Wednesday, October 31, 2018

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Little Duece coupe

Haloween meme

Kinda make you wonder

A professor at Texas A&M University was giving  a lecture on the supernatural. To get a feel for his audience he asks "How many people here believe in ghosts?" About 90 students raise their hands. "Well, that's a good start. Out of those who believe, do any of you think you have seen a ghost?" About 40 students raise their hands. "That's really good. I'm really glad you take this seriously. Has anyone here ever talked to or touched a ghost?" About 3 students raise their hands. "That's fantastic. Now let me ask you one question further... have any of you ever made love to a ghost?" Way in the back, Abdul raises his hand. The professor takes off his glasses, and says, "Son, in all the years I've been giving this lecture, no-one has ever claimed to have made love to a ghost. You've got to come up here and tell us about your experience." The big student replied with a nod and a grin, and began to make his way up to the podium. When he reached the front of the room, the professor asks, "So Abdul, tell us what it's like to have sex with a ghost!" Abdul replied, "Ah sorry. From way back there, I thought you said 'goats'!"

Promises promises

Every time I see a story like this I think of the old song:
If these people were one bit honest, Hollywood would be a desolate wasteland. We've been hearing this from the liberal entertainment elite for decades.
Canada doesn't deserve them. Sure, Justin, both of em, is a douche, but the Canadian people for the most part are good folks.
Babs should move to Venezuela instead and experience the full fruit of the socialism she so desires. Get. Gone. Bitch.

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Tuesday, October 30, 2018

Is Don Lemon the stupidest person at Fake News Central?

Don the moron said, " I don't see democrats killing people over politics". He also tried to pawn the Tree of Life killer off as a republican. Never mind that the guy hated President Trump almost as much as Lemonade does.
The Daily wire article quoted him as saying, "I don't see democrats killing people". Since I refuse to watch Communist Noise, I'm not sure which is correct. If the wire. all I can say is Chiraq.
The socialist shills with a mic have been calling for violence against conservatives for over two years. There have been ample death threats, some directed at the man most responsible for correcting the massive damage done by the SCoaMF. They, including Lemon and many of his colleagues should be in either a prison cell, or a mental institution. They are pushing for a civil war. some of their better representatives have had pictures taken of them with a likeness of a dismembered President. During the 2016 campaigns numerous members of their brownshirts, with faces hidden, assaulted attendees at a number of Republican rallies. These occurred in full sight of Socialist union member police who stood by and did absolutely nothing. That no one died from these attacks is a miracle.
The sad answer to my question though  is no. He is one of their smarter retards.

Rocky Mountain High

News from Washington

The former President was out jogging this morning along the Potomac. Unfortunately, due to some ice, he slipped and fell in. Before the Secret Service detail could grab him, currents pulled him down river.

Three boys in a row boat, saw Mr.Obama, and quickly rowed over to him, and pulled him into the boat.

The expresident, grateful, said to to them, "Thank you, boys. I would like to give you each something for saving my life." So he asks the first boy, "What would you like, son?"

The boy replies, "I always wanted a pair of Jordan Air Nike's"

Obama replies, "Son, I'll get you a pair and have Michael Jordan sign them for you".

The second boy says, "I always wanted to go to Disney World"

Obama says, "Son, I'll fly you and your family there on George Soros' personal jet".

The third boy says, "Well, I'd like a power wheelchair, with a High Def TV attached, surround sound, and a drink holder"

Obama looks at the boy and says, "Son, you aren't handicapped, why in the world would you want that?"

