Monday, January 30, 2017

Another cowardly attack by muslims

When I woke up this morning, the radio commie-traitor was reporting on an attack at a mosque in Canada. My first thought was, bet it was a muslim doing the attack.
As soon as I finished my morning routine, I checked, and sure enough, the shooters were muslims.
This clearly shows the importance of Trumps ban. The problem with his ban is that it is temporary, and as this attack shows, muslims from any background, whether raised in a hell hole like Iran or a local convert can turn murderous as the lies of the pedophile corrupt the brains. Any and all followers of the satanic verses are potential jihadists, the notion of 72 virgins, no matter how wrong will eventually prove too strong a temptation for the weak minded who believe it, and by the time you find out a typical muslim has gone off the deep end, the bullet is en-route, or already in your chest.
One of the subjects was a Canadian born. the other is reported to be an arab. Go figger.

Friday, January 27, 2017

Recycling History

History has a very bad way of repeating itself. With the election of Donald Trump, and his inauguration, we have seen a rising cycle of violence. The press has dubbed Trump Hitler, and his supporters as Nazis. Journey back if you will to the Wiemar Republic in Germany. When Hitler was handed his ass in several elections, who was in the street rioting? The German socialist party. Who is rioting now? America's socialists.
I am a student of history, and while I was not alive in 1923 When Hitler failed in his coup, but from that date on, his march to power was relentless. The elections of 1932-33 were marked by chaos that would closely match what has transpired here. From 2012 to 2016 we have had massive riots in several locations that were purely rebellion against establishment power. While in Germany the riots were more general, here they happened in democrat enclaves, places where  the democrat apparatus would shield the criminal element from being held accountable. The closest they came in Germany was the Beer Hall Putsch.
Because of the elemental differences between our republican government and that of Wiemar, It happened here with the socialist leader on the throne, but holding impotent power. Barry did not have control of either chamber, and though the republicans were owned lock stock and barrel by the same group who manipulate Barry, they could not back him as was desired because that would have sparked whole sale rebellion in the voting booths.
We are locked in to elections every two years. Wiemar was not. If they could not form a coalition government, it was back to the voting booth and pick again. Germany had four in relatively quick succession, September 1930, July 1932, November 1932 and the final one in March 1933 that effectively ended rule by the people in Germany.
One state, California, has effectively ended republican government. Since state elections there are now the top two candidates, I expect that with in six years, it will be democrat vs democrat in every race, just as their U.S. Senate race was commie vs commie. Note  that I am not saying republican party, but republican type of government guaranteed by the constitution. Couple that with voter fraud and the arrogance which led them to disregard voter initiatives, ie a state constitutional amendment, and you have the seeds for anarchy which will soon spread. Really, it is. Colorado, Oregon, Texas, and several other stats are seeing an influx of Komifornians who are fleeing the results of socialism, but are bringing the very ideas that drove them out of California with them.
I do not expect that we will see soviet style communism here. What we will see is more akin to German style socialism. The property rights of the rich will survive just as they did after Wiemar. Since the elite here are part of the club, their lives and standard of living will continue unimpeded.
Meanwhile, in every where else land, the riots will escalate, the rampant violence we see in Chiraq will continue unabated, unless Trump steps in and seals the deal.
Unlike Germany, it will not take cycles of elections to bring about the change. The members of congress who are seated now would cave in a New York minute to any body not Trump. If they can find a way to remove him from power, his legacy will disappear faster than Barry's executive orders. Trumpka and Donahue are the faces we see in this bid to destroy our sovereign status. One manipulates the industry, the other the unions. While they face off at the table, it is a carefully scripted scene more suited to an off Broadway comedy. Unfortunately, it is real life.
Today marks one week of change we can actually believe in. It has shaken the shadowy back rooms like an earth quake and they are trembling, but they already have a battle plan. The enimedia is spreading falsehoods and rumors like a farmer spreads manure. Neither really care where it lands, even if a little lands on them.
Trust in the media is at an all time low. That is not stopping them from doing darth Soros bidding. They are as fanatical as SS troopers. They are not willing to wait four years and especially not eight. The battles they are waging are epic even if we don't see them. Mad Donna put to words what every one of them is thinking. She is only one little mouth piece. Globalism is their goal, and eventually they will have it.
It cost a lot of lives and took many years to root this problem out the last time it reared its ugly head. We are the last true bastion of freedom. There is no where left to run. We stand with Trump or we die alone.

