Sunday, February 28, 2010

Nancy P Lousy says tea Party hijacked

News flash for ya there Nancy, the tea partiers are hijacking the GOP. We are demanding a return to the core fundamentals of conservatism. You think we have anything in common with your ilk? Get real. It is your special interests in Washout town we hate. You can blow your Whore'n all you want, but people with a brain see through your BS.
I have no idea what your problem is Nancy, maybe the Botox paralyzed your brain? Assuming you had one.
Does anybody else see the same old crap in this? She continues her attacks, its like pay no attention to the movement that is sweeping the nation and making the republicans rethink their politics as usual stance.
Conservative Americans want nothing to do with your brand of liberal BS. We work for our money, and resent when you treat it like it is yours.
Nancy, when the voters of your district FINALLY wake up and send your ass packing, will you get a clue? I doubt it.

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