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Eating their own

It is almost fun to watch as the leftards devour themselves. This weeks target de jour is fakebook. Aparently the far left socialist media site is not far enough left to suit Nancy P. Lousy. It seems that a video which has been altered to show her in an even worse light, a hard thing to do, has been making the rounds among conservatives who have not yet dumped socialism's favorite indoctrination station.
For a video to show San Fran Nan in an even worse light is an amazing feat.
Having her going bonkers makes it even sweeter. Sweetest of all is that the folks running the masturbaters of the Universe think they are the rightful arbiters of all things to decide what is good and evil, especially on the internet.
Do I enjoy this? of course, this is almost as much fun as watching video of HiLlARy falling down steps, or getting tossed in the back of her Whambulance in NYC. Oh if only we had some funny clips of Creepy uncle Joe, but video of him touching children is mildly very disturbing.

Chain gang

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Chevy Van

How high's the water mama?

We've had a rather wet spring here. Portions of the country North of here drain down through Manhattan by way of the Blue River and Tuttle Creek reservoir. With the down stream conditions, the Corps of Engineers has been holding water in Tuttle Creek. the lake is now approaching FULL. In less than four days, given the current inflow, the Corps of Engineers will be forced to begin releasing water from the dam.
What! The! HELL??? Did they not learn anything from 1993? This is a replay. Since they will be forced to begin discharging water at the same rate as it is coming in, the downstream communities are about to get screwed big time. The Corps should have learned something from 93. They did NOT.
If they had begun releasing water 45 days ago at a rate equal to the normal flow of the river, we would not be in this situation. Yes, some areas down stream would have taken it in the shorts. FEMA designates flood plains for a reason. You should not be building in those areas no matter how juicy the location is.
A lot of foolish decisions have been made by people in the Corps of Engineers. Those decision makers should loose their jobs and forfeit their retirement. It does not come close to the cost of damages that will be sustained in the coming days, but the reward for incompetence should be a long time standing in the funemployment line.

A Sacred Day

There is nothing Happy about Memorial Day. It is intended to honor the men and women who served and gave their last full measure in the preservation of freedom. Today we should mourn with the families of the fallen those great men and women. From Christopher Snider to the latest fallen hero of our many brush wars against mainstream Islam, every one of them left family and friends behind for the sake of this nation.

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Cool Change

Searching for nony

Don Surber has a pet troll who is constantly spewing the George Soros nazi approved FNN byline. I think I may have stumbled on a group photo of him and his fellow trolls.
nony the ninny, when you see this, please comment as to which one is you so I can vote for you for the employee of the moment. Most places have an employee of the month, but bottom dwellers like Nony usually can't keep it together for thirty days straight.

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Let the lawsuits begin

Colorado's idiot governor signed into law, a bill which would allow anyone who imagines they are not being paid equally to sue. In other words, a woman who works with male coworkers could file a grievance even if she does not know what they are being paid. Equal pay has been the law for fifty years. Why does this keep creeping onto the dumb-as-crap party's platform?
The simple truth is that while men and women are supposed to be paid the same, and in 99.999% of cases, they are, women earn less simply because they work fewer hours.
For example, at my present job, there is one female employee. She is a journeyman electrician, so she is paid the same scale as me. She is also a foreman, so she gets a 10% premium. BUT, I work overtime, she does not. So, she puts in 40 hours and gets paid for 44 straight time. I work 56 and get paid for 40 straight, and 16 at time and a half. So, if the scale were $10 an hour, each week, she would gross $440 and I would gross $640 creating an earnings gap of $200 per week, or $10,400 per year.
The linked article notes that evil google, did research on their own practices and discovered that in most cases, they paid the men less.
The insanity of this law will shutter many small businesses. Shops which cannot afford legal aid will be destroyed whether they are in the right or not. When that happens,every one loses.

Time Passages

Why do we have paid vacations and holidays?

