Tuesday, July 31, 2018

Gator huntin

Artist Jon McNaughton has liberal heads exploding like fire crackers on the fourth! His painting, Crossing the Swamp, features President Trump and a handful of his staff in a remake of Washington crossing the Delaware.

Great piece of art work, and if you can't tell, the things in the water are Nancy P Lousy, Mad Maxipad Waters, and Lyin Ryan, unless I'm mistaken.
One Cheap shit Liberal, David Mack, opined that Melania wouldn't be caught dead in camo. Here is to hoping she takes her next outing wearing a stylized version of Marine camies. in honor of the men who serve there aboard Marine One.
GOD, bless them. Bless Jon McNaughton, and our President, Donald J. Trump.

Running Bare err Bear

Freedom of speach for me but not for thee

Cowboy quarterback Dak Prescott is being attacked for his stance on the National Anthem. Dak is supportive of Cowboys owner Jerry Jones who has said all his players must stand for the Anthem.
Dak, however, is being attacked on socialist media for it by Tahir Whitehead of the Oakland Retards.
Yes boys and girls, this is how socialism and socialists act. They demand their right to be heard, but then demand that your right to be heard be silenced.

Monday, July 30, 2018

Sunday, July 29, 2018

Freeze frame

Kansas needs rid of this turd

Koch owned Kevin Yoder is running his mouth, and what is coming out aint purdy. This mouth piece is wanting to give away green cards to 200,000 college grads from India. Just what we need.
Yoder's plan would target only immigrants from India. These people would willingly work cheaper than American graduates because their job is a ticket for chain migration. They then bring their extended family who receive government benefits.
I am pro-immigration, but I want immigration to fill jobs Americans cannot or will not do, or immigration to supplement where American workers cannot bridge the gap a growing economy creates.
If our universities are churning out qualified grads who are finding jobs, and the market is still in desperate need, import foreigners. When it comes to certain professions, I would much prefer they be filled by American university graduates. That is especially true in medicine. America first!
But that is not the only issue I have with Yoder. Being Koch's puppet, he is mouthing off about wanting to revive Barry Soetoro's catch and release. Yup, Koch suckers like catch and release, and Yoder sucks the ass of globalists David and Charles Koch.
Yoder  though is walking a tight rope. What The Kochs want and what Kansans will tolerate are two different things. It's time to find a better rep than Kevin Yoder.

Saturday, July 28, 2018


Just throwing this out there

Kenya believe it?

Ben Colder's Green Grass of Home

Why do we love soda straws?

Now technically, a soda straw is a cave formation, a speleothem, but I am referring to the plastic ones. It might seem like a silly question, but what is it that creates our infatuation with a slender filament of hollow plastic through which we suck beverages ranging from Coke to iced coffee?
Straws have been around quite a while. The oldest known straw in existence is believed to be from 3000BC and was found in a region occupied by the Sumerians, the oldest known civilization. It was made of gold, and used for drinking beer.
By the 1800's Americans were using straws made from Rye Grass. In 1888, Marvin C. Stone, upset that his mint julep was taking on a grassy taste, invented a straw made of paper which was then coated in wax to prevent the straw dissolving in bourbon.
So why did straws become popular? Sanitation is part of the reason.  Most establishments offer drinks in disposable cups, but it used to be that drinks were served in reusable glasses. Sanitation in many places, even homes, is not top notch, and a dirty glass is a prime cause of illness. A simple fix was the disposable straw. Like the paper grocery bag which replaced the bacteria laden cloth ones, it's low cost made disposal a cheap option vs illness which costs millions nationally in lost wages and productivity.
Another convenience of soda straws is ice in drinks. If you have dental work, there is nothing like the sensation of ice cold coke flowing past those front fillings to send you into orbit. Of course, you could drink your pop warm, but chilling seems to be the national way. At least until the liberal histarians decide that using ice contributes to global warming because you are depriving the planet of diminishing ice reserves. Never mind that Antarctica has ice from when when Abraham was alive. Do we have any proof that all the snow fall from the first winter after Noah crashed the Ark On Mt Ararat melted? Don't think so.
Yet another reason to keep those straws around is visibility. You drive. You swing in to the local stop and rob and grab the 55 gallon fountain and head out the door. Nothing like trying to drink in traffic if you are tipping that cup up. 1. It blocks your view of the road however momentarily, it is obstructing your view, and in most rush hour traffic, reaction time is critical. Give the guy ahead an extra inch, and some body in the lane next to you will hop on over and you are now closer than you've ever been if you so much as blink. 2. Most of our roads are as smooth as the alps. every thirty feet or so is an expansion joint that will have you wearing more of your latte than goes in your stomach... Unless you plan to eat your shirt for lunch. 3. it provides essential time for temperature equalization. Whether hot or cold, your drink is not at body temp, and if the difference is too great, harm to your mouth may result. If you feel the heat through the straw on your lips, you have a moment where you can relax and not have excess heat creating blisters in your mouth, nor excessive cold giving you that massive instant headache ass the blood vessels flowing through your neck constrict to protect your brain.
If you are worried about the fish, you shouldn't be. Fish are actually, contrary to rumors, smarter than the average liberal. Fish do not randomly go about eating everything they see. Fish are on a quest, a quest for food. They are looking for things that they can eat, things like other fish. They don't want to waste time on a stick or a turd, they want nutrition, so they look for movement. Straws don't really move.
A few might get eaten. Some people stick needles in their arms and let strangers stuff their asses with peckers. Evey species  has its Nancy P Lousy's. The simple fact is every plant or animal on the planet is food for some other critter. Yes, your  children are going to have you pumped full of poisons and stuck in a box buried six feet deep, but eventually lowly bacteria will turn you into germ poo too. So even the poor widdle fishy who got a straw stuck in his throat will still get eaten by a bigger fishy who will get eaten by a still bigger fishy who will be eaten by an even bigger fishy some kid with a craving for a tuna sandwich. Who will then crap it down a toilet where it will proceed to a sewage plant, be "processed" then flow right on back to the ocean where plankton turn turds into food for little fish who are smart enough to not eat soda straws, and another tuna is headed to Kroger.
The hysteria movement all started thanks to a nine year old. Don't be critical of her, she is smarter than the average liberal even if, as nine year olds go, she is an average kid. So do me a favor and don't eat your straw because if you do, you will crap it, then the sewage plant won't be able to "process" it and it will end up in the ocean where plankton won't eat it and it won't eventually become a tuna sandwich but will instead end up washed up on a beach along with all the needles that cover the streets of San Franfreakshow.

