Tuesday, August 31, 2010

My Guess

The recent fire at a mosque site in Tennessee has a few on the left talking. It seems that a large piece of construction equipment at the proposed site was doused in fuel and set on fire. Some like the washed out jizz player are claiming that this is a right wing terror attack.
My guess on the matter is it is bull shit. I strongly believe one of the players involved in building the mosque did this to silence opposition. It is how the left works. In the past, most acts of violence like this, especially ones directed at political types have been inside jobs.
Terror tactics are the tool of the left. Conservatives are generally folks who obey the rule of law even when it is a law they strongly oppose.
When this is over, I believe they will find the perp was a promosquer, or they will botch the investigation and never find the culprit.

Monday, August 30, 2010

Prove Obie is a Christian.

Come on, you have the audacity to say flat out he is, now prove it. he may have sat in a church pew for a dozen years, that does not make him anything but a pew sitter. Considering that reverend Wrights church spews hate and garbage, calling any one who attends there christian is a stretch. Some one needs to ask him a few tough questions, things from the Bible. Start with a life verse, then ask him about jesus teachings about various aspects of life.
Give him 100 questions, nothing obscure, and I bet he gets less then 10% right. Do the same with Michelle. I bet she scores higher then him.
Here are a few suggestions.
1. What is the oldest book in the Bible? (Job)
2. What is the oldest common ancestor? (Noah)
3. Oldest recorded man?
4. Two men who did not die?
5. Author of Hebrews?
6. First fortelling of Jesus birth?
7. Means of salvation?
8. Ten commandments?
9. Greatest commandment?
10. Number of books in the Bible?

More teens becoming fake Christians.

A lot of kids are claiming to be Christian but are not in all actuality. News flash for the Communist News Nutworks, its nothing new. When Worthless Willie embraced the homosexuals, it was no suprise to me. Sure 10% was the number they threw out, and 80% of Americans claim to be Christian, but in truth only 10% of those who claim to be actually practice their faith. Many do not know the story of Jesus, who his disciples were, the ten commandments, the great commandment, or about the History contained in the Bible. the vast majority of people claiming to be Christian have never read the Bible.
Sad, but true. We as a nation have turned away from GOD. How long until Zimbabwee sends missionaries to America?

Yup, we wasted Billions

Thats the line anyway from American Pravda. An incomplete jail that sits empty, schools and clinics incomplete. It paints a dastardly picture of money lost down the hole, or rather the shit hole.
We have tried to give them freedom, now it is up to them to decide whether to become civilized, or revert to fourth century behavior. They have a long way to go toward civilization, but only a short step back to being muslim cretins.
I guess we could have saved a ton of money and American lives by nuking Iraq to glass then spraying it down with windex, but that is not hte American way. We give even the worst cretins a chance to show they are more then a waste of sperm. This is Iraqs second chance, or maybe their upteenth, but anyway, we tried. If we failed, Barry the Bungler can take the credit.

Fucking opportunists.

Sea World lost a trainer in a February incident involving a killer whale. Now Suzanne and Todd Connell, witnesses to the tradgedy have filed a lawsuit for emotional distress their son suffered when he witnessed the incident.
Put me on the jury! Not only will they lose, they will pay Sea world damages.
Dawn Brancheau was a trainer who loved her work and loved the Orcas. She made a stupid mistake. She violated protocal and got into the tank with Tilikum who had killed on two previous occasions.When she got out of the tank, Tilikium wasn't done playing. he subsequently dragged her back into the tank where she drowned. Tradgic, unnecessary, a waste of life. She did what she did because she loved the animals. It cost her her life.
Suehappy and Todd are scum. They have no right to profit from the death of another. If they were driving down hte road and came upon a fatal car crash, that also would cause nightmares fo a child. Tha does not give them the right to make money off it.

Sunday, August 29, 2010



The real Miss America .

This 19 year old ex-cheerleader now an Air Force Security Forces Sniper, was watching a road that led to a NATO military base when she observed a man digging by the road. She engaged the target (she shot him). It turned out he was a bomb maker for the Taliban, and he was burying an IED that was to be detonated when a US patrol walked by 30 minutes later. It would have certainly killed and wounded several soldiers.

The interesting fact of this story is the shot was measured at 725 yards. She shot him as he was
bent over burying the bomb. The shot went through his butt and into the bomb which detonated; he was blown to pieces. The Air Force made a motivational poster of her.