The boy answers, "Because when my Dad finds out I saved your ass, I'm gonna need it"

Just a bunch of criminals

While the fake media tries to present the north bound invasion force as asylum seekers, the facts keep jumping out that these people are looking for work not asylum and that many are deported criminals. The size of the mob varies depending on source as between 5,000 and 17,000. I know that sounds like a huge number. Our Border Patrol catches on average 1,450 every day. factor that with a thirty day trek from the Guatemala border, and you have some where approaching 50,000 invaders spread across Mexico at an given time. This band of bozo's is sucking in migrants as they proceed north.
The average migrant spends between $5,000 and $10,000 traveling to the United Sates. That is big money for Mexico and the cartels, and big bribes for the politicians who choose to be part of the problem rather than the solution.
Our current system is geared toward importing upper class folks, the kind we know are socialist influenced while not being helpful to those who are lower class and poor. True that we don't need more poor begging and grifting. What we do need from time to time are workers who are not afraid to get dirty. Most of our crap jobs are better than they can hope for in Central America.
One big change we need to make is making all immigrants ineligible for public assistance to include assistance from churches and other NGO organizations. Simple logic is that the money would go further spent in Central America than in Chiraq. All the churches need do is get past the corruption that infests those foreign spaces.
Stop the free stuff, and many will not want to come here.
As for this gang of criminals bent on returning, since many are claiming asylum, they cannot automatically be rejected and must be given hearings. We can only hold them in detention centers for a short  time, and if they have kids, it gets even more complicated. No problem, set up a processing center in Hawaii. The judges there seem to like them, let them deal with them. We could house them all on the Big Island, and while they are there, they could volunteer to help with repairs from the recent volcano eruptions. Hawaii also has a serious problem with wild hogs. These people are not averse to eating pork, so they could supplement their food rations by hunting a few (thousand) of the little piggies who aint made it to market.
Staffing the Hawaii court would also be simple, require every judge to take a working vacation for two weeks in Hawaii and set up a rotation.
We wouldn't need to worry about them running far, that's for darn sure, and they won't be swimming to the mainland.

Don't trust anyone under 30 either

A majority of U.S. college students report often feeling “intimidated” to disagree with professors who express their own personal political or social beliefs while teaching classes.
Colleges today are all about brainwashing our children. Kids who disagree are often verbally berated, beaten down and isolated by the professors. When you have a majority of students feeling intimidated, it is a clear indication that the free flow of ideas is dead in colleges.
The good news in those numbers is that the majority likely hold conservative views and values. It is pretty obvious that the vast majority of faculty on college campuses are extremely left socialists. The majority are not afraid to waste valuable teaching time spouting their political views.
Even worse, we get a lot of them wanting to run for political office. Right now in my area, we have a lefty named Sage Tebeest running. She led an effort to purge the local democrat party of moderates. While not as vocal and active as her contemporaries in places like Berkley, she is just as communist in her beliefs. from what I have read and heard about her.
Her rise in community activism has centered on a poorly designed intersection on hwy 24 that has resulted in several fatal crashes. People hear about that. they don't know about her actions within her party.
She is one of many from Kansas State(ist) University who actively participate in public government while being paid as university staff and colleges encourage this. My belief is that if you are a government employee, and take an elected position, you should be required to resign from your other position. It applies to those who are senators and are appointed as Attorney General, it should also apply to city and county commissioners.
Our colleges have always been left of reality. The term CLAMs was coined before the culture revultion err revolution of the 60's. It is worse now. The people on campuses have never had to work real jobs for a living. They live in a world of theory and fantasy. When we suffered under the Obamunism, they remained insulated in their cushy ivory towers never feeling the impact of his economic policy disasters.
The advice to students given in the last paragraph is trust no one over thirty. Frankly, if 44% of your classmates hold differing views, don't trust them either.

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Sunday, October 28, 2018


Back in the mid 80's BJ Thomas played in Manhattan for the arts in the Park. Well, it was a gloomy cloudy evening. Storms were in the forecast, but there was a large turn out to enjoy the music. As B.J. was ready to wrap up his show, the first drops fell. Appropriately, the final song was raindrops. So much fun, watching two little girls dancing to the music.

