Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Campaign 2016

With all the insanity flowing from the left these days, Hillary is about to be lost in the flood. She needs a new identity if she wants to be noticed. She can't come out as black, Rachel Dolezal killed that one.
Maybe she should embrace her true self, and run as the anti Washington candidate. No, not opposed to everything that flows out of D.C. but the polar opposite of George. He never told a lie, she has never told the truth. Hell, she wouldn't know it if it ran her over like a New York jaywalker being splattered by a bus.

Does any one remember the movie Tunnel Vision? The 1976 feature was about a network with out censorship, I think Ted Turns-my-stomach patterned his collection of barf after it. Especially CNN, the Communist Nuts Network. Swimoff Israel and Roth wanted to predict what the boob tube would be like in 1985. Well, they were off by a couple of decades, but I think we have it pinned now. And. No. One. Is. Outraged.

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