Saturday, November 22, 2014

Does it matter?

The IRS has "found" thousands of Lois Lerner"s E-mails. She has retired. her future is secure unless they can get enough for a criminal conviction, in which case Oblowme will pardon her.
She served her purpose, she did enough to throw the 2012 election, and that is all the communists wanted, to keep le Incompetent in the oval office for four more years.
They kept it under wraps until now for fear it would alter the results of the elections. It might have made a difference in a few races, but I think the results would be just about what they are now. Commiefornia is a lock for them as is the north east. For the rest of the world, communism is no longer trendy. Maybe one or two senate races might have changes, but we all know that in two years, it will be old news. The communist infiltration of the democrats will not destroy the party. Yes, sensible folks will jump ship, but they will climb back on what ever piece of BS the dems trot out next. Even if the democrat party folded, communism would rear its head again. We would not be a one party nation. The best that would happen is that libertarians would split from commie lite, and the hapless wanderers would take it over just as they did the demoncraps. Moderate conservatives would bail to the libertarian party, and we would be back where we started but with different names.
Gruber is right, There are a lot of really stupid voters out there. 53% to be precise in 2012. I doubt the numbers actually changed much, most likely they sat home in November. I blame our modern, democrat crafted and controlled education system, the same one that created an ass like Gruber.

Friday, November 21, 2014

A little morning humor

The only difference between Black Friday and a zombie apocalypse is that zombies don't care if you get the last iPad Mini.

Friday, November 14, 2014

Love the weather . . Or NOT

Polar Vortex my ass! What we are experiencing is the result of man made global warming. I shit you not. All through the campaign season the temperatures remained relatively mild. Now that they are done, WHAM! We are freezing our asses off and its all because the candidates are no longer spewing humungous quantities of HOT AIR. Personally, I'll take the cold over political lies and bull crap.

Theory #2, Obambi said it would be a cold day in hell before he would work with republicans, and GOD is obliging him.

The war on women continues

A link at Fox news caught my eye, What are the worst states for working women? On Fox? Seriously? I guess being fair and balanced means you have to have a few unhinged loonies allowed in.
Equal pay for equal work has been the law for almost all of my life! How is it that companies are getting away with this? They aren't, you know it and I know it. It takes a special kind of stupid to think that is the case. The liberals progressives, rat bastard commies,won't be happy until every one, but them, is paid the same wage for every job. It doesn't matter if its waitress, or brain surgeon, every one but them should be paid equally.
Take a look at their numbers, Kansas and Alabama have the same gender wage gap, 79 cents, but one is ranked 25th best, the other 12th worst. Then we have lowly Wyoming, second worst, but their wage gap is only 69 cents! What the Heck are they smoking?
I believe in equal pay for equal work. Most companies pay workers the same regardless of gender as long as they meet production quotas. Yes, there are variations in the average pay for men and women in most states. The fact of the matter is there are some jobs the average woman cannot do. They simply are not physically capable of doing them with out risk of serious injury or death, and they would have to be dumber than a box of hammers to want to get into those fields. By the way, in many cases, the men who do those jobs make hammers look brilliant.
In contrast, there are some jobs that are better suited for women. No, not waitresses, Strippers is another story though. It has been my personal experience that women provide better medical care. Certainly in certain fields of surgery, women with their smaller hands have a distinct advantage.
As for the poverty rate among women, that is a decision they make. Instead of getting an education and a good job, they opt for alcohol, drugs, drop out of school, or get pregnant with a loser for a sperm donor. Personal choices, they do have consequences. As Denny is fond of saying, Get an education, get a job, and wait to have kids until you are settled.
So ladies, I feel for you. Growing up poor sucks. I know. I chose not to stay poor. You can do it too. No one owes you a damn thing.
Nothing is going to eliminate the gaps in pay. Low pay jobs will always exist. Jobs with high risk merit high reward. Jobs that demand greater skills will always get greater returns. If we paid the workers at Burger King the same as we pay the ones in the mine, well, the mine will not have many workers, and soon we all will be with out power.
OK, now I understand what liberals really want.