Democrats killing democrats but it's all Trump's fault

Robert Bowers, the maniac who opened fire inside Tree of Life Synagogue was a Trump hating typical liberal. Well, not exactly. He owned guns and knew how to shoot them and had no prior brushes with the law. Your typical democrat either hates guns and gun owners, or, if he has them, possesses them illegally as he is a convicted felon ala Chicongo or Detoilet.
It is also a recognized fact that the majority of religious Jews are socialists and vote reliably democrat.
So how is it that a deranged typical democrat walking into a house of worship and opening fire is the fault of our President?
Churches with conservative values have people in the congregation who are armed. Some of the mega churches pay for police presence during their services as much for traffic control as to deter Satan's children from attending.
Even some liberal congregations have armed security. The Wichita church where Killer Tiller was brought to justice had several. Didn't help Gosnell's mini me, but Scott Roeder been intent on killing others, he would not have gotten far.
Every thing is President Trump's fault. From 2009 to 2017 nothing that happened was the fault of the SCoaMF. to blame him for anything was RACIST. Although he is more than happy to take credit for the economy we have now that started because he was so terrible that President Trump ran, won, and immediately began reversing Barry's poor policy decisions.
What is the President supposed to do? This is happening because the left is completely unhinged. Their hate knows no bounds. They are acting like the democrats of 1860. It would be impossible and impractical to lock all the lunatic democrats in camps. We'd have to feed them, cloth them care for them.... Oh, Wait, we already do that.
Now do you understand why New York was turned into a prison city in Kurt Russell's 1981 Action thriller?
Things are not going to deescalate. With socialist media they are continually whipping things up, making things up and blowing things up as in out of proportion. These people spend their lives with  their noses buried in their phones or their ass stuck on a couch watching fake news CNN. They have no clue about how distant from reality their views are.

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Saturday, October 27, 2018


Line of Fire

Back when I was a kid I read a book by Donald Hamilton called Line of Fire. Just so you know, the synopsis at good reads is wrong, sort of. The main character is hired to take a sniper shot at the governor who is in a tight race for reelection. Since the sniper is a high value entity to the people involved, they have a fall guy lined up.
Does any of this sound like a parallel to recent events? It gets better. The fall guy has a deep hatred for the Governor and would gladly have taken the shot, but is told he aint a good enough shot for the job.
Some how I don't think the patsy in our current drama has real hatred for the people who received packages supposedly sent by him.
Unlike the patsy in Hamilton's drama, this guy probably had more involvement. Then again, that poses a risk since the more he knows, the greater the chance he spills the beans on the people who cooked up this plot we are expected to believe was a lone wolf known wolf type attack.
In Hamilton's story, things went south when the Governor, who knew he was going to get shot at, suddenly moved and caught the bullet. Oops! Now the governor is out for blood.
In our drama, no one got hurt. The Wiley Coyote devices were only dangerous if dropped from high altitude. With out, of course, the bubble wrapped packaging. And they'd have to hit you square on the noggin.
Go read the book, Hamilton does a better job of setting up the story than the democrats ever could.
As of now, the only people who are buying this despicable pile of refried trash are ones who get their news, if you want to call it that, from CNN. Maybe in 2020 the donks will get some kid with an airsoft to take a shot at Liarwatha.

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Friday, October 26, 2018

Smoke on the water

Not buying it

The same FBI that framed Richard Jewell has in it's custody tonight a man they are claiming is responsible for the Wiley Coyote ACME devises sent to various members of the communist party masquerading as democrats.
We are being asked to believe that Cesar Sayoc, a known violent former male stripper is responsible for sending these laughable devices. What the media has portrayed so far is a guy who is jobless, homeless, but still managed to deck out his van like this?

So maybe it is possible. This thing is quite noticeable. Hard for even a blind man to miss. Lots of folks were snapping photos of this thing after he was arrested. Has anyone got picture of this thing from six months ago? Three?
Right now I'm thinking the donks did a better than normal job of executing this false flag bizarro.
The guy's mom is a democrat, his life style tells me he is likely one as well.
I could be wrong. I sincerely hope they got the right one this time. No sense in the FBI making too many millionaires.

