Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Black murder rate soars in Missouri

The Violence Policy Center made a big deal out of Missouri topping the chart for 2009 with a black murder rate of 34.72 per 100,000 blacks, and capped it with their usual cry about access to guns being the cause.
They ignore the fact that 215 citizens are alive because of access to guns who most likely would be dead with out one. They also fail to point out that in the vast majority of cases it is blacks murdering other blacks. In fact, the rate of murder of whites by blacks is higher then the rate of murder of blacks by whites. Black on black crime is the problem. Its not about race though, its about culture. The liberal political sphere has successfully destroyed the black family in America. Young boys growing into men with no mentoring from with in their family is a serious problem. Instead these men are mentored by the street, by thugs thieves pimps and drug dealers, the men who are the hero's, the ones with money. Fatherhood has been all but eliminated in too many black areas, and just like the juvenile elephants in Africa that rampage when they have no adult leadership, the problem is present among humans whether they be white or black.
Liberals have nearly succeeded in destroying the black family through the "gifts" of welfare and housing programs that rewarded women with no man in their life. We need to rebuild family, and no just in the black community. It does not matter if some one is white black, brown or what ever, a child raised with out two parents is a child at risk. Much longer, and America will not recover.

Monday, January 30, 2012

Beyond stupid

Well, it turns out the Seals and CIA had a little inside help when they tagged Bin fishbait. A Pakistani doctor did a little spying for the US of A, and now the government has officially thanked him. By exposing his identity.
Leon Pinheaded err Panetta confirmed in an interview with 60 Minutes of See BS and the faked memos of Rathergate that Dr Afridi assisted the CIA in determining that bin laden was indeed in the compound. His life is now over. Sure, he may still be breathing, but the remnants of the terror organization will get him if the Pakistani government does not. The good doctor faces charges of treason for his role in bringing to justice an international terrorist. If you were stupid enough to think the pakis were our friends, you are a fool.
Way to go ObamAA+. Kiss up to our enemies, and turn our allies over for treason. 2013 cannot come soon enough.

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Get over it already

Some folks just won't let Haditha go. initially the Government prosecuted eight Marines, but as facts emerged, they dropped six of those cases after having their asses handed to them on the first one. The final case was settled with a plea deal. my take is that the defendant is tired of this endless dragging and want to get on with his life. The government offered the plea deal as a means to save a little face after getting smacked like a baby's butt at birth in the first trial. Seven years? hell, they violated his right to a speedy trial long ago.
Haditha was a hotbed of pro iraqi shit heads. That the new government wants to continue dragging it into the muck just shows how bad its gonna get there now that we have left. Its looking more like we made a major mistake in pulling out after only ten years. We should have stuck arround until Iran was a democracy instead of a thugocracy. Too bad we didn't plunder the country of its vast oil reserves like dumbascraps claim we were gonna do.

Its about race? Really?

According to Reuters retard retorter David Schwartz, race is the motivating factor in a court decision in Arizona to remove Alejandrina Cabrera from the ballot for city council in San Luis. He elected to end his screed with "People feel afraid of the browning of the state of Arizona," said Avila, himself an immigrant from Mexico. "Immigrant bashing has become a political point."

Daveyboy makes no mention that her candidacy was challenged by the Mayor Juan Carlos Escamilla, or that she had previously filed recall petitions against him. With a name like that he must be polish right? While this case looks to be a tit for tat Illinois political show, the kind that got ObamAA+ elected to the Ill Noise senate, it also might have some merit.
The judge made Cabrera take several tests to determine her fluency in English, and she failed.
I guess Schwartz must see racism everywhere he looks. Such is the case with kooks and democrats. They would rather find an obscure reason to hate then a legitimate reason for the ruling which is her English is as bad as my Spanish. I no spicka Eeespanool. And I'm dating a gal from Central America. I must be racisttttt!!!!! Schwarts should stick to providing facts, all the facts. Then we can legitimately decide if racism is involved in this case of a Hispanic mayor opposing the candidacy of another Hispanic.
For my two cents, let Cabrera run. If she cannot make her point in meetings, its her constituents fault for selecting a poor representative. But assuming she is a leader of the people, she would find a way to communicate in the meetings. Its not hard to figure out yes and no votes, also, I'd bet half or better of the folks on the council speak Spanish, and they all speak it better then me. If this was in Kansas where Spanish is not common, I might feel different. Voters here would feel different as well if she could not communicate both with them and with the rest of the government. Just wait for the day when some City council in North Dakota has a problem because a candidate speaks fluent Canadian. /sarc