I have been self employed most of the time since 2004. During that period I've had several part time helpers. As a small business, I have struggled at times to make bills. There were weeks and some times months with little work, or clients who were slow to pay. When things were busy, they were extremely busy. Being in a college town meant that summer was slow for retailers, but insane for contractors. Since summer was the time for vacations and such, I had a choice, make money or spend money I had not yet made. Obvious choice.
This weekend, Memorial Day, marks the kick off of summer. College is out, most schools are done for the year. The weather is perfect... Maybe. So what once was a time to commemorate those who had given their last full measure for freedom has become a day of cooking on the grill and traveling to the hottest vacation spot for a few days of lazy pleasure. And for many, all on the company dime.
The socialism loving writers at SeeBS are bemoaning the fact that the United States does not have laws mandating paid vacations and holidays. One in four workers will not receive pay for Monday.They won't get a dollar when they decide to take time off from work and travel. They will, instead, have to save,budget, and plan their finances so they  can do things like that.
By contrast, the socialism infested nations of Europe provide force employers to give their workers anywhere from twenty to thirty days of vacations. then, to top off the crazy,employers must also give paid holidays. Fourteen in Spain. to a low of one in France, but the frogs already get thirty days vacations and a thirty hour work week.
Sound good? What such a thing would do is stifle  small business growth. already the majority of small business startups fail.Mandating paid vacations and holidays would doom many businesses. It wold also drive up the cost of everything we produce nationally. Yup, makes Chinese goods produced by near slave labor in sweatshops where they live in subhuman conditions more attractive while diminishing the jobs which provide funds for people here to buy with.
Just consider, if a person can produce 100 widgets per hour, the cost of a widget should equal 1/100th of an hour's wages, plus materials plus reasonable profits, plus  transportation, stocking, retail costs and taxes. But if we become like Spain, that widget is now 365/326 or 1.12 times more money. WRONG! The correct figure is 261/222 or 1.18 times more money Just for the production labor. Then factor in the additional costs of labor in transporting,stocking and retailing, and that would drive the costs up substantially.  need it in a hurry? If one of those fourteen holidays intervene, you will wait an additional one to four days depending on when it falls in the week.
Are we crazy? In a word yes. Socialism is on the rise here. the cretins in congress will soon be forcing businesses to just that unless We the People send them packing. If we don't, Anal Oral Cross connected's next green new deal will mandate 261 days of paid vacation because factories produce environmental damaging CO2 when they operate... And besides, China needs the money...
If you are one of the 3/4 of Americans who get a paid holiday on Monday, congratulations. Enjoy it. Or spend it in remembrance of those who made this nation possible.

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Gear jammer

Sicker by the day

Not me, Jim Carrey. The failed comedian turned artist , in his latest work, accurately depicts an abortion procedure with the face of  Alabama Governor Kay Ivey on the infant.
Is that not a call for death? he then captioned his vile piece, "I think if you are going to terminate a pregnancy it should be done sometime before the fetus becomes Governor of Alabama." By that one can reason that it would be A-Okay with sick minded Jim if Kay had been slaughtered in the womb, murdered in childhood, or assassinated at anytime before she ascended to the Governorship.
The man has been overboard on his attacks on President Trump. He hates conservatives. he glorifies the murder of innocent babies for the convenience of the mother.
Jim has come a long way since he portrayed a person of intellect far superior to his in Dumb and Dumber. So sad he has progressed the wrong way.
If you don't believe liberalism is a mental disorder, look at his various depictions and ask yourself, would a sane person do all that? Get help Jim. if you can't find some one to relieve your troubled mind, go to Mexico and make crazy statements about the cartels. After all, Didn't you say that if trump was elected you'd leave?  So many of you Hollywood freaks have chimed in I don't rightly remember.