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Thursday, October 25, 2018


Understanding George Soros

If you do not understand George Soros, read this. Sorry, I don't know how to insert twitter feeds.

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Wednesday, October 24, 2018

Eye of the Tiger.

Sounds like a lot of trouble?

The caravan marching being trucked up from Central America numbers some where between 5,000 and 10,000 depending on who you believe. We know the people are marching for photo ops, but are being hauled short distances by truck. If they just left them in the trucks it would not have the visuals they are working to create. This is the march down the Champs Elysees for nazi George Soros shock troops. They want the press and fake news is all too happy to comply.
Those numbers sound big  don't they? Put it in perspective though. The fiscasl year just ended. in fiscal 2018 the Border Patrol apprehended 521,090 illegal border jumpers invaders. Factor it out and that is 1,427 people per day who were caught. CAUGHT, that does not include the number who managed to slip through. This march is barely a weeks worth of rejects. We know many of them are people who were previously caught and deported. Those people are guaranteed trouble makers. The ones who keep their noses clean rarely get in trouble and stay here for years in lowly jobs for minimum wage which they send home to their families.
We still are not at the 1,643,678 caught in FY 2000.
By the time the caravan reaches our border expect the numbers to swell to 30,000 or even 40,000. Our Border Patrol folks and the courts will be over whelmed for a little while. Then these fine examples of inhumanity will be sent home and will start this all over again.
The answer to this problem isn't a wall. Then they will switch to coming by boat. The answer is in how we process them before we ship them back. I bet if we castrated all the repeat offenders we wouldn't have quite as many wanting to come here illegally.

By any means

The communist party is up to even more tricks as November 6 draws near. Their lies about Judge Kavanaugh failed, so they resorted to mob tactics. Those turned off even more voters. Now they are faking explosive devices sent to George Soros, HiLlARy and Worthless Willie and Barry the Indonesian? That is how it looks from my perspective. Anything to win sympathy votes.
Republicans are surging. People are ticked as heck about the outrages perpetrated by the treason party in their efforts to derail The Kavanaugh nomination and steal this election. So what do they come up with? A Reichstag fire sort of attack, actually several of them. Look at what happened with Nancy P. Lousy in Florida. I condemn the crowd for doing this to her. I strongly suspect they were a bunch of Soros funded left wing antifa goons pretending to be republicans. We all know real republicans can't take the time off from work to pull this kind of shit.
So we have the shitty top tier of the totalitarian plot getting attacked all at once? BULLSHIT!
One thing I'm wondering now, If some one succeeded in killing George Soros, would they extract his hand from Barry's ass or just stick the dummy in the casket alongside him?

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Tuesday, October 23, 2018

You don't mess around with Jim

Actually like this better than Leroy Brown.

Big deal

So The house of Saud supposedly offed a journalist named Khashoggi. Like Denny, I! Don't! Care! The media gets upset about this, and they get upset about the cartels in Mexico slaughtering reporters there. If they really gave a crap, they'd be demanding we build the wall taller thicker and ASAP! That would put an end to the cartel violence plaguing Mexico right now.
As for Khashoggi, too bad they decided to chop him up like that. They should have just used a drone strike and got rid of him that way.
The only reason we have to be concerned is that Some one might decide to do something about it and harm the relations we have with Saudi Arabia. I'd just as soon  not piss them off until we have all  their oil, thank you.

Liarwatha Meme 28

From Branco at
Yet another great one. I should save it for Thanks Giving, but I won't didn't.

Liarwatha Meme 27

Liarwatha Meme 26

Just thinking

The claim is that all these folks in the invasion mob marching through Mexico are wanting jobs. I'm thinking, great, lets put them to work immediately. Have semi loads of shovels and wheel barrows ready when they arrive so they can begin digging the footings for the border wall. They are bring enough labor to build it in a month, so we also must have cement trucks on standby.

