Friday, October 30, 2009

Redneck joke for a Friday

A Nebraska Redneck was making his first visit to a hospital where his teenage son was about to have an operation.

Watching the doctor's every move, he asked, "What's that?"

The doctor explained, "This is an anesthetic. After he gets this he won't know a thing."

"Save your time, Doc," exclaimed the man. "He don't know nothing now."

Thursday, October 29, 2009

The bullpup 500

O.F. Mossberg has been cranking out shotguns for ninety years. The model 500, first introduced in 1960 is probably the most reliable shotgun ever produced. it is the only shotgun to meet the strident Mil-Spec 3443E standard. Mossberg has offered many variants of this reliable weapon, and tonight's feature is the Bullpup. First offered in 1987, it was designed for police and special security needs. That it was discontinued is a travesty.

Shotguns are excellent weapons for home protection and other various needs. Floyd Reagan, a Minnesota DNR game warden swears there is no animal on the North American continent that cannot be taken with one. Floyd would know. When assigned in Alaska patrolling for poachers, Floyd selected a 12ga as his weapon to carry. On one foot patrol he encountered a Kodiak bear. The bear wanted Floyd for lunch. The charge of shot nearly severed the bears head. I'd just as soon not let them get that close.

Many people today are opting for pistol grip shotguns. They look bad ass. They also shoot like crap! A shoulder stock offers a steady support for your shots. Whether one opts for a solid stock, collapsing stock or folding stock, in my opinion, they are a must. Heavy shot, or slugs play hell on the wrists. The extra length may be a bit of a problem in close quarters, but in my opinion is well worth it.

The 500 Bullpup has the advantage of a full length barrel, plenty of spare rounds, a shoulder stock, and a neat small package. The action is the same as any other 500. The stock contains a transfer bar that fits to the original trigger.

Shotgun performance is also outstanding. A 12ga shotgun slug generates more muzzle energy then a 30-06 150 grain round. Its down range performance is better then a 30-30, and modern rounds remain accurate beyond 150 yards.

Much can be debated regarding buckshot. A 2 3/4 12 ga round holds eight or nine pellets 00 depending on manufacture, and is the equivalent of firing a short bust from a submachine gun. Down range performance drops as the spread of the pellets soon reaches the point where only a few hit the target. I prefer #4 buck. Twenty seven pellets vs only nine increases the probability of multiple hits at extended ranges. Shot size drops from .33 to .24 inches resulting in a pellet that is nearly 1/3 the weight, but with the increase in number results in a somewhat heavier overall load and increased hit potential.

12 ga ammo is plentiful, especially compared to some of the more popular rifle calibers. Shotgun ammo is also easier to reload. even a 10% variation will still shoot within parameters since accuracy is not pinpoint. In a last ditch situation, almost anything can be used for projectiles from gravel to glass.

Mossberg has been my shotgun of choice for thirty years. I know that many of you are fans of Remington, Benelli, or Winchester. Its all a matter of what you like. I have never had a Mossberg fail to fire, and some of mine have been heavily abused. Mossbergs are low cost, high quality, and not a lot of flash. The 500 series has been around for nearly fifty years with only minor changes, and is second to the 870 in total sales.

The Mossberg 500 bullpup truly fits the bill for an all around defense weapon. Its size is about the same as a pistol grip model, it has a full length barrel, and handling is good. Sadly, Mossberg has no announced plans to reintroduce this excellent arm, and no after market manufacturers have any offerings out at the present time. I would like to see after market stocks for the Remington 870, 1100, and some of the other popular guns. I can always hope, can't I?

The Warriors Song

Awesome vid! Enjoy.

Bullet hits Lou Dobbs house?

According to American Pravda a bullet hit his house while his wife and driver were standing nearby. The claim is they heard the shot but that it did not penetrate, and fell harmlessly to the ground.
Now, I don't know about you, but this pegged my bullshit meter. Granted, they live in the country, it is small game season, and stuff like that happens once in a while, but this just aint flyin with me.
This smacks too much of the Iwacky woman whose house was hit by bullets. Remember that story?
I'm sure those on the loony left are eating it up like candy.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Redneck joke for a Saturday

An extraordinarily handsome man decided he had the responsibility to marry the perfect woman so they could produce beautiful children beyond compare.

With that as his mission he began to search for the perfect woman.

