Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Too Bucking Fad

So it seems ObamAA+s hero and mentor has terminal cancer. Communist presser and cheerleader Dan blather err Rather reports that he has entered the final stages in his fight. Treatment at the best facilities in the world, if Michael Moore is to be believed, have failed. I'll celebrate when he is six feet under, you can bet on that, but for now, good news is good news.
Amalamadingdong you are thinking? Nah, just Hugo Chavez, opresser of Venezuela.

Dear Christina

I'm sure you love your daughter and want to protect her from scorn. Really, I am. Is that why you broadcast her name and her catastrophe award for most excuses on homework assignments accross the entire world? You claim she was embarrassed by the award, and because every one laughed at her. I'm sure they did. She deserved it apparently, but instead of letting it end there, you made sure the world knows her shame and can laugh at her as well. Maybe she will learn a lesson from this, you have not. Maybe she will learn to get assignments in on time. Did her precious little ego get bruised. Wah! too bad! Egos get bruised all the time. Its part of life. If you didn't want her to be embarrassed, there are a number of options you could have selected. One was an abortion. I don't favor abortions, in fact I oppose them strongly. You might just be a case though where an abortion would be the correct answer. go talk to your mom, Cassandra's grandmother, and see if she could ram a coat hanger through your ear, its never too late for that. Call it a retroactive late term abortion, very late term. The second option would be to home school her so you are in control. I know that's not an option for you, she is already light years ahead of you because you are a dolt. Option three, the one I recommend, is stay in contact with her teachers. Visit her class room at least one every two weeks, ask how she is doing and whether she is getting assignments in on time. Yannow, you might just learn a thing or three about your daughter, and years down the road, it might keep her from making serious mistakes such as spreading her legs too soon, or for the wrong guy. or using drugs, or other bad choices she could make. It would almost be worth it to make a trip to Tucson just to stop in and laugh in your face. I won't waste the gas though.

Monday, May 28, 2012

Antidote for a bad pun

Well, Denny had his Moanday pun up, and its a good one, or not. For those who need a laugh to start the week, heres one to maybe make your day. Jesus and Moses are out golfing one day. They reach the 15th hole, which has a nice sized water hazard seperating the fairway from the green, and after the initial drives, they wander out onto the fairway. When it comes time for Jesus' shot, he looks at how far he has to go to the green and selects the 9-iron for his shot. "You might want to reconsider," says Moses. "That's a 7-iron shot if I ever saw one." Jesus shakes his head. "I once saw Arnold Palmer make this exact shot with a 9-iron. If he can do it, then so can I." Moses laughs. "Alright, if you insist." "I'm telling you, if Arnold Palmer can make this shot witha 9-iron, then I shouldn't have any problems." And with that, he lined up for his shot, took a mighty swing, and watched as the ball went up and up, and then down and down and down... right into the water hazard. Jesus shakes his head in disgust. "I don't understand it. Arnold Palmer did it!" Moses just laughs and says, "I'll tell you what, I'll let you do that one again. But I'm telling you, that's a 7-iron shot." Moses then walks over to the pond, holds out his arms and parts the water, just like the Red Sea. He then calmly walks over to Jesus' ball, picks it up, walks back to his friend, and drops it down in front of him. "7-iron," he says, before stepping back. "I'm telling you," says Jesus, "If Arnold Palmer did it, so can I." Moses laughs but doesn't say anything else as Jesus lines up for his shot. This time, his swing is near perfect, and the ball goes up and up and up, and then down, and down, and down, and.... PLUNK! Right into the drink again. "I don't understand it," says Jesus. "I should be able to make that shot with a 9-iron if Arnold Palmer did too." "Well," says Moses. "I tried to tell you but you wouldn't listen. Now you're going to have to go and get your own ball." Jesus sighs, walks over to the water, and then begins walking on top of the water. When he gets to the spot where his ball went in, he kneels down and begins fishing around for it. As this was happening, a man drives by in a golf cart and sees Jesus kneeling on top of the water trying to find his ball. After a moment or two, the man calls out to Moses, "Hey, does that guy think he's Jesus or something?" "No," yells Moses in response. "He thinks he's Arnold Palmer."