Thursday, January 26, 2017

Don't quit

Republican state Sen. Bill Kintner of Papillion is under fire and has announced his resignation after retweeting comments by radio personality Larry Elder.
I don't agree with the sentiment involved, any woman could be raped. The sickos who commit rape would bang HiLlARy if they found her alone. and he is right to apologize for those comments.
He should remain in his seat, at least until John "I was at Selma" Lewis resigns. Lewis' comments regarding Trump are as low if not lower than those  by Kintner. If we want total fairness, every media liar, think CNN (P)MSNBC CBS ABC etc should walk the plank as well. Then and only then would the rat bastard commies have a right to demand anything.

Wednesday, January 25, 2017

More of the oh so tolerant left

A fast food worker in Columbus Mississippi is unemployed after pulling menstrual blood and saliva on a drive through customer's cheese burger. A co-worker of the skank then reported it to her mother who posted it on farcebook.
That is what you will get from the Social Justice Whore story, there is much more. The co-worker's mother reported it to the store who responded by firing the whistleblower. That is when her mom posted it to facebook and people sat up and noticed. Jack's attempted to cover it up by the appearance of things.
Why do I blame the left? The perp in this case is a single black 18 year old mother, Sky Samuel. very few conservatives would dare act like this. Leftards don't understand this, they have no shame so cannot comprehend the values.
I can't tell you thing one about her victim, information on her has not been released. This could be a racial crime, but I don't know. Chances are the victim is also black and democrat. Lets face facts, most victims of democrats are democrats. Conservatives are often armed, and fight back. Cowards like easy soft targets.

Governor goofy fell asleep during a boring speech

Minnesota's Governor goofy, there are several including Moonbeam Jerry Clown and New York's Cujo, fell asleep during a particularly boring speech Monday. The problem is, he was the one giving it. He didn't get a good nap though as he was jolted back awake when his head hit the podium. The bad news is it did not knock any sense into the leader of our most liberal state.
Minnesota continues to be a liberal hell hole. It was when I was growing up there, and it has spiraled down hill. We all know California is bad, and we hear about it all the time. California is hampered by the presence of Hollywood, and it is a mecca for looniness. California though has vast expanses of bright red and pockets of deep doodo err blue. Minnesota is a very blue state.
Proof? They selected a SNL comic failure for Senator.

Saturday, January 21, 2017

How ya gonna do it?

General Mattis, President Trump and VP Pense were standing talking at the inaugural ball last night when a reporter for Al Jazeera walked up and said, "You all made a lot of noise during the campaign about islamic terrorism and how you were gonna stop it. What is you plan?"
General Mattis turned to the reporter and said, "Starting now, every time there is a terror attack any where in the world, we are gonna round up and kill ten thousand muslims, and a blonde with huge its."
The reporter, with a confused look on his face blurted out, " why a blonde with huge tits?"
Trump looked at Pense and said, See? even Al Jazeera don't give a shit about muslims."

Thursday, January 19, 2017

It worked

Murderer Ricky Gray was successfully executed by lethal injection today after the supreme court refused to grant a stay because of questions concerning the cocktail of drugs used. Frankly, the state should have executed him by the same method he used to slaughter Ruby and Stella Harvey. Never forget that while he was sentenced to death for their killings, he also murdered their parents, Bryan and Kathryn Harvey as well as Ashley Baskerville who was the lookout, and her mother, Mary Tucker and stepfather Percyell Tucker.
So, it looks like Arizona was wrong in agreeing to not use midazolam. Or not, I think we should use methods which are historically proven effective, like hanging, firing squad, or beheading. Above all though, we need to speed up the process and get them dead in under a year.

Trump to be sweorn in by the dummy who upheld the Unconstitutional Oblowmecare

Can it get any better? Supreme injustice of the court John Roberts will be swearing in the man who called him out for his upholding the act which mad health care anything but affordable, and fully fails to protect patients.
Trump will soon be selecting a new justice to the court who hopefully will understand and follow the Constitution instead of the myriad rulings which have twisted the document to where the courts openly mock it.
The next question is, will the scumbags in the Senate vote for his picks knowing full well that it will go against the wishes of their moneyed masters?
Fight time! Stock up on popcorn, but 2018 will be a pivotal year in terms of cleaning house and senate.