Friday, January 27, 2012

And yet so many racists come from the democrats

A screed by lowlife Stephanie Pappas claims that low IQ produces racism and conservatism. how cute, to link the racism of Democrat organizations like the ku klux klan to conservatives is amazing to say the least.
So a belief that the money I earned should belong to me and not every lazy schmuck is racist? I will put my score on the ASVAB up against hers any day.

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Hildabeast to step down.

Hillary Clinton is calling it quits after twenty years of carpet bagging. The miles have been hard on her and she looks like every one of them have been an Arkansas dirt road that hasn't been graded since they did it with mules. (Grade roads that is, I doubt a mule would be any more likely to fuck her then worthless Willie would.)
That move gives ObamAA+ the golden opportunity to shove all the blame for his miserable failures in foreign policy onto her.
Sad to say, I've been expecting such a move. I don't think we have seen the last of Clinton. She will be 68 when the 2016 race kicks in, not old by political standards, and if she can keep from looking like she was draged down those Arkansas roads by the previously mention mules, she might ignite the lowest denominator of American politics, liberals. The battle will be, for her, to prove ObamAA+ is a failure in his own right, and she was caught in the whirlwind of his presiduncey, unable to alter its course. That should be an easy task. Leading a pack of younger politicians will be her biggest worry.
I wish her luck, may it all be bad.

From E-mail

I recently got a new truck with all the latest gizmos and gadgets. It has a lot of voice activated features so I can keep both hands on the wheel as I navigate commuter traffic. I especially like the new radio. If I say "country" I get the best C&W station in the area. If I say rock, I get uninterupted Hits by the latest artists. If I sasy oldies, it tunes me to the dial where hits from the 60's and 70's are belted out by the minute.
Late Tuesday as I was making my way home after a very long day at work, an ignoramus cut me off and almost caused a crash. I thumped the wheel and shouted "Idiot" The radio immediately tuned to the State of the Union address.
Aint technology great? The dealership should have a replacement in by next Friday.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

The middle class at risk

Yahoo's headline tonight "Obama: Nation's middle class at risk ". I guess they want to carry more water for the desert maker. Well, the truth is, our middle class is at risk as long as ObamAA+ is president. That is a truth the commies don't want to admit, just like they cannot bring themselves to admit that every where communism has been tried, it has failed. Soviet Union? Collapsed/ They are still struggling to assemble an economy. Cuba? Buy a new 1953 Chevy, at least those are the newest cars there you can get parts for. China? They are living off of us, just like leeches because fools at the fed are borrowing money from them and handing them billions in trade deals for crappy cheap dangerous junk.
These moral and intellectual superiors inferiors will destroy our nation before they admit they are wrong. Stupid or evil? I suspect it is evil. No one can stay that stupid this long.
I ignored the state of the onion. Simply put, I don't like being lied to. He can campaign all he wants in other peoples living rooms.