Sunday, May 27, 2012

How lethal is a 22

Found this video here. Interesting that they attempted shots as far as 440 yards. Something to think about when you want to laugh at the iea of home defense with a rim fire, but in the right hands, it is the best weapon. For a woman who is afraid of guns, or some one who is frail, a 22 would be a good choice. Sure, a 357 would stop some one with one shot, but they gotta hit em first. With a 22 pistol, they would have as many as ten shots to put hurt on a perp. Just something to think about when you are considering your next purchase. Oh, and ammo is dirt cheap.

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Wouldn't want to do that

Some people are gonna scream that this is disrespecting of Trayvon Martin, the thug from south Florida whose spree ended when he didn't even bring a knife to a gun fight. personally, I could give a shit less what they think. My opinion is that it is disrespecting to gloss over his sorry history. his mommy and pops might feel better thinking that their thug was a little angel, but he was not. He was a sorry piece of shit who dealt drugs, assaulted people, stole, broke into homes, and was generally a wart on society. he aint a hero, he's a zero, and with that in mind, here is my contribution of the day.

I went ahead and marked the first ten but didn't bother on the second set. Its windy today in Kansas, but still nice groups.
If you are wondering where I got the target, I stole the image from GGDF, stretched it back to correct size, and printed it out on my computer. Funny graphic.

Friday, May 25, 2012

Ever heard of Brett Kimberlin?

He is a convicted domestic terrorist. A man sentenced to fifty years in prison for setting bombs in Speedway Indiana, the man is lower then life scum. he is also good friends with Chunky Chuck Johnson of LGF fame.
You won't find Brett Kimberlin on Wikipedia, his entry has been deleted. Information about him though abound on the net. most of it comes from conservative bloggers, many of whom have been attacked by this insult to humanity.
To get a good scoop, and see the scope of this mans depravity, just go here. This creep is just another Soros funded left wing hater. keep that in mind, and support folks like Paterico and R.S.McCain.
Don't expect him to be brought to justice any time soon either. he is part of ObamAA+'s civilian force of ner do wells. Part of his civilian force that is supposed to be as big as the Army.
I guess the idea of brownshirts like Hitler had in his SA don't bother some people. Well, it bothers me.

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Just a dumb thought

Some times dumb thoughts hit me. And this may be one of my dumbest. We have been fighting a war on drugs for the last twenty thirty, fifty? Years, and we are losing. For every means of detecting their traffic, they come up with a better means to sneak stuff in. They have made tunnels that could compete with the New York subway system, submarines that are befitting an emerging world power, aircraft that are nearly undetectable, and they are better armed then Saddam Insane was.

Sure, we pop an occasional mule. We pop a lot of mules, but the supply doesn’t seem to be diminished in the least. We have thrown our brightest and best, our toughest and bravest, and they still keep coming. The drug thugs are capitalists through and through, they are all about profit and money. When a few dealers in a region get smacked, the price goes up. Supply and demand at its best, or worst. They still make money, in fact, they make more return on the dollar then when the drug war aint happening.

So how do we win? The bottom line is we don’t, The war on drugs, like the war on terror is more about stripping individual liberty from Americans then it is stopping a few stupid people from wrecking their own lives.

So what's my plan? Catch and release. Sure, that's what they are doing now, they catch a dealer and put him out on probation and he continues to deal drugs, but now he has to have a job to stay out of jail so he works at Burger King where his customers have better access. Yup, that’ll show em.

That's not what I was talking about though, I mean catch and release the drugs themselves. Huh? Are you mad? Just give it back to the dealers? Not exactly. Instead of the cops burning piles and piles of weed coke etc., distribute it to the users. Limited quantities, put a cap on purchases so to speak so it does not get redistributed, but put the product back into the system. The users are gonna get their junk come hell or high water.

When the cops shut down the Manhattan area dealers, the users just went shopping to Topeka, Salina and Wichita. The ones who won were the gas suppliers. Instead, rather then burning the pot and coke, redistribute it at a cut rate price. By the time it is processed as evidence and the trial is over, new suppliers are in place, so a flood of the market with cheap product would hurt the dealers. It additionally would provide cash infusions for struggling state and local governments.