Friday, July 27, 2018

Remember this from when I was in Germany

It was anti war, but Nena was hot.

Do you have some time for me?
Then I sing a song for you
Of ninety-nine balloons
On their way to the horizon
Maybe you're thinking about me just now?
Then I sing a song for you
Of ninety-nine balloons
And that something of that comes

Ninety nine balloons
On their way to the horizon
Did you think for UFOs from space
That's why a general sent
A squadron behind
To give an alarm if it were so
It was there on the horizon
Only ninety-nine balloons

HTL Airlines? I wish

United Airlines, the carrier famous for mistreating American citizens, is now saying they will offer free flights to reunite families... Deportable alien families who were seperated because mean Mr Trump insisted on enforcing policies put in place a long time ago, but ignored by Barry the Arab.
I'd be all in for that if what they were doing was loading planes full of illegals we caught and hauling them as far south as possible, or at least to their country of origin.
Back in November of 2016, after President Trump had finished trashing the slinky, I dug up an old post of Denny's, dusted it off, and hung it out. Yup, doing it again as a reminder that the United States, and our Constitutional Republic system of government, are unique in the world, and if you do not like our system of government, flawed, but still the best in the world, feel free to move to a country that has implemented socialism and study it up close and personal.
How many millions of people cross illegally into Venezuela every year? How many boat loads of refugees try to land in Cuba? How many have escaped into North Korea?
Our forefathers built a great nation. You do not see that in any of the monarchies of Europe from which our families fled as human refuse. You do not see it in the dynasties of Asia, nor the tribes of Africa. The greatest nation on earth was formed her with the cast off people of other lands. GOD took the stones rejected by Europe, Asia, Africa and others and made us the cornerstone of liberty.

Too Kind

President Trump barred communist nuisance shill Kaitlan Collins from one event. ONE EVENT for her misbehavior in the oval office during the Q&A after President Trump's meeting with the Eew Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker. This is the equivalent of making a six year old sit still for one round of ring a ring -o-rosies during play time.
To be honest, most six year olds are better behaved than Kaitlan. The press pool covering the White House has been terrible since their god Barry the Arab, departed. It is almost as if they were all in on the plot to steal the election for HiLlARy the slinky and that is why they are acting like spoiled brats or worse.
It is my opinion that Collins should have been booted permanently, and CNN warned that one more staffer who acts like Acosta or Collins, and Saddam's favorite network will be stuck reporting from outside the fence.
I bet Barron gets heavier discipline that the press pool. The conduct of our President's older kids certainly shows they were not let off easily. They act like adults are supposed to act.

Thursday, July 26, 2018

What kind of animals do this?

Border Patrol found an eight ear old boy wandering in the desert near the Rio Grande after he was abandoned by smugglers or family. They have experienced difficulty communicating with the child since he speaks a dialect which no one is familiar with.
The kids which the leftards claim to be so concerned about are mere pawns in this game. The end goal is to destroy the United States as a nation, and the people doing this are also supportive of planned parenthood and the abortion industry. Would you expect people like that to give two shits about an eight year old child?

I ran

Should have used rock paper scissors

Two Roswell Georgia police officers have been fired after using a coin flip app to decide whether or not to arrest a driver who was speeding on a wet road. Not really though since the decision was arrest if heads, but release if tails, aaannnddd when the app came up tails, the officer arrested her anyway.
The whole thing came to light when details of the arrest were released and included body cam footage of the conversation between the officers in the cruiser.
Sometimes it is a close call for an officer. Not every one gets a ticket, not everyone gets a ride home when it comes to traffic offenses. If the cops had done this with a murder suspect, that might be another story, but since they ignored the results of the app, it would not have mattered. Still, Sarah Webb managed to get off by screaming about it. My feelings on this is the ass kissing dolt of a coward who is the chief in Roswell was wrong, but... Who cares?

Wednesday, July 25, 2018

Tuesday, July 24, 2018

Safety Dance

What started that?

I walked in to a bar one night, and two guys were circling in the middle of the floor. The one guy said, "come on Russ, I thought we was friends."
Russ Replied, "Mike, we were friends yesterday, and we're gonna be friends tomorrow. But right now I need you to stand up and take your ass whipping like a man, so I can get back to my drinking, and you can get down to the emergency room for your stitches."
Knew both of them, never did learn what started that whole mess, and yes, they are still friends.

Monday, July 23, 2018

Some Cash

I have the answer for him

Toronto Canada's not-so-bright mayor addressed the city council after the mass shooting asking, “Why does anyone in this city need to have a gun at all?”
The shooter, identified as Faisal Hussain, killed two young ladies and wounded thirteen more when he opened fire in a popular neighborhood of dining establishments. He was later found dead after a gun fight with police.
Considering the name, I am about 99.9999% certain he was a mooslime. Call me an islamiphobe, but the vast majority of random mass shootings in the last two decades have been pedophile worshipers. Lutherans are cagier, they invite you to a pot luck, then fill you so full of artery clogging delicious food you fall over dead from a heart attack 48 hours after leaving the church.
Canada is fast turning into another version of Mexico where tight gun laws keep honest folks from having them, while the criminals who just don't care about following laws ignore the gun laws right along with the ones about killing folks, robbing them and raping them. Gee, any one see a problem?
Of course, we have our share of bad folks, or had... Yeah, 6ix9ine is about as bad as the thug who robbed him. The down side of a citizen having to stop a thug is that the citizen has to deal with the emotional trauma while the police officer gets counseling at taxpayer expense.
Faisal's family is trying to claim he was mentally ill. I might agree, any one who believes the bull in the koran has a few brain cells not connected right.
The United States provides a pretty good example of how gun laws work. Chiraq with strict gun laws has skyrocketing crime. Same for Washington, same for New Orleans. Cities where  the gun laws have been relaxed, and citizens have the right to carry and also to defend themselves and others, see a drop in the number of attempted assaults. Yes, crimes still happen, but the thugs get the Travon Martin treatment and go away.
So Mr Mayor, it is really quite simple, Your citizens need guns to defend themselves from scum like Faisal, and frankly, you, because the police are not able to be there all the time.

