Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Twenty years in a catch phrase

The liberals insisted on changing the way we raise children. Now they are desperately seeking new laws to stop the monsters they created.

Saturday, February 24, 2018

It worked with Pilots, it will work with Teachers

I'm not the only one on this band wagon.
Gaffer Joe Biden's Safe schools has made them anything BUT safe. Go Figger! The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act does not protect patients, and health care is less affordable now than prior to Barry's Obozocare.
When the dems assign a catchy name to anything, you can rest assured it will do the exact opposite. Republicans don't do all that much better, but at least they say they want to repeal the dem communist crap.
We need to repeal the gun free zones garbage that made schools a target rich environment for liberals with firearms and anger issues.
The only drawback, Most teachers are loony flaming commie liberals. That is why I want to make participation in the military mandatory for being a teacher. I want only patriots teaching my grandkids. That will drive the liberal teachers and admin sprinting. Keep them away from children. Keep them away from adults also.

Thursday, February 22, 2018

Time for some Art of the Deal on NAFTA

NAFTA is essentially dead in the water. Ever since it was passed, we have been getting the short end of the stick. President Trump has said No more, and attempts to renegotiate it are fast failing. No biggie, we can handle having products made in America vs shit made in Mexico with parts imported from China.
We could make it a win for us though along with the illegal invaders problem.
Here is what I propose we do. For every illegal who has come in through the Mexican border, make Mexico take one of our welfare or "disability" cases. Build a new town in southern Mexico, close, but not too close to Mexico City, and then transfer families from high risk neighborhoods such as the high murder areas of Chicago, Detroit, St Louis etc. That would get the kids away from the bad influences, out of the danger zones, and offer them a fresh start. A big win for us is that living is cheaper in Mexico. There wouldn't be the high cost of heating tenements every winter.
OK, I'm being honest, most of these families are ridden with drug users and petty criminals. Getting them south would help in several ways. It would shorten the supply lines for their desired drugs. Cocaine would not need to travel all the way through Mexico and the central United States to reach the customers. That would relieve a lot of the pressure  on law enforcement and maybe save lives in the Mexican border states as well as Texas, Arizona and New Mexico. We could continue supporting the families there. $500 goes a long way in Mexico once you get away from the tourist venues.
Mexico has gun laws every bit as tough as Chicago, so that wouldn't change one bit. Might save a few Chicago cops, and cut back on investigations. Heck, they might be able to solve a few of their cold cases.
We could even send some of them further south, repopulate El Salvador where most of the MS-13 scum flowed out of.
I am dead serious about sending Mexico some of our people. They want to send folks here, and I am all for keeping the ones who would be good workers, so lets send them some people to repopulate them, and since businesses are coming back, and Mexico is vacation heaven, we'll send the ones permanently on vacation. No need for Caribbean Cruise Lines.
And if they decide to send my broke down worn out ass, I'll rename the blog the Yucatan Redneck.