California and other states are decriminalizing the shit. The people who use it are ruining their lives, but they would do that no matter what, so rather then drug money going to Mexico and Columbia, keep it at home. I think that would hurt the cartels worse then anything.

Am I crazy? Yeah.......

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Harvards biggest failure

Fifty years after graduating, Ted Kaczynski sits tucked away in the Supermax in Florence Colorado. He is a man who went from promising success to madman, killing three and wounding a host of others. But is he their worst case?
Sure ted was destructive, bombs tend to be after all, but the damage wrought on America by ObamAA+ iis more economically crippling, more emotionally devestating then any pack of explosives.
I'm not here to defend ted, he got off light, he should have been executed. i'm here to again condemn ObamAA+ as he tries to deflect his horrific record onto the Republicans. In a way, ABC is right, repubicans are to blame. We kicked them to the curb when they started spending like democrats. Its also true that most of ObamAA+'s debt comes from the democrat congress that preceded his assention to office. There hasn't been a lot of crazy spending since, the democraps were too busy with hellcare to bother with a budget, and gridlock has kept one off the table for eighteen months. We need to ammend the constitution to not allow continuing resolutions, no budget, no checks, and nothing for congress. The should be locked in starting two weeks before the budget is due, and not let out of chambers until it is passed, and any member who exits the chamber shall not be seated until after the next elections members are sworn in.
As for republicans, take notes and learn from them. Cut spending cut spending, cut spending. Start wit hinternational welfare, eliminate it all. Quit borrowing money from China and giving it to Vietnam. let the Vietnamese borrow from their daddy themselves. Next cut corporate welfare. I'm not talking about taxes, but slash them as well. I'm talking about handouts to corporations for stupid ideas like green energy. After that, cut the welfare to individuals. The list of people who are entirely worthless is amazingly small, but even they do not deserve a check from Uncle Sam. The only ones deserving of that are military retirees. The rest of the government employees should be made to turn to their union for their life long hand out.
As for the entirely worthless, Nancy P Lousy come to mind right off the top of my head. I cannot fathom why a person in a wheel chair is deserving of a check from the government unless the gov put them there. Charity is the job of churches and individuals, not government.
And frAnkly, if I get heartburn from supporting the local leg spreader, you can bet I want to give Ted nothing but a rope. He still deserves to hang. maybe ObamAA+ can room with him once the truth about him comes out.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Muslim liars strike in Kansas

Kansas just passed a law that forbids courts from considering laws of foreign nations or any religions when ruling on cases. CAIR, the disinformation branch of the satanist cult islam is out in force opposing it. The crap journal is full of comments by retards who want sharia law in Kansas. Frankly though, the law does not go far enough.
A friend of mine recently had a court case that he lost. The judge, an old enemy of his, cited laws from France that would be now blocked, but also cited laws from New York state, and Connecticut. Last time I checked, We elected our own legislature, and New York had theirs. I know Hillary Clinton is god to liberal women, and this judge is a loony liberal bitch, but cankles aint on any ballot here.
The Kansas law also needs to ban judges from using case law from other states unless the ruling concerns activity in those states such as a divorce where a parent moves to another jurisdiction. beyond that, Kansas law for Kansans, and feel free to go fuck yourself to islamists, foreign nations, and Mexifornia. If Judge Hockhouser wants to rule under New York law, she needs to take her fat useless ass to Buffalo, the city named for her posterior. Its only wide because her head is there most of the time.

