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Oh's No's

Chinese Communist Virus infections have expanded to a whopping 292,527 cases per day.That is a staggering number. We are all doomed.
Okay, hysteria over, let's do the math. The world population is currently estimated at 7.8 Billion. If the infection rate were to continue at it's present rate, that 292,527cases per day, It would take 73 years for everyone on the planet to get it, assuming of course that no one dies and no one is born in that time period. Given that in 73 years nearly all of us will have died, rinse, repeat, and try again next dempanic err plandemic.
I'm not saying that the Wuhan flu is not a serious issue. 5/8th of a million people have perished, their deaths blamed on the bug the Chinese crafted. Those are 675,000 people who would be alive today if Dr. Anthony Fauci had not funded the research at Wuhan which the Supreme Court had ordered him to stop doing at Chapel Hill.
The facts are though that a majority of those people would have died within six months from other causes. That, so far, translates to a death rate of 3.87%. Given that the vast majority of people who have tested positive never knew they had it, the real numbers may be higher and the percentage much lower. Given that many labs have cooked results, e will never know the real truth. Given that this is an election year and President Trump is eating Joe's lunch, don't expect honesty from any politician.

Thursday, July 30, 2020

Isn't the idea of systematic racism racist?

Back a few years ago, a group of men got together and charted a course for our nation. They had just gotten done kicking ass on the baddest toughest nation on the planet and they did not want to repeat the same mistakes which had caused the problems which compelled them to say shove off.
They wanted a nation where government did not control any aspect of people's lives. The basic idea was a nation where government was responsible for maintaining roads, protecting borders, punishing criminals, and keeping their nose out of other people's businesses.
That notion of limited government set in motion a transformation where in a small group of settlers clustered on the coast would spread over the continent building businesses and agriculture, and spurring intellectual and scientific development so great that a mere 152 years after it's formation,it would be the sleeping giant awakened in anger whose might would crush tyranny in Europe and Asia.
Along the way the men and women of that nation had a bit of learning to do, and they did it.
Our nation has led the world in scientific development, medical pioneering, Agriculture, you name it. we are the greatest nation on the planet.
One of the mistakes we made of course, was slavery. As bad as slavery was and is, the ancestors of the roughly thirty million blacks who now live here probably would not have journeyed to America of their own accord, and without slavery, almost all of those thirty million blacks would not be alive at all. In short, each of us is the product of the mistakes of our elders.
The system that was created here launched a massive industrial revolution. I could give a list of the men who made significant contributions. Most of them wold be white and of European heritage. Does that make our system racist?
We, the human race, are shaped by DNA. our DNA is mostly unique. No one is at risk of giving birth to a horse, a cat, or a monster. Okay, monsters like Jeffery Dahlmer do happen. Differences in our DNA account for the vast differences in our appearance. Short, tall, fat, thin, black, white, yellow, or brown, it is all controlled by the switches in the genes we inherited from mom and pop.
beyond the few DNA that control our appearance though most of them are relatively the same. Same heart, same teeth. Inside, from the roots of our hair to the callouses of our feet, we are the same.
Given that level of similarity, can a system be developed which would be exclusionary to people whose skin is a different color yet whose blood is impossible to differentiate?
Our nation has seen many success stories of men and women who are black. I view Obama as a fraud and a huckster, but he was able to successfully rise from a dope head in Hawaii to the Presidency. Ban Carson is an eminent surgeon, Herman Cain a successful business leader. Colin Powell was a brilliant general, but we are to believe that blacks cannot succeed in the system that created the greatest nation in the world?
Yet today, most blacks in this country live in poverty. Their neighborhoods are crime ridden, their families broken. Their children choose to drop out of school, elect to take drugs and have babies out of wedlock. Is that the system's fault? we have whites making the same poor choices. The thing that separates black and white is peer pressure. That is changing, not for the good,  It used to be that a white girl who had a baby out of wedlock was scorned and treated as a tramp. A white man who did not support his children was considered a deadbeat and was treated accordingly.
we have universities set aside which are for blacks only. are they racist? do they not teach their students? we have affirmative action in our other universities which ensure that blacks  are admitted on the color of their skin and no consideration given to whether they  are academically as proficient as their white and Asian counterparts. Are we to believe they are incapable of learning? The vast majority of blacks today supposedly possess a small measure of white blood or so we are told. The female slaves were used as sex toys by the white masters. Or so we are told. If that is the case, why doesn't their white DNA empower them to success?
What about all the black professional athletes? How many members of the NBA and NFL have gotten rich here? Is the systematic racism holding them down? Yet with all those success stories, if you are white you are automatically racist.
If a white man died from a drug overdose while in police custody after attempting to pass a fake twenty dollar bill, no one would riot in his name. No buildings would be burnt, no stores looted and it would not be national news for months.
So, tell me how it is that a system which has produced millionaires and billionaires is able to exclude people simply on the basis of the color of their skin?

