Tuesday, September 30, 2014

I may be crazy

The first time I heard about the ALS ice bucket challenge. I was thinking this is stupid. I have seen video of people getting seriously hurt doing this idiocy, and yet it still goes on.
Today, I read this. Don't get me wrong, I support research for ALS, cancer, heart disease, and a host of other maladies of the human condition. Lets be smart about it though. with this, every idiot out there is wanting to one up his buddies. I guess that is why we have Darwin Awards.
At the rate the stupidity is increasing, its possible that in 2015, more people will die from failed ice bucket fiasco's then from ALS. So if you are going to get a wild hair, put me in your will first.

More of that religion of piss

The moderate mooslimes of Iran are up to their usual garbage. A woman who was sentenced to death for protecting herself from rape received a stay. Yet our feminazi's and libtards continue to tell us that it is a religion of peace. Are these people going to wake up? NO, I'm afraid not. They are following the king who has no cloths as he proclaims that most followers of the pedophile want peace.
We screwed up on Iran in 1979. We should have bombed the place back to the stone age. We should have sprayed every city with pig blood, and dipped our bullets in their manure. Instead, we have Carturd telling us that Israel is the problem.
Sorry Jimmuh, its your fiends who bow to Mecaca.
Srtill waiting for liberals to organize protests outside the Iranian UN mission.

Thursday, September 25, 2014

We have enough arab participation

The Kenyan village idiot wants more arab participation in the global war on terror. WTF, they are already supplying 100% of the splodydopes, jihadists, and 98% of the human shields, the rest coming from the world press corps. Or is that press corpses?
The only good thing we are getting from the arab participants is plenty of target practice for our men in uniform.
Screw the arab assistance. If we put them on our side of the wire, they kill main or kidnap our brave fighters as soon as they get a chance. We have lost too many lives to keep doing that.
The pResident screwed up when he pulled our forces out of Iraq. Now it is going to cost more lives to straighten out this mess. For some its tempting to say screw it, and let them have it. The problem is, oil. Whether we want to admit it or not, we are dependent on the stuff. Even the envirofriendly Prius, pronounce pre-ass, relies on plastics to achieve it performance. And BTW, a H1 Hummer has less enviromental impact than the batteries of the ecotards favorite ride, unless they opt for a bike.
ISIS is a distraction in my humble opinion. They have taken our focus off of Iran and their nuclear ambitions. People are also not focusing on Russia and Putin's insanity. Gog and Magog. Watch Out Israel!

Monday, September 22, 2014


What do mooslimes do on a sleepless night? Picture it. They try counting sheep, get horny, and have to go looking for one to molest. Could be a long night behind the fold.

Just wondering

As I was watching some of the NFL highlights last night, one shot had some eye candy in it, and the thought struck me, how many of San Franfreakshow's cheerleaders are really guys in drag?

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Mongo want

Alabama joins six brother states in offering the Gadsden flag on vehicle tags. I'm so hoping Kansas follows suit. I don't feel up to moving to Oklahoma, and I can't speak sheep.

What a Crock

The Wall St cheat sheet published a list of the ten states most dependent on the feral government. Proving that you can make numbers say anything, their list includes Arizona, New Mexico, West Virgina, and Alabama. Their compilation covers every thing from South Dakota's Military bases and hand outs to the Indians, to the costs of failing to maintain the border in Arizona.
Yes, Arizona has a lot of federal lands, as do many western states, but does that really make the state dependent? maybe the government should divest itself of those properties, sell to private individuals who are U.S. citizens, and pay down the debt.
Federal dependency is real, but those are not the measure of it. rather the number of people who collect a check for nothing is the true measure. Start with California, their congress critters alone will keep them at the top of the list. Next examine Michigan where Detoilet now houses thousands of imported Terrorists in waiting from The Carbombistan regions of hell. Same for Chiraq, except theirs are lazy scum from the southern states.
RONA, return on net investment is the key. Are people receiving a pay check or a hand out? There is a huge difference. With out the federal bribe system, New York, Chicago, Detroit, St Louis, and most of southern California would turn into one huge riot. Now  that's dependence.