Don't want your daughter to become a statistic

Waterbury, Connecticut has a fight on their hands. A proposed gun range was approved by the city, but is now stuck in limbo as the loco school opposes the planed improvement. A meeting with protesters and counter protesters was staged Monday. During the circus, Sprague parent William Bellmay shouted at a gun-rights counter-protester,“I don't want my daughter to become a statistic!”
I have some advice for Mr Bellmay, teach her to shoot. Women are the victims of domestic violence, rape, assault, are forced into prostitution and other sex industries and become statistics. Why? because they are smaller, weaker, and do not know how to defend them selves. Women who do know how to defend themselves are less likely to become part of those sad statistics. The next thing he needs to do is teach her defensive driving. Young people are involved in a high percentage of fatal crashes because defensive driving tactics are not second nature to them.
The third thing Mr Bellmay needs to do is teach her about hte benefits of abstinance. You cannot tell the sexual history of a potential partner by looking at them or their privates. Pregnancy is all too common, but it is the smallest worry for young women today. HPV brings with it cervical cancer which if untreated spreads to the lymph nodes, intestines, and will be fatal. It brings wiht it hte risk of sterility as well.
So Mr Bellmay, don't be lame. Give your daughter the best chance in the best nation on earth. Teach her how to shoot, when to shoot, and when not to shoot so she doesn't end up becoming a sad statistic. Contrast the number of kids killed by accidents at firing ranges vs the number killed in traffic accidents, or the number beaten to death by those they thought loved them, abnd you will see that the gun range is a benefit, an asset, not a threat.
Above all Mr Bellmay, quit being a retard. Sure, you are stuck in liberal lala land, but that does not mean you need to remain a fool.

Monday, May 21, 2012

More range time

This time with a Rock River AR Pistol. Sure, the group aint all that great, but come on, its an 11 inch tube and fifty yards. over iron sight. Oh, and I just switched it to the carry handle, so its not exactly zeroed yet. Close enough though.
The upper is an LMT. I've had this for a couple of years. The whole thing came from Quantico Tactical. I had a scope on this up until last week when I played musical glass as I assembled the S&W.

A misleading number

2000 people exonerate seems like a huge number and it is. Everything is perspective though, and 2000 wrongful convictions in twenty three years is not as bad as some people want to make it. Scarier still is the recent news that an innocent man was executed in Texas. People are wanting to argue that our justice system is woefully flawed. Well, it is, and it isn't. let me explain. We have the best justice system in the world bar none. Our system is better and fairer then the world court, or the courts of any nation. It is not perfect, it is far from perfect. Every person who works in the system is human and all humans are flawed.

Some errors can be prevented, the case in Texas is a prime example of that. The executed man knew who did it, gave the cops and every one else the name of the real killer, the real killer even admitted to the crime. The two men bore a striking resemblance though, and that did not help matters. The DA did not do his job either. By the time Carlos DeLuna was executed, Carlos Hernandez, the real killer was in jail, and the weapon was in police evidence.

Righting this wrong is not abolishing the death penalty, its prosecuting the persecutor who fully failed to do his job. Prosecutors like to point to high conviction rates when the run for reelection. The more important number is how many errors of police investigations they catch and correct.

Cops make mistakes, they are human. standing by your mistake when you are shown you are wrong though is foolish pride, and that should be punished.

Another problem is officers who are convinced some one is guilty and will do every thing including lie and fake evidence to obtain a conviction. Those type of cops should be executed by a firing squad of their peers, no less punishment will do.

Some times a cops instinct is right on, and evidence is just not there. Its a shame to let a criminal walk out the door, but cops need to learn to do just that. Sooner or later, the perp will make a mistake, some one will come forward, or missing evidence will surface. The conviction will fly then, but I know its hard to swallow.

The Casey Anthony case is a good example of what I mean, had the cops let her walk, they might have gotten a conviction later. As it is, she is guilty as hell, and free as a bird. I believe that had the cops let her go, but just before releasing her sat her down and told her. " We know you are guilty, the evidence just isn’t there to obtain a conviction. We will continue to search for evidence though, and some day something will turn up. We will look over evidence and discover something we missed, or some one will come forward. It may not happen tomorrow, it may not happen next year, but rest assured, some day it will happen. Keep that in mind when you hear sirens at night, it may be us coming to arrest you for the heinous crime you did to your child."

Rest assured, she would crack under the strain. She would tell some one, and one day she would piss that person off, and they would tell the cops. Or, like the fellow in Iowa, her conscience would topple her and she would confess.

Its hard to be a good cop. You are measured on your arrest and conviction rate, not how many people you comfort, or how much good you do for your community. Criminals get an uneven break in our legal system, and I can assure you, far more then 2000 convicts have skated in the twenty three years the folks at North Western School of Law examined.
Does it balance out in the end? Not if you are one of the wrongly convicted, but especially not if you are a later victim of some one who skated on the system. In the end, the problem is squarely in the face of schools like North Western Law who teach liars err lawyers to push the envelope and destroy the constitution.

