closed the door, and he began ripping into me. Did I not have an ounce of compassion? had I never buried a friend or family member? He ranted at me for about five minutes. Finally, when he was out of words, I calmly told him that indeed I had buried friends including my youngest sister as well as a grand mother, grand father and several class mates. he stood there, his jaw hit the floor, he then wheeled around and bolted from the room. I turned to the LT and said, sir, we still have a mission. We are a combat unit, and if we ever do go to battle, we are going to lose people. No one will call off the war so we can get a grip, in fact the enemy will double down if we tried.
He sat there sith an astonished look on his face. After I was done all he said was "eighteen times?"
Yes sir, I have carried eighteen family and friends to their graves. The last had been an Uncle who lived in Lawrence. he died on Christmas Eve, only  few weeks before. I'd attended his funeral, then worked the night shift afterward.
Does death bother you? It should. Give careful consideration, 100% of us will die. IN past history there have only been two who were spared  the grave, Enoch and Elijah. It is part of life. Do I mourn? Yes and no. I miss my sister, I miss my father and mother, I miss my daughter most of all. But I also know they are in heaven. I do not mourn them, I know they are with GOD. What grieves me, what I mourn, are the people who die with out Jesus, the ones who are bound for hell.
So, get used to death. Life is short, eternity is for ever. When the day comes and you have to fight, friends who fight beside you will fall. You must steel yourself to move on and not let their demise cause yours.
When It comes to death, I'm still an asshole. I'm the guy yo don't want around at a funeral. I might say the wrong thing and bruise you. I might make a joke that leaves you scarred for eternity. When I die, you can come piss on my grave. The grass needs watered.

Tuesday, February 16, 2016


By now some of you may have gotten the idea that I hate officers. Nothing could be farther from the truth. I was an officer.
I exited active duty with Sergeant E-5 on my sleeves. I then joined the Kansas National Guard. Promotions in the Guard are slow and hard earned. A lot of NCOs and senior NCOs depart active for personal reasons but don't want to throw away ten or more years they invested, so they join the Guard. Guard units are often top heavy. I have seen Infantry platoons with out a PFC in the ranks.
For that reason, I opted for gold and went to OCS. I got screwed on that too though as George Sr dismantled the military after Desert Storm. We had a flood of officers who had to leave active competing with us for the few slots in the Guard and reserve. Many were good, and a few were excellent. That pushed me out into the IRR, and I remained there until I was discharged, resigning my commission in 2000.
Good officers? Oh heck yes!
On the AT excursion to Ft Carson, our infantry platoon was led by a mustang. He was one of those guys who exited active for personal reasons and made the Guard a home. He too saw the light and went to OCS. Our host platoon was not led by the cluster fuck. Its PL was also an OCS grad, and the two had amazingly similar careers. Their PSG was another story. he had a hate for the Guard that knew no bounds. Weekend warriors was probably the nicest thing he called us, and I think SSG Hill would have taken KP rather than be our host.
This was in 1981. There were a lot of Vietnam vets every where in the military at that time. Hill was not one though, and his platoon contained exactly zero. More on that in a bit.
Part of our training involved a trip into the mountains.  We journeyed west to Signal Butte, about twenty miles from Pikes Peak to do some rappelling and climbing. We also built a rope bridge, but most of the time was spent on land navigation.
Back then we could have beer in the field, and on the second night we and our host group were gathered by a small fire, drinking beer and enjoying the splendor. The Two LTs were exchanging pleasantries which included their bragging rights as they recited their careers. Both were Vietnam vets. airborne, EIB, CIB, and the whole boot. After they were done, our LT turned to SSG Hill and asked him about his experience. Six years in, one trip to Korea, no combat and few decorations.
He then turned to the Infantry PSG for his recitation. Korean vet, Silver Star, two Purple hearts, a chest full of decorations that he never wore because that was just how he was. next up was the Weapons PSG, He was a WW2 vet, Combat in the Pacific, Korea as well. BTW, the two NCOs were brothers.
Down the line it went, back and forth. When all was said, there were no combat vets in the active duty group, and only three of us with no combat experience on the NG side of the fire.
Tell me again how the Guard and Reserve are not real soldiers.
I highly respected those two officers. Good men, good leaders. They earned the respect of their men and could hold their own on any and every mission.
Back then I was a smoker, two packs a day, often more. I lit my first smoke before I shut off the alarm most mornings.
Part of our orientation when we got to signal butte was a walk around. SSG Hill led the procession. We were flat landers, living on the plains is far different from living in the mountains. It was supposed to be an easy pace. Hill took us on a fast pace, with weapons and packs. The Weapons PG had just gotten out of the hospital after a heart attack. He wasn't supposed to do any thing strenuous. He wasn't even supposed to be there. He made that march.
When Hill took off, a group of us stayed right with him. To make matters worse, we all smoked, and we all had em going as we strode down the road. he hated us with a passion.
Our military is full of good men like those two Lieutenants and that group of civilian soldiers who were dedicated to keeping America Great. The times have changed. Their places have been taken by a new generation of soldier. Mark my words though, they love America just as much as those men who in 1979 took a snot nosed kid and show him what patriotism is all about.