Sunday, July 22, 2018

Whoopie being Whoopie

The shameless critters that inhabit the view and make it impossible for sane folks to watch number among them one Whoopie Goldberg, a low grade actress who's only claim to stardom is her skin color. White women with her lack of character, charisma, looks or talent would be unnamed extras for low budget pictures. Whoopie the weird though continues to be the gift that keeps giving as the Eew hosted Judge Jeanie Shapiro, and proved their classlessness by spending the segment trashing the President who has done more for the economy than the last three combined, unless you are a civil litigation liar err lawyer.
Right now it is a she said, it said back and forth that the judge seems content to just drop and move on. Until video comes out to prove either side, and I'm sure it exists, it happened in a studio for Pete's sake, we won't get the full scope of it all. Regardless, The actions have no bearing what-so-ever on my opinion of Caryn Elaine Johnson the bitch who goes by Goldie.
I have no respect for actors in general. Most are barely educated and only good at reading a script and faking emotions.
I also have no respect for people who cannot accept when their side loses. Did you notice all the conservatives rioting in 2012 when the worst president ever some how got a second term that did not involve high fences, concertina wire and an electric chair just down the hall? I was gonna join them, but had to work in the morning. Bet you felt the same way.
I also have no respect for people who think it is their position to tell me what I should feel or think, and then insult me because of my beliefs.
They whine and scream about slut shaming, fat shaming, and just about every thing that people do which others  might find offensive when it gets up in their face, but feel it is their gia given right, they have no god, and certainly do not know GOD, to try to shame us for voting into office the man who is fixing all the problems created by the dark skinned arab blunderboy Barry.
So, no, this does not change, in the least, my opinion of the miserable cow Caryn. Just remember, when you see her, that is what a feminazi looks like.


Rowe is right

Mike Rowe lamented on the vast number of good paying job vacancies being passed over because kids want that college education. He then got accused of shaming people who get degrees. Yup, every one is a victim.
Dawn Baker is right though, kids today don't want to work hard. We have a generation of LAZY to contend with, and sad to say, they are going to have to contend with America's future. Kids don't want to work hard because they have never been made to work hard. Then, when they get home, they slip into the running shorts and expensive foot gear and go out and play in traffic to get their exercise for the day.
It used to be that kids were made to work. Lawn care was done mostly by high school kids who hauled a mower around behind their bike and earned spending money that way.
One guy I knew was given a wash bucket and a window squeegee for his twelfth birthday and told to start earning his way in life. He was a millionaire at 18.
As for the self inflicted wounds, I'll state my piece;
It used to be that only about 9% of high school graduates entered college. A study by Harvard showed that over 72% of men born between 1886 and 1890 did not go beyond 8th grade. By 1968, when those born in 1950 came of age, that percentage had fallen to just under 7%, and the percentage who attended college rose from 8.6% to 35.3%. Other papers cite a figure some what higher.
Depending on who you want to believe, the rate of college participation increased to around the 2/3 mark by 1998.
The democrats want to boost that number to 100%. Now, I believe having a well educated population is a good thing. Knowledge begets knowledge, people who learn to love learning seek it in a never ending quest for knowledge.
Here are the problems I see;
1. We are not educating people in the primary schools. Kids completing sixth grade today are far behind their peers from fifty years ago. Participation trophies don't produce learning skills and ethics.
Students entering college today often have to take entry level courses just to get them up to the standards needed to participate in 100 level classes.
2. Our colleges are churning out meaningless degrees. Instead of educated achievers, we now have indoctrinated zombies. What use is a degree in gender studies, or any studies for that matter? If a degree does not lead to a career, or at least a job opportunity that would be unavailable without it, it is a waste of time, money and a life.
3. These kids graduate indoctrinated and useless. When they cannot find a job, they are staring at the fact they wasted $70,000 for nothing. Who do they blame? Capitalism! They are so indoctrinated at that point they cannot understand that they made a seriously poor choice.
4. What becomes of the money? Quite simply, it goes to pay outrageous salaries for entitled liberals who have never done an honest day's work for an honest day's pay. They in turn funnel it to their favorite liberal cause via a tax deductible donation, and from there it filters through the sands of the communist party into campaign donations.
5. What about the debt? Most schools have a staff dedicated to hounding the deadbeats and collecting. Some pay, others declare bankruptcy and we the working stiffs pick up the slack.
6. Our standards have plummeted.  We have high school grads who cannot read, barely write, and math is a concept they do no grasp. History is brushed over, and Civics? HA! I was appalled twenty years ago when they started the no wrong answer crap. Kids could spell words how ever they chose, and Webster be damned. So what if Webster spelt it wrong?
We used to be #1. We once had the best educated people on the planet, and we sent men to the moon without the computers and technology we have available today.
It used to be that news reporters were high school graduates. heck, a few small town papers only demanded you be able to write legibly. People wanted to know the who, what, when, where, possibly the why, and occasionally the how of the story. Now the reporters need to have a college degree, and by the time you've read the article, you've also read what some unknown schmuck in China who never had a thing to do with the story tweeted about it. Gone is sound journalism. Every thing today is crunched into sound bites, and the people doing it are better educated, but dumber than the kids who did it in days long past. Oh, and they have to include the angle on why it is President Trump's fault.
Then again, reporting today is not about reporting at all, it is about telling people whom the education system failed, what they should think about things which are relatively simple and have nothing to do with them.
We also have a quality issue with today's kids. For the past eight years, E-verify has been largely ignored. Now, with President Trump's policies in place and people again watching, employers are finding it hard to hire the illegal workers. Up until recently, the fake green cards  were largely treated like real ones.
That should be great news for American's looking for work. No more competition from illegals. A lot of these people though have zero work ethic. The MOD for a local fast food was telling me that one worker was running behind, so she just reached up and cleared the screen. Wiped the orders for seven customers away. Immediately after doing that, the worker announced she needed a break, right in the middle of noon rush, walked outside, sat down next to the garbage can, and had a cigarette. Another worker decided he didn't like wearing shoes and was running around the kitchen bare foot.
So, who would you rather have making your burger, an illegal who wants to work, or a legal who got booted off welfare?
And no, I don't want to let the legal back on welfare, she can starve to death or her kids live under a bridge and I do not care.
America is in decline because we are failing the next generation. We are not preparing them for life, so they have to have cry rooms at college while former pillars of virtue are castigated by the professors. Liberals are intent on destroying this nation. We are the last bastion of true freedom in the world. The Congressional Left, Academia, and the Media are our enemy. Low-fo voters are their tools. We won't change people's minds easily, they won't change until they become uncomfortable with the information they are being fed and come to  the conclusion that something is amiss.