Thursday, January 12, 2017

Time to call in the Marines

Uncle Sam's Misguided Children have served this nation in times of trouble. From the very first, they have distinguished themselves by their service and their sacrifice. As the list of performers who won't perform for Donald Trump grows to infinity, it is time to call in the Marines.
The oldest professional musical organization in the United States is the United States Marine Band. Established by act of Congress on 11 July 1798, they have performed for our nation since. They first performed at an inauguration in 1801 for Thomas Jefferson and have since been known as "The President's Own". Quite an honor to hold.
Don't confuse them with "The Comandant's Own", The Marine Drum and Bugle Corps which are an equally worthy group.
I'm not dissing nor dismissing the bands from any of the other services,for an event of this magnitude, it would be appropriate for all the services to have their bands there to represent and entertain the new administration and in the same fell swoop, dismiss the childish antics of performers who would gladly perform for despots from Uzbekistan to Libya.
I'd boycott the musicians too except I already don't buy their crap. If there was ever any doubt, the events of the last two months should have cleared it all up. These people who don't work for a living are scum of the earth. They are parasites. Like a tick on a dog, they contribute nothing, and suck the good out of our nation. What they give us in return is as bad as shit. They demand we be accepting of their immorality and call their perversions normal.
Trump kicked CNN to the curb, it is time to do the same with a select lot of "enter-stainers as well.

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Old fashioned entertainment

I know I am not the only person fed up with the vile garbage flowing out of Hollywood. It used to be that they sought to entertain us, but now it seems every thing they make is designed to indoctrinate us. Sure, it's been done before, Films made during WW2 were scripted to invoke patriotism and national unity, we were after all, at war. While we are again at war with an age old enemy, the indoctrination is not to hate them, but to embrace all that is wrong in the world.
The entertainers need to get back to their roots and give us some of the old fashioned stuff. To be clear, a modern version of My Three Sons, All in the Family, or Hogan's Hero's would be nice, but that is not what I want from them at this point.
I'd tune in just to see if the lion licked it's ass to get the taste of Meryl Streep out of it's mouth, and I'm sure you would too.

I'll put my money where my mouth is

Angel today had a good one, and I opined that some one needed to do one for biggest balls and include the classic pic of Mooche. I figured, what the heck, I can do crappy posters as easily as the next guy, so here it is.

Monday, January 9, 2017


Cecil B. DeMille for whom the award given to Meryl Creep is names was a life long republican and also a devout Christian. His most enduring works dealt with Biblical themes and "The Ten Commandments" is perhaps his best known. Probably the highest honor he ever received was that of designing the uniforms for the Air Force Academy which are still used today. He was a man worthy of the icon status which many of the weirdo's who pollute the silver screen now demean by claiming.
I saw on the news this morning that the award which bears his name was given by the socialist foreign press to liberal nut house Meryl Streep. She used her time at the microphone to slam and demean the President elect without using his name.
Trump fired back, calling her over rated. The communist press is all ablaze about it saying he is wrong. Well, I think he is wrong as well, calling her over rated is like picking the smelliest turd in the sewer. Hollywood as a whole is over rated. Most of what flows from their studios is low grade dog food by comparison to what was made when Cecil B DeMille was cranking out films. Their fare is so bad that Streep is referred to by the media as "the best actress of her generation". She objects to that designation. It is possibly the only thing she is right about. I couldn't name one film she has starred in. Hell, I'm not sure I've even seen one with her in.
Media whore Meryl wants us to believe the lie that Trump mocked a disabled reporter. He. Did. Not. OK, maybe the guy is paralyzed from the neck up, in which case Donald did mock him. Many in the press are.
Join with me in sending a message to Hollywood by not supporting their mental filth this year. No movies, No DVDs. Find another form of entertainment and get your mind back. They deserve our money about as much as Kim Jong Un does.