(Folks, that's a shot 25 yards longer than seven football fields).

If You Can Not Stand Behind Our Troops , please Feel Free To Stand In Front Of Them!!!!!

A card of thanks to Preident Obama

Mr Jacobi is right, for once Obungler has done something right. Join with us in saying thanks.

Rob WHO?

I don't believe this shit. If Democrats had doubts about the voter unrest that threatens to rob them of their majority in Congress, they needed only look from the Capitol this weekend to the opposite end of the National Mall.
You mean like you stole the senate election in Minnesota?
Or like you stole the election for governor in Washington?
Or like you tried to steal the presidential election in Florida?
The voters are not stealing anything. WE are demanding OUR country back.
Anti government? Again how wrong you are. Voters do not oppose government, we oppose too much government, and we oppose the wrong types of government. So, when we are upset, its probably that we have the wrong type of government, too much government, or in this case, too fucking much of the wrong type of government. Communism has failed every where it has been tried. WE DO NOT WANT TO TRY IT HERE!

Thursday, August 26, 2010

What did you do?

This is as to the point today as it was in 1943. Our sons and daughters are puttingtheir lives in harms way to keep Sharia law off our land. It is a bigger threat then communism, more dangerous then any threat we have faced as a nation. One we have faced before, and one we need to take care of for good.

business with Mexico.

Seems the Juarez cartel has ordered 6000 septic tanks from US manufacturers.
Once they get members trained to operate them, they are gonna invade Texas.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Can some one please tell me

When the last time was that porn stars or prostitutes tried to blow up Manhattan? I'm a little foggy on this. Sure, a sex worker destroyed the carreer of Elliot Spitzer, but that was his own suicide, she was just a front row spectator. That has nothing to do with this.
I fail to understand why Nikki Louse Mills wants to compare sexclubs and mosques. I do not oppose the Victory Mosque because I oppose muslims, I oppose what it stands for and what islam stands for. Cordoba? That was a site in Spain where islamic terrorists erected a victory temple to commemorate their win over the Spaniards. We do not need a commemoration to terrorism in New York or any other city. First they wanted to make the flight 57 memorial in hte shape of a crescent facing Macaca. We opposed that. They continue to shove stuff like this down our throats.
As a Christian I consider Islam a pagan religion. According to my beliefs, they are going to hell. That is not what has me up in arms. What Islam teaches has me irate! According to the tenants of islam as told by Mohammed the pedophile, its OK to lie to us. Whether we are Christian Jewish, Antitheists, or any other religion, we do not need to be told the truth. its called "al-Taqiyya" and it means to hide ones faith. Simply put, if an islamist told the truth about what they have in store for western culture, folks like Nikky Louse would shun them. hell, he would probably get a gun and shoot the bastards himself.
Islam is barbaric as well. They treat women worse then cattle, children like dogs, nonmuslim workers in their lands worse still.
Islam says its OK to kill Christians jews, and all none believers. That is my biggest problem with them. your freedom of religion ends at my nose. Actually, I don't want you even that close. If some ninny from nambla tried to end run child sex laws, we would jail him. Hell, we jail the mormon fundamentalists who marry their daughters young and practice poligamy. Islam is no diffrent. If a religion was formed that called for human sacrifice, it would be outlawed here. Since Islam calls for the slaughter of Christians and Jews, or their enslavement, it too should be outlawed.
Now, to give them fair treatment, there are some things about it I agree with. the Burka, Good idea. Women like Hillary Clinton, Janut Reno, and Hell'n Thomas should all wear one. I am glad they keep their ugly women under a tent. Keep America beautiful I say, make Nancy P Lousy wear one as well.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Obama a muslim?

He has claimd to be a Christian, attended a somewhat Christian church in Chicago, but does that make him not-a-muslim?
He attended a muslim school in Indonesia, has stated that he will stand with the muslims. Both his father and step father were muslim, his mom an antitheist.
Now we have this. Maybe this explains the bow to the Saudi King.

