Saturday, September 26, 2015

Newsflash!!! or not

Breitbart today had a "bombshell" According to the Washington Post, Hillary Clinton and her campaign were behind the birther movement.
The birther movement began with  Philip J.Berg. He was a campaigner for Hillary in 2008, and he is the one who originated the story that Obambi was born in Kenya. That all took place before the demonic coronation of Soros' puppet extraordinaire. Berg filed several motions to stop Barry from being nominated, and to prevent his name from being placed on the ballot. All to no avail, we still got saddled with the worst president ever. Whether Hitlery or McInsane would have been better is anybody's guess. All three were pieces of shit who should have been in prison. Such is politics in America where the scum rises to the top.
Nice of the compost to finally catch up on that story and quit blaming it on conservatives. I expect they will be reporting that Jeb is as liberal as Bernie Sanders in, Oh, about, 2065.

Friday, September 25, 2015

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

All in the family

Nope, not about Archie Bunker aka Carrol O Connor, this is about Achmed the dud terrorist in Texas. It has come out that his sister also pulled crazy terrorist stuff when she was in school. Bambi needs to invite this family to a sit down ASAP. Just not at our house, the White House. Maybe they can get toether in Hawaii. Ahmed could become his intern, a cross between Monica Lewinski and a pashtun boy?

Monday, September 21, 2015

Walker is OUT

After his performance in Wisconsin where he went head to head with the commies, faced them down in a recall election and won, then won reelection, I had taken a liking to Scott Walker. He WAS #3 on my list of candidates for the GOP nomination. After his resignation speech, He drops down there with Jebito.
When he announced his entry into the race, Sundance called him out as a fraud and a GOPe hack. In my opinion, it could have gone either way. There were no blatant signs that he was just a hack until today when as he quit, he took one last swipe at Trump.
As of now, I am all in for Trump. The GOP road map, the attempt to force feed us another weak kneed steaming pile of crap RINO has me PISSED.
Leaving the republican party is not an option. I lean strongly conservative. The GOP is so far to my left they might as well be democraps. The last thing we need is another demonic party, but it is a bunch of demonics who are controlling the entire affair. Conservatives need to take back their party. Pack the communists up and ship them back to the green party, the communist party, or the democrap party, but get them the hell out of the republican party.
This garbage has been going on my entire adult life. After true conservatives got control in Washington and got equal rights for all Americans, the communists, white supremacists, and other assorted haters began to undermine the republican party. In 1980 the people handed them their asses and elected Ronald Reagan.  The uniparty saddled him with RINO Bush Sr. Oh, Bush seemed like a good guy. He was a war hero, and when he spoke, he said what we wanted to hear. No New Taxes. The problem was, he promptly broke that promise and raised taxes. That made him a one term wonder.
Eight years of Worthless Willie saw a number of changes in the republican party. Cutting taxes and government too center stage, and for a little while it looked like republicans had learned their lesson. The poor bioys among the power brokers had their own ideas though and the millennium race was a screen cap of the 2016 race with a plan to elect GW Bush to fulfill his fathers mission of making the republican party look just like the communist party. That race saw thirteen candidates and the only question was McInsane, or Bush redux. The coin toss went to Bush because he was largely unknown, had a fair record in Texas and was not a screaming liberal like McRINO.
This time around, we are hoping for a better out come. Will trump be this generations Reagan? Is it too late to fix the problems the uniparty has foisted on America?
We need to get rid of Obozo Care. We need to slash the debt. Stopping illegal immigration is a top priority, and also stopping the influx of future terrorists from the middle east hell holes. The can all go to Mecaca and rot for all I care, and they can take our mooslime manchurian candidate with them.