Shortly there after he met a Redneck who had three stunning ,gorgeous daughters that positively took his breath away. So he explained his mission to the Redneck and asked for permission to marry one of them.

The Redneck simply replied, "They're lookin' to get married, so you came to the right place. Look 'em over and pick the one you want."

The man dated the first daughter. The next day the Redneck asked for the man's opinion.

"Well," said the man, "she's just a weeeeee bit, not that you can hardly notice...pigeon-toed."

The Redneck nodded and suggested the man date one of the other girls; so the man went out with the second daughter.

The next day, the Redneck again asked how things went.

"Well,"the man replied, "she's just a weeeee bit, not that you can hardly tell...cross-eyed."

The Redneck nodded and suggested he date the third girl to see if things might be better. So he did.

The next morning the man rushed in exclaiming, "She's perfect, just perfect. She's the one I want to marry."

So they were wed right away. Months later the baby was born. When the man visited the nursery he was horrified: the baby was the ugliest, most pathetic human you can imagine. He rushed to his father-in-law and asked how such a thing could happen considering the beauty of the parents.

"Well," explained the Redneck... "She was just a weeeee bit, not that you could hardly tell... pregnant when you met her."

The one on the right was wide awake.

There once was a flyin troupe

A passenger haulin pilot group
They flew the latest air craft
to the air ports of our land
They were long on aeronautical ability
Folks thought they would go far
But story incompatibility led to their downfall

Well, the one on the right was wide awake
And the one on the left was not asleep
And the stewardesses were serving coffee
And some guy in the rear was a Muslim

This airborne aggregation toured the entire nation
Flyin to major cities
And never forgettin when to land
They flew with great care for safety
And soon they were the rage
But story unbelievability would soon take center stage

Well, the one on the right was in a discussion
And the one on the left said he was not
And the stewardesses offered beer and soda
And some guy in the rear hated America

Well the landing gear had retracted
A hush fell on the plane
As one hundred forty nine were gathered to fly to Minneapolis
But they didn't take their jobs seriously
And that night on the plane flight deck

As the passengers rode unknowingly
They didn't take a nap
Well, the one on the right wasn't snoring loudly
And the one on the left wasn't snoring a'tall
And the stewardesses served extra coffee
And some guy in the rear, said, "Oh dear"

Now this should be a lesson if you plan to pilot aircraft
Don't go mixin' BS with the safety of the flight
Just work on take off and landings
Fly your A320 well
And if ya go to Minneapolis don't fly off into the night

Now, the one on the left is suspended
And the one on the right might lose his job
The stewardesses are back in action
And the guy in the rear is takin a bus.

OK, maybe not my best work, but certainly not my worst either. Hey, come back! I was only joking, it is my worst, really.....

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Minnesota has Rednecks?

Well, I guess so. BTW, I'm not a real Kansan. Bwahahaha......

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Good, Bad, or Ugly

A high speed chase ended in California when OnStar disabled the gas pedal. We can all look at this and see the good that can come from this sort of application. Most car jackings in which the police become involved turn into high speed chases and end in crashes. it is one very dangerous situation for police and the general public. I applaud this technology. I also want to issue a caution to people regarding this.
In the hands of a trust worthy government such power is nothing to fear. Our nation is no longer a totally trust worthy bunch though. We have seen voter fraud in several recent elections. We know about front groups working to steal elections by registering proxies. While everyone was laughing about registrations of daffy Duck and Porky Pig, the John Jacob Tingelheimer Schmidts variations slipped right on by.
Once a totalitarian group actually gains control, what power will they have? GM, the company offering OnStar is owned in part by the government, so if it were to happen that some evil minion got into office, he would have OnStar at his fingertips.
Big deal you say? What if you opposed the new regime? what if you spoke out in defense of the constitution? Would you be at risk? Yes you would.
When we entrust power to an honorable politician we need not fear, but the question we should ALWAYS ask is whether we would want that same power in the hands of one we did not trust.
democrats and republicans should be able to agree on this, if we can trust our own party is not the issue, but whether we can trust some one ideologically opposed to us with that same power.
Think about it.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Econ so simple a red neck could do it