Sunday, August 22, 2010


Terror thugocracy of the modern age, don't remind me that they are stuck in the fourth century, Iran has begun fueling their nuclear reactor. They have also unveiled an unmanned bomber drone. Neither of these things should be taken lightly by civilized humanity.
On the plus side for them, they know how to deal with perverts. On the down side, rape victims are stoned while the rapists are let off scot free.
Another plus, their bomber does not have the range to reach Israel. Another plus, Israels Air Force has the range to reach Amalamadingdongs bombers as well as his reactors.
Iran consideres Israel an arch enemy. as such, that would make them an enemy of GOD. I guess we know what sort of god allah is. Israel needs to forget about US cooperation and just destroy the dang thing. They most likely won't. I say this because Iran having a nuke is an assurance that Armageddon is not far off.
Barry the bungler will not act. he is gonna stand with the muslims, remember? doesn't matter to him that Iran considers him a muslim apostate. he is just dumb enough to think that they will be awed by his ass kissing.
Hold yer nose Barry, I think Amalamadingdong is gonna fart.

Crackdown on crime in four three two...

Criminal elitists, even criminal elitist wannabes do not take kindly to being harrassed by amatures.
Next up, why evil republicans are to blame for this.

Saturday, August 21, 2010

KidsCops say the darnest things

These are actual comments made by 16 Police Officers. The comments were taken off actual police car videos around the country:

1. "You know, stop lights don't come any redder than the one you just went through."

2. "Relax, the handcuffs are tight because they're new. They'll stretch after you wear them a while."

3. "If you take your hands off the car, I'll make your birth certificate a worthless document."

4. "If you run, you'll only go to jail tired."

5. "Can you run faster than 1200 feet per second? Because that's the speed of the bullet that'll be chasing you."

6. "You don't know how fast you were going? I guess that means I can write anything I want to on the ticket, huh?"

7. "Yes, sir, you can talk to the shift supervisor, but I don't think it will help. Oh, did I mention that I'm the shift supervisor?"

8. "Warning! You want a warning? O.K, I'm warning you not to do that again or I'll give you another ticket."

9. "The answer to this last question will determine whether you are drunk or not. Was Mickey Mouse a cat or a dog?"

10. "Fair? You want me to be fair? Listen, fair is a place where you go to ride on rides, eat cotton candy and corn dogs and step in monkey poop."

11. "Yeah, we have a quota. Two more tickets and my wife gets a toaster oven."

12. "In God we trust; all others we run through NCIC."

13. "Just how big were those 'two beers' you say you had?"

14. "No sir, we don't have quotas anymore. We used to, but now we're allowed to write as many tickets as we can."

15. "I'm glad to hear that the Chief (of Police) is a personal friend of yours. So you know someone who can post your bail."


16. "You didn't think we give pretty women tickets? You're right, we don't.. Sign here.

H/T John

Thursday, August 19, 2010


I guess we can't call em wetbacks, because they are just walking accross unguarded bridges. So these have been there since the 1930? What diffrence does that make? They are being used for illegal entry into the United States, so something needs to be done. If there is a legitimate reason to leave them, fine, just make damn sure they are secure. Otherwise, blow them up. Better yet, install trip wire devices with fleshettes to discourage use. The drug traffic needs to stop, and stop NOW. That is the best thing we can do for Mexico. The drug violence has escalated in the border regions, closing the border, really closing it will stop a large portion of that.
Or we could just invade Mexico. If Barry acts now, he can have the whole damn country stable, registered and voting by November 2nd, enough I'm sure to preserve his majoriy in congress.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

From e-mail

A short lesson on tollerating islam, or should I say tollerating the intollerable?

She gave this speech at Duke University also.
Editor's Note: Below are selected excerpts from Brigitte Gabriel's speech delivered at the Intelligence Summit in Washington DC

We gather here today to share information and knowledge. Intelligence is not merely cold hard data about numerical strength or armament or disposition of military forces. The most important element of intelligence has to be understanding the mindset and intention of the enemy. The West has been wallowing in a state of ignorance and denial for thirty years as Muslim extremist perpetrated evil against innocent victims in the name of Allah.

I was ten years old when my home exploded around me, burying me under the rubble and leaving me to drink my blood to survive, as the perpetrators shouted, 'Allah Akbar!' My only crime was that I was a Christian living in a Christian town. At 10 years old, I learned the meaning of the word 'infidel.'

I had a crash course in survival. Not in the Girl Scouts, but in a bomb shelter where I lived for seven years in pitch darkness, freezing cold, drinking stale water and eating grass to live. At the age of 13, I dressed in my burial clothes going to bed at night, waiting to be slaughtered. By the age of 20, I had buried most of my friends -- killed by Muslims. We were not Americans living in New York , or Britons in London . We were Arab Christians living in Lebanon .

