Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Got robbed

The last eight days have been rough. I came down sick on Sunday, slowly declined through Wednesday, went to the doctor on Thursday and was diagnosed with pneumonia. I have been on the couch not wanting to move the whole week.
Saturday, it got worse, LOTS worse. A friend who was covering for me called and needed parts from my truck.
I went out at noon, and got home an hour later. At four, I got up to try eating, (first time in a week). There was a box of ammo on the counter, and I decided to stick it in the gun room. When I walked in, I WAS FLOORED! Many empty slots in a once full rack. Six M-4 style rifles, several with high end optics, two AR pistols, and six other pistols including both my 45's were taken.
I am 100% certain who took them. I had a falling out with a roommate who had been a friend for years back in June. Right after, I changed the locks to the gun room and garage. He moved on July 1st.
We had a further falling out when he came back for his dog kennel. He left some anchors laying all over the yard and I hit one with my mower. We exchanged texts and it got nasty from his end. He told me that as a Christian I had to forgive him. Sorry, forgiveness comes with repentance.
I thought it was over. He has a well earned reputation for vengeful acts. I'm told he has slashed tires and killed pets according to some sources.
My house can be observed from a road a half mile west. He likely watched me leave and, knowing I would be gone at least an hour, rushed over.
When I built the room, it was just storage, so it had only a passage lock. When I moved the guns, I put in a deadbolt, but didn't redrill the frame.  Because of that it could be tickled open with a knife. Only he would know that. NO ONE  but he and I knew that. Less than 20 people know the location, and what is in it. Kinda makes for a real small pool.
I had a pistol sitting on a shelf right outside the gun room. It was not touched.
After the sheriff was done, I fixed the problem. I also put the overlooked gun in the gun room. On Monday, it too was gone. He came back on Sunday while I was at church. I am looking for his new residence.
The detectives want to look elsewhere. I have tried to get them to focus. While they are chasing windmills, he is getting away with fifteen weapons. I will pursue him to the ends of the earth.

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