Our acting president continues his war on Fox News aka faux news. Eighty companies have secumbed to preasure from Color of Communism, or is that color of change? Anyway, those companies have pledged to not advertise on Fox, specifically on Beck's program.
Are these guys nuts? Corporations know to go where the money is. If there isn't something back door in it for them, its crazy to not advertise on Beck. The guy now pulls an audience bigger then all his competition. Corporations ignoring that much potential is economic suicide, and in these unstable times add revenue is a precious comodity, dollars that cannot be wasted foolishly. People like Oberlain and Maddow are not pulling an audience. The ratings folks are showing that time and again.
In the days arround the 2002 midterms, when Yahoo had message threads with every article, it was common in the political threads to see progressives advocating Fill your cart and leave it at Walmart. it was a common theme because Walmart was supporting conservative ideals. the progressives are not flocking back to Walmart. They are still flocking to Target and the looney antics of that group.
I have spent less then $100 in Target. They refused to allow Salvation Army Bell Ringers and refused to support the USMC toys for tots drive in this area, and I believe nationally. Liberals love em for those reasons, anti-GOD and anti military. My bucks can go else where.
It pains me to not shop at Walmart. they have been a big supporter of the troops, scouting and the Salvation Army. Their decision to cave to a thug army of communist wannabes angers me enough that I am staying away.
Its time for the advertising exec at these corporations to step back and take a serious look at what they are being bulldogged into. Attacks on a free press should never be tollerated. I may not like what CNN and MSNBC say, or how they chose to report, but I'll defend their right to do it.

Redneck Girls prayer

Now I lay me down to nut
I hope my man can get it up
If I don't come before it ends
I'll go next door and fuck his friends.

dang I wish that gal was my neighbor.

Monday, October 19, 2009

Liberalism Then

Flipping channels tonight, and something caught my attention. This from the Military Channel. At the height of the Korean War, Truman relieved MacArthur. We all know that, but how often do we ponder the consequences of that action? MacArthur wanted to attack China. More correctly, counter attack. UN forces led by the United States Marines had driven the North Koreans back to the Yalu River. At that point, Chinese forces entered the war on orders from Mao. US forces were thrown back, and a war that seemed just about over was reignited. Chances for a united Korea ended then.
The United States had options that could have guaranteed a united Korea but chose not to exercise them. Fears were that any decisive action would escalate into WW3. For a generation soured by WW1 and then WW2, the idea of continued conflict was not exciting.
Many things were affected by that decision.
Mao and his regime were still in their infancy. It is possible that a small nuclear involvement could have forced them to their knees. As it is, 50 to 70 million people perished under his oppression. North Korea remains the most oppressive nation in the world with the possible exception of Cuba.
Could all out war have prevented the holocaust that happened in China? We will never know. I personally think it would have. China did not have industrial might. What they had was masses of humanity. In the battles of Korea their first few waves of troops had weapons. the subsequent waves picked up weapons of the dead and continued on. It was the equivalent of the Banzai charges that the Japanese did. How long would the Communist regime have lasted? I do not know. The entire country was not communist. in fact it was a perilous regime. That is why the slaughtered millions, to retain control.
Korea started a domino effect that led to wars in Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, and threatened Thailand. US reluctance to commit emboldened Communists in Cuba and Central America. those conflicts have killed additional millions.
In the end, we have won, some what. Russia teeters on the edge. While the wall is down, lingering trends toward totalitarianism remain. Our current president has backed down from Russia on the missile defense in Poland. How is that a threat? defensive equipment a threat? All it threat ends to do is stop aggression. It is not aggressive. that shield wold also have protected Russia from attacks should Iran ever turn aggressive toward them. Given that the Russians have a disdain for any religion, Islam is not on their short list of friends. people need to remember that. The atheism of Russia is as much an affront to Islam as Christianity.
Wise American generals have rightly viewed Totalitarianism for the evil it is. Patton, when he met the Soviet Army reported to SHAEF and asked for permission to continue the attack. Mac Arthur likewise wanted to press the fight against evil. Evil won. When good men do nothing, evil wins.
Remember that when you consider the consequences of your vote in the polls. Will you let evil win? The present administration has members who adore Mao, love Chi, and revere Castro. Do you get the picture? LETS NOT LET EVIL WIN.