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Upgrade 1.1

several years ago I sold the upper off a S&W M&P. It was a 16' Bushmaster ultra lite. Much as I liked it, I also was looking at upgrades for my collection, switching everything to A-3 flat tops for scopes. Sure, you can drop an adapter into the carry handle, but it gives you a high cheekweld, and makes accurate shooting a pain.  I like to be comfortable when I shoot, what can I say?
I purchased an upper last week intending to modify my original Essential Arms action. The more I thought about it though, the less I liked that idea. There is something very powerful about the idea of scrapping your first build, even if its just upgrading it. Heck, I'm even thinking about tearing off the new rails and going back to the original triangle front grips. Then I remembered I had this Smith lower stuffed in a box. It was time to put it back together.
Sorry, but collapsable stocks and 20" barrels don't go together. I picked up a Magpul PRS stock for this baby and set about making a great varmit gun.
I took an immediate liking to the Magpul stock. Sure, the A-1 stock has been good enough for twenty years, but after ten rounds, I am really loving this.
The Bushmaster upper is looking to be a finicky bastard. I took fifteen rounds out with me, and six of them wouldn't chamber. Not a good sign in a battle rifle, and not too good for praire dog hunting either. After I was done shooting, I grabbed the old EA off the rack and tried those rounds in it. All six fired, no problems, and as you can see, a nice tight group. BTW, my aim point for that set was the six oclock position on the black. Just a tad high, and I had a stiff wind blowing left to right, so I'm not adjusting the zero. In case you are wondering, I zeroed that rifle in 1989, and have not touched it since. That five shot group BTW is .75 inches at 50 yards.
UPDATE: Took the rifle to a local gunsmith. We stripped it down completely then ran a reamer in the chamber. Two hours later, it chambering a lot better. Its tight though, darn tight.

Friday, May 18, 2012

Breyer got robbed

What goes arround comes arround, and while unjustice Breyer was robbed of much less then he aided and abetted in the Kelo theft, he got robbed twice.
So which is worse? Getting robbed by thieves in suits in a court of law, or by thugs with machettes. I prefer the thugs with machettes, when you shoot them dead in their tracks, only leftards like Braying donk and Souter cheer.
Well, three of the five thieves on the court have gotten robbed. Badbitch Ginsberg got taken by a purse snatcher, Souter was mugged, now Breyer gets it. Twice.
Too bad these assholes believe in judicial infalibility. History shows the court is too often wrong to take that stand.
The sad part is the thieves were probably folks who would have supported the theft of kelo. So Breyer, suck to be you. Hell awaits your sorry ass. No, thats not a threat, every one dies, and you will die unrepentant for the evil you have done from the bench.

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Redneck Bullseye

Last night, Urban Infidel posted a link at blogmocracy with pics from her day at the range. That got me thinking, heck, I haven't posted any range pics since 9-11 shoot a Koran day, and since I shoot every week, decided to snap a few pics of my own.
Redneck Jr is on his honeymoon otherwise its a family get together, and often with a few friends.
 The range for these shots was 70 yards. Not a long poke, but enough to be fun. Besides, this is wood tick season, and I have not mowed in a couple of weeks. This is redneck shootin. Tin cans and beer bottles, jugs of water with a touch of koolaid for a purdy splash.
 The rifle is sighted for 200 yards. Its my Ruger 10-22. Thats why the shots  are high. This was 10 rounds rapid fire. About 25 seconds first to last shot. Usually for this we have ten targets spaced out and at various ranges. The shooter must pick the closest to the farthest. Tonight I just used one can for the photos.
 A group like that would stop any one with out armor. Mostly its racoons and possums. Occasionally a skunk or coyote.
The final pic is after thirty rounds. again, rapid fire. most folks spend their time on the range getting that just perfect sight picture. You don't get that option in a fight. if its a possum or coon, they run like hell when the door opens, and if its an intruder coming at you, you have about one second per five yards to decide who lives and who dies.
Train fire shooting is about fast target aquisition and neutralization. a sniper may get all day to pick off his target, but the infantry on the front line has only a second or three to get off a perfect shot. In the end, its all about having fun. I have fun spitting lead, not looking at tin cans or paper.