As a victim of Islamic terror, I was amazed when I saw Americans waking up on September 12, 2001, and asking themselves 'Why do they hate us?' The psychoanalyst experts were coming up with all sort of excuses as to what did we do to offend the Muslim World. But if America and the West were paying attention to the Middle East they would not have had to ask the question. Simply put, they hate us because we are defined in their eyes by one simple word: 'infidels.'

Under the banner of Islam 'la, ilaha illa Allah, muhammad rasoulu Allah,' (None is god except Allah; Muhammad is the Messenger of Allah) they murdered Jewish children in Israel, massacred Christians in Lebanon, killed Copts in Egypt, Assyrians in Syria, Hindus in India, and expelled almost 900,000 Jews from Muslim lands. We Middle Eastern infidels paid the price then. Now infidels worldwide are paying the price for indifference and shortsightedness.

Tolerating evil is a crime. Appeasing murderers doesn't buy protection. It earns one disrespect and loathing in the enemy's eyes. Yet apathy is the weapon by which the West is committing suicide. Political correctness forms the shackles around our ankles, by which Islamist's are leading us to our demise.

America and the West are doomed to failure in this war unless they stand up and identify the real enemy: Islam. You hear about Cahaba and Salafi Islam as the only extreme form of Islam. All the other Muslims, supposedly, are wonderful moderates. Closer to the truth are the pictures of the irrational eruption of violence in reaction to the cartoons of Mohammed printed by a Danish newspaper. From burning embassies, to calls to butcher those who mock Islam, to warnings that the West be prepared for another holocaust, those pictures have given us a glimpse into the real face of the enemy. News pictures and video of these events represent a canvas of hate decorated by different nationalities who share one common ideology of hate, bigotry and intolerance derived from one source: authentic Islam. An Islam that is awakening from centuries of slumber to re-ignite its wrath against the infidel and dominate the world. An Islam which has declared 'Intifada' on the West.
America and the West can no longer afford to lay in their lazy state of overweight ignorance. The consequences of this mental disease are starting to attack the body, and if they don't take the necessary steps now to control it, death will be knocking soon. If you want to understand the nature of the enemy we face, visualize a tapestry of snakes. They slither and they hiss, and they would eat each other alive, but they will unite in a hideous mass to achieve their common goal of imposing Islam on the world.

This is the ugly face of the enemy we are fighting. We are fighting a powerful ideology that is capable of altering basic human instincts. An ideology that can turn a mother into a launching pad of death. A perfect example is a recently elected Hamas official in the Palestinian Territories who raves in heavenly joy about sending her three sons to death and offering the ones who are still alive for the cause. It is an ideology that is capable of offering highly educated individuals such as doctors and lawyers far more joy in attaining death than any respect and stature life in society is ever capable of giving them.

The United States has been a prime target for radical Islamic hatred and terror. Every Friday, mosques in the Middle East ring with shrill prayers and monotonous chants calling death, destruction and damnation down on America and its people. The radical Islamist deeds have been as vile as their words. Since the Iran hostage crisis, more than three thousand Americans have died in a terror campaign almost unprecedented in its calculated cruelty along with thousands of other citizens worldwide. Even the Nazis did not turn their own children into human bombs, and then rejoice at their deaths as well the deaths of their victims. This intentional, indiscriminate and wholesale murder of innocent American citizens is justified and glorified in the name of Islam.
America cannot effectively defend itself in this war unless and until the American people understand the nature of the enemy that we face. Even after 9/11 there are those who say that we must engage our terrorist enemies, that we must address their grievances. Their grievance is our freedom of religion. Their grievance is our freedom of speech. Their grievance is our democratic process where the rule of law comes from the voices of many not that of just one prophet. It is the respect we instill in our children towards all religions. It is the equality we grant each other as human beings sharing a planet and striving to make the world a better place for all humanity. Their grievance is the kindness and respect a man shows a woman, the justice we practice as equals under the law, and the mercy we grant our enemy. Their grievance cannot be answered by an apology for who or what we are.

Our mediocre attitude of not confronting Islamic forces of bigotry and hatred wherever they raised their ugly head in the last 30 years, has empowered and strengthened our enemy to launch a full scale attack on the very freedoms we cherish in their effort to impose their values and way of life on our civilization.