Sunday, September 20, 2015

No vaseline

Chamber of communist pick, and Barry Soetoro redux Jeb Bush got played in Michigan. he posed for pictures with a group who happened to be wearing republicans for Sanders tee shirts under their jackets. Whether Jebito knew or cared is a mystery. He got his ass handed to him by a group of crap that make the Chamber seem minor league. Seriously, republicans for Sanders? Did these people drop out of school between pre K and kindergarten? If you want to support a dyed in the wool communist like Bernie, there is no possible way for you to be a republican.
OK, I take that back, the GOPe is owned and controlled by the communists. Its time for conservatives to take back the party and pack the commies off to Venezuela or Cuba.
 If the idiots wearing the shirts had been Gramnasty, McInsane, Rubisho, and FiredRINO, it would be a more fitting group. Lets not forget that Vietcong Ace was as far left as Barry Soetoro, and that they have worked to undermine the Conservative and TEA Party movement in the RINO club of the uniparty.
In the end, the message I get is that there is no discernible difference between Sanders and Jebito.
Here's hoping this bunch of crooks gets taken out by a Cruz Missile, or their uno hand gets Trumped.

Saturday, September 19, 2015

Candidate Rankings

This is how I feel about the lessers we have running for high office.
My ranking of them will likely change as the months roll on to election 2016. For now, in order:
1. Ted Cruz
2.Ben Carson
3. Scott Walker
4. Donald Trump
5. Rick Santorum
6. Rand Paul
7. John Kasich
8. Krispy Kreme
9. Mike Huckabee
10. Jim Gilmore
11.Bobby Jindal
12. Marko Rubio
13. George Pataki
14. Carly Fiorino
15. Lindsay Gramnasty 
16. Jim Webb
17. Lincoln Chaffee
18. Martin OMally
19. Bernie Sanders
20. Hillary Clinton
21. Joe the puppet
Rick Perry bowed out of the race and his gazillionaire backers are demanding their money back. Trump has moved up exponentially in my book, and while it does not show, he is still at 4, I am seeing a lot more to like in him. The Communist Noise and Nuttery debate was essentially ten candidates and three moderators piling on Trump. He walked onto the stage knowing full well he had little to gain and every thing to lose. He knew he had a target the size of Alaska painted on his back and they were gonna throw everything from spit wads a junior high kid could come up with to nuclear weapons grade BS. He fielded them like Roger Marris, knocking a few out of the park, some into left field, but none snuck by him. I saw him as the winner, Carson at #2. FiretheRINO? Meh.
At this point I am not opposed to Trump, I expect he will be the Republican pick and in all likelihood our next President. Rove has yet to unleash his attacks. Rove is all in for the parasite Jebito and will stop at nothing to keep a grass roots candidate from upsetting the establishment cart.
I still favor Cruz, the good doctor, and Walker. I feel each would have a place in a Trump Presidency, and also hope that in the off hand chance one of them surges ahead that they will work together for a better America, one without the Rovian establishment GOPe any where near the White House.
If any of this pack remain, my vote will be cast based on the survivors positions. If all of the above are eliminated, I still will not vote for:

Jeb Bush

Friday, September 18, 2015

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

I am a Patriots fan BUT

Ok, maybe its more about the name than their abilities on the field. it might be that at one time, they were an underdog, or it might be that people want to follow winners. To have a team labeled patriots, nestled in the middle of liberal loony land is something beyond comprehension as well.
All that said, well....

Jedi politics

Monday, September 14, 2015

Friday, September 11, 2015

Just WOW

Lightening struck a crane in Saudi Arabia causing it to fall on the grand mosque of the pedophile. The incident killed at least 87 and injured another 184 of Satan's spawn as millions of his evil minions flock to Mecca for the annual pilgrimage.
It is especially fitting that it happened on 9-11. They could take several possible messages away from this:
1. their god a lie is angry thatthey have not swept the world with jihad.
2. The GOD who created the heavens and the earth is mocking them.
One is correct, the other is most likely what they will read into it.