As a disclaimer, I don't remember everything about SSG Hill. he was just a typical NoCo run of the mill grunt. He loved his country, he loved the Army. I sincerely hope that week spent in the mountains with a ragtag bunch of farmers from Minnesota open his eyes to who the Guard was and is.

The most dangerous man in the world pt 2

I encountered several real winners during my time on active as well. Had one while an MP on Ft Riley who was in a class all his own.
He was assigned as Officer of the Guard for a night shift. Patrol started at midnight, and the first night out was usually pretty hard. We switched shifts every few days. At one point it was two day, two evening, two mids and two off with one of those off days dedicated to motor pool duty.
The unit was short on bodies. Usually the officer had a driver, but since we were short handed, it was one man patrol except for the newbees.
2LT Green drew a vehicle, a brand new Chevy Citation. About three hours into his shift, he was traveling from Main Post east toward Camp Forsyth he struck the bridge at the edge of main post head on into the guard rail. The headlights of that Chevy were pointed straight at each other.
What happened? Only the trusty LT knew. In his report he stated that an old squirrel ran into the road and he swerved to avoid it. Now you know where GEICO got its crazy ad. my favorite BTW.
It was shortly after that I transferred from 977th to 1st MPs. They were having problems, I was a short timer, 977th was gearing up for deployment to Honduras, and they needed to fill my slot with some one with time. 1st MPs had a morale problem. with few bodies, long hours, and a Provost who was a suck up, the men were getting shafted, and some were talking about quitting. Quitting as an MP usually meant becoming a cook, or the worst shit job available. These were good men, I didn't want to lose them, so I went to bat for them. I wrote out their grievances in a formal letter, then took it to the chain of command. i was now target zero for the big guns. The Provost Marshal was a pentagon flunkie down with us commoners to punch his ticket for Brigadier, and I was rocking HIS boat. It didn't take long and I was relieved of duty with the warning that I would be lucky to end my time in the military with my rank in tact. I got the worst EER ever given on Ft Riley. Straight zeros.
That busting got me transfered to LT Green's platoon known ass the ghost platoon. There were eight of us. Several guys who were too over weight and being Chaptered, the retention NCO, a couple of other slots, and me. I became the company clerk/ Mechanic, radio repair man, BUT I got weekends off! Hurt me baby!
They introduced me to LT Green which BTW is not his real name. I soon heard the story's about him. With uber short manning, and morale in the gutter, it soon fell to me to do the 2404s on all the unit's vehicles. That way, at least, the guys didn't have to suffer any worse. They were working 14 hr days, twelve on patrol, one for guard mount, and one for paper work after plus PT every other day.
Side Story here. Just prior to getting kicked off the road, I nailed a dependent for DUI. The guy lost control of his vehicle, plunged into a ditch, nearly hit a couple of other cars, all as I watched. Another LT ended up being my back up. Several days after getting relieved of duty, I was in the orderly room when this hot shot, a blue to gold former navy corpsman, and an awesome officer popped in with a list of demands so ridiculous that I looked up from my desk and shot him the one finger salute. He immediately grabbed his collar and jerked his rank forward. I responded by saluting with my right as I reasserted the finger with my left. He was returning the salute when his eyes got huge and he looked to his left, my right. I swiveled my head, and there was the CO, Captain Gonzales. His jaw dropped so far that his glasses slid off and down into his shirt. Thank GOD the LT was able to assure the Capt that all was OK, still the CO decided maybe the orderly room was not the best place for my ass, so off to the motor pool I went.
One of the platoons had painted a unit symbol on their jeeps, a grim reaper on a horse holding an M-16. Yes, this was back in the time of the ubiquitous M151. My Platoon sergeant decided we needed something as well. he had his ideas, I had mine. The following day I reported to him that I had the perfect logo, and my jeep was now memorialized with it. In short order, the CO, 1SG, PSG, and LT Green were at the motor pool to see my art work. With out a drum roll,I removed the tarp to reveal a gray primered silhouette of a squirrel.
First question, "What the heck is it?"
"Why, a squirrel!"
"Why is it gray?"
"Because he's old."
Lt Green was now LT RED! Crimson red, boiled lobster red, lava about to explode red. The only reason he did not submit paper work to Courts Martial me was because he was too livid to type it up.
By the end of the day every member of the unit had seen it. The next morning the Battalion XO met me in the parking lot, told me it had been the topic of much conversation at the O club, then told me to get it painted over ASAP. I'd made points with the Colonel who was mad at me over my letter to the General because he had gotten a lot of gaff from the CG about the crash report.
I was back on the road in another month. It was short lived. I was short, and they could only keep short timers writing reports for so long. I wrote a lot of reports. My standard beat was the hospital. Some of what came in turned stomachs of the kids we had. I was a callous ass hole. Some said heartless. remember the scene from Dirty Harry where the detective was eating a hot dog at a crime scene? I walked out of an attempted suicide and had spaghetti.