Arm the teachers

I've said it before, the only way to make our schools safer is to have people present who are proficient with firearms and have weapons available to them. Given the number of accidental shootings involving police, I would hesitate to have teachers sporting a Glock on their hip though. What is the answer?
What about a biometric safe in each classroom? We have biometrics for phones and other things, why not for a gun safe in every class room? What about loony teachers though? A teacher having a bad day might decide to take out their stored Glock and use it on misbehaving students.
That right there is the biggest issue to me. Too many teachers are liberals, and as we have seen over the past three years, they have a tendency toward emotional  violence.
Connect every safe to a control panel in the main office. If any safe is opened, it sends out an alarm notifying every one in the building much like a fire alarm. If we can have community sirens that give different tones for flood warnings vs tornado warnings, and another for fire, why can't the school systems be done the same way?
What about training? Several steps there. Require teachers to have served in the military for three years. Starting in 2025 every current teacher must have completed Army or Marine basic. They can then be part of a National Guard unit close to their home. Why not Navy or Air Force? Emphasis on weapons. Navy rely on the big guns on their ships. For small arms and hand to hand, they have the Marines. Yes, they also have the SEALS. Air Force fights in similar fashion. The ones in the Air Force who do the dirty work are officers, and they operate from altitude. The majority of Air Force personnel are support. Their job is to keep the bad boys flying, refuel, rearm and support.
If they have been a member of an active duty unit of any kind, they would be exempt. Every new teacher must have been on active duty. For those I think we should accept all branches. Whether you served on a ship or an airfield, you've learned discipline and espirit de corps. If you've been honorably discharged, you meet my standard.
Second step, Qualification. Every teacher should be required to pass a rigorous course on firearms. I want them to be CCW permit holders, and well qualified. I want them to be the people who punks like Nikolas Cruz would shit themselves if they met in a hallway.
Step three, training. Teachers need to know how to respond when shit hits the fan. If an attack happens in one wing, teachers should move students into selected classrooms. Quickly! Then one teacher defends the door and another heads for the location of the incident. That would place at least three teachers and other staff responding to the threat.
In Stoneman Douglas, there were people who responded to the threat by charging toward it. Several lost their lives. Had they been armed, Cruz would not have been able to roam the school at will.
We have a vast number of veterans who are willing to give up  their time free of charge to protect our kids. Bless them all. In a few month, or a few years though, the fervor we feel today is going to quite down. When we get lax is when the next psycho is going to strike. We need a permanent solution. Nearly all the mass shootings in the past twenty years have happened in gun free zones. We need to end that. repeal Biden's target rich schools bill and start protecting the kids.
When I was in school, we had no major problems. At my school, there were always a number of trucks out front that had guns in the windows. Teaches and students had a rifle or shotgun. We hunted before and after class, some time during lunch. We got in more trouble over squirt guns than the real ones, and yes, we had squirt gun wars in the hallways. I mopped up many a mess. No one got in trouble for the toy guns. We played cops and robbers at recess, and more than one kid came for Halloween as a cowboy gun fighter.
All the moves since then to make schools safer have failed entirely. It's time to get back to basics. Its time to let kids be kids. Its time for zero tolerance for zero tolerance idiocy.

Monday, February 19, 2018

Some things

OK, maybe not the cute part...

Sunday, February 18, 2018

Too soon

I am pro-amnesty in a certain sense. I want all the criminals deported. I do not include the identity thieves in many cases. If they used a fake ID for obtaining a job ONLY.
Rush today said he would support amnesty if they cannot vote for 15-25 years. I'm not on board with that. I'm for granting them amnesty, but not full citizenship. Frankly, I wouldn't grant full citizenship to most of the ones we let in legally.
Most of the people coming here, legal or not are coming from socialist shitholes. FWIW, most of Europe is turning into a socialist shithole. These people come here looking for something better, then want to change it into exactly what they just escaped!
I don't have a problem with people coming here to work. With the Job creation happening now, it won't be long and we will be needing able bodied folks to handle the heavy lifting. No one wants their precious darling to grow up to be a janitor, but the biggest corporations still need janitors. If Jr can be something better, that is great, lets move all our Jr's up the chain as they learn and progress. Some won't make the grade. They will still be taking out the garbage.
If President Trump is successful though, lots of the kids with potential will be able to advance if there is some one to step into the shoes at the bottom and be the janitor, be the apprentice, be the laborer.
Right now President Trump is playing the dems like a fiddle. Being elitist fools who think they are smarter than they are, they are falling all over themselves to chase his laser pointer twitter.
If they are already here, working, contributing, have learned the basics of our culture, are learning our language, not comitting rapes robberies and murders, not leaching off our system, are they making America better? I think they are.
We have a lot of poor. we have a lot of opportunity. If our poor choose not to take advantage of the oppportunity, then let's allow these folks from other places to step in the gap.