Remembering 9-11-01

With the passing of the year many Americans have let the memories of the islamic assault on our nation fade. People forget that the attackers were not a wacked out sect following some obscure mistranslation, or some strange new teaching, they were following the koran and the examples of mohamhead to a T.
Some say islam needs a reformation. The Christian Reformation happened because the leaders of the church began to teach things that were not part of scripture. Martin Luther nailed his 95 thesis to the door of the church because he had 95 problems with Catholic doctrine vs Scripture.
Are the imams of a lie drifting from the koran? Are they misinterpreting the satanic verses for personal gain? islame does not need reformation, it needs obliteration.
As we pass this day lets hold fast to the memories of 9-11-01. Lets recommit our selves and rededicate our lives to those who perished because a band of fools believed the words of a pedophile who taught about the pagan moon god allah.
Lets redirect our country. We should not admit even one of the displaced terrorists in waiting who are swarming the borders of Europe. Soon they will have their own crisis to deal with because they allowed filth to flow into their nation.
Remembering 9-11 does not mean attacking members of the pedophiles faith. We are not called on as individuals to treat them as they treat Christians in mooslime lands. Mat we today become Uruguay, may the mooslimes want to go away with out us so much as raising a finger against them.
So remember the victims. Remember the wives who have no husbands, the children with out fathers or mothers, parents who lost children, and a nation that lost its senses jumping through hoops to convince people that this was not islame.

Uruguay a refugee success story

Last year five Syrian families were resettled in Uruguay. 42 people were part of that mission, and two have been born into the group. Uruguay does not keep them on the tit forever though and as the end of their aid looms, they want to go back to Syria.
One family tried to go to Serbia but was deported back to Uruguay instead. I guess the Serbs are sick of em too.
What I found strange was that some of the kids were assimilating into Uruguay culture. at least one girls has abandoned her hijab and is dating a local boy.
Leaders from Europe need to go to Uruguay and study what has happened there. If they can get them to assimilate and or return home, the Euroweenies should be able to as well.

Thursday, September 10, 2015

Angel Lust

Sorry Wiser One, this is not about you. I have an adorable wife and am not looking for another. This is about the phenomenon known as a death erection, terminal erection, or Angel Lust. There are a ton of articles on the subject. its not something I care about, my only interest is because I think it has some impact on the pedophile mo Ham Head's claim that People who die in Jihad would have the sexual staying power to satisfy seventy two virgins and twenty four supple young boys.
A number of people have done extensive research on the subject, and it is a fact that as many as 1/3 of people who die violently show signs of sexual stimulation. both men and women experience his. The pedophile likely saw some of his followers die in an extreme manor. Its a strong possibiliy they may have experienced angel lust and Hammy witnessed it. Since he had no clue about medical research, its entirely possible that he concluded it was because they were greeted by a hoard of hot young virgins instead of the demons who were waiting for them. Seriously,how could he know? If he received any revelation from an angel, it was one of Satans demons and not from the LORD.
As for the current crop invading Europe and America, I would be more than happy to assist them in researching this phenomenon. I'm sure their lunatic won't mind sharing the ass raping he is receiving for all eternity.
Its also possible that the true definition of hell is a hard on and no way to satisfy it.



Tuesday, September 8, 2015

A solution

Europe is in serious trouble. A wave of as many as 500,000 islamists is converging on the borders of the European nations intent on gaining entry. The last fifteen years should have taught them a lot. From the carbeques in France to attacks on soldiers in England, the religion of peace has been anything but peaceful. Pictures of the latest influx show crowds that are mostly male and between the ages of 15 and 35. Very few women, almost no elderly and children. Ifthe invasion doesn't resemble an army in disguise, what does?
The solutions though are many but simple. Europe could machine gun them at the borders, on the beaches, and drive them back to the countries they have come from. The Euroweenies won't. You and I both know that.
They could bring back the death penalty for these cretins, and any who commit an assault, rape, murder, robbery, o any other felony could be executed by wrapping them in the carcass of a hog, then slow cooking them over an open pit of coals. That won't happen either.
Stoning is the mooslime execution of choice with options for hanging, or crucifixion. None of thsose will happen in Europe though.
The option that I have in mind though is something the Euroweenies could get behind. Forced conscription. Draft every last one of them into the German Army, or French Foreign Legion. Give them a good basic training, then on to jump school. After four successful jumps, have them make their fifth jump with full battle gear, then fly their asses back to Syria or whatever shit hole they slithered out of and send em home in  night jump. Equip them with Mauser 98s, or Mosin Nagants, two hundred round of ammo, Two days supply of pork and beans, and a hearty fare well. If they can't kick ass on ISIS, they deserve to die for a lie. Or what ever you want to call the arabian moon god.