If we don't wake up and challenge our Muslim community to take action against the terrorists within it, if we don't believe in ourselves as Americans and in the standards we should hold every patriotic American to, we are going to pay a price for our delusion. For the sake of our children and our country, we must wake up and take action. In the face of a torrent of hateful invective and terrorist murder, America 's learning curve since the Iran hostage crisis is so shallow that it is almost flat. The longer we lay supine, the more difficult it will be to stand erect.

Brigitte Gabriel is an expert on the Middle East conflict and lectures nationally and internationally on the subject. She's the former news anchor of World News for Middle East television and the founder of AmericanCongressforTruth.com

Monday, August 16, 2010

We need a B2 to target wikileaks.

And it needs to happen before the release of the documents. Julian Assange needs to be shot dead, assasinated. he is aiding the enemy, our enemy. Sweden has a choice, join the war on the side of the Taliban by default, or hand him over ala rendition. The CIA can take him to some place in Thailand, and interogate him there. He is in possessionn of clasified information of American origion, and is in the act of transfering it to our enemies. not a tough choice, unless you are a community organizer with no leadership skills knowledge or experience.
Outrage here.

Trend continues

Yes, it certainly does. Apparently Randolph Schmid, junk science fiction writer for American Pravda thinks we will swallow more BS. Hey Adolph err Randolph, we aint buyin no more of this BS. bullshit by Gore is no longer in style. If you want to be a propagandist ala baghdad Bob, move some where that they believe this garbage. you and your ilk have been exposed. Communism will not win, we will not allow our nation to be sold out for a pack of garbage.
2nd hottest July on record? BS! kansas has had a hot summer, and it is showing in our crops. gosh dang it, a record corn crop from all this heat? and the wheat is only off 2% from last year! oh, did I forget to mention, we hav nearly 11% less land in wheat this year vs last.
Stick it Randy, go pedal you poop in Russia.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Just for Denny

Always love the puns. The Saturday blonde jokes are pretty good as well, so this ole buddy is for you.

A bad day on google.

Just what people need to see if they want the google maps street view. 8018 King street Westminster Colorado is either the safest neighborhood in Denver, or the worst.

Friday, August 13, 2010

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Some one in the press gets it. color ne shocked!

Does the 14th Ammendment cover the children of illegals? I have maintained for years that children born to parents both of whom are illegals are therefore illegal. If one is a legal resident, then the child has residency of the same sort as THAT parent, so if the parent is a guest on a student visa, so is the kid, and when mom or dad leaves, the kid goes too.
As for the ones born whose mom is illegal, and dad is legal, if the kid stays with dad, fine, or it can be deported with mommy.
Peter Grier has a well written balanced article. he even touches on children of diplomats, who have a bonefide reason for being here, but their kids are NOT prooffered citizenship.
Now to get rid of the bozo in the oval office. Anyone notice how he aint going to Arizona?

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

10 worst places to live?

Aaron Crowe has his picks, I have mine. It irks me that he could not pass up a shot at Arizona, the express highway from hell to middle America, but that was not his reason.
1. Palm Beach Floriduh. Seriously, these people are the ultimate in stupid, they cannot figure out how to vote, and since they are too retarded to undestand that some folks oppose communism, they assume that the republican votes were all mistakes, since they couldn't figure out how to vote either.
2. San Franfreakshow. Drop your car keys there, and its a tough choice, lose the Lamborghini, or your virginity. The land of fruits and nuts, and what fruit isn't soiled spoiled and rotten is nuts. If you are a perv, it might be an ok place, but for rational family oriented folks, this hell hole is best let to drop into the Pacific.
3. Los Angeles. Smog, crime, illegals galore, gangs galore, If your goal in life is to die of an OD, or from being mugged, go for it. The tax rate is from hell, unemployment is a whopper, even if you don't count the illegals.
4. New York. Just drop your shorts and get set for sharia lawlessness. Mayor bloominidiot is surrendering as I write this.
5. Detroit? dang straight. Unemployment is high, crime is higher, and that is only if you count elected officials.
6. Chicago. Detroit by another name. only bigger.
7. Seattle Tacoma. Liberal loony hell hole. Nuff said.
8.Las Vegas. high unemployment, mecca for gambling addicts, and Harry Reid. What else is there?
9. St Louis. couple it with ESL, and you have another urban shit hole. high crime high unemployment, and a natural dam for the Mississippi rive, so floods.
10. This one was tough. not that I'v run out of choices, there are plenty left, Boston? Newark? a whole list is still there, but my choice for #10 is Washington. Its bad enough its the murder capital of the nation. Its bad enough they have foolish laws and idiots for leaders, but to make it all the worse, every states rejects congregate there in hopes of bribing a vote or three in congress. It is one place that could use a huricane or tornado for urban renewal. Throw a fence arround it and guard towers every hundred yards, and keep America safe.


