Friday, June 28, 2019

Just damn

Creepy Uncle Joe is losing bundlers. Tom McInerney, a veteran San Francisco based lawyer is no longer putting together donors for the gaffer. That may be good news for horizontal Harris who has run out of beds to climb in.
The big loser in that though is President Trump who likely had a thousand tweets prepared to mock the pupet. Oh well, it's not like there isn't a ton of material out there on all the other losers clammoring like rats to claw their way to the top of the dung heap democrat primary.
As to Hair-ass and her busing quandary, it must have happened to her mother. California's most successful prostitute was born in 1964 when the desegregation happened. Was her mom a high school junior back then?

I'd Wait A Million Years

Thursday, June 27, 2019

This is gonna get interesting

As I noted yesterday, a group of leftards has opened a cafe in San Diego honoring Castro's favorite murderer Che. Tonight, after the democrap rain wreck in Miami, Bill deBlasshole attended a rally with worker demanding better conditions and higher pay, something we all would like. While there, he spewed one of Che's favorite quotes, "Hasta la victoria, siempre" Ever onward to victory.
Seriously? he is in a city populated with Che's victims. Many folks there fled Cuba and the murderous oppression of Castro that was wielded by Che.
By the time they get done with him, it will be "Nunca adelante a la victoria"
The donks have used a pogrom of division for many years. It is bubbling to a head. The new tip of the spear is poorly educated fools like Anal-Oral-Crossconnected and the kids out in San Diego. The shaft of the spear, the voters who might push them to victory are the many groups being marginalized.
The kids are all about things like 33 genders, male, female, and 31forms of disgusting. The long running democrat core, blacks and Latino voters are for the most part evangelical Christians at heart. remember that the same crowd who elected Barry in 2008, on the very same ballot voted to amend the California Constitution to ban gay perverted marriage.
A spear with no shaft aint much good. They make a terrible knife, and a worse sword. Getting every one on the boat then circling left is a bad idea, don't tell them, this election may see them capsize.
As with yesterday I did not listen to the debased. Bidets first act as president? Defeat Trump. Huh?
As with 2016, we will need enough voters to overcome massive voter fraud especially in California. expect to see Counties there that went for Trump in 2016 to not have a single ballot for him next year. Voter fraud in the extreme. He won without them, he, and we,can do it again.All it takes is a lot of effort. Am I happy with Trump? More so than I would have been with Felonia von Mao jacket. He needs to get straight about the 2nd amendment.
GOD, help us.

Working For The Weekend

Just make it English only

With turncoat John Roberts siding with the communist wing of the court, the Citizenship question has been struck, for now, from the 2020 Census. That means California will gain roughly four slots in the house of representatives while losing legal citizens. Talk about misrepresentation.
There are possible options though, number one, of course, is massive roundups of illegals and removal. For those awaiting disposition, house them temporarily in places with a deep conservative roots like western Kansas, or South Dakota. Heck, we could place them all in Alaska pending review. Escape? yeah...... Or not.
He could also be contrarian and accidntally rush the print job and oops, the forms sent to California were printed English only. Our bad, redo in 2030.
As I understand the flawed ruling, brain dead John could not understand why we need a citizenship question. The skanks and the prissy sissy understand, they simply hate America that much.
Simply put, it is in the Constitution. the census was not intended to include "Indians not taxed" ie indiginous populations. The latino's like to claim  the are rightful heirs of the land. Never mind that we paid for it after Guadalupe Hildego and after the Gadsden purchase. yes, we bought it and then paid em again to settle all claims.
The liberals want this. even if they do not get the illegals to vote, they get lopsided representation because their reliable voters, welfare recipients and the dead, will always vote for the donk.
John Roberts proves once again that George Bush was anything but a conservative. Thanks a bunch George.