"Give me your tired, your poor, Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free, The wretched refuse of your teeming shore. Send these, the homeless, tempest-tossed, to me: I lift my lamp beside the golden door."

Do those words have less meaning today than when my great grandfather stepped ashore? We took the refuse of Europe and made the greatest nation on earth. We can do the same with the ones from Latin America.

Thursday, February 15, 2018

Of course they are more active

Fox released a poll that seems to show that communist rank and file are more active than their republican counterparts. In categories such as contacted a lawmaker, Protested/marched, and volunteered, they outscored conservatives by quite a bit. 24-7 in the case of marched.
Conservatives held their own in terms of donations where both parties were at 27%.
If that seems daunting, just remember, we all have jobs. That means they have more time to go to for flung locations and risk getting arrested. Or in the case of conservatives, beaten by thugs while the police stand idly by.
Yes, I know lots of liberals have "jobs". They sit in academia doing nothing except collecting a check. Scum like Michael Mann and his glowbull warming scam.
As for the donations, if both parties are punching in at 27%, why are republicans flush with cash, and the commies flat broke? We all know the advertising money ends up in socialist enimedia coffers, so why are they nearly bankrupt? Financially, not morally. They've been morally bankrupt for decades.
Might it be the numbers of dem donations are pittances? Not much to spare when the welfare check don't cover rent and EBT won't get your beer.
The real problem for the liberals is their choice of candidates. People knew what HiLlARy would be. Some were fooled by Barry and his lack of a paper trail. Same would be the case with  many of their top tier choices. Keith Ellison is sucking up to Farrakhan and the nation of Satan err islam.
Conservatives have the same problem though. We are eternally stuck with Graham, Ryan and McInsane.
2018 will be interesting. If Trumpian candidates can get on the ballots,  we may very well see a big shift in congress and the donks get handed their asses.

Tuesday, February 13, 2018

#meeeetoo ObamAA-

Following on the heels of yesterday's terroristic prank directed against Donald Trump Jr. we have another delivery of a white powder, this time to Barry. Too convenient? My bet is that some one, possibly within his circle of fiends, decided to me too and deflect the leftist style attack on the first family. I could be wrong, I am quite often... Just ask my wife.
Of course, every one who heard thought it was his cocaine delivery, and rumors are that he was intercepted on his way and had a rolled up Benjamin ready to go.

Monday, February 12, 2018

Cause? or effect?

A lot is being made of the kid in California who did a science fair project on IQ and race. The anonymous student did his own testing and determined that there was a correlation between race and intellect. He is not the first though. Richard Linn and Tatu Vanhanen did a much more extensive study between 2002 and 2006 and found essentially the same thing. A good map can be found here.
They go on to argue that differences in national income are the reason. Maybe they have that switched. If a kid in California studying fellow students finds the same results as studies conducted on members of those races in their home countries, it is more likely that IQ is factored by genetics more than environment.
The kids at C.K. McClatchy High would have a closer income than kids from Hong Kong vs Equatorial Guinea, and people in China suffered economic depravity for generations under the rule of Mao. Japan and South Korea would seem to prove their theory, but what about Russia where under soviet rule, the people had a national income close to poverty? What about Kuwait and Saudi Arabia where vast wealth is the rule thanks to oil?
America does not score as well as we should if that were the case. Truth is though that since we are a melting pot, we have representation from the worst to the best. We have dipped every gene pool on the planet.
Genetics is a bigger factor than liberals want to admit. Genetics impacts us inside as well as outside. Propensities for certain diseases are greater among certain ethnic groups. Sickle cell anemia hits blacks and Mediterraneans, but does not appear much among Scandanavians. That is only one, but there are many more.
If genetics plays that big a roll in risks of disease, if it plays such a roll in height, why not intelligence? Not every one can throw hoops like Kobe. Not every one can reason like Einstein. Not every one can keep a straight face while an evil genius sticks their hand up his ass like Barry. Sorry, couldn't resist. If anything, that stuttering cluster fuck, the smartest black man alive (tm)... Never mind. You get my drift.
I will never be as smart as an Asian, I won't be as athletic as an African, but so what? even NASA needs janitors. It's time to face the fact that we are not as equally created as we dream we are. We all still have equal rights and equal opportunity. If you want to challenge me for the Janitors job, I'm old and tired, you can have it.