I'll leave you with a story;
A man became convinced he was dead. He went to see a coroner about an autopsy. The coroner, being somewhat wise, scheduled him for a visit two weeks out, and told him he needed to do one thing in the mean time, he was to walk around repeating, "Dead men don't bleed".
So the guy went around for two weeks faithfully repeating, dead men don't bleed, over and over. One the day of the scheduled "autopsy" he arrived at the mortuary. The doctor escorted him into the exam room, had him sit on the gurney. All the while, the man was muttering, "Dead men don't bleed".
The coroner took a knife and sliced the man's finger. immediately blood squirted out. The man stared for a moment in amazement, then said, "I'll be damned, dead men do bleed."

Saturday, July 21, 2018


If you survived the 70's, you can't help but know this one.

Friday, July 20, 2018

Stroker Ace

I remember when the movie came out. The opening was the best, loved those old cars and trucks.

Thursday, July 19, 2018

Something mellow

Almost like clockwork

After communist shill Ocassio-Cortez' rant about people having two jobs being the reason for unemployment, we have Princess Fauxahauntus of the Wahknabbian (pronounced Wanna be an)indian tribe comming out and one downing her by saying Americans need four jobs to survive.
Seriously, we used to institutionalize people who were that far withdrawn from reality.
Well, I guess this is the result, when democrats demanded we close the mental health hospitals, conservatives worried they would end up homeless beggars on the streets endangering traffic. Instead, they seem to all be migrating to Washington and the halls of Congress.
If I had a clock this bad, I'd put it in the trash.

Wednesday, July 18, 2018

For dumb

New Hoark's hottest little communist is out proving that she is not the sharpest knife in the drawer. Everyone has two jobs? This little nut job must have the same fact checkers as Mad Maxi-pad and Hank "Guam is gonna tip over" Johnson. First this econ major didn't know jack shit about world affairs, now she is doubling down on the dumb.
The reality is, she is the product of democrat control of the education system. Her teachers failed her, her parents failed her. A government job is probably her only hope at this point. At 28, her chances of making it as a stripper are fading fast, and she is past her prime to be a dim witted trophy bride.... Unless Bernie Sanders decides to seek one.
This marginal candidate is likely to win with between 47 and 70% of the vote. I included the low number because Joe Crawley is still on the ballot under the working families party line. Then again, it is possible the voters in her district see just how dumb this bimbo is and they might vote Joe back in. Given that the republican running isn't RUNNING, it is anybody's guess how bad this election will end. If Anthony Pappas would run just one ad featuring her flubs, he might have a chance. Stranger things have happened.

Appropriate at the time

by 1977 we had figured out what a mistake Jimmy Who was.

But, sad to say, we did get fooled again, and Worthless Willie was the result.

Florida baby

A couple in Florida have reached a settlement with the city over their possession of a van Gogh forgery. The couple had commissioned an artist to paint their home to resemble The Starry Night, but the city code nazi objected. The couple was initially fined more than $10,000 and the city placed a lien on their home. The couple, represented by Pacific Legal Foundation, fought back in Federal court.
I have a couple of questions,
1. Why does the code nazi still have a job?
2. Why is the mayor still in office?
3. Why are taxpayers on the hook for this abuse of property rights by an out of control municipal government?
If the settlement payment was made by the mayor, council and code nazi, I'd bet that there would be fewer cases of abuse like this.

Beyond evil

A Ukrainian immigrant, living in Minnesota, will spend no time in prison after attempting to murder a toddler. There are so many twists to this story it may be impossible to sort out the entire mess.
Shortly after the election in 2016, a Minnesota communist, distraught that HiLlARy the slinky LOST, took a child in her care to the basement of her home, placed a noose around the boy's neck and hung him. She then fled and ran over two men. Luckily, no one died.
Nataliia Karia should have been sentenced to thirteen years in prison for the crimes she committed, but the unjust judge chose instead to place her on probation for ten years. Judging from the articles, neither of the boy's mothers seems to really care that their son's assailant got off nearly scott free.

Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Just got home from Illinois

My wife had an appointment at the Honduran embassy in Chicago on Monday morning to renew her passport. Since she is still a Honduran national, that document is pretty important , and it expired last year. Not wanting to deal with a hotel, we departed Kansas late in the day Sunday and drove through the night with a targeted arrival of 8 Monday morning. Because of construction, lots of construction, in Illinois, we were delayed a little bit. Still, we arrived at the address before 9 aaannnndddd it wasn't there. This is the official address listed on their official web page. BTW, it is the same address we had in 2012 went we went last time, and it had already vacated that property. Looking around, I quickly spotted the place we'd been to before... Its now a clothing store. No, the had another location, and it was a full thirty minutes away. ten blocks, but Chicago traffic. Ok, a little further.
We made it ahead of her appointment though, got in and the place was PACKED. They were working on the 9 O clock appointments and were only half way through them, come back at eleven.
At eleven we got in line again. This time, we got the forms to complete, filled them out, returned them with a copy of her birth certificate and a money order for the new Passport, then it was sit and wait. By 1:30, every one who had been there when we arrived was gone. The place was still over flowing. We got the photo taken about then and we were done.
Last stop was lunch. My wife wanted to treat me to authentic Honduran food, and the recommended restaurant was about six blocks from the old consulate location. Then, with a full belly, it was back to Kansas. So, 22 hours of driving, three hours of sitting on beurocrats, they are the same the world over, throw in time for fuel and bathroom breaks and I had a full day Monday, arriving home just after 2 in the morning Tuesday.. Did I mention I got up Sunday at 5 am?
This afternoon my son called; "Well, I take it you made it back, how was the trip?" I gave him a short run down...
Question two, "So, is Illinois Road head as good as Kansas Road head?"
If his mother ever decided to start dating, I'd bet he would ask any man she traveled with the same question. Might be why she avoids men to this day.
OK, he also asked if I made any contributions to Heyjackass while I was there. Sorry, given Chicago's draconian gun laws, I opted to not make myself available for an extended stay in the former governor's mansion. But, remember the old thing from back in the 80's, 50 bonus points if you leave the shoes break dancing? Didn't get bonus points either.
OK, it's an excuse to throw a little CCR into the mix.

Hello it's me

Just some good older music.

Thought for the Day

I saw that and immediately thought of my first marriage. We only had one fight.... Lasted nineteen years... Thirty six if you consider she is still mad.

Monday, July 16, 2018

Sunday, July 15, 2018

Everybody's Talkin,

Of course, right now every body is talkin' about the treason that happened inside the DOJ and how the communist deep state tried to destroy a Presidency.
For now, here is a distraction.

A complete waste of time

Republicans in Congress are considering impeaching Rotten Rod Rosenstein, the highest ranking remaining seditious scumbag involved in the effort to undermine the 2016 election.
To be clear, I believe that He is guilty of treason, needs to be removed, needs to be charged, tried convicted and executed, but an impeachment at this time is a total waste of time.
Why? It take a 50% threshold in the House to impeach. OK, with 236 of 435 seats, we've got  this, obtaining the impeachment should be a cake walk. Conviction? Not so fast. The Senate is intensely bi-partisan,  and while Republicans hold a slim majority, it takes a 2/3 majority to get a conviction. Lets face facts, shall we? Several members of the republican caucus are about as reliable as a French train. McInsane, who likely would not return for the proceedings would most likely vote to keep him, and there are liberal republicans like Susan Collins and Lindsey Gramnasty. Even if those two voted to impeach, does anyone think the communist cabal led by Chuck the schmuck would vote to remove one of their operatives?
The only way Traitor Rod is gone, is if President Trump Or AG Sessions fires him and escorts him to the door. (I don't think Schmuck is smart enough to sacrifice Rod to save the election.) That would likely spark even more liberal misbehavior.
In terms of actually accomplishing a dang thing, this scores a resounding ZERO. IN terms of political points, we are in an election cycle, and this may help the republican caucus. Plenty of folks have seen just how evil Strzok is, and he worked for Mueller who was appointed and anointed by Rotten Rod.

Saturday, July 14, 2018

Something mellow for a Saturday

Just a thought

Mule ears and Rotten Rod Rose-n-crime held a press conference and reported indictments of another dozen Russian agents whom they claim accessed the DNC, DNCC, and HiLlARy servers.
Why would they do that? To help Trump? If that were the case, it would be the biggest mistake of Vlad's miserable life. The wikileaks docs came from Seth Rich, NOT Russia.
ObamAA- had so many apparatus spying on the Trump campaign it would have been impossible for the Russians to not be aware of it making the chances of them passing anything to DJT a risk not worth taking.
So, why would Russia spy? Dirt? Cankles has a closet full of skeletons that would make the Smithsonian look like a back alley flea market, and not just the slinky, every person in close proximity to her. SAo much dirty crap happening that if CNN had been honest and reported it, they'd have needed four channels fully staffed.
My bet is that Russia thought HiLlARy would win, and they wanted to have things in place for just that. Remember the Meeting at Trump Tower with the Russian spy? The bait and switch? Some one in Russia was setting the Trump campaign up for a scandal, and they nearly pulled it off. That was coordinated through the SCoaMF in the White House and happened with his blessings.
Russia helped team communist, but they also wanted to hedge for the time when they were going to want a favor from the democrats.
That is why the FBI has not had access to the servers. They contain the material which the Russians copied, and that material would be seriously damaging to the dems if the contents were revealed. Sure, the dems control Strzok, Commie, and Rosenstein, but they do not control every agent in the FBI and to put trust in so many people would be unthinkable.
The dems are imploding. Putin, if he wanted, could produce several people who would be identified as persons indicted. Then, demand discovery and watch the fireworks. such a move would create chaos in Washington like you would not believe, and could cripple the United States, especially ou intelligence community much to the benefit of our enemies.
I doubt they will simply because  they reap so much benefit from useful idiots like Maxipad Waters and Nancy P. Lousy. not to mention McInsane and others.

The M-1 Carbine

The M-1 Carbine was a well liked weapon in WW-2. It had it's limitations, but was a weapon that many soldiers loved.

Friday, July 13, 2018

Thursday, July 12, 2018

A Purple Heart for Strzok?