Wednesday, June 26, 2019

Children of a lesser god

How best to describe the democrats? Maybe children of less GOD? They certainly don't want to live their lives by scripture. Every immorality would certainly describe their various positions, every vice cited by Paul they readily embrace whether it is homosexuality or killing children, there isn't anything mentioned in Scripture they would not embrace, so it is a surprise to me that they are enlisting the help of a supposed Evangelical, Derrick Harkins, to help them make inroads to attack the core of President Trump's supporters. I won't call Harkins a reverend, his positions reflect nothing in the Bible. Well, maybe the stuff that got Sodom leveled, he is all in for "rejoicing in the queerness of God". Sorry, the Bible is not pick and choose. Some folks like to discredit the writings of Paul. He  was not one of the original twelve, did not mentor under any of the twelve, and argued with Peter on at least one occasion. Yet, it is Peter whom he debated who clearly stated that his letters were authoritative. Even if Peter had not made clear that Paul's writings were inspired, The Old Testament still has condemnation for homosexuality, adultery, drunkenness, and every vice the dems so love.
I won't go so far as to call them godless. The simple fact is we all have a god, even the most ardent atheist. In their case, they alone are the god of their lives. Ironic that the verse chosen by Timothy McVeigh chooses the name GOD used in introducing himself to Moses, stating "I Am the master of my fate, and surely, GOD alone has imparted final judgement. Tim chose to be his own god, write his own rules and lived, then died accordingly. That more liberal thinkers don't go off the rails is amazing, but then again, the liberals are killing each other day and night in their inner city sanctums.
Tonight the dems kicked off their 2020 circus. No, I didn't watch the debased err debate, I had nothing better to do, but why waste time listening to people whose values run so counter to my own that I wouldn't give them the time of day. I envision a typical lefty hate fest, Moderator, "which of you hates President Trump the most?"
All ten in unison, "I do, no I do, you don't hate him near as much as meeee." Seriously, Booker? Beta? Liarwatha? Klowncar? Debaso? Castro ? not Fidel. if he were alive to run, he'd sweep the field. Tomorrow night fools err folks get to hear Bidet and Slanders. Every policy position that any of them have has been immediately taken up by all the rest. reparations to free college, free hell care, you name it, every plank from the far left garbage of places like Venezuela, Cuba or North Korea would fit right in.
Speaking of Cuba and Castro, his former henchman also made the news. A cafe opened in his honor and bearing his name is in full swing in San Diego, a place where radical ideas may be openly discussed. radical like supporting Trump? Nope, that will get you booted out the door. PragerU's Will Witt attempted to educat a few of them about what a kind loving soul Che was. Didn't go over too well. History is not a leftard's strong suit, but then, neither are math, physics, chemistry, engineering, medicine.......
You get the point. The fine folks like Prager and project veritas work hard to expose what leftism is, and just like in Tunnel vision, the world shrugs their shoulders and asks for more socialism. GOD, help us, there is no where left to turn. Especially given what the donks are pushing out these days.

Stray Cat Strut

Tuesday, June 25, 2019

Monday, June 24, 2019

Right Here Waiting

Take Note

To all those who believe it is their solemn duty to restrict speech and adamantly attack any word, thought or action they find abhorrent, The Supreme Court has ruled that even the trademark office can't restrict words. The most striking part of this ruling is that Gorsuch and Kagan are on the same side. Oh, and what ever social(ist) justice whore is thinking for Ruth bad-bitch Ginsberg is probably  toeing the university enshrined attacks on freedom of speech and press. he, she or (sh)it was not quoted in the article.
In short, a company named FUCT for Friends U Can't Trust went to trademark their logo. The trademark office found it repulsive.... Why? Do they consider Barry or HiLlARy a friend? Maybe they have friends who are dems? maybe they are dems and don't want people to know they an't be trusted.
In any case, just as Slant got to trademark their Band's name, FUCT gets to trademark their shirts and stuff.
The beatings will continue until the leftists get their way or are killed. I for one don't want them to get their way. *ouch*

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Oh what a night

Says a lot

President Trump lobbed a salvo at Creepy Joe saying that he is the weakest mentally of the bunch running. Seriously. Really, Joe is the dumbest one in the field. Stacked against a field that includes Alfred E Buttsex, Liarwatha, Beta O'hoark and all the rest of the short box babies, that is a low blow.
There is an old joke, winning a medal in the special Olympics is nice, but you are still a moron, but in this case, Joe aint even getting a participation trophy. Okay, he is getting millions from suckers with more money than brains. Okay, they'd have more money than brains if all they had was a penny.
At any rate, making molestation mainstream Joe is still their lead contender. Were all those #me too claims just to make America numb to the prospect of picking a serial molester as the dem candidate? Given their other choices, it appears frighteningly so.
If President Trump want to completely destroy Bidet in the debates, all he needs to do is fill the first row with Girl Scouts, then make sure there are enough secret service to protect them from wandering hands.

Well whoda thunk it?