Sunday, February 11, 2018

Rethinking my stance on flying

Since the implementation of the Patriot act, and the over the top searches and screening procedures, I have taken the stance that I am done with flying commercial. That attitude has been reinforced by the conduct of airline personnel, especially those of United. Yes, I need some dental work, but I will hold out as long as I can, then and only then, will I seek out a dentist.
Well, my core has been shaken! I may just decide to again travel the friendly skies, or should I say the very friendly skies of??? Vietjet Air? Talk about awesome service! Even the CEO of the airline, Nguyen Thi Phuong Thao is an awesome beauty at 47! It seems crazy weird to see a capitalist venture being successful in a communist country, but She is a self made billionaire. Yes, her airline got hit with a fine as did the staff who performed, but hey, it sells, and that is how money is made.
United Dentistry can still suck boogers.

Talk about an assholier than thou attitude

VP Mike Pence is being attacked on social(ist) media by pecker puffer Adam Rippon. The openly perverted figure skater doesn't want his childish antics to become a distraction though. I guess he means he wants them to be the center of attention. Hey Adumb, hope you bring back a participation ribbon. The only good thing about Rippon is that his life style choices mean he most likely won't pass the bad genetics to our next generation.

Friday, February 9, 2018

Its still fiction

The black community is all abuzz about Black Panther the movie. The movie features  T’Challa returning to his home to assume the throne after the death of his father. Wakanda is a technologically advanced country in the movie, unlike anything in Africa. The people cited by Breitbart are going bonkers about it. "This movie will prove to the colonialists that if they had not interfered with Africa, we'd be so far advanced. ???Right! When slavery began, Africans were living in mud huts while Europeans had built the Colossus and castles and cathedrals. Asians had created the great wall of China and Arabs were using the intestines of goats and sheep for birth control.
Or what about "Being able to see women and girls like myself designing the most advanced technology and weapons the world has every seen." Sure. Dream on. Blacks transformed Rhodesia into Zimbabwe. It went from being the breadbasket of Africa to famine and starvation in a matter of years.
As for the disporia returning, that was tried as well. Liberia is doing so well... NOT!
The nice thing about fiction is you can make superheros in a far off galaxy create the ultimate civilization. Have animals converse with humans, even be intellectually superior. Tom Hanks and Sean Penn can utter amazingly intelligent phrases, even full sentences. Problem is, when you walk out of the theater, Tom and Sean are still bumbling idiots who can barely act let alone think straight.
Maybe some good can come from Black Panther. Maybe we can get a fair percentage of Chiraq and Detoilet to board a plane and fly back to Africa in hopes of creating a better continent. Hint, it won't be Africa.
So, if you want to risk getting mugged, check out a showing of Black Panther. Make sure your insurance is up to date and does not have a clause about foolish endeavors. Or you can do like me, wait until it comes out on DVD to  not bother buying it.


Thursday, February 8, 2018

When democrats accuse

We have all seen the pattern. It has been going on for years. During a political discourse, either a campaign, or some infighting, democraps will accuse the republican, or republicans in general of some outlandish action, some immoral or criminal activity, and we will wonder, Where is that coming from?
From the early onset of the Russian accusations, I have said that HiLlARy was up to her eye balls in collusion with the Russians. Now, here it is, a formal accusation.
And that Russian cloud over President Trump's administration? It is raining cats and dogs on HiLlARy's parade.