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Monday, October 22, 2018

Liarwatha Meme 25

Looking for a Darwin award

Don't stop believin'

No better time to be an NFL fan

Roger Goodell recently said there has not been a better time to be a fan. You know, he just might be right.
If you want to go in person, could it be any better? shorter lines, less crowding, empty parking lots. Heck, I'd almost bet they are giving away free gear just to save on storage costs.
Food and beverage costs must be down, some one in  Foxboro didn't think twice about wasting a beer on Cheap-seats receiver Tyreek Hill. Those used to cost an arm and a leg! They decided to ban him, wasting beer is a serious issue. More seats for everyone.

Liarwatha Meme 24

Liarwatha Meme 23

Liarwatha Meme 22

Not nearly as white s Fauxahontis

Liarwatha Meme 21

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Saturday, October 20, 2018

We LOVE our conveniences

We are moving at a fast pace to becoming a cashless society. Checks are almost a thing of the past as debit and credit cards soar in popularity. There are many benefits. If your wallet is lost or stolen, it is a simple thing to stop the card. In a matter of days you have a new one, some times even over night. The plastic survives the washer much better than dollar bills, and as long as there is money in your account you are set. Right?
Look at what happened to many of the fire arms businesses recently. Their credit was canceled, accounts closed, money transfers blocked all because some socialist whore decided to launch an attack on the second amendment.
Look at what is happening with twitter and facebook. consider that the same people who are behind the money for those corporations are also the power brokers behind the federal reserve banks.
What happens when they decide to go after you because you supported President Trump, or a conservative candidate?  The people who want global government want it now. We are in their way, President Trump is in their way.
They are attacking him, they are also attacking us. Getting banned for life from twitter must really suck. I don't know, I've never joined. People right now are looking for a better safer venue to spread their message. This close to the election, it is having an impact. Six months ago, people would have had time to adjust and keep the information flowing. By the time this interruption is dealt with, the election will be over. It might not matter. Then again, it probably will.
You decide to support a candidate. You go on line, you fill out the e-form, and click, the money is gone from your account and deposited in the candidate's war chest. The record of that transaction will last forever.
Dollar bills are hard to track. That is why the power brokers hate cash. That is why they are determined to get people hooked on cashlessness. Cash is out side their control, and they are all about control.
If Well Fargo and Bank of America decide to target Conservative donors, what is to stop them from shutting down your account?
If you've read revelation, you know it is coming. The reason in Revelation will be the mark of the beast, but there very well may be other reasons they come up with to punish people who disobey them.
Credit and debit cards are convenient. In our fast paced society, that convenience translates into more time for other things. I cut up my cards ten years ago. Hope that doesn't inconvenience you.

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Liarwatha Meme 14

Liarwatha Meme 13

Liarwatha Meme 12

Liarwatha meme 11

Are they trying to lose?