The DHS has revealed that 90% of invaders claiming asylum do not show up for their hearings. Are you underwhelmed? Yeah, me too.
We have known from the get go that these fake claims were merely a ploy to get released into the United States. They gambled and got caught, but thanks to the judicial over reach, are allowed in for any of a thousand piss poor reasons.
As many people have pointed out, we need to begin enforcing the law on employers who hire illegals. Once a few thousand employers get hammered, others will think long and hard about risking the wrath of the people.
At the same time though, we need to work at getting legal workers here to fill some of the jobs we are creating. As I have said, if the choice is giving a high pay job to an H1B applicant from India or a native citizen, I want the good job to go to the U.S. citizen. At the same time, those low pay minor jobs like taco bell, and Macnasty burger? Lets get the people who are willing to work for those positions. We need some checks in place though first, we need to make it where they cannot abuse our medical system, our welfare system, our assisted housing system or any form of government aid.
Acknowledging that health care is important, if they have a job, require that their employer provide basic medical coverage which includes birth control like depovara. At the same time we need to ensure they are not treated like slave labor.
The welfare slugs, the criminals, the drug mules and the breeders can all stay south of the border, and preferably south of Mexico too.
Now to the assliar problem, err asylum problem. Automatic denial for any one who comes form a country not bordering the United States. That should cut the backlog by 99%. There was a report of a large group from Central Africa who arrived in Austin Texas. The entire lot should have been shipped back to Africa. Not by plane, stick them on a super tanker bound for Saudi Arabia. I'd say make them work, but the risk of them taking over the ship is too great, lock them in a large cage on the deck and make sure they have a canvas in case of any storms at sea.
As far as any who arrive with claims which warrant investigation, including those coming from Satan worshiping countries that were imported by the SCoaMF, provide them temporary housing where they can effectively be contained, Hawaii, the big island is one option, Bikini atoll is another. Yes, my favorite choice is the big island. There are plenty of wild pigs there, and they can feast on pork all year long.
All that being said, the biggest issue we can deal with at our level is making sure that only real conservatives get selected to run in 2020. We need a house and Senate that will back president Trump when he is right, but firmly put him in his place when he screws up like he did with his bump stock ban. That issue right there is the most important. Allowing his mistaken over reach opens the door to the next communist we screw up and elect to place a ban on all semi automatic weapons, or worse, all guns period.
Things are not going to get better in this country. The next generation foolishly believes the lies they were spoon fed by academia that capitalism is bad and communism is great.  We must fight hard now, or lose the battle forever. Not to be a skeptic, but I am betting on losing simply because of how I understand the Bible and human nature.
Please please PLEASE, prove me wrong.

Monday, June 10, 2019

Cold dead fingers

I think we can all remember the opening sequences of Red Dawn. After the invaders landed, there was a brief shot of a bumper bearing the trademark "you can have my guns when you pry them from my cold dead fingers which then pans down to the Cuban officer removing the pistol from his lifeless grip.
We say it, how many of us mean it? Are we really willing to die for a piece of cold steel?
We live in the last bastion of freedom in the world. Socialism has taken root in nearly every society on the planet. In some cases it has moves swiftly such as Venezuela where the population was disarmed only a few years ago, in others it has been a more gradual cancer like in Canada where access to hospitals in the United States has held disaster at bay.
In some places the population is fighting back, places like England where Brexit is grinding through the motions or de-peonizing Europe.
This rant though is about us here in the U.S. Are you ready to fight? Like it or not, a fight is coming. We are in a civil war. Truth no longer matters, government of the people is no longer happening. Communists, jihadists, and a lot of other "ists" want their way.
Looking around at the world over the past century, we can catch a glimpse of what awaits us. It is not pretty. Let me share a hidden truth with you. You will most likely die in the coming fight. World events should convince you of that. I'm going to ignore the atrocities of WW's 1 and 2 and focus on the dark continent, Africa. In 1994 following the death of the President of Rwanda, the Hutu population rose up and massacred the Tutsi members. The men were systematically killed, often with machetes. The women were subsequently raped, often by HIV positive men recruited for the specific purpose of spreading HIV among the Tutsi population. Moving forward a few years, we have the muslim hoards killing parents and carting the girls off to be sexual slaves and forced conversion to satanism err islam.
Think about that as you mentally prepare yourself for the coming shitshow. If you are killed, what will be their next step? Will they rape your wife? will they assault your daughters? Might they also molest your sons? Yes, muslims and many other perversions crave young boys.
Have you taught your wife to shoot? If a mob of crazy militants were to kill you,what would she do? would she lay down her weapon and surrender? What then?
It has been twenty five years since the atrocities happened in Rwanda. While the younger members of our population might know nothing about this, for older folks, it should still be riveted in their minds.
When things go south, you won't be fighting to win. It won't be an option on the table. You will be fighting for the souls of your family. How much torture could you take? In the book "Voice of the Martyrs", it tells the story of a Chinese Christian who was tortured and forced to renounce Christ. After he was free, guilt hung heavy on him, and he marched in the streets proclaiming, "My name is Peter, I have denied my LORD."
Just as with the daughters of Christians held by satan's vermin Boko Haran in Kenya and Nigeria, how will your kin be treated?
For my part, I want my wife to understand the hell that awaits if she is captured alive by any of the islamist groups. I want my children and their kids to understand what would await them if they fell into the hands of such people.
This is a reality that could very well await us. The Bible speaks volumes about the end times, things which should terrify you. Do not take GOD's word lightly. As for me, when the day comes, I will fight as hard as necessary to make sure they kill me rather than capture me, and hope my wife will opt for the same fate.
So yes, when that day comes, they will need to pry my gun from my cold dead fingers. I will be the man  dead behind his truck.Then, they can have my gun. they will already have my bullets.