Iran does not see this as a threat, it would be a cultural advance for them.
IN reality, both these defenders of freedom are old. Development on the BUFF began as the Fortress was being phased out of service. the stratofortress is just another step in the progression of tough Boeing bombers. That the B-52 continues in front line service more then fifty years after it introduction is a mark of its great design, durability, adaptability and American enginuity. A long list of planes have been developed since, from the Valkerie to the Hustler, none have achieved the fame of the venerable BUFF. Even the current bombers, the Spirit and Lancer will most likely be retired before the BUFF. IN fact, 1/3 of the Lancer fleet was mothballed.

grumble grumble.

Too many things to comment on regarding this article. First, the timing. Michelle and the wookiette were on the beaches last week. Might it be that the simple jellyfish are scared of wookies? Second, why is it that some reporters have not gotten the memo about glowbull whoring being debunked? Sane folks know its junk science, but media hacks still trot it out. I guess they are not happy that the Wookies almost-a-man has failed in his agenda to destroy America.
Last, they trot it out like its a disaster, and then end by noting its not a recod year, or even near it.
"Spanish marine biologists say, in general, they are seeing fewer jellyfish this summer than in other years. In the Catalonia region and the Balearic islands — both hugely popular with British and German tourists — officials said this summer has been relatively quiet on the jellyfish front."
Go figger.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Paterson is nuts

New Yorks governor must have some serious brain damage. regarding hte uproar about the muslim victory center at ground zero, he noted that muslims died on 09-11-01 as well. Good golly miss molly, they were suicide bombers, or course they are dead. New Yorkers need to take this guy out and dump him in the Hudson River. can't be any worse polution then it has now.
I favor building the mosquw a little further away from ground zero. within a mile is OK, of Mecca that is.

So quick to judge.

Former Alaska Senator Ted Stevens is dead, killed in a plane crash in his beloved state. Stevens was narrowly defeated after a trial on corruption charges that was thrown out, and not retried only weeks after the election. At first I took that as possible proof of inocence, but in light of Holders various refusals to prosecute, as in the Black panther mob, confessed terrorists at GITMO and others, I some times wondered.
Stevens was a heck of a statesman, the longest serving Republican senator, and an advocate for Alaska. He will be missed. My heart goes out to his family, who I hope take comfort in knowing that he was on his way to do something he loved, fish.
We conservatives were quick to distance ourselves from him when it appeared he was guilty, no circling the wagons, Conservatives don't do that, you take your licks like a man. Senator Stevens did.
Goodbye Senator, may the one who created you now say "well done my good and faithful servant."

Monday, August 9, 2010

Redneck pools the rage in NYC

Some body in New Yawk thinks they are cute, and soon will be the rage arround the world. Serious! red necks have been doing stuff like this for years. Whether its an old cattle tank, an abandoned pick up bed, or a 40ft roll off, red necks have converted em into pools. We get laughed at, But in lolala land they are now the new rage. When you cannot swim in the rivers or streams though, where are you gonna go? A person would need hours of decontamination if they went into the rivers or the beaches arround New York City. Gotta love liberals, they dump their trash in the ocean and swim in the garbage container. Gives dumpster diving a whole new meaning. Dumb dumb dumb dumb DUMB!