Friday, January 20, 2012

We stood on the shoulders of Giants

And now Giants stand upon ours.
When I first entered the service, Many members of the greatest generation were still in uniform. Not only did we have veterans of Vietnam, we had a few still from WW2 and Korea. My first section Sgt was a veteran of the Pacific, one of our line platoon sergeants was a Korean war vet, and our weapons platoon sergeant was a WW2 vet as well. It seemed that over half of the senior NCOs were Vietnam vets, you could not throw a shoe with out hitting one. These were men who had seen war at its worst, and men at their finest, and lived to tell about it to those of us who would listen and learn. They were giants among men. They were our leaders.
As time wore on, these men, one by one, retired. My generation had a few skirmishes. We brought Noriega to justice, and freed Grenada. By the time we faced our first real test, Desert Storm, only a small hand full of Vietnam vets remained. We, a largely untested Army faced off against a brutal regime hardened by years of fighting. We were ready even if we had our doubts, and carried the day on the field of battle. True victory was not to be though, George H.W. Bush called off the fight only four days into the war, and though we won, the job was far from over, and we knew it.
Another generation of soldiers has taken the field. They have risen to the challenge of another attack upon our soil and have beaten the beast at every turn. Can we compare these young men to the greatest generation? We certainly can. While the war in Afghanistan has not had the great tank battles of WW2, nor the fierce fighting of Korea, it has been down and dirty combat against a determined foe. One who seeks victory as much as we do, one driven by ideology more so then the armies of Mussolini and Hitler. The muslim fanatics today will die in battle just as gladly as did the army of Tojo.
Today I had lunch with a friend, a veteran of Vietnam. Today was the 44th anniversary of his capture by the NVA. He spent a year as a POW before being freed by a Navy river patrol. We went to a hibachi grill, and is custom, we were seated with another group. That group was Army officers, and shock of shocks, they were from my old unit the 977th MP Company. We spent nearly two hours there as my friend swapped war stories with this group of young veterans. it was humbling to sit with them and listen as my friend recounted stories of Vietnam, and they told of the fighting in Afghanistan. I reflected on that a lot through the rest of the day, and tonight I write about it. Two great generations separated by a span of only a few years. Dale retired just after I joined the military, and I ended my career just as these men began theirs.
If you tune in History channel, or the Military channel, they are filled with stories from Vietnam, WW2, Iraq and Afghanistan. Little is told of the era known as the cold war, nor of those of us who served during that time. We did not fight great battles, but we were not cowards nor men of small deeds. We faced the greatest enemy America has ever faced across the Fulda gap, and we did not blink. We were to a man volunteers, none of my generation was drafted. We carried a rifle derided as the Mighty Mattel. Our chariots of battle were little more then aluminum cans on tracks, and our main battle tank was said to be only as good as a Soviet T-54/55 and inferior to the T-64, T-72 or T-80. Our over head cover was an ancient plane known as the lead sled, yet we stood in the gap ready to fight. ready to die, determined to win. We were the best trained, best equipped army the world had ever seen. We were told our enemy was better trained, and better equipped. They were not. They knew it too, that is why we won with out a fight.
The mind of our enemy today is a game changer. Whereas the generals of the USSR saw death as a losing proposition, islamists see it as victory. They wrongly believe they will get 72 virgins when they get to hell, and so they fight against our soldiers today.
In Vietnam we often lost hundreds of men in a day. In WW2 that number could be thousands,and no one clamored for us to surrender. Today, if a commander loses ten men in a battle, his career will be over. Our mindset too has changed. Yet still we are determined to win.
Today Giants stand upon our shoulders. We have built for them a firm foundation. They will win.

They tossed it

The Supreme Court has tossed election maps that were forced on the state of Texas by a three judge court in San Antonio. Liberals like Eric Holder, unindited codefendent in the murder of Border Patrol agent Brian Terry, think its their right to force states to do the feral err federal governments bidding. States have some sovereignty according to the constitution.
The SCOTUS did not go so far as to order the judges to accept the maps drawn by the Texas legislature. Only Justice Thomas would have gone that far. Minorities in Texas are demanding separate but equal with regard to how districts are determined. The Voting Rights Act some how makes them distinct. I guess they don't want to be Americans. Any bets on how the dumbass latina bitch voted?