Just my two cents

Ok, I'll accept that Obama is the first gay president. Andrew should know one when he see's one. Does that mean Mooch elle is really Mitch? or Mitchell? Is this a guy going the extra mile to explain why his wife is butt ugly and has no sex appeal or is this a guy in drag? Does this mean Sasha has two daddys?
Which one pitches and which one catches? Maybe I don't want to know the answer on that one. If I were to guess, I'd bet Mitch wears the pants and Barrie the Apron.
Where's my change?

The Civil War aint over

Missouri fired the latest shot as democrat Stephen Webber introduced legislation stopping the state from offering KU JayHawk plates among their many school specialty plates. I can understand it, such a plate would scare people away from McDonalds. They would see one in the parking lot and assume the grill guy was a KU grad. No one wants food preped by some one that illiterate.
He says he'll drop the ammendment if Kansas challenges Mizzu in either football or basketball. Hey fella, maybe you all shouldn't have bolted the Big Twelve. Better yet, you should have taken Beaky and th brats with you.

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Can any of them ask the right questions?

Well, color me shocked, Chris Mathews bombed on Jeopardy. This is the Moron who mocked Sarah Palin on many occasions, and he bombed on Jeopardy. To be fair, he did better then legendary idiot Woof Blitzer and Dirtbag Cooper, but that is still the shallow, as in empty, end of the gene pool when it comes to journolists.
So can any of them figure out the questions to ask? apparently not. Lets see then actually compete against Palin, she'd eat their lunch, and their mommy's would be upset at the mean old liberal lady.
So for those of you who watch the Communist Nutjobs Network, Or PMSnbc, keep getting your misinformation from the fools and we will continue to mock you for what you are.

Monday, May 14, 2012

This is what its all coming to

Several years ago, a study was released on the deterent effects of the death penalty. We all know it certainly deters one carreer criminal from doing another crime, but this was about the effects on the general population. The study had been comissioned by the death penalty information center, and its conclusion was that the death penalty did indeed deter criminals.
Now, we are back to square zero. The criminal enablers have been hard at it finding ways to pole holes in their study that showed they were wrong. So we are again faced with scumbag enablers who are attempting to force legislation to repeal death penalty laws.
Yes, I'm pissed. If our supreme court justices had the spine of an earth worm, they would rule that long term incarceration is far more cruel and inhumane then an air dance, or even the rack. They would strike down appeals based on all this challenging what is is. All convicts should be allowed one appeal on proceedural grounds or constitutionality issues, One shot for any of it, then any other appeal would be soley on evidence that might exonerate a convicted or condemned person. I would stop the bull shit as well, any attorney who trumped up an appeal with false facts would be barred from ever, EVER receiving money from public funds, so no free cash, hell, I'd say just disbar them and let a new legal beagle at the blood.
Appeals at tax payer expense should be limited as well. Its these crazy appeals that drive up the cost of executions, not the cost of feeding htem clothing them or anything else, the cost of feeding useless liars err lawyers. Cut the hogs off from the trough.

Saturday, May 12, 2012

anything of significance

So some schmuck reporter got Romney with a stack of questions on perverted marriage, legalizing cannabis, and the lack of any attempt to repel the invasion of the USA. When he was done answering them, Mitt asked, "Don't you have anything of significance to ask?"

*SMACK!!* Right between the eyes. Would have floored anyone with a brain. Yahoo Yahoo John Berman disagrees with me though and imagines he thinks that reporters get to choose the subject matter. Well, they do in a way, and they get to decide how the reply will be printed as well. The message here though is stick with what matters. Perverts are gonna pack fudge whether Mitt likes it and won't stop just because the supreme court says they can not get married in San Franfreakshow. Pot heads are gonna get stoned until the cops kick down the door and drag them off to prison, and people from Mexico and Central America are gonna find ways to sneak across our border. The keys are whether we respect perversion, tolerate some one on the job site or road who is dangerously high, and allow employers to hire people who are not here legally. None of that is gonna matter a hill of beans compared to the destruction caused by ObamAA+ and his insane attempt to bring failed socialism to America. None of them hold a candle to energy policies intended to drive prices of energy through the roof, And none of them are as important as the life of even one child slaughtered by an abortion provider.

