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Nothing new here

 Mittens Romneycare announced to the world that he did not vote for President Trump in the 2020 election. Yawn, is anyone surprised? The POS didn't vote for Trump in 2016 either. Faux noise then doubled down on the nothing new news by informing us that Never Trumper John Kasich was also supporting Bidet.

I'm surprised they didn't begin the report by telling us that Elvis is dead. Seriously Fox? We all now know that you were never right wing  only the furthest right of the far left media. I know I'm tired of the media in general. If I wanted to be lied to, I go pick up college girls.

President Trump has done yeoman's duty in cleaning out the swamp. To steal a line from Jaws, he's gonna need a bigger boat. By that I mean more than just four more years. Darn that pesky 22nd amendment. No problem really, just elect Don Jr. then Eric, then Ivanka. After that, the loony left is Canada's problem.

As for the media, I guess it is up to us to clean that mess. Time to starve em off the planet. I'm doing my part, what about you?

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A Good Job

 Thanks to Madeline Gearhart and Tristan Fangman. These two seniors in Topeka decided to do a little digging. Rumors about the founder of Seaman High in Topeka have persisted for years. Fred Seaman was alleged to be a member of the KKK back during the resurgence one hundred years ago. 

When ever it was brought up, it was dismissed as just a rumor. Madeline and Tristan decided to do some digging. what they found was clear and convincing evidence that Fred had been not just a member, but a leader of the Klan in Topeka.

A push is on now to change the name of the school. While I favor changing the name, I don't want Fred Seaman to be swept into the dustbin of history. In 1925 membership in the Klan was not a shameful thing. Fred's conduct was known by many, and not just other members of the Klan. hen sentiment shifted against the Klan, that is when things began to be swept under the rug.

The students need to demand that a plaque be set remembering him. It should read in part;

"This building, formerly known as Seaman High School was founded by Fred Seaman, a leader of the Ku Klux Klan in Topeka in 1920. The school was renamed XXX after Fred's history was brought to light in 2020. "

Twenty years from now people may again be in the not caring mood. Then there might be a push to change the name back as history will diminish the memory of Fred Seaman's past association with the enforcement arm of the democrat party.

Maybe they can call it Fangman and Gearhart high School.

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More bad news for liberals

 It seems the bad luck is just piling on for America's fifth columnists. The people who live here but hate America are having a chorus telling how they will leave if President Trump is reelected. It's almost like they are encouraging people to vote Trump just to get rid of them.

ell, they are not going anywhere. Canada says they are not reopening the border. Oh, sure, they are blaming Covid-19, but lets be real, all the medical research coming out is proving this was a farce. yes, covid is a real virus, but it is not the end all plague that Dr. Fauci made it out to be.

NO, the only answer that fits this equation is Canada has no use for low intelligence actors who are only capable of mouthing Hate for Christians, conservatives, and people who actually work for a living.

Maybe we can make up for it by holding a pet a polar bear day at the Los Angeles Zoo.

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The numbers will be interesting

 Tonight instead of facing off in a debate, President Trump and Joe Bribe me faced off with competing townhalls. I was not able to watch either, I no longer have a television. Besides, I was having fun with friends. When I got home I sat down and checked the recap of the two events. Joe got coddled by a friendly handler who threw him softballs. Any easier and we'd be saying it was political Teeball, and he struck out.

President Trump on the other hand was hosted by the wife of on of Reverend Al Gore's former campaign hacks. She was decidedly hostile to the Donald.

And the president? Well, maybe Roberta Flack's old tune portrays it best. 

Then again, maybe he was playing the old Flintstones song.... "We'll have a gay old time."

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Joe Biden? No, it's Foster Brooks


Self Control

The Forgotten Revenge for Pearl Harbor - Lae-Salamaua 1942 with an important lesson

Lae Salamaua turned out to be a morale booster, but it contained an important lesson, one which the Navy has gone to great lengths to forget. He touches on that lesson at the end. It comes from Jimmy Thatch, let fighters be fighters. 

Today the Navy has the F/A-18. That's F/A for fighter /attack, putting bomb missions on the wings of their fighters. BTW, the Air Force  does the same stupid thing. Our military inventory does not contain a true pure fighter. Yup, we are sending our brightest and best out to do battle with a Spork.

Monday, October 5, 2020

George C. Scott Best Actor for " Patton "

Teacher of the year

 Let's hear it for Brendan Stanton, a middle school teacher at P.G. Keithley Middle School in Tacoma. when Brendan asked his virtual class to pick a person whom they admired and why, Elsy Kusander’s son replied:

"I admire Donald J. Trump because he is making America great again. And because he is the best president the United States of America could ever, ever have. And he built the wall so terrorists couldn’t come into in the U. S. Trump is the best person in the world. And that’s why I had admire him."

Brendan was having none of it. This died in the wool  indoctrinated marxist went full retard on his young pupil, going so far as to call President Trump hateful and divisive, a term better suited for nearly all liberals today.

Elsy Kusander happened to walk into the room while Brendan was in the middle of his rant. She immediately got her cellphone out and began to record what he was saying.

This is my humble opinion, any teacher who acts, in the presence of children, whether it be in the class room or in an online class, should be barred from teaching for life. Brendan needs to stick to marching in the mostly peaceful protests where he can get his knuckle head gently slapped wit ha Police riot baton,or maybe tasered.

For that matter, what ever school gave him his certificate should be closely examined and shut down if this is par for the course.

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Friday, October 2, 2020

Head and shoulders above the donks

 I'm not gonna spend a great amount of time trashing the nation's communists for their joy at president Trump's China syndrome diagnosis. The President is reported to be doing well but was transferred to Walter Reed as a precautionary measure.

I would not expect the democrats to be restrained at this. I was not restrained when the demise of Ruth Bader Ginsberg was announced, why would I expect them to behave with more civility? They can celebrate now, the President will recover, and then they will be back to their old angry hateful selves.

But wait, that is not what this is all about. Kim Jong Un, dictator of north Korea has sent his personal well wishes. Our hopes for the Norks wax and wane. One day it seems they will come in from the cold, the next China yanks the leash. It appears though that the two leaders have a lasting bond. Enemies, but respect. 

And if you are expecting better of me, sorry, In a month President Trump will be recovered, and Ruthie will still be dead. Yup, I can be as big a jerk as they are.

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