Sunday, January 8, 2017

More jihad? looks like it

Evidence is surfacing that the Ft Slaughterdale shooter was a convert to islam. That would also confirm the mental problems report.
At this point, the only question I have is Why Florida? He could have as easily landed in Chiraq where such a shooting would have set off a shit storm of anti gun legislation which would have accomplished exactly ZERO.
The gun used in the shooting was confiscated by police in Alaska, but was returned to Santiago. Some where, a cop a liar and a judge are going "oops".
I don't know what it will take to stop this jihadist garbage. I firmly believe we won't do what ever it takes because it would be un-P.C. I have a few suggestions;
1. Convert the satanic disinformation center where the attacker worshiped into a hog rendering facility.
2. Execute the imam who instructed him, and the one who was head of the mosque in question. Do it in a manner that is abhorrent to mooslimes, first, crucify the SOB. After he is firmly spiked to a cross, castrate him, then feed his balls to a couple of hogs. Conduct the crucifixion inside a large pen, and have the cross short enough that his lower regions are accessible to the hogs who will be turned in to the pen at some point in the process, after he has suffered, but before he is dead and let them feast. Lower his carcass so that the hogs can eat it all.
3. Deport ever attendee of the mosque who is not a U.S. citizen. Treat them harshly. Humiliate them in every way possible.
4. Arrest or detain ever person who attended that mosque with in six months of the incident again, harsh and humiliating treatment
Those steps will make these subhumans rethink their quest for domination. It may not stop them, but it is the only thing which has a chance. We won't do it, it's not P.C.
Lets look at history. The last war we won was WW2. To accomplish that, we got as barbaric as they did. We fire bombed cities in Germany and Japan. We not only targeted military establishments, we leveled entire cities. General LeMay fire bombed methodically and his methods obliterated nearly every thing. Tokyo suffered losses estimated at between 75 and 200,000 people. Contrast that with Vietnam where it was the NVA and Viet Cong who were totally barbaric.
We will not win against islam because we, thinking ourselves civilized will not stoop to their level of inhumanity. They, on the other hand, have no qualms with raping women, disemboweling children, and beheading every one who understands there is no god named allah, and mohammad was a pedophile.

Friday, January 6, 2017

About that bakery

It looks like I'm not the only one who thinks they are sticking their foot in their mouths. folks on yelp are taking them to the cleaners as fast as the nazi's who monitor comments can delete them. What matters though is the bottom line. From comments, it may be he is getting shot in the pocket book as well.

Good Riddance

Meh-gyno is leaving faux for Nothing But Crap. I have never cared for her. When Rupert made his little Jeerleader a full time spewing bobble head, I found something else to do for that hour. Not that I spent much time in front of the tube, most nights I don't turn it on. If things were happening in the world though, I'd have it on to catch details, some times.
When the first debate antics were over, I quit watching faux all together. During the election night coverage, I opted to catch the results on the Communist News Network. I might have doubled their viewership that night.
Does her departure mean I am back to watching fox? Nope, not gonna bother. This election cycle proved that they are as much a part of the globalist team as SeeBS. I will not give them the rating boost.
Plenty of other bloggers have covered her departure. What can I add to what has already been said? I got banned from the treehouse over my opinion of her, and they don't like her either. She is past her use by date, she is a sorry foot note in American politics. I'm not sure where NBC sits in terms of viewership, are they even in the top 100?

Monday, January 2, 2017

Donna Brasshole is wrong.

Communist party interim chair and fake news contributor Donna Brasshole is whining that Trump has an enormous opportunity to work with demonics. Screw them! We have endured eight years of I won, and while republicans have controlled the house since 2010 and the Senate since 2012, little has been done because the worthless waste of sperm from Kenya preferred to use unconstitutional executive orders rather than negotiate legislation.
It's time for the spoiled brats to work with republicans. The next four years needs to be dedicated to undoing the massive damage that Barry Soetoro, Nancy P. Lousy and Dingy Harry have caused to the nation and the world. If the little commies are unhappy with that, they can pack their bags, for real, and move to what ever totalitarian nation they want which will accept them. Canada doesn't want them, but maybe we can mix a few at a time in with the lettuce pickers we will be returning to Mexico, or better yet, they can construct rafts and float to Cuba.
Maybe we could really punish Kim Jong unintelligent and drop them in North Korea.
As for Donna, all the wikileaks stuff about her undermining socialist Bernie should be plastered on Communist News Networks feed 24/7. Maybe people stuck in airports will see it and tell their friends.
Instead of working with the commies, Trump needs to do what is right for America. Donna can go pound sand up her ass. Lot and lots of sand.

Sunday, January 1, 2017

Simple really

Germany can easily solve its rapefugee problem.