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Get it on

The rules do not apply

When workers at a car rental in Prescott Arizona reported they'd found drug paraphernalia in a returned vehicle in 2016 Police briefly investigated, then declined to prosecute. Although the crack pipe and some powder were found along with identification clearly naming the person who'd rented the vehicle,  it was determined to be not a big deal.
The case has become relevant today because the man who rented and returned the vehicle was Hunter Biden, the son of Creepy Joe Biden. Hunter had been previously dishonorably discharged from the Navy for failing a drug screening.
Why was the case dropped? Does Prescott like the flow of illegal drugs flowing like water over our southern border? Was it because of the link between the subject, real name Robert Biden, and the thin skinned vengeful occupant of the White House?
Might such an arrest make waves for the HiLlARy campaign which despite press reports,was floundering like a drunken sailor?
Regardless, Hunter escaped justice. Has he escaped his addiction to destructive drugs? That foreign nations have squandered millions to him and Ketchup's kid in order to buy favor makes this all the worse.
The 2020 race is heating up. Creepy Joe is the front runner among the slithering species for now. While one part of me wishes this would be the straw that breaks his campaign, another hopes hie survives to the nomination. It would be fun to watch a debate between him and President Trump. What I think makes Joe viable is that he is not identity based unless of course, NAMBLA is the main group backing him. He has all the appeal of Jeff Dunham's Walter, but less than half the puppet's personality, wit, charm and intellect.
I'd say may the best man win, but as far as the donk's primary goes, so far they have fielded NONE.

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Time to go after the enimedia as well

Shortly after Donald john Trump was elected, Jimmy the weasel Comey was dispatched to give him a briefing. Included in the brief was a tidbit about the Russian collusion hoax. that was then leaked to the media which reported on it as part of the meet between Commie and the President elect. The reports in the news were then used to apply or FISA surveillance and in the months following many leaks of false information were passed out to the media who embellished these ridiculous clams and gave them a life of their own.
It now looks like there may be prosecutions of individuals in the FBI and DOJ for their rolls in attempting to overthrow a duely elected President.
There are still many people believing the Russian collusion hoax. Why? Simple, the enimedia is not coming clean. the truth is out there, but many people are too lazy, or too busy to go in search of it. Some are not computer, others trust the media because they have never been shown real hard evidence of the truth.
Case in point, my middle brother still believes that George Zimmerman stalked Travon Martin and killed him in cold blood. He does not know that St Skittles stalked Martin, jumped him, and was pummeling him while sitting on top of him. He also believes that George did not have a permit to carry concealed. The reason he believes that is because the media is more focused on narrative than on truth.
Just as they did in the 1850's, the media today is not reporting the true facts. In many ways they are the tip of the spear in the ongoing effort to transform America into a banana republic Hugo Chavez could be proud of.
In all the BS that has gone on the last almost three years, several of the things the media has done are crimes. Publishing unsourced private communications such as tax returns is a violation of privacy. printing lies is bad, printing the "leaks" that came from team mule ears, the FBI and DOJ types is far worse.
None dare call it treason. screw it, I will call it treason.
repubicans are pretty much used to being walked on by the press. It's time to change that and demand fair and balanced reporting, and I don't mean the crap Murdochs kids pass off as such.

In the Year 2525

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Time to defund PBS

For many years the public broadcast has been a platform for ultraliberal and left wing propaganda. Recently the kid's show Arthur had a character come out as pervert err gay. The character Ratburn is a school teacher. go figger. We all know by now that teaching is a plum position for child predators, and now we have a "gay teacher" getting married shoved down the throats of our kids. Your kids, mine don't watch Pure Bull Shit. never let them.
The Bible takes a strong stance on homosexuality, and while I may not act like a Christian too often, I still do believe in GOD, accept Jesus as my savior, and condemn the things GOD condemns in Scripture. yes, I definitely need a Savior.
A lot of people claiming to be Christian want to focus on love, but affirming behavior GOD condemns is not loving some one. That behavior has them on the path away from GOD and heaven. Loving them is pointing out their sin, then pointing them back to GOD. That is what Nathan the Prophet did when David sinned with Bathsheba. he did not say, Aww, its ok you had Uriah killed so you could take his beautiful wife. That is what we should do with those who claim to be Christians yet hold to the things GOD forbids.
Those people like to marginalize the letters of Paul, yet in II Peter 3:16 Peter, the Rock,confirms that Paul writes with authority from GOD. And, the condemnation on homosexuality is also found in the Old Testament , so yes, homosexuality is a perversion condemned by GOD.
We once were a Christian nation. We once were a people bless by GOD. we can be again. Sadly, I don't believe we will.