He;d side with the mooslime

Why you ask? If you are too chickenshit liberal to own a gun, which would you rather have mad at you? A sissy whose gonna get prissy, or some fuck whose going to blow up your neighborhood, enslave your kids and ass rape your dog cause he thinks its a goat?
Sorry Dinesh, liberals are more cowardly than stupid although they are quite stupid.

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Monday, September 7, 2015

What europe needs to do

Southern Europe is being flooded with a mass of jihadists claiming to be refugees. These are muslim males in the 15 to 35 age bracket. Very few females, children or older folks. The Italians and Hungarians need to equip a couple of trains like this. The seats need to be hand crafted pig skin leather, and they need to have a good kitchen to feed the teeming masses with abundant quantities of pork shnitzel, black forest ham, and fresh crisp BLT sandwiches.
Every train needs a good name though and I think Peace Train is the right one for this package.

We screwed up in 2008

She wasn't perfect, she was second chair to the most worthless piece of communist shit the GOPe ever sent to Washington.Does she have a place in a Trump administration?

How do you solve a problem like sharia

They board a bus andblow it up
To a lie their lives they swear.
They'll kill you if you go to Mass
And complain about what women wear
And underneath their garments
A bomb vest is hidden there!
They only love molesting goats and children

Their civilization is backwards
But their threat to ours is real
They hate and scream about everything
And slaughter Jews with zeal
I hate to have to say it
But I very firmly feel
Islam is not an asset to the world.

The only good comes from their soil
Underneath it's oil!

How do you solve a problem like sharia?
How do you take Jihad and put it down?
Is there any thing worse than sharia?
Its coming like a plague into you town.

You cannot tell them the truth of the Gospel
They simply refuse to try to understand.
So how do you make them obey
And simply go away
Without destroying anymore civilized land?

How do you solve a problem like Sharia
What do you do when jihad sweeps your land?

The Koran is so confused
Out of focus and misused
And no one knows just what Mo Ham Head said.
That they are the words of Satan
We can now know for certain.
They bring death and destruction Hand in hand.
They'll out lie a politician
There is no assimilation
Their one goal is to spread o'er all the world.
They're not gentle They're not mild
Strap a bomb onto a child.
They hate Christians! They hate Hindu's!
They hate You!

How do you solve a problem like sharia?
How do you take Jihad and put it down?
Is there any thing worse than sharia?
Its coming like a plague into you town.

You cannot tell them the truth of the Gospel
They simply refuse to try to understand.
So how do you make them obey
And simply go away
Without destroying anymore civilized land?

 How do you solve a problem like Sharia
What do you do when jihad sweeps your land?

OK, I'm gonna blame Mandy Manners over at Weaselzippers for this one. Her comment : 
The hills are alive with the sound of muezzin.
How do you solve a problem like Shariah?
Stuck the songs from Rogers and Hammerstein in my head, and I spent a lot of last night coming up with lyrics to fit the tune.
Update!! There is a version out there from Free Republic as well.

Friday, September 4, 2015


Just Empty Every Pocket

Its a cheap thing...

So that's why

I'm tired broke and worn out.

Just a joke my ASS

I am having a hard time believing that the Arby's employee who supposedly refused service to a cop was a joke. If it was, the manager, not the employee needs to be terminated.
The story line is that Kenny Davenport refused to serve a cop in the drive through and that instead, the Manager did, AND made a point of telling the cop that Kenny did not want to serve her because she was a cop.
Either way, the manager has fewer brains then plankton. Or protozoans.
Given that Kenny is black and the officer is white, AND given the current state of affairs between the police and the BLM bunch, It is entirely possible that Kenny did not want to serve a cop, and that is his option.
A joke though?
Kenny now claims that they were busy and he asked the manager to handle the window. ???WHY???
If he was new and over whelmed, that might be the case.
Still, to call the managers distasteful comments a joke is like saying Stalin was not that great of a guy.