Monday, February 15, 2016

The most dangerous man in the world

There are people out there who will spend a life time trying to convince you that the most dangerous men in the world are Navy SEALs, Green Berets, delta Force, or Marine Recon. Do. Not. Believe. Them. Not for a moment. The most dangerous human alive is a newly commissioned 2nd Lt with a compass, a map, and a 45.
I started my military career in the Minnesota National Guard. Part of that commitment is Annual Training. On my second AT we went to Ft Carson Colorado. Our host unit was a Mech Infantry Company, and today's story is about their cadre.
Our first morning there, I went to the orderly room for something. Seated inside was a big guy, they called him Maverick. He looked like he could whoop ass on any long horn from his home state, Texas. He had one slight defect though, a hole in his thigh that I could have fit my head into.
Being young curious, and not overly infected with military courtesy, I asked him what had happened.
It seems that Payroll Officer had fallen to the newest 2Lt, and Maverick was designated as his guard. Back then payroll was done with cash. You got your check, then reported to the Pay officer and he would cash it for you instead of having to go to the bank.
Bright and early on the 31st, payday was at the end of the month back then instead of on the first of the following month, They reported to the arms room to draw weapons and ammo, the classic 1911 and seven round of ball ammo.
The LT drew his first, rank has it privileges, and as Maverick was signing for his, the LT loaded a mag, inserted it into the weapon, jacked one into the chamber, then dropped the hammer. He'd pointed it to the side, directly at Mavericks leg.
At eight feet, it nearly removed the leg completely. Maverick still managed to remove the weapon from the LT's grip, and beat him unconscious with it before collapsing. That was three months prior.

Young lieutenants make mistakes, and it is part of the learning process. The following month he was again made pay officer. This time he did not shoot any one. According to a PFC who will remain nameless, simply because I don't remember his name, he did even better the second time.
The PFC claimed that when he got to the front of the line and presented his check and his ID, the officer examined them, returned the check for endorsement, witnessed the signature, counted out the cash, then slid the check and the money over to the PFC.
Well, aint that grand? The PFC, being no fool, got back in line and went through a second time. Upon examining the check, the 2LT scolded him  for endorsing it before arriving at the table, made him sign a second time, then again slid the money and the check back to him. No use pushing the odds, the PFC then took his check to the bank and deposited it.
at the end of the day, Maxwell Smart was short some where north of $200,000. The only reason the Army kept him was to get their money back, or at least part of it. That LT got No Pay Due on his LES for the rest of his six years.
Seven years later, I was a short timer on active. My duty at that point was picking up AWOLs and returning them to their unit for Court Martial, then transporting them from Ft Riley to Ft Carson for discharge. I bumped in to a guy who had been in that unit and asked him if the LT had done any more damage. he said the guy stayed real quiet after that. He was discharged about two years prior. His record was such that he never got assigned over seas. The Pentagon probably was afraid he'd start WW3.