Sure, why not? First he has to earn it. Now to find a worthy enemy of America for him to face that is not himself.
And you thought Mad Maxipad was the only loony tunes democrap in Washington? Add Steve Cohen (D-TN) to the long list.

Where did that come from?

Texas representative Gohmert blasted traitorous snake Strzok today. The serial liar tried to pass off that he was in no way biased in his actions to undermine the 2016 Election.
Dang, that looks familiar!

The dems there could all be played by Willem Defoe.

I am ashamed

In Kansas? How could something like this happen in Kansas? KU has a less than stellar reputation. It is about as left wing as Bezerkly Mexifornia, but still, to desecrate the American flag and live another day, in Kansas?
After outcry from Both republican candidates, they took it "down", that is to say they are sticking it in the Spencer Museum of Art "where we can continue the important conversation it has generated".
Lets have that important conversation, should we A, burn the university to the ground, B, lynch all the staff, C, Post their heads on pikes at the point where each interstate highway enters Kansas?
The leftards were rioting at several Universities a couple years back. Mizzu has seen a sharp decrease in attendance. Why should we, the conservative residents of Kansas fund this crap? Why should it be allowed on a public university campus, and why should the communist staff of KU receive another dime from people who had to work to earn it? NO, I don't actually want any of the staff killed or the property torched, I just want liberals to respect those of us who are forced to fund their delusional lives.
KU, proving once again that CLAMS are the enemy of America and the enemy of humanity. As for Josephine Meckseper, they should take her sorry ass and deposit it in Venezuela so she can develop a greater appreciation for her communist life style.

Anything for attention

Kids want and need attention. It starts the moment they are born when all they can do to express their needs is to scream, usually at the moment you are most stressed, inconvenienced, or otherwise occupied. Some times it is legitimate needs, hungry, a dirty diaper, or just plain uncomfortable. Other times it is the need for love, a hug, attention, affirmation. Those are needs which are just as important, to the child, as food, water, or air.
As kids get older, they wander back and forth, some times they want exactly zero attention, the next moment they want it, undivided, fully focused, unblinking.
I cannot help but wonder, given how hectic we have allowed our lives to become, if some of the transgender BS from kids is mere attention seeking. At eighteen, most kids have no clue what they really want in life. (Continues past fifty, let me tell you...) In the past few years we have had a veritable tsunami of kids coming out as transgender. This has nothing to do with bias, homophobia, embarrassment, or any other reason why people in previous generations were not coming out in the same percentages, This appears to me to all be about attention seeking.
Kids really do that, and often times it comes with a very high risk of injury, disfugurment, and even death. Skateboarding down the steps in front of city hall? Riding the hand rail up to the moment you slipped and got your nuts crushed, and grandma was having a fit that the one they removed meant no grandsons, or conversely, no grand daughter. Yes, I know a guy who had one removed because of a dumb stunt forty years ago. He has sons and daughters, so grandma can rest relieved.
Again, it seems to me, that many of the kids coming out as transgender are doing it for attention purposes. BUT it has consequences. Hormone therapy can cause permanent biological changes that render a person sterile even if they never go under the knife. Judge Joseph Kirby pointed out that many kids transition OUT of gender dysphoria. Leigh and Kylen Whitaker took their daughter to see the judge about a name change. Heidi wanted to become Elliott. The judge told them to put the brakes on it.
If some one wants to destroy or disfigure their body, that is their choice. A dumb one, but theirs. There are a lot of things we don't allow kids to do. Drinking and smoking top the list. Gender disfiguration should be added by statute to that list.
It is time, in my opinion, to put a stop to kids seeking to disfigure themselves and adults who should know better allowing it.
Hormone therapy should not be allowed to take place on anyone younger than twenty. Why twenty? Given the monumental harm it will do to them, nothing should be allowed prior to them becoming an adult. After they reach the age of majority, eighteen in most states, they should be required to live as their birth gender for a period of one year. Not forced to have sex, or even date, just live, dress and pretend to be a man, if you were born with testicles, or a woman if you were born with XX chromosomes. The person should be required to attend regular therapy sessions and discuss the problems they are encountering and why they want to switch.
After a year, allow them to live for a years as the opposite sex, but no hormone therapy yet.  Then, after a year, allow them to destroy their body, trash the temple of their adult being. By that point, they should be old enough to understand that a transition is irreversible, and only sustainable with chemical intervention, that once they go under the knife, they will be unable to father children, bear children, and pass on the genetics that they were bestowed with.
As for Heidi's parents, if they wanted a son that bad, they could have, 1, tried again, 2, adopted, 3, apreciated the daughter GOD gave them and gotten help for her when what ever demons invaded her life convinced her she was a he.

Todays Funny

Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Tuesday, July 10, 2018

You can only scrape the bottom for so long

The communist infested democrat party has been scraping bottom for quite a few years now.Back in 92 we had Worthless Willie and Slinky his enabling wife raping and scraping their way from Little Rock to the White House.
They followed that up with the bozo reverend Al Gore of the church of glowbull Warming, funded in part by Chinese monks.
Next up was Swift boat Kerry and his self inflicted Purple Hearts. Did you know he served in Vietnam???
That of course led to the Kenyan born Indonesian dope head, then to his traitorous Former Secretary of State.
This is no slippery slope, this is power diving off a cliff into rocks! This is scraping the bottom of the barrel clean!
So, once you have scraped the bottom clean out of the barrel, what do you do next? Ahem. WTF, they've had the Indian vote sewn up since Custer.


Todays Funny

Monday, July 9, 2018

On this day

On July 9, 1944 The island of Saipan was declared secure. General Holland "Howlin Mad" Smith defeated the forces commanded by Admiral Nagumo, who had directed the attack on Pearl Harbor.
Saipan gave us a taste of what lay ahead if we had to invade the Japanese home islands. Please read the linked article and note what Japan had prepared for us had we invaded. Then, thank GOD that we had the atomic bombs which in reality prevented much greater loss of life. Had Operation Downfall become a reality, more than a million Americans likely would have become casualties. Tough number? Consider how many Japanese would have chosen to perish rather than face defeat. Japan might well have been reduced to an unsustainable number, defacto genocide, but by their demand, not ours.
In tribute:
PFC Carl Dearborn (address unknown) of the 4th Marine Division which went over the Saipan beachhead should be cited and left for the historians to ponder. It is titled: I Died For You Today.