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Dead candidate leads in california race

The truth is out about Nancy P Lousy! Oh wait, different candidate. Easy mistake, one look at her face can turn any skeptic into a zombie believer. Is it the plastic? No, I believe its a glimpse into her soul.
Any way, California voters are set to elect a guy who was killed in a plane crash. If he wins, the seat remains vacant until the board decides whether to appoint a replacement, or hold a special election.

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Thank you veterans

To each of you who served our country, and to those who lost family members in our many wars, I extend my thanks and praise.
I couldn't get youtube to work today on my computer, So instead of a video, I can only share the words from Barry Sadlers song,

I'm going home, my tour is done
I'm going home, I'm a lucky one
But I've left friends behind me
Who won't come home no more
Yes many friends remain forever on that bloody shore

But at night when I sleep, I know my dreams will be
About my friends I left across the sea
I'll hear Vrba Young and Horn laugh again out loud
We'll all be together in a happy crowd

But then I hear the sound of bullets whining overhead
Feel the crash of mortars and all my friens are dead
My friends they fought and gave their all
My friends they died for freedoms cause

As my dream is ending
They'll come and say goodbye
Though I'm sound asleep, a tear I'll cry
And they say something that fills my heart with pain
Tell them about us Sadler, don't let us die in vain

I'm going home, my tour is done
I'm going home,I'm a lucky one.

My friends, don't let them die in vain. not the ones who died in Vietnam, nor the ones who have died in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

The 2016 campaign is in full swing already

I don't watch much TV, so imagine my suprise when I was flipping stations searching for local race results, and I saw an add for the new (S)hit show on the Communist Bull Shit network, a fluff piece about Hitlery called Mad Dumb Secretary.
The sad part is that so many people get their news from garbage like that. They will believe that its a documentary about her time in office. Benghazi? Wasn't he the Prime Minister of Israel?
Yes, folks on the socialist tit, sucking our hard earned dollars, are indeed that dumb.

Whada Maroon

What else can you call it when the head donk gets handed his ass, and thinks its there to support him and his failed policies?
With ears that big, you'd think he would get the message. The problem is that he is at least as dumb, maybe dumber than gaffmaster Joe.

Thanks Joe

It was almost too late, but the gaff master let the cat out of the bag about Greg Orman. The midcontinent communists were banking on Roberts' unpopularity to slide the manwhore in. The Kansas race this year has been all about Roberts rather than Oblowme. It started out with the long time republican being primaried by a tea party conservative. After squeaking out a victory there, Roberts found himself in a three way race along with communist nominee Chad Taylor. Taylor quickly bowed out, and it was a two way race with Orman never answering questions about where he stood on issues.
As late as Sunday, a lot of conservatives were talking about how an Orman win would spell the end of Bitch McConnell's rein as leader of the commie lite spendaholics party, aka republicans because Orman would not caucus with him as leader. Then along came Joe, and pulled his head out of his ass long enough to get a foot in his mouth, and the truth was out! A lot of us folks knew that Greg was a blood red commie to the depth of his soul. He had first run as a demoncrap, then made another try on a republican ticket. When he talked about his ideas and ideals though, it was clear that he was still a communist, and would all but caucus with them. A rino to the max, one that would make the worst rino seem like a conservative.
The problem was, not every one believed that. I saw Orman stickers on many conservatives vehicles, and when I tried to warn them, the anti Roberts schtick was up front. I don't like Roberts, I want a true conservative to represent Kansas, not some guy who bows down to the establishment masters who want the republicans to be democrat lite instead of true conservatives. I'll take a moderate over a commie any day though.
Thanks Joe, with out you, Kansas might have an Obozo butt kisser in Washington for the next six years.