About this time every election we begin to ask this question. By now the Republican are hip deep in stupid comments, idiotic actions, and incomprehensible policy ideas. This year though the question is fairly asked about the donks. America's evil socialists seem bent on throwing the election. everything they do seems designed to anger voters and drive moderates away from the polls and their party. Ethnic cleansing in a manner of speaking.
Repeal the tax cuts? Sane people see how those helped get the economy back into gear.
Protest Kavanaugh? That circus alone may cost them at least two Senate seats.
The pound-me-too movement? Seems the only fish they got were reliable liberal owners err donors.
The antifa bowel movement? Mobs vs jobs. The parallels to nazi Germany are not lost on people.
And right there may be the key. if they throw the election with their childish antics, you can bet the children, undisciplined and unaware that actions have consequences, will be doubly angry. Can any one think of a better way to incite them to massive violence? Suppose that were to happen? What would the governments do? Well, they won't be rioting in rural Kansas. They would find their keesters in the back of a honey wagon bound for a field, and the wagon woldn't be one bit empty.
Instead, they will be rioting in their safe spaces. Places like Port-outlandish, Chiraq, Detoilet, The usual long list of socialist run hell holes, they will be burning down their own houses.
So what? As in decades past, when the smouldering brew reaches a certain point, The federal government will feel the need to intervene and protect innocent lives and property. While necessary, it is not a good plan from a PR perspective. Remember Kent State? Such actions may be what Soros et-al want from President Trump, an attack on the childish monsters would be a great reason to demand UN intervention.
Yes, we have veto power, but in a case like that, the UN might choose to ignore our veto and move ahead with a plan to quell, not the revolt, but the response to it.
We have been teetering on the brink of full scale civil war for quite a while now. China through their control of google is working to fuel that rage. So are other groups. this is a dangerous chess game, and while I trust President Trump, our adversaries are not  at all trust worthy. Nor are they completely predictable.
Pick a player, Russia, China, Canada, Iran, they all hate us, they all would like to see us taken down a couple of notches. Our economy is what drives the world. We are the economic engine, but these welfare riders want to steal and strip it. They don't want to become us, they want us to become them. They will back a socialist rebellion in the United States, cut off their noses to spite their faces.
Is that the goal George Soros and the other power brokers have? Is that their goal?
Looking back again at nazi Germany, After Hitler came to power, the brown shirts wanted to continue the revolt. That is why they had the night of the long knives. They got rid of their street thug's leaders.
These kids in antifa don't know their history. Just as Hitler had his night of the long knives, Russia had it's purges, so did China, so did Vietnam, and just about every country that made the mistake of becoming socialist. These kids are pawns. Their job is to die screaming in battle. remember the movie The Big Red One? Remember the D-Day scene where they are placing the Bangalore torpedo to breach the defenses? All these kids are is positions one two three and four, there to get killed, they just don't realize how little their life means to the power hungry.

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Thursday, October 18, 2018

Liarwatha meme 5

Don't you believe it

How it is isn't always how it is. We all know that reality and reason can make people believe things which are not true. Why? Simple, sometimes our concept of reality is twisted by circumstance and what is really true appears to be a lie. Sometimes we live in an altered state which we cannot explain.
It is best explained as a pilot who is not instrument rated flying into a cloud bank. suddenly, as gloom closes in, you sense that you are flying straight and level when in fact you are rolling.  A glance at your instruments says you are losing altitude. A tug on the controls though and the altimeter says the dive has increased. You believe you are flying right side up and level, your senses tell you that, but in fact, you are in a steep dive and the ground is mere seconds away.
Some one is living in an alternate reality. Is it us or liberals?

Liarwatha meme 4

Spot on

Liarwatha meme 3

In Liarwatha's case it should be 1/1024 buzzard

Imagine Liarwatha running in 2020

If you look at any election map of the United States, you will notice mostly a sea of red with small dots of blue. Most of those blue dots are urban centers such as Detoilet and Chiraq where years of government dependence has created a class of people unwilling to work for themselves, think for themselves and are dependent on the government for food housing transportation medicine and just about every other aspect of their lives.

There are a number of larger blue zones thoughand they are mostly Indian reservations. You can clearly pick them out in states like New Mexico, Arizona, South Dakota and a few other states which have large chunks of land reserved for the tribes and used for nothing.
Liarwatha has signaled her intention to slither for President in 2020. Ahead of that, she relleased a copy of her DNA results which show she is 1/1024th native South American. The Cherokee Tribe took note of it and roundly condemned her for calling herself a Cherokee Indian.
What will the tribes do if she does indeed throw her feather bonnet in the ring? Are they going to support her or not? It isn't just the Cherokee Nation pissed at her either.
The pound-me-too movement has driven a lot of people from the dem camp. The growing economy has caused a shift among blacks who suddenly see a possibility to improve black employment rates that they'd hoped for when 7/16 Arab Barry Soetoro was pResident. Are the Indians about to board the Trump Train over Crazy Hoe?

Liarwatha meme 2

And he really believes it too.