Wednesday, February 7, 2018

Trustworthy science

For as long as I can remember, we have been told that radio carbon dating is the most accurate and infallible method of determining the age of fossilized organisms, bones, wood, all things organic.
Back in the 1980's, scientists uncovered a mass grave in England filled with what appeared to be remains of warriors from the Viking era. Carbon dating though placed the remains at a much older age, and even though the physical artifacts such as weapons indicated they were part of the Great Army that drove the king of Mercia into exile.
Now we are told that new carbon dating confirms this, and the older dates were caused because of reservoir effect because the Viking ate a diet containing lots of fish.
Huh? We have fossils of fish that are supposed to be millions of years old. How severe is this reservoir effect? Are these fish fossils only a few thousand years old? Modern scientists like older numbers. Since they deny GOD exists, claim creation is a myth, and want every thing to be random chance, more time means more rolls of the genetic dice so more chances to get evolution right.
There are many things they like to point to as confirmation of evolution, lions and tigers, wolves and coyotes, even the dissimilarities with in our own human race from region to region. Yet tigers and lions can mate as can coyotes and wolves. Humans? well, we seem to interbreed pretty dang well too.
If you look at it objectively, evolution fails ever serious test. It is a theory that is unprovable. GOD is also a theory, we live by faith that the words in the Bible were spoken not invented like the koran and book of mormon. Does GOD answer prayer, or is it just random chance like the rolls of evolution? I guess I would rather believe that I am the creation of a loving GOD rather than mutated pond scum.
At any rate, one more reason to not trust "settled" science.

Tuesday, February 6, 2018

Free speech and the left

The governor of Nebraska has revoked an honor given to two academics. The two women had been championed for their advocacy for free speech. The admiralships in the Nebraska navy were withdrawn after viceo and other evidence surfaced showing that both women were virulantly anti-free-speech if the speaker was a conservative. One scumbag, Courtney Lawton, bullied a recruiter for Turning Point USA a conservative watchdog that monitors campus radicals such as Lawton. Go figger!
As we have witness through the 2016 election cycle, the academaniacs are anything but for free speech. Whether we are talking about Bezerkly, or KU, liberalism is run amuck, and no conservative viewpoint is tolerated. Twenty years ago, Phyllis Schlaffly made the point that Christians on campus were harassed as well. Well, it isn't getting any better. They have a lock, and they block out and attack any one with a Christian or conservative leaning.
The good news is that Lawton won't be teaching much longer. Her contract was not renewed because of her extremist actions. Too bad a few other conservative leaning states can't do the same thing.

Is Carter Page an innocent victim or a plant?

Yesterday, Sundance laid out how Carter Page went from being an FBI undercover in an FBI investigation to being the cause for the DOJ obtaining a warrant to spy on The Trump campaign.
The FBI used Carter to spy on Evgeny Buryakov beginning some time in 2013 and all the way up to March of 2016 when Buryakov PLED GUILTY! They spent years building an identity and a case. Is it possible that they  decided to continue using their neatly crafted stage for another play? Seriously, Carter Page was not compromised publicly. He did not have to take the stand in a trial since Buryakov pled guilty. No one was going to run to Donald Trump and tell him the guy was working, or had worked for the FBI.
The news reports about his involvement with the Russian government were part of the act used to catch Buryakov, so some one at DOJ made a decision to release the fake resume to the press and then used the press article to obtain the warrant used to spy on Trump.
For all this, they might as well have had Christoph Waltz join his campaign, then used that as their probable cause. Waltz played Blofeld in the Last James Bond film. Aboout as much substance, and possibly more character.
Who am I kidding? They wold have made up any lie they thought would work.