Hold your head up

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Kickstart my heart

More sleaze from the scandal free administration

The feds indicted Pras Michel for funneling more than $21 million to the 2012 reelection campaign of Barry Soetoro. Pras Michel together with Jho Low transferred money from foreign entities to straw men who then donated to the campaign of our worst pResident. MORE
 In 2008 there were several reports of illegal donations coming in to Barry's campaign. I have never seen where any of them were investigate. For 2012 they got a little smarter and channeled the funds through these two creeps instead. I am glad they got busted. Would love it if they turned up a tie to creep Joe Bidet err Biden.

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Is this the end of the line?

The United States has had a pretty good run. After nearly 247 years corruption and decay are chewing away at the fabric of trust that is critical for a nation to survive. From humble beginnings to super power,  we've had it all. For most of my life the biggest fear has been that the USSR or China would nuke us to glowing ash. The USSR collapsed, China, while nearing super power status is also experiencing severe internal strife. We have no real enemy, yet we have a thriving fifth column. Our threat today comes, not from without, but from within.
One world government lies somewhere over the horizon. If you believe the Bible, you know it is so. GOD does not lie. many people want to carve us into the future as some spoiler, a force for good in times of evil.
Looking at our own recent news headlines, it is clear to me that ill not be the case. Suffer the children? The children suffer and die every day in what should be the safest place on earth and the one having them killed is the one who should love them the most with out reservation.
Homosexuality abounds.GOD condemns homosexuality. Immorality abounds as well. Men who are not sleeping with other men are sleeping with other women, and people have the audacity to make them heroes instead of pariahs.
Men not satisfied with being men are having their balls hacked off, their penis inverted, taking hormones and claiming to be women. Women unhappy with being women are also attempting to reverse nature. Yet with out daily drug intervention, all they are is a mutilated caricature of a human, one that will never reproduce. That may be the only blessing in the sordid affair.
These people are not happy to merely live their lives and be ignored though. They demand recognition above and beyond what is normal. They demand affirmation of their sick nature and that it be called normal. A new normal. The guilty flee where none pursue them. So it is with those who are doing these things. Their own worst enemy is their own conscience. When they look into your yes, they know, just know you do not approve of them. it is not you though, it is their own trouble conscience gasping in throes of death as it tries to right the ship of their insanity.
Our own government has become our worst enemy. How can anyone know that the FBI agent who is investigating an allegation of misconduct is above reproach? Can we rest assured that the prosecutor handling any case is honest? Every one of them owe a certain amount of debt to the heads of the respective offices, and those at the top in the DOJ and FBI have turned out to be enemies of the people.
Just as what happened in 1930's Germany swept evil into every corner, so too it has happened to us. Where is the outrage? When Hitler abolished all political parties save the nazis, very few people objected. When our government was used as a bludgeon on the heads of citizens merely exercising their right to representative government, it should have been clear the nation was in serious peril.
Many people are looking to AG Barr to save the day. I'm not. He is a creature of this mess.  The only possibility is some one who has no connections to the swamp. A person with an impeccable pedigree, a person with a heart of stone and nerves of steel. a man who cannot be bought,cannot be blackmailed, cannot be compromised. find him, and the Senate will not confirm him.
So,where do we turn? The courts have yet to weigh in, and surely the judges in the FISA courts are pissed. They were lied to, deceived with false documentation to approve the attacks, the surveillance on President Trump and his campaign.
Remember, while they sought to undermine President Trump, they also undermined us. The trust os broken. How will any judge be able to look a defendant in the eyes and hand down a conviction knowing full well that people who lied to the courts, to congress, and to the American people were caught and went unpunished? Will they too fold in the same way the courts of Germany bowed to Hitler? We know Supreme injustice of the court John Roberts has folded. We know that the likes of Ruth Ginsberg, Elena Keegan and Sonya Sotomayor are not forces for good. So where does that leave us as a nation?

Long cool woman