I died for you today on a far off Pacific Island.
If you are concerned, to say the least, I'll tell you who I am...
I'm the soldier and the sailor - I'm the airman and Marine...
I'm the life blood of your nation - you sent me to this scene...
I'm the one who loads the Amtracks...I'm the pilot, just as well...
I'm the dedicated corpsman saving leathernecks who fell...
I'm the trooper of the airborne, I'm the Seabee with a trade...
I'm the wiry American medic dodging steel to give first aid...
I'm the tail gunner in the airplane, I'm the crew chief and the crew...
I'm the cannoneer and mortar man in the field defending you...
I'm the man of different races clinging to a rumbling tank...
I'm Catholic, Jew and Protestant, and I serve in every rank...
Call me Dominic, Smith or Kelly or pronounce my foreign name...
And regardless of my color - When I'm hurt, I bleed the same...
I'm Indian and I'm Mexican. I'm Polish, Dutch, Italian and Greek...
I'm every inch American and your freedom's what I seek...
I'm the southern boy from Florida, I'm the northern lad from Maine...
I've toiled in Georgia's orchards, and I've cut Montana's grain...
I came from every walk of life - from mountains to the slums...
I've lived, by God, through dust and drought, and I've prayed aloud for rain.
I've known hardship and depression; still I've watched our country grow...
But when Uncle Sam came calling I was proud that I could go...
I've watched demonstrations and the people who protest...
And I said "Thank God for freedom!" - my country's still the best...
So take your banners and your slogans. Raise your placards to the sky...
I'll defend your right to do it... Though in doing it. I'll die...
I'm your fathers - sons - and brothers...I'm the arm of Uncle Sam...
And I died for you today, my friend...On an Island called Saipan...

Sunday, July 8, 2018

It's a HiLlARy town

Prosecutors have dismissed charges against most of the  more than 200 communist protesters who were arrested in Washington when President Trump was inaugurated. Twenty one of the scum pleaded guilty, but the rest demanded trials. In the cases that made it to trial, jurors refused to convict anyone. Washington is as blue as they come. Even the republicans there are communists, and they aligned with their deep state pals want President Trump to fail.
That President Trump has ant victories is a testament to his skills as a leader, businessman, and negotiator. He is trying to drain the swamp, but he unfortunately is up to his asshole in alligators. No surprise I guess. He knew it going in but he went anyway.  While not on par with the fire fighters who marched in to the World Trade Center, it is the very same mentality, a man who will put aside personal gain and do what is best for his country.
Meanwhile, the violence continues unabated in places where they feel they are safe from court actions. Don't think we are in a civil war? Think again. The shooting started, what has not happened is people who love this country shooting back. Thanks to the Police and others who are trying to control this. Shame on the people who would encourage this sort of behavior, and especially those who refuse to punish evil and instead call it good.

So actually they have TWO or more serious mental health problems

Md Mag reports that kids who identify as transgender have more mental health issues than cisgendered kids. Who Knew? Actually, a lot of experts have been saying that gender dysphoria should be treated in the same way as anorexia. We would never encourage a skinny kid who believes they are too fat to diet, such a thing would soon result in them starving to death or causing serious permanent damage. Yet we have boys taking dress up too far, and girls playing guy getting out of control, and we encourage it?
I have said it before and I'll say it again, destroying your genitals won't switch your sex, it will only render you sterile. And yes, I still think that in some cases, it is a good thing. What kind of parent is ok with that? What is wrong with a person who sees their child doing that and knowing they will be unable to reproduce says yes, son, get your nuts chopped off for posterity.
On the plus side, the vast majority of the ones doing this are liberals, so many many mental health issues is what we are seeing here. Thus sterility is a good thing.

Laugh of the Day

Saturday, July 7, 2018

Add a name to the list PLEASE

President Trump has a list of potential nominees for the Supreme Court. They are among the most conservative judges, lawyers, and Senators in the nation. Several are reputed to be never Trumpers, but President Trump has indicated he would consider them because they stand firm on the Constitution regardless of their personal feelings toward him.
One name is not on the list that maybe should be there. He has already served the President in examining the voter fraud that likely shifted the popular vote in states like California enough that though it did not effect the outcome of the election, created an illusion that the electoral college is failing us, when in fact, it is doing exactly what it was intended to do and limiting the power that one or a few states can exercise.
Of course, I am referring to Kris Kobach who is running for governor here in Kansas. While he is a little old to be swinging into a SCOTUS seat, he is 52, he is also a person who could be influential for at least the next thirty years with a strong conservative bent.
Kansans are going to have to choose between him and Colyer who, while not a lawyer, has been deep in conservative politics for quite some time and is poured from the same mold.
At this point, I will likely vote for Colyer. Not because I don't like Kris, but because I feel he would better serve our nation at the federal level. If not a judge, tap him to Justice and have him do what Sessions isn't. That nomination would send Liarwatha into orbit.

HaaVhaduh's token savage is at it again

Liarwatha, Princess of the Wahknabbian (pronounced Wanna be an) Indian tribe is attacking President Trump's coming pick to head the EPA. With the resignation of Scott Pruitt due to unrelenting harassment and intimidation, Our President has yet another vacancy. While the EPA is largely a useless thugocracy intended to stifle economic growth and foster the globalist shunting of industry to regions with low wages and lower economic standards, the fact remains that we the people are stuck with them at least for the present.
Fauxcahontas is demanding that the head of the EPA be some one gullible enough to believe the lies about man made climate change. Hate to tell ya, but you represent exactly 1% of the votes whether or not to approve the next head of the EPA. And that is 1% more than it should be. Now be nice, and go bite Chuck the schmuck. With luck, rabies will claim both of you.

