Monday, June 20, 2016

Just a thought

Since the early days of world exploration when Columbus discovered America, up to my life time, Christians were scorned and called Flat Earthers. Prior to, and even after discovery of the "New World" many religious people had warned that the earth was flat, and ships sailing too close to the edge would fall off!
Why did Christians have that notion? It is contained no where in the Bible. Not one verse proclaims that the earth was flat although some passages might be interpreted to mean that. No, that idea springs from the proclamation of the Angels who declared to the Disciples that Jesus would return in the same manner as he departed, and the whole world would see him coming. Well, if the world is round, how can people on one side witness an event on the other? That phrase led people to think the world was flat. It also created a gap into which doubt could be poured. That series of events in part led to the "enlightenment period in which many began to doubt the truth of scripture.
Fast forward to the 70's. By the end of the Vietnam war, we were receiving movies from the theater of war beamed into our living rooms with the nightly news. from there the process advanced by leaps and bounds. Satellite TV was born, and with it 24 hour news. Today, a reporter in Washington describing an event as it unfolds can be heard by people from Canada to South Africa.
GOD is awesome! how can you doubt scripture when he foretold the advent of modern television?


Mr. Smith said...

He sits enthroned above the circle of the earth...Isaiah 40:22

JeremyR said...

Mr Smith, Yup.

greggBC said...

The notion that Christians were "Flat Earthers" is and was incorrect. That the earth is a sphere was well known before Jesus was born. Philo was calculated the circumference to within 50 miles. Christians and the Church never claimed that the earth was flat.