Thursday, December 30, 2010

Mildcats in the Roadapple.

The Kansas State football team journeyed from the little Apple to the road apple (a horse turd for you city boys) to play in the Also Ran Bowl part XXX.
I enjoy college football, but these bowl games are getting crazy. 35 various bowls. Everyone gets a piece of the action. To make matters worse, its all corporatized now. The Meineke Car Care Bowl? Comeon Man! The only thing lower is the PinHead Bowl err Pinstripe Bowl! Where K State is playing!
Maybe Meineke Could offer the winning team free lessons in chrome polishing and auto detailing. That way they would have learned ONE useful skill in four plus years of college.
Another thing, why do some locations host so many bowls? Seriously, Arlington Texas / Dallas. The Ticket City bowl is played at the Cotton Bowl! So The Dallas Area hosts three bowls. Thats just plain crazy. Why do five metro areas host multiple bowls?
I guess its all one last chance for the colleges to milk money from these college failures graduates before they turn them lose to be entertainers.
Best of luck K-State. Hope you all win the AlsoRan XXX bowl today.

Update: They lost! Yes I enjoyed the game, yes I mock them. I enjoy watching the sports, I just hate the idea that Many of them get a free ride to college and graduate with a degree in nothing.

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