Mr Roboto


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Free ride


They were called our Greatest Generation. They were our fathers, uncles, grandfathers, great Uncles, the men who served in WWII. Today marks the 75th Anniversary of the Normandy landings. By this time, men were wading ashore under withering fire from the German defenders who held the high ground. In 1944 roughly 66% of those men were drafted. They did not shirk their duty but marched forward, determined to restore freedom to the people of Europe. Ironic that today, an unrepentant nazi funds much of the anti American movement that is importing unassimilating foreigners to our land.
This isn't about George Soros though, this is taking a moment to say thanks to those men and women who served, and thanks to the GOD who inspired them to bravery and kept them safe through that day 75 years ago and helped them gain a foot hold that ultimately led to the downfall of the Third Reich.

Wednesday, June 5, 2019

The older I get the less I know

The current situation regarding President Trump's proposed tariffs on Mexico and China helps just a bit in understanding the premise that the Morill tariffs of 1860 sparked the Civil War. First, the Tariff was bottled up in the democrat controlled Senate and would never have advanced had the southern senators not resigned.
Why was the south opposed to the Morill tariffs? Those tariffs were on Imports, and most of southern commerce was exporting cotton. There would be zero duty on the cotton leaving, and the goods most effected were manufactured goods that were in demand as the north industrialized.
Second, the United States Government had less than $500,000 cash on hand against millions in unpaid bills. It was fiscal irresponsibility on the part of the democrats to not raise revenues. If the government defaulted on just debts, that would have created a financial crisis and risked plunging the economy into rapid inflation as happened in Germany during the Wiemar years.
Tariffs did pose a real danger in one way. They impacted shipping. in the 1850's the only way to move cotton to Europe was via sailing ships. (Duh) empty sailing ships are not easy to handle. They ride high in the water, and the mast becomes difficult to control as the center of mass rises even further. No ship's captain or pilot would want to travel far in uncertain weather with a ship empty. Factor in that ships traveling from Europe to America were traveling against the prevailing winds and you begin to understand the problem. So, no imports, no empty ships to haul cotton back to European markets. Therein lies the real issue for opposition to Morill, and sound government policy be damned.
Today things are much different. Ships are powered by diesel, we have effective radar monitoring of the weather, and the cost of moving an empty ship back to China can be factored into the costs of the goods on the full ones coming here.
We are in the early stages of a (un)civil war. We are not shooting back, but we are certainly under attack from the left, just like in 1858. The media is not telling the truth just like in 1858.
If this civil war goes hot, we will be out numbered three to one, possibly six to one. Our "side" contains a large number of traitors, men who would sell their own mother to the KGB for a pair of blue jeans.(note 1)
America is fairly evenly divided between conservatives and radical communists, the problem is that most of the conservative people are easily pushed around. they will tolerate a lot of abuse and not fight back simply because they are too busy supporting family and dealing with life. Remember, only about 3% of the colonists took up arms in the Revolution. The rest remained busy with their farms plantations, stores and businesses. Contrast that to the left where every opportunity to protest draws hundreds of clowns who come in planning to stir trouble and spark fights. We saw it at every Trump rally during the 2016 election, we saw it at Charleston and we see it on the streets of our major cities. The left has many idle hands ready for mischief.
That is not to say we will lose. while they are rabble and rowdy, they don't have discipline, they lack fighting skills and most have never been in the military. The few who have were booted for being attitude and discipline cases.
The globalists stand in opposition to President Trump. Main street people love him and his policies. they like that he fights where most republicans roll over and play possum, or join ranks with the communists. Do not expect many in Congress to stand with the President. They will side with the big money owners and say screw the voters like they have done so often in the past.
Bitch McConnell has been working to fill vacancies in the Judiciary. President Trump is nominating them, and the Senate is approving them. Watch closely though, many are as decepticon as Supreme injustice of the Court Turncoat Roberts who stabbed the Constitution in the back with his twisted logic ruling on Oblowme care.
Yup, we are in for a fight. Stay ready.