Saturday, October 17, 2009

The AR-15 on Steroids

IN the early years of the Vietnam war, the thinking heads of the Kennedy administration decided that the military needed to upgrade their weapons to a still smaller caliber. The progression has been a long process. During, and immediately after the revolution, there was no true standardization of caliber. Since each weapon was hand crafted, variations in caliber were common, and each soldier carried a bullet mold with him. This practice remained into the (un)Civil War. The earliest weapons often ran to calibers approaching .75, with .72, or 12 gauge being very common. the .50 Kentucky, common among modern rendezvous's was not a popular caliber. Since rifle tech was in its infancy, high chamber pressure was dangerous. therefore, to achieve power, a larger projectile was used. During the Civil War, caliber dropped to .58 for the Springfield rifles as rifling and the Minie ball brought advances to the battle field. Other calibers included the 56-56 Spencer, .577 Enfield .52 Sharps, and a host of others. Improvements meant longer range, increased accuracy, and more power.

Advances immediately after the war brought the Springfield 1873 in 45-70 to the military, and its companion, the 45-55-405 cavalry carbine, famous for its failures at the battle of Greasy Grass.

The next step, and again a step down in caliber was the 30-40 Krag series of Rifles from 1892 to 1907. This was the first round developed for smokeless powder. It was a rimmed cartridge, the last used by the military.

It was replaced beginning in 1903 by the 1903 Springfield in 30-06. The 30-06 and 30-40 were balistically similar, but the design of the 06 case improved function and reliability of the weapon.

The 1903 was supplemented in WW1 by a design called the 1917 which was a modification of the Enfield pattern rifles built under contract by Remington and Winchester for the Brits. This adaptation was a well built weapon and was actually the mainstay for our forces in Europe.

1932 saw the advent of the Garrand. No change in caliber, just an automatic weapon, the first for a battle rifle.

WW2 revealed many shortcoming in the Garrand. They are an awesome piece, but the enbloc clips left much to be desired. Tests showed also that the 30-06 cartridge was far more powerful then was needed for combat. That's their theory anyway. My theory is that if the round does not blow the adversary limb from limb, and kill the nearest soldiers on his flank and rear, shoot him again just to be safe.

The end result of all that testing was the 308, or 7.62x51, a round very similar to the 06, but shorter. Improvements in powder made it balistically equal to the 06.

In 1964 the Army again shrunk the cartridge with the adoption of the M-16 and its companion M193/m196 round. This dropped the caliber again to 5.56mm or .223 inches. This change had advantages and disadvantages. One advantage was the amount of ammo a grunt could carry. 210 rounds became the standard load, seven thirty round mags.

The M-16 served for well over 40 years despite its short comings. Army tacticians had determined that the limited range and reduced power were not disadvantages. the theory was that a wounded enemy removed three soldiers from the Field of battle as two were needed to carry their buddy to medical aide. Wounding was also for some strange reason deemed humane. I say well, see comment above.
The fighting in Afghanistan has brought a renewed approach to the age old argument. Given the battle field conditions seen in Afghanistan, it became clear that a round with better range and power was again needed.
Enter the 6.8 Special Purpose Cartridge. Using a round very similar to the 5.56 NATO Remington was able to deliver increased punch in the same package. Bullet weight jumps from 69 grains to 115 grains. This resulted in a jump of nearly 25% in energy.
Field tests in actual combat proved this cartridge to be worthy. troops I have met who have used it in combat say it is a most effective round. Also note that the military has significantly faster rounds then what Remington offers online.
Tonight's offering is an Olympic Arms rendition in the 6.8 SPC caliber. It sports a BSA cats eye scope which is a low light illuminated reticule in 3.5-10 power. This is one of my collection of AR-15s. We can call this the Might Mattel on steroids.

Friday, October 16, 2009

Redneck Joke for a Friday

You know you are a redneck if your woman can chew tobacco while giving you a blowjob and still know which to spit and which to swallow.