American Pravda needs reporters, not cheerleaders for the communists.

Friday, May 11, 2012

So Yesterday

In 2008 we had a court case to stop the release of a film that was critical of Cancles Clinton. That was then, this is now.
On May 16 Paramount will release the biography of Obama. The movie "tell[s] the story of a dictator who risked his life to ensure that democracy would never come to the country he so lovingly oppressed",

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Not much choice I guess

Keith Judd garnered 40% of the vote in the West Virginia Primary against ObamAA+. Has any one ever heard of him? If some no name can put that much hurt on Obie in th primary, why isn't anyone with serious political savy running?
Oh, did anyone mention that Judd is serving time in Federal prison for extortion? A carreer politician in the making. Reformed? Not if he's heading for politics.

Tuesday, May 8, 2012


I mentioned in my last gun screed that I am a Ruger fan. Here is another from my collection, a 45-22. The 45-22 is Rugers latest version of their tried and true Standard. While functionally the same as a Mark III, it has a grip more in line with a Colt 1911 instead of the traditional Luger rake. To be honest though, I bought this gun more for the sight then for the gun, and next time you see it, it will be adorning an AR or some similar weapon, possibly my Camp 9.

This pistol is intended for target shooting though, so a good reflex sight is fitting. When I got it, it was sighted in about a foot off at five yards. I'm guessing the previous owner didn't shoot it much.

ATN offers three versions of their reflex sight, the Ultra Sight, the Digital Ultra Sight, and the Compact Digital. All offer multiple reticle patterns. This one offers four, a dot, a circle and dot, a cross hair, and an open crosshair with dot. take your pick, find the one that suites you. Each has a diffrent MOA for compensation, the circle and dot is 60 MOA, and the cross hair and cross hair with dot are both 50 MOA. The cross hair with dot offers an additional 25 MOA on the smaller ring, useful when calculating distance to target in an unknown enviroment.

The one feature I do not like on the 45-22 is the hook on the front of the magazine. I prefer a cleaner mag like the ones for The Standard and MKIII. Nothing to hang up in a coat or trouser pocket when hunting or during range play.
All in all, a good gun to shoot, light weight, accurate, and a nice feel. So, why put an ATN reflex sight on a plinker? Why not?

Monday, May 7, 2012

One heck of a twister

I've been around a lot of storm damage. I have worked clean up in Chapman, Joplin, and a few other cities. The worst storm damage I ever saw though was Greensburg. Looking back, I probably blamed it on the open area. Joplin and Chapman both had considerable shielding from trees and terrain. I guess I am wrong though.
Meteorologist Mike Umscheid confirmed that Greensburg was a storm with few peers. The winds were 200 mph or greater, something not often seen.
Joplin was bad. The loss of life should never be discounted. We can be grateful though that the storm that hit Joplin was not on a scale with the Greensburg tornado. Had it been, I shudder to think how many more lives might have been lost.
Tornados are a way of life in Kansas and most of hte great plains. Balmy Minnesota is king of twisters, even if Oklahoma and Texas seem to make the news more often. I don't buy into the global warming hysteria. I don't think they are getting worse. I know that years ago there were killer storms, and without the technology we have today, it would be impossible to compare them.
Savage over at blogmocracy had a post up on Saturday about Greensburg. his pictures will give a person pause. Eleven people died. It could have been much worse. Without Mr Umsheid's warning, more might have perished. This year could be a year to remember. Lets hope not.

Smooth move Exlax err Obama

Seems that the Taliban is growing stronger in Afghanistan. ObamAA+ was telling us not long ago how they were crippled, and we could pull out and go home. Aint so. A report released Sunday says that they are growing stronger by the minute. Not a good sign for Barry, the head of the committee was Diane Feinstein.
Also in that report was this nugget, US aid to Pakistan is to be cut 60% unless the SecDef can show it is being used to effectively fight the Taliban. Pakistan! here's my idea. Don't cut the dollar amount we give them, not even by a penny. Just change how we give it. Start by bombing their military bases, you know, the ones that couldn't find the terrorist down the street. We know where the taliban is hiding in Pakistan, lets bomb the crap out of em and to hell with Playing nicey nice to people who openly support our enemies. We don't need troops on the ground for this one, just utilize satellite imagery, and bomb the piss out of any place that has a light at night. Make it look like North Korea with out Kim Yuck foo's palaces. make it a blot darker then the Caspian Sea.