1. Three Russian boys were staring at a pair of blue jeans on a cloths line. The first boys says, "I wish I had an AK-47, I would go steal a pair of jeans like that."
The second boy says, "I wish I had ten thousand rubles, I would go buy a pair of blue jeans like that".
The third boy says, "I wish I had a mother and father."
The other boys stare at him in disbelief.
He continues, "Then I would turn them in to the KGB for a pair of blue jeans, just like my sister did."

We'll sing in the sunshine

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The older I get the less I know

They say wisdom comes with age. Maybe. For me, it seems more like I'm learning how wrong much of what I knew as a kid was. Let's take a stroll down memory lane.
I was but a toddler when JFK was assassinated. When he sailed to victory in the democratic primaries, the powers that be saddled him with Lyndon Johnson as his VP. Strangely, JFK was assassinated while in a motor convoy in Dallas. I don't buy into the second gunman theory. Neither do I believe that Lee Harvey Oswald acted alone. To get a job along the route that Kennedy was to take over a month in advance? He was hired at the book depository on October 16th. The assassination happened on November 22nd.
It is also entirely possible that Oswald did not fire the shot. It is certain that he purchased the rifle. He made an attempt to kill Army Major General Edwin Walker, a man who was upsetting powers in Washington, but Oswald failed miserably. Was that a test run?
Now, let us step a little closer to the present. When Ronald Reagan snatched the Republican nomination, there were plenty of upset people. Carter was a dud. His chances of reelection were slimmer than Twiggy. The powers that be wanted George Herbert Walker Bush. He was their selection, but Reagan smacked him handily receiving more than double the votes Bush got, 62% of all republican primary votes cast. But, again, the system saddled him with a globalist for a VP. Reagan survived the assassination attempt.
Does anybody believe that John Hinkley was trying to impress Jody Foster? He should have tried slipping dick picks under her door at Yale if that was the case but she most likely wouldn't have had a clue what it was.
Back in 1981 I didn't much care. I was pissed that MY President was shot, but he survived, life went on, and I didn't give it much more thought.
So what does that have to do with now?
The commies are looking for the right combination to defeat President Trump. There have been a lot of people throwing their hat in the donk's ring. Evey demographic is being attended to. There is Liarwatha courting the white women's vote, Horizontal Harris to mislead black women, beta fish to make sure Latinos are disenfranchised, Buttcrack bending over to get the LGBTQXYZ  crowd, but the front runner is Gaffer Joe Biden. Creepy uncle isn't creepy enough now that we have had so many rounds of #metoo going after men who were upright and honest.
What am I getting at? It would seem to me that the ticket they may make will be empty headed Walter Biden with Abrams Tank for a side kick. Did you see where she is attending the Bilderberg get together? She is the one that they most likely want she fills a demographic, so black vote sewn up and liberal women vote sewn up. All that is needed is to get rid of Joe at the earliest possible moment if they win.
Conspiracy theory? Yup. Crazy? Yup. Possible? Yup. They have to win to make it happen. 2018 showed that they are getting the hang of falsifying elections. They turned Orange County California blue in under thirty recounts. The Powers that be are not content to win fairly. they consider themselves to be our rightful masters, and how dare us rubes support an man like President Trump. Or even Creepy Joe for that matter.

Born to be wild

Saturday, June 1, 2019

Nature can be a MOTHER

These are some pictures from a tornado that hit near Dayton this past week.

Magic Carpet Ride

USS Grenadier SS 525

Back in 1959 the United States Navy was locked in a battle of skills with the Soviet Union. Capt. Ted Davis and his crew did a remarkable job in this real life version of The Hunt for Red October. The men successfully located and tracked a Russian Zulu in the GIUK gap and won a case of Jack Daniels for their work.