Laugh of the Day

One I can sing as well as the original artists

Growing up I was always told I was a terrible singer. After graduating high school though, I never heard that again. To a man they say I can't sing at all.

Now, to be sure, I can't play it near like these guys did, in fact, were it not for boom boxes, I couldn't carry a tune, and If I tried a drum, I'd probably be off key there too.

Friday, July 6, 2018

More from Murphey

Love the intro to this.

Guess the race

We had an amber alert today! about three this afternoon, my phone and dang near everyone in the Midwest chirped because a thirteen year old girl in Lenexa disappeared with a 22YO male. They went missing on Wednesday. Talk about a swift notification! /sarc The alert was canceled about 5:15 this evening when the Minnesota department of criminal apprehension nabbed Deshon White and the juvenile in St Paul Minnesota.
When the alert went out, I reminded those in close proximity that the standard rule is, 15 for 10 will get you 20. It used to be, 15 for 10 will get you shot, but that aint PC no more.
The two met online. The juvie was living with her father who tried to stop it, but she moved in with her mother to continue the relationshit with White who claimed he was sixteen. In my opinion, the girl needs to spend a few weeks in a facility under strict lock and key, then be remanded to her father with limited contact with the mother who allowed this.
As for White, why can't we castrate him?

Like a kid with a stick

President Trump is again poking communism's smartest cookie Liarwatha Warren. During a rally this week, the President made fun of Fauxahontis' claim of Native America heritage, and said that if she would take a DNA test, AND it confirmed she has native American blood, that he would personally donate $1,000,000 to the charity of her choice.
This should be easy, but not for the smartest democrat not named Clinton. Instead, the factually challenged Senator from massiveclueless shot back about The President's immigration police using DNA test kits to determine the parentage of the flood of diaper monsters washing up on our border, saying, "While you obsess over my genes, your Admin is conducting DNA tests on little kids because you ripped them from their mamas & you are too incompetent to reunite them in time to meet a court order."
Massive fail! anyone who reads the real news knows that many of the kids are not accompanied by their parents, and that many are simply props to be used in case the invaders get caught.
Aint it amazing how every time she opens her mouth she switches feet? Maybe she is planning to enter an ass kicking contest as a one legged man.

Laugh of the day

Thursday, July 5, 2018

Wednesday, July 4, 2018

Probably my favorite movie opening

Any guesses why I like this?

Should have posted this back on Memorial Day

Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday America, and also to my friend Dale who turns 76 today. This one's for you buddy.

Tuesday, July 3, 2018

Monday, July 2, 2018

One more sign California schools are FUBAR

A UCLA professor was found dead in November 2017. The professor died during a bondage ritual in which he was mummified in plastic wrap and gaffers tape. Think about that. this guy taught at UCLA. He was teaching impressionable young adults about world art, but also active in the LGBTQ structure at the university.
The sad part is, there are many more like him, and California isn't the only state with this kind of massive infestation of goofy abnormalities. And l9iberals want even more access for them to our kids. Right now, less than half of high school graduates attend college. Folks like fauxahontis want to make them accessible to everyone for free. This accomplishes two things, more exposure to abnormal folks like Doran George, and a massive payday for people like him. College professors don't work cheap, if you want to call that work.


Sunday, July 1, 2018

Inside the "mind" of a liberal reporter

No embed link, you have to go to her channel to view it.

Angel of the Morning

Don't think this is the galactic insane asylum?

Let's take a look shall we? After every election, the losing side examines their policies, platform, and candidates to determine why they lost. In 2008 republicans unwisely chose McInsane John for their candidate, his turn yada yada yada. Voters took a look at the history of both, and while there was darn near none on Barry, there was enough on the Vietnamese ace to let folks know he was as left as any democrap had ever gone.
Failing to learn their lesson, in 2012, republican establishment opted to run Mittens McRomneycare, a POS who made Barry appear almost sane... and lost again.
2016 rolls around, and what happens? Well, rank and file republicans, fed up with liberal infiltraitors rebelled and chose Donald Trump. The general electorate as well decided that he was a better choice than HiLlARy.
Now the shoe is on the other foot. What do democraps do? Why did they lose? Is it that HiLlARy is so repugnant? So criminal, so evil? Or is it their strategies, their message? Probably both, but bearing in mind that the slinky is in the running for 2020 tells you where their minds might be. President Trump's policies are working so far. Businesses are coming back, the job situation has improved, Criminals are being dealt with, North Korea appears ready to come in from the cold.
Again, what do democraps do? Voters in New York kicked the incumbent Joe Crowley to the curb. Good move. Good move? They are replacing him on the ballot with a communist who makes Bernie seem like a conservative. The message thus far from liberals is they want to go full Cuba, or is that Venezuela? and embrace the very worst aspects of communism, the things even Hugo Chavez kept quiet until he had consolidated power.
Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez sounds like she was trained in Caracas or Havana, not in a United States school. OK, given the leanings of most college professors, maybe I should not put it like that. Even socialist candidates seeking reelection are sounding off against the policies which have improved the living standard for their rank and file and vowing to stop America from becoming great again.
So what we are seeing in the insanity of politics is the leaders refusing to accept that their choices were wrong. Just as the republicans did in 2012, and attempted in 23016, communists inside the democrap party are doubling down on losing, taking their policies further left and pushing cankles to run yet again. I'd say 2020 will be a cake walk, but corruption and fraud will rear their ugly heads yet again.

Must be fake news

Breitbart reports that a runoff election in Texas has been invalidated because of voter fraud. Why would that be fake news? Well, because it was a democrat primary for a justice of the peace. Democrats swear up and down there is voter fraud..... Unless Donald Trump wins.... in which case it's not voter fraud, it is the Rooskies who bribe HiLlARy stealing it from her.
This isn't a prison planet, it's the galactic insane asylum.