Friday, May 4, 2012

Whats the resale value?

I saw this several days ago, and thought it would be a good example of government thrift. Toyota cars and trucks are noted for high resale value. This fleet of five year old cars should bring top dollar. Almost three hundred vehicles, and no body knew they were there? How often does that happen? I am afraid to find out, I fear the number is high. The city is blaming Carlos Alvarez the mayor who was recalled in 2011.
This line is a hoot; "The leading theory is that they might be part of Carlos Alvarez's time as mayor. He was the mayor during the period the Toyotas were purchased." Is that a doh moment? You would think a journalism major could do better, then again, the old Dilbert cartoon where they install automatic lights to save money, then hire a guy to wander arround waving his arms so they sta on while people work might just be accurate, "Another journalism major enters the work force." Says Dilbert to Wally.
So waht do they need with 300 preasses? What department would they be headed for? I cannot see high rankers driving them, and certainly not the police. City inspectors? A truck serves them better. Maybe the school district, that I could see. More likely though, it was a kick back sceme, another Solyndra, but on a local scale.
This is just one more example of green ideas screwing tax payers.

Thursday, May 3, 2012

A perfect tan line

I go back and forth on whether tan lines look good on a gal. Some women look good with em, some look good with out em. This though has got to be the most perfect example of a tan line I have seen in decades.

Don't forget what Saturday is

Thats right every one, its the Mexican't festival commemorating when they whooped ass on the French. That would be like Mike Tyson beating up a third grader and doing a victory dance. Oh vell, it is a reason to get out and party if you are so inclined. Drink irresponsibly, be safe, and if you get arrested, call me. I won't come bail you out, but I can sure as hell stop by the jail and laugh at your ass.

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

He got his three score and ten

Another hero of WW2 has departed. George Vujnovich passed away at the age of 96. George helped orcestrate the rescue of 500 pilots and air crew who had been shot down over Yugoslavia during raids on Romania. As with Bill Ruger, this hero did not wear a uniform. his contrinutions though, in the OSS saved the lives of many men who did.
The ranks of veterans from WW2 is shrinking. There are many untold stories, both of heroism, and humor, the monotony of life in uniform. The world owes a debt to these men. Many were freed by them. Saddly, many in Russia, eastern Europe, and China were left to perish. They didn't save the entire world, only what they were asked to save. Had they been called upon to do so, I am confident that men like Vujnovich would have marched to Kamchaka.
What interested me most was that he worked with Draza Mihailovich and the Chetniks instead of the slavic communists. it is apparent to me that we could have saved Yugoslavia from communinsm had we wanted to. Instead, we saved our pilots, and abandoned the people.
GOD blessed George with a long life. Rest easy George, you earned it.

More peaceful lefties.

Now one would expect that with a president as far left as its humanly possible to get, that the liberal freaks would be happy. Instead, we get stuff like occupy, and now this. In previous reporting of militants, the press usually made attempts to link them with conservative movements. The TEA party was brushed by the arrests in Ohio two years ago. Not this time, they come right out and admit they are occutards.
Debbie Kline of occutard Cleveland was quick to disown them, and claim that occupy is a peaceful movement. So why all the arrests? Why do they crap on cop cars, and rape their fellow ocucunts.
The plus side of all this is that leftards are stupid when it comes to guns and explosives. Every redneck knows how to make a bomb that would level a building. We also have enough respect for our fellow man that we wouldn't do such a thing except as a last resort in defense of our home land.
I believe we are headed for an uncivil war. The good news for us on the right is that lefties are this stupid. The bad news is that when its all over, we will need to import short order cooks and janitors to replace all the leftards. The welfare rats and drug thugs won't need replacing, just hose em off the side walk.
You have to wonder though how much these retards were led on by the FBI. I some times wonder if these guys could figure out scratch lotto with out an hour of instruction. Each time they play. I hope the FBI did nothing to encourage them. It would suck if it turned out agents took bumbling fools and turned them into wannabe terrorists. Fools follow. And occupy.