Stompy feet wants WAR

By now I think every one except the most brain dead liberal understands that Barry Soetoro wants to start a war with Russia. This has been simmering for over four years, since the hot mike embarrassment, or maybe even longer. When Barry adopted his beta male lead from behind stance, Putin stepped up into the role of world leader. That created another embarrassment for Soro's suck puppet.
Russia has skin in the game. They have a long border that is open for exploitation by the islamists, and all the actions of Barry since he took office have empowered them. We have seen an uptick of attacks all over the world, and Russia has suffered several bad ones. They understand that islam and republican government cannot coexist. The nation states of the middle east have been held in check by the rule of iron fisted despots like Saddam Insane. Not that his removal was a bad thing, attempting to create a democracy there was. That is Bush's fault. Barry and silly Hilly though decided to triple down on failure. After campaigning against the failures of Iraq, they took a road in Libya, Egypt and Syria to achieve the same failings with out direct involvement.
Russia, perceiving how the collapse of those heads of state would impact and empower jihad on their borders opted instead to help bolster and defend those despots, particularly Bashar Assad. The chess moves involved in that resulted in the fiasco at Benghazi which cost one Illary henchman and three American's their lives.
Lets fast forward a bit shall we? Prior to the election, Trump tweeted out about possible actions, by Barry and Company, to hack the election. He was referring to software "bugs" being installed on the voting machines to switch votes. We saw evidence of it btw on election day. Barry responded by proclaiming that the election was not something which could be hacked. Now, one month later, he and the piap are claiming that Russia hacked the election. They have acted on those claims by making 35 Russian diplomats persona non grata. Add to that mix, North Vietnamese Air Ace McInsane calling this an act of war while he is in the Ukraine and pieces start falling in to place.
This is not because he wants to punish Russia for having more spine than a legion of democrats, this is because he wants to punish the American voters who, in choosing Trump, soundly rejected his entire eight years in office. Our electoral system is rigged, we know it is rigged. It's been rigged for 40 years. The rigging though isn't as perfect as what is done in Cuba, Venezuela, or the former Soviet Union where they run one person and he gets 100% of the vote, or 99% of the vote and a 1% uptick in unexplained deaths. We have had one good leader in my life time and will soon, GOD willing, have a second. Most of our elections can be characterized as the evil of two lessers, and in 2008 we got one that was a real negativity. Had republicans run some one even half competent in 2012, we would not be where we are today, and Trump would never have run. They did this to themselves in reelecting Barry.
How far will this mad man go? Well, it's not only Barry. George Soros has his gnarled hand shoved up Barry's ass and is the one manipulating the mouth. Considering that this man betrayed family and neighbors to the nazi's in his native Hungary and is unrepentant, you can bet he will go all the way to pushing the button to start war.
Is that possible? Nine years ago I'd have said no. If "W" had wanted to launch a preemptive strike like what was portrayed on The Last Resort, it never would have happened. The men and women in the chain of command that it takes to make such an event possible are not automatons who respond with out thinking. That statement was true then, it is true now. The question though is with the purges of the military that Barry has done since taking office, do the men and women remaining hold such ideological bias that they would forego duty in deference to their leader and carry out such an attack? We know he purged the upper echelons of officers based on whether they would fire on fellow citizens, how far down the chain did those purges go?
Would Johnny maverick McRino succeed in pushing a declaration of war through Congress? At this point, I highly doubt it. It is possible though that given the purges, there are one or two people in positions of power in the military who could make an act of war happen. It might be possible that a submarine on patrol would have the necessary members of the crew in place to carry out either a strike against Russia, or possibly a strike directed against the home land. Lob a nuke right into down town Leavenworth, home of the Command and General Staff College, then before the debris has fallen, launch a counter strike against Russia. Could it happen? It could.
George and Barry see power slipping from their grasp. George is 86, eight years of delay are unacceptable to him for his quest for one world government. Did I mention he has a major beef with Russia? You knew that too.
These things, today, are what hangs in the balance. So far, Russia has treated Barry like a school yard bully treats a diaper monster. Even the meanest sixteen year old would laugh at a toddler who wanted to fight him. They might tease him and taunt, but come on. Putin has worn the big boy pants through this entire process. He will not be goaded in to an act of war at this stage. If Barry and George ultimately decide that they will have war though, no amount of skullduggery will be unimaginable.
We have twenty more days until Barry is a footnote. He has twenty days to do something to keep from becoming a mere foot note in history as the first and worst Arab President. After that, the magic eraser goes to work on his legacy.