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Wednesday, July 29, 2020

Here Comes The Sun

This is normal

A lot of people are decrying what the donks are doing to Creepy Joe, calling it elder abuse. Sorry, this is no worse imho than the people who post photos on Reddit and say roast me.This is what the democrats do to everyone.
At every election they pander to the black community telling them that the republicans will have them back in chains. They pander to the unions telling them that the republicans will end worker's rights. women also get the treatment being told that back alley abortions are coming back.
Name one group the democrats don't abuse because as soon as the election is over, they do nothing for the people who voted them in. They then have the audacity to repeat it it two years later.
Joe has a long history of sticking his feet in his mouth. The two step he does switching them rivals the moves of any dance routine on any stage in America. Now, like a long neglected furnace, the filters are mostly gone and all the pollution, verbal in this case, is flung about. I for one find it entertaining.
Are you expecting to see Joe out campaigning much this year? I expect he will make HiLlARy look tireless. They will have to keep him under wraps as much as possible. The road show will be all up to their veep pick. Imagine Horizontal Harris fronting the show. She was soundly rejected by the low-fo voting block, so having her try to win over moderates and conservatives?
Abrams Tank? Same issue, Georgia didn't like her why would the rest of humanity?
As for Joe, if the media ever printed the facts, people would think they'd been hacked by the Babylon Bee.
The worry this year, greater due to the dempanic, is voter fraud to steal the elections in swing states. They proved they have a working model in 2018 when they lynched voters in Orange County California. That is what we must prevent from becoming the new normal.
This is 1860 revisited. If you think we are not in a civil war, you are mistaken. here our first war was largely geographical given the core issue of slavery, This time we will see brother against brother and neighbor against neighbor. Ammo is getting scarce, weapons are selling like snow cones at a county fair. when the music stops, you will have only what you stocked up prior to the worst day of your life.
GOD, help us.

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It's not racist to hate a liar

So Bubba Wallace got booed when he was announced at Bristol. Gotta be racism because it is Tennessee and he is the only black driver.
Sorry media, quit going there. The good common sense folks of America don't tolerate liars. Just look at CNN's numbers and you will get a clue... Maybe.
The fake noose is not going away anytime soon. Not until the race baiter steps up like a man and admits and apologizes. The longer he drags this out, the worse it will become. we may be rednecks, but we are not steriotypically dumb. And we dang sure are not as dumb as the average liberal.

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GOD bless Robert E Lee

How long before the cancel vultures come for Johnny Cash? Johnny Cash has been one of my favorite artists since I was a small child. I'm posting this at an odd time because, well, I just came across it on You tube and wanted to get it posted before they attack it and get it banned.
The Black Lies Matter bowel movement needs to stop and think, if they are capable, about all they protest. We cannot go back and change history. The lies of the pedophile would still have been spread by the sword whether or not slaves were being sent to America.
Consider the story of Joseph in the Bible. With his coat of many colors, he angered his brothers who seized him and cast him into a well. They might have left him there to die had not a caravan of slave traders come by, so instead of death in a desolate well, he was instead transported to Egypt where GOD gave him knowledge. That knowledge saved Egypt in a time of famine, but more importantly, it saved Israel because the children of Jacob went there in search of food. The Isrelites eventually enslaved there until GOD called them out of bondage.
Likewise, had the America's not been a market for slaves, those people whom the satanic verse readers deemed unfit for Medina, Mecca, or Tehran may very well have been slaughtered.
GOD turned the curse of slavery into a blessing for them. Now they are turning that blessing into a curse as they seek to destroy the only nation on earth where they could live as free people.
Slavery was bad, the alternative was worse.  Make that the alternatives were worse, Many of the slaves who landed in South America or the Caribbean perished.

Life Of Illusion

What an insult

The Washington Redskins are likely to cave before the cancel culture and change the team name. I've never been a Foreskins fan, never will be.
One of the choices being floated is redtails. Most people know that the redtails were the Tuskegee Airmen, black pilots who served in WW2 and valiantly protected their charges, the bombers at high cost. One of their claims to fame is in never losing a bomber to enemy fighters.. they did lose a great many of their pilots. heroism. They lived it, they breathed it.
While it would be great to honor them, I oppose doing so with an NFL team. The Tuskegee Airmen never turned tail and ran like the owners in the NFL have done ever since Colonoscopy began showcasing his hate for America. Had the team stood strong and fired any player who refused to stand and honor the flag for which so many of those brave men died, I would support changing the name. To associate them with cowardly ant-American riffraff  would be an insult.

Saturday, July 4, 2020

Remembering the Old Sniper

Star Spangled Steel

Happy Birthday America. You survived another year in spite of the Malignant infestations known as Black Lives matter and Antifa. Looking good for 244.

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