Saturday, February 13, 2016

Are we screwed or what?

Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia has passed away. The Court of late has been a 5-4 or 4-5 split on many important cases. Scalia was one of the reliable conservatives on the court, but with his passing we are at a 4-4 split until a new associate justice is selected. If Barry selects the replacement, we will be stuck with this for a very long time. It would well mean the destruction of our economy as the liberal wing wants to push us back to third world status and give all our technology to countries like China and other hell holes. We didn't make them hell holes, liberal ideas did that.
Obama's bitch, McConnell has stated that there will not be a replacement selected this term. Don't bank on it. The scenario that kicks this can down the road is Hitlery winning the nomination and stealing the election. She would then appoint Barry to the throne.
If Sanders beats her though, and lets face it, he has far more support, all bets are off. Would people choose a died in the wool life long communist over a crook and a liar? It does appear so.
The establishment won't allow Trump to pick one. Look what they did with Reagan. He wanted to nominate Bork, and instead we got Kennedy, the uber liberal POS. Worse yet was the appointment of Souter by George H.W.Bush.
At present the Court has three justices who are advanced in age, Ruth Bad-bitch Grinchberg, tony the traitor, and Brayer. All three could retire or die in the next four years. It is possible that the make up of the court could swing liberal for the next fifteen to twenty years. By that time we would be s bad off as Greece.
Think about it. How does this fit into the scenario described in Revelation? How close are we? The damage Barry has done may be set in stone, irreversible by almost any means.

Saturday, February 6, 2016

Our founding fathers had it right

In 1913, after 125 years of Senators representing the state, the powers that be decided they should be elected by the voter rather than appointed by the voters chosen representatives.
It may not seem like a big deal, but the winds of change blow back and forth. At the state level there is not as much drama and intrigue as in Washington. Senators for life spend about 90% of their time getting reelected rather than representing the people. They also bend easily to monetary pressure, bribes.
If they were appointed as our founding fathers intended and directed, they would be beholden to the legislature of their home state and less susceptible to the machinations of Washington, knowing that if they stopped doing the bidding of their home state legislature they would be out of a job.
Instead we have hacks like Marko Rubio who say one thing, do another, then deny it ever happened. Lets face it, we screwed up!
How do we get back to doing it the right way? I don't want a Constitutional Convention. They would be taken over by the extreme left because most true conservatives have better things to do than play politician. A convention would gut our Constitution and remove the good and expand the bad. I know, its being ignored by the Congress, president and the Courts 100% of the time, so what does it matter? Well, right now they at least try to make appearances every few years.
Right now the people are mad. We are mad as hell and getting madder by the moment. Nothing will change though, Conservatives will get up, go to work, fume at the talk radio and stay mad. Liberals will get up, go for latte, fume about how conservatives aren't working hard enough to support the life style they are entitled to and Congress needs to raise taxes and increase entitlements. See the problem? Liberals have time to go march in Washington since they don't work. Conservatives can't afford to take the time.

Have Faith

We have months to go in the presidential campaigns. A lot can happen, good and bad in the time it takes me to write this post let alone in the months remaining until a replacement for the SCoaMF is chosen and sworn in. Trump could win, we might get stuck with Yeb. Communism may well be alive and strong, and we wind up with the aged hippie or worse yet, Cankles. At any rate, we will still have the GOD who created the earth, stars and all the heavens. We will also still have ISIS, a weak economy, no borders, and Obozo care to cope with.