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Tit for tat?

So after the stone age remnants known as Iran lost a nuclear scientist, the USA loses an Iranian activist. Nothing strange here, no sir. Gelareh Bagherzadeh was shot dead in her car as she returned home in Houston Texas. Her purse, cell phone, and other belongings were in the car untouched.
I have to wonder, was she targeted by Iran for her activism? Or is her murderer closer to home? Texas seems to have an over abundance of Sheet heads, many of whom are near boiling over islamists. An islamic woman who dares to speak out for women's rights would be viewed as worse then a ham sandwich by the scum of the religion of piss err peace.
Hope Texas catches the scum bag who shot her real quick. I also hope he decides to not be taken alive, and is shot several hundred times before a near lethal bullet finds a vital organ. The dirt bag will not be receiving seventy two virgins, and my bet is Gelareh will be at the gate of hell to meet him.

Monday, January 16, 2012

This is sick this is demented

This is fucking hilarious!

I'm sure some pervert will interpret this wrong and be offended. Too bad, close your eyes moron. But when it happens, bet the Virginia DMV will revoke it like they did the original

The Bain of Romney

The propaganda arm of the democrat party has been making hay about Bain Capital. I guess part of the blame should go to Gingrich as well, Now here is my take.

I see Bain as a Corporation equivalent of a used car dealership. I know, Used car dealers are second only to politicians on the honesty scale, but its not that aspect I want to talk about. Its what happens with old cars inside the dealership I want to address, or in this case, old companies. Companies fold every day. The reasons are as varied as anything you could imagine. Some don't have a workable business plan, some grow too fast and implode. Others are old, out dated, state of the ark equipment, and their products are just not in demand any more.
When a company starts a downward spiral, investors jump ship. People invest to make money. Its a rare fellow who buys stock because he want to go broke. When that happens, stock prices fall, and eventually only a shell remains. Kinda like a Ford Pinto with a million miles, not much left under the hood.
Well, some one has to pick the company apart, scrap it if you will. While many times the only things left are junk, that's not always the case. A lot of big corporations buy and sell smaller businesses that fit their business profile, then sell them later as their needs change. Some times all that's left is to yank the tires and battery, and drain the fuel tank. Some times there's a nugget, a company that can be modified for a new market.
Bain created over 100,000 jobs during Romney's tenure there. That's a good record.
Romney is a candidate I would love to hate. He strikes me as establishment, He was governor of a liberal hell hole, and foisted Romney care on the poor slobs of Massiveclueless. Still, he is a conservative, and he has proven he is in this fight to win. At this point in time, I'll say I'll hold my nose and pull the lever. That may change, I may actually start liking the guy.

Friday, January 13, 2012

Viral of the day.

Stole it from Don Surber who swiped it from some one else who snitched it from another blogger. Think about it. Life is precious. Jesus said better a millstone. Killing a child is only part of what he meant, but its a big part.

I thought it was a hoax

I can't count the number of times I have seen this pic either in an e-mail, or on some ones blog, a car being launched from an aircraft carrier.
Imagine my suprise today to find confirmation of it though. The USS Ronald Reagan with its deck over flowing with cars. Apparently, after the uproar over cash for clunkers, the ObamAA+ administration is using another method of keeping their union thug buddies working and happy.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Sasquach is mad

The first thing is upset that the press is portraying her as an angry black woman. Jodi Kantor, writes that Michelle often clashes with White House staff and other members of the administration. They are lucky she hasn't ripped them to shreds and devoured their livers. She looks like she would.
I tend to believe Kantor. The bitch got up on national television and said, after ObamAA+'s nomination, that it was the first time she had been proud of her country. She has a lot of nerve. She got a damn good education wasted on her, couldn't cut it as a liar err lawyer, but landed a cushy job after her husband was elected to the Illinois Senate. that looks a lot like an underhanded bribe to me, but I could be wrong.
To me she is nothing but ghetto trash. She needs to grow up and get a real job for once. After Jan of 2013, maybe she will have time to look while her hubby works on his golf game 24/7.