Saturday, August 7, 2010

The phoney king from Kenya

Oh the world will sing of our Kenyan King
A thousand years from now
And not because he passed some laws
Or had that lofty brow
While bonny good President Bush start ed
The great crusade in Iraq
We'll all now have to slave away
For that good-for-nothin' Barack
Incredible as he is inept
Whenever the history books are kept
They'll call him the phony king from Kenya
A pox on the phony king from Kenya!
He sits, that louse in our great White House
Pretendin' he's the king
A worthless tyke who's rather like
A puppet on Soros' string
And he throws an angry tantrum
'Cause he cannot have cap & trade
And then he calls republicans names and them he blames
You see, he doesn't know how to lead
Too late to be known as Barrack the First
He's sure to be known as Barrack worst
A pox on that phony king from Kenya!
While he taxes us to pieces
And he robs us of our bread
The media clowns keep slippin' down
Around his pecker head
Ah! But while there is a merry lass
Sarah Palin is her name
We'll find a way to make him pay
For democrats are to blame
The press will tell us all is well
while our nation is surely goin' to hell
Led by the foolish king from Kenya
The golfin' vacationin''
Most unethical
Chicago crooked
never governed
Or ran a business
Community disorganizin'
Barrack, that phony king from Kenya

Going to extremes

From the story, quick before theychange it: In a separate incident, police arrested a man at a New Haven management company after he mentioned the shooting spree and said he understood the killer's mindset.

Francis Laskowski, 58, of Derby, was charged with breach of peace Wednesday after making the comments while working at Fusco Management Co.

Laskowski told The Associated Press on Friday that his comments were blown out of proportion. He called his arrest "ridiculous" and said didn't make any threats.

Laskowski posted bail. He is due in court on Tuesday.

Bottom of the article, here.
OK, I understand his mindset as well. The SOB was a loser. Every problem in his life was some one elses fault, and they were all racist. Instead of proving that he was capable of work worthy of their respect, he blamed it all on racism. He was one of those guys who wanted to be white, dated white women etc.
I am not of hte opinion that racism is right, we should all judge and be judged on merit, what we know, what we do, how we do it. There will always be tension in our society as we interact. not every one likes country, and a lot of them who don't see country boys as inbred hill billies. Likewise, a punk rock loving person with piercings and tats MUST be a druggie. Right? Wrong!
I find more racists among blacks then any other group, even the ones who cross date. Make that especially among the ones who cross date. They have a self perception that whites hate them because they are stealin white chicks.
Blacks had a lot ot be angry about. Had is the important word here. We have had a butt load of afirmative action. Now its time for blacks to step up and earn our respect on merit. I for one am willing to give it, but you gotta earn it just like every one else. Cop an attitude, and its gonna show.
Omar was a scumbag. he stole from his employers, and when he got caught blamed racism. It makes me question if he was pulling his share of the load, most crooks don't. They are too busy trying to get over.

Friday, August 6, 2010

Segregation is back!

At least in Spain where the worst lady, Michelle the Wookie had a day at the beach. So nice of them to take the vacations we the working stiffs cannot afford.
Denny awarded her the Asshole of the Week. She deserves it and more. Spain may have been wise to impose segregation, don't know what the temprament of an animal like that might be, expecially if it gets sunburn.
Here's hoping she tangles with a portugese manofwar, although I would feel sorry for the fish.
Give your husband a present his muslim ass would be sure to apreciate, go enjoy a beach in Duabai, or Iran.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Happy Birthday you worthless COMMIE

Please join me in sending well wishes to our Kenyan imposter. Gov Brewer has kindly provided a site to do just that. I only wish we could compose our own message to the worthless dildo (too phoney to be a prick).

I take that back, you are not entirely worthless, you are a great example of everything an American President should never be. Hint, it has everything to do with the colour of your heart and absolutely nothing to do with the color of your skin.

Another loser plays the race card

Enough is enough. A guy gets caught stealing, they have video tape of him doing it. He is called into a meeting with management and the union rep. Rather then be fired, he resigns, smart move. As he is being excorted from the building though this dumb ass does some very bad moves. First he shoots and kills several of the guys who were escorting him out, then he goes on a rampage killing eight people. Then he calls mommy and kills himself.

His family is playing the race card. I call bullshit.

The guy had a cell phone on him. Nearly every one does, and nearly every cell these days has a built in camera. If he had seen a noose and racist screed as his family claims, why didn't he snap a pic? I'll tell you why, because he is a loser, and its genetic. Just like the incident at the capitol where claims abbound that tea partiers used racial slurs, its BS.