Friday, February 5, 2016


A friend of mine grew up with parents who would routinely buy derelict homes, renovate them, move in for a while, then repeat the process.
On the day he was to leave for college, at breakfast his mom mentioned that they would be moving again. "Joe" thought nothing of it as he headed in to town to do last minute shopping before departing for Manhattan and KSU.
On returning home around noon, he found the house completely empty except for a suitcase on the porch full of his belongings, and a note on top that read, "We moved."
He eventually found where his parents had departed to. When he pulled up, his mom was holding the door, and his dad was exiting the truck with a load of boxes. Dad looked at him, looked at mom and said, "Shit, he found us."
Each of my siblings, for a graduation gift, received a set of luggage. Maybe because I was the baby, or more likely because I'd already joined the military, I didn't get any luggage. I'd attended basic between my junior and senior years, so shortly after graduation it was off to Ft Sill Oklahoma and AIT.
Bad news, I completed the ten week program in under eight weeks. When I got home, dad hadn't gotten the locks changed yet. Besides, it was an old fashioned lock, and I could pick it with a bent nail.
When they are babies, you wanna hold em, when they are toddlers, you wanna strangle em, and when they are teens you wanna shoot em. Its illegal though, so just grit your teeth and wait for the day they bring the grand kids by. Keep a stack of sweets, and REVENGE!

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

I too am a living legacy

Dan Fogelberg released his hit Leader of the band when my father was 71. It spoke a lot to me because I saw a lot of my father in me. I'm hard headed, so was he.
When I speak with my siblings of dad, they are not kind to him. We see him through different eyes. We understand him in different ways. They saw him as lazy, I saw him as a man trapped in circumstances he resented. He loved us kids. He loved all kids and welcomed the friends and spouses we brought home with out question or reservation.

If you don't know your father, this song might be harder to fathom. I understand though how dad shaped me, what his discipline was intended for, and after twenty three years, I still miss him. He'd be 106 this spring. He's celebrating that one in heaven.
Dad wasn't perfect, and I understand what my brothers and sisters saw in him. No parent is, it is the last bastion of the amateur. No parent gazes down at that tiny infant in the crib and says, "Boy am I gonna screw up your life."
Well, dad, you didn't screw up our lives even if you were not the perfect father.

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Back in 1942 or was it 43

We sail with Captain tuna, the Chicken of the sea.
We didn't sink the Bismarck
No matter what they say
Cause when we saw that German ship
We run the other way.

What did we learn last night?

The Iowa caucus results have Canadian born Rafael Cruz as the lead GOPe candidate. What does that mean? Not much. Since 1972 Iowa has led off the nomination process, but their record of picking winners is dismal. They have picked the republican nominee 50% of the time and the communist candidate 63%. Wiki says 43%, but 7 of 11 is 63%.
On the republican side that 50% sounds good until you consider that in 1984 Reagan ran unopposed, in 1992 Bush Sr ran unopposed, and in 2004 W ran unopposed. Wiki only lists ten for the GOP because the Republicans didn't start caucusing until 1976. So, ten total, three unopposed means seven chances to really pick and they got two right.
While it might be fun to watch the caucus take place, it is a far cry from predicting who will be nominated. Its like the qualification heats at a NASCAR event. It has no bearing on whether you will win unless you don't qualify.
The best summation I can think of is this; An auctioneer was called to testify at a trial. After being sworn in, he was asked to state his name for the record.
Colonel Bill Johnson he replied.
"Colonel!" exclaimed the judge, are you in the Army, Air Force, or Marines?"
"I am not in the military" replied the Auctioneer.
"Do you command a regiment? Are you part of the militia? Queried the judge.
The auctioneer turned to the jury and said, "Colonel in my line of work is like Your Honor in court. We all use it, but it don't mean a darn thing."

So, Cruz won Iowa? Don't mean a darn thing.

Monday, February 1, 2016


Whine whine whine

Several weeks ago the pseudo conservatives and the liberal media were telling us that Trump would not win because he likes to sleep in his own bed. Trump was jetting to various events, then back to New York to sleep, get up and conduct business, then off to the scheduled campaign stops.
I wish the other "conservative " Candidates had that kind of ethic.
We have a bunch of senators n the campaign trail. Cruz, Rubio, Paul, Graham, as well as Governor Christie. Are they minding the store? Are they doing the jobs they were elected to do and are being PAID to do? Are any of them on a leave of absence?
The counter to that is that even when they are in Washington, they are not representing the will of the people, but rather interests in Washington who turn them into Millionaires when they retire or are sent packing.