Saturday, February 13, 2021

Next step, time to primary a bunch of low class rino's

 This whole election farce has had my blood boiling. Today the Senate voted to not allow witnesses and acquitted President Trump. Communists and some rinos voted to impeach. Most of the rinos opted to not anger their voters any more. 

Fine by me, I for one am not wanting to give them a pass for that. The Washington establishment spends a small fortune keeping these people in office. They in turn spend a lot of money making it appear they are working for the people. Let us never forget that in 2017 and 18 they slow walked everything they possibly could to thwart our President's agenda.

I would have liked to see witnesses. I would have liked to see Nasty Pelosi on the stand. I would have wanted to see Anal-Oral Cross-connected grilled as to what she was doing during the chaos. Too bad. If the donks had anything to base this on, we'd have had witnesses for months. They knew they were cornered. 

My hope was eleven months of the Senate being stuck in the hearings.

If you see a light at the end of the tunnel, fear not, it's just an approaching train.


Anonymous said...

Very happy to see you back, Jeremy!

Now I myself would have asked Nancy if the purpose of this impeachment was to prevent Trump from ever holding office again, and after the obvious answer of 'yes' ask her if she's proud to have Alcee Hastings working along side her as part of the the Democratic caucus.

In fact, frankly I'm quite puzzled as to why Trump's lawyers never mentioned Hastings, who is currently serving in the House after being impeached by the House and convicted in the Senate back in the early 90's for taking bribes as a federal judge in Florida. Impeachment was the only way to get him off the bench, since he had a lifetime appointment.

IIRC, he got off in criminal court on a technicality, and of course all the voters in his congressional district are of the distinctly low-information type.

Mr Jimm

Dan said...


We aren't voting our way out of this mess. We are at WAY WAY past
that "awkward stage" Ms. Claire Wolfe referred to.....some 30 years
ago. It is time now to start shooting the bastards.