Friday, October 9, 2009

Obma wins the NoBalls Pizza Prize

Lets be honest, the award has been meaningless for the last thirty years and more. Now we must ask ourselves, Carter redux, Carter lite, or Carter was no where near as bad as this joke(r).
To his credit, Carter did negotiate a peace deal in the middle east, one which the Israelis have repeatedly broken with their retaliation against Palistidiot pranks such as rocket attacks and bombs.
And if the above statement needs a sarc tag, Y.O.U. A.R.E. A.N. I.D.I.O.T. or a Charles Johnson wannabe.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Not your average Marlin

Marlin has made several versions of their famous Glenfield 60. Beginning in 1960, Marlin introduced the world to microgroove technology in the form of a little fast repeating tube fed .22 rifle. The rifle was an instant success. Over the decades, Marlin has offered several modifications of this versitile arm. One of these, the Marlin Glennfiend 75C wandered through my life back in 1985. I love Marlins, but I prefer the mag feed. It has some liability in that it only accomodates seven rounds, or ten in the newest versions, but the luxury of a fast reload out weighs the higher capacity in my opinion. I had modified several 60s by the time this beauty entered my life, and had a fair idea of how I was going to approach this. I like bullpups. Since first encountering one in the hands of a French soldier, they have intrigued me. My first conversion was a model 60 that had been used as a club by an irate wife, not mine, who narrowly missed her husbands head with the swing. It shattered the stock and gave the barrel a slight bend. No matter, it still shot. A replacement stock cost as much as the rifle back then, so it was pretty much throw away. I go it for parts, then decided to make a stock. Now, I'm a fair hand at wood working, but even I must admit the first one turned out aweful. I routed the barrel groove freehand, not good. It perked interest though, and I sold it. Immediately after that, I went arround to pawn shops and picked up a few more orders. A little experimentation led to several jigs to speed production and I began making the stocks and a retrofit kit.

The trigger is the original. It is moved forward, and a transfer bar fitted to create the system. As you can see, the original gun was a tube fed model. Conversions cost me arround ten dollars back then.

The downfall for these was a scope mount. In order to use the gun, you had to crank your head arround into an impossible position, or use it like a pistol. I acquired the scope with an SKS rifle. It is a short Leapers 6X32 set on adapter risers from Cabella's.

This is the only 75C I modified. Maybe someday Marlin will be interested in an agreement and we can get this badboy onto the regular market.

10 Rules for Living

The ten rules for living by Kent Keith
1. People are illogical, unreasonable, and self centered. Love them anyway.
2. If you do good, people will acuse you of selfish ulterior motives. Do good anyway.
3. If you are successful, you will win false friends and true enemies. Succeed anyway.
4. The good you do today will be forgotten tomorrow. Do good anyway.
5. Honesty and Frankness make you vulnerable. Be honest and frank anyway.
6. The biggest men and women with the biggest ideas can be shot down by the smallest men and women with the smallest minds. Think big anyway.
7. People favor underdogs but follow only top dogs. Fight for a few underdogs anyway.
8. What you spend years building may be destroyed overnight. Build anyway.
9. People really need help, but may attack you if you do help them. Help people anyway.
10. Give the world the best you have and you'll get kicked in the teeth. Give the world the best you have anyway.
Keith was a Rhodes Scolar at Harvard when he wrote these maxims. They have been quoted by legislators, politicians and pundits the world over, attributed to Mother Theresa, Ann Landers and many other great speakers. Consider these simple truths, please aply them in your life, pass them on through word and action, and remember that the evil of the world that seeks to put people down can only be countered by the ultimate good of a loving and caring GOD.

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Colorado valor thief to get his.

According to the Denver Post, Rick Standloff who backed several liberal or is that libel candidates now faces trial under the stolen valor act. Standloff, who posed as Rick Duncan and claimed to be a Marine captain wounded in Iraq, was exposed as a phoney when real vets who joined his organization saw through the lies. Standloff claims mental impairment. I guess its true, he voted dimicrat.

Friday, October 2, 2009

A sorry state of Afairs 6

Jake was dying. His wife sat at the bedside. He looked up and said weakly: 'I have something I must confess.' 'There's no need to, 'his wife replied. 'No,' he insisted, 'I want to die in peace. I slept with your sister, your best friend, her best friend, and your mother!' 'I know,' she replied. 'Now just rest and let the poison work.'

Thursday, October 1, 2009

A sorry state of Affairs 5

A man walked into a cafe, went to the bar and ordered a beer. 'Certainly, Sir, that'll be one cent.' 'One Cent?' the man exclaimed. He glanced at the menu and asked: 'How much for a nice juicy steak and a bottle of wine?' 'A nickel,' the barman replied. 'A nickel?' exclaimed the man. 'Where's the guy who owns this place?' The bartender replied: 'Upstairs, with my wife.' The man asked: 'What's he doing upstairs with your wife?' The bartender replied: 'The same thing I'm doing to his business down here.'