This guy is a loser. He got caught stealing. Chances are he knew he had been caught. That is why he went to hte meeting armed. If racial slurs had been thrown at him, racial bias of any kind, the means to record it exist at nominal cost, and are available to all. he blew it, he knew it, Rot in Hell Omar Thornton.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

First Blow Job

A union lacky rushes into a redneck bar, says to the barkeep, "gimme a double bourbon and water, skip the ice".
After the bartender hands it to him, he gulps it down, and says, "Quick, make me another."
When that one is gone, as well as a third, the curious bartender asks "Buddy, what ya celebrating?"
"My first blow job" says the union lacky.
"Congratulations", says the barman, "have one on the house".
"No thanks," says the lacky, "If three double bourbons won't get the taste of dick outa my mouth, four is just a waste of alcohol."

Monday, August 2, 2010

Two more for the Books

The race card is played out. So is the islamophobia one. Defreitas and Kadir got caught fair and square. Seriously, if they were "caught up" by the informant, why didn't THEY turn him in?
Some folks claim there are moderate muslims. I have yet to see it. There might be prayer rug atheists, just as there are C&E Christians, guys going through the motions with no attachment to the faith, but no moderates. Islam calls for the destruction of infidels, you and me, it says its ok to lie to us, steal from us, cheat us any way they can. We are fair game. When a muslim lies to an infidel, it is part of his personal Jihad, his striking out against Christianity, Judeaism, or what ever religion you profess to be, yes even the antitheists are fair game.
Their goal is global conquest, the goal of Christians is to spread the good news. Any one with any doubts needs only look as far as Iran, Egypt, or Saudi Arabia to see what islam is all about. They kill any one who does not believe just like they do. that is why palistidiot on Palistidiot mayhem is far greater then that caused by the IDF, and the IDF is their sworn enemy.
Over at Don Surber today, Geoff made refrence to muslims doing this because they lack for education. One of these asshats was a former diplomat! Frankly, being a baggage handler is no picnic, but its a darn good job.
Our last terror attack was not a poor destitute beggar, he was afluent. There is something wrong wiht Islam. Or is there? Many devout Christians give up promising careers to become missionaries to the worst parts of the world. None of them go there to blow things up, wreak havoc, and cause mass destruction. Religious belief, Christians are willing to die for theirs, muslims are willing to kill for it.
before this is over, we will be forced to decide, tollerate the intollerable, or remove it? TOugh call, but what choice do we have? They say they will die for their cause, lets help em. Too bad the court can't sentence these two to be devoured by an angry sow.

This is about a river?

I thought they were talking about three gorgous dames, and misspelt it.
With all the bruhaugh about shipping American jobs to China, I am shocked that Pravda is reporting this. China has mega problems. they do not take care of them either. The debis in hte rivers is nothing compared to the chemicla polution that is destroying their nation.
Lets help China with their polution problems, BUY ONLY AMERICAN made when ever possible.


Rabies is one scary disease. I remember as a child an encounter with rabid animals. I was only two, but it is as strong today as it was firty years ago. I was not harmed, only frightened. I was playing in a sand box with another kid when my sister came running up, scooped us both up under her arms and began running. I had a grand view of our family mutt running backwards snarling at a racoon that was covered in froth. How our dog survived I do not know. I don't think the folks got rabies shots for hte farm animals, I could be wrong.
Indonesia has an outbreak of rabies. 78 deaths on Bali in the last two years that were reported, unknown how many more did not get reported, and as many as 55,000 people die every year world wide from this epidemic.
It is a striking contrast, Here in hte USA rabies deaths are all but unheard of. Our medical establishment has created state of hte art vacines for post exposure care, and we are working on better still.
Treatment is expensive, that is the problem in Bali. The average family cannot afford treatment when a child is exposed. Are we heading that direction? Will Obamacare put our children at high risk? I think the answer is yes. Parents who take kids in will be told, oh, there is no rabies in this area, only to learn after symptoms appear that they were lied to.
Watch out! Third world medicine coming soon to a hospital near you!

Sunday, August 1, 2010

What Obama deserves

He thinks he should get an incomplete. Then what? More time to try again?If his goal is destroying the American economy, the greatest on earth, he is doing a bang up job, but is no where near dead yet.

What obama deserves is to be kicked out. When a student is disruptive, disorganized, and clearly not wanting to do what is required, golf is not a presidential duty, they get the boot. Maybe he could get suspended, but that would be after his trial for treason and impersonating a citizen. and then only if the bleeding heart judge agrees that hanging is a fitting punishment for his incompetence and blundering mayhem.