Monday, January 9, 2012

21 zip

Some one forgot to tell LSU they had a game today. As bad as they performed, it really causes one to question how good the B(C)S system is.
The way it looks right now, the Cowboys of OSU really got the shaft. They should have been playing. The question now is who?

Sunday, January 8, 2012

About sums it up

If a picture paints a thousand words, this cartoon says all you need to know to understand ObamAA+
h/t Rick R

Friday, January 6, 2012

Cowboy Honeymoon

A cowboy and his wife had just got married and found a nice hotel for their wedding night. The man approached the front desk and asked for a room.

He said, 'We're on our honeymoon and we need a nice room with a good strong bed. The clerk winked, 'You want the 'Bridal'?'

The cowboy reflected on this for a moment and then replied,

Nope, I reckon not. I'll just hold onto her ears until she gets used to it.'

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Such love

Michele Bachmann has bowed out of the presidential race. No suprise after her showing in Iowa. The American Pravda headlines are filled with it, and oh the love.
Michele Bachmann ends campaign  - Finally
Michele Bachmann and Rick Perry compete for the Tim Tebow vote
Bachmann says goodbye; Mitt Romney will miss her
The titles are intended to appeal to the lowest of the low, democrats. These writers are skunks. Bachmann gave it a good run. She had plenty of good ideas, but the press chose instead to use their typical gottcha BS in nearly every report they did about her. These communist scum intend to shape the republican campaign and net the least conservative candidate possible, then hack him to pieces before the general election.
America needs a press that is independent, not hyper politically motivated. Scum like these reporters deserve to be at the bottom of the pay scale at HuffPo.

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Its Santorum by a neck

A few folks are going "Who?" but in Iowa, the flavor of the week is Rick Santorum by fewer then fifty votes. Romney has the money. He has the organization, he has been there before. Those three things propelled him to an easy number two finish. He has not got what it takes though to win people over, at least not yet.
Ron Pauls Third place finish is some what of a surprise. In the past his supporters gamed so many on line polls that no one was taking him seriously now, at least not in the media. His message resonates though. He believes in small government, loose federal controls, and opposed much of what created our present mess.
I would hope at this point that a few of the bottom finishers rethink their strategy and bow out of the race. In doing so, they need to consider who they will throw their support behind, and right now those choices appear to be Romney, Paul and Santorum. Its lets make a deal time tonight. Tomorrow will be a new political landscape as the party heads for New Hampshire and South Carolina. I expect Romney to win in New England, and Gingrich to poll well in the south. After that, it will become a real race as voters will have a clear and settled picture of what is at stake in 2012.
Mitt is looking like Hillary in 2008. He has a base, but he does not seem to be able to win supporters away from other candidates. Whether that changes in the coming weeks remains to be seen. The candidates need to remember the Surber rule and stick to what they can do to right the mess ObamAA+, Nancy P Lousy, and Reid have created since 2006 when they got control of congress. This is a horse race, not a cage match on WWF. run like a champion, don't act like a chump. We need good leadership in 2012 to get real conservatives back into Washington. If we don't, America is finished.

Friendly fire MY ASS

I'll start here by noting that I have no respect for the ATF. They are a rogue organization set up for the purpose of doing an end run on court rulings regarding the Constitution. They are one group that should be eliminated from the federal spectrum of law enforcement, especially in light of their misconduct at Ruby Ridge and Waco. In both cases the FBI had to clean up their mess, and they were bad ones no matter how you want to look at them.
This aint about the ATF though, just one of their agents who died a hero. John Capano was at his local pharmacy at the wrong time, a robbery was in progress. He was there to get meds for his ailing father. Cops are cops 24/7, its a state of mind they need since criminals don't work set hours either. John stepped in to stop the robber and got killed for his efforts.
It would be sad if a criminal killed a good samaritan no matter if he was a cop or not. Its sadder still when that good samaritan is killed by another good samaritan, in this case a retired cop. It seems the ruckus alerted others in the area to what was going on, and they went to help. That the suspect was killed as well is no comfort to any one.
John was an explosives expert, one of the duties the ATF performs that I respect and believe is needed. It should be a function of the FBI or Marshall's is my opinion, but until that happens, we need them for times when crazies like Ted Kazinski get a hankering to be destructive. Or my favorite group to bash, the religion of I'll blow you to pieces. They have a love for explosives, and New York is too often a target for them.
Part of the problem is New York's restrictive gun laws. Cops see a gun and no badge, and they assume it must be a bad guy. john is the third off duty cop killed there this year. if more people were armed, the cops would be less swift to shoot some one displaying a gun. Likewise, criminals would be hesitant to strike becasue they might be taking on an armed and angry granny. As for that retired cop, he has a lot to live with now. It won't be easy for him.  My sympathy to him and the family of John Capano.

Iowa votes today.

With all the stuff floating around regarding the various candidates, especially Ron Paul, today is the day we find out if his support is real, or a straw man like it was in 2008.
I grew up in Minnesota, and was always told IOWA was an acronym for Idiots Out Wandering Around. For years I though it was just an interstate joke until I was driving through Iowa one day and saw a state truck parked along side the highway. Dang if it didn't have idiot written on the side. Of course, they misspelled it, they had IDOT. Figures.
So it will be interesting. I expect the top three will be Romney, Perry, Santorum, Paul may very well put on a good showing. I'm not a strong Paul fan. he has some good ideas, and I believe he would make a great head of either Treasury, or the Fed. If he gets the nomination, I would pull the lever for him. My hope though is that either Santorum or Perry take the lead.
Romney is the most electable, not because he has good ideas, but because he has a strong machine to run the election. he is still a RINO, and to the left of McInsane. he can work with democrats, the question is can he work with republicans? McInsane can't.

Monday, January 2, 2012

snow expected

Snow in the forecast? The TV weather gal said she was expecting 8 inches tonight, I thought to myself "fat chance with a face like that!"

Sunday, January 1, 2012

People would rather die then get groped by TSA

That's not what American Pravda put in their headline, but its the bottom line. monetary problems continue for the airlines. Few people are flying, yet air travel is cheaper, faster, and safer then driving. Those are cold hard facts. Today though, many people choose to drive rather then tolerate the thugs at the air ports.
We, the greatest nation on earth are in rapid decline. People are trading an appearance of safety and security for freedom. The TSA needs to be scrapped. We still need airport security, but lets be smart about it.
1.Profile! Most people bu their ticket weeks or months in advance. Thats ample time to do a screening so the security people know who to watch and who is not likely to be a risk.
2. Carry on planes. People with CCWpermits have undergone thorough screening by their state law enforcement. Let them carry on planes. They should declare to the airline in advance that they are a CCW holder, and the air line, not any government body should decide whether or not to approve them.
3. Police on planes. Lots of cops fly every day. They should be able to carry no matter what. Right now, the only ones allowed to carry on planes are Air Marshall's and Government couriers. Most of them stick out like a sore thumb, or worse. Its kinda hard to get an Air Marshall on board with out everyone knowing exactly who they are. They are required to dress well, and they have to get their weapon through security, so everyone knows who they are if they are paying attention.
4. Arm the pilots. Create a back stop behind the cockpit so passengers will be at minimal risk if the pilot needs to open fire.
5. Let the air lines manage their own security assessment. Its their plane, they are the ones who will lose a fine aircraft if it is blown out of the sky.
Yes, air travel is safe, if you don't mind having some one maul your privates. Lets make it really safe and stop the gropers.