Monday, February 5, 2018

Next up: the Shit memo

In the midst of the back and forth prior to the release of the Nunes Memo, the propaganda arm of the communist party was all over the Schiff memo, a counter to the Nunes Memo, written by Adam Schiff, Communist, California.
House republicans should vote to release this memo as well. The press will be on it like stink on shit. Communist party leaders from Nancy P. Louse to DiFi will be on television with the squalking heads in the media heaping praise on it like it was a long lost text from Jesus while denouncing Nunes Version like it was a poor knock off of Dr Seuss.
Once the members of Congress have taken their stand, and btw, I expect more than a couple of "republicans" Like Johnny Wet Start McRino to side with the communists, Then declassify the source materials, and show what is really behind all this. Hang this on the various scum in the swamp who want to return to business as usual ie screwing the Taxpayers.
Most people are too busy with the little things to pay much attention, so a hard hitting dose of reality will set folks back on their heels. Put this all together, and it could shake the core of the democrat party so hard that the communists who have infested it since Johnson left office, might be shut out at least in the short term. Bank on it though, these spawn of Satan are far from through.
Neither are we.

Sunday, February 4, 2018

HPSCI FISA Memo Release Charge and Response

CHARGE: The Majority failed to comply with House and Committee Rules.  
RESPONSE: All House and Committee rules were complied with and followed, as  prescribed, from the requirement to notice a business meeting, to make available classified executive session material to the House, and to publically disclose the material. 
Read the whole thing HERE
My take is that the communist party members in Congress are mad as hell that their hand has been revealed. Whether this hurts them in the 2018 election is all a matter of how the propaganda arm of the party aka the media spin this. Our greatest weapon is simple truth. If we try to spin it, they will come after us like a hawk hunting field mice.

Saturday, February 3, 2018

Guess the race

Several Texas men have been charged with stealing over 650 guns from a UPS facility in Missouri.
Those indicted were 33-year-old Frank McChriston; 28-year-old Keith Lowe; 26-year-old Quinton Haywood; 26-year-old Eric White and 32-year-old Derrick White.
You won't find much to indicate the race, and many of the articles out have nothing as far as photographs. Some do.
Cell phone records gave them away according to the articles, but you can bet thatthere was more than just a little evidence to connect them.

Friday, February 2, 2018

Teaching harder in the age of Trump?

Moochelle sez it is, and I believe she is right. But only about it being harder, not her rambling reasons. Under Barry, and even before with no child left behind, demands on teachers to actually educate children was dropping. Standards are lax, testing has been dumbed down, and not just a little.
Under President Trump, the frat party is over. President Trump has ended and reversed many of the idiotic policies implemented under previous regimes. Most, so far, have been at higher levels, not in the K-12 programs.
So far the whirlwind has wreaked havoc on the status quo in many other fields. Other than slamming Betsey Devos about the rape on campus manufactured crisis, we have not gotten the coverage about what this able lady is doing on the way of fixing a system that Barry trashed.
President Trump is making America great again, but greatness can only happen if our kids, coming into the work force, are educated well enough to do the job and be successful. I see a big step in that being cutting back the public schools and encouraging private schools and competition. Our kids are bright, they are capable of learning so much more than they are getting now because of the self centered pogroms implemented by the communists. Once we get the poli-gender kick put to rest, we can get back to teaching basics and giving kids a shot at greatness.

Thursday, February 1, 2018

Way to spin it Suckerboy

People are spending less time on farcebook. I know I am. Apparently there are millions more like me as 50 million fewer hours per day are being recorded. According to mouthpiece Mark, "it will make fakebook stronger in the long run. You can translate that as driving millions of conservatives, and others who despise communism away from their loony leftist crap show.
I ditched several years ago. I had joined several conservative and pro gun groups only to see them getting blocked in a matter of weeks if not days. There were no threats, only support for TEA party ideals, but the people who do the screening see any conservative opinion as a threat.
Read it how ever you want, but Leftist Mark is eyeing a run at the presidency, and he want to have control of his platform. Even if he were to not run, his medium is a leftist shit hole and he wants to keep it that way. Fine with me, I'd like to see his Hours per day cut in half, but we need to create a decent